Annaya Attayachar | অন্যায় অত্যাচার | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Rachana Banerjee

Annaya Attayachar | অন্যায় অত্যাচার | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Rachana Banerjee

Raghav Roy,
I’m pregnant with your child. You promised to marry
me and have ruined my life. Today you are trying to hiding away
to avoid responsibility. – Shut up! I don’t like anyone shouting at me. I’m not the father of the
illegitimate child in your womb. Yet, I’ll pay you
to abort your child. Beware! The child in
my womb is not illegitimate. I’m a mother and
I can’t kill the child. You pretended to be in love with
me and now you are shying away.. ..from your responsibility. I fall in love with many women
in the darkness of the night.. ..but I’m not a fool that I’ll accept
the responsibilities of the child. If you don’t want to kill
the child you must get killed. I loved you thinking
that you are a good man.. ..but now it’s clear that
you are a dangerous demon. I’ll get you arrested. I’ll file a case against you. I won’t give you
the chance to do so. No one should know about this
murder committed by Raghav Roy. Go and burnt he
corpse in the jungle. No one should find
out about his murder. A murderer may try very hard.. ..but he leaves behind
the evidence of his crime. My camera has the
evidence of the criminal.. ..behind your
gentlemanly appearance. No one can save you, Raghav Roy. No one can save you. Go and catch him.
I need his camera. Go and get him. – Come on.
– Let’s go. – Yes, go. Come on, catch him. You can’t go. Come on, catch him. Young sir! – Uncle Pradip. You? You are here? I’ve taken up a new job and
come here three years back. – Oh! Father.. Sir, she is my daughter, Kunti. Kunti, she is young master. He is the only son of the owner
of the tea garden here. Mr. Udayan. Hello. – Hello. Water is dripping from your body.
You are wet. I’m in danger. I saw Raghav Roy killing someone
in the forest and I clicked his photo. His men are after me as
they want to kill me. – What? Uncle Pradip.
Uncle Pradip, help me. Kunti, take young
master to the next room. I’ll handle them. Go. Come on. – Go. Go.
– Come with me. Come. Who are you knocking at
my door at this hour of night? Who? Who are you?
What do you want? Who? Who are you? Hey old man, has anyone
taken shelter in your house? In this room? No. I was sitting and drinking. Are you alone? – Yes. Then who is in that room? In that room? – Yes. My daughter stays in that room. Your daughter stays
in that room? – Yes. Come on, let’s check. Come on.
– Hey! Hey! What do you want in this room? Hey, who is sleeping next to you? Who can sleep next to
a woman other than her husband? Your husband? Come on. Come on. Do you hear me? They’ve gone away. Thanks, thanks a lot to you. You’ve saved my life. Humans help humans. I’ve done my duty. What happened? What ahs happened to you? I feel very cold. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? Father. Father.
He is shivering out of cold. What do I do? Ask him to open his wet clothes. Give him a warm blanket
and put him to sleep.. ..otherwise he may die out of cold.
– Okay, father. – Yes. Father.. father..
hey father.. – What happened? Go to sleep. Go to sleep. ‘Well, why do you drink daily?’ ‘My bones will freeze
in this cold if I don’t drink.’ ‘Alcohol keeps the body warm.’ Come on get up, get up. Drink this. Drink this. You’ll be fine. Parvati. Parvati. Parvati. Good morning. Well, was I here throughout
the night? – Yes. Sorry. I must’ve
troubled you a lot. I don’t understand something. Who undressed me? Well, I undressed you. You would’ve fallen sick
if you had the wet clothes on. You are really great. I’ll never forget you. Son, take your camera. Uncle Pradip, thanks, thanks a lot. Goodbye. – Okay. Your Honor, Raghav Roy, the accused
trapped a young innocent girl.. ..Kamala in his love. Kamala became pregnant due to the
physical relation she had with Raghav Roy. When Kamal went to Raghav Roy to
demand the identity of her child.. ..Raghav Roy brutally killed her. What evidence do you have
that he committed the murder? I’ve evidence, My Lord. I request the witness of this
incident Mr. Udayan Choudhury.. come to the witness box. Witness Udayan Choudhury
come to the witness box. I’ll speak nothing but the truth. My Lord, Udayan Choudhury saw
Kamala being murdered in the jungle. Why did you go to the jungle,
Mr. Udayan? I love photography and I had gone to
the forest to click pictures of birds. But unfortunately I had to click the
photo of this scoundrel instead of birds. I’ve already presented the photographs
clicked by Mr. Udayan, My Lord. Your Honor, people like
Queen of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai and.. ..Pritlata Waddedar were
born in this democratic country.. safe guard humanity. The country where women
are so strong and bold.. ..also have women like Kamala
who are murdered by people.. Raghav Roy. But My Lord, girls like
Kamala have the right to live. After the tortures that Raghav
Roy has inflicted upon Kamala.. ..I earnestly request the
court that accused Raghav Roy be.. ..given such a punishment
for this brutal crime that.. one in future will
dare to commit such a crime. So that no other Kamala
has to sacrifice her life. That’s all, Your Honor. Order. Order. After going through all
the evidence and witness.. ..and the photographs of Mr.
Udayan, the court has decided.. ..that accused Raghav Roy not only
ill-treated Ms. Kamala and killed her.. ..but he has also defamed her. He has also killed an unborn child. So, the court as per section
302 of Indian Penal Code gives.. ..Raghav Roy life imprisonment. Leave, leave me. You haven’t done the right thing,
Mrs. Parvati Choudhury. Don’t forget, don’t forget that
Raghav Roy isn’t weak but very strong. You may be very strong but
people know how to break you down. Life imprisonment doesn’t
mean an entire lifetime. It’s a punishment of just 14 years. Let me come out of the jail once
and then I’ll prove what I know. Mr. Raghav Roy, you’ll forget
everything while going through.. ..the rigorous imprisonment
for fourteen years. I’ll not forget this beautiful
face. – Shut up! – Yes. Take him, take him away.
– Leave me. Leave me. Scoundrel. You’ve taught Raghav
Roy a good lesson today. I was worried about how you can fight
the case in this state of ill-health. When I wear the lawyer’s
coat I forget about my ailments. I just remember one thing. I have to keep
this society healthy. I’m lucky to have you as my wife. Well Parvati, what will
you do if I commit any mistake? As a lawyer I’ll punish you and as
your wife I’ll accept your punishment. Parvati. Don’t worry. – What do you mean? What are you saying, doctor? My daughter is vomiting
anything she eats. She is becoming weak day by day. Why will this happen
if she is not well? That’s nothing serious. This happens to all
women in this stage. This stage? Which stage, doctor? Your daughter is pregnant. Wait, Kunti. Are the words of the doctor true? Why aren’t you speaking? Come on, speak up. Answer me. Yes, father. What?! It’s true? Who is the father of this child? Answer me, Kunti. Who is the father of this child? Tell me. Tell me who
the father of this child is. Who is the characterless person
whose child you’ve in your womb? Come on, come on, tell me. Come on, tell me. You’ve ruined whatever
little reputation I had. When people will question
me what shall I answer them? What shall I tell them? No. No. No.
I won’t be able to face anyone. I’ll commit suicide before
anyone points fingers at me. I’ll commit suicide.
I’ll commit suicide. Father! What are you doing, father? I haven’t committed any sin. If you haven’t committed
any sin how come you are pregnant? Who is the child’s father? I’ll tell you father,
I’ll tell you everything. Uncle Pradip, you? Come. Come. Come. Come inside. No, I’m fine here. No. No. that’s not done. Come. Come. Come inside. Parvati, he is uncle Pradip. – Oh! I had told you about him. The other day uncle Pradip and
his daughter had saved me from.. ..Raghav Roy and his men.
– Yes. Yes. What are you doing, dear? Why did you touch my feet? I’m an ordinary man. What are you saying, uncle? God’s greatest creation is man. How can someone who saves
a human life be insignificant? The person whose life you and your
daughter has saved is my husband. The only support of my life. Please be seated, uncle. I’ll get some food for him, No, No, I will.. No. please be seated,
I’ll be back very soon. Uncle, why didn’t
you bring Kunti with you? I want to meet her. She is not well. – Why? What’s wrong with her? – She is.. Please come and take your seat.
