Anari No 1 Full Movie | Hindi Comedy Movies | Govinda | Raveena Tandon | Bollywood Full Movies

Anari No 1 Full Movie | Hindi Comedy Movies | Govinda | Raveena Tandon | Bollywood Full Movies

“Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “You are lord govinda of gokul.” “And i am a penniless youth.” “You are lord govinda of gokul.” “And i am a penniless youth.” “Rid me of this penniless
situation.” “Fill my pockets with
lots of money.” “Do me this favour and i
will sing your praises.” “You are lord govinda of gokul.” “And i am a penniless youth.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “You are lord govinda..” “do this miracle, give
me a bungalow.” “Give me a car and loads
of servants around me.” “I am your simple devotee.” “Send me half of rs.5600,000.” “Break open your sky and
shower me with money.” “Rid me of this penniless
situation.” “Fill my pockets with
lots of money.” “Do me this favour and i
will sing your praises.” “You are lord govinda of gokul.” “And i am a penniless youth.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “I bow my head before you,
open my account in a bank.” “Give me a rich bride, who will
bring me a vcr, fridge & tv” “you are the world’s
greatest giver.” “I will forever be your slave.” “Please hear my prayer.
Rest lies in your hands.” “Rid me of this penniless
situation.” “Fill my pockets with
lots of money.” “Do me this favour and i
will sing your praises.” “You are lord govinda..” “and i am a penniless youth.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Chant the lord’s name.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Your vaults are full,
give me some from it.” “Chant the name of the lord.” “Fill my ears with the
melodious jingle of coins.” “Chant the name of the lord.” “Chant the name of the lord.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Money, money, money..” “chant the name of the lord.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “I am in dire straits, make
me rich, send me money.” “Money, money, money..” “chant the name of the lord.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Your devotee is craving for
money. Shower me with wealth.” “Praised be the lord! Make
destiny smile on me.” “Chant the name of the lord.” “Chant the name of lord krishna.” “Dollars, pounds, anything will do. “When will my luck shine?” “Oh god, show me your miracle.
Send me any kind of currency.” “Money, money..” “grant me money!” Whenever i come to mumbai,
i put up in this hotel! I pay around 4-5 lakh
rupees every month! Can’t you even take a little
care of your regular customer?! I have clearly stated my needs
to you. Then, why the blunders?! And, anyway, what are my needs?! I want tea at the dot of 6 a.m. If i don’t get my tea,
i can’t read the papers! If i can’t read the papers.. ..l’ll remain ignorant
about world markets! If i remain ignorant about
world markets.. will ruin my business! And that means a
loss of millions! Do you realize, not getting
a cup of tea.. ..can lead to losses
worth millions? The wishes of a man like kk.. ..should be carried out
before he even asks! Or what’s the use of staying
in a 5 star hotel? Now go! You too, sir. Okay. ‘Snskrit chant’ i mean, be cool. Relax.
Let’s go inside. Come on, i’ll teach
you how to relax. No. I’m fine here. Oh! God. Sir, please sleep peacefully
for a minute. I’ll bring tea in 2 minutes. Stretch after a minute.. ..then order for tea and
it will be brought to you. But.. may i come in sir. – Come in. Good morning sir. Your tea sir. Sir, you have not stretched. Too contagious. You ape me! How much sugar sir. – One. Is that is enough. – Yes. How is the tea sir. – Good. Your newspaper. Yes, i think your
spectacle are here sir. Sorry. I think, the rumbling has
begun in your stomach. I think you should
go to toilet. – Yes. I’ll do that.. hurry up sir i think it is to urgent. I’ll see you. – Well sir.. sir, are relaxed sir. – Yes.. i don’t talk when i’m inside! – Sir. Disgusting! Wonder what the
scoundrel ate! Good lord! Sir, are you relaxed sir. At least after three days. I can smell that. Now, out of joy, you will tip me. You will accidentally pick up
rs.10-20, and throw them! You will now pick up rs.500. You will give it to me. I shall say, thank you. And leave your room.
Thank you sir. Listen. – Yes sir. Come here. Sit. No thank you sir. – Sit! Someday, you will become
a very rich man! My mother used to say the same! What would your mother say?
– That i’ll be a very rich man. Where is she now? In my heart, sir. She is no more. Ramu! Ramu! Where is he?! Ramu! – Coming, madam! Just see why rahul has not
yet come. Phone his office. Sir is here. Bring lime and chilies. – Okay. Salutations, mother. – Bless you, son. Ra.. remove your hand from the pocket!
– Sorry. Throw this at the square. – Okay. If you keep warding off evil
eyes like this daily.. ..then the city’s roads and squares.. ..will become a storehouse
of lemons and chilies! You have a false notion that
your son is very handsome. Never mind. You’ll know if you
see through the eyes of a mother i see myself in the mirror daily. No girl gives me a second look.
But for you, i am dashing! If he is dashing, then i am
the father of a dashing son! So sometimes, ward off
evil eyes for me too! Salutations, father bless you. Ward off evil eyes! Come off it! Who is going
to cast evil eyes on you? You keep gazing at me all day! Who knows, you must
be casting evil eyes! I feel so good, looking at
your love for each other! ‘Wow! What love!
What affection! ‘ ‘What a happy family! ‘ ‘I could put everything at stake
however, she’s got the fever! ‘ Fantastic, uncle! Well-said! Thank you! Rahul, why are you
flattering him? Is that lousy piece
called a couplet! He always says that he had
wooed you, reciting couplets! But how was i to know.. ..that it was the work of
renowned poets, not his! Look.. just touch it. We’ll then
distribute it to the poor. My sister-in-law is doing
such a noble deed.. asking my nephew
to donate all this. You are very fortunate, son. Yes, even a real mother
would not do.. ..what she, as a stepmother,
is doing! Aunt! What are you saying! If a stepmother is so loving. Then i pray that i get
such a mother in every life! In this very form! At least, sometimes, get
a hold on your tongue! You talk any rubbish
without thinking! But i haven’t lied. I’ve
only spoken the truth! Aunt, the truth is that a
mother is only a mother. Who are you talking about! About a mother who didn’t
bear children.. ..only so that her love for
me would not get divided? To call a mother who’s so
loving is a stepmother! Nonsense! It’s weird! I’m sorry but you won’t
understand this.. ..because you
are not a mother! Rahul. Sorry, sister-in-law.
This fool.. why make a issue
of petty matters? That’s not the case! Aunt
talks any gibberish! That’s enough! Fool, think and speak! Or the doors of this house
may get shut for us! And we will be left nowhere! I try hard to keep my mouth
shut, but what to do? My heart burns to see them
waste money like that! I will have to act! I mean to say, don’t be
disheartened with life. You are a waiter. Even you have
some finer qualities in you. Someday, lady luck will
smile at you too.. ..and take you
to great heights! Is it possible? – Most certainly! It doesn’t take long
for luck to change! Someday, lady luck will strike
like lightning before you! “He’s made me go crazy by
blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s made me go crazy
by blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s started something by
blowing a whistle at me.” “I was sleeping, he has awakened
me by blowing a whistle at me.” “He has made me lose my sleep
by blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s made me go crazy by
blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s started something by
blowing a whistle at me.” “I was sleeping, he has awakened
me by blowing a whistle at me.” “He has made me lose my sleep by
blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s made me go crazy
by blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s started something
by blowing a whistle at me.” “You are a beautiful
fairy with oomph.” “A fragrance spread in the air
when you opened your hair.” “A battle ensued when
our eyes met.” “You were bent on it,
you are very adamant.” “I am a whiff of air,
a rainy moment.” “A string of pearls,
a studded diamond.” “When night came,
matters advanced.” “And your magic worked
on my heart.” “She’s cast some magic spell
by blowing a whistle.” “You’ve put me in a daze
by blowing a whistle.” “He’s made me go crazy
by blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s started something
by blowing a whistle at me.” “A heart stealer is my lover.” “He wooed me and
stole my heart.” “You are very handsome.” “I cannot fight you now that
i’ll fallen in love with you.” “I am educated, so
don’t fool me.” “Don’t act hard to get, don’t
pretend to be angry.” “I have been waiting for
you since so long.” “Stretch your hand and
come into my arms.” “You’ve captured my heart by
blowing a whistle at me.” “I’m totally enthralled with
your blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s made me go crazy
by blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s started something
by blowing a whistle at me.” “I was sleeping, he has awakened
me by blowing a whistle at me.” “He has made me lose my sleep by
blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s made me go crazy
by blowing a whistle at me.” “He’s started something
by blowing a whistle at me.” Hey! Let go of me! You’ve
broken my back! Where did she go?! – Who?! You’ve been twirling me around
since half an hour! You mentioned that
i’d find lady luck. I felt as if she’d shot
cupid’s arrows at me! I am in love with her! You’ve even fallen in
love in your dreams! Be it in dreams or reality.. can fall in
love at any location. You fool! She seems to
be from a rich family. This appearance of yours
will not work with her! Everything works with lady luck! How long will you build
castles in the air? Come down to earth! Listen! She’s going to come the
day-after-tomorrow. Really? If you face her in this
fashion, she will walk away. Go before her wearing a suit,
tie, goggles.. ..and spray some perfume too.
Then watch the results! Where will i bring
them from? – Why? All right. I’ll arrange
for the suit. I’d bought one from italy. It’s tight for me, but should
fit you fine. – Really? I’ll give you a suit,
a tie and goggles. But you will have to arrange
for a car. I won’t give you that. I shall arrange for a car. I
have a friend sattar bhai. We are very close
friends. – So? Sattar bhai has a transport
business. Open sesame! Wow! That was good luck! Sattar transport. This is called business!
