Anjelah Johnson – ABC2 Comedy Up Late 2014 (E3)

Anjelah Johnson – ABC2 Comedy Up Late 2014 (E3)

Now please would you welcome to the stage all the way from the US, the sensational Anjelah Johnson! *crowd cheers* Hello! How you guys doing or how you going? I mean it’s my first time in Australia
I’m learning a lot about you guys. I’ll be honest, I was a little
nervous coming out here to Australia cause I’ve never been here before, right? And when I was back home somebody from
the Festival called me to interview me about you know coming out here and I
said well let me ask you a couple questions about Australia so I get
familiar because I’ve never been there so I was like okay what’s the
difference between Sydney and Melbourne? and she was like actually it’s Melbourne. *crowd laughs* and I was like…uh there’s an R in it though. *crowd laughs* Ok, so what’s the difference between
Melbourne and Sydney? And this is what she told me. She said well Sydney’s more like
a hot blonde with big tits and Melbourne’s like a brunette with more soul. *crowd laughs* So I guess I’m in the right place. But if I were a guy, I’d probably be pissed. Y’all don’t say r’s, like you take the r out
of Melbourne but you put it in every other word you say. Oh no… *crowd laughs* All week everybody’s been calling me “Hey, Anjelah”. Anjelah, there’s no r in my name. You put that r back in Melbourne where
it belongs. *crowd laughs* It’s been a great trip so far even the
flight on the way over here was awesome because I got to fly first class and that
was cool. It was like a fancy first class where like everybody got their own
private like individual spaceship seat and there was like all kinds of buttons
everywhere so I was a little confused at first. I was like wait a minute, am I flying the plane? *crowd laughs* Excuse me, I didn’t do real good in school and like
all I wanted to do was lean my chair back a little bit so I could relax while I was
watching my movie. So, I’m trying to find that lean back a little bit button like
okay, that’s it right here. That’s good. *crowd laughs* I’m laying down. I’ll just sit up it’s fine. *crowds laugh* Is this how rich people sit? I got kinda famous
on YouTube for this joke that I did about getting my nails done. Oh you’ve heard it? You want me to do it right now? Coz I was going to tell you what happened
after the joke like since then but if you want me to do the joke I can do it. What do you want? Okay I’ll do the joke. From me to you, okay. Anybody here get
their nails done? No? I go with my sister we go to those places called Beautiful Nail. I was kind of confused when I first read the sign though. Beautiful Nail… just one *crowd laughs* Do I get to pick which one? It’s ok though because these ladies are so nice. You know they make you feel like it’s all about you and customer service you know whatever you like we do for you. We do full set, only sixteen dollars. So nice. As soon as I walk in they greet me right away: Hi honey, what you need today? Can I get a manicure please? Okay honey, you like pedicure too? No, just a manicure, thanks. Honey, why you don’t like? Pedicure make you look nice… It so sexy. It’s better for you. Oh ok sure, I’ll get a pedicure too then, thank you. It’s okay honey, sit down number 6, Mei Ling she do a good job for you only 20 dollar more. That’s okay, sit down. So Mei Ling starts doing my nails right away
but her American name is Tammy. You have boyfriend? No, no, I don’t have a boyfriend.
Honey why you don’t have? I think you know the foot time you want
in here you look like Mado, Chileda something pretty, you like long or short
nail? Short nails please, thank you. Honey, that’s why you don’t have boyfriend It’s ok I do for you, it’s better for you.
Only four dollar more that’s ok. *crowd laughs* Do you like glitter gel? What? *crowd laughs* Do you like glitter gel? Ummmm…I’m sorry. Ummm… what? Honey, I say do you like glitter gel for your nail, it’s the best thing you can have for your nails, make look nice. Sparkle like diamond in the sky, do you like glitter gel?? *crowd laughs* Oh Oh that… Sure, I’ll have the… glit…toh? The crunchy stuff, thanks. It’s ok honey , it better for you
only six dollar more that’s ok.
Ok honey all finished, go wash your hands Alright thanks Tammy. Oh wait a minute. Hold on, this one is a
little crooked. See that? No honey, that your finger do like that. *crowd laughs* Really? That’s funny, because my finger didn’t do like that before I came in here… It’s okay honey, don’t worry I fix
it for you. Don’t worry, jump over to my… *speaks Chinese* She saying look so pretty. *crowd laughs* Thank you guys so much, have a good night!

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  1. Everyone bagging the crowd. Wow.. the joke was recycled so they could have just been wanting more and where very unimpressed. She should have tried a bit harder and not relied on her fame. I felt like they where waiting for more of those types of jokes but not the same one

  2. Not possible for Australians to call her AnjelaR- we don't pronounce "R" at all at the end of words. The USA and Irish people do.

  3. It’s always a little annoying when people do the obvious country/city jokes when they’re in your country/city.

  4. Makes fun of Australia pronunciation but her mother did not know how to spell Angela(?) Don't give up your day job

  5. Same recycled material, really not funny at all. How she finds an audience is interesting to say the least.

  6. I know a Vietnamese family who opened a nail salon at first, then in 2 years, they opened a 2nd one. And within 5 years, they scooped up 6 rental houses. Now they live in a very fancy house and drive only Lexus, Merc, and BMW vehicles. Nail salons make lots of money. 😂

  7. First time I've seen her, she's very talented, imo, and the audience reacted well too. Comedians help me offset the harsh realities of life so to the negative critics out there, lighten up as there's no shortage of serious shit to critique.

  8. Oh my lord. I learned Vietnamese in the military. She's not speaking coherent sentences but she actually said words with the tones hahahaa!!!

  9. Different strokes for different folks. I am american but would of reacted exactly the same as that crowd. Jokes were fairly in the spirit of Seinfeld's "whats the deal with that" sprinkled with racial stereotypes . Not that I find any of it offensive, but if stereotypes have to carry your joke to get a laugh, it's probably not that funny in the first place. Seinfeld's comedy also sucked (still does, new shit is BORING) , and his co-stars carried his show.

  10. Its not the crowd. Shes not funny. Watch Jim Jefferies. He's funny. Australians are use to a whole other level of funny.

  11. When she started doing the nail thing I laughed my ass off!😂🤣😂🤣 She got those Asians down pat Lol

  12. “Adding ‘R’s’ where they don’t belong. Angelarrrrr”

    Sooooooo…Madea is an Aussie. “Hallelu-yur”

  13. She does it LOTS faster than the previous sets, which makes it worse, then she did it Too slow. So she is good, but, the other videos of the Nailsalon sketch were the better ones.

  14. She's a funny comic & ought to have her own network show. In my book a great comic, like Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, & Joan Rivers, employs the three basic tools of the trade: sarcasm, irony, & self deprecation w/the ability to engage & read the audience absent cursing & cruelty. That last skill is a tough one to teach since it requires emotional intelligence & just plain smarts. The great comics fit this profile. Like a great QB, like Montana, Namath, & Brady, one learns to audible, call a new play, when plan A fails. Carson was a Master at acknowledging publicly a lame joke or a bad night & walking it back, thus winning the audience back. That's a quality that separates the good from the great. Hopefully the comic has a portfolio of stories & jokes so they are never left hanging. I'd still give her a shot at a network show since she's proven to me she's got it. 😇🔥

  15. This audience suuuuuucked 😂😂😂 god damn.
    Welp, she got paid. Whether or not they enjoyed her is on them 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Damn that audience either is so dry or are like women in there are all tomboyish. HTH do you not do your nails or even ever have done them? Worst ever crowd. Like she felt that awkward energy.

  17. 😳yup I have a crush… on another note, that audience sucks! I’d never thought I’d say this but most white people dont understand her humor . I get it because I come from a big Italian family and my wife’s family is Spanish Mexican. Same goes for Sebastian maniscalco.

  18. What gets me about that particular pronunciation of "Melbourne" in an American accent (Mel-Burn ?!) there's a a bunch of movies with that one guy in it….called the "Bourne"…something(s)….. Do they call it the "Burn Identity" ??? So yeah….you're right – there is an 'R' in it, got us there……but it also has an "O" and a "U"

  19. She’s like the Russell Peters of Latina comedy. Russell was born into an Indian family and looks Indian but his name sure as hell doesn’t sound Indian at all. Angela Johnson does not sound like a Latina name at all but she does look Latina all the way. And neither of these comedians speak the native language of their parents country. 🤣😉

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