Amulyan The Priceless Gift Full Movie – Super Hit Full Telugu Movies – Latest Kids Film

Amulyan The Priceless Gift Full Movie – Super Hit Full Telugu Movies – Latest Kids Film

“This land is precious.” “This land is precious.” “This land is precious.” “This water is precious.” “This water is precious.” “This water is precious.” “This water is precious.” “This air is precious.” “This air is precious.” “This air is precious.” “This air is precious.” “These crops are precious.” “These crops are precious.” “These crops are precious.” “These crops are precious.” “These seeds are precious.” “These seeds are precious.” “These seeds are precious.” “These seeds are precious.” Mom! Mom! They didn’t wake me
even after I told them to. Sleeping like a log. Brother! Wake up! Wake up! I will kill you if you wake me up. Get up! They didn’t wake
me even after I told them to. At least you get up. Good for us. I am glad that they left. Now you can go and sleep peacefully. How can you be so lazy? Don’t you dare disturb me.
Today is Sunday. I will not wake up till 10 am. Grandma is coming today. So? Our grandmother. Why should I wake up at five
in the morning to wait for her.. if Sachin Tendulkar
or Sania Mirza is coming. No point in telling you. Mother is coming to our
home after so many years. I am a happy but a little worried too. I am mostly worried. It’s been thirteen
years since I last saw her. I wonder how she has been. We were in America for twelve years. She didn’t even come to see us once
no matter how many times we invited her. I had to care of both the kids myself. She may have been upset with us. But doesn’t she have any
love for her grandchildren? She wanted us to have
kids and raise them here. But, if we start
considering her opinions.. ..we will get nowhere in life. She didn’t even approve
of us going to America. How would she understand
about the benefits.. ..the kids will have
if they are American citizens? Isn’t that the reason we
struggled there all this while.. ..juggling between jobs
and taking care of kids? It’s been a year since
we returned to India. But, we didn’t visit her even once. Isn’t it obvious
that she would be upset? How can we take the
kids to that village? They don’t have electricity there. Mosquitoes swarm into houses
and there are no toilets. And if the kids were to fall sick.. ..there is not even
a single good doctor. Of course, we have our own issues. But she is upset that
we didn’t visit her. And that is why she
never came to our home. Of course,
I understand, she is my aunt after all. She is stubborn and
has a strong personality. No one can pacify her. In these twelve years
she must have grown older.. ..and become even
more orthodox and silly. Right. I wonder how she
and the kids will get along. We can deal with her
in some way or the other. But, I am worried about the kids. Anvesh has become very naughty. We’ll see how it goes.
There is no point in worrying now. She took the initiative
after the all these years.. ..and asked us if she can come home. How can we refuse her? Let her come. ‘Welcome Grandma!’ Anvesh! Ani! Come here. You lazy fellow! Come here. Show some respect.
Only then you will get any help from me. Dear Anvesh,
can you please come here for a minute? Okay. What do you want? I want to hang this up there.
Can you please help me? Okay. ‘Welcome Grandma!’ Now you can get lost. Acting smart since your work is done? I will kill you! Kill me? You know what,
I wouldn’t even go to that trouble. I will let dad take care of you. What? Yesterday.. dad’s wallet.. Oh no! Please.
I will do whatever you want me to. Why were you spying on me you devil? Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! That’s better! Don’t underestimate me. I have a thousand eyes. I wish I could poke your eyes. There you go again. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Ammu, please don’t tell on me. Okay. But, what will you give me? What do you want? This month’s pocket money? Okay.
– Go and get it. Right now?
– When else? Are you planning to
give me just one rupee.. ..after spending all of it?
Go and get it. What will you do with all that money? From what I know
you are complete miser.. ..and never spend even
your own pocket money. I want to buy a gift for grandma. Why are you punishing
me if grandma is coming? There she is. Mother! We are here.
– Ravi! Mother! How are you? It’s been so many years. Yes. How have you been, mother? Where are Anvesh and Amulya?
Didn’t they come? Today is Sunday. They were sleeping when we left home. Amulya called me up at least ten times.. say that she
will come to the station. Yes, she wanted to. But since she was asleep when we left.. ..we didn’t feel like waking her up. I couldn’t even sleep last
night with the excitement.. ..of meeting the kids. Don’t worry, mother.
We will be home in half an hour. Let’s go. Come, mother. Give me the bag, aunt. Grandma! Grandma! Amulya! My precious. Anvesh! Come here. Grandma has come. Hi Granny! Ani! My little angel. Finally, I got a chance to meet you. I couldn’t live with
just looking at your photos.. ..and talking to you on phone. I had to come. Why didn’t you come to America, granny? It is too far for me to travel, child. I thought you both would
come to village to see me. Since you didn’t
come I myself came here. Granny, you have to stay in my room. Don’t stay in his room,
he is a very dirty fellow. No one is allowed into my room. I came all the way from
village only to see you both. Come on, granny.
– Come grandma. Grandma, this is our room now. Did you see this? ‘Welcome Grandma!’ You are such a sweetheart, dear. This is my Barbie doll collection. You see that one?
