Ancient Aliens: Ramanujan the Divine Mathematician (Season 11, Episode 5) | History

Ancient Aliens: Ramanujan the Divine Mathematician (Season 11, Episode 5) | History

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  1. Godess is Devine energy of cosmic system. Ramanujan was yogi, of past life too. He gave his knowledge for the betterment of the world.

  2. Complete nonsense , various genius scientists are like this only , manjul bharghava ( field medalist ) also claimed in an interview that when we ( mathematicians) are working on these complex problems sometimes when we don’t get logical answers we just go for some physical activity like walk , cycling , or maybe sleep and after sleep their brain eventually had already got the answers … it happens with me also when I am working on Olympiad problems so is with Ramanujan simple through meditation ( because during these activities our mind is collecting it energies to recover body ) human brains capabilities might seem to be to a limit when seen from short term perspective but in long term our brains capabilities cannot be measured because our brain is too powerful

  3. I like white people way of thinking…. If they don't understand anything it's alien stuff or mythology 😂😂😂😂

  4. Dude he is a Tamil guy, I am Tamil are you saying I am an alien. He was a smart non-white guy. Why not see it for what it is, instead of calling him an alien.

  5. If these mathematics theories equations were coming from God and goddess
    Few things are clear
    1. Hindusim is real and God we worship(Hindu) worship are real
    2. Indian gods are actually intelligent, with tremendous knowledge of advance science.
    3. Indian scriptures are real worthy to study and follow, as they were spoken and written by highly intelligent beings
    4. Other should leave or at least must not questioned sanatan Dharma or Indian gods,

  6. It's seems miss interpreting about Ramanjum..if he so all the genius could talk to other world..he use to go to temple in order to concentrate..

  7. Ramanujan was not psychic but recevied higher knowledge from numbers of universe through intelligent beings he was right in his words

  8. Why special being will be alien to you fools? 😕
    Anything lol?😂
    He had the best intellect brain functioning in the world.
    But there are other brain functions as well beyond intellect perception. He has given what best can come out of intellect brain part.

  9. This channel is useless since its inception
    They don’t know meaning of alien 👽
    Any unsolved mysteries are considered to be done by aliens 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. They say all invented by Indians was given by aliens , they say this coz of ur Indians neglegence if they would have taken initiative of rediscovering all these things we would been worlds peak in invention… But all these reinvention works were done by westerners they take credit and they cannot do these things coz I. Their Bible and quran mentioned only to eat cows and animals and pray, love ,hug each other etc not like in barath puranas how sense works how to reach god mentally and physically how to take boons how to meditate etc.

  11. Ramanujan once said that " the equation which cannot define god is not a equation".

    Indians were highly powerful through mind because of vedic culture especially yoga which was the reason of infinite memorizing and working power
    Not because they are aliens stupid.
    Can u imagine if he was alive today he would have been greater than tony stark.

  12. I think Black holes also absorbs useless information in the world or our mind. The universe is a giant mind. Its a supreme computer. 🙄

  13. Not only but lots og such greatest personalities which hae done miracles are unexposed by now bcz when they did that astonishing jobs…there was neither western scientist community to communicate with him and nor they tried to get awards as they had gone beyond the profits and happiness of gained from this physical world…
    Aryabhatt is such a great mathematician who had invented "zero'' which the basis of whole mathematics and this civilisation…
    Similarly sir Varahmihir, vedvyas , and lots of the real heroes are still hidden..and they have been killed by islamic arabian mughal invaders in india and also lots of their notes and equations were burnt in our top Popular universties likr "Takshashila university" "Nalanda university "etc..
    But everything gone with time and we came in modern era ..but after getting their discoveries the question arises are we living in modern era or we lost it…

  14. “communicated to him by an other-worldly being” – so it’s that being, not him, who is regarded as the “ancient alien”

  15. Please stop History channel from watching bollywood too much. Just because he was genius doesn't mean he was assisted by aliens or gods.
    Now how History channel got these information.
    Guess! You are right the aliens
    Stop it History channel

  16. And if so, The Takshashila and Nalanda universities were the contributions of Aliens, right?
    Karma gonna burn u whites. Just wait for it.

  17. This is called talent. And the power of BRAHMAN. You mlecchas won't even get it. That's why you guys make excuses and that is, "Alien"

  18. This racist BS by history channel is so obvious. If this dude were white he would be called a genius but he's brown so he's an alien, that's the only possible explanation. Lol!

