Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on

Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on

– Hey everybody, I’m here in Cupertino
at Steve Jobs Theater and I have the Apple
Watch Series 5 on my wrist and I am really excited about it and it’s because of this
thing I’m doing right now, let me explain. The thing I’m most excited
about for the Series 5 is this screen right here. The screen is currently off and when I turn it to face me it pops on again. And then if you do that
it just goes back off or if you turn it away from yourself. Now Apple says that they are able to maintain an 18-hour battery life even though the screen is always on. And they’re able to do that because they’re good at screens, they’re good at processors. But this is an LTPO screen, which means that Apple
can dynamically change the hertz, the refresh rate of the screen depending on
what the situation calls for. They say all the way down
to one hertz and up to 60. So, this is, you know, moving pretty fast. It’s like driving the second hand. The refresh rates pretty good. And then here, there’s basically no refresh rate at all. It only needs refreshing, honestly once a minute because it’s just sittin’ there, so. That’s really impressive. Another new feature in the Series 5, is a compass, so we’ll look
at our recent apps here, and there’s the Compass. And as I turn you can see there’s this little red cone that gets smaller and smaller as it’s more and more confident that it’s accurately telling
me the correct direction. Which is really clever, they call it, like, “the
Cone of Confidence.” And then if we go back to the recent apps we can look at Maps, that
same cone is visible, and you can see it’s really narrow inside Apple Maps. The Apple Watch comes in three finishes now there’s aluminum, which is slightly higher
quality then before, there’s stainless steel, this is the gold stainless
steel, right here and there’s a new ceramic option. Now, last but not least, I’m not actually gonna show this to you but the Emergency SOS feature on cellular now works internationally. Any country it’s able to figure out what the number is for Emergency Services and dial it. So the Apple Watch Series 5, starts at $399 for the
regular GPS version. The LTE version costs $499 and you could probably
price them way higher than that if you go
ceramic and special band or whatever, and actually when you go to an Apple Store or online they now sell the watch and the
band sort of separately and so you can pick and choose what you
want your package to be. But, maybe my favorite thing is the Series 3 which is a
couple generations ago. They’ve dropped the starting price on that down to $199, which is a pretty good deal for a new Apple Watch. Hey everyone thanks for watching. This is a new Apple Watch we’re obviously gonna review this and the new iPhones and everything that’s got announced today so keep it locked to the Verge.

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  1. 18h battery lol. Galaxy watch can do 2 to 3 days with always on display. And the always on display has been there since galaxy watch S3, like 5 years ago? None should be excited about this unless you are living under a rock.l, especially a tech reviewer.

  2. Can anybody think of a practical use for a compass in an urban environment? Ten years of iPhone I have not used the compass once

  3. What about series 4? I know Apple dropped it, but is it still available from other resellers? What's the pricing like now? Coz that'd be pretty good deal.

  4. I have a galaxy watch active and my display is always on all day. Now Apple is doing this, everyone is like: this is amaizing and breathtaking. Before: Not really a gamechanger.

  5. I just ordered mine today .. well you all welcome to visit my channel for nothing ..

  6. Garmin already doing wrist rotating gestures to turn on screen and the battery last for 2-3 weeks years ago, nothing new here…

  7. 1080p – in 2019? This why MKBHD, Linus etc are destroying legacy media like The Verge. Deter – jump ship and join a modern outfit….

  8. Guess what though I’m gonna wait and buy the Samsung Galaxy S11 Galaxy Buds & Galaxy Watch In 2020. 🤓🤓🤓🤓 I don’t need my 10R anymore. I want to switch to Samsung.

  9. Wow, really nothing new to talk about ? A compass ? Always on ? My friend’s Samsung watch is already always on. Without Jobs and Ive, Apple is really going down hill.

  10. 1 hz is not refreshing once every minute, it's one every second. Which makes sense since the watch is probably showing the seconds pointer moving.

  11. Honestly, if Apple skipped a year or two to release a phone, they can probably make something very revolutionary. My opinion though.

  12. Ordered mine, can’t wait. I wonder if when the watch is off your wrist (either just sitting on a table or on its charger for overnight) if the screen turns off then or if it’s “always on” then too?

  13. it is hilarious to see people happy that they finally have the option for an "always on" on such an expensive smartwatch. Only Apple fans can be years behind in basic features and be this thankful when they get them completely unaware that every other gadget almost did before Apple. You guys are killing me xD

  14. I don’t like the always on display. I’d get a regular watch if I wanted that. Watches, aside from notifications, are useless for most other things beside gimmicks.

  15. I got the Series 5 Stainless Steel and I don’t have a compass app. And it won’t let me open the Apple Watch Store on my phone..

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