AR Murugadoss Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Face 2 Face | Darbar | Subtitled

AR Murugadoss Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Face 2 Face | Darbar | Subtitled

The portion with Alex Pandian in ‘Moondru Mugam’ would be perfect I wondered how it would be if that character was extended to two and a half hours and I have varied it from his previous films I thought I would make it a retired cop After seeing ‘Petta’, I really liked its energy The only thing I can do is films. I cannot remain thinking I’m already a director with hits Every film is a first film I last met you during ‘Spyder’ You told me something, that you don’t worry about trends Without thinking of which films are running well now or not you try to make films in new genres So, what kind of a film is ‘Darbar’? ‘Darbar’ is… how do I say it… is a cop story with a Mumbai backdrop So, some problems in Mumbai, we face them here too Some problems, we will be facing soon… How a police officer uses his intelligence… how he chases and nabs That will be the plot of the film Would you call it a cop thriller? Yes, we could call it a cop thriller So, something like ‘Thuppakki’, would you say? You could say, almost. ‘Thuppakki’ was a kind of a hero-villain script This would also have an emotional…what can I say…there will be a small revenge in it So, it is a script like that You’ve worked with Ajith, Vijay, Mahesh Babu Is it a unique pressure to work with Rajinikanth? Is there pressure to make a story that suits him? Definitely We have seen him as a big star in childhood He was a also big star when I got into films Beyond the fact that Rajni sir was a commercial hero, we would have lived with them If you take Ilaiyaraja sir, if we hear his 80’s songs we would get memories of traveling in the bus, going to school, spending time in tea shops For almost each of Rajini sir’s films, you could say I was in sixth standard at that point I was in seventh. We would had traveled to a city for summer holidays We had come to tour Madras. We would have a memory associated with each film Some examples… I saw ‘Murattu Kaalai’ in Maharani Theatre here My uncle who was alive back then, is now no more Now when go past Maharani Theatre, I am reminded of that So, during our formative years every film of a big star would be linked to our lives in some way So, when I’m directing such a star I feel a bit happy a bit more than a regular film also I also want to make a big hit, a notable film of his there is also that responsibility, that pressure is there When asked what their favorite Rajinikanth film is, people generally say ‘Mullum Malalrum’, ‘Aarilirundhu Aruvadhu Varai’… what is yours? I really like ‘Mullum Malarum’ too ‘Annamalai’, ‘Baasha’ among 90’s films Before that… ‘Mullum Malarum’, ‘Jhonny’ I like films that are of the Mahendran type I also like the commercial type that he does now When shaping Vijaykanth’s character in ‘Ramana’ you’ve mentioned that he’s generally shown as a villager or an inspector you had wanted to show him differently so even his shirts and pants were in only a few colors, you had wanted to show him in very simple and ordinary way Similarly, did you put in some special effort to shape Rajnikanth’s character? Definitely. When you do a film with a hero There is a small challenge I will take care that my film is a notable film What I need to make sure is that this film is different from his past films I categorized Rajini sir’s films into two types In the first type, either Rajini sir’s house, or some land he owns will be taken away by someone and he will be evicted it might be his brother, or where he works or a friend who has lost everything So, him losing everything would be the interval block the second half would be about how he defeated him This is the majority of his films Or else, like in Baasha, he would be a don, no one would know who he is but those around him would be taking him lightly In the second half his past story would be revealed A don film. Either he will be a don or characters like these So when I wanted to be different from both these at the same time I didn’t want to make him the head of a family, or an ordinary man It has to be ‘mass’. But only a don will be surrounded by his men What I thought was, a police officer can have his team Also, he hasn’t played a cop for 25 years The reason for that was that such stories were very commercial at the point not because it wouldn’t suit him I was able to exploit that gap of 25 years The portion with Alex Pandian in ‘Moondru Mugam’ would be perfect I wondered how it would be if that character was extended to two and a half hours and have varied it from his previous films You mentioned that it had to be ‘mass’ even you had mentioned in a previous interview why everyone is fighting nowadays When even a megastar like MGR did a cute love story like ‘Anbe Vaa’ why today’s actors aren’t doing it Is that not possible today? You could… but somewhere it has to change. ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ is a sign of progress Suddenly… as a director when I’m making a film with a big hero the first thing we think about is why the hero fought The hero is definitely going to fight. only why he fought and with whom is the story Sivaji sir made a film called ‘Tiruvilaiyaadal’ He played Shiva. What a big hit! Similarly, ‘Anbe Vaa’ ‘Thillana Mohanambal’. I often think… Can I tell a hero that his character plays the Nadaswaram? They might think that we’re mocking them Sir, you have a troupe… you play the Nadhaswaram… if I say that how will they perceive us? The situation has changed… But, you cannot say that it has changed totally We might be able to change things a bit ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ was a good example When a big hero changes everyone starts thinking that you don’t need fights, somewhere…. a bit of heroism is enough a solid story will be enough After 15-20 if years there is a change now, everyone will start following it You just mentioned big heroes. You always make films with big heroes. Can you make films with small heroes? I’ll definitely do it. Sometimes when I was doing Tamil ‘Ghajini’, Suriya sir was upcoming Sometimes I really wish I could do that In fact, it is very challenging. There won’t be any image traps or trying to change something for the fans. Whatever is good for the narrative can be done. My plan is to do that going forward. When you made Tamil ‘Ghajini’ in Hindi… you’ve mentioned that when you made the Hindi version, you took a lot of feedback about what didn’t work in Tamil. For instance, here there were two villains, there only one You took a lot of feedback to shape the Hindi version Do you still have that habit? Definitely After every film? I read all reviews And there are my close friends They won’t tell me anything during release, not wanting to upset me thinking I might already be tensed They will be silent. Sometimes, I would find out from just that silence! Why is he silent? He generally speaks a lot After about six months, they start telling me reasons why something went wrong The only thing I can do is films. I cannot remain thinking I’m already a director who has given hits Every film is a first film Because with ‘Darbar’ that film is my first film again with this combination. So when you approach every film like that you won’t know what the results will be like perhaps, only to an extent. It’s not like writing, which you do by yourself someone has to act, someone has to film it, the make up should be good, constumes should be good music, the artist should be able to achieve what I want co-artists should be right, shot division should be correct. Only with all this what you write will work. Sometimes, mistakes happen and we have to keep correcting them What happened to ‘Spyder’? It didn’t do as well as you had expected. What happened? With ‘Spyder’ I had hoped to do a sincere Tamil-Telugu film Many films are billed as bilinguals but many shots would be shot in only one language Honestly, we worked very hard throughout the film Both Mahesh Babu and I. He, even more than me… Not even one day did he tell me that the Tamil and Telugu are anyway both going to look the same We worked hard to that extent I had made a calculation that I couldn’t introduce him in Tamil as a big superstar I can open up with Tamil market only with a good story But, he is already a huge mass hero in Telugu Here, the balance between was missed out If I had concentrated in one language, they might have accepted it as is in another language To balance both, all shots were done in both Tamil and Telugu Even the shot division would change Because one artist would speak in Tamil, on the other side in Telugu the shot division would itself change We struggled shooting almost each scene twice Only my calculation went wrong. What I did was… He is a mass hero in one language, a new face in another language, with the same story this balancing didn’t work out for me. That is what I later felt was missed Something that I really liked in ‘Spyder’ was the villain character played by S.J.Suryah Him… Varalaxmi in ‘Sarkar’ They look villainous, there is a certain gravity But Neil Nithin Mukesh was a bