Another World – Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Full Movie

Another World – Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Full Movie

some say it was all caused by a virus and truthfully it’s much more logical than some apocalyptic event of biblical proportions a virus sounds more likely something tiny invisible carried within us a collection of molecules a set of commands fragments of microscopic codes that frucht wherever there is life waiting to attach themselves to any living creature and to unleash the malicious program upon it yes a virus sounds to me a much more likely called [Music] ah you can help instead of just sitting there [Music] [Music] [Music] there anymore only a few seconds [Music] [Music] you sure you want to forget about the doctor thinks someone’s badly hurt he dies someone contracts a disease that requires medical attention he dies we don’t need a doctor we don’t need a doctor but we want one well I think a risk you want one you think a doctor can give you more information forget about it it’s a waste of time all that’s left is to keep moving and attacking as fast and as fierce as possible until they die from lack of food and water and become extinct information is power we need the information so the initiative remains in our hands not that kind of information well what about hiding in some remote desert until this whole thing blows over in the desert we’ll need a medical expert for sure trust my calculations all we need is two trucks loaded with it’s too dangerous they can always turn up when we at least prepared and then we’ll be trapped that’s not true come on remember when we met after everything fell apart you were sitting on your ass waiting for a sonic boom and a downpour two nuclear warheads the glanza place only if their bombers I told you if there I see BMS or cruise missiles you won’t hear a thing before the explosion but we digress look a one point or another we’ll need to settle in one spot and we’ll need someone with medical know-how when settling in one spot is an option perhaps but until then my way is the only way keep moving keep attacking when we say when where and how well that’s not the issue is it you’re simply dying of curiosity the curiosity will get you killed so I’m curious so what I don’t get you aren’t you even a bit curious you wake up one day and everyone around you has turned into mindless bloodthirsty pissed-off zombies and you don’t want to know how or why it happened no I don’t besides I need to renew my chemical stock not to mention it’s my turn to choose our next destination a deployment location where we can prepare for an ambush agreed then a hospital you choose the one and we’re good to have relative [Music] let’s go you know your way around the hospital yes rule 3 1/8 would see go there lock yourselves in and wait go [Music] how unlucky can you get I’m looking for a doctor and we find a nurse and a girl instead my sister isn’t a nurse she’s a senior doctor I know not just some girl who you reveal too many details to two complete strangers before we’ve even asked a question there’s no time for this we have to get out of here okay it’s okay one of ours we booby-trapped the entire place that’s not right we run before no time turn over the bed coming in done shoot yeah get it now you’re the one who set up that nice little kills I’m out there nice very nice all you have to do is just stand then pull your trigger what do you want what do I want look at this look at this they got me I’m infected you get that I’m fucking infected know what I want you to take this thing out of me I want to cure you understand the cure and you’re gonna give it to me you’re out of all people I knew you’d come eventually you and your conned now what I want is for you to take this thing out of me you know him you can say we know each other oh my laughs are being hunted down by he’s conned what are you a general no yeah but too young for that maybe our captain Oh major gorica no you must be a colonel he’s right about one thing part of my job was to hunt down freaks like him so yeah you could say we know each other don’t patronize me you’re not in the position to patronize me I’m holding the cards now that can’t see me I’m infected that means I’m invisible truly invisible so you better come up with something quick you better come up with something or else till they actually now [Music] [Music] do you know him or not now personally should have killed him he had the chance you let him out of the room you pitied him if you did that’s the first time you let any emotion get the better it doesn’t matter he’s dead and you have you doctor I know you were a soldier an officer I guess that must be hard aiming a gun and shooting at someone not infected i mean ii thought he said he was do you understand what he meant by that forget it he’s dead and you better stop asking questions before you expose more details to two complete strangers so you’re a doctor I’m sure you understand these things better than us what do you think he meant that he’s not infected I mean someone who’s infected turns into I mean you know how can he be infected and still control himself it has an incubation period okay how’d he get infected in the first place he had to have been infected by one of them and those wounds and look deep enough to be animal bites you think that let it go there’ll be time enough for your questions it must be almost nine o’clock if you turn the radio she’s right we almost forgot it’s almost 9:00 you listen to him too yeah of course every day at night do you think it’s him talking or recording I don’t know someone broadcasting must be manually operated radio broadcast or a pre-recorded program that comes on every day at 9:00 wait you are worrying me I’m supposed to be the cynical one the skeptic they’re not without