Angela Bassett – “Otherhood,” Career Highlights and Real-Life Motherhood | The Daily Show

Angela Bassett – “Otherhood,” Career Highlights and Real-Life Motherhood | The Daily Show

What’s up, Auntie? -(laughter)
-Oh… nephew! Do you get that everywhere? -I got it today.
-I feel like everyone greets you like that everywhere
in the world. -Welcome to The Daily Show.
-Thank you. -I did get it earlier today,
so yeah. -You have to get it. You have to… You-you have
so many iconic roles that have now spanned
through time. When you look back,
is there any one role where you think to yourself,
“That was the first time “where people came up to me
in the street and just started
reciting lines to me”? Mm-hmm. It was
definitely What’s Love. -What’s Love Got to Do with it?
Yeah. -Yeah. Yeah. -That was, like…
-“Eat the cake, Anna Mae.” -Eat the cake.
-Eat the cake. It-it-it…
it’s-it’s an understatement to say that you’re a legend
of the screen, you know? Um, across continents,
people have loved what you do. You-you…
you’re known as somebody who’s played some
of the most gripping roles. You know, for instance,
playing Tina Turner on-screen. You know… you know, a powerful
role that was painful. -Mm. -And now we’re seeing you
going all the way into comedy. Is-is… is there something…? Was there a realm that you see
yourself most comfortable in, or are you just say like,
“I just crush it all”? (laughter) I don’t say that.
I don’t feel that, definitely. -I’ll say it for you.
You crush it all. -All right. -Everything. -What do you…
what do you have more fun doing? (applause and cheering) I think I love…
I love the drama. -Oh, okay.
-I love the drama. But, um, this role, well,
Otherhood, was more comedic. -Right. -So that was freeing,
fun every day. You didn’t have to, you know… (imitates crying)
…go there every night. So that was a great deal of fun,
but I actually love stage. -Right.
-Yeah. -Oh. Okay.
-That’s my first love– stage. So I’m hoping in my “otherhood,” that I’ll be able to get back
to that, get back to… I… I-I think
you will be able to, because, like, you know,
this-this story was great, because it felt like a story
you were telling about yourself, about moms out there,
about just women in general. The story
of Otherhood follows yourself and some friends of yours,
you know, as characters, who have young children
who have moved into the city, and no longer think that they’re
kids, but they act like kids. Right. They don’t need
their mother anymore. And they’ve abandoned
their moms. -They don’t need their moms.
-Don’t need them anymore. -Right. -Taught-taught us every
lesson that we need to know. We’re gone off, we got it,
we packed it away. -See you at Christmas, maybe,
you know? -Right. -If we’re not too busy.
-I… Which is kind of like what
I did, you know, growing up. But when you see them, like, you know, what-what I love
about the movie is, the moms say,
“No, we’re-we’re gonna go.” Like, we saw your character
there in that clip, and she’s like,
“No, I’m-I’m coming to see you.” I’m gonna go.
I’m not leaving till he says
he loves me and he needs me. -Yeah. -Do you see yourself
ever doing that? You’ve got two kids now?
13, right? -I have done it.
-What do you mean? Ah, they’re 13.
You know, because… -Well, my daughter– she gives
me kisses every day. -Yes. She’s very easy,
you know, free with that. Like, “I love you, Mom.”
(kissing) -You know, on the phone.
-Right. (kissing)
It’s always three kisses before you get off. My son–
he’s just too cool for school, and, uh, you know, they’re… I’ve had to sit him down
and say, “I love you, and I work hard. “I sacrifice being here
to, you know, “to make things nice for you,
and it would be nice “if you would say,
‘I love you, Mom,’ or ‘Can we spend some time.'”
Ah. -I mean, just put the guilt…
-He’s already at that age? He was at that stage. -You know, kids go through
stages. -Right, right, right. -You know, they hug you,
they cling. -I thought 13 was still, like, cuddly. No? -Mm… -No? He’s like, he’s
like, “I’m a man now, I’m out”? Yeah, kind of. Kind of. “I’m a 13-year-old man.”
-Yeah. “Look at my abs. See?”
Yeah, but, uh… He’s-he’s…
he’s come back around. He’s pretty loving through here, -but I know it’s a passing
phase, I know it. -Right. Like every other phase that’s…
that has come and gone. -When-when you…
-This might be a passing one. You seem like a very, um,
down-to-earth and simple person, considering the world
that you live in. Is-is that like the “stage” you,
or is that just you? -That’s just me.
-Yeah? -Yeah. Yeah. -How do you think
you’ve remained grounded in all of these years?
‘Cause I… If I was a legend,
I would not be grounded. (laughter) I don’t… I don’t think so.
You’re, like, one of the most down-to-earth, just, like,
genuine, beautiful people I’ve ever met,
but you’re also a legend. If I was a legend, I would
tell people, “I am a legend.” -Okay. -I would begin every
sentence with “As a legend.” As you know,
as a legend, right? But what do you… but what
do you think has-has kept you being you
for all of these years? You know, I think the wonderful
family that-that raised me. -The simplicity
in which I was raised. -Mm-hmm. You know, single mom,
you know, just working hard, trying to, you know, make a dollar out of 15 cents,
as they say. My auntie, who I did…
who I loved so much, she said, “Don’t-don’t waste
your college education. “Don’t waste your education
on theater, because it’s… I guess, it’s not gonna
to work out.” -Right. “It may not work out for you. It’s so tenuous and-and,
you know, and-and unimaginable.” Um, but it did work out. -Oh, it worked out.
-It did work out. But it didn’t have to. But it took hard work,
and it took opportunity. Opportunity meeting
your preparation. And, uh, and-and here I sit,
a legend, as you say. -(applause and cheering)
-Hey! -Don’t mess with me, Trevor!
-Yes! Just say it! Otherhood will be available
on Netflix August 2. Angela Bassett, everybody,
the legend!