  19. probably 👽 aliens are trying to convey something to us through Ancient aliens team, maybe they have corrupted their minds and now these idiots are trying to make us believe that aliens are supreme and what we are today is because of them😂


  21. Aliens? Seriously? Sir.Ramanujan could possibly have a very wide perception of knowledge interconnected to new varieties of explicable connection between man and nature/universe.

    I hardly knew him but he got my respect for being so dedicated and passionate individual

  22. Spirituality is something beyond what we today call as science. It is a journey to know yourself. Once we learn to connect with ourself and the world around us in that manner we start to perceive everything in a different light . Which also adds to our enhanced focus, and the ability to be calm and not to be swayed by emotions. Giving us a clear conscience. This inturn helps one to succeed and reach pioneers in their respective fields. Therefore Kindly stop arguing over nationality or debating who is better white people or brown . Every person is unique and capable irrespective of their nationality .

    P.S. any person in who was a genius and has contributed to the betterment of this world , I think was not an alien. Personal point of view.

  23. I am an indian
    Hello iam alien😂😂😂😂

  24. Aliens? Fyck y'all.
    I'm not Indian but i know how different Vedic mathematics is to the universal math.
    Or maybe, it's just inter dimensional

  25. This video made me like and dislike at the same time. Like this, as it gives credit for the work ramanujan did in 1800s, stating the relevance in today’s science, and reason for dislike as it gives a negative connotation to his entire work.

  26. You Idiots were so blinded with ego you didn’t watch the video properly, Ramanujan CLEARLY said these formulas Were give to him by OTHER WORLDLY BEINGS I repeat OTHER WORLDLY BEINGS

  27. Maths teacher :- where is your homework
    Me:- Alien ate it
    Teacher:- 😆
    Me:- 🤣🤣🤣😂😝😝

  28. It is world known that many of Indians studies have been stolen by foriegners and they received nobel prize for that. There are many videos in which foreign scientist have accepted that…vramihira..bhakara..and many others

  29. What history tv trying to say that if you are from earth then you are not genius.😂
    (Ramanujan, Einstein, hawking,many more)

  30. History always satisfies people…
    By adding the mystery part in its documentaries.

    He was a super bright man. That's not enough?

  31. Who says Aryabhata discovered '0'
    If it's true then why in the hindu Ramayana it was written that Ravana had 10 heads,, that means they knew about zero (wtf!!), If they didn't knew about 0, then 10 doesn't mean ten by them, if thats the case why people in India burn Ravana having 10 heads, that doesn't even make sense to me, 😫🤔🤔 what the!!??

  32. This is ridiculous… Just because someone is intelligent will he be considered an Alien… How stupid this is… Is Einstein or Tesla an Alien too??? Mathematics has always been a favourite subject to everyone in India and perhaps Ramanujan was brought to spot light because of white folks. That's all… Lest we forget, Aryabatta is also an Indian who invented Zero so does it mean that he's an alien too… However, the video is interesting though…

  33. This is not aliens…. This is simply the opening up of one particular dimension of energy that encompasses THIS VERY WORLD.

  34. The English, killing others, eating and sleeping–wasted their time and tried their best to defame the ANCIENT INDIANS' RICH PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENTIFIC SYSTEMS OF LIVING THE LIFE! The results are that they can't think beyond aliens!

  35. The Ramanujan are aliens that created ancient languages to stop the documentaries that spread lies on our head implants so the evil aliens laugh at us. They are from the planet Mercury.



  37. if anything they didn't understand then put it on aliens Wtf… Ramanujan sir was a great mathematician because he works hard he feels the numbers and imagines it. work hard you also become alien.

  38. What I've understood watching this series for long time:
    Anything which is not understood by humans and not from this planet or plane of existence is labelled as ALIENS!
    No doubt ENGLISH is still in it's infancy.

  39. Just don't be offend on calling all these legends an alien by some's is next level identify of being an super extraordinary

  40. Finally,this channel want to convey,that the people other than whites are aliens…they are not accepting the greatness of that person @ the great indian mathematician SRINIVAS RAMANUJUN

  41. Every time u try to prove Indian genius, I m elated coz atleast we are way ahead with europeans in that respect also. Come to India we will teach you how to communicate with aliens😁😁

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