I steal the best cars! What do you mean by i am sorry. Is my mercedes meant for you?! Being a maid, you go
in a mercedes.. ..while i have to
go in a smaller car! Madam, actually.. shut-up! Don’t you
dare argue with me! Don’t be under a
false notion.. ..that by wearing the
clothes i give you..’ll become a
mistress from a maid! Did you do the chores
i had asked you to? Yes. I deposited all the
cheques in the bank, and.. brought the bangles
and necklace? – No. Did you collect my sari?
You even forgot that! Instead of caking yourself
with make-up, do some work! Get going! Do all
the work and come! Useless girl! Well, the..
– yes? Greetings sir.
Mrs. Malhotra’s necklace and bangles.. yes, they will be brought
here after being polished. Please sit. I’ll send some
soft drink for you. – Okay. Take a look at this. Damn! Don’t touch! Mummy, i’m bored!
– Just a minute! Look! This is very beautiful. It’s an antique piece. It’s
very expensive, it’ll break. Look at this. – Which one? Whose child is he?! – Ours. Can’t you control your child?! He has broken such an
expensive statue! Sorry, sir. He did not
break it intentionally! Apologizing won’t do! It was
worth 250,000! So pay up! I am a salaried man! How can
i repay such a big amount? I don’t know! You will have to
pay or i’ll call the police! Hey, joseph! Call the police! Wait! You’re hitting the child
so much for an ordinary statue?! He has broken such an
expensive statue. How can i pay the damages? Good afternoon, mr. Rahul.
– Good afternoon. How much loss have you incurred? It was an antique piece. I had
purchased it for 250,000. 250,000? – Yes. It isn’t your son’s fault. I was coming to pet him.. ..but he thought i was
going to scold him. And he collided with the
statue, out of fear. You said, 250,000,
right? – Yes. Yes. – Thank you. Pleasure. – Thank you. Uncle.. thank you. Thanking me won’t do. You will
have to give me a kiss. God bless you. Uncle is so sweet! Fantastic, mr. Rahul! Excuse me. Yes, madam? Your jewellery.. who was that gentleman? He was mr. Rahul saxena, the
owner of saxena industries. He is a thorough gentleman
and so benevolent.. ..that he gave a cheque of
rs.250,000 for an unknown child. Sapna, if somebody like
him enters your life.. ..your life will be made! You wouldn’t need to work! What are you doing! Move ahead with style. Great!
Now turn around in style! Come here! Bravo! Can anyone say that you
are a waiter in a hotel? You look like a prince!
– Thank you sir. Take this. Keep it. Why, sir? You are wearing a suit,
and yet have no money! If anybody salutes you,
then tip him with style! What’s this? Are
you tipping me?! Since the time i’ve grown up,
i’ve only received tips.. ..never given one. So i thought, i’ll practice
it before leaving. Sorry sir. – Listen! I like your style!
– Thank you sir. Good morning sir. – Good morning. Good morning sir. – Good morning. I greeted you, thinking
you were a rich man.. ..and you change your style! My mother had said that,
someday, my luck would change. I’ve worn a suit today,
and you saluted me. This is the beginning of my
good fortune. I’m enjoying it! Are you nuts?! Remove this
rented suit and start working! I’ve taken an off today, sir. No way! If you take an
off, you are fired! How can you fire me? I resign! Are you crazy? Just think!
You will repent later! You’ll repent later! As you do not know that
i’ll soon buy this hotel! And i’ll employ 3-4
fools like you! You are nuts! Has your father
left behind a fortune?! Or are you going to
win a lottery?! I have already won
a lottery, sir! A golden goose is
trapped in my love. Do you know how
rich she is? – No. They can buy 10-20 such hotels
in a night! I’d advise you to start practicing
apologizing to me right away.. ..or you’ll repent! Car number 8262, driver sattar. Driver sattar, bring the car. You call me a driver! Damn you! Come. Hey! Hey! Why have you sat behind?! The boss always sits behind. What? Who is the boss? Have i become your servant,
and you, my boss?! Sattar bhai, i’m only pretending
to be a boss. But is it necessary that i also
pretend to be a servant?! Yes. You have come
to do just that! She’s here! Raja. – Yes? Raja. – Yes? Is she your lady duck? Watch your tongue!
She is my lady luck! Yes, that’s it! There she comes! Sattar. – Yes? Sattar. – Yes? Sattar. – Yes? Follow her. – Why? Let two hearts unite. Follow
her. I implore you! Let alone a driver, i’m willing
to be your sweeper too! Hey! Put the hand brake down! Follow her discreetly,
sattar bhai. Ganesh, stop the car. I’ll fetch madam’s
sari from inside. Sattar bhai, tell me
where she’s going! What will you take to be
patient? Let me think! One minute! What are you doing?
– Just watch! What are you going to
do? – Quietly watch. Please don’t mess up things! Give me 2 bananas. How much? Rs.2. – Take rs.1! Are you selling bananas
or mangoes?! You are fantastic, sattar bhai! Oh, it’s very late! Let’s go. Why isn’t the car starting? I’ll just check. Let’s give her a lift. If you delay anymore,
we’ll lose our jobs! The old hag will be angry.
– I’m checking. Excuse me, can i take
your order please. I mean, can i help you? He’s the millionaire
rahul saxena.. ..who had given a
cheque of 250,000. He’s the one i’m dreaming of! Hello. – Yes. Can i be of any help? Help me? Y..y.. yes! My car has broken down. If you
can reach me home, then.. please come! Okay. Once the car gets repaired,
bring it home. Okay. – He is my driver. Please come. It’s a lovely car. – Yes. Where will you go?
– Wherever you take me. I mean juhu. Driver, go to juhu! – Hey! Let’s go to juhu
please. – Okay. I can’t believe that people
like you exist.. today’s times too, mr. Rahul. Mr. Rahul?! What’s this mix-up! Mr. Rahul? My name is raja. Everybody calls him raja, at
home and all over the world too. Oh! So, his nickname
must be raja! Yes, something like that! Our
mr. Raja has a heart of gold! I know that. He indeed
has a heart of gold. The other day at the
jeweller’s shop.. ..he rescued an unknown child
and his family by giving a cheque. Cheque? – What cheque? A cheque of 250,000. What happened?
– What happened, sattar bhai? Nothing, madam.
A cat crossed the road. 250! – Thousand! I’ll see you. What you are talking about cheque? Yes, i was saying.. it seems you don’t
remember anything. I remember, kids has
broken the statue. The shopkeeper was shouting at them.. ..he was asking to call the police. It’s been his principle to do a
noble deed and forget about it. Do good and forget it. His left hand does not know
what his right hand is doing! Did i know about the
rs.250,000 until now? What else do i talk? Firstly, it’s important
to know if he’s married. Your family must be blessing
you for doing such noble deeds. By the way, how many
children do you have? Children! L’m yet a child!
I mean, i’m still a bachelor! Really? – Yeah. So nice. This means, even you are like me. You are also.. – single. I mean, it’s difficult to believe
a man like you is not married. Why? How did a rich, handsome
and large hearted man like you.. ..escape the eyes of women? Forget them, even i
should like someone. What kind of a girl is your kind? If you don’t mind,
shall i say something? Yes. I like girls who are like you. What?!!! – Yes. Lips like rose petals. A beautiful face, a sharp nose. Round black eyes. Once someone looks into them,
he’ll remain in a trance forever. You’re boring her. “Your beautiful body,
your slow smile.” “Don’t blame me o world,
if i go crazy.” Well.. there there’s my house. Oh! Is this your house? – Yes. Driver, please stop the car. That’s an empty plot.
– This is my house. Who else live here? I’m alone. – You are! I mean, my mother and me. And your father? My father is no more. It’s all right. Give me your mobile number. Do i have a mobile phone? Yes. – Yes. 9821021214 9821012498 no, no 9820026484 no, no 9210120012. – Oh my god. I’ll never be able to remember
so many phone numbers! Take down my number. Tell me. 6251552 6251552 will you remember it?
– It’s engraved in my heart! You will phone, won’t you? I will be restless till
i don’t phone you! Sleep will evade me at night,
and peace, during the day. I’ll wait for your call.
– I’ll surely phone you. Bye. Okay. Bye. Bye. Hi daddy. Daddy! How are you daddy. What’s this! Every time i come
from abroad, you shed tears! Then, why do you torment me so much? What do you lack? There’s such a big business,
abundance of wealth. Yet, you want to continue to work! It’s one country or the other! For how long will i live alone?! You ought to be happy.. ..that i work for a reputed
airline like air india. Children get spoilt
if they sit at home.. ..and blow up their
father’s money. If you want to move ahead
in life on your own.. ..then you should first
learn to work for others. This bestows a person with
skills as well as etiquette. You had taught me this,
hadn’t you? You always silence me
by speaking like this! But i’m not going to listen to
you anymore. I want you to.. i’ll be there in a jiffy!
– Why are you waving there? I’m talking to you. Daddy, he’s going to come today. Who is going to come? The one whom i met in paris. Whom did you meet in paris? The one whom i had met in switzerland. Whom did you meet in switzerland?!
Talk to me! The one whom i met in rome. Who’s he, who meets you only in air? Doesn’t he meet you on the ground? He will be meeting me
on the ground today. Who is he? Daddy! There he comes! Him! – Yes. What are you saying! He is the one i was talking about! Damn the man! Scoundrel! He wears my clothes
and goggles.. ..and woos my daughter! Rahul, i missed all. – My sweetheart. I won’t spare him! I’ll shred him to pieces
if he covets my daughter! Come rahul. Daddy! Daddy! He is mr. Rahul saxena.
Rahul, this is my father. Nice to meet you. Daddy! Sona, one minute. Excuse me rahul. I’ll be back in moment.
– It’s okay sona. You learn the tricks from
me, and use them on me! What are you saying, sir? You took my suit. Do you plan
to take my daughter now?! I don’t quite understand, sir. Just a minute! What’s this!
– What are you doing, sir? The suit is the same. How come,
the cloth is different? One minute! Sir, what.. – wait a minute. Where did you buy this suit from?
– From italy. Oh! From italy! I’ve not seen
a man as shameless as you! Tell me something. When did
you first meet my daughter? Around a year back. A year back?! Liar! You had brought tea to
my room last morning, and.. where did you meet her?
– In paris. Implying, you’ve been
there before? I’ve been to paris so often.
– Oh! What about switzerland?! I have come to switzerland. Oh! – I have an office in switzerland,
in new york.. melbourne, jakarta.. you borrow a suit, but have
an office in jakarta! And when did you meet her last? I think in washington, sir. In a washing company? In washington. Washing a ‘ton’ of clothes,
is not called washington! Why are you harassing me
by speaking like this? Come to my hotel tomorrow. I’ll show what harassing
a person means! But why should i come to your hotel? I to go to back to my house. You won’t go to your bungalow
but to prison, handcuffed.. let’s go, rahul. Come on, daddy. I came to meet you but
met your dad instead. He’s quite interesting. Please don’t mind what he says. He keeps joking. – No, no.
He is a very interesting person. And i will get back to him. Do one thing. Go to the hotel and phone me at
my office to give your number. Oh! You want the phone number.
Aren’t you coming with us? Yes, rahul. – Listen, i got
my merc waiting outside. Merc! You don’t have a penny in your
purse, & a merc waits outside! Do you know the spelling of merc? Sona, he is too much. Merc. – Ok. Hey! Merc. He owns a mercedes!
– Daddy, you’ve had too much to drink! No, i haven’t! Just look at him! Come on! Daddy. – Hey merc! This is too much.
– Merc. Are you coming? Hello, sapna. This
is raja speaking. Well.. i was just thinking about you! Really? Even i was thinking about you! Where are you calling from? I.. i am speaking from the
pool side at hotel oberoi. Oberoi. How are you?
– Very well. How are you? I.. i am not fine!
– Why? You harassed me a lot last night. Me? But i didn’t meet you yesterday. You did.. in my dreams! Sapna, are you actually a dream
as your name suggests? I am waiting to see when you
will turn into a reality! Well.. l.. did you feel bad? I got carried away with what i said. I had no right to tell you all this! Don’t talk like that. Only you
have a right to say all this. What are you saying! Since the time i’ve seen you,
i can think of nothing but you. You eyes besiege me all the time. Sapna! Sapna! You’ve given me the most precious
gift in life by saying this! Sapna, i may just go crazy with joy! I’ll be at peace only
after meeting you. Sapna. You will meet me, won’t you? Yes! When? Tomorrow evening. Okay. Bye. Sattar brother. Hey sattar brother.
Hey, listen to me! Stop irritating me!
Stop irritating me. But she will be coming tomorrow. So what am i to do?
– I have a small favour to.. you want a car, right?
– Yes. And.. some clothes too? I’ll get them.
You can’t drive a car, naked! Will you bring all my things?
You won’t forget anything? Yes, i will bring them!
Stop chewing my brains! One more thing! The cadburys tin.. keep the phone down! Daddy.. i get fed up, complying with
the requests of this girl! Hey, park the car in front!
– Yes, i am going! My dear raja,
i think your work is done. Madam, please! I have
some important work. I want an off today. Important work, but
you work in my house. Then, what important
work do you have?! She always wants an off!
Go and do the household chores first! Please try to understand.
I have some important work! If you don’t give me an
off today, then i will.. what will you do then?! If you keep harassing
me for a day off.. ..then i’ll give you permanent leave! You can’t do that, madam!
I, myself, am quitting this job! You are very haughty about
your bungalow, aren’t you? I’ll have a bungalow bigger than this! And there will be many servants
hovering around me! And a handsome prince
will be at my service! Good bye. Hey! Where’s my car? Excuse me! – Hello, sir. My car was parked here.
Where is it? Sir, i don’t know. We haven’t seen. There was a white
cielo parked here! I didn’t see, sir.
– It was parked right here! I didn’t see, sir.
– You a watchman or a thief?! Please come. Come. What! – Please come. Come, please sit. Mr. Goverdhan, i had come
to shop at super needs. When i came out, my car was missing. Give me your car number.
– The car number is.. mh-03-b333. Mh-03-b333. This is my car number. Can there be two cars
with the same number? Even the model is the same!
No, no. This is my car! Which smart alec is driving it? Just a minute. I know this man. Sir, you! Please come. Where are you going.
Can i drop you anywhere? Really? Is this your car? Consider it to be yours, sir! He winks, and makes me sit in
my own car! I won’t spare him! Please sit, sir. How are you? Sir, meet her.
She is going to be my life partner. We will be soon getting married! –
look ahead or there’ll be an accident. Hello
– hello, dear. He’s wooing my daughter
and coveting her too! What a wretched man he is! Well, where did you meet her?
In paris, london or switzerland? No. My horoscope does not match
with the girls from there. I like indian girls. Of course, i’ll certainly go to
switzerland for a honeymoon. I’ll make sure your honeymoon
is in jail, not in switzerland! You have a real grand car. Come off it, sir! Is this a car?
This is a piece of junk! I’ve kept this for the servants
when they go marketing! My car is meant for the
servants, to go marketing! If you don’t believe me,
then just look at this! Is this an ac?! Is this an ac.
Is this a sheet?! Are you nuts! What are you doing! This lousy tape recorder! Are you nuts! What are you doing! You’re getting upset,
like it’s your car! No. Your car is mine, and
so is your money, sir. Why should you waste money?
A man works hard and earns. You should not waste money. – Yes. Control yourself, sir. Sir, i remember one thing
enough of breaking things. I want to make a phone call. May i make a call from
your mobile phone? No. I forgot to bring my phone today. Just check in your dashboard. You must have definitely
kept a phone. This is my car. I forgot
to bring my mobile phone. Please check, madam.
– No, i forgot today. You’re a rich man, you may
not remember everything. Oh yes! There’s indeed
a phone kept here! – Yes. Oh! My servants are stupid!
They keep the phones anywhere! The problem is that he’s rich! He forgets where he keeps his
millions, so what’s a cell phone yes! May i make a phone call?
– Please! It’s all yours! I’m going to make a fantastic
call now. You’ll be thrilled! Yes? Hello patvardhan – yes k. K. Sir. I found the thing i had lost.
– Who found it? I did! Really? Then come to the police
station immediately. Now.. just go in the front. Here? – Yes. Front. – Okay. Why are there so many policemen
standing here? To welcome you, sir. But why? They want you to inaugurate
this police station. It’s a matter of great honour! The police want me to
inaugurate the place! But why? Please get down.
It will only be a slight problem. The other problems will be inside! Let’s go. – Yes. Let’s go hello inspector. I am raja. I’ll fix you now! Hey! What are you doing! He is wooing both you and my daughter! He is an ordinary waiter
in a 5 star hotel! What nonsense are you talking! Inspector, he should not be freed! If he is bailed out, i’ll sue you! You will now know the
consequence of being a fraud! What are you saying, sir!
How can i cheat you? I’m your disciple!
– My disciple! Did i teach you to be dishonest?! You were the one who had told me. The daughter of a millionaire! Does that mean, you will
covet my daughter?! When did i covet your daughter? Was it your aunt at the airport?! When did i go to the airport?
– Oh, i see! Didn’t you tell me at the airport..’d met her in london,
paris, switzerland? Sir, i haven’t even been
to madh island.. forget about switzerland! I will kill you! Watch, which
places i take you to, now! Inspector, remove his ribs,
and.. i don’t even what to say! Leave him. – Yes, leave him! No! Break me into pieces,
inspector! Break him into pieces!
Don’t spare him, inspector! Inspector, may i speak to her
before you begin your program? Okay! You’ve learnt the truth about
me. Please forgive me. Please phone your mother and
ask her to bail me out. For, i’ve heard that the
programme of the police.. ..tends to be very long! Shall i phone her? Shall i call your mother?
I’ll phone her. Raja. Inspector, just one phone call. All right! – Yes. Hello.
– Hello, mother-in-law! Mother-in-law! Which
number do you want? Is this 6251552? Yes, the number is correct.
Who’s speaking? Your future son-in-law. What nonsense are you talking! I’m speaking the truth. I love your girl & we’ll
be getting married soon. My name is raja. I have no daughter, so where
did my son-in-law spring from?! I think you are mistaken. I’m talking about your daughter sapna. Look, mister, i have no daughter! And the sapna you’re speaking about.. my two pennies worth maid! Whom i threw out of the house
just this morning! Understand?! Why are you just staring at me?
Start your programme! Constable, take him away!
Thrash him black and blue! Let’s go. No! Hey! No! Someone is there? You still have not worn your tie! Rahul has phoned for the third time! Get dressed quickly. Why do you keep chewing my
brains by talking nonsense?! I have personally had the rogue
imprisoned at the police station that’s why i ask you not to drink! You cannot take in alcohol! He is such a rich man. How can
you have him imprisoned?! He’s no rich man,
he’s a bloody waiter! We are going to fight now! Rahul was right when he
said you were nuts! He said so, and you believed him?
– Yes, i did! Really. I’ll have to come now! To prove, that the rogue lies,
and i speak the truth! And let me also see which rahul
you are going take me to! One minute! Look! This is rahul’s party. Such a big party! Where did
he bring so much money from? Even after seeing everything,
you ask that question! He is a very big businessman!
Come on! That waiter is a thief! – Hi sona. Hi rahul. – Hi darling. Congratulation rahul.
– Thank you. You’ve met daddy, haven’t you? How can i forget him? I’d met him at the airport,
he’s quite a jovial man. Hello uncle. Wish him, daddy. Hello, sona. Hello, daddy. Hello, mama. – How are you? What are you doing?
– Does it hurt? Not at all.