– Please take your seat. Please be seated. Shift the flower vase. Come on, eat. Why did you bring so many sweets? No. I won’t listen to your refusal. Please have sweets
and bless our unborn child. Blessings? – Yes, uncle. My child will be fortunate to get
the blessings of someone like you. I bless you dear that your
child be just like Lord Rama, Will be Lord Krishna in his actions
and be truthful like Yudhisthir, He’ll definitely
make your family proud. He’ll definitely
make your family proud. What did young master say, father? Poison? Yes, poison. Why have you brought poison,
father? The child whose father’s
identity you can’t disclose, The child who’ll be
treated as illegitimate, It’s better you die before
the people can understand.. ..the presence of that child. Why can’t I reveal
his identity, father? Has young master refused
to accept what happened that night? No dear, young master
treated me very respectfully. His wife touched my feet
and sought my blessings. So, I couldn’t tell them
about you and about your pregnancy. I blessed young master’s
unborn child and have come back. And I’ve brought poison for you. Come on, let both of us.. No, father. I’ve the right
to take decisions about my life. But, I don’t have the right to kill
the child who is growing in my womb. What will you do now? I’ll carry my child in my
arms and demand young master to.. ..give him his due rights. When I’ve already
been stigmatized.. ..what’s the use of
keeping quiet, father? I’ll fight till the last
day of my life for my rights. “Where were you, my darling?” “You’ve filled my life
with sweetness and rightness.” “Bird of joy, come and see.” “I’m a proud mother of a child.” “I can’t hold my joys.” “I can’t hold my joys.” “I’ve helped him
grow with my blood.” “His smile has made
me forget all my pain.” “I’ve helped him
grow with my blood.” “His smile has made
me forget all my pain.” “To make my life complete
I just want to hear..” “ call me mother.” “You call me mother.” “You call me mother.” “Where were you, my darling?” “You’ve filled my life
with sweetness and rightness.” “There is no girl who
doesn’t want to be a mother.” “A childless life
seems meaningless.” “I’m ready to suffer anything..” “..for your sake,
my naughty darling.” “My naughty darling.” “My naughty darling.” No. No. I’ll come
to office right now. Yes. Parvati has gone to
the doctor with our son. She’ll come back soon, Okay. Right. Okay, fine. Okay. Kunti! Come. Come. Who is he? My child. You got married?
Very good. Very good. Uncle Pradip didn’t inform me. I’m not fortunate to announce
everyone about my wedding. You could’ve brought the
child’s father along with you. I’ve brought my
child to his father. What do you mean? It’s very complex. He is your child. What are you saying? This is the reality, the truth. I served your liquor bottle
on the cold winter night.. ..on which you took
shelter in our house.. escape from the
goons and at that time you.. But, you didn’t mention anything
about this incident to me. Father came here to
tell you about my pregnancy. But, your wife’s good
behavior had impressed him. Why have you come to me now? I haven’t come for myself. I’ve come here for our child. Please keep him. No. No. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. What shall I tell Parvati? Kunti, Kunti, have mercy on me. I’ll give you any
amount of money you want. Please go away from here. Please don’t ruin my reputation
and prestige in this manner. No! Kunti won’t go anywhere. She’ll stay here with her child. I’ll leave this house and go away. What are you saying, Parvati? Yes, I’m right. I’m right. You’ve to repent for the mistake
you have committed unconsciously. Kunti hasn’t done anything wrong. Accept her. Marry her. I..I won’t object, No. No.. I don’t want recognition. I’ll be happy if
my child is accepted. Come on tell me what you want. What can I do for you? Fine, I’ll tell you. But, before that swear
on your child and promise that..’ll do what I say. You’ve saved my husband’s
honor by hiding such a big truth. I’m grateful to you. I’ll do what you say. I can do anything for you. I touch my child’s head and
promise that I’ll do what you say. Fine. Give me your child
and take my child. I’ll bring up your
child without any identity. You’ll bring up my
child with your identity. How is this possible? No mother can ever agree
to your terms and conditions. You’ve sworn on your child. If you don’t keep your promise
it’ll effect your child adversely. I knew you won’t be
able to keep your word. I’ll go away. Wait. Kunti! Wait, Kunti! Let her go. No! I don’t want to be alive. What are you doing?
– I don’t want to live this sinful life. Leave it. – Leave me. No! No! Kunti! Kunti! Kunti! Kunti! Father, I’ve kept my child with Mr.
Udayan’s wife, Mrs. Parvati. And.. and..
he is Parvati’s son. – Kunti! During my final moments
promise me father that..’ll not disclose
this to anyone. Yes, I promise dear, I promise that
I’ll never tell anyone about it. Kunti! Kunti! No. No. Don’t get up. Lie down. You need rest. Well, how do you feel now? Udayan Choudhury, can you hear us? I’ll kill you. Why are you behaving
in this manner? What’s wrong with him, doctor? I feel he has lost
his mental stability. I need to check him properly. No, leave him. If you keep your child
her under these circumstances.. ..then he may harm him. He thinks your child is to be
blamed for this condition of his. I would advise that you get him
admitted to a nursing home immediately. That’ll keep your child safe and
Mr. Udayan will get good treatment. Do what you think is best. Sanju! Lakshman! Come quickly. We’ve to take your
master to the hospital. Please take him there. Leave the child. I won’t go. Leave me. My darling.. Please tell him to vacate my house,
Karna da. I don’t want to
rent my house to him. If I leave the house where will
I go with my wife and children? How do I know here you’ll go? It’s my house. I had rented it out to him. Now I want to get out of the house. Karna, do something. I had given him a hefty deposit
when I took the house on rent. At that time he had promised that
he would let me live for 3 years. Now he wants me to vacate
the house after just one year. I know he has got another
tenant and that’s why.. The reason may be anything but ask
him to vacate the house, Karna da. A new law has been passed
by the High Court for tenants. If you don’t help me then
I’ll go to the High Court. Hey! This is the High Court
and Supreme Court for Karna. This is Karna’s court. His own courtroom. Mr. Harekrishna, there are
many loopholes in the laws that.. ..are passed by the High
Court and Supreme Court. And the law that is passed
here in my court has no loopholes. The laws of my court
are very strong. Karna.. Sir, you need not say anything. You are someone
who shapes characters. No one can force you
out before there years. What does this mean? It means that sir will stay
in your house for three more years. Your High Court may
have passed any law but.. ..this is the decision of my court. If you don’t follow
my decision then.. You don’t have
to say anything more. He’ll stay, he’ll stay. Karna, I don’t know
how to thank you. If you don’t mind..
I had brought some money for you. If I had appointed a lawyer
I would’ve had to pay him. No sir, justice is given
to people in Karna’s court. No one needs to spend money for it. Take this money with you. You may leave now. Karna da.
Karna da. – What happened? Why are you breathless? Come with me quickly. – Where? Come on. You’ve come again? – Yes. Here is 25000 rupees. Sign the legal document,
load the goods in this van and.. ..vacate the house. I’ve told you that I
don’t want to sell the house. Even your father will come
and sign the document, scoundrel. If you want to live
then sign the document. Hey, sign it. This house is the
only asset I have. If I sell this house then
I and my motherless daughter will.. ..become homeless. Hey! Stop your speech
and say if you’ll sign or not. No. I won’t sign. Come on, hold the scoundrel. Sign it. Sign it. Let’s go.
Let’s go. – Let’s go. Let’s go. Father, you are bleeding. Karna da, they’ve beaten my father. Who are they? Who are the people
who’ve beaten you? Tell me their name once, just once. Karna my son, they are Abdul’s men. They beat me and forced me
to sign the documents of the house. Where will I go with my daughter
if I lose this house, son? No uncle Paran, you don’t
have to vacate this house. I’ll get the documents back, Sujit, take uncle
Paran to the hospital. Keep this money. There is bad news, big brother. Our man Ramesh has been admitted
to the hospital with injuries. A goon from Natunpara
has beaten all of us. Yes bog brother,
the name of the goon is Karna. Give us orders, big brother
and we’ll kill Karna tonight. No. I won’t give orders to kill
anyone without knowing everything. I’ll go to Ramesh. If anything happens to
Ramesh then I’ll deal with Karna. How is the patient? – Not good. He has suffered
internal hemorrhage. It’s difficult for
the patient to survive. Who did you say has beaten him? Karna from Natunpara. Karna won’t be spared
after hitting my men. Get him.
Find him from wherever he is. Are you Karna? If I’m not mistaken
you are Abdullah. Let me go, I’m in hurry. Wait. Why did you
hit Ramesh so badly? You wouldn’t have asked this
question if you saw the person.. ..whom Ramesh has beaten. I haven’t go the answer
to my question yet. I don’t want to hear any excuse. I want an answer to my question. Karna never answers anyone. I do what I think is right. I know I haven’t
done anything wrong. God I there to decide
what’s just and what’s unjust. Why do you have to interfere? When I see any
injustice I interfere. Karna never tolerates
anything wrong and unjust. Do you know what
the outcome can be? Do you know what I can do to you? The most you can do it
you can kill me. That’s all. Karna is not afraid of
dying because when I was small.. mother had left
me on the streets to die. But, because of my
good fortune I didn’t die. You may try to kill
me but it won’t help. You’ll only lose your
pet men in the encounter. Enough, Karna! Enough! You’ve spoken a lot. I swear that if anything happens
to Ramesh I won’t spare you. You’ll have to compensate
for Ramesh’s life with your life. Karna is ready to pay
any price for justice. If needed there’ll be bloodshed but
Karna will never bow down before anyone. Stop! “The people who use power
to torture the poor and hapless.” “The people who use power
to torture the poor and hapless.” “The people who are snatching
away food from the needy..” “’s time to stand
up against them.” “Injustice and torture.” “Injustice and torture.” “The people who use power
to torture the poor and hapless.” “The people who use power
to torture the poor and hapless.” “The people who are snatching
away food from the needy..” “’s time to stand
up against them.” “Injustice and torture.” “Injustice and torture.” “Good wins when there is
a fight between good and evil.” “Time keeps changing.” “I’m modern Krishna
who’ll kill evil Kansa.” “Time swill change
and become good.” “The people who are snatching
away food from the needy..” “’s time to stand
up against them.” “Injustice and torture.” “Injustice and torture.” “The people who act pious
during day and steal at night..” “’s the time to unmask them.” “If they think that the world
is without any administration..” “..we need to answer back
to break their misconception.” “The people who are snatching
away food from the needy..” “’s time to stand
up against them.” “Injustice and torture.” “Injustice and torture.” “The people who use power
to torture the poor and hapless.” “The people who use power
to torture the poor and hapless.” “The people who are snatching
away food from the needy..” “’s time to stand
up against them.” “Injustice and torture.” “Injustice and torture.” “When I saw you,
I knew it beloved..” “..that love is crazy, beloved.” Ill-mannered man. Don’t you have mother
and sister at home? Well Rabin, she slapped
you and you didn’t say anything? She lovingly slapped me
and that’s why I let her go. Moreover, the truth is
that one day she’ll be my wife. Your Highness, is it enough to
be prim and proper and roam around? Will your dead mother come
and do the household chores? Mother! Say anything to me
and I’ll tolerate it. But never say
anything to my mother. Of course I’ll. You go out early in
the morning to teach and.. return only in the evening. Do you think I don’t
understand anything? Shame! Shame! You may be her step mother
but after all you are her mother. Don’t you hesitate to speak
like this about your daughter? Let it be. Don’t shower so
much affection on her. You Highness, don’t keep
standing here like a statue. There are lots of unwashed
clothes near the tap. Please go and wash them. Rahim! Come on, move aside. Karna! – What has happened? Believe me, brother I didn’t
notice when he suddenly came.. ..before my car. Don’t talk, make arrangements
to take the child to a hospital. Move aside. Listen, give me the bangle. What do you mean? Seek explanations later,
open the bangle and give me. Listen, sell the bangle
and reach the hospital quickly.. ..with the money. – Okay. Go. Move aside. Move aside. I’ll carry him. Hold him. Let’s go. Let’s go. Karna, why isn’t Rahim speaking? Will he get well? Doctor, will he get cured? I’ve given him a sedative
injection and put him to sleep. We can’t say anything
before two hours. Karna, you are crying? No.. actually the
tears naturally came out. I can see a mother trying
so hard to save her son’s life. But my mother..
so many years have passed by.. ..but I haven’t seen her even one. Bye. What happened? Why are you standing quietly
with your head bowed down? Come on tell me you wretched girl, To which paramour of yours
have you given the bangles? I’ve lost the bangles. What? You are telling lies to me? Wretched girl,
come on tell me, tell me the truth. Where are the bangles? Tell me. Stop it! Don’t dare to slap her. Those were her mother’s bangles. You have no right over them. You.. how could you
say such a thing to me? I’ll tell you something. Don’t call me mother from now on. Don’t say such a thing, mother. I don’t remember my mother. Since childhood I’ve
known that you are my mother. You are my mother. You may torture me,
punish me, I’ll accept everything. But, I’ll always call you mother. Then, promise me,
touch me and swear that..’ll do as I say. Come on, promise me. Promise me. Is there anything
that she doesn’t obey? Why should she promise you? Shut up! Basanti, my dear,
come on promise, promise. Won’t you promise me? Come on, promise me, dear. I touch you and promise, mother
that I’ll listen to whatever you say. My darling daughter. My good daughter. Basanti, you haven’t
done the right thing, dear. She definitely has some wrong
intentions because of which.. ..she made you promise her. Father,
I’ve your blessings with me. No one can harm me. My dear. Brother Abdullah, please be seated. Ramesh’s death.. I don’t want to
listen to any excuse. Ramesh died in the hospital but you
all haven’t caught his murderer yet. Please calm down. Look, we are doing our duty,
but if we don’t get evidence.. It’s the duty of law
to find out evidence. Or has law become weak? Look officer, I’m a true Muslim. I never lie in life. If anyone lies before
me I get angry. We had informed you earlier
that Karna has killed Ramesh. But you haven’t taken any step yet. Listen officer,
I give you 72 hours of time. If you can’t manage to get
Karna punished during this time.. ..then I’ll be
forced to punish him. You all may keep quiet
as you are scared of Karna. But I, Abdullah is not
sacred of anyone except God. Remember it. Just 72 hours. Let’s go. A for apple. – A for apple. B for bed. – B for bed. Write from A to Z in your copy,
I’ll be back soon. Come with me. Look, I earn a very small
amount by teaching in this school. If I lose this job
I’ll be in great problem. Moreover, mother may.. What happened? Why did you stop? What will your mother do? Let’s not discuss those things. Why have you come here? To return these bangles. I can’t take them back. I’ve told mother
that I’ve lost them. Why have you lied to your mother? She would’ve beaten
me if I didn’t lie to her. Does your mother beat you? I’ve heard that mothers
can give life for their children. They take great care
of their children. Does your mother love you a lot? My mother? Never speak of my mother. If I hate anyone in this
world then it’s my mother. Keep it. Karna, there is a
warrant in your name. Come to the police station with us. May I know what
crime I’ve committed? Ramesh has died today. Abdullah has filed
a complaint against you. Come on. Abdullah? Come on. Name? Karna. Surname? – I don’t know. What do you mean? You’ve a name but no surname?
– No, I don’t. How does that make any difference?
– Shut up! Speak softly. This isn’t your house.
This is police station. What’s your father’s name?
– I don’t know. You don’t know? Okay. Mother’s name? – I don’t know. You don’t even know that? Or are you purposely
not revealing the names? Then I must say that
your mother was a prostitute. She threw you on the streets
right after you were born. Hey! I’ll kill you if you
speak a word against my mother. Hey! Take him away. He is too daring. How dare you try to beat me? Wait, I’ll teach you
such a good lesson that.. won’t be able
to stand straight. Hey! Take him inside the lock up. Come on. Come on. Listen! I’ve come to speak to you. Who are you? I’m Basanti. You’ve got Karna arrested
on the charges of murder. But, believe me,
Karna is not a murderer. Karna protests when he
sees any poor man in trouble. Karna can give his life
to save a person in need. I request you to save Karna. What’s your relationship with Karna? We share the
relationship of humanity. We share a relationship of love. Okay, if your words are
true then I promise you that.. I’ll get Karna released from jail. You can relax and go home. Thank you. Rafiq? Big brother, the girl is right. I’ve never done
anything wrong in life. I won’t do anything wrong today.
Let’s go. How are you, Mr. Udayan? Please come, doctor. I can’t stop myself
from thanking you, Parvati. You’ve been taking care
of your husband diligently.. ..for so many years. But, I can’t assure
you of any improvement. It’s not your fault, doctor.
It’s all my fate. Don’t worry, Parvati. Almighty is there
to take care of us. He’ll set everything right. Yes, I’m hopefully
waiting for that day. Well Parvati,
when is your son Joy coming back? Joy? – Yes. He’ll return from
London this evening. Is it? – Hmm. Then I must visit you this evening. I’ll leave now. – Okay. Come on, open your mouth. Have it. What’s the matter, Mr. Mukherjee? You are keeping lot of information
about the judge these days. There is no other option. Her son is a very good boy. If I can get him married to my
daughter Ria then I’ll be relaxed. I’m waiting for that day. Mother! Mother! Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy! My darling son. My darling mother. My sweet mother. Let it be. It’s fine. Why mother? This is the only Bengali
custom that is still in practice. If we don’t practice it then no
one will recognize us as Bengalis. You are still a Bengali despite
staying abroad for so many years. You’ve not become a westerner. Mother, if I take a rice grain
sapling from a village in Bengal.. ..and plant it in America
will it become a pine or fern tree? Mother, a rice sapling will
always grow to be a rice plant.. it here or abroad. Got you. You’ve learnt to speak
quite well after going abroad. Yes mother,
you are right in that aspect. But when I speak
I speak in Bengali. Mother, Raja Ram Mohan
Roy got educated abroad and.. ..wrote many things
when he was there.. ..but he finally
came back to Bengal. Oh! Okay. Okay. Listen mother,
I forgot to tell you something. What? – I’ve brought
something for you. Thanks. What’s it? – This pen. Beautiful. Very beautiful. It’s not more beautiful than you. Punish the criminals and
write down their sentence.. ..with this gold pen when
you sit as a judge in the court. My Joy! Who is it? Dr. Mukherjee is supposed
to come with his daughter. I think they’ve come. Doctor uncle’s daughter Ria? Oh no! she is dangerous. I’ll go upstairs, mother. Listen to me. Crazy boy! So you’ve come? Please come in. Has Joy reached? Your daughter should
ask this question. Why did you ask this question? Well, am I not right? Where is your son? He is hiding upstairs
because of you. Both of you’ve been fighting
since your childhood. You’ve grown up now yet
you haven’t stopped fighting. How can we stop fighting? Your son always fights with me. Are you very calm and quite? Well, Joy never causes any problem. My daughter is the
cause of all problems. No, no, don’t say that. Joy always teases her. What happened?
Why are you standing here quietly? Go and check what he is doing. Aunty, has he forgotten
me after going abroad? How can I say? Go and ask him. He can’t forget me easily. I’ll go and check out
what the prince is doing. – Go. Both of them have a lot
of fun with each other. Isn’t it? Yes. They not only have fun with each
other but they also like each other. Come on, let’s go and sit upstairs.
Come. – Yes, let’s go. He is not in the room.
Where has he gone? Oh no! The dangerous
lady is in my room. Look, I’m warning you that
you shouldn’t speak like this. You’ve come home
after such a long time. You must speak sweetly
with me but no.. are trying to avoid me. Take the roses. It’s only for you. Thank you, madam. But, roses have thorns. What if the thorns
prick me and make me bleed? Let them prick you. This will be your punishment. I’ve waited three years for you. I’ve missed you every moment
in these three years, Joy. I know it, Ria. Do you think my
pain was any lesser? Promise me Joy that you’ll
never leave me and go anywhere. I promise you, I promise you, Ria. I’ll stay with you forever. I’ll always keep
you close to my heart. Yes. Come on, sign here. Over here. The actual murderer
has confessed his crime. Who is the real murderer? Karna, brother Abdullah
is waiting outside. You’ll know everything from him. Come on. Bye, sir. You got me arrested and
now you’ve come to bail me out. What do you think? That my heart will melt at this
gesture and I’ll bring you close to me? Only God knows who will embrace
someone or distance someone. I can only say that you
haven’t done anything wrong. Ramesh used my name to
illegally capture Paran’s house. You protested and punished Ramesh. You’ve done the right thing. You’ve done your duty
and I’ve done my duty. But, who is the person
who sacrificed himself for me? A guy of my gang, Motim.
He is a cancer patient. The doctor has said that he
won’t survive more than two months. He’ll die much before
the case gets closed. So, I thought that let
him enjoy for a few days.. the government’s expense. So, I got him arrested. What do you think of yourself?
Almighty? – Never! Do humans have the power
to become the Almighty? We are guests in this world
for a short period of time. Some people walk the path
of truth and honesty while.. ..the others choose the
wrong and dishonest path. To punish those dishonest
men I had to become Abdullah. And in order to protest against
the wrongs you’ve become Karna. I’m not like you. You are mistaken. You are just like me. In you.. in you I can see the
reflection of the Abdullah of the past. Abdullah had landed
in Kolkata from Tripura.. ..with his only sister. What do you think, doctor? She is my only sister. Will she get cured? Get her admitted to a nursing home. We need to perform
a small operation on her. She needs an operation? – Yes. I suspect she has appendicitis. How much will be
the expenses, doctor? It’ll cost about 10,000-15,000
rupees. – 10,000-15,000? Please take immediate
action or it might prove fatal. Suraiya. – Brother! Nothing will happen to you, sister.
Nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you. You need 15,000 rupees? – Yes. But, I don’t have so
much money at this moment. Go and try to get the
money from somewhere else. I’ve been working in your
store house for the past 1 years. I save some amount of
money with you every month. I never asked you give me money. But, today I want it otherwise
I won’t be able to save my sister. Please give me the money. Mercy, pity, affection, these words
are not a part of my life anymore. That’s why I’ve become a rich
businessman from an ordinary porter. Businessman,
businessman, if something happens.. my sister
I won’t let you live. Yes. I won’t let you live. Brother Abdullah,
there is good news. The operation is complete. Suraiya is good. Thanks to the Almighty. Doctor, doctor, can I meet Suraiya? She has not regained her senses. Come after two hours and meet her. Submit the money. I’ve done the operation
on your request. Don’t worry, doctor. When I’ve promised you I’ll
definitely give you the money. Abdullah, you? Abdullah, what are you doing? I’ll get you arrested. To hell with you threats. Listen businessman, I begged before
you to save my sister’s life. But, you didn’t give
me the money I owed. So, today I’m snatching
the money that I owe. New Abdullah has taken birth today. The new Abdullah won’t
beg or plead before anyone. Abdullah will always
snatch his dues. To help people like you do and
to help them give them their dues.. ..I didn’t realize when
I got tagged as don Abdullah. Okay, I understand that
but what do you want from me. I want you to punish people
who take advantage like Ramesh.. ..and torture people. I need you. What made you think that
I’ll agree to your proposal? You’ve no other
option but to agree. When you go back to your
locality the politicians will.. ..try to convince
you to join their party. If you don’t agree then they’ll try
to kill you with their hired goons. If you stay with me you’ll
get both respect and money. You know that Abdullah
is a strong name in Kolkata. Someone who’ll always
protect you from danger and.. ..give you the chance to fight. You know that I don’t
kill people or touch women. No. No. I’ll never tell you to work
against your principles, young brother. Brother? – Yes, brother. From now on you’ll eat when I eat,
you won’t eat if I’m hungry. I’ve no one in this
world just like you. I’ve a younger sister. From today she is
your younger sister too. From today your identity is that you
are Abdullah’s younger brother Karna. I never thought that I’ll get into
an affectionate bond with anyone. Today you’ve won
me over with your love. Big brother, your younger
brother will give his life for you. I haven’t brought you
close to me to take your life. I’ve brought you closer
to me to save people’s lives. Come on, our only sister is hungry. Come in, come in. Suraiya. Suriaya. – Brother. You need not feel
ashamed before him. Listen, he is your elder brother. His name is Karna. Hello. – Hello. Why are you standing, brother? Please sit down. Is this the way to welcome him? Your brother has come
home the first time. Get sweets for him. Oh no! I’ll get it right now. No. no. I don’t want sweets. I won’t listen to your refusal. You’ve to eat sweets today. Sit down. Big brother, your sister..
– Don’t be formal. Be informal. Informal? – Yes. Speak informally. Speaking informally
sounds very sweet. Outsiders will speak formally. Okay. Okay. Fine. Oh no! So many sweets?
I’ll have just one. One. No. No. I won’t listen to you. You must have them.
– Okay, I’ll eat it. One sweet. Brother Abdullah! Brother Abdullah,
Tiger kidnapped my daughter.. ..when she was returning
from college yesterday. I went and reported the matter to
police but they didn’t listen to me. When I got her back last night,
my daughter was dead. I want to know why Tiger
has killed my daughter. I want justice, brother Abdullah. Justice.
Yes, you’ll get justice, priest. Rafiq! – No. No, big brother. I’ll punish Tiger. I’ll punish Tiger in the
manner that he’ll never try to.. ..harm a girl. I’m Raghav’s brother. The police won’t dare to touch me. Karna, he is Tiger. No! Stop it! Inspector, arrest him. He has killed the
priest’s daughter. It’s not just murder but there
are many other charges against him. Hey! Take him to
the police station. What?! What are you saying? I’m speaking the truth. We may land in further
problem if we don’t stop Karna. Yes, boss. Tiger has confessed
of committing murder. The case is going to be
judged at Mrs. Parvati’s court. It’ll be very difficult
to get bail from her, boss. Listen lawyer, Tiger is my brother. Get him released at any cost. I’m ready to pay any
amount of money for his bail. Money can’t buy Mrs. Parvati. We have to utilize the loopholes
in aw to bail out Tiger. Fine. Do what you think is right. I’ll deal with Karna. Count it. There is 5000 rupees. I’ll pay the remaining
amount after the work gets done. Please sit here, son. I’ll soon go and get Basanti. Come. – No!
– Come quickly. – No! I won’t go. – So, you won’t go? You have to go. Come on, I say. Come on. It’s hurting. – It’s hurting? Go! Mother! Look at the hapless
girl’s behavior. Look at the girl’s attitude. No! I’ll never go with him. Not even if I have to die.
– No! Don’t say so. Why will you die? You are my money plant. I’ll keep you alive
with water and fertilizers. Shame on you, mother! Don’t you feel ashamed
to talk in this manner? Could you do this to
me if I was your own daughter? When you are not my
own daughter there is.. use discussing the matter. Go, son. Take her with you. Come on. Come on. Hey, I say,
leave my hand otherwise.. Otherwise, what will you do? He won’t do anything. I’ll do what is to be done. I’ll beat you so badly that you
won’t even recognize your own face. Son, will you show
your hooliganism here too? I love Basanti. So a goon also falls in love? If I ever find you misbehaving
with her in future then.. ..I won’t spare anyone of you. Stop pretending
and get out of here. Come with me. Oh no! Oh no!
He has broken my hand. It is not yet broken. If you ever extend your
ands towards her in future.. ..then I’ll really break it. Come on. What’s this? Why are you crying? I’m thinking. – Thinking of what? Mother will beat me when I go home.
– No, she won’t. If your mother beats you inform me. Wipe off your tears because
I don’t like to see a sad face. But, I don’t understand something. Mother was beating me, why
did you lift your ands against her? I’ll definitely lift
my hands against the person.. ..who does anything wrong. I can’t tolerate if anyone does
anything wrong in a lawful society. Moreover, I won’t tolerate if
anyone makes the person I love cry. I’m not sure,
I’ve never fallen in love and.. I don’t know how you feel. What do you mean? Well I mean that I
don’t know what love is. Do you know what love is?
– Yes, I know. What is love? “There can’t be waves
without water in river.” “Flowers don’t bloom
if black bees don’t visit it.” “If you are not with me and
if you don’t come close to me..” “..there is no life in this body.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “There can’t be waves
without water in river.” “Flowers don’t bloom
if black bees don’t visit it.” “If you are not with me and
if you don’t come close to me..” “..there is no life in this body.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “Shower lots of love on
me and keep me in your heart.” “Thorns on the road hurt feet and
the thorns on flowers hurt hands.” “You’ve injured my
heart with your heart.” “How do I spend nights?” “If you are not with me and
if you don’t come close to me..” “..there is no life in this body.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “I’ll spend my life
with my head on your laps.” “I don’t want anything
except you in this life.” “Your magical touch
cures the pain of my heart.” “I can’t sleep at
night when I’m alone.” “If you are not with me and
if you don’t come close to me..” “..there is no life in this body.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “There can’t be waves
without water in river.” “Flowers don’t bloom
if black bees don’t visit it.” “If you are not with me and
if you don’t come close to me..” “..there is no life in this body.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” “What magic have you woven on me?” “You’ve snatched
sleep from my eyes.” The government orders that
the case against tiger be started. Your Honor, I don’t want to waste
the valuable time of the court.. ..and would like to request that
my client M. Dipak aka Mr. tiger.. declared
innocent and released. I object, My Lord. My opposition is not putting
forward the right statement.. the witness and evidence
has not yet been judged. After going through the
confession statement of.. ..the criminal and evidence
I’ve reached the conclusion that.. ..Tiger has killed Mr.
Radhashankar’s daughter. Murderer? How? Your Honor, the day Pandit
Radhashankar’s daughter was.. ..raped and killed was
the day on which my client was.. ..not in that locality. My client Mr. Tiger was at the
house of an eminent social worker.. ..and MLA Mr. Bhandari
attending his birthday party. Do you have any
witness or evidence? Of course, Your Honor. MLA Mr. Bhandari is here
at the court to serve law. He is ready to be the witness. I request the respected court to
allow Mr. Bhandari to be a witness. Let Mr. Bhandari be summoned. I’ll speak nothing but the truth. Well, Mr. Bhandari was Mr.
Tiger present at your house.. ..during the party
on 14th September? Yes, we were together
the entire night. We were enjoying a bit. Mr. Bhandari’s statement
proves that the case of.. opposition is baseless. A goon named Karna has
tried to trap him because.. ..of some local disputes. He has beaten him
in broad daylight. He even tried to kill him. If the police hadn’t reached on
time then he would’ve killed him. That’s not all, Your Honor. The underworld don
Abdullah of that region.. ..has brought false witness
and evidence to trap him. I request the respected
court of justice.. take legal action against him.
That’s all, Your Honor. Well Mr. Bhandari, what
was the occasion for the party.. your house on 14th September? Well, it was my birthday party. But, Mr. Bhandari your
birthday is mentioned.. be 18th September
in the government records. How many times dos a man celebrate
his birthday, Mr. Bhandari? Were you born twice? What do you mean? The meaning is very simple, Mr.
Bhandari. Your statement is completely false. My opposition has tried to use
your false statement to save Tiger. Your Honor, the people
who give false statements are.. ..equally punishable. As politicians speaking lies has
become a part of your profession. Isn’t it, Mr. Bhandari? Your Honor, I don’t think there
should be any reason to think.. ..that Tiger is innocent. Order. Order. In contempt of court I order
that a case be filed against.. ..Mr. Bhandari for
giving false statement. According to IPC’s section
302 I give death sentence.. the accused Tiger. No! He is to be hanged till death. Boss, they are taking me away. Boss, they are taking me away. Boss, save me. Boss, save me. I’ve lost 14 years of my
life because of Mrs. Parvati. And today because
of the same lady.. ..I’m going to lose my Tiger. Mrs. Parvati has to pay for it. Keshav! – Yes, boss. Take a many men with you. I want to see the blood stains of
Mrs. Parvati on the streets today. Her funeral pyre will douse
the fire raging inside me. Go! Go! – Okay, boss. What’s the matter? Who are you all? Your death. Hit her. No! Help! No! Help! No! No! Help! Leave me. Leave me. You’ve acted smart but now.. – No! Leave me. Leave me.
– Leave them. Don’t kill them and
take law in your hands. If cheap goons like them
can take law in their hands.. kill someone like you then
why can’t I take law in my hands.. kill goons like them. No. No. You can’t. Do you know why terrorism,
murder and lawlessness.. increasing in
our city day after day? Do you know it? – Why? That’s because court of
law needs witness, evidence. The actual culprits pay money
and get out of jail with smiles.. ..on their faces but,
but in my court I need no witness. I need no evidence. That’s why till date
no murderer or criminal.. spared by me. But today it’s only because of you,
only because of you.. ..those goons escaped
from my hands. It happened only because of you. What’s this? You are bleeding. Let me bleed. When there is no surety of the
blood that’s flowing in my veins.. ..I don’t care
if I bleed profusely. I’ll go now, madam. – Listen to me. Aunty!
– Oh Ria! Come. Come to me. My Ria. Aunty, you didn’t
go to court today? No. I’m waiting here to catch you. Aunty, you are too much. Well, I was saying.. Well, I was saying.. Why are you stammering? Where is Joy? I can tell you but.. – But what? You must cook for me one day. I want to check which
dishes you’ve learnt to cook. Okay aunty, I’ll tell you. First tell me where Joy is. He has gone out for some work.
He’ll soon be home. Sit down; I’ll get tea for you.
Sit down. “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” “You are mine, I’m yours.” “We are madly in
love with each other.” “You are mine, I’m yours.” “We are madly in
love with each other.” “We are madly in
love with each other.” “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” “You are my life.” “I feel restless
if I don’t see you.” “You are the song of my life.” “Your melody soothes me.” “You are with me in my
joys and also in my sorrows.” “You are with me in my
joys and also in my sorrows.” “That’s why your thoughts
make me wayward.” “Make me wayward.” “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” “Don’t distance me, let
my bridal room be at your feet.” “This is the victory of love.” “You are there in
my heart as my life.” “You are in my dreams
and in my waking hours.” “You are in my dreams
and in my waking hours.” “My life will be worthless
without you, friend.” “Without you, friend.” “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” “You are mine, I’m yours.” “We are madly in
love with each other.” “You are mine, I’m yours.” “We are madly in
love with each other.” “We are madly in
love with each other.” “We are the waves
of the same river.” “We are two bright
stars of one sky.” Who is it? Why were you staring at my photo? You’ve squint eyes. I was noticing it. Oh! I too was watching
something. – What? Your nose is blunt. Is my nose blunt? – Yes. Did you say that I’ve a blunt nose? Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. Tea for you. Hey! Hey! What’s wrong? The tea will fall down. Aunty, he said that
I’ve blunt nose. Stop it. Stop it. I said the right thing. Shut up. Shut up. Both of you are just too much. Wait, I’ll make arrangements
so that you can fight all the time. Mother! – The cup will fall down. Rahman Sheikh, I’m not saying
this just because she is my sister, My sister is really
beautiful and talented. I’ll feel fortunate if
you like my sister and agree.. this marriage proposal. Don’t say this and make
us feel ashamed brother Abdullah. I’m fortunate that I’ll
get into a relationship with you. My only son Farooq
is a computer engineer. My choice is his choice. Please call Suraiya. Karna, go and call Suraiya. Hey Suraiya! You are still standing
here? You are not ready yet? What’s this? Why are you in tears? Please help me, brother. I love Jaman. Why didn’t you tell
big brother about this? I’m very scared of him. There is nothing to be sacred of. Tell big brother everything
after they go away and.. ..I’ll handle the rest. Come on. Come on. Hello. You are right brother Abdullah. Your sister is really beautiful. We like the girl. She’ll be a perfect
match for my son. What do you say, Karim? Yes, she’ll match Farooq. Then let’s not delay and
fix an auspicious day next month.. Brother Abdullah, 15th of
next month is an auspicious day. If you’ve no objection
then finalize that date. As the lord wishes. We’ll leave now. Goodbye. – Goodbye. Goodbye. – Goodbye. What do you say, Suraiya? Do you agree to this proposal? Tell big brother. Why are you quiet? Tell him. Suraiya, do you have any
objection to this marriage? I mean I’ve promised Mr. Rahman. Brother, you men everything to me. Whatever you’ll do will
be for my well-being. – Amen. I’ll go now. Karna, I give you all
the responsibilities.. ..of your younger sister’s wedding. Don’t call me again, Suraiya. I’ve no relationship with you now. What.. what are you saying? How will I face the society? When brother will ask me
who is the father of the child.. my womb,
what shall I answer him? How can I tell you
what you’ll tell him? Do I’ve to take the
responsibility of the child.. your womb just because
I enjoyed with you for few days? Don’t say this, Jaman. Please. Don’t say this. I love you. I surrendered myself
completely to you.. ..just because I trust you. Please. Don’t pretend, Suraiya. Life is not a drama. Go to a good clinic and
abort the sin in your womb. Jaman! I’ll pay the amount you need. Don’t try to contact
me in future. Jaman! Don’t try to contact me in future. Jaman, listen to me. Suraiya. What has happened? Your elder brother is still alive. Come on tell me what
has happened. Tell me. Brother, what shall I do now? I’m feel very scared. Brother, brother will kill
me if he finds out everything. Karna, take Suraiya to Jaman. Explain everything to him. Suraiya hasn’t done anything
wrong my loving Jaman. But, he has refused
to acknowledge my love. He has refused to acknowledge
the child in my womb. No, no, brother what
is he insults you? Let him insult me. I’ll tolerate all insults
for my younger sister. If it doesn’t help I’ll
show him my true colours. Don’t do anything
out of anger, Karna. It’s the question of
life and death for Suraiya. I know it. It’ll be good if Jaman
accepts Suraiya today.. ..otherwise I won’t stop my hands. Come with me. Karna! Karna! What’s this? You all? You seem to be surprised. My sister. Why have you behaved
in this manner with my sister? What have I done? She is pregnant with your child. Hat nonsense are you speaking? Do you have any evidence? Evidence? You loved
her at some point of time. That’s Suraiya’s misconception. I never loved Suraiya. It means, I means your
love was just a pretence? Of course! I can enjoy with a girl like her for
few days but never think of marriage. If you need then I
can give you some money. Son of a swine! You want to give
money to my sister? You want to give money
to my sister, son of a swine? Brother! – Leave me. Brother, don’t beat him. Leave him. I’ve committed a mistake. I’ll repent for it. Let’s go, brother. If anything happens to my sister.. ..I’ll chop your body
into so many pieces, That you’ll family will
spend a life time to count it. Brother! – Come on. ‘If brother finds out about
this he’ll feel insulted.’ ‘What is brother kills
Jaman out of anger?’ ‘He’ll get punished for the crime.’ ‘I’m responsible
for this situation.’ ‘I’m responsible.’ Suraiya. Hey Suraiya! You are still sleeping? Wake up. Wake up. Hey Suraiya! Suraiya. Suraiya! Suraiya! Big brother.. Rafiq.. Rafiq, my Suraiya has
left this world and gone away. But, but I don’t understand
why she committed suicide. Why she committed suicide? She had an affair
with a guy named Jaman.. Jaman! Who is Jaman? He is the one. His name is Jaman. Go. Go and catch him. Hey stop! Stop! No! No! don’t kill me. Big brother, why don’t
you understand that you’ve.. ..committed a murder openly? Hide for few days else
the police will catch you. But, but,
I haven’t done anything wrong. I’ve given the criminal
his due punishment. You think in that manner
but law won’t think that way. The police will take
out a warrant against you. They’ll search you wildly. If needed they’ll come home. I beg of you that
you hide for few days. No. Abdullah isn’t
scared of anyone. I won’t run away in
the darkness of the night. But big brother.. Mr. Abdullah. Mr. Abdullah, for the crime of
killing Jaman in broad daylight.. ..I arrest you. Do you’ve any evidence
that I killed him? Joy Choudhury has
witnessed this murder. Come with me. Come on. Did you call me? I’ve heard that out of
sight and you are out of mind. Has the same happened with you too? What are you saying, big brother? I want to know why Joy
Choudhury is still alive. Why have you kept him alive when
he has given statement against me? Do you want me to
get hanged for murder? Do you want me
to rot in the prison? What are you saying, big brother? Karna, I had saved your life once. My man got arrested for
the murder you committed. Have you forgotten the incident? Come on, tell me Karna,
have you forgotten it? I haven’t forgotten anything,
bi brother. I want you to repay for
what I had done for you, Karna. Remove, remove Joy
Choudhury from this world. My lawyer is trying
to get bail for me. But no, no.
I want to shut the witness forever. Don’t worry, big brother. I’ll handle everything. Joy Choudhury won’t reach
the court to give statement. Come on. Oh no! – What happened? I’ve forgotten a bag. I’ll go and get it. No. you stay here. I’ll go and get it You? – I think you haven’t
recognized me. Right? I’ve recognized you
and I know why you’ve come. You are Abdullah’s man. I know you’ve come
to convince me that.. ..If I give statement
against Abdullah in the court.. ..the outcome won’t be good for me.
Isn’t it? When you understand so
much why don’t you remove.. ..your name as a witness. Ware you getting
yourself into trouble? Since childhood my mother has
taught me that one who does wrong.. ..and one who tolerates
wrong should be equally hated. I want to use my mother’s
teachings in my life. So, I can’t be quiet when
I saw Abdullah killing someone. Not even if you life is at risk? I don’t hand over my life
to anyone who asks for it. I’ve both the strength and
the courage to protect myself. Let’s test your
strength and courage. No! No! no! Don’t kill my son. Hey! Arrest him. Let’s go, mother. Order. Order. Start the proceedings of the court. Mr. Samiran, the accused Mr. Karna
is a resident of your locality. Please tell the respected
court whatever you know about him. Karna is an orphan youth. He is the don of the area. He decides what is right
and wrong in his own court. Abdullah is an infamous criminal. Karna is his right hand. Karna does everything
as per his orders. Karna, the accused went to kill
Joy Choudhury as per his orders. You may go. Your Honor,
we’ve a case today which doesn’t.. ..require witness or evidence. Karna attacked the son
of our respected judge.. broad daylight right
before her eyes and he injured him. It’s a straight case of
attempt to murder, Your Honor. Your Honor, the motive behind the
attempt to murder is very clear. Karna is the right hand
of Madhavpur’s Abdullah. Joy Choudhury is the
prime witness against.. ..the case that’s going
on against Abdullah. I want to submit all
the documents related to.. ..Jaman’s murder case in Madhavpur. Your Honor, everyone
calls Karna dada in Madhavpur. No one ever dares
to speak up against him. If anyone speaks anything
against Karna by mistake.. ..Karna doesn’t hesitate
to remove him from his path. Lie! it’s a lie. The people who torture the poor,
snatch their food, Inflict sufferings on them
are the only people who are.. ..punished by Karna. Law has the sole right
to punish a criminal. If anyone takes up law in his own
hands it’s a punishable offence. I’ve taken up law in my own
hands only to establish justice. When law claps its hands ,
do I have any other option.. ..other than taking
up law in my hands? Did you want to establish
by killing Joy, Mr. Karna? Come on tell me, answer me. I don’t have the answer. What’s the full name
of the accused? – Karna. Who are the parents of the accused? My father is injustice. My mother is torture. I was born in the midst
of injustice and torture. Hatred is the degree I’ve earned
and ignorance is my surrounding. What’s the reason behind such
an attitude against your parents? Reason? My father never came
before me to claim that.. ..Karna is his child. And my mother,
my mother has never fed me.. ..her breast milk. Rather she threw me on
the garbage beside the streets. What’s your education? I’ve studied in the school of this
world and the college of poverty. But, they aren’t any
educational institutions. There is no other bigger
institution than harsh reality. There are two teachers there. One is injustice
and other is torture. There can’t be better tutors
than them in any school or college. Do you know that you can
be punished for what you’ve done? When I’ve done something
wrong I must get punished. The court gives six months
of rigorous imprisonment.. ..and two lakh rupees
as penalty for.. ..attempting to kill Joy Choudhury. Judge.. no.. don’t punish Karna. Don’t punish Karna. ‘Parvati. – Yes.’ ‘He is uncle Pradip. – Oh!’ ‘I had told you that uncle
Pradip and his daughter saved me.. ..from Raghav Roy and
his goons – Yes. Yes.’ Great! Very good! I knew that you will
get arrested one day. Why are you crying today, old man? You never shed tears
for me in the past 25 years. You’ve always shunned me away. I’ve grown up on the
streets and footpath.. ..without my parents’ identity. Whenever I rushed to you
for affection, love and security..’ve thrown me out. That’s when I saw hatred
and insult for me in your eyes. Listen. The judge is calling you. – Me? Let’s go. Hello. Did you call me? Hello. I’ve recognized you. You are Kunti’s father. Where is Kunti at the moment? What about my son? Don’t be silent. Please tell me where my child is. Look, I’ve shed tears
for my child all these years. Where is my child? ‘During my last moments promise me,
father that..’ ‘ won’t disclose
this to anyone.’ I don’t know.
