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  1. When that kid thing said…

    “Let’s do some fastening!”

    I genuinely thought they were gonna go around fastening/fixing people fly’s😂😂

  2. The whole animation and music thing is really good cause the director/designer, Creative director/script, the music, animators, and the designers are mostly Japanese which we all know that is good in cases like this😊 I think the voice acting is not that good cause I think kids or teens are the voice actors. But in animes professional adults are the voice actors even if their character is a kid…. Well that's only in my opinion though😊

  3. Me after seeing the commercial : – Ok should we have to understand that with YKK zippers we might be able to do the same thing as these kids ?

    Still me : – Sooo let’s try it !

  4. Its a cool reminder of repairing your existing clothes instead of always bying new ones . I think they made this commercial to remind us of some more ressource preservation

  5. I liked this short film…
    If you don’t mind I want you to keep on animating this “Fastening Days”…
    From a short film to episodes…
    I want to watch more of this…

  6. I wonder where they could be going she says
    without wondering why they used the window
    she did not even check to see if they got safely outside
    so now they are jumping across buildings Good Job

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