Andrew Yang – Bringing Bold and Unique Ideas to His 2020 White House Bid | The Daily Show

Andrew Yang – Bringing Bold and Unique Ideas to His 2020 White House Bid | The Daily Show

Welcome to the show. Well, it’s great to be here.
Thank you so much for having me. Can I… can I just say,
of all the candidates I’ve seen on the trail, you seem
to be having the most fun. Are you? Well, it’s a very low bar
you’ve set, Trevor. (laughter) What does that even mean? You are.
You’re, like, out there. You’ve got, like, cool music. You’re, like, rapping
at, like, campaign events. It feels like Andrew Yang–
you’re just, like… You’re having a good time whilst you’re putting out
your policy proposals. The only place where you didn’t
seem like you were having fun was at the debates,
where I think you had two minutes
and 53 seconds of total time that you spoke. Uh, what are you gonna do
differently in the next one
to get more time? You’re gonna…
you’re gonna cough, you’re gonna, like, interject?
Are you gonna…? I’m assuming you weren’t happy. You know, I’m really happy
to say, though, that the debate
in Detroit next week’s gonna be a very different story. Uh, not only is the format
really set up -for us to succeed…
-Right. …but we just got a poll,
just now that puts us on path to…
the path to qualify -for the debates in September,
as well, so… -Right. The debates–
it’s a whole string. And unlike a lot
of the other candidates, we’re in a great position
to be here the entire way. So you’re running
a long-term race, you know. You’ve come in as, um,
somewhat of an outsider. You know,
you’re an entrepreneur. You come from Silicon Valley.
That is your world. And many of your policies
have been aimed at or from that direction. One of the biggest ones being,
you’ve been called, for some, “The Doomsday Candidate,”
where you’ve said, “Guys, if we don’t do something
with robots, about robots and AI, then,
it’s over for human beings.” What-what do you mean
when you say this to people? Well, I looked at the numbers,
I did the math around what happened to many
of the manufacturing workers in the Midwest that, in my view,
ended up electing Donald Trump. -Yes. -And the trends
that affected those communities are now going
to affect retail workers, which is the number one job
in the United States. It’s going
to start hitting truck drivers in the next number of years, -and driving a truck is the most
common job in 29 states. -Wow. And one of the things
that I say is like, “Look, when you call a customer
service line right now, you get that operator.” In a few years, it’s going to be
an AI that sounds like this. “Hey, how’s it going, Trevor?
What can I do for you?” -That’s creepy, but, yeah.
-It’s creepy… -(laughter) Um, but what
that’s going to mean… But you think
it’s gonna get that good. You think
it’s gonna get to the point where even human jobs
are now completely done by AI and robots. -Certainly a lot of the business
process jobs. -Yes. There are two and half million
Americans -who, uh, do customer service
for a living right now. -Mm-hmm. And that job’s days are
numbered, unfortunately. So, then, what do you…
what do you think you do in-in that circumstance?
Do you put a tax on robots? -Do you… do you protect
the workers? -(laughter) This is an honest proposal.
It sounds funny. Yeah. No, don’t laugh. That’s
actually a very good idea. No, it sounds funny, but…
it’s actually, like, an honest proposal. Like, what do you…
what do you say to American workers who go,
“Hey, I don’t have a job, and-and I want to… I want
to… I want to change this”? That’s exactly right. Amazon right now is closing 30%
of America’s stores and malls and paying zero in taxes. So what we do is,
we set up a mechanism where the American people get
our fair share of every Amazon sale,
every Google search, every robot truck mile,
and put a dividend into Americans’ hands
of $1,000 a month. The Freedom Dividend would help
all Americans feel like we’re benefiting from all
of the progress and innovation. That’s an interesting
and-and, uh… -(applause and cheering)
-Yeah, you like that. Yeah, a lot of people like that. Because I mean, uh, it takes
guts to come out and say, “My plan is that we will give
every single American -$1,000 a month
just for being here.” Yeah. It’s like Monopoly,
but instead of passing “Go,” uh, it’s the first of the month. You just get… Yeah. But now,
but now, here’s the thing I don’t know
if you’ve played Monopoly– -it always ends in tears. Um…
-(laughter) And that’s what people
are saying would happen if you gave people univers…
universal basic income. You know, yes, the smaller