I don’t know anything. You can’t go away from here without
telling me where my child is. Where has Kunti kept my child? Kunti is no more. She has died. Kunti.. she is dead? What about my child? Swear on me and tell
me where my child is. The person you punished
today is your son. I had promised Kunti so
I kept his parents’ identity.. ..a secret from him. What.. what are you saying? Yes. When Kunti was returning
after handing you her son.. ..Kunti met with an accident
and was fatally injured. Before she died she
made me promise that.. ..I should never reveal the identity
of the child’s parents to anyone. You made me swear
on God and so I spoke up. Karna.. Karna, is my son. Yes. He never got the love
and affection of his parents. Whenever I saw him I
remembered Kunti’s dead face. I used to feel that I’ve
lost my daughter because of him. So, I never kept Karna with me. He has grown up negligently
on the streets.. ..with hatred towards his parents. Harsh reality has
made him heard hearted. But, but, believe me,
he never did anything wrong. He never hurt an innocent man. And today,
you’ve punished your innocent son. I’ve punished him. I’ve punished my son. I’ve sent him to prison. I’ll get him back. I’ll get him back. Karna, come out. The amount of your
penalty has been paid. Now you are free. I don’t have any rich relative or
friend who’ll pay 2 lakhs for me. Who has paid the amount for me? The judge has paid
the amount on your behalf. She is standing to take
you along with her. Go. Why are you showering
so much benevolence on me? I tried to kill your son
right in front of your eyes. Are you rewarding me for it? No, Karna. The relationship
we share has forced me.. get you released. What relationship do we share? If I say that I’m your mother? I mean like your mother. Like my mother? Judge, even dogs and cats
take care of their young ones.. They don’t desert their children. But, my mother left me on the
streets after giving birth to me. I don’t know if I’ll ever
meet my mother, but if I meet her.. What will you do if you meet her? I’ll kill her. – No, son. I think you’ve wrong
notion about your mother. Look, can a mother
desert her child? Tell me. Perhaps your mother did
everything against her wishes.. ..and was forced to desert you. She was forced? A person can be forced to do anything
but no one can lave her child. You are a mother. Could you,
could you leave your child? You couldn’t. I had saved your life once
and so you’ve saved my life.. paying such a
huge amount of money and.. ..that’s because you’ve
motherly feelings in your heart. But my mother.. I’ll go now. Karna. Goddess! Goddess,
your benevolence has no limit. I’ve been rewarded for the prayers
I’ve offered all these years. I’ve got back my own son, Goddess. But, but he is in immense pain. He has lot of questions. How do I explain it to you,
Goddess? The pain of immense
negligence has made my son, My own son Karna refuses
to address me as mother. What will I do? Goddess, tell me what shall I do. Even after getting back
my son after so many years, I can’t hear him
address me as mother. Tell me what I shall do. Mother! Mother! What’s the matter? What’s the matter?
Why are you here? Why have you come back so early? I want to know why you’ve
spent two lakhs rupees.. get the criminal
Karna released from jail. He is a murderer, mother. He wanted to kill your
son right in front of your eyes. Why do you have so
much compassion for him? Tell me, mother. Answer me. I.. I’m not bound to answer you. You are bound. I want to know why you’ve wasted
so much money after a murderer. Why have you set him free? What do you want? Do you want Karna to kill me? Joy! What are you saying, Joy? Then tell me why you
have paid for the criminal. What’s your relation with him? Joy, why aren’t you hesitating
to speak to mother in this manner? No, Ria. I’ve no hesitation. A son is bound to suspect
his mother if she sets the person.. ..who tried to kill her son free. Now, I feel that
you wish to see me dead. You’ve appointed the
criminal Karna to kill me. Mother! You said a very big thing to me. I’ve showered so much
love and affection on you.. ..for so many years
and have brought you up.. this the reward you
are giving me for my efforts? Is this the reward?
Shame! Now I know that people
are right when they say.. ..a stranger is always
a stranger and can never be own. Stranger?
You mean I’m not your own? Your own son is not yours? Whose son? You are not my own son. What relationship
do is hare with you? I’ve brought you up but
I didn’t carry you in my womb. Joy! I didn’t carry
you in my womb, Joy. Yes. I carried Karna in my womb. It was not you, Joy. Not you. Mother.. Yes. Yes, Karna. Karna. Karna has been deprived of my love. He has grown up to be a goon. I’ve brought you up with love
and affection all these years and.. you are saying that I’ve..
I’ve set Karna to kill you. Is Karna your son? – Yes. I’m not your mother. Your mother is Kunti, Mr.
Pradip’s daughter. Why didn’t you tell
me the truth before? Why did you hide the
truth for so many years? That’s because I had promised
your mother that I’ll never.. ..reveal the truth to you. I’ve tried to bring you up
to the best of my capacity, Joy. I’ve tried to fulfill the
promise I made to your mother. But, today you’ve shattered
my patience and I’m forced.. speak all
this before you, Joy. If I’ve hurt you.. ..then forgive me. You’ve disowned your son
and have brought me up as your son. I thank you for it. I’ll go, mother. Where are you going, Joy? I don’t know, mother. But, I can never come
back to this house. – Joy! No.. Joy! What are you saying? Why will you leave your
mother and house and go away? She may not be your
own mother but she has.. ..brought you up with
motherly affection and love. And you.. – No, Ria. No. I can’t stay in this house anymore. I’ve to go. I’ve to go. No, Joy. Joy.. Where will you leave me and go? When own people become
strangers in a moment.. can’t stay together. Joy! I’ve enjoyed your immense
comfort and wealth unknowingly. No.. I’m sorry for it. But, today when I know my identity,
I can’t stay.. this house for a moment.
– Joy.. It’ll be very painful for me. Hey! Joy, what are you saying? If you leave this house
and go away, how will I live? Tell me, tell me, Joy. How can I survive without
hearing you address me as mother? Don’t you know that if
you leave this house and go away, This house will become dark? Joy, you can’t leave
me alone and go away. You won’t go anywhere.
You won’t go anywhere. Mother, when all ties are
severed why do you want to.. ..keep me back? Broken wires can be fixed
but does the mark fade away? It doesn’t. I won’t be able to lovingly
address you as mother.. I used to before. – Joy! Let me go. – Joy! Let me go. – No! Joy! Joy! Karna! Karna! You are here? “Inside my heart..” “..something flutters..” “Something flutters
inside my heart.” “What’s going on inside my heart?” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” “Inside my heart..” “..something flutters..” “Something flutters
inside my heart.” “What’s going on inside my heart?” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” “I’m young and burning inside.” “Douse the fire
within me with love.” “I keep calling you.” “I’ll fill the river
of youth with joys today.” “No. No. Don’t call me near you.” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” “Let’s go to a deserted place.” “I don’t like staring
into your eyes more.” “Don’t tie me up with love yet.” “I’ll give you everything
after our happy wedding.” “No. No. I can’t wait more.” “Oh my darling,
don’t you know I’m love?” You’ve got bail. You may go. Mr. Udayan, your son Joy. He has come to take you home. Let’s go, father. Yes, go with him. What do you all want? Settle accounts..
I want to settle accounts with you. Look, my father is sick,
I’m taking him home. You can’t go anywhere without
settling accounts with me. Look Joy, I’ll tell
you something very clearly. You must forget about
giving statement against me. But Joy can’t ignore
truth out of your fear. What if he loses his life for it? Let me lose my life. Remember something. Everything can be
sacrificed for truth. But truth can’t be
sacrificed for anything. Is this your final decision? – Yes. This is my final decision. Karna, you? Yes brother Abdullah, it’s me. Go away from here. Let me settle the
accounts with him. It means another murder, bloodshed. You can easily take life
but can you give a life to someone? Brother Abdullah,
aren’t you a true Muslim? Don’t you pray five times a day? Then why are you staining
your hands with blood? Enough, Karna! Enough! Killing my enemy to
save myself is not a sin. If I don’t kill him he’ll be
responsible for my death tomorrow. No! I won’t let you kill him. You’ve to kill me
before you kill him. Karna! – Yes, brother Abdullah. This is my pledge. Come on hit me, hit me. I’ve lost. This is the first
time Abdullah has lost. Karna, I may spare him today
but when I’ll get him again.. future I won’t spare
him because if I don’t kill him.. ..I’ll be hanged. Let’s go. If you didn’t come today.. My name is Karna. I’ve always given in life and
never demanded anything in return. Go from here. You won’t face any problem. As long as Karna is alive
no one will be able to harm you. Go. Well Dr. Mukherjee,
my husband is not in his bed. I can’t find him anywhere. Joy came and took Mr.