– No? Does it hurt here? No. I’m a robust young man.
Why should it hurt me? When they hit, the youth of
many a robust men is silenced! Who hits?
– The policemen. Why should they hit me? Oh! Why will they hit you!! You joke a lot. Sona was telling
me so, but i didn’t believe her. Come, i’ll introduce you
to my parents. Where did he bring so much money from?
I can’t fathom a thing! Please come. – Come. One minute. First, tell me,
how did you get released? How much did you bribe them with? What nonsense you talk! Meaning? – Come, i’ll introduce you. He is my daddy. Oh daddy. – Hello. She’s my mother.
– Hello. You have a mother too! She’s my aunt. – Aunt! Wow! And he is my uncle. – Hello. Wow! Pleased to meet you. Hi rahul, are you okay.
– Hi. You look quite worked up. No, i’m cool. I’m just worked up! Hey! He’s escaped! Who is the man who just went? He is rahul saxena. You must have got a
lot of money. – What! Tell me something. Who’s the elderly lady, and
that man on the wheelchair? The elderly lady
is his mother sharda devi. And that man
is his father dhanraj saxena. Get behind! What is he asking!
– Very strange. Okay. Madam. – Yes? Don’t mind if i ask a question.
– Yes? Is he your own son?! You are right. Yes. Yes, he is my son. Since how many years? You mean, how old is he? He is.. no. Since how many years
has he been your son? What! Where is your drink? I drank it.
– I’ll have it sent right away. No, i don’t..
– you certainly need it. You’ve come home.. – no,
i don’t want a drink. Waiter. I’ve been worked up since
morning. Please listen to.. welcome! This is where you belong!
Keep doing this job! I brought this drink.. ..because i thought since you’ve
already had so much i’ll make you.. make me stone drunk!
Am i right, son? I’ll make you pass out but
i won’t get stone drunk! Understand?
– Oh god! He is too much, man. I couldn’t find the dress,
so i thought.. does the whole family drink? This old woman could help me. Hello – yes, come. Not that. I have some work with you. Yes come. I want to talk to you in private. In private?
– Yes, it’s something private. Private? Then come in a corner! No, it’s nothing of that sort. No in the corner. It is not like
that. – You have to come. Why are you closing the door! What are you doing! Leave me! Come here! “Our love strengthened
gradually.” “Come my love, let’s enjoy
each other’s company.” “O my god! The crazy girl’s
stolen my heart!” “The crazy girl’s stolen my heart!” “Our love strengthened
gradually.” “Come my love, let’s enjoy
each other’s company.” “O my god! The crazy boy
stolen my heart!” “The crazy boy stolen my heart!” “Why do you think so much?
Say you love me.” “Seeing you, my crazy
heart loses control.” “Your magic has worked
on me. I follow you.” “You have stolen my heart.” “O my god! The crazy girl’s
stolen my heart.” “The crazy boy stolen my heart!” “Don’t leave me. All my
happiness comes with you.” “My arms are open for you,
come quickly into my arms.” “Since i have fallen in love
with you, i’m in a trance.” “Don’t leave my hand, that’s
all i have to say!” “O my god! The crazy girl’s
stolen my heart!” “The crazy boy stolen my heart!” “Our love strengthened
gradually.” “Come my love, let’s enjoy
each other’s company.” “O my god! The crazy girl’s
stolen my heart!” “O my god! The crazy boy
stolen my heart!” “The crazy girl’s stolen my heart!” “The crazy boy stolen my heart!” Hey, uncle! I implore you! For the sake of your lousy couplet! Is he sharda devi’s biological son? No, he isn’t. Yes! That’s what i’ve
been saying since long. Everyone’s been driving me nuts! I’ve been saying that
he is not her son! He is not! Oh my god! He is not! What’s happening here? Both of us are at fault. We lied to each other. We may have spoken many
lies to each other. But there’s one thing that’s
turned out to be true. I have begun to love you. Perhaps, your silence means
that only i love you. That you don’t reciprocate. I love you very much! Why would i think of you
all day if i didn’t? But i’m wondering, where
i’ll take you now. Neither do i have a
house nor any money. I’ll manage leading a
modest life with you. But it’s difficult for me
to live away from you now. If i have your love and trust.. ..then we will surely
realise our dream. And even if i have
to do any wrong.. ..i won’t do it! You have been bailed out. Who has bailed me out? A man named sattar. Sattar bhai. I am an idiot! A real idiot! I had to steal that old man car! All this happened because of me. Neither would i have stolen
that car & nor would this happen. Shame on me! Hey. – Sorry. Sorry. Whatever you did was for our sake. That’s true. But tell me.. i can believe that he
began pursuing you.. ..thinking you were a princess. But what did you see in him.. ..that you mistook this
ape to be a millionaire?! How often should i say.. ..that in order to rescue
an unknown child.. ..and his family, i saw him
give a cheque of rs.250,000! 250,000! – Yes! Sattar! Come here.
– Yes. Coming.
– Come here since the time we’ve met her,
she’s been harping about 250. I’ve begun to hate it! Do you feel, i’ve ever seen 250! Certainly not!
– Am i lying then?! I can’t even think of that amount! Are my eyes deceiving me?! This
is the same face i’ve seen! Just a minute! Are you sure that this
is the rotten face.. ..which had given away 250,000? Look intently! I can never forget this face! You don’t believe me, do you?
– No. Will you believe me if that
shopkeeper says.. ..he’s the same man? She says that she had seen
me in this shop! How? When? Excuse me. – Yes. Excuse me. Rahul!
– Who is mr. Rahul? You! Why did you bother coming here? I, myself, would have sent your
mother’s jewellery home tomorrow. Am i mr. Rahul?
– Yes, you are. So, you know me?
– Yes! What will you drink? Ask for something hot, cold
and everything else. Get everything hot available
in the shop for sir. You know your name, so you must
be knowing my address too? What are you saying? You are
in a jovial mood today. You are our oldest customer. No! Tell me what my address is!
– Really? Saxena house juhu skim 10th road. Saxena house juhu skim 10th road. You indeed know my address! But why are you punishing
me for my daddy’s folly? He isn’t like that. He was a bit too high at
the party the other day. Forget it! I apologies on his behalf. He should personally
come and apologies! Or henceforth, you won’t
meet each other! But it’s not her fault. Will you remain quiet?!
No discussion i say. Fine. If this is what you wish,
then i won’t meet rahul again! Hey! You fool, didn’t you
understand what i meant? Not meeting him does not mean.. should go away
from his life forever. Instead, enter his life for good. By becoming my daughter-in-law. And i want to meet your father.. that i can fix the wedding date. Oh mummy. Congratulations! Hey! What’s happening?! He looks exactly like you! Raja! – Where is he? You believe me, at least now, right? You are absolutely speechless! It’s incredible! Is he my twin, by any chance? That’s impossible. Everybody in our area has
seen you wander alone! Then, did i go to a fair
in my childhood.. ..with my mother & brother
and got separated? No chance! Everyone in our area knows your
mother died when you were born. But people look so identical
when they happen to be twins. What are you saying! Don’t all our renowned stars
have their duplicates? Then, are they the twin
brothers of those actors?! What nonsense you speak! Hey, bring some twist to this tale. How do i do that? I just
cannot think. Yes! There can be a twist! Raja.. – yes boss. We will kidnap rahul. With friends like you,
who needs enemies?! What rubbish.. don’t heed him. If you get
caught, then so will i! I won’t do anything, whereby
somebody else will catch you! If you go to jail, i’ll kill myself! If you kill yourself, then
even i won’t remain alive! Raja. – Sapna. Embrace later.
Listen to my plan first! We’ll kidnap rahul and
keep him underground. You replace him.
– No! Rob 1-1.5 million from
his office and home. That’s more than enough! We will then release rahul. I don’t want such money! Listen to me! A man does
everything for money! Is it easy to buy a house in mumbai? When will you make money
and settle down? By then, you’ll become old! Heed me. If god has given you this golden
chance, take advantage of it! Indeed! I don’t want
to take advantage! Wait! Listen to me. Rahul is very rich. 1-1.5 million will not make
any difference to him. How do i explain to you! Oh yes! If you remove 3-4 buckets
of water from the sea.. ..does it become empty? Answer me. If this is the case, then
i have a brilliant idea! Tell us! Let’s do one thing. I’ll
personally go and meet him. I’ll tell him, ‘my look-alike,
we are very poor.’ ‘We are in deep trouble. Please
give us 200,000-400,000.’ Fantastic, fool number 1, he
will throw you out of his house! Why? If every millionaire were to help.. ..nobody in this world
would be poor! It was my duty to explain to you! Finally, it’s your wish!
I’m going! Sattar bhai, listen to me.
– What? Just wait. All right!
– That’s more like it! We’ll do it!
– Of course, we will! One minute! But there are two conditions.
– Tell me soon! Firstly, we will not
trouble him at all. We will treat him like
a king! Next. Secondly, i will repay every
single penny we get from him. With the interest! What
more do you want! Thirdly.
– Will you also lay a condition? It’s not a condition. Where
will we keep him?! Yes! Where will we keep him?
Let’s do one thing. I’ll go have a drink and think.
Until then, you do the needful! Sapna, the time to fulfill
our dream is here! Rahul saxena of saxena industry. Donates rs. 1 crore to
spastic society of india. A donation of 10 million! Rahul saxena. Hello.
– Mr. Tiger, i’ve got the money. Good. This is a big problem. We’ll surely kidnap him, but
where will we keep him? My house is open from 3 sides!