That is my favorite Barbie. I have cups,
pencil sharpener and erasers. I use only Barbie goodies. Come and sit with me. I brought some Kondapalli toys for you. Kondapalli toys? Don’t you know what they are? Wait. I have them in my bag. Do you know what this is? A cow.
– Nice. A calf. It has a bell around its neck. It is very nice, grandma. Look at these.
They are king and queen toys. And there are many more. They look very nice, grandma. From now on I will start
collecting Kondapalli toys. Okay, dear. If you like them,
I will buy you a lot more. Do you still have more? Yes, all these.
I brought all these for you. Aren’t they nice? Look at this. Okay? Here is another one. I will buy as many toys as you want. One more. Look at this. So many toys. Thank you, grandma. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Anni! Can I come inside? You are always welcome, Granny. Don’t call me granny. I will respond only if
you call me granny or grandma. Okay. Okay. Come and sit grandma. I have a gift for you.
I got it made specially for you. A cart? What will I do with this? I am fond of guns. No! And cars. What do you think about this car? All these modern cars
invented only after the wheel. Anyway, why do you have so many guns? This room looks like a military base.
Get rid of all those. Get rid of all these? Why do you need guns to play? I don’t play with them.
I am crazy about guns. You won’t understand. Silly boy!
Take this. You can keep this from me. Grandma! Tell me a story. I will, dear. I missed being with you, child. I missed you too, grandma. We will never leave each other. We will always be together. We will always be together.
Do you promise? Okay.
– No, promise me. Okay, promise. I am going out, aunt.
Please lock the door. Okay, dear. Actually.. What is it? I have nothing to do
till the kids come back. Do you have any good books to read? We don’t have any books, aunty. How come? You used to buy a lot of
books during your college days. You bought books by authors
like Chalam and Ravi Sastry.. ..and even had a collection. I gave them away to friends and others. Oh! I didn’t bring anything along.. ..thinking that you would have some. Never mind. I will search.
Amulya might have some story books. At least those will do. I am not used to watching
TV for that long. Ammu has no time to read story books. She doesn’t have any books. Okay, I have to go now.
Please lock the door. Grandma, where are we going? And, how are we going? We don’t know how to go about. I know the routes, dear. Get ready. How come? Before you were born.. ..and when your mother
was studying in college.. ..I stayed here for four
years and took care of her. I myself took her around in Hyderabad. Is that so?
But, mom never told us about it. Where will she find time
to sit and chat with you. All she does is work. Are you done? Let’s go. Okay. Granny! Granny! At least tell me now where we are going? Okay. We need to buy some nice story books. That is why we are
going to a book store. Really? Mom! Grandma bought
lots of books for me. But we already bought your school books,
didn’t we? What are these? These are not my textbooks.
We bought story books. I bought Ramayana,
Mahabharat and lots ore. You don’t find time even
to study your text books. Are you going to sit and
read these story books now? You will get it from
me if you fail in the exams.. ..because of reading these books. She will read books
instead of watching TV. I don’t know, aunt. All your ideas may take
a toll on her education. Education is not about
memorizing books, Neeraja. Story books will give her knowledge.. ..and teach her about
the ways of the world. Don’t you remember how many books.. used to read as a child? Days are different now. Their school syllabus drives
everyone crazy, including me. If she can study so hard at school.. ..I am sure these books
will be no burden for her. I don’t have time
to argue with you, aunt. Ammu! I will not hear any excuses.. ..if you don’t get
good marks in the exams. Give those. Anni! Anni! Yes. Anni! I am going to relate
a story to my friends. This story is mind-blowing. I doubt. What story is it? Grandma told me a story last night. I am going to tell them that story. Sure, go ahead. All your friends will
then start calling you grandma. You!
Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Wait! You! Grandma! Stop! Stop running! How dare you call me grandma!
– Grandma! I will kill you! Come here!
– Don’t fight, you kids. I will beat you. No! Stop it! Stop it! Don’t you have any shame? Your school bus is about to arrive and.. two are fighting like cats. And I still have so much to do. I will take care of all the work, dear. Don’t get upset with the kids. When else will they run around,
fight and have fun? What fun?
– Bye Grandma! Bye mom! Everything has a time. Never mind that. Ravi said that he would
deliver the seeds to Srinivas. But he left without giving details. I don’t think he has the time for that. It takes hours to reach Srinivas’ house. Rains have already started.
We cannot delay more. Ask him to make time
for it and take them soon. Don’t trouble me at this time, aunt. Why don’t you tell your son yourself? Ravi!
– Yes. Did you check the status of Reliance? Yes, I did.
Where are the Wipro documents? They are in the cupboard.
Should I get them? No. I will see them later. Ravi!
– Yes. Please take care of these seeds. We will get a good crop
only if we plant them in time. Aunty, we talked about this. Yes, you said that
this a gated community. I know. That is why I give my
name and take permission.. ..before leaving and when I enter. I know that we cannot plan them here. You told me about your friend.
His name is.. Isn’t it Srinivas? You said that he has orchards. Why don’t you give these to him?