countries have trialed it, but they have found,
for instance, in some Scandinavian countries
that then people don’t work enough
or they don’t want to work, they lose ambition– there-there
is a negative effect to that. How do you pay for it,
and how do you ensure that it doesn’t mean people just
don’t contribute to society? Well, when I’ve looked
at all of the studies as to what happened
when people got money, only two groups worked less:
new mothers, who spend more time
with their children, and teenagers,
who spend more time in school and graduate at higher levels. I don’t think anyone here
has a problem -with either of those.
-(cheering, applause) -Wow. And, then,
how do you pay for it? And the way
you pay for it, again, if you have a trillion dollar
tech company like Amazon paying zero in taxes, then of
course you’re gonna look around and be like, “Where’s the money
going, where’s the money going?” But if you give
the American people a slice of every Amazon sale, every, uh,
A.I.-driven interaction… -Yes.
-Just a sliver. Because the amount of value that that technology’s
going to generate can literally be measured in the
hundreds of billions of dollars. We have to put ourselves
in position to benefit, and then we can pay
for a dividend of a thousand dollars a month. But how is this
different to tax? Because, I mean, isn’t that
what tax is supposed to be? Everyone getting a sliver
of what people make so that the general society
can rise up? I mean, if they find a way
to not pay what you’re saying, why would–
you know what I mean, they don’t pay now;
why would they pay then? Well, the great thing is, I’m friendly with a lot
of the technologists, and they’re not evil people. If you say to them, “Hey,
you automating away the jobs?” and you’re in private,
they’re like, “Oh, yeah, yeah, -I’m doing that.”
-That sounds evil to me. Well, they’re not doing it
deliberately– it’s just, like, -a repercussion of their work.
-Got it, got it, got it. Okay. And then if you say to them,
“Would you like “to give up a slice so that
America actually is in position to sharing benefit,”
you know what they say to me? They say, “No one’s
ever asked me that before.” So what we have to do is,
we have to give them– really, in this case, actually, we’re
not gonna give them a choice, -we’re just gonna
make it happen. But… -Right. -(laughter) -But half of them
are on board with it. -Because they’re parents,
they’re Americans, -Right. many of them came
from other parts of the country, and so they understand
what’s happening more than most other people do,
in terms of the economic impact. That’s interesting that
they’ve never been asked. ‘Cause I met Jeff Bezos, and
I didn’t think of just saying, “Can I have some of your money?” We don’t think of these things. Yeah, maybe you
should have asked him. We genuinely
don’t think of that. Um, you are tackling
this whole campaign from a different point of view. One of, uh, my favorite quotes
that you said was, you said, um, you are the complete
opposite of Donald Trump, -(whooping)
-and the reason was… -Because he… Thank you.
-(cheering, applause) Well, listen to the reason why. Because the opposite
of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math. -Yes.
-(cheering, applause) How do you think math helps you
in-in campaigning? Because it– no–
because it feels like Americans like more of the show, Americans
like more of-of the celebrity, as opposed to the numbers
and the percentages. Do you think
you can break through with just the math
of what you’re proposing? What’s fun is,
MATH is now an acronym that stands
for Make America Think Harder. -(whooping, applause)
-And… It’s certainly not immigrants
that are driving -these economic problems.
-Right. It’s the fact that our economy
is now progressing to a point where things have changed
fundamentally. And when I go around to people
in Ohio, New Hampshire, there’s actually a huge appetite
for this type of solution. People say to me all the time,
“You don’t sound like any politician I’ve ever
heard before,” and they love it. They’re not like,
“Oh, get me a politician, fast.” What they say is, “You don’t
sound like any other politician, and this is what we need.” So there is
such a massive, uh… market need–
I’m an entrepreneur, and so you see
there’s a market need. In this case,
I saw that our politicians were not going to address
the elephant in the room, so to speak, and so I decided
to run for president. -(whooping, cheering)
-Well, it’s going to be exciting to see you at the next debate. I hope you make it to
the next one and the next one, -’cause it’s fun
having you around. -Thank you. Andrew Yang, everybody.

