Andrew Bowler Is this about Lia Richards? We’re trying to prevent this from spiraling out of control. It’s important we have a full understanding of what happened. So we understand that you and Lia had a somewhat, complicated past. It’s an overstatement- barely knew her. Why don’t we start at the beginning? Is it Andrew or- Andy. name’s Andy Sorry, buddy. Watch where you’re going Andrew Bowler, late again It’s Andy- you kn- never mind. What was that? Open your mouth and speak clearly please. I know you guys only have a year left but it’s not going to do shit for you in the long run if I let you phone it in. I’m trying to prepare you for beyond these walls. Now diplomacy during the Civil war… Come on guys seriously, phones off or they’re mine. You know the policy. Seriously, Andrew what could be more important in the middle of first period care to enlighten us? No- sorry, sorry. It’s like broken or something. Right here. See me after class. Now who wants to start us off with chapter 4. Lia? Fuck, fuck. What an astronaut holding the tool weighing 5 kilograms is drifting away from a space station? How could they apply Newton’s third law of motion to get back to the space station? What’s the fuck, no? They’re screwed. They’re screwed. That’s it. Throw the tool in the opposite direction of space station. What it’s Newton’s third law every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Haven’t you ever seen gravity? -Pft yeah. There’s a lot of junk science my movie, but that part is actually true. -How is that easy for you, you’re not even studying. I’m doing research. -Oh, you’re doing research. Oh, that’s so crazy. You’re doing research all on Twitter. Yeah, you can do research on Twitter? -Yeah. -Interesting Why are you looking up Waterton school district? Oh? Just keep my options open. -What options? Andy. No! What because of Mr. Freeman? No and you cannot switch school because it’s some shitty teacher. -It’s not just Mr. Freeman. I just can’t deal with it anymore. Look, Andy. Those fuckheads who harass you are just bored. And sad okay? And Mr.Freeman is just some lame guy who gets off on power in the disgusting adoration of Lia Richards- and the rest of his gross Fan Club. It’s like he’s going out of his way to make me feel bad. I mean why else would he be bringing all the guys to the cabin the cabins like, our thing. -Let me see what he said. Okay Just um, just don’t go back- that far? Andy you are two months into senior year, okay, you cannot just switch schools. What you want to go be a new kid, at Waterton? Hey they have a flexible schedule for seniors, they have a great robotics program… Oh, and here apparently there is a freshman girl named Daisy who will blow anyone for a dollar. -What? -Yeah. Wait who is Daisy where does it say that girl? Girl, this is nothing I haven’t seen before I mean he clearly still misses you why else would he keep texting you? Okay, well then why is he being such a dick? He’s probably just hurt and doesn’t know how to deal with it, so I didn’t really give him a reason. Well I tried he’s just too immature to see anything beyond himself And then on top of that my parents are going to Georgetown this weekend to go see my sister like awesome timing guys, thanks. Let’s do something fun this weekend. Right here, at first I thought it was like a notice board for the school, but it’s just a platform to post gossip Yeah, anonymous Twitter confessions… Justin Harris got denied four times at one party… Three freshmen girls have herpes. Britt Gilmore had an abortion last year? What the fuck who wants to read that shit? -2,000 kids at Waterton apparently . Fuck the cabin, we have the house to ourselves. Let’s have a party. Hmm I don’t know, I mean- Addie has the fake ID’s anyways- I’ll call my cousin! Come on, come on. We’re Gonna have fun. Okay, Andy. Then what is the point of transferring schools if their student body’s just as fucked up as ours? Because they don’t know me yet. But I know you, doesn’t that count for anything? Yeah. You’re joking right? -Come on! Andy, going to a party takes a hell of a lot less effort than transferring school. -No. No, no sorry. -Have you even seen her house? Yeah,yeah back when she wore headgear and had a bouncy castle at every party. Yeah. -No stop. We’re going okay? Lia and Eddie broke up. So heinous dick what friends will be there to hassle you it’ll be fun! They broke up, when? -Look nothing is going to change if you don’t do something about it. Come on. Let’s have fun. What, there’s going to be a bouncy castle