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  1. This woman is classy, ladylike, stunning, and embodies everything WOMAN. Yes ma’am. Sexy personified.🥰

  2. Her performance in what's life got to do with it still amazes me….I cried when she didn't win the oscar…. I am sure it's one of the greatest oscar regrets…. you are the best Angela Basset!!

  3. I can’t express my love for Angela Bassett, she’s indeed a legend and a true actress. Every time I watch her movies I forget the last one and the one before. Even her voice changes depending on the character and her body language also changes.

  4. I love love love love 😍😍😍😍 this uniquely talented woman. Indeed Black doesn't crack. Aunty Angela (since she obviously doesn't mind being called aunty) crashes every role; and seems to be so down to earth. She's simply a LEGEND!!

  5. Nothing about this lady says 60…not her face, not her smile, not her style, and (I dear say) not her neck or breast. The only other lady I see that's gonna be as fabulous as this when she hits 60 (in 10yrs) is Jlo.

  6. Gorgeous!! She does not age. I dont think there is one role she played that I have not liked because she makes it great!! She is a legend!!!!

  7. Wow! Angela Bassett is incredibly Beautiful, highly intelligent, and a fantastic actress and loving person!
    You go Angela! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!

    Also, I watch her show "9-11" she makes the show and I can't stop watching it~~ ::)

  8. Well Trevor. Where's your brain? She's not an auntie. She's a babe. Tattoo that onto your forehead. /Peace out.✌🏼

  9. Black really don’t crack….. ppl always assume I’m in my early twenties but I’m a 40 year old married mother of 4. Black girl magic for real👸🏿

  10. Tina Turner (at 60): Rub it all over your body every night before bed.
    Angela Bassett (at 60): So I been rubbing it in every night since she told me that.

  11. & it’s crazy to think this iconic actress doesn’t have an Oscar – doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s amazing, but I feel like she’s being cheated in the film world..

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