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    Great concept of yang
    It’s all depend on president how to build our wonderful country

  2. Ok I love Andrew yang and I’m going to vote for him but I hate that he says the same thing in every interview (I know he has to get his message out)

  3. Dear American millennials and GenZs, PLEASE vote for this guy! As an external observer, this guy would be great not only for America but for relations with other countries. Please vote for him! 🙏🏾😭. MATH!!!!

  4. I still doubt the source for paying 12k for all Americans but I'd like to listen solutions he will propose for another social issue not because of 12k but because of the way he diagnosis current economical issues.

  5. This guy is totally awesome. He is probably the only Democrat I would vote for in this election but I actually hope I get the chance to

  6. 800+ people who dislike this interview are the people who have their heads so far up in their asses for losers like idiot Biden and fake Indian Warren that they don’t know which way up or down. SMH 🤦‍♂️

  7. If Yang doesn't win this election, he's certainly winning the next. Unfortunately, we don't really have too much time. Four years can be devastating if Trump wins again, which he will against everyone but Yang.

  8. The more I research about this guy's policies, the more I'm thinking I should switch from independent to democrat, so I can vote for him in the primaries.

  9. Well, I think he got close to 8 mins at that following debate. Who pays a Vat tax, people seem confused.
    I've already received AI Calls and they sound SO perf3ctly human it's uncanny. Ack

  10. DONATE ONE DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!! BY SEPT. 30th at MIDNIGHT EST!!!!!!! He needs 650 individual donors from every state to stay in the election. VOTE IN YOUR STATE'S PRIMARIES!! Register to vote before its too late! There is a reason as to why the establishment makes the voting system is so difficult!!!!! Comments, views, and shares are good but he needs to meet the Democratic National Committee requirements to make the cut. One dollar donation is a one dollar investment for your dividend! @ @

  11. I just love Yang. Even when he gets a tough question like a criticism of UBI, he doesn't dodge the question. He gives a solid answer that shows he has really done his research.

  12. he wants to give everyone $1000. and then take back $200 a month for health care and then you have to pay taxes, what does that leave to live on? this is crazy

  13. as a Korean. what trump has done to our country is great. Obama hilary nor other could've done. but I like this guy. smart intelligent and standing firm on fact and reality. It will be fun to watch what will happen to next election

  14. when yang was on the rubin report he said that his UBI plan was a backdoor to get people to dismantle already existing social welfare programs

  15. A 1000 a month would be $250 a week, you would be an idiot to only live off that a month and an idiot if you think people can live comfortably with only a thousand a month without working.

  16. Hello fellows in the US. Im from south korea and I truly believe this guy is the best choice america can make, but I also see that the public rarely makes good choices when it comes to elections. I hope this guy thrives, make america think harder, make the world think harder.

  17. TULSI GABBARD FOR PRESIDENT 2020 – if you haven't listened to her, I request you do – @ demonstrates the leadership it takes to be President. She stands out from the rest, she will make a difference. We get to have a President who is looking out for the best interest of all Americans, she's like none of the hungry for power & their political gain candidates. Period!



  20. The democratic socialist machine is so full of it.

    Yang doesn’t seem like a politician. He seems alike a straight shooter. Therefore he will not win. Especially against smooth talker Biden and the socialist democrat BSers

  21. 허경영 30년전부터ᆢ 줄곳(GDP, 편중구조,중산층 몰락 예시)33정책중 국민배당제등 강연 미국서 앤드류양 정책 알려면 허경영지켜보길,,뭘 움직이고 있는지(허경영tv배당제,아시아,세계통일 메카니즘 전체 참조).

  22. A functional part that is maybe too nuanced is our generated cumulative data. Most of these tech companies are either primarily or side-revenue generated from their users/visitors tracked habits/behaviors. Yang brushes this as data = oil of the future but functionally I think it should be spelled out that we take a % of each valued transaction based on our output; basically: if you make money off my Internet habits then I should get a cut. Their money is in the people using their platform, which is you, me, us. The VAT tax is slippery and a simple consumption tax that also mostly hits the conspicuously wealthy and poor (along with literally everyone else) but then also increases the value of DIY by exactly the same margin. The net effect is communities work closer together to avoid VAT lol; so it's actually decent in the same way that war is good for GDP. It also means that the value of your 1000$ is cut by that same VAT %

  23. If the Democrats want to sway young Republicans, Yang is their best shot (the fact that they don't realize this shows how outta touch the establishment truly is). Warren, Bernie and Biden don't have a chance, Yang does (out of the 3 Democrats I listed, I'd still vote Trump, and trust me, I get he's a total joke, for me and millions others though he's still a better alternative. I'd vote for Yang though).

  24. As a musician he is trying to help me out in a very direct way. Thank you for giving this man your vote.
    He is our future President!

  25. Fccuk yeah, I'll stop working and get paid for nothing, my plan: study and in the summer break I'll apply for a truck driver job. So I get money in my pocket by doing nothing.

  26. Take your bag credit at Whole Foods/Amazon!! Don't give your money so they can continue to get tax credit !

  27. This guy hates Trump , u say your a total red , all democrats want to do the opposite of what Trump just accomplished in 2-3 years

  28. Yang, I'm a Trump supporter but really appreciate your message. Hang in there and look for 2024 as your year to win. Trevor, you could learn some class from this man.

  29. But if you get $1000 a month plus your unemployment money, you can literally live off doing nothing. No incentive = no workers. Tried and tested by Lenin’s government in the 1920s.

  30. Bet 10-1 he’s going to take the BILLIONS THAT WE DO NOT HAVE from the older people on social society or people that are SSI disability and people like me count on that money actually do need because we still tried defeat from the other 99.7% of the population feel free to comment back with you thank

  31. Dude why wouldn't you want to work and have more money this would be paying stay at home mom less then the government paying free daycare. Duh!!! Beautifully thought out.