It’s going to be a problem! Bus? Why is it parked in such
a deserted place? Hey it’s open! The lord above is very kind! Is anybody here? Is anybody here? There’s nobody here. Wow! I entered a van, but
this is a superb bungalow! Wow! This will be an ideal place
to hide rahul. Rahul, you are so fortunate! You will live like a king even
after getting kidnapped! You are very fortunate. Family
has paid the ransom. Your family has paid the ransom. Here, have a drink. Do you know tiger’s specialty? Tiger never kills a person
till he receives the money. And once he receives the money,
tiger does not spare anybody! I’ll first arrange to steal this van. Who dared to steal tiger’s van! Sattar bhai, look there! Sir may i help you please. Do you have a suit in versace? Yes. Please show. – Sure sir. Hello, sir may i help you. I want.. an.. underwear. Sir come, i’ll show you
pappu’s underwear. Pappu’s underwear? Then
what will pappu wear? Come sir.
– If she’s insisting, try it. Stupid! Sir. – Yes. Take this. – What’s this? Sir, you had asked for a suit. I did? When? Please try it. Okay. If you say so. Very nice, very very.. ..nice. Where the hell is the fool! Wow, nice suit. Fool! Wow! Hey! Who is it? I had come to do this
job! Hey, don’t! Sir, look at the quality
of the shirt piece. Yeah quality is good but..
– don’t escape! Quiet! What’s happening?
– It’s a mad dog, it’ll bite you! Excuse me. What’s this, and
where are you taking it? As if you don’t know! We had.. mr. Rahul, you forgot your
credit card at the counter. Who are you? Sattar bhai, it’s me. – Who me? Me! – Who? Just take me out, and
i’ll tell you who i am. Hey! Raja, you! Why are you looking like that? Sattar bhai, will you come
to the side, please? Why? I am feeling very affectionate
towards you! Fine! But why at the side?! Else, i’ll have to display
my affection publicly! What are you saying!
– Come on. Come on! – Come on! It just happened.. my brother! Hey! – Brother? Raja. Yes sir. Do you have a perfume no 1.
– Yes sir i will get it. Thank you. Rahul. Sattar bhai, go! What’s the matter with him? Raja! Open the door.
– Raja, are you okay? Raja! Raja! Are you okay? Damn, what’s wrong with you?
He is not raja, he is rahul! Then where is raja?
– Hurry up! Sapna, here i am! Damn! Do that later.
First, change! I’ll also go inside.
– Why! Let him change! Let her come, what’s
your problem? Raja! Why did you leave me out? Raja, hi. I’m ready. Sattar bhai, please listen to me.
Where are you pushing me? Sit in the van quickly! Sit! Sapna. This place seems quite deserted.
I think we’ll stop here. Okay. Will you have some food? You must be hungry, huh?! Who are you?!
What is it that you want? Why have you kidnapped me?! You will repent! You’ll
be in jail for life! Quiet! You will.. – quiet! You will repent!
– Quiet or i’ll shoot! Really? Go ahead! Look, my hands too
are trembling! Go ahead! You are trembling
out of fear, not rage! Shoot me!
– No, i cannot shoot you! Why not?! Because this is a fake pistol! Oh my god they both are so stupid. You don’t know who we are! We have taught a lesson
to many like you. With this fake pistol? That’s because we have
promised raja.. ..that we will treat you well. Or we can fix a guy
like you in minutes. So you will fix me?
– Of course! You guys will fix me?
– Yes, of course! Just open my hands for a minute. Why? So that you beat us up? No way! You both are so stupid so idiot. No abuses in english! – And you
are heading for a big trouble. Shut up. – I am telling you. You both will be behind bars.
– Shut up. For minimum of 7 years.
And no one can. – Quiet! My word! This requires
a lot of hard work! Someone has rightly said that
there’s no gain without pain. Who could it be?
– Who could it be? It must be the police!
– No! It could be the van owner! Open the door.
– No! You open! Are you scared, sattar bhai?
– No! No way! Why should i be afraid? You both are.. he talks too much! Raja! – Raja! Raja, it was you? It is me. But had you hit
harder, i would have been dead! Sorry. I thought.. hey! But what
are you doing here? Why haven’t you gone?! Sattar bhai, i won’t go.
– Why not? I am very frightened!
– Of what? I’ll be going there
for the first time. How will i recognize everyone? If i get caught, then..
i’m not going! I have an idea. This hurt here..
– is it bleeding? Yes. Let’s take advantage of it. If you fail to understand what
somebody there is saying.. ..then pretend to be
dizzy and fool them! Then, do your work and come.
And listen.. if anyone inquires about the
wound, tell them some lies. No. But..
– but what? Listen, this is important. Rahul’s mother will
also be there, okay? I have already seen her. For the first time, i’ll
get a mother’s love. Fool, this is what
i want to explain! You get emotional
seeing a mother.. you start to
think about yours! . lf you get carried away
in her love.. ..then all our plans
will be foiled. And we will be toiling hard
in prison, understand?! We won’t land in prison.
Know why? – Why? Because i won’t go at
all! – What nonsense! I won’t go! – You’ll have to! I’m going! Hey! That’s mr. Rahul!
What’s wrong with him? Mr. Rahul! What happened to you? What happened? Ask
what didn’t happen! Where is my house? Your house is here. Come,
i’ll take you. Help him. Sir! Sir!! Sir! Look, what’s happened
to mr. Rahul! What happened? It’s bleeding. What happened to you?! Nothing, father. There
were six boys. They were pursuing one girl. A
clash ensued, trying to save her they were six of them,
and i was alone. My child! Sharda, come down! Rahul, what happened! – Look,
what’s happened to him! O’ god! What’s happened
to my child?! How did this happen?! Why
are you bleeding so much? Tell me what happened?! He got hurt trying to save
a girl from hoodlums. O’ god! Have you called up the
doctor or not? Give me the phone! Hurry up! Why do you
get involved in all this? Hello, doctor? Mrs. Saxena here. Rahul’s has hurt his head.
His head is bleeding. Please come immediately! Thank you. – Why did you get involved?
Go and rest in your room. I’ve heard that millionaires
sometimes hide their money.. ..beneath the floors! Yes, hello.. hello. Ramu. – Yes? Give me the milk. Rahul.. my dear.. a wave of affection ran through
my every nerve and sinew. There is magic in
a mother’s love. Oh god, why didn’t you bless
me with this love? Oh my god! Why didn’t
you tell me before? Don’t worry. The doctor has said
that he’ll be fine in 2-3 days. Can i come to meet rahul? Of course, you can!
Why ask? Come over. Sir.. – yes. Some employees from the
office have come to meet you. Do i know them? – Of course. Shall i bring them in?
– Yes. – alright. Good morning sir.
– Good morning. Good morning sir. – Good morning sir. How’s the office doing?
– Fine, sir. How are you feeling
now? – I’m okay. We heard you were hurt.
– Yes, i hurt my head. Are you okay now? – Yes. Sir, there were some cheques
pending for your signature. – Yes. Please sign them. – Sure. Where do i have to sign?
– Over here, sir. Over here? Alright. I cannot sign like him. Sattar bhai had said that if you
get into am sticky situation.. ..pretend to feel dizzy. Sir what happened.
– What happened, rahul? What’s happening to you? I’m feeling dizzy. Dizzy! Why are you bothering
yourself with office work? Why have you brought work home? Go away! He’s not well and
you are troubling him. Madam, the cheques..
– no work is important let my son recover
first. Go away! Let’s go. I’ve told them not to
trouble my son, yet.. how are you feeling
now? – Take this. I’m feeling fine now.
One minute. I’m fine. Where is mr. Rahul? –
in his room, upstairs. Okay. Come on, daddy! – Why
are you dragging me?! Drink the milk. And eat? – Eat too. Leave my hand. Hello. – Hello. Hello, mummy. –
how are you, dear? Fine. Where is rahul?
– In his room. Go and meet him. I’ll
send some tea. Come on! – What will i do? Come on! You go! I’m fine here. Rahul, what’s happened
to you, and how?! Why did you have to interfere? What’s this? Why has this
old man come here?! I think he will create a
new problem even here! Please come in. I’ve told you a hundred times
not to do all this.. ..yet you won’t listen! Why did you interfere? Papa, at least ask how he is! How are you? Where is uncle? He is reciting some lousy
couplets in the next room. Thank you. ‘From a distance, eggs
were being boiled’ ‘went to see it closely, & saw
monkeys jumping instead! ‘ Uncle. Who is it? What
is the matter? I want to learn the truth
from you. – What truth? I want you to tell the
truth to my daughter. What truth? You had said that rahul has
nothing to do with this house. What nonsense! You will have
me thrown out of this house! ‘My wife and me burn brightly
even without oil’ ‘else, light and respect
we wouldn’t have any! ‘ You’re a liar! You’d said the other night that
rahul isn’t madam’s son. Today, you say otherwise! Yes, i did say so! What i meant was that
rahul is her stepson. She has not conceived him. He is the son of my brother’s
first wife.. ..who died after giving birth. Else, rahul is the sole heir
to all the inheritance! For god’s sake don’t
speak this way.. ..or i’ll be deprived
of an existence! I’ll be left nowhere! – Sit down. This is a miracle of nature! Two boys who have
a similar face! One is a waiter and the
other is a millionaire. He is worthy of becoming
my son-in-law. My daughter was right. I was
a fool not to believe her. Where is my son-in-law?
Son-in-law! Eat.
– Son-in-law! – no! Sona.. sona.. what did i do? Kisses! – What
did i do! – Papa! What are you doing!
– Help! Save me! I am showering my son-in-law
with affection. No father-in-law must have
loved his son-in-law so much. Don’t! – Papa, he’s hurt. He’s not hurt! This
is a minor wound. Look, it’s nothing. I am fortunate to have got
a son-in-law like you. And you are fortunate to get
a father-in-law like me. What a nice son-in-law you have
given me. I like your choice. What are you two doing here? Don’t keep him in a room.
He will fall sick take him outdoors. Take him for a drive, in
gardens, in restaurants. Take him out! Are you going, or do i come
along? – We’re going! Rahul saxena. He distributes 10 million
publicly, out of love! So he can give me, raju tabela,
rs.500,000 any time! Make two an ice candies for us.
