Another Top 10 Improvised Movie Moments

Another Top 10 Improvised Movie Moments

well nothing else is gonna fit into this dress I’ll tell you that maybe something on this box I don’t want you get too excited Zilla I long for that great scene these actors put the improv in improvement welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for another top 10 improvised movie moments for this list we’ve chosen movie scenes or lines that were ad-libbed or otherwise changed by an actor in the heat of the moment [Applause] [Music] number ten show tune the Warriors can you dig it for the Coney Island confrontation between this film’s rival gangs director Walter Hill wanted David Patrick Kelley’s character Luthor to tunt the Warriors from his 55 Cadillac and he gave him free rein to do it in any way he wanted Kelley clinked three bottles together in one hand and delivered the legendary singsong Todd that we’ve come to know according to Kelly it was a childhood bully that inspired the chant it also helps that he’s a musician blessed with the singing chops for the line [Applause] [Music] number nine just kicking it the Lord of the Rings the two towers showbiz is dangerous there are few of us left during a particularly emotional scene in the adaptation of Tolkien’s trilogy Viggo Mortensen’s character Aragorn breaks down when he comes to the realization the two of his Hobbit friends might be dead and he expresses himself by kicking a nearby helmet turns out his breakdown was not only emotional but also physical because after one too many takes of kicking solid metal he broke two toes the shot chosen for the final cut of the film was the toe breaker because you can’t fake the intensity of the actors excruciating pain number eight the barn story Saving Private Ryan I can’t see my brothers faces and I’ve been trying and I can’t see their faces at all is that ever happening Matt Damon only shows up towards the end of this epic war film and he’s so preoccupied with survival we barely get to know his character except in this scene which was improvised by the actor one night two of my brothers came and woke me up in the middle of the night I said dad a surprise for me so they took me to the barn up into the loft and here was my oldest brother Dan as Ryan and captain Miller quietly await more fighting Private Ryan reminisces about his lost brothers with a spontaneous tale he’s working on he’s trying to get it up and all of a sudden shot just screams that demon obviously thinks the story is as funny as we do but once he realizes it’s the last time his family was together the scene takes on a bittersweet feel made more impressive when you remember it was ad-libbed that was it that was the last that was Dan went off to basic the next day that was the last night the four of us were together two years ago number seven the zit Animal House when a director gives a comedian like John Belushi a little wiggle room anything can happen but it’s almost guaranteed to be funny John Landis knew that when Bluto began dumping food onto his tray something magical might occur so he let the cameraman follow him for the rest of the scene everything Belushi did in the cafeteria was unscripted and since the cast and crew weren’t in on his joke or its disgusting punchline Amma’s it get it the reactions captured on film were real it’s classic Belushi and possibly the flicks most famous scene [Music] number six blood sweat and smears Django Unchained I will admit you all pretty clever when injured on the job most people would take a 30-second breather before continuing with their day now that should be your first second third fourth and fifth concern not Leonardo DiCaprio he got so into character for Django Unchained that when he slammed his hand down onto a table during a tense scene smashing a glass and cutting his hand so badly he required stitches he just kept right on with his racist rant tonight but that you can’t believe DiCaprio even worked the blood into the scene by smearing it across an obviously mortified Kerry Washington’s face boom Hilda yeah is my property and I can choose to do with my property whatever I so desire and if you all think my price this year is too steep apparently the room erupted in a standing ovation after the take to the man with the exceptional beard and his own exceptional number five hair and makeup the 40 year old virgin she starts doing his pubes I’ve out of here some say a comic is only as good as his ability to improvise by that logic this film features some stellar comedians as it has many unscripted moments everything from Steve Carell is genuine pain induced curses that having his very hairy chest waxed all right seriously I think I’ve done that’s good to Paul Rudd’s and Seth Rogen’s gay joke Barb’s were off-the-cuff you know I know that you’re gay oh you have a reign bumper sticker on your car that says I love it when balls are in my face and if you’re a fan of the you know how I know you’re gay back and forth you should check out the extended DVD scenes where the two try to outdo each other for several minutes you know I know that you’re gay Wow cuz you’re gay and you can tell the other gay people or you know I know you’re gay yeah you like Coldplay where the two try to outdo each other for several minutes all ad-libbed of course you know how I know that you’re gay you like the movie made in Manhattan number four men afford Blade Runner shall we continue it’s completely natural for actors to tweak their lines for a monologue but rarely do they go beyond grammar or sentence structure to resonate this much with the character and audience quite an experience to live in fear isn’t it that’s what it is to be a slave though there were previous scripted versions of this soliloquy Rutger Hauer mainly improved the depth and philosophical musings of Roy Patty’s last words and gave us even more reason to ask the question what is human I’ve seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of a lion alders moments will be lost in time it might sound a little cheesy on paper but it isn’t when it’s delivered as a replicant leaders dramatic final epiphany time [Music] number three sword to a gunfight Raiders of the Lost Ark actors aren’t immune to travel troubles and even a tough guy like Harrison Ford submitted to dysentery while filming Raiders in Tunisia that’s a big reason this scene was altered originally Indy was supposed to engage the show-off he swordsman in a choreographed sword fight where the adventurous archaeologist would disarm him with his whip but Ford was sick and just wanted to shoot the guy I ought to kill you right now though it wasn’t improvised while cameras rolled that move impacted the franchise in a big way and the scene is one of the series most iconic and hilarious moments number two the most annoying sound in the world Dumb and Dumber we usually don’t pick up hitchhikers but I’m gonna go with my instinct on this one saddle up partner as dum-dums Harry and Lloyd head on their cross-country roadtrip they meet all sorts of people including a hit man who’s trying to kill them hey hey hey I told you already I’m on it all right well sucks to be that guy cuz car rides with these two mean sing-alongs hits he’s backsies director terrific and the most annoying sound in the world when hear the most annoying sound in the world that last one was injected into the film by Jim Carrey on the fly and you can see in Jeff Daniels reaction that he was not expecting it even the hit man’s outburst was unscripted proving that sometimes unplanned is best Phyllis we could listen to the radio or something before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions [Music] [Laughter] [Music] number one look out bellow Tarzan the ape men how then Jane hurt me boy love it okay this jungle living eight man originated in a series of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels where his signature sound was described as the victory cry of the bull ape when it came to bringing that noise to the screen Olympic swimmer and once competitive yodeler johnny weiss mueller was the first actor to succeed where others had failed tasked with inventing a call to summon his jungle crew twice Muller and apparently some Hollywood sound editing trickery combined to create one of the most celebrated imitated reused and easily recognized sound bites in film history [Music] [Applause] [Music] do you agree with our list which unscripted movie scenes did we miss for more top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to you don’t know you’re gay how I saw you make a spinach dip in a loaf of sourdough bread once [Music]