– I will, mom. But, he is planting hybrid
variety bought from America. He gets seedless and large size produce. What will he do with these seeds? He won’t be getting
any seeds out of those. These seeds are from
plants that have been.. ..cultivated for many generations. You will get seeds to reproduce. You will have to taste them
to believe how good they are. Please give them to
him before they rot away. Fine. Give them to me when
I leave for office tomorrow. I will meet Srinivas after
work and give these to him. When will you get home if
you go to their house after work? You will reach only after midnight. What am I supposed to do? I just thought I could
sit here peacefully.. ..and have a look at the shares.
But, you two don’t even leave me alone. Dad, one minute. Can I come with you? Where to? I cannot drop you to school. You just have to drop
me at the bus stop. Please. Only to the bus stop? Fine then. Come quickly. I don’t have much time. Ravi!
– Yes, mom. You said that you’d take these
seeds for your friend Srinivas. Okay, give them to me. Ammu! Are you coming? Yes.
– I am leaving. I don’t have time. I am ready. Come on! Come on.
– Bye Grandma! Bye mom! – Bye! ‘These seeds are from
plants that have been..’ ‘..cultivated for many generations.’ ‘You will get seeds to reproduce.’ ‘You will have to taste them
to believe how good they are.’ ‘Please give them to
him before they rot away.’ Ravi!
– Yes. Did you give those seeds
to your friend Srinivas? Actually.. I did..
I gave them in the morning itself. What did Srinivas say? What else? He said that
even he likes those vegetables. He promised that he will
plant them in his land.. ..and send some to us after they grow. I guess we can save
some money on vegetables. That is when they grow up. Don’t have any doubts.
They are high quality seeds. We have been collecting
the seeds of each crop.. ..from the time of my grandmother. Do you have any idea
how good the crop will be? The vegetables will be very tasty.
You will see for yourself. Oh no! What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see? This is nothing. Don’t scold her.
I just need to change my clothes. Ammu! Ammu! Come, dear.
I am very sleepy. Let us sleep. You go to sleep, grandma. I will have to pack my bag for tomorrow. So many things to do.
Okay, do it quickly. Switch the light off
when you come to sleep. I cannot sleep with the light on. What is it, dear? It seems like you are
doing something secretly. Nothing, grandma. Okay, then. Sleep. Anni! Anni! Wake up! How can you sleep so late? Get up! We are getting late. Wake up! Ammu!
– Anni! Get up! Don’t sit near him. He got fever last night
and has been vomiting. Let him sleep. We will take him to the doctor. He ate that whole thing..
Pizza or something. Maybe it is indigestion. He has been eating all
junk food since four days.. ..and not touching food at home. A concoction of ginger,
cumin seeds and lime.. ..will stop the nausea. I will go and prepare
that for him right away. Anni! Son, drink this.
You will not feel nauseous. Mother, we are taking
him to the doctor now. He will do the tests
and give good medicine. This too is medicine, son. I know what exactly is his problem. I have been watching him
eat junk food all these days. How will the doctor know about that? Aunty, please don’t bother us. We have to go to work after
taking Anni to the doctor. Don’t waste our time. Ammu! Why are you sitting there? Get ready and go to school. We are going. Come, son. Anni, come. Grandma! Is this medicine? How did you learn to make medicines? My mother taught me. And my grandmother taught my mother. Everyone in the village
take medicines from me. But, it seems these
have no value in this house. Grass on the other
side always seems greener. If I fall sick I will
take only your medicine.. ..even if mom and dad don’t approve. Okay? No. You should never fall
sink and need my medicine. You are getting late for school.
Get ready. Come inside. Grandma!
– Yes. I am hungry. Can you give me biscuits or sandwiches? Mom! Mom! Mom, dad and Anni haven’t
returned from hospital yet. So long? Yes, they are doing some
medical tests for Anvesh. They are giving him saline. What happened to Anni? Nothing if you ask me. Your parents are getting
anxious for no reason. Such things are normal
during rainy season. He will be alright by tomorrow. Do you know what I made for you?
Come and see. What happened? Did you never eat this?
– No. This is made out of black gram. Taste and see how good it is. Yummy! It is very tasty. You will not get sick
if you eat such healthy food.. ..instead of eating junk food. You can eat anything but in moderation. You keep eating. Neeraja! Where are Ravi and Anni? They are still at the hospital. Mom! Where is Anni? Doctor is examining him.
He will come home tomorrow. What exactly did the doctors say? What else?
They asked us to do all the tests. We did. All the reports are normal. Doctor said that they will
keep him under observation.. ..and send him home tomorrow. Ravi stayed back. It is quite normal to get
sick when the weather changes. In fact, that is good. All the toxins in
the body get flushed out. Don’t worry about Anni.
He will be alright. Didn’t I tell you so in the morning? Go and get fresh.
I have made some snacks for you. You look tired. You spent
the whole morning in the hospital. Go, dear. Grandma! Are you sure
Anni will be alright? Silly child. Nothing is wrong with him. Your parents are getting
anxious for no reason. If he had taken the concoction
I gave him in the morning.. ..he would have been totally alright.. ..and would have been teasing you now. Do you mean that we are foolish.. take him to the hospital? Yes, it is foolishness
and a waste of money. What?
