Anesthesia Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll Movie HD

Anesthesia Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll Movie HD

I spent my life delving into what it all means How do we still seek purpose? That very question is what it’s
all about We wander Eyes closed to the dark Society depends on this The world has just become so…
inhuman Why is it so insensitive? Why is it so selfish? I’m not going to be what I’ve turned
into anymore At the heart of human interaction is the agreement of the world that we fabricated I am so lonely I crave interaction I crave it I’ve been teasing… us, loyal. I’ve worked hard! And we’ll be alright if I still adore you Do we abandon the search for truths? Or is all this, finally and forever pointless

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  1. Ok so I have and there's this one sound that says "it's ok I know someday I gonna be with u and me" and that sound makes me cry m… when I heard it at 1:23 I started crying😭😭

  2. Dude why does Kristin Stewart even star in movies she literally can’t act and she looks like she hates her job lol

  3. Another stellar preformance from one of the best actresses of our time. I really thought people had stopped employing her by now.

  4. Kristen Stewart delivering her lines with the same tone, manner and insecure awkward display 100% of the time in all her damn movies. People who like her are just like her. Plus, she always looks so dirty..her nails, her greasy hair. While everyone else in the movie is comfortable and talented in front of the cameras this socially inept female is always so nervous and misery but she has become an idol for so many outcasts. I'm actually intrigued at how yesterday's losers are today's hero's lol.

  5. I always find it confusing when someone says 'the world has become' what they really mean is 'my world has become' because all of that stuff was always there, there's always been dark and light, it's not like there has been an era of humanity where everyone was kind and peaceful and singing holding hands no violence etc

  6. Don't you love it when a trailer doesn't give you a summary to the movie that it's supposed to summarize?

  7. 1% of comments: This
    1% of comments: Omg this looks so good
    1% of comments: This looks rubbish.
    0.5% of comments: Kristen Stewart is rubbish.


    I have no life.

  8. Okay I'm actually asking why so many people despise Kristen. Because of twilight? Because of her delivery? Why can't people not stand her.

    She was alright, but I saw a comment that said she "acts through her eyes" and now I see it every time she's on the screen. I adore her, and think she's a brilliant actress.

    If you have a different opinion, please respond 😶

  9. The comment section:
    0.5% This
    1% This movie looks good
    1% This movie looks bad
    0.5% Hate on Kristen

    Sorry… I'll go now.

  10. I like Kristen Stewart. I'm not really sure where all the hate comes from for this chick. Y'all just sound jealous and bitter. Haha

  11. I 10000% recommend yall this movie! I’ve been seeing it around and putting it off but oh my god I wish I watched it sooner. I absolutely loved it.

  12. People should start talking about the movie itself and not just about one actress and how much you love or hate her. This movie talks about the inhumanity that is taking more terrain than anything else in this world. And NOBODY is doing absolutely NOTHING. Face the facts and stop talking about a person's life!

  13. Kristen is not a good actress lmao! Seriously? She can NOT portray emotion through her voice :-/ she has ONE tone and thats it. She also looks like a depressed grungey girl in every movie. Like she hasnt washed her hair in weeks. She cant even portray emotion through facial features! Bout the only thing she knows to do is do that weord smile where she tucks her bottom lip in. Thats NOT a good actress!

  14. Kristen kristen ! Bella is very nice but kristen changes her makeover thats why people hate her so much but we love her not her face i love u kristen . Kristen and robert was perfect

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