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  1. Wow an old tarzan movies gets number one, watchmojo must real movie buffs! I mean I just cant believe how professional they are!

  2. The bladerunner monologue wasn't improvised. The actor spoke with Ridley Scott about having a monologue and it was put in the script during filming. Good job WatchMojo -_- Get you facts straight.

  3. 10:12) no way, is that sound real, if it is i will continue to laugh my nips off at it, if not then eh ah well (also i heard that sound in one of Tear of Grace's videos…but I forgot which one it was tho, and i didnt know that it was a real sound from a movie)

  4. Viggo Mortensen kicking the helmet was Peter Jackson's idea. The anguished cry was Mortensen's use of pain to fuel the reaction and not interrupt the take.

  5. Are you kidding me. Two videos of this and “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH” from a few good men isn’t in either one. Wow

  6. putting blood in that womans face is very dangerous. That is amazing that he was able to keep in scene and use that to his advantage though

  7. Ok,unless there is another WM 10 improvised movie moments video I didn't see one of my favorite movies' impromptu scenes so here be thee:

  8. What about in x-men first class in wolverines cameo bruh it's the funniest part of the movie and the first fck in a marvel movie

  9. I think DiCaprio’s improvising in Django Unchained is and always will be the best example of improvisation. Best actor of our generation.

  10. What about Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knights Rises? When he improvised the ‘that’s a lovely, lovely voice’ line

  11. I really feel like the number one should've been the Django Unchained scene with Leonard DiCaprio. I just about flew out of my chair when I heard it was an improve moment. As much as I like the Tarzan because it is classic, but, the DiCaprio scene had me more.

  12. Hey, I'm a useless piece of sht from the future! Just dropping by to say that Mr. Leonardo has finally won an oscar. You can all rest easy now!

  13. Im at the very beginning of the vid and im guessing one of them is from back to the future where biff says, “Why dont u make like a tree and get outta here.”

  14. I love the warriors,i thought Leonardo DiCaprio getting hurt by accident was real then i got the confirmation with this video

  15. Carry washington is almost ready tp puke from the blood and Samule jackson is just looking at her with conceredn i remember watching this in the theater with my brother and we talked about how that scenes was so intense and how repulsive it was..still one of the greatest tartantino scene

  16. The Color Purple: Didn't Oprah improvise the scene at the dinner table when she shares the story about seeing Miss Celie at the grocery store?

  17. He didn't smear real blood on her, although he did cut his hand. The scene cuts at some point after and Tarantino saw an opportunity and used it. They used fake blood for the remainder not nearly as interesting a story as smearing real blood, but that's how it is.

    "When Leonardo DiCaprio's character Calvin Candie smashes his hand on the dinner table, the actor accidentally crushed a small stemmed glass with his palm and really began to bleed. DiCaprio ignored it, stayed in character, and continued with the scene. Tarantino was so impressed that he used this take in the final print, and when he called cut, the room erupted in a standing ovation. DiCaprio's hand was bandaged and he suggested the idea of smearing blood onto the face of Kerry Washington. Tarantino and Washington both liked this, so Tarantino got some fake blood together."

  18. In Django as cool as it was he almost definitely planned on smashing the glass, he looked right at it as he did it. Still some cool shit tho I guess, showed it on camera to make sure he wasnt dying.

  19. There a verse in the bible I think about sometimes.. alot of times.. it goes. And I heard the voice of the lord and he said who shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said… here am I! Send me. Brad pitt – book of Isaiah chapter 6.. shia again (laughs out of shock that he knew that) yeah… that whole scene was improvised.

  20. I hate Leo Dicaprio's hot headed nature. I detest hot headed people in general. Think they can be tough guys and bully others. Fuck them cocksuckers.

  21. How about the death scene of the godfather where he dies while playing with the little kid the kid didn’t even know he was playing in the movie

  22. Pretty much all of the dialogue in The Score staring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, and Angela Basset is improvised. We're talking about a whole freaking movie being improvised here, and it's a great movie at that.

  23. the warriors scene wasnt from a bully from his childhood the guy said he was living in a real shady part of new york and his neighbor was a shady guy and when he would get home and walk past his apartment and would do the sing song voice going " daveeeeeeee daaaaaveeeeeeee" or whatever his name was

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