feelings you’re the son of a bitch remember the purposeful one who lacks emotion stays on the move one let’s go it’s probably already started perhaps it came with the rodents small elusive merciless spreading disease and death at times eating the remnants of the strong other time is preying on the weak emerging from the dens of night trading dinosaurs nests devouring their eggs systematically destroying the mighty creatures perhaps that’s the nature of progress the new devouring the own tears added a thousands of tiny pieces until it perishes perhaps progress is innocence a type of extinction unavoidable like the time and death that accompanied it step into my office remind me what it is we’re doing here exactly we are setting up traps for the kill zones then we lure the infected and we butcher them I know it sounds absurd at first our initial instinct is to entrench ourselves in one spot or if you don’t want to get trapped simply run away or stay out of trouble but no I mean I get that part we’re in charge we chase them not the other way around what I mean is what are we doing here with all of this water and lectures electrodes well we are dividing the waters from the waters and making a firmament that we will call heaven it’s it’s electrolysis it’s breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen I’m hoping to create a large enough amount of hydrogen in a closed space so that at any given moment only a small spark and everything explodes everything in theory of course truth is I tried it several times it didn’t go so well I guess I couldn’t create a large enough amount of hydrogen in the closed space to get a substantial blast I don’t know maybe I didn’t seal the spaces well enough or maybe I didn’t have enough containers with electrodes but whatever the reason we’re we’re doing it now that’s beautiful thanks I’m glad somebody appreciates my originality not him though D&D and gunpowder until he cares about I mean the metaphor it’s like God turning water into the heavens that that’s not original this religious fanatic join one of the forums I managed it once some scientist or pseudo scientist I don’t know the kind that tries to explain the Scriptures through science you know anyways he raised the theory that this is how God created the heavens by transmitting an electric current through the prehistoric waters it’s good theory I didn’t let him off that easy I asked him hey where did the nitrogen in the air come from still waiting for an answer where the nitrogen came from or how the heavens are created yeah do you like it what’s it for sound just like my father why does everything have to have a purpose why can’t we do things just for the sake of doing them do you like it or not aesthetically yes but but it serves no purpose right say don’t you think beauty as a purpose of its own that it can exist just for the sake of wealth beauty can’t we do things for no reason at all say eat something because it tastes good or hear music or draw a picture just for fun all right if you’re done in school what you learn about the rifle can’t believe you just like him purpose purpose purpose there can be beauty in purpose and function – you know follow me come on go what entry weapons that way we need to leave negative outside that can close in on us from all directions here there’s only two directions and according to you the rescue is on the way soon as it arrives we’ll make a run for it and get out of here [Applause] [Music] [Music] the rescues here No [Music] [Music] [Music] No [Applause] so the second time they attack us instead of us waiting for them something’s not right it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong either what is wrong is for the third time we’ve been attacked from the direction you’ve been observing and instead of working on her shooting skills you’re playing The Alchemist you still owe me an answer iron City from what I’ve seen with my own eyes the time between infection and outbreak shifts from a few seconds to several minutes but I’ve only seen a few cases so I can only go by that that’s the same as what I’ve seen up till now and that’s what I read in all the official reports before everything fell apart but that guy at the hospital we have no reason to believe he was actually infected I don’t know it’s hard to explain but I feel like he wasn’t lying we don’t know what this thing is and we don’t know how its transmitted from one person to another and we don’t know who he is or what he is in any case I’m not the right person for this discussion as far as I’m concerned it’s over but if you insist you’ve got him now if you don’t mind I have more important matters to attend to take a quick break drink some water straight back purpose purpose purpose this way it’s just like that you’re right but he’s not I’m falling into that trap [Music] [Music] are you sure it’s not too soon you fired more weapons on the range than most recruits do during weeks of basic training assuming you get used to killing as sooner they will get this thing over with we’ll just have to go on we have to make traps and wait around with guns and kill just a few more months sweet hunter I promise in a few months this nightmare will be over and we’ll find a quiet spot where we can put all these horrible things behind us okay well must always make traps stand by with weapons wait it’s never really over a merely rest bites that’s all you don’t really believe that that’s a strange way of looking at things through a rifle sight with no hope for something better something else the moment winner they were bombarded with a cloud of steam they were totally blinded oh you should have seen all the water turned into steam inside the container and a few charges would have done the job probably even better and maybe that’s how the heavens were created a huge heat source