– Yes. For what are you both
working so hard and earning? You spend it on buying junk food.. ..and for getting treated
when you get sick eating them. Are you jealous of us being well to do? Don’t be silly. Why would I be jealous? I am just saying that this is futile. We will live as we like. We are working hard and earning well. We will give our kids
whatever they ask for. We put them in a good school. We will spend any amount
of money for their health. What is point of us earning.. ..if not for our kid’s
education and health? We cannot make him
drink your concoctions.. ..because we want
to save a little money. What if something happens to him? No, dear. Don’t say that. I would never want that. I was wrong. Eat this mom, it is very tasty. Yes, it is tasty indeed. It has been so long
since I ate this dish. Grandma cooked it. This is not rocket science.
I too can cook this. Can’t you hear the bell?
Why didn’t you open the door? Grandma! Brother is here. How are you feeling now, son?
Are you okay? Anni! Are you alright? Yes. Obviously. We had to spend twenty thousand rupees.. ..just to get to
know that he is alright. Never mind. Money is not important. I am relieved to know that he is okay. Didn’t grandma tell yesterday
that he is not sick? Ammu! Just shut your mouth. How can what doctors
said after doing all tests.. the same as what your grandma said? You are becoming very
arrogant these days. Stay in your limits. Come, son. Drink some milk
and take bath. Come inside. Grandma!
– Don’t! Come. Ammu is not studying properly
since the time aunty came. I don’t see her with her text books. She is always playing
and reading stories. I will tell mother not to disturb Ammu. She is old enough. Shouldn’t she understand
without us telling her? I don’t want our children’s
education to get affected. Do we have a choice? We have to bear it. We have to make some
alternative arrangements. Shall we send Ammu to
tuition directly after school? What do you say? Yes, even I was thinking about that. Grandma! I got my progress card.
Come soon. Daddy, have a look
at my progress report. Grandma, I got 98% marks in Telugu. They said that no one ever
got such high marks in our school. My teacher commended me. My Telugu improved
a lot after grandma came. Okay. That is about Telugu.
What about English? If you learn your mother tongue well.. can learn everything else. That is very important. Wow! Your grade is A+.
Good, very good. Keep it up! Why did she smile like that? Madam! Madam! What is it? My daughter is suffering
from fever and vomiting. I need to take her to the hospital. Can you please give
me two hundred rupees? You can cut that from my salary. But, you just took your
salary at the start of the month. Today is seventh day of the month. How come you need money so soon?
Strange! I need to take my son
to the hospital, madam. Everyone has their problems. We spent twenty thousand rupees.. ..when our son got sick a few days ago. I don’t have any money with me.
Ask someone else. Poor woman.
She asked for two hundred only. Why don’t you give it to her? You don’t know, aunty. They will take us for
granted if we show them pity. While you were in college.. ..once you read Raavi
Sastry’s novel and cried. Do you remember that? What story and why did I cry? A lady in that story does
not give two hundred rupees.. the maid who had asked for it. Sadly, the maid’s daughter dies. You cried after reading that
story and made me read it too. Aunty, don’t interfere unnecessarily. I know better about the
maid who is working in my house. Don’t bother me with
Raavi Sastry and his stories. She has to interfere in everything. Problems would be less
if only she can keep silent. Go and bring Lakshmi here. Go. Lakshmi!
– Yes, madam. As soon as you go home,
give your daughter.. .. a spoon of this medicine
with two spoons of honey. Do that four times before tonight. Your daughter will be
fully alright by morning. Take these. True. My grandma gives
medicines to all in the village. Thank you, madam. I am leaving, madam. Wait for a minute. Don’t use the medicine
that aunty gave you. Take this money and show
your daughter to a doctor. If something happens
to her because of using it.. ..we will get into trouble. Take this money and
show her to a doctor. Go. Don’t tell about this to your grandma. You will get it from me if you tell her. Ammu! I am going
to ask you a riddle now. You have to solve it. What is it, dear? Why do you look upset? Nothing, grandma. Grandma!
– What is it, child? I will cry if you go away. What? Who told you that I am going away? I won’t go away and
leave you alone, okay? What is it, dear? What happened? What is bothering you? How will you survive
if you are so sensitive? Come. Madam, tea for you. Thanks to you, my daughter is fine now. She stopped vomiting after
I gave her medicine once. She even went to school today. The medicine was very good. Madam, gave me two hundred
and asked me to go to doctor.. ..and not to use the
medicine you gave me. Even then,
I used the medicine you gave me. She was afraid that I would blame you.. ..if the medicine
showed any side effects. But, we are not such kind. We wouldn’t be in this
position if we did such things. Grandma! I am back. I am hungry. Grandma, give me black gram pan cakes.
I am hungry. Grandma, I am hungry.
Make those black gram pan cakes. There are bread and jam in the fridge. Go and eat them. I don’t want them.