– Okay sir. Why two? Why not one? Alright, make only one. What’s that you’re doing? Nothing. I’ve been shivering
since morning. You used to be a very
romantic person. But you are pretending
to be very naive today. I am naive. Make the ice candy. Quick! Say something romantic. Romantic? Like what? Like.. this! Is this romance? Alright. You! What have you done!
– Why, what happened? Is this the way to express love? You expressed some romance,
so i expressed so much more! What do i do now? I’ll have to go home and change. Yes, go home and change. But i haven’t even
spoken to you. You’ll catch a cold.
Go home and change. No. – We’ll meet
some other time. Sure? – Yes. Bye. Cancel the order for
the ice candy. Alright, i’ll eat it. Hey! Who is it?! – Quiet! Are you pointing a knife? Fool!
Point it at a proper place! Okay now? – Yes. What is it? Move ahead, don’t look behind. What are you doing? Give it to me! I’m
destined for this! You got what you were
destined for? – Yes. Now give me what
i’m destined for! What do you want?
– I want 5 ‘pettis’. What’s that? – A ‘peti’
is rs.100,000! We demand 1-2 million from
people whom we kidnap. Give me 500,000. You’re talking too much! Do
you have a mobile phone? – Of course. I want to send a pager message
to my secretary. Useless people too
keep mobile phones! Hello, yes. Message for sattar bhai. Message is.. the worthless man who went
to hunt for a fortune.. in a bad shape. Come immediately
on this address. When will raja bring the money,
and i’ll get rid of rahul! He’s been chewing my brains! Hey! A pager message from raja! He’s has summoned me
immediately to this address. What’s he done now?! Welcome, sattar! Where is raja? – There! Sattar bhai. – Raja. You leave behind an
important task.. ..and lie on this bedstead! This man is responsible!
– Meaning? He has done to us what
we did, to that man! What has he done!
– Kidnapped me. Kidnap? He wants 5 ‘pettis’. – What! Where will we get it from?
– Don’t worry about that. Do you have a mobile phone? Even useless people these
days possess mobile phones! “O love, listen to
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O love, listen to
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O love, listen to
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” Hello. Daler, this is sattar speaking. Oh, sattar, tell me!
This is daler here! Tell me! How are you, sattar bhai? I am fine. I need your help. Your wish is my command! I’ll
stake my life for you! I want 5 ‘petis’ very urgently.
Bring them immediately. Fine, i’ll do that but how
can i leave my shop? Please try to understand. My
best friend’s life is at stake. Come here anyhow! Is that so? Then, i’ll do anything for you!
Just tell me the address! Adress. Hey, rajju come here! Tell him your address. Listen to my name first..
rajju tabela. Jogeshwari east. Ask any child in teli gali.
He’ll beat you & bring you to me if you try to act smart
and go to the police.. ..then i’ll shoot a capsule
beneath your earlobe! Understand? What’s this! What do the police have to do
with the ‘petis'(trunks)! I think there has been
a cross-connection! That’s amazing! Boys, where are you? Remove
the ‘petis'(trunks)! Who is it? – Brother! Raja, look! He has brought it! Hey, rajju tabela, here
are your 5 ‘petis. Brother. – Sattar bhai. Brother. Him! The scoundrel troubled
me a lot, brother. Raja, no. Rajju tabela, your 5
petis have arrived. Bring it. – No way. He will move from here, and the
petis will come from there. I don’t mind. “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” What’s this! – A knife. Nonsense! Do you want to
cut cucumbers with this? Look, i’m a musical man! And i’m a businessman. –
come and see the 5 ‘petis’. Okay. – Yes. Here they are. They are empty! Do you want me to fill
them with pumpkins? All of them are empty. This is empty. What? – Empty. It’s not mtv, it’s made
of metal sheets! Don’t spoil my mood. Break them. What do i care?
Just give my money. What money! Look, i’m a musical man,
i’ll just thrust this in! – No. I swear i will not spare you! Wait. I am a business man. Give me.
– Take your money. – thank you. Come on, dance! “The world is so colourful.
It’s neither good, nor bad.” Raju tabela kidnapped me
assuming me to be rahul. Moreover, that old man’s
daughter, sona is after me. I’m in a fix. I’ve not even been able to
lay my hands on money yet. Damn! “I am a single girl, you
are a single man.” “I’ll make you fall
in love with me.” “You are suffering
from love sickness. “That’s a serious ailment.” “Call a doctor immediately.” “I am a single girl, you
are a single man.” “I’ll make you fall
in love with me.” “You are suffering
from love sickness. “That’s a serious ailment.” “Call a doctor immediately.” “My love is so naive.” “How do i romance with him? “He’s grown old in his youth.” “I am a simple, straight,
honest guy.” “I am better off single.” “Don’t attack my honour. Don’t
press me for marriage.” “I can give my life for you. “I am a single woman.
Make me your bride.” “Come!” “I am a single girl,
you are a single man.” “I’ll make you fall
in love with me.” “You are going out of limit.” “You are acting stubborn.” “Leave me alone. Why
are you after me?” “You are a cute guy.” “My heart begins to beat
fast when i see you.” “You’ve ignited a
fire in my heart.” “Now don’t try to douse it.” “You’ve gone crazy. You
are a sharp woman.” “Oh my god, please save me!” “I am a single girl,
you are a single man.” “I’ll make you fall
in love with me.” “You are suffering
from love sickness. “That’s a serious ailment.” “Call a doctor immediately.” Sattar bhai. – What’s raja doing here? Look, sattar bhai! No, sapna! All our efforts will go down
the drain! Try to understand! Look at what he’s doing! – You
want to become a millionaire? Yes. – Go away! This is thanks to you! The time for the wedding is
very auspicious, 8 days from now. Or else, the next available
date will be only after 7 months. No. I think 8 days
from now is fine. But how can we make the
arrangements in 8 days? The bride’s family has to
make the arrangements.. ..and i’ll manage that. The couple is also here. Give some sweets to them first. What’s the matter, father? –
your marriage has been fixed. Wedding? – Yes. You’re free for only 8 days. Then, you’ll be bound
by responsibilities! Yes, dear, only 8 days remain. Start making the arrangements. If they get me married to
sona, what about sapna? What is the matter, son? What? I notice, you’ve been
very sullen these days. What do i say, mother? The matter is.. nothing
like that! I used to think, you were
feeling unwell.. ..due to the wound
on your head. I then felt that my son
will be getting married. So he is lost in sona’s love. But you didn’t appear happy.. ..even after the wedding
got fixed today. Tell me, what’s the matter? Nothing’s the matter, mother.
Why are you worrying so much? Sit down! Why are you harassing me? Tell
me, what the matter is. I don’t like to see
my child look sullen. What are you looking at? I’m looking at how restless
a mother gets.. ..seeing her son in distress. And if a son gets separated.. don’t you dare talk like this! God forbid, but if anything
happens to you.. ..your mother will die! Disgusting! Don’t speak like that, son. How fortunate are those..
who have a mother! Fool! You are getting married, and
my child cries like a baby! Go to sleep. Mother! Mother! You scoundrel, rascal! What
do you think of yourself?! You make merry with the girl
here, while i rot over there! Men are such! You change
colours like a chameleon! If you have fallen for that
girl, what about me? I’ll die without you! – No. Raja, we don’t want such wealth. You are my wealth. Let’s escape from
here right away. Yes, take me away. Even i don’t
feel like staying here! Even i cannot hurt the true
feelings of a mother! I don’t want such money! First she came and made me cry. Now even you are making me
cry. Take me from here. Why did you fall silent? Let’s go. – Yes. Who are you! Why have
you kidnapped me?! You will repent for life! You will repent for life!
– I’ll thrash you! You will be in jail! –
i am a hot tempered man! What are you doing, sattarbhai? You had promised me that you’d
treat him like a king. But you hit him! What is his fault? It is our fault for
having kidnapped him! We stooped so low for greed of
money! L’ll release you. I understand. You’ve
got the money! I don’t want money! What you are doing is not the
short cut way to becoming rich. Instead, it’s the first step
towards the crime world.. ..which leads
straight to jail. You didn’t think that even
lives can be lost in this game? That is why i escaped
from there. Your mother loves you
very much, rahul. Had she come to know
i am an impostor.. ..who has kidnapped her son.. ..i was scared she’d
die of shock. But by god’s grace,
no one was hurt. I agree that we have committed
a grave mistake. You can give us whatever
punishment you want, we’re ready. You can send us to jail. Yes, you can do that. I’d thought, that the day i
escape from your custody.. ..l’ll make you spend
your entire life in jail. But i’m glad that a thief
went into my house.. ..but returned a human being. If you want to settle down,
then get a job, work hard! I’ll surely get a job.. ..but a house is what the
poor like me cannot get! If you promise to live a good
life, then i can help you. How? I’ll get you a job
in my office.. well as give you
a company quarters.. really! – Raja,
please come behind. Mr. Rahul, why are you being so
kind? We have kidnapped you. Because i’m convinced that.. ..just like the fake pistol,
your are fake kidnappers too. You are fools! That’s
why i want to help you. How do i thank you? I just can’t find words
to express my gratitude. Raja, one moment. Mr. Rahul, please give us some
time to think. – We thought wrong! Now that he is helping us,
why are you interfering? Do you have to say that
in front of him?! We’ll be back soon. He’s giving us a job, a place,
respect.. then why think? We’ll be back soon. Come on! Thank him later!
– We’ll be back soon. Stupid, mad people. Don’t get misled by him. He’s deceiving you so
that he can escape. What nonsense! He’s giving
me a good job, a house.. a house? Come here! A house means jail. And a job implies toiling
hard in jail forever! Rahul saxena. The one i was searching for.. ..has fallen into my lap! He is decent! Does he become a decent man
just because he looks you?! But he is decent! He is.. l’m not talking
about him.. there escapes your decent man! You’ve got a job and
a house, huh?! No problem. He’s forgiven us. That’s more important.
