Amy + Mat Short Film // Hunter Valley Wedding Video // Walka Water Works

CELEBRANT: “But it’s almost
night time
And you know that’s the right
time to dance
Put your cherry on your lips and
shake your sexy hips
Tonight’s the chanceOoh yes to dance, yes to
CELEBRANT: Gorgeous lyrics I
must say
but why do I sproutthese monumental lines?What is their relevance to Amy
and Mat?
I’m glad you asked, thanks… Thanks, ladies and gentlemen. Well…Like so many Novocastrian music
lovers do
Amy and Mat met by a chance
encounter at the Cambridge
appreciating the talentsof the Melbourne-based bandLoon Lake.BEST MAN: Before I continueI must tell you allthat I’ll be referring to Mat as
as it feels extremely strange to
me to call him Mat.BEST MAN: During the set list of
the band
I pushed my way to the frontas I always didand Fingers followed me in a
conga-like fashion.
‘Cause th-the crowd was full of
girls and he was getting pushed
around… [audience laughing]But then soon after that ol’
He disappeared!BEST MAN: So I looked around the
to see where he wasand that’s when I first saw Amy.This guy right here had the courage to get down on
his knee at their first meeting to ask her to dance. Seriously… That smooth, right?CELEBRANT: He then… [laughs]He then repeated this tacticat the next Loon Lake…show they went to seeby getting down on one kneeand asking Amy to be his
This guy is…super smooth!But it just keeps going!At a private house in the
beautiful Hunter Valley
Mat again dropped to a knee…and asked his love to spend the
rest of their lives together.
So you know what, I think it’s
only fitting that we do it again
here today.I loved you then I love you now We’re not just friends We’re more somehow I’ll marry you today Right here and now Nothing indecisive To this I vowCELEBRANT: Individually you are
beautiful people
but together you’re unstoppable.A gorgeous and kind couple,there to help each other through
times of need,
there to lend a knee to each
other at all times.
Always holding similar values and often saying what the other
is thinking.It’s now my absolute pleasureto pronounce you as husband and
Mat you may kiss your gorgeous
[audience applauding] The day that Amy was born marks
a new beginning for me as a father.AMY’S FATHER: So Mat, we’re
entrusting you…
with our… precious daughter
from here on.
[blocks falling] [bridal party laughing] I looked up the dictionary
definition of ‘love’ and I was really disappointed.MAID OF HONOUR: Because it just
“A strong feeling of affection”.That can’t describewhat their love is.There’s caring and
consideration for every decision that they
make together.MAID OF HONOUR: And the
that they get out of just…completing the simpliest tasks
MAT: Amy has so many good
and I’m so happy that she was
willing to choose me
to spend her life with.She’s intelligent,she’s beautiful,she’s ambitious,she’s courageous,she’s emphathetic,she’s funny,she’s encouraging and she’s
I think her only real flaw…
that she doesn’t really see her
true worth.
But I’m gonna spend every day trying to make her see how much
she is worth. Really wish you guys all the
best for the future and I cannot wait to make
memories with you both and all of your future little
fingelings. [audience cheering] [girls laughing]AMY’S BROTHER: We should all
raise our glass to
Amy and Mat.Hopefully they have a long and
happy life together.
And hopefully we get to share
many, many more memories with them.

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