boiled the water but it’s only steaming okay okay if if the temperature is high enough and I mean really high the water disintegrates into its elements but but now the chemistry lesson is over and we have real work to do there anymore it is possible they killed each other the predatory dinosaurs simply disobeyed the laws of balance just like man perhaps one or several dinosaurs became so skilled at killing that they eradicated entire species I know it doesn’t sound likely after all the ecosystem was supposed to intervene the more the population of prey decreases the smaller the population of predators becomes allowing the prey to recover and so forth the only exception to this equation is man but how do we know man is the only one [Music] [Music] before all this began I used to watch these scenes for hours to observe the basic power the creation of matter from nothing there’s no greater truth than that what else here [Applause] [Applause] just a guy with the dinosaurs that’s it do you think there’s still a government out there there’s always something that’s what civilization is all about isn’t someone tells others what to do gives them orders and in return lives at their expense yeah by your definition if there’s no government and there’s no civilization I don’t know if there were a functioning government it probably cleansing entire area with nuclear weapons and we wouldn’t be here and maybe it’ll still happen who knows well in that case we won’t know anything until it’s over oh that all depends if they’re ICBM czar cruise missiles you won’t hear a thing but if they’re airplanes then you have two options subsonic Wilmers like the b-52s and then you might just hear the jet airplanes approaching right before the blast or supersonic bombers like the b1 and then you won’t hear a thing because well they’re supersonic but you might just hear a sonic boom right before it all comes crashing down and they’ll be this bright light this intense heat and anyone here thing you’re smiling this is the first time I see you smiling finally someone else you can drive crazy with his conspiracy theories did you tell her what you did before all this began no he had a website what he refuted conspiracy theories now he’s the greatest believer of all Occam’s razor it’s usually the most simple most logical explanation of all think about it where did all the functioning governments disappear all of a sudden why is there still electricity and running water you tell me it must be biological weapons I believe that it’s the most logical most simple explanation you’re trying to stand guard what did you lose more than enough you it was on the offensive I never sit back and wrist always it’s alright I understand if you don’t want to talk about it everybody everything as bad as it gets husband parents kids cousins uncles as I said the worst things can always be worse I see look I know everything looks dark I understand your point of view but things change not for me most of my life I have killed and witnessed killing I have been responsible for the planning and development of ways and methods of destruction that would be incomprehensible to a person like you so as far as I’m concerned nothing’s changed but surely not like this not women and children not your own family look my entire life I’ve seen people die suffering from all sorts of illnesses but at the same time I’ve seen others who healed and grew as people because of that suffering so you’re right nothing’s changed that’s exactly my point I know that even now there is hope the shopfloor fighter in pursuit of their scary this is the third time this is not an accident someone’s leading them to us the next hideout move beginning to think it’s that guy from the hospital after all he survived all of our traps and he said something about them not seeing him could be they’re not attacking him for some reason just like they don’t attack one another what do you think he could be guiding them to us then running away it’s not unlikely devise a plan if he really is leading the infected to us we’ll have to neutralize him it’s 11 o’clock and we missed the broadcast it’s the first time I’m missing the broadcast so you think they do know each other I don’t know it’s not so clear-cut you said for a fact that he should have killed him at the hospital but he didn’t that’s not like him I mean I don’t know him very well but that’s not like him at all I know I’ve never seen him hesitated like that but then again I’ve never seen him with a live person before I mean a healthy person I mean not infected look he’s obviously a professional soldier could be that shooting citizens in the back is just against his basic nature you know the ethos of the honorable warrior and all that actually fits in well with this type I gotta say that that’s exactly what I assumed when I first met him way too young to be a general too confident and experienced to be a major or captain I don’t know but we should probably get back to the others they’re probably beefing up security as we speak if someone really is leading the infected to us we should probably set up as many charges as we can we are out of hiding places [Music] what is this it’s a little experiment I’m conducting I’m creating land from water see the cage is in a body of water and I’m running a faint current through it the current makes the particles inside the water stick to the cage according to the theory enough particles should stick to it over time to create small island where you see the cage we should probably get back yeah [Music] yeah we should this is really nice thanks thanks she’s really following us he’s familiar with this place that means he’ll be guiding me infected to us tonight or tomorrow have a plan I always have a plan that’s how you put up with me isn’t it maybe you enjoy me driving you