I want the pan cakes you make. I am hungry, very hungry. You should eat only
what you are used to. How will I answer your mother.. ..if she says that you fell
sick because of eating my food? Grandma! How did you come to know? Did Lakshmi tell you? Did you know about this already? Mom said that she would
beat me if I told you. But, that is not the
reason I didn’t tell you. I didn’t tell you because
you would feel sad. Ammu! I will go back to my village. I cannot stay here anymore. I cannot bear this kind of insults. Why will I give harmful
medicines to anyone? I really have a lot of experience. At least four people
come in a day to our house.. take medicines from me. But, mom does not
know about this, grandma. She was afraid that
something would happen.. Lakshmi’s daughter. Who says that she doesn’t know? Didn’t she grow up at my house? Did they all grow up
without taking my medicines? Would I not clear her doubts? Couldn’t she ask
me if she had any doubt? She would have done that
if she had any respect for me. And if she still had
doubt after talking to me.. ..she should have
told me about her fears. Am I so unreasonable? She can do whatever she wants. If she had given
the two hundred rupees.. ..would I have given the medicine? Can you imagine how
sad we would have felt.. ..if something had happened to her.. ..because we neither
gave money nor medicine? Did I force Anvesh to take my medicine? I didn’t give when
they told me not to, right? I am not sad about
not taking my medicines. They have no respect for me. Why should I stay
where no one respects me? Grandma! Come with me.
– Where to? I will tell you. Come. What is this? Your seeds. Dad threw them in the dustbin. I brought it back and hid it here. Why didn’t you give them to me before? Because you would feel sad, grandma. My precious child, my sweetheart. Don’t cry. You kept this in your heart
just so that I don’t feel sad. Don’t cry, my child. Don’t cry. I too will feel like
crying if I see your tears. Stop crying, dear. I brought these days with so much love. But your dad threw
these into the garbage. This is garbage for him.
This is the how much they value me. Grandma! Grandma! Please.. go away from here, grandma. Anvesh! Ammu! Come for food. Aunty! Ah! Why do you pull
the chair and make noise? Can’t you do anything
without making noise? Ammu! Grandma! Come for dinner. I am not hungry. You go and have food. I too am not hungry, grandma. Ammu! How many times
do I have to call you? Come! Aunty! Why are you still sitting there?
Come for dinner. I am not hungry.
You can carry on without me. Okay. I will get some
milk and fruits for you. Ammu! Come for dinner. Grandma! Come for food. I will not go if you don’t come. No, child. This is not right. I am really not hungry.
You should go and eat. You are my sweetheart. Please go. Grandma! Aunty! Please have
these and then go to sleep. Or you will feel weak in the morning. Ammu! How many times
should I call you? Come! Eat this, grandma. Please. Please, grandma. Eat, grandma. Grandma, I will become
a doctor when I grow up.. ..and give your medicines to everyone. Really. I promise in the name of God. Actually, all my wisdom
will go with me to my grave. Everything has changed. My medicines are old and useless,
just like me. Old is gold. You told me that old things
are as valuable as gold. I will prescribe your medicines. How will you know about my medicines? You tell me.
I will write them down in my book. When I grow up,
I will prepare them myself.. ..and give to all those who come to me. Really? Yes. Tell me. Tell me. You have to. Okay. Write it. Cumin seeds,
coriander seeds, and ginger. You have to take equal
proportions of all three.. ..crush them and extract their juice. If you take an ounce
each morning and evening.. will get rid
of indigestion and nausea. It will stop vomiting.
It even helps reduce blood pressure. Did you write it down? Yes, go ahead. We have to soak black
peppercorns in buttermilk.. ..made out of cows milk.. ..and add Ras Sindhur to it. This mixture will
help heal viral fevers. I have told you all
that I know about medicines. You can use this information
as it pleases you. Great! Now I can go
back to my village happily. Grandma! What is it, dear? Grandma! I.. Ammu! Don’t ask me to stay back. You can go,
but, only after my exams are over. I won’t be able to
answer my exams properly.. ..if you go away now. Okay, I will go back only
after your exams are over. Is that okay? Ammu! Why are you so sad? My exams are over, grandma. Silly child. Kids usually jump with
joy when exams are over. Look at you! No one cries like you. But you are going to leave me. What can I do, child? I have no peace here. I cannot stay where I have no respect. I don’t feel like staying here. Grandma! You go away from here. Ammu! I felt so relieved when
aunty said that she is going. We didn’t have to say anything. The problem got solved
without our involvement. What happened?
Are you feeling sad for your mother? What then? Are you missing her already? She is my mother.
But, she your aunt too. In fact, she raised
you with more love than me. Did you not stay with
her for four or five years.. ..while you finished your graduation? Yes. Did I ever deny that? Did I ever torture her?
Am I not taking care of her? Maybe I got a little upset sometimes.. .. if she interfered in
matters that didn’t concern her. We all rub each other
the wrong way sometimes. What do you look at me that way? In fact, you got upset
with her more than me. This is not about me or you. Life would be so
convenient for her here. I am worried that she will
have to live in the village alone.. ..and take care of
things all by herself. She should be the one to think about it. We never asked her to leave.
It is her decision. I even tried talking her out of it. What can we do if
she is being so stubborn? True. I feel said because
we are not able to do anything. You are going away even
though we tried to stop you. Okay, then. Take care of your health. Stay there for a while and come back. I cannot travel this far again. You can come home if
you feel like seeing me. Take care of your health.
You people are so busy. Call us as soon as you reach.