Right, sapna? What nonsense! He’ll go
straight to the police station. I don’t want to get
into police trouble. Where are you going, sattarbhai? Underground! – Hey, listen!
– Don’t meet me! Sattarbhai, listen! He’s gone. – What now? What? We’re back to square one. We’ll just love one another. “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll become your ‘majnu’
and love you crazily.” “I’m lost to everything else
and gone crazy about you.” “I’ll shout ‘majnu’ like crazy!” “I’ll become your ‘laila’
and love you crazily.” “I’m lost to everything else
and gone crazy about you.” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll become your ‘majnu’
and love you crazily.” “Make me your groom. My
hearth is lying cold.” “Just give me a chance and
i’ll warm your hearth.” “Make me your groom. My
hearth is lying cold.” “Just give me a chance and
i’ll warm your hearth.” “I’ll become domesticated
like crazy.” “I’ll shout ‘majnu’ like crazy!” “God willing, i will marry you.” “Even our good days will come.
Even we will have 10-12 kids.” “God willing, i will marry you.” “Even our good days will come.
Even we will have 10-12 kids.” “I will feed your
kids like crazy.” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’m lost to everything else
and gone crazy about you.” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll shout ‘majnu’ like crazy!” “I’ll become your ‘majnu’
and love you crazily.” “I’ll become your ‘laila’
and love you crazily.” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” I think this is the
best. – Show her. Like it? – I like
whatever you like. This is your chance. Make her
agree to whatever you want. She will not agree so
easily after marriage. Girls nowadays are like that. Daddy. I am not like that. Don’t talk like that about
my dear daughter-in-law. She is my dear daughter too. Hello. Tiger tadipar. That’s my name. Rahul saxena is my 41st
kidnapping case. What! Have you kidnapped rahul?! Who are you! What
rubbish you speak! I want 50 million or.. or will you kill rahul?! I ask.. i am rahul’s mother here! Who are you? Why have
you kidnapped him?! If i don’t get the money, then
your son will be finished! Take whatever you want
but return my son. Where is my son? Your mother on the line.
Speak to her. Mother, rahul. – Rahul,
my son! How are you? I’m fine. Don’t worry about
me. These people.. you are a good mother. Just hearing his voice has
made you so restless. You’ll die if you
see his corpse. If i don’t get 50 million
by tomorrow.. ..assume this was your
last talk with your son. Give it to me. Who’s speaking? What do you
mean by kidnapping rahul?! You don’t have much time. At
the dot of 11 a.m. Tomorrow. The venue – andheri bridge.
The car – contessa. Vehicle no mrq 2993. You know the consequence
of informing the police. What did they say? Who was he? What does he want?! Money, brother! Let her die. At least, the thorn in our
path will be plucked out! And you want to give away your
inheritance & bring back rahul! You foolish lady! When i take the 50 million, i
won’t give it to the hoodlums! I will hide it! Obviously, they will kill rahul
when they don’t get the money. And we’ll tell these people
that in spite of.. ..receiving the money
they killed the poor boy! Sister-in-law has got
a heart attack.. ..hearing about the kidnapping. And once she hears about his
death, she will also pass away! And as regards big brother,
he is lame. He will sit on a wheelchair
for the rest of his life! And then, all this inheritance
will belong to us. We will live like kings! Surprised to see me here? I tried to become a rich
man in extreme haste. But i fell flat on my face! I came to my senses, and then,
i returned to where i belong. Why are you staring at me? Well.. i was just wondering about
the twists of fate. Two people with the same face. One, a poor man who pursues
wealth all day.. order to become rich. And the other, an affluent
millionaire.. ..whose wealth holds his
life at stake today. He got into such deep trouble
because of his wealth. What trouble? Some people have
kidnapped rahul. Kidnapped rahul? When?! Last evening. This means that rahul wasn’t
driving the van that sped away. Somebody has kidnapped him! Rahul’s mother, who loves
her son deeply.. ..when she came
to know of this.. ..she could not bear it. She suffered a heart attack. She is fighting for her life. God forbid, if anything
happens to you.. ..l’ll simply die. Your mother will die. All this happened because
of my stupidity. Neither would i dream
of becoming rich.. ..nor would i have
kidnapped rahul.. ..and nor would he be
in such deep trouble. I am to be blamed for this. Take. – This is 50 million. Be careful. And bring back my son safely
as soon as possible. Poor sharda is also being
tormented because of him. Once she sees him,
she will recover. Don’t worry, brother. I’ll
be back in a jiffy. I’ll surely bring rahul back
even if i have to sacrifice.. damn! Try to understand the
delicate situation. Get going! Yes! Goodbye, brother. ‘I traverse alone towards
my destination.. are you going to your village? Take a look. – What’s
the matter? Why are you shouting? Rahul.. why did aunt faint?
– What is the matter? Father. – Rahul dear! Salutations. – My child! Why are you crying, huh? How can anyone harm the son.. ..whose parents blessings
are with him? Your rahul will never be harmed. Rahul! Are you okay? Thank
god, you are safe! All of us were so worried. We nearly died! Go and meet your mother. The poor lady has shattered,
hearing about your kidnapping. Take care of her. What’s happened?
What have i done?! I am not destined for
a mother’s love. But i will not let rahul’s
happiness be destroyed. Bless me so that i can return
your rahul to you! Even if i lose my life
in the process. Bless me, mother. Mother. Rahul.. my son! You are alright? – Yes
mother, i am fine. My son! Thank god you are safe! When your rahul has your
love and blessings.. ..he can come to no harm. May you live long. You take rest. My rahul! After so many years, one plan
of yours almost succeeded.. ..but even that failed like
all your other plans. How unfortunate we are! Who’s it?! Who is it! Your father! – My father! After being dead for so many
years, you found time to phone me if i don’t get the money
in half an hour.. ..your nephew will be dead. Damn you! What did you say? – The truth! It’s beyond you to kidnap
the sons of rich families! Stick to petty thefts! Tiger is not used to
hearing all this! Just listen to me quietly! You could not keep a boy safely! You quashed my wishes!
My nephew is at home! Either you’ve had too much to
drink or you’ve gone crazy! You’re the one who’s gone crazy! Hoodlums demand a ransom to
hold a person in captivity.. ..not release them! Your nephew is in my
custody right now. You are lying! My nephew is
peacefully sleeping in his room! You are a fraud!
A lousy villain! If rahul saxena is here.. ..then how can he be there? We have prayed enough to
see this family ruined. I’ll myself have to
do something now. This time, i will
get rahul killed. I will give a contract
to kill him. I will ensure that he is killed. What a base man! He is planning
to kill a decent man. Don’t move!
– Hey! Recognize me? I’m rajju tabela. You’re back! – I’m seriously
serious this time. Don’t irritate me
or i’ll kill you. I’ll fire a bullet
below your ear. Come on, change the gear. Enough of your dialogues now! Beat me! Beat me more! Why do you hold and
keep beating me? Who do you think you are? You don’t understand. It’s
a big game this time. I want a box (10 million)
This time. You want a box? Then
take it from him. A box is 10 million. Page your secretary
and call him here. Alright, if you say.. i’ve kidnapped you so many
times. I implore you! Page him. Move back. – Alright. Rajju! Damn this rajju! Why has your secretary
not come yet? If he doesn’t come,
shoot yourself. – Hey! He’s come! Rajju tabela, don’t you have
anything else to do.. ..other than kidnap people? What does he want now?
– He wants a box. Give me the phone. “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” Hello. Hello, sattar here again. Sattar, don’t bother me. You put me in trouble
the last time. That stupid fellow broke
all the ‘petis’. I had to force money out of him. Don’t do this to me! I am in trouble again.
I need your help again. Listen, talk of anything
else other than ‘petis’. He wants a box now. Box? Where do i get a box from? Do something. My best friend’s
life is at stake. His life is at stake
again? Then.. “o my love, hear
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” Stop! There is a wall ahead.
You’ll bang into it. I’ll jump now. Switch off the tape. He’s come. – And
bought the box too. I haven’t bought empty ‘petis’
like the last time. The box is filled. Rajju tabela, your box has
come. Let’s go, raja. – Let’s go. I will check first. Yes, i’ll give you cash. Sure, go ahead. – Come. Here’s your box. Open! Hands up. Give me the gun! Sorry. Bless you. “O my love, hear
my heart’s call” take him with you. Come! “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” “O my love, hear
my heart’s call.” “Let’s fall in love.” Mr. Vicky malhotra
wants to meet you. Who’s he? He said that he had met
you in delhi last month. I’d gone to delhi? – Yes, sir. Why had i gone to delhi? –
you have huge business there. I have businesses
in delhi? – Yes, sir. Then why have i opened
office in mumbai? I am a foolish man. Then? He wants to meet you regarding
some business matters. Okay, send him in. – Okay sir. Of course. I’m not yet mad, but
i will soon become. Who could vicky malhotra be? I don’t know him.