crazy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I should have known like always you were hunting me down like a cat playing with the mouse don’t move don’t move yeah they think they should be afraid of me hate me me he’s the one you should be afraid of he’s the one who killed his entire family tell them colonel tell them who you really are don’t move raise your hand all of them with his own gun from point-blank his mother his children his little niece a two-year-old baby they’re absolutely right you kill one person as a civilian you’re a criminal a murderer you kill one person while wearing a uniform you’re a hero a civilian killing 20 soccer a serial killer but a soldier stop it if by any chance you’re responsible for the death of hundreds or thousands or more you’re a national hero kill millions you’re a god they wrote poems about you you become the stuff of legend stop me that beg you they are afraid of me they despise me when all this began he still had soldiers under him you could have helped his family to solitary take care of them help them out at most send one of his troops you take them out of their misery but no no not him he went by himself to put a bullet in each and every one of them brought in the head execution style so here he is a decorated hero a nobleman Ivana nothing but a psychopath in the service of the law nothing more his mother his children from point-blank tell them colonel how does it feel murdering your whole family know what that’s lock you could have waited a little longer it looked like you had information you could have waited I’ve seen it before he was about to die and you did you know him or not why did you hesitate again instead of just killing him why’d you have to take this time what’s the difference he’s dead another attack take up your position [Music] [Music] a meteo yes after all what can cause such sudden extinction other than some external element coming out of nowhere obliterated everything like a Hollywood disaster movie or an apocalyptic myth or is it no more than a reflection of one of our greatest fears a total lack of control over our fate the knowledge that no matter what we do at any given moment the end is lucky absolute and final gigantic burning unstoppable of course there is the possibility they did see it but simply never understood what it was perhaps it’s before our own eyes as we speak and like the dinosaurs we can’t see or hear it like an annoying beep that your brain simply writes off after a while [Music] so did you know him or not when I told you to prepare the hideout I asked you to kill the fish in the aquarium they attract cats and if they die they’ll attract worse than that he didn’t answer my question the time and energy is spent on that automatic nourishing device we don’t have time for that now did you know him or not I told you I didn’t know him personally and he’s dead so it doesn’t matter the truth doesn’t matter you’re hiding something from us you know how all this started how it all began you know you know how all this started difference does it make what I told you or didn’t tell he was nothing you couldn’t figure it out for yourself yes it was a biological weapons experiment yes it got out of hand yes so you knew this entire time you knew and you didn’t tell us you knew how all this happened and you’re the same way you knew I don’t understand why you’re feigning innocence didn’t you ever stop to think why the infected don’t attack one another why they only attack the healthy you with all the conspiracy theories wasn’t it obvious to you from the start that the most logical explanation is a biological weapons experiment that got out of hand I mean what would it achieve for me to tell you something you already knew Jesus scientists it’s your obsessive curiosity that got us here in the first place if it wasn’t for the geeky obsession of people like you with the truth and the how and the why we wouldn’t be here right now look I understand your anger just like he sat at his computer developing software viruses his friends and colleagues were developing things that were much much worse and he could have easily been one of them if you care so much about the truth don’t lie to yourself we’re all sons of bitches that’s the truth so don’t feign innocence as if you didn’t know just because I hid or didn’t hide something from me I don’t have time to these ridiculous discussions we have a large explosives arena to prepare by noon in the last few days we’ve burned our traps faster than we could build them we have to close a gap now don’t fool yourselves it won’t get any better the infected are getting more and more violent and aggressive if we stop dictating the time in the place they’re gonna kill us all I’ll get some rest I take lower floors when we arrest I’m judging two hostile you heard what happened he had to kill his own family by himself he didn’t just lose everything I used to have this argument with my father about euthanasia would I have the courage to do it if and when don’t fall into that trap he’s not dad remember let’s go tadpole it’s amazing even frogs will fucking spawn here hey hey hey you mayn’t encrease so you’re saying if we find some random fish from an abandoned pet store and put them together they laugh mate and procreate absolutely we really shouldn’t because I intend to electrocute the place at some point yeah but um don’t I have a chance to make some love before it’s over now understand where you don’t like to talk about it I’m sorry your wife children parents siblings anis everything everyone with my sidearm at point-blank just like the man said the worst I’m sorry there’s always something worse I treated the terminal patient ones who applied for a court order to switch off her life support machine you know to allow her to die in dignity when the order came in the woman