– You can go home now. Bye, mother. Bye, dad. Bye, mom. Ammu! Get down! No! Don’t get down! You will fall.
– I am going with grandma to village. Ammu! Get down.
– Mother! Ammu got into the train. Ammu! What is this? You promised me that
we will stay together always. Don’t you remember? Since Ammu is young.. ..she tricked her
with songs and stories. It is good that she went. She will come to her senses.. ..if she stays in that
countryside for a few days. That old woman cannot
take care of herself. How will she raise my daughter? She will call us in some days and.. ..request us to take our daughter away. I will confront her then
and get my daughter home. Only then everyone
will accept my decision. Grandma! Is this our home? Yes, child. How is it? It is very nice, granny. Come inside. Wow! Bananas. Banana flower. Wow! Ammu! Amulya! Amulya! Ammu! I am coming, grandma! What is it, grandma? What were you doing? I was watching flowers in the backyard. Grandma! When did you come back? You went away for so long. Leela! She is my granddaughter Amulya. She is a brilliant student. She is here for the holidays. All of you should be
friends with her, okay? Okay, grandma. My name is Chandra. She is Leela. He is Suryam,
he is Chandram and he is Seenu. My name is Sailaja. My name is Sudha. Come and play with us. You should.
They will teach you lot of games. Go and play with them. I am out! I am out! Amulya is out!
– Amulya is out! I am out! I am out! I am out! Hey! Seenu is the thief!
Seenu is the thief! Seenu is the thief! Which leaf should we ask him to bring? Peepal leaf. He will find it in no time. We got him after a long time. We should find the most
difficult task for him. Chaff-flower plant. Chaff-flower plant. Chaff-flower plant. Chaff-flower plant? Yes. Go and find it. Grandma! I don’t
understand this leaf game. Why are they searching for leaves? By finding them, they get
to know different kind of plants. But, why do they have
to know about plants? Because every plant
has something to offer. Each plant acts as a
remedy for a certain ailment. If you run around to find leaves,
you may get hurt. You may find some leaves. If you know what it is,
you will use it to tie a bandage. How would I know which leaf is for what? If you take part in such games.. ..first you will know
different plant names.. ..and how to identify them. And then, slowly you will learn.. ..which leaves are
used for what treatments. Forgot! Seenu will find
Chaff-flower plant leaf. Go and hide. Where should I hide? Go and hide inside. Venkateshwaro Rao,
has your wife delivered a baby? Not yet. It might happen anytime soon. Maybe she was waiting
for Mrs. Janaki to come back. By the way,
Mr. Bushaiah, how is your mother keeping? She is as she was. As long as she used your medicine.. ..she managed somehow. After you left,
a doctor came to our village.. ..and gave her some
medicine to stop cough. From then, she is spending
all her energy in coughing. She will come here in the evening. She will be okay now that you are here. Mrs. Janaki,
she is Ravi’s daughter, isn’t she? Yes, she is my granddaughter. Are you now, sweetie? I am not sweetie. My name is Amulya. No matter what name
your parents gave you.. ..we all will call you sweetie. Just stay still for a minute.
Please don’t move. – It is hurting bad. She is making the ointment. just raised the shovel and
got this catch. – Yes, we understand. Just stay still for a minute.
Just a minute more. I got this sudden catch in my back. I was alright till then. It hurts bad. Calm down.
She is preparing the medicine. Just bear up for a minute. You won’t understand. Okay, calm down. It is almost done. Just a minute more. Take this and apply on his back. Please raise your shirt. Bear up! Please bear up! Go home and get some rest.
You will be okay by tomorrow. Don’t get up and go around
if you feel a little alright. Do you understand? Apply this to this back three
times today. He will be fine. Okay. Get up slowly. Slowly! Take him slowly. We will see you again. Okay. Don’t let him go around.
Let him rest. Walk slowly. Careful! Careful! This is why all these people like you. Why do you like me? I don’t know. But, I like you very, very much.
That’s all. Grandma! Please teach
me do Rangoli like you. It is not very difficult to learn. Here, make some lines. Good. Draw something
like you would on a paper. It looks good. You should practice
on paper to learn Rangoli. And, you should be good with numbers. Numbers?
– Of course. You should know how many dots to put.. ..and how you can join
them to make a pattern. It is fun. I will teach you. See, I am drawing one. My back is not hurting anymore. Sometimes I just feel a prick. Apply the same medicine
for another ten days. You will be alright. Mrs. Janaki,
we thought that you would never.. ..come back after going to Hyderabad. But, you came back and
even brought your granddaughter. Did your son not treat you well? Or was your daughter-in-law.. Don’t be silly. You know them well. They are very kind.
They took good care of me. They wouldn’t agree
to let me go from there. I had to come here because
I was missing all of you.. ..and because I love
this village so much. Ammu has holidays. I brought her here to meet all of you. So, you are saying that
you brought your granddaughter.. meet all the crazy ones like me. Okay. I want you both
to come to our house tomorrow. Come early, I am inviting you to lunch. Why take the trouble? How can making one meal be a trouble? I don’t want to hear any excuses. You are coming for lunch, that’s it. We will come. Thank you. Okay, then. See you. See you, sweetie.