What will i say? I’ll go crazy. Come in, vicky. Sit here. Oh! So, this is rahul’s
look-alike! He looks just like rahul. What are you thinking? Sit! This gentleman doesn’t
appear too nice. Hello rahul. Please sit, vicky. When did you return from delhi? We had clinched a
deal last month. Of your leather
factory in delhi. I’ve come to discuss it. I have never had a
deal with rahul! Nor have i ever met him in life. I met rahul for the first
time when i kidnapped him. I am tiger tadipar. I am the king of the
kidnapping regime. Rahul is in my custody! I lost rs.50 million
because of you. I won’t spare you alive! Please spare me. I can make
you earn a billion rupees. Why do you want to kill me
for a mere rs.50 million? I have a fantastic idea. If you
disapprove of it, then kill me. Tell me. – Yes? We’ll use your face
and my brains. I mean, my face and your brains. I will impersonate rahul here &
prepare all the cheques & papers i’ll bring them to you, and
you get them signed by rahul. All his wealth be ours which
we’ll share equally. Both of us can make merry then. Tiger, you are doubting me? Just think. Can i dare to cross swords with
cheap and base man like you? I mean, how can i dare
to cross swords.. ..with a dangerous
man like you. Tiger, please don’t get angry. Tiger.. tiger.. how do
i make you believe me? First of all, get me
that 50 million.. ..which i had demanded
to release rahul. You’ll get that 50 million. Give me your address. You are naive. – Yes tiger,
i am very naive. Await my call. Tiger, rahul should
come to no harm. I mean, until we are through
with this.. ..rahul should
come to no harm. If anything happens to him.. ..from who will you
get the signatures? Tiger doesn’t kill anybody
until he gets money. And on getting money, he
doesn’t spare anybody. That’s cheap. I mean,
it’s great. You are doing right.
I am with you. At least i found a
way to reach rahul. Tiger tadipaar speaking. Are you still here
or banished? – What! I mean, i was waiting
for your phone call. I think you still haven’t
finished counting the money. No. I was waiting to
give you the money. Where should i get it? The venue
– andheri bridge. The car
– contessa. No mrq 2993. The time
– 3 hours later. Where you a postman before? –
what nonsense are you talking! I mean, the way you have
given me the address..’s mind blowing! Tiger.. i hope you haven’t
harmed rahul. I mean, he is alive, isn’t he? What do you mean? I mean, if you kill him, how
will we take his signature? Until he doesn’t sign
the papers.. ..i won’t let him die,
even if he wants it. Tiger, you are great! Will have to keep rahul alive? Lmplying, he is not rahul
but an impostor named raja. Are you going to your village? Uncle, you? Where are taking so
much of money to? Well, i am.. – quiet! I am rahul’s uncle, and not the
uncle of a thief named raja! Hey, uncle! You also listen
to me! Even i am not a fool! I won’t let a person like you
destroy this house, understand? You’ve come to do a lot
of good for this house! Since years, i’ve been coveting
the wealth of this house. And will you usurp it right
in front of my eyes? – Shut up! Stop spitting when you talk! Listen to me, raja. You have made my job easier
by having rahul kidnapped. All of my life’s dreams
will be realized now! I will have you arrested
for impersonating rahul. And because he won’t receive
the money.. ..tiger will finish off rahul! Seeing her son dead, the
mother will die of shock. And where the lame father
is concerned.. ..seeing his wife
and son dead.. ..even he will die. Sister-in-law! Mother, please don’t
misunderstand me. Where is my rahul? Tell me! Where is my rahul? Tell me where my son is!
Why don’t you tell me! Mother, your rahul is
in tiger’s custody. Why did you do this? For this money? Take!
Take all this money! Take all my wealth. But please bring back
my rahul to me! I’m saying the truth..
– leave me! I swear i am doing all
this to save your son! I promise that i’ll even
forsake my life to save your son! Because.. i am responsible
for all this. I committed this mistake,
for greed of money. And now, it becomes my duty.. save your home
from getting destroyed. I’m taking this money only so
that i can convince tiger.. ..that i’m on his side. The property papers
are counterfeit! Under the pretext of getting
them signed.. ..i want to find out where
they have hidden rahul! Do you doubt me? No! You have no other choice
but to believe me! If you won’t let me take the
money, they will kill rahul! No! No harm should befall my
child! I beg at your feet.. no! Your hands are meant to
be on my head to bless me! No, sister-in-law! Do not
believe this impostor! Then, whom do i believe? I trusted people my own, but
they put my son’s life at stake! This outsider is
better than you. He’s willing to stake
his life to save rahul! We gave you everything! Wealth, respect, love. And what
did you want to give in return? Kill our young son?! Perhaps, this is why god
kept you childless! Come on, raja, i’ll
come with you. No, mother, i cannot take you.
It’s very dangerous there. I can face any danger
for my son! Please listen to me, mother.
– I told you.. ..i am coming
with you! Period! All right. But i’ll take you
there only on one condition. I may have to act tough for
the well-being of rahul. But you will quietly
watch everything! For rahul’s sake, please! Come on. Please wait, sister-in-law.
I’ll also come along. Please forgive me, and give
me a chance to repent! Even i’ll come with you! Why are you going to
become a martyr?! Let the ones who
wish to die, go! Because of you, you wretched
woman, i have been a beast! And i forgot that.. ..true wealth is the relations
we acquire in our legacy! God didn’t bless us
with any children. Had we considered
rahul our son.. ..we wouldn’t miss this
lacking in our life. Come raja, even
i’m coming along. Uncle, i have an idea. If we go together, then all
of us will get trapped. We’ll go first. So, if we get
trapped, then at least you can.. that’ll be fine.
– You can save us. Yes, go ahead. – Am i right. Bunty, this is a boomerang.
This is how you throw it. Saw that? – Yes sir. Now, you throw it. Bunty, go and
fetch it. – Okay. Give me a kiss. Ok, god bless you. Hey, he’s the same man.. ..who had given a cheque
of rs.250,000 to help me. I think he’s in trouble. I’ll have to do something. Who is she? – A mother! A mother? – Rahul’s mother. Why have you brought her here? Tiger, you are too naive. Do you think rahul
is going to sign?! If he doesn’t, then his
mother is with us! I don’t think he
is so amoral.. ..that he’d get his mother
killed for money. These are the inheritance
papers and this is rs.50 million. And you were doubting
me, wretched man! What! – Rahul is a wretched
man. Where is he? We’ll ask him to sign, and
usurp his inheritance. Please take me to my rahul.
– Hey, you lady! I’m very dangerous! I’d told you not to talk or
you’ll foil your plans! Where is rahul?! Where is rahul? Come on. Rahul. – Hey, lady! If you act smart, your
rahul will be killed. First let us get his
signature.. ..then you can pamper
him all your life. Understand! Did you recognize me? Did you recognize me or not? Lt’d have been good if i did. But i thought you to be
a naive and foolish man. I thought you’d kidnapped
me out of your naivete. But today, i have realized
what kind of a man you are. Come on, sign or i’ll
seal your mouth again! I won’t sign even if you
kill me, understand?! If you don’t sign.. ..tigerbhai will blow apart
your mother’s brains! Fool, don’t lose your
mother for wealth! For a mother is that wealth.. ..which a man acquires
only once in his life! That too, even fortunate
people like you. Or there are some.. ..who don’t even get
to see their mother. Will you sign or not, tell me! How can the poor man sign?
His hands are tied. Tiger, free his hands! All right, i’ll do it! You raised your hand
on tiger’s man! You raised hands on me. Quietly sign these papers or
your mother will be killed! Hey, i’m warning you! Wretched man! You threw the
papers worth a billion! Tiger, fetch it! It will be a big problem even
if one paper gets misplaced. Go! Why are you just staring?! Rana. Pappu. Quickly change into my clothes! What new ploy is this?! Hurry! Mother,
explain to him! Do what raja asks you to. I’ll
tell you what the truth is. Give it to me. Take it, sir. Hurry up! Rahul, he’s coming! Rahul, tiger is coming! Raja, this will cost you dear! And, tiger, you also watch! Shut up! Sign! This will cost you dear!
Just watch! I’ll have each one
of you imprisoned! Nothing’s going to
happen with this. Don’t underestimate my clout! What are you doing?! You know that once i get the
money, i don’t spare anybody! Raja. Raja. No, i’m rahul. A mother’s eyes can never
fail to recognize her son. You conspired against me. You deliberately threw
the papers down. So that i go down
to collect them.. ..and you two get a chance
to change identities. Sign! Take mother away! Come on, mother! Let’s go. Come on, raja. Catch them! Come on. Come. Come. You also come. You go. You come. Take this. Come this side. Damn you! My stomach! Where did he go? Saved! He’s after me! Be careful. I will get hurt. Enough raja. Move. Where did you come
from! Hey, no! Hello. There you are. Damn you! What’s this? Don’t finger my nose! Don’t?! For what you’ve done,
you should be.. yes! A stick should be
pushed into your nose! You stupid fool! What are you waiting
for? Attack! Beat tiger to pulp! Hey, stop! Break his bones! There he is! Bloody scoundrel! You rogue! You flop villain! You dare to kill my nephew! If anyone dares to even
look at him.. ..l’ll wrench his eyes off! You will be left nowhere
now! Take him away! Stupid fool! Let’s go! Let’s go! Rahul, my child! My rahul! Thank you boss. Only saying, thank
you, won’t do. You’ll have to give me a kiss. God bless you. Raja. – Yes. Forget what you did. But by saving my nephew’s
life today..’ve done us a big favour. It’s okay. Hey! You fool, i’ve
forgiven you. I had to unite a mother and
her son.. l’ve done that. My work’s done.. l’ll leave. No, son. You’ve made a place
for yourself in my heart. I will not let you go now. No. – Why not? I consider you to be my mother. But people will think that
i took advantage.. ..and barged into your home. No, raja. You put your
life at stake for me. Even a real brother
does not do this. You got trapped because of me. I told you, you will
not leave us! From now on, i don’t have
one, but two sons. I knew it! I knew that i’d
be a very rich man one day. I’ve found a mother today. I’m
the richest man on earth! Honestly! “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll become your ‘majnu’
and love you crazily.” “I’m lost to everything else
and gone crazy about you.” “I’ll shout ‘majnu’ like crazy!” “I’ll become your ‘laila’
and love you crazily.” “I’m lost to everything else
and gone crazy about you.” “I’ll shout ‘laila’ like crazy!” “I’ll shout ‘majnu’ like crazy!”

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