insisted that only her youngest daughter would actually do it you know would actually pull up the plug that girl lived on the other side of the world took him a whole week to trace her in another week for her to finally arrive well through that time the mother suffered through hell we begged her to end it but she insisted on waiting now after the girl arrived and everything was over I had a chance to speak with her when she spoke of her mother she spoke of a cold and harsh woman somebody who was always criticizing and demanding never caressing or accepting comforting but she said she would have forgiven everything if her mother had just told her once that she loved her at that point I stopped her and I said your mother didn’t just say she loved you she screamed it out loud halfway across the world I’m gonna break then prepare the charges we’re not keeping up this can’t go on we must keep up I was sure on the beach I am NOT the beach type of guy that’s cuz I didn’t know my dad one week with them and you totally become see guy he’s really a pirate deep inside or at least a professional fisherman he always talked about a Viking burial ceremony at sea Viking burial so what lying in a boat sailing off into the horizon with all his favorite weapons and worldly possessions hmm and the fire slowly consuming it all nothing I don’t know I’d rather die while making love this is the first time you were scratched or bitten by an infected person what do you mean you know what I mean I’m talking about the scratches going in the corridor you don’t miss a trick do you not when it comes to injuries that’s what I do for a living we remember and he didn’t answer my question what’s happened before yeah to me too right at the beginning but then either it wasn’t contagious or it wasn’t transmitted through bites or scratches or maybe the incubation period was very long anyway we have to find out maybe it’s growing inside us and we must stay away from them for their safety before it breaks out while they’re around us what makes you think I know come on there’s no point in carrying on the charade it’s all right I won’t tell them what do you mean you know exactly what I mean it can’t be a coincidence it’s alright I know exactly how you feel everything is collapsing around me – oh this is new to me unlike anything I’ve seen unlike maybe you need to get a grip because like I said as far as I’m concerned nothing’s changed you’re doing it again attacking instead of answering and I refuse to play the game I know some things haven’t changed you’re right but there are wounds there are wounds that no one can heal not a doctor not a healer not time no one we’ve rested enough we’re leaving promise me promise me that when this is all over we can try to grow some fish without having to electrocute them come on start making the charges use them they already know how to use small arms it’s time to learn how to prepare charges and handle the explosives [Music] [Music] another answer is volcanic eruptions not a single event but thousands of small ones pressure accumulated for millions of years and then one day everything is released the huge force erupts in numerous places filling the atmosphere with dust and lethal gases blocking the Sun poisoning the soil the air and the water what’s more frightening than the thought of destruction lurking under our feet coming from the same place we live off from which we draw our comfort in life and death [Music] I didn’t it worked I’ve been trying this for months it’s perfect even he can’t see it’s ineffective I mean look it’s small it’s got a he’s got a remote control it’s got a camera it’s the perfect patrol device it’s perfect nothing you can do with a camera installed on a remote control vehicle I knew you’d say that but mine can climb and descend stairs take a look I don’t get it just worked don’t worry don’t give up you know one of my professors of medicine used to joke and say that in the book of Genesis there’s actually two versions of the creation of man because you know the first one didn’t work out so well so go try it again well from what I can see it into a better job the second time I guess you released a beta version too early before fixing all the bugs the beta version yeah the beta version you know the computer programs they release versions without fixing the mistakes by no means whatsoever I see he managed to convince you but believe me it’s too soon in a few weeks maybe when we’re certain everyone’s dead but not now they talked about loading several tons of equipment and food on some trucks and driving down to a remote location in the desert some are isolated hundreds of kilometres away from any town and they know for a while I’m all for it I mean look I devised the plan and I even made lists and how to collect everything and there’s also room it’s still too soon I agree there’s no place they can’t reach and there we have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide wow you’ve finished it yeah it’s beautiful Thanks look this this is the cage and protects the processing unit I think I’m gonna build another one and I’m gonna make a communication system between them then I’ll replicate them and we’ll be able to deploy them everywhere you know get one man shifts rest a little more and we’ll have more worthless toys and time wasted on maintenance and repairs okay 15 minutes rest and then we leave I’ll stand guard while you got ready look why are you so hard on him is that what you consider life’s purpose always undergo kill or be killed tell me what’s around because they were trapped fuck this let’s hide in the corner the break-in we finish them off we have enough charges and ammunition negative there’s too many of them this must be the end can especially aggressive and frenetic just before the end you can smell in here from hundred yards