  32. He has great ideas, but idk how he will serve as the country's head. Like he hasnt given a good impression how he will fair with the military and foreign affair shit

  33. He is a Asian not an American he says it himself. He is a China mull, and a racist. And Amazon believes in democratic values so think about that, what a idiot that's how he is an opposite of Trump.

  34. IMPORTANT: If you want to vote Yang in 2020, you NEED to vote for him in the democratic primaries. That's the only way he's going to get on the ticket.

    In some states that even means registering as a democrat in order to participate. If you don't identify as dem, hopefully you'll be ok with it since it's a means to an end and you can always change later. Look up the rules in your state so you don't miss any deadlines! Also make sure that you're registered to vote!!

  35. Please make sure that $1000 per month freedom dividend is not such an outlandish idea by making sure voters understand that Alaska has for some time now exactly such a program and that this idea has a number of historical basis and that Martin Luther King was in the process of promoting the exact same idea (i.e. guaranteed minimum income) prior to his assassination.

  36. Politicians are hyped up advertising agents. You never get what you buy into. Yang is honest and REAL. … and smarter than all the candidates put together! If you think politicians have, for the last 30 years, no longer served the people but have only become servants of corporations, then make sure you vote for YANG!!!!

  37. Andrew Yang has the most comprehensive and detailed approach to the future. We need to have more of a return on the benefits of technology other than better consumer products like overpriced graphics cards, better TV's and prettier cars. Ask yourself, what does it mean to be human? We live on the backs of our ancestors, the American Indians, Africans and Europeans suffered IMMENSELY so that we can live the life we live. The mega-corporations in tech, oil and insurance fields look at the people they serve like cattle. I will vote for him not only for his UBI, but also his approach of "You owning your data as a property right". He does not interject ego into his speeches, and does not need rhetoric to make his point heard. I voted for trump in '16 to keep hillary out of office, because he wasn't a politician. But his blatant disregard for environment makes me sick.
    The future is not left, nor right.
    BUT FORWARD!! YANG 2020!!!!

  38. Too bad nothing good will come out of elections until THE VOTERS GET TO COUNT THE BALLOTS. Ever since HAVA, the "winners" have been chosen by whoever pays the computer programmers.

  39. Make it $2,000/month, ppl could actually LIVE on that, no matter how badly "The Job Creators" fail at THEIR job.

  40. How can I vote this guy into the nomination from online? Where do I look first? I'm an American living abroad and I want to be sure this guy gets in that presidential seat this coming election, I'm just now hearing about this guy earlier this week and have researched his policies and now I'm #yanggang 100% , either I'm gonna have to take a plane trip back to the usa and stick around for all nominational votes until this guy gets the seat or vote online,

  41. MATH



    Decide for yourself.

  42. I had never tried to listen to Yang's speech before because I was someone else's supporter, but after carefully listened to him, #yang2020#

  43. i think america is tired of choosing dumb. if they want to be smart they should definitely pick the candidate that will address their biggest concerns. Especially in terms of addressing unemployement, health and education. Wake up america! are you going to let a five year old to run the show for the next 4 years or a guy just like you and me who will make direct impact on your lives and mine.

  44. I'm going to just run up and take Amazon and Google's money and give it to America.

    What, you mean companies can move out of America? Reality (F***)

    2020 – Yang Wins
    2021 – Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Disney, and Netflix relocate to NEOM.
    2022 – Yang Hanged in angry lynch mob of people holding $1000/mo IOU slips.

  45. I am an Independent because I do have problem with some of
    the Democratic as well as Republican ideals. I support Andrew Yang because he
    is not bound by special interest money. He offers a refreshing change to the empty
    promise politics as usual.

    INSANITY- Doing the
    same but expecting different results. Most Americans agree that gun violence
    is out of control; the rich and poor gap is getting wider; housing, education
    and medical is unaffordable; Yet we want to elect a career politician to be the
    President and expect things to change. We need someone with REAL world
    experience especially as a nonprofit entrepreneur who is not inspired to be a
    lifetime politician. We need only a problem solver.

    BENEFITS.  Despite benefitting
    tremendously from the current political system, I see tremendous troubles in
    our current political directions. My fear is the mass will continue to decline
    in wealth, health and hope for the future. Unlike most social benefits, the
    Freedom Dividend does not prevent people from working. The poor will benefit by
    having the basic needs satisfied. The rich and the business world will also
    benefit from a stable society AND the prospect of a huge market.

    How can we afford the
    Freedom Dividend? First we stabilize society by giving them hope with the
    Freedom Dividend. Second, we cut down on the massive fraud and waste in the
    government. Finally, we let the true spirit of capitalism do its magic when our
    entire society is able to participate.

    Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and take over a
    large number of jobs. Our society must learn to benefit and adapt.

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