there? -I, listen, we can ask. Okay, let’s get a drink. Oh good, they have jungle juice.You my friend, are going to love this shit- it’s toxic. Okay, what’s in it? Um, I don’t know I don’t think anybody actually knows. It’s kind of the whole point of jungle juice, yeah. You’re gonna take another shot? -Why not, its my party! We’re having fun. -Just checking in, get it girl! Yo, heads up! Sorry-sorry! Okay, alright- keep it moving. Yeah. You know what? You’re doing, you’re doing okay. Drink. The more you drink, the more fun you’ll have. Andy! You’ve got balls of steel or something. -Shit! Andy smell this. Ew! She wears this? They better not have smoke detectors. Smoke detectors? God Andy, not they don’t have smoke detectors- you’re so paranoid. I’m not paranoid… Did you lock that door? -No, I didn’t lock the door- Andy you are so paranoid right now. -I’m not paranoid… Are you guys smoking? No-yeah. -No, we’re not. -Oh well, I want some. Yeah, you can- okay. -Um can you actually, can you light it for me? Yeah, sure Okay, are you okay? um Yeah, I’ma get- I’ma get water. I’ll be back. -No Dez.. -You’re fine. Hey, I should go check on the water. -Wait wait, uhm. Just don’t go, just stay. -Are you okay? Yeah, I am. I am totally great. Can’t you tell? I heard about Eddie, sorry. I don’t know what to say. -It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. Sometimes the school just feels like really, really, fucking small ya know? Yeah, yeah Your mom she changed the tiles? What? I meanean yeah, she changed the tiles like seven years ago. How do you even remember that? -What didn’t they used to be like sea horses or something? How could I not remember that? That was horrible Why did we stop hanging out? I’m sorry right? Those guys are such assholes you Fuck them. Fuck, Eddie. -Yeah. I kind of miss those sea horses. Oh, no, no, we shouldn’t- ‘Scuse me, ‘scuse me, ‘scuse me, people. Getting water, for Lia, right now. Hey Andy, she okay? Oh, okay- uhm. -Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck were you trying to do in there? Are you fucking kidding me?-It’s not what it looks like. -What are you doing stop! I’m gonna ask you one more time. What the fuck were you doing in there? -I didn’t do anything just, just ask her! Just get him out. She could of helped me, she could of done something. But she didn’t. Alright? She just watched like everyone else. I’m sorry. See and everyone thinks I tried something, but she came on to me and she set me up. I’d never touch her like that. -I believe you. You do? -Sure. But we need to know what happened next Andy… Oh it smells so good! Come on, come on! I contacted Facebook to have the photos taken down. -Doesn’t matter, everyones already seen them. Uh, I got your stuff- from the bathroom. Tried to find you after the party, but you were gone, okay figured you need it. -Thanks. Andy look, in two days- no one will even remember this. Everybody will be talking about something else. -Stop it, That’s not true. They’re gonna go on and keep shit talking me until we graduate. I’m done You’re done.? What’s so you’re you’re just going to give up? -What do you expect, they’re going to ruin my life. Don’t know I guess I expected that you would be stronger than that Guess not great And how exactly did you get access to lea’s phone? You have no idea what you’re talking about. -You sure? Because my partner here could check the IP address of every website you’ve ever visited Not even the President of the United states could hide his pointing history from this man Isn’t a right detective. Yeah, I see a lot of weird shit. Yeah, I think I need to get back to class. This is hurting people. You understand Andrew My name is Andy Look who decided to show up. Yeah I decided to take your advice. Good, I’m glad you’re here. You know what everyone is freaking out over some stupid Twitter thing. Did you see the link? Haven’t gotten around to looking at it yet, but apparently it’s crazy Holy shit We knew it Lia Richards fucked Mr.Freeman, for extra credit of course.

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    -You're not going to have a cute girl be your best friend.

    -You're going to get kicked out of the hot girl's party as soon as you show up.

    -That girl you have a crush on won't start throwing herself at you. Even if you were friends years ago.

    -After being kicked out of the party (why wasn't he charged with rape?) your best friend isn't going to visit you with breakfast.

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