away gather within seconds we were in a corridor narrow killing zone perhaps but this way they’ll reach us long before we can do any serious damage I love that’s what you always remember that there’s nothing else you understand there’s always hope you just need to take a good look around wait wait wait if they all enter the hall all at once we simultaneously blow up the charges stay close to the ceiling yeah perhaps it might buy a few minutes before the next wave we’ve got nothing to lose they’ll help you deploy the charges I’ll take care of the rest [Music] come on I’m right behind you come on [Applause] she’s not gonna make it to my [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] it’s time to go to the desert leave me I’m dead go good luck [Music] why didn’t you leave me there I’m a dead man we all are you’re badly hurt but it’s not over yet she’s dead but you’re still alive so you’re doing this for her for the idiot that fucking hypocrite shut your mouth you hate me you’re not I’m not what Jesus Christ I’m sick and tired of the pretence and the hypocrisy what do you think what was she thinking what are you all thinking that if you help your fellow man and simply live and do no wrong that absolves you from any responsibility for what goes on around you the essence of life is murder and suffering every time you eat to sustain yourself you’re feeding off the death but let me creature plants and animals like plants animals every time you turn on the light or drive a car someone somewhere dies of lung cancer every time you buy something for peanuts some kid dies in a third-world sweatshop you don’t know what you’re talking about you’re delirious again with a denial you know I did but you think like her if you treat me maybe he’s my pain it’ll make you a better person love grace pity fuck you you’re doing it for yourself you’re just like her on the run I’m killing in an attempt to live and not be killed no more and no less a murderer than the rest of us you can say what you want about me but don’t you dare say anything about her don’t dare don’t dare let me tell you something about that bitch why do you think I chose her Hospital out of all the hospitals huh why because it was part of the program it was a research hospital that was part of the program I hope there would be research subjects there I was curious curious to know how my project turned out no I don’t believe you I don’t you all along all this time in you oh yeah I knew what that little shit said when she blew his brains out was true I am God I’m God I thought was that idiot thinking when she killed him that’s he spare me the pain that she’s keeping me from confronting the truth that ignorant phony moron I know the truth I know who and what I am I came up with the idea for the experiment for Christ’s sakes I set up the meetings I wrote the memos I pushed pressured persuaded hinted contrived falsified signatures the head honchos never would have approved that if someone like me hadn’t been pulling the strings this was my baby the highlight of my career the entire damned but strategy of an experiment we couldn’t have been worse I kill them oh I didn’t just pull the trigger I’m the one that made it all happen we’re all murderers I’m just a little more successful than most that’s all with your sister the saint sheer perfection worked at a hospital I took part in an experiment no I don’t believe you she would never have never have what she’s stupid bitch she lived there for she was a murderer you want to save me you can’t I’m dead the infected didn’t attack me I contracted it too right from the start and it has no cure I know because I made sure there wouldn’t be one we’re all sick we live therefore we’re sick life is a disease with all murderers you and him and your sister and your father you see you want to you want to we’ll do this properly well clean him up and dress him then we’ll put him in a boat like a Viking nobleman by the book and I’ll find two trucks and he’ll load them up with everything we need it won’t drive to the desert it is possible that no one theory is correct and maybe they all are perhaps it was not just one event and the end never came from one single source but a combination of factors some related and some not something damaged the fragile balance of the dinosaur ecosystem it may have been the dinosaurs themselves maybe small rodents in any case just then when they were most vulnerable a large meteor struck earth causing a chain of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the world [Music] remedial the eruptions earthquakes the imbalance each of these in itself was not enough but together they caused everything to collapse [Music] and some say it was all caused by a virus truth is the sounds much more logical [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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    "Zombies from hell"
    World war zombies
    I can go on and on.
    Give me a fuckin break. The people being chased never run out of bullets. There's thousands of zombies and always only six to eight, maybe ten people that get taken down one at a time until at the end of the movie there's only the two main characters left alive by some miraculous event. I mean shit, you can almost tell who's going to die next.
    Crap get's very old after while. How about zombies in Congress, oh shit! we already have that one. Dam! I know, I know, "Zombies on ice." That wouldn't work, to cold to much blood cloting. How about this one. "Zombiebabymonkey" "Zombiebabymonkey"
    Or, "Zombie transvestites from Cali." That's got a ring to it.
    "SHIT eating zombies."
    "Zombies from New York."
    "I married a zombie"
    "Zombies escape from Alcatraz"
    "Godzilla v Zombie strippers from hell." Shit, I think I got something here. What do you think guy's??