– See you. Yes. Grandma! Yes, dear. Why did you lie to them? About what? My parents did not treat you well. No, dear. They did treat me well. They took care of all my needs. In fact, I think I bothered them. I shouldn’t expect people in Hyderabad.. live life like
we do in this village. People have busy lives there. They cannot get used to my slow pace. They both love me.
After all, they are my own. Don’t cry, darling. I have you, don’t I? And, you love me so much. Hello, Ravi! It is me. Is everyone fine? Ammu is fine here.
Don’t worry about her. I know, she gets to
have her own way with you. Why wouldn’t she be fine? Anyway, give the phone to her. She is not here. She went with her friends to Mulananka.. get some custard apples. To Mulananka?
How could you send Ammu alone? Mom! What? Did you never go there as a kid? I did. But, Ammu and I are not same. Why not? That place is full
of snakes and scorpions. How many snakes bit you, son? But, I was born and brought up there. She too went with friends
who were born here. Don’t worry unnecessarily. Okay, bye. Oh no. Mummy! Mummy! What is it? I am so bored.
Why did you send Ammu to the village? If she is here all
you do is fight with her. Yes, I want her to
be here even if we fight. I want Ammu, ask her to come back. I am getting bored. It is so boring. What is wrong with you? Go and trouble your
dad and leave me alone. He will entertain you. What entertainment are we talking about? Anvesh is getting bored,
please entertain him. What is the problem, son? Study for a while or watch TV. I want Ammu. She doesn’t want to come back so soon. Why don’t we go and bring her home? We will bring her home. Grandma took Ammu away from us. We have to bring her back.
Daddy, please. Please. Mummy, please. Please! Grandma! Grandma! What is it, dear? I won Kabaddi game. Our team got more points because of me. Grandma! Why do you look sad? I am okay. There is good news for you. Your dad,
mom and brother are coming tomorrow. They had called to inform us. Really? That is awesome. I will teach Anni
everything I learnt here. He has no idea what all I can do. He will be so jealous
to see me swimming. I should go and tell Chandra and Leela.. ..that Anni is coming here.
I will be back soon. Okay. Ammu! Ammu! Where are you, child? Here you are. Drink this milk. What are you thinking about? Drink this milk, then you can go to bed. Grandma! Yes, dear. Dad and mom are coming
to take me away, right? Your summer vacation is almost over. You should go back. But, you won’t come with us. Do you want me to come? Tell me. I will come if you want me to. You came for me.
Shouldn’t I come there for you? You promised that we would
always be together, right? But, you won’t like it there.
No one respects you. Everyone here likes
you and listen to you. If you leave all this and come there.. and dad will
blame you for everything. My sweetheart, darling. Mom! Ammu! I think you have been playing too much. She has pulled down. I don’t think so. I think she has gained
at least two kilos.. ..because of all the curd and milk. Hi! Anni! Come. Let’s go. Grandma! Anni! Son! How are you? I am fine.
– Come. Such busy lives.
Look at you both, you look so exhausted. Freshen up. I will serve you lunch. You people must be hungry. See how troublesome it is for you. You have to cook food for all of us. Grandma didn’t have to do much. She just cooked rice and made some dal. Mr. Bushaiah sent some chicken curry. Mrs. Sitamma sent horse gram curry. And, Mrs. Anasuya sent
sweet made of cow’s milk. Look at her!
She knows everyone in the village now. Come inside. Take some more.
– Enough, aunty. Chicken curry is very tasty, mom. Yes, it is very tasty. Enough, don’t give me more.
– Take some more. I love horse gram curry. Everyday someone or the other send it. Enough, grandma. Why did you come away without me? I was so bored.
Are you not getting bored here? Bored? I stayed at
home because you came. All my friends are playing
at the swings near the lake. They must be waiting for me. Friends? Yes, my friends. We are all very close. Will you come with us to the swings?
It will be fun. Okay, let’s go. Give me a minute. I will be back. Come. What are those for? To eat. These are custard apples. They are very sweet and tasty. Ammu! I wish I had come with you. You swim very well.
I want to learn swimming also. I learnt to swim after I came here.
You can learn too. Do you think I can do it? Why not? Seenu will
teach you tomorrow morning. He can swim very well. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Ghost on the tree. We are not afraid. Slowly, hey! Come to this side. Dad!
– Yes. If we had come along with Ammu.. ..I would have been swimming like her. I missed all the fun. This brat enjoyed herself. Never mind.
Let’s go. I will be right back. You are very selfish. You came here alone
and enjoyed everything. I didn’t come here to enjoy,
I came for Grandma. You are lying.
You wanted to learn everything.. ..and make me feel bad. No. I just came here for grandma. Grandma felt very bad when mom and dad.. ..were insulting her there. Grandma had come to
our home to stay with us. But she wanted to return
to the village as she was sad. I felt very bad for her and
didn’t want to leave her alone. That is why I got into
the train without telling anyone. All of you have come
here to take me home. Poor granny will be all alone again. I feel like crying. Let us take grandma with us. But, she won’t come. Dad and mom take her for granted. Everyone here respects her.