Udayan with him. I mentioned you but he acted so stubborn..
– I can understand. But, but where did
Joy go with his father? Father, sit here,
I’ll go and wash my hands. This is great. – Yes. Hello. – Hello. By the way, I can’t recognize you. No. you don’t know me. But, I recognized you
all the moment I saw you. Both of you. I’ve a nice snap of both of you. Our photo? That day when you stole
from a man and killed him. ..I was present there. I clicked your photo. Take a look. Take a look. The photo is so good.
Both of you look so handsome. How much money do you want?
– Money? What will I do with money? You don’t have
to pay for the photo. I give it to you free of cost. Where are the negatives
of these photos? Negatives?
I don’t remember where I kept them. I don’t remember things.
– Oh! You don’t remember? Okay, do something. You’ve gifted us
such nice pictures. We must gift you something.
– Of course. Come on, come with us. Come on. I? – Yes, you. Let’s go. I’ll go with you? – Yes, let’s go. There was a gentleman sitting here. Can you tell me where he is? Yes. He just went out with few men. Where are you taking
me in your car? You are our friend. You’ve clicked such
a nice photo of ours. We’ll give you a gift. Come on, get inside.
Help him get inside the car. Open the door. Hey! Where are you taking my father? Your father will stay
with us from now on. I you want to save your father
then get the negatives for us. Hey! What’s this? You’ve killed him
openly on the streets? No. No. believe me,
I didn’t kill him. Go and speak in the court. Come on. Bring him along. No. No. Make him speak up
where the negatives are. Come on tell me where
the negatives are. Speak up. Your Honor,
accused Joy Choudhury was caught.. handed by the police
while killing lawyer Nirmal Basak. I haven’t killed him. I’m not a murderer. I was trying to save
my father from kidnappers. I haven’t murdered anyone. Your Honor, we know that
the accused is your son.. ..but it’s your duty to honor law. So, forget the relation
you share with him and.. ..I request that accused Joy
Choudhury is given death sentence. That’s all, Your Honor. The next hearing of this
case will be held tomorrow. The court is adjourned today. Come on. Joy.. ‘Write down the sentences of
the criminals with this gold pen.’ I’ve to write down
my decision tomorrow. What shall I write down? I may give him any
punishment as a judge.. ..but as a mother how
can I punish him, god? Hello.
– Who is it? You? In my house? – Yes. One must go to the temple
to behold the Goddess. Why does the goddess
have tear in her eyes today? What do you want? To take a look at you.
– Look at me? Yes, I’ve come to see.. you write your
son’s death sentence.. the judge of the court. But, I’ve come here and
seen you in this helpless state. Law is same for everyone. If Joy has committed murder
then he’ll get punished. Okay. but judge, your son
Joy hasn’t committed any murder. What do you mean? Law may term Joy as the culprit.. ..but Keshav has committed
the murder. – What! When they were
kidnapping your husband.. ..Keshav committed the murder. But it’s your son
Joy who got framed. I’m the only person who can give
statement and save your son Joy. But, you must do something for me. What do you want me to do? When Keshav killed Basak your
husband had killed few pictures. I’ve seen the pictures. I want those negatives. But.. I don’t know
where the negatives are. I’ll land your husband and
son in trouble if you don’t know. Tomorrow morning
before the court opens, If I don’t get the negatives
then I’ll kill your husband. And you, you’ll rite down
the death sentence of your son.. your court. Bye. Karna. You? Why are you
here at this odd hour? I.. I’ve come to you
as I’m in big trouble. Don’t refuse me. Please. But, I don’t have
anything to give you. Yes, you have. You’ve a lot to give me today. Joy has been arrested
on charges of murder. His case is being
decided in my court. All the witness and
evidence are against him. You are a judge,
you handle laws all the time. How can I help you? Joy hasn’t committed the murder.
He is innocent. Raghav’s brother Keshav
has committed the murder. Raghav has told me that
if I return the negatives.. ..of the photos that
my husband has clicked.. ..he’ll withdraw
the case against Joy. But, believe me I don’t
know where the negatives are. My husband has been
held captive by them. I don’t know where he is. Karna, save my husband. Save my Joy from
Raghav’s conspiracy. Please. I’m not just a judge,
I’m also a mother. How can I give death
sentence to my son? Tell me. Mother? I hate the word mother. You don’t know that I’ve no respect,
love, affection for my mother. One day you had set me free
from jail and I’ll definitely.. ..repay that act of benevolence. But before that you’ve
to answer my question. Okay. I’ll answer all your
questions in order to save Joy’s life. Well, what do you wish t know? Who is my mother? Share the identity of my family. Come on tell me. Why are you quiet? Whenever I meet you,
you ask me about my mother. Whenever my mother’s topic
comes up you start crying. You definitely know my mother. Tell me who is she. What’s her identity? I can’t answer this
question of yours. Today I’m sure that
you know my mother. Am I illegitimate child? Don’t I have a father’s identity? Or am I a sin whom my
mother left on the streets? Or is my mother a prostitute? Don’t you feel ashamed
to speak all this.. ..before someone
of your mother’s age? No, I don’t, I don’t. I’ve grown up without my mother’s
love and affection all these years. Every moment just one
question has troubled me. Why did I grow up as an orphan? Every moment I felt that
I’m unwanted in this world. Why do I not love my mother
and just hate her, hate her? The mother whom you’ve been
searching since childhood, Karna.. ..I’m your lost mother. Karna, now, now hate me. Yes. Throw me out of your house. Take revenge, Karna. Take revenge. Mother.. mother.. Don’t cry, son. Don’t cry. My darling son. Listen. Joy may not be my own son.. ..but he is your brother,
your own brother. You must take up the
responsibility to save him Karna. Promise me. Mother.. – Promise me. I was alive and was
waiting for this day.. that I can address
someone as my mother. Karna.. Don’t worry, mother. I’ll bring Joy and father back.
– Karna.. Don’t worry, mother. Don’t worry. Come on, tell me where
the negatives are because.. ..otherwise I’ll not only kill
you but will get your son Joy.. ..hanged though he is innocent. Leave me. What have you done? You’ve blessed me without
praying for anything. Don’t do anything to this girl.
Leave her. It’s time for me to
settle accounts today. But before that I must
teach Karna a lesson. – Beware! Don’t touch me.
it won’t be good for you. Yes, yes, today only
good things will happen to me. But before settling all the accounts
I want to love you, beautiful girl. Leave me. I’ll leave you but before
that I’ll ruin your honor. If Karna finds out then..
– Karna. Karna. Karna. Is Karna the only one
who’ll enjoy your beauty? Do you want me to suck my fingers? Come on, let me see
who saves you. – Karna! Karna! Let me see who saves you. Karna. Leave Basanti. Karna, don’t forget that
you’ve entered a tiger’s den. A dog can never be a tiger. Karna. Beat him. No! What’s this? What’s this? Why am I here? What’s wrong with me? Parvati, you? So you can recognize me? Do you remember everything? I’ve remembered everything. Big brother, you? – Yes. I’ve participated in your fight to
get back everything in life, Karna. But big brother,
you’ve killed Raghav. I’ve killed many people in life. It doesn’t matter if I kill an
evil man for my younger brother today. Big brother.. Who are they? They are your sons. Karna and Joy. My sons? She is Basanti, she loves Karna. Come, inspector. Come. Come, officer. Take this. I’ve killed the evil man Raghav.
Arrest me. I’ll go now, Karna. I don’t know what punishment
I’ll be given by law. If I’m every set free will you give
a small place to your big brother? One more thing. If it’s possible then
go and sprinkle rose water.. ..on Suraiya’s grave every Friday. I’ll go now. Let’s go, officer. Let’s go, Basanti. Karna! Where are you going? Why? I’ve kept my promise. I’ve removed the
obstacles from Joy’s path. I’ve saved your husband’s life.
What else do you want? Karna, I want to hold my lost
son close to my heart and live. Parvati, it’s not just
Karna we want, we also have.. keep this girl with us. – Yes. When God returns,
he returns everything. Then I hope I won’t
go back empty handed. I hope my daughter
gets a place in your house. Why are you saying so? Very soon wedding bells
will be heard in our house. Yes. Of course. I’ve got back everything today.
I’ve got back everything.

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