  7. Well outside the Olympic track Stars!" for that time, you got endless rounds of ammo, running water,food, medicine, running truck's,, and a enemy that doesn't shoot back, two willing women,,! In those circumstances life could be worse!.

  8. The description says they find one more survivor that is intent on revealing the truth.
    Reveal it to who. The 5 people?

  9. 9k likes. I'm sure I'm wrong to put my trust in the "like" counter again. But oh well. Here I go. I bet I'll be dissapointed…… Again….

  10. This is actaully a decent movie for "infected" or "zombie" genre…. Even for youtube. But ive watched this before somehwere. I'll pass.

  11. If I'm close to be eaten by a zombie one of those chick's maybe both are giving it up. But on to another subject, how can I get one of those guns that make their own bullets.

  12. lasted to 7:01 and clicked the X. Electricity in the garage, none at the apartment, food out of cans without labels as if what, they decayed? Shooting 30 feet away need to walk over to see the same pile they just racked. Never reloaded, turned around shoot two bursts from the hip while running backwards, drop two moving zombies. C'mon, whoever did the technicals on just that much of this film should have been fired, if they even bothered to hire anyone.

  13. If that man is invisible to the zombies, then how can he lead them to the survivors if they can't see him. Makes no sense.

  14. Fast fast fast forward again.. Mmhh inantok😴😴😴😓😓😓
    Its not exciting.. The best is Cargo i hunting the full movie .

  15. You can always tell when dip shit wannabe actors have never actually fired a rifle in their life. The only thing good about this movie is the beautiful brunette.

  16. Oh is this a zombie movie? I don’t watch zombie movies. But I do appreciate the upload. I’m not complaining honest.

  17. If you really think about it.. if they were to create something that infected people it would be a major blackout just because the plants need people there to keep it running keep power on so it would definitely be no running water but the best way to survive is to hunker down. Get as much ammunition as possible and fight it out raid houses nearby in a 10 mile radius

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