It is good for her to be here. Horse or elephant. Horse or elephant. Horse or elephant. Horse or elephant. He is our hero!
The hero is riding on the horse! He has come to our village!
He is our hero! He is our hero!
He has come to our village! He is our hero! He is very naughty! He is our hero! He is very naughty! Dad!
– Yes, son. Why didn’t we come here before? We are having so much fun here. Where do we have the time? We are working and you have school. How did we make time now? You told us that if
there a will there is a way. What do you mean?
That we don’t want to come here? No! You don’t! Mom! Mom! Yes. I want money to buy thread. I will give you.
But, tell me, where is your jeans? I am wearing those. Why are you packing? Because we are leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow? To where? As if you don’t know. To Hyderabad. Hyderabad? I will not come. Don’t be silly. What will you do here? I will stay here. Here? What about school?
Will you just roam around? They have schools here also.
I will stay here. Is Ammu coming with you? What is wrong with you? Why are you not coming? Did Amulya tell you
that she won’t come home? She didn’t. I just thought so. I am not coming for sure.
You can take her if she comes. Ammu! Ammu! Ammu! Ammu! What is it, mom? We are leaving tomorrow.
Have you packed your bag? Yes, I have.
What time are we leaving tomorrow? Anvesh is refusing to come with us? Why? Really? What is the reason? He is out of his mind. Never mind. Be ready by 8 am tomorrow. The taxi will be here to take us. Ammu! What happened? Why are you sitting here
alone instead of playing? What happened, dear? Are you sad that we are leaving grandma? Yes, dad. Grandma will be alone. Everyone likes her here. But, she will be sad
if all of us go away. If that is the case,
let us take grandma with us. She will not come with us. She will if all of us request her. Dad!
– Yes. You.. You threw the seeds
that grandma gave you. I.. threw the seeds.. Did I? Grandma gave them
to you with so much love. They were from her own plants. Why did you throw them away, dad? Sorry, Ammu. I shouldn’t have done that. I am very sorry. You should apologize to grandma,
not to me. Anvesh is acting stubborn. He is refusing to come
with us and wants to stay here. He likes this village. Good. Why don’t you and him stay here? Ammu and I will go back home. Did Ammu tell you so? Why would she not? Ammu! Come here. Where are you? Did you call me, mom? I hope you remember that
we are leaving tomorrow morning. How many times will you tell me? Fine, we will go. Why are you so upset? She is not upset. She is sad that mother
is not coming along. Why doesn’t she come along
instead of staying alone here? Grandma will not come with us, mom. You will get upset with
her just like you do with us. When grandma gave medicine to the maid.. told the maid not to use it and.. ..that her daughter
will die if she uses it. Grandma had come to stay with us. But you people insulted her. You teach us to respect older
ones but you don’t follow it. I said that because I
was afraid of that medicine.. .. that she will blame
us if something goes wrong. You could have told the same to grandma,
but you did not. You even told the maid not to tell her. Grandma wouldn’t have
felt bad if you had told her. Dad threw away the seeds.. ..and you said that
her medicine is useless. Both of you don’t like grandma. Whoever said that? She is my aunt. She practically raised me. Do you even know what you are saying? You don’t like her. Ammu, don’t cry. Mother and I will apologize to grandma. We will request her to come with us.. ..and show her respect. Don’t cry, dear. Ammu! My sweetheart! Don’t cry, dear. I am coming with you. Don’t come with us, Grandma. Mother! Sorry. I threw them because
I did not have time to.. ..give them to Srinivas. That is what worries me the most, son. You lead such busy
lives and have no time.. ..for the most precious things in life. Aunty! I don’t need any explanation from you. Your life is revolving
around earning wealth.. ..and buying things with that money. You neither understand
nor have any value.. ..for the relationship we share. Mother! I do understand. It doesn’t matter whether
or not you understand it. Even if you don’t like it,
I will not leave Amulya. I will leave my seeds
and medical knowledge.. an inheritance to Amulya. I trust that she will treasure them. We will leave for Hyderabad
tomorrow together. Come, child. Anvesh! Why are you sitting there? Get ready, it is time for us to leave. I will not come. Don’t be silly. All of us are leaving. What will you do here alone? Ask grandma to stay back with me. I like it here. I want to stay here. Don’t you want to go to school? They have schools here too. Didn’t you both go
to school in this village? We studied here because
our parents were here. Since your parents
are living in Hyderabad.. have to attend school there. No, I don’t want to go. Why don’t you understand?
– Anvesh! What is wrong with you? Learn from Ammu! She is obedient. Ammu! Why don’t you talk to him? Anni! Do you know why
we are going to Hyderabad now? What for? To come back here again. When? During holidays.
We will come for summer vacation. How can we come here
if you don’t go now? If we go home now,
we can come back and have fun. Will we really come? Every year from now we
will send you and grandma.. the village during your holidays. And if possible, we will come too. Really?
– Yes. I promise you. We will come here every summer. Yeah! Great! Thank you! “This relationship is precious.” “This relationship is precious.” “This relationship is precious.” “This relationship is precious.” “This relationship is precious.” “This relationship is precious.” “This relationship is precious.”

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