ANNABELLE COMES HOME – Official Trailer 2

ANNABELLE COMES HOME – Official Trailer 2

♪♪♪ What’s this? You folks need to turn around. Pretty bad accident up ahead. Anything we can do? You a doctor or something? Or something. Nice doll. That’s what you think. ♪♪♪ Did it work? The evil is contained. How could you not tell me
you’re babysitting for the Warrens tonight? And we’ll be back
early tomorrow morning. Have fun. Don’t your parents keep
any creepy stuff around? We keep it all
locked away in a room. It’s not good for anyone
to go in there. My dad says that everything
in there is either… haunted, cursed… or used in some
ritualistic practice. -What’s that?
-The Ferryman. They put coins over
the eyes of the dead… so he could take their souls. And what about the doll
that’s in there? Annabelle. She’s in a case for a reason. Can Annabelle
come out to play? No. Ah! Annabelle is the beacon
for other spirits. Go away! -Mrs. Warren?
-Mom? Is everything okay? Something is happening
inside your house… and we’re not really sure
what to do. Can I speak to Annabelle? I’m sorry. You need to give her
a soul, dear. She wants a soul!

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  1. I both shit myself, and urinated during this trailer, OF COURSE I'm gonna literally urinate myself during the movie.

  2. മലയാളികൾ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ… കാരണം നമ്മളില്ലാത്ത രാജ്യം ഉം സ്ഥലവും ഉണ്ടാവില്ല..🤗 അതുകൊണ്ടാ. ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ ഒരടി👍 തന്നിട്ട് പോകാൻ മറക്കല്ലേ bros. 😄


    remember this is my opinion 🙂

  4. How many of you want to make a bet that something is up with that monkey toy and that he may be the next main focus for the conjuring 3. They've been showing off that monkey, camera has been focusing on it for a very long time now. Since part 1. Remember when the black guy reached out to try and touch it? But Ed told him no? Nobody noticed the fact their was a little racist hint there either.

  5. It was not a nice movie. The last 30 minutes only have something a bit scary. And I was falling asleep through it.

  6. Of course, Warrens are scammers. It is even more apparent in movie. lol.. yep.. the movie was 99% fictional to make things interesting but damn.. they aren't even trained exorcist and yet they slain high level demons. wtf.. only special power they have is premonition of Mrs. Warren but that power isn't something you can use against evil to defeat it or seal it. Mr. Warren is more of professor than priest and yet he can still defeat demon.. wtf.. really. They are really going overboard with this movie. I bet that room is just full of bs in real world.

  7. Teenagers in horror movies are either uncontrollably stupid or it’s just a genetic thing 😂 who in their right mind walks in a DARK room , knowing everything damn thing in there is incredibly possessed 🤔

  8. It is all bs and real Warrens are con-artist.. Their story keeps changing as the movie goes.. or makers of movies are so stupid they keep forgetting how things were in old film. Annabelle comes home suppose to be before conjuring event, and yet Judy is older in Annabelle comes home when she was in Conjuring. Not to mention music box from conjuring event is already in Warren's room in Annabelle comes home.

  9. If you say to annabelle
    "Annabelle, Annabelle, Annabelle"
    "Can we play"
    Then put her in the closet for 1 hour and she will come for you at night

  10. Seriously, could they have made a more boring film?! So slow and tedious, sprinkled with CGI non scary scenes. Main characters piss off after first few minutes…

  11. Girl: Don't go in there. She's supposed to be in there for a reason.
    Annabelle: Yeah, no sh**

    apparently a bafoon is touching every object in the basement

    Annabelle: (slaps palm to face) WHY do I live here?!

  12. This was a good movie I loved the way they stitched it all together. All the spooky stuff all the stories behind them and Annabelle as the catalyst…top film. I loved the conjuring movies…

  13. I just seen the movie today. I'll give a 5/10. It wasn't scary to me. It's more like Jurassic Theme Park scare or corny Halloween with peeps standing around trying to look scary. The only thing good is showing off one of the girls' asset lol.

  14. Saw this shit today, WASTE OF TIME!!! Nothing happens, it’s not scary at all,not even the jump scares. 56 minutes before the “action” starts.

  15. Characters:

    Danyela the girl who is touching the items that are cursed

    meryela the blonde girl that babysits the girl

    judy the girl whos with the shot hair and gets babysit by meryela.

    Your welcome

    Plus i cant spoil it but i just gave the names!

    and yes i did watch the annabelle coems home

    It was amazing..

  16. Multiple ghosts have been shown in the movie and they all looked funny…
    This is movie is not so good as compared to its other two parts

  17. Now this makes me mad. Your story line for the movie is its released bc of her mischievous friends. Need a better storyline than that

    Come on man!

  18. These stupid little girls are going to ruin the movie for me because I’m going to be pissed the entire time while they’re doing crap they were told specifically not to do🙄

  19. I want to requests..please bring the director and producers to me..i wanna make them night 2 am at middle of the jungle with their them what is really a horror movie..this is comedy movie..i spit on them for making a comedy moive wasting people money asshole fuck u

  20. ANNABELLE — please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and amazing new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls.

  21. They wanna play house and Ken and Barbie dress up with a foreign swing set in a tree house…but their reeds and frozen bulletcoins keep getting in the way !

  22. i dont understand that if there is written do not enter then why people just go there .. we should obey these signs for the sake of our lifes….

  23. come to the comment section to find out if it was any good any its full of fucking kids posing stupid ass memes, cant find any intellectual comment sections these days lol.

  24. Watched it and this movie was so bad lol. Whole plot was ass and it wasn’t scary. Seriously who every is directing this movie needs to be given a F. I mean cmon man, these types of movies should not be bad.

  25. Summary of plot for all who didn't watch the film or who plan to watch the film:
    Ed and Lorraine went somewhere leaving their daughter together with babysitter and her friend. Daughter celebrates birthay that night. Friend of a babysitter unlocked the door of artifical room and they all three experience something creepy the whole night together with some guy who fell in love with babysitter. Tomorrow in morning Ed and Lorraine come back to home.

    Pretty disappointed

  26. ya bc its a GOOOOOOD idea to go into a MULTI-LOCKED ROOOOOM thats full of CURSED. SUPERNATURAL. OBJECTS.


  27. Why is it that white folks always seem to do shit normal people just wouldn't… Like going into LOCKED rooms with warning signs all over the place meaning STAY THE FUCK OUT !!!!!!!….. Beats me to all end…….lol How bout a better sign like Come in so I can kill your ass,,,,Think they'll get the point then ??????? NAW……

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