Andamaina Prema Katha || Telugu Short Film on love  2015 || Presented By RunwayReel

Andamaina Prema Katha || Telugu Short Film on love 2015 || Presented By RunwayReel

This is ravi studying 10th class in neeraj public school I’ve been studying here since my L.K.G I’ve been liking her since 6 yrs I think its because Anu joined in 4B Anu- “ANVITHA DEVNATHAN ” A gorgeous girl who introduced my life to Love Title: ‘A Beautiful Love Story’ We’ve been good friends from 4th class Probably due to Cinema’s influence I thought of promoting her I mean…. from being friend to a Girlfriend A theif’s loss on discovering a locked house is negligable… ..but a lover’s loss on not confessing his love is greater That’s why considering her B’day approaching… I’ve prepared to propose her Ravi, every year you present me a gift, what about today? All these years I considered
you my best friend. I shared everything with
you and presented gifts So am I not a best friend anymore? Not even a friend? Nope Honestly, I cannot treat you as a friend anymore I think you should prepare for your exams first. Not one at a time, I could write all the subjects at a time but these damn rules don’t accept… Everybody started preparing in their own style Some even ignored their own B’day due to exam fever Why alone here? The most awaited 100th century from sachin has been delivered After ten years, Pawan Kalyan gave a trend setting film yet you haven’t answered me It’s not a 1 day match or 3 hrs cinema to answer, it’s my LIFE Good Dialogue but why don’t you just say ‘Yes’? And then I will stand with you for the rest of our lives What will you do if I say yes? I will Love you After that? After that…. Haning out, Cinema, Combine studies and enjoying life.. That’s it? Many others go to theatres and hang out, are they lovers & not friends? There’s something only lovers share but not friends How should I explain? I can’t…I’m shy Hey anu , your dad is on the line Hello Ya dad coming will be there in 5 mins Ravi, this isn’t love, it’s just an attraction. First, settle down in life, then any girl will fall for you We were just waiting for exams to get over Will mail you my number when i get there Bangkok or Bengaluru, wherever you go, I’d follow you. And I’d prove it to you that this is not attraction but love. The way telugu soap affects amruthanjan sales, my words affected her After moving to bengaluru, her dad worked over time to pay her phone bills Like the movie ‘akkadammayi ikkadabbayi’ I joined in Hyd while she joined MBBS in Bengaluru Btw, I did not introduce my collegeyet… Final year of Engineering in PKR College The guy rushing in inspite of closing the gate is Nikhil He’s my best friend here To introduce him, all I can say is that He’s a very good guy He’s such a good guy that, from 1st year to final year He hasn’t spared any girl In the name of social justice He irks every one of them and gets slapped on purpose Watch how he does it… Dont you feel ashamed of being slapped everytime? There is a reason behind it, wait for 5 min. and see Dude, she is coming I’m Sorry I over-reacted unnecessarily Its okay atleast you touched me once Ummm, well…No ..i dont think that… Now that I’ve apologized, let’s meet for coffee at 4. I will wait at parking . You are great dude I know. Btw, where is our hero? He is preparing seriously for tommorrow’s interview Do you think we’ll get jobs for our percentiles? For the truly talented, companies will come down to hire you Never mind dude, if not this one, you’ll crack the next one If the panelist is a beautiful girl, then why will I not crack it? You wanna see the girl? I wondered at your addiction to songs… …so this is how you used it. Which state is she from? Mumbai. She fell for me just a few days back Won’t you spare any Indian State from your dating? I spared Karnataka just for you Shut up, don’t you dare talk about my girl Still you’re with the same girl? Dont you get bored? You’re a handsome hunk.. with an offer letter from Google. Once you join the company, you can win the company of sexier chicks Dating, Weekend Parties and much more fun and one day, marry a tycoon’s daughter.. and your life will be set How many ever girls I meet my life is incomplete without Anu Dude, it’s been 8 years… Did she ever say ‘I love you’? But she’ll talk or chat for hours together That’s how these girls are They just need somebody to talk to One day, they’ll marry some prince and dump their wedding card on you But Anu is not like that I thought the same abour Raji But she dumped me and got married to an idiot What did you do then? Feasted at her wedding party… yes honey I’m coming to Hyderabad to talk about something important Don’t keep any other appoinments for tomorrow V.O: The number you’re trying is not reachable He’s bleeding heavily, the chances of survival seem less Ravi, I’m sorry. I wanted to say ‘yes’ on the very day of proposal But, there’s a reason I did not Had I accepted then, you wouldn’t been in this position The moment I heard of the accident… my heart almost collapsed I’d have proposed you earlier Now that you’re settled I can’t wait to let you know that ‘I Love You too’ Boys think they’d ruin their future for the sake of Love But not all think the same I dont want my love to obstruct my future You were a good friend back in childhood As we grew, my love for you grew as well I did not propose you out of innocence I can’t find better words to express your importance to me… …other than ‘I Love you’ I wanted to be with you come what may I would wait for you for any number of days I wanted to see you but… I was afraid I might die without seeing you but I felt the need to live to prove my love Your love brought me back to Life No kid learns to talk at birth… Similarly, no girl accepts immediately when proposed… Even if we may not appreciate it, there’s a well thought reason behind it and Anu proved the same. This film is dedicated to all the lovers … …who’re experiencing non-acceptance at their stipulated time

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  1. Excellent Short Film Srujan sir!! Th screenplay, cinematography , direction, action were all gr8!! Nice Comedy 😀 And Kesava kiran Sir gave an extraordinary music!! sahiti vangara mam voice touching in climax !! veryyy catchy song..sweet voices..impressive lyrics 🙂 Heart touching movie man

  2. We are so happy to see this film get so much love from the audience, it is truely a beautiful film…a must watch.!!!

  3. Thannnnkkkk Yooouuuu guys!!!!!! Please keep watching Runwayreel channel for more videos!!!

  4. Thank you all for the great reviews, we wish to bring you more along the same line, stay tuned to runwayreel.

  5. grt work guys….nenu daily chala short films chusta….but i really felt dat short films ante ilane vundalani….all da best guys…i njoyed da interview scene…really loved it…awesome

  6. nice film…, i felt so exacting when i'm watching it… u guys have done nice job to present it in a perfect manner…. loved it…

  7. Hai friend your short film is very nice
    iam giving to one short film story do you want to story its a feel love story…

  8. Hero is a big plus to ur movie..Flip side heroine is a big drawback..and too much background songs..specially "eminde" song..I watche it quite a few times but never understood why that song come up when that girl comes into the frame. That kind of totally unrelated and drawing away from the film. And final ga telugu lo oka suggestion…heroines ki telugu palakatam sariga ochetatu chudandi sir, telugu cinema lo telugu matladataniki siggu padthunatu enduku? I've not seen ur earlier films. Since one of ur movie cast is my friend I happened to see this film. Could have been presented in a much better way though. Particularly heroine fake telugu accent. And finally not a great story in the sense nothing new about it, but good music and direction good in pieces, not a bad movie either. But there are many movie being made..Catch up dude!

  9. gilibili palukua HIGHLIGHT!! he was very good .. cant stop laughing even after two days 😛 .. amazing!! good luck guys 

  10. Very good and heart touching movie. I am really with the way director had a good control over the script. This short film reminded me of Manasantha Nuvve movie.

  11. its really superb guys,,,Awesome Photography and Editing too,, 
    This is the best film i have seen in recent times,,,,
    using of PSPK name impressed me alot,,, all the best for ur future projects

  12. its really awsome movie nd touchin heart…. bro i want one favour frm u if u can…. plzzz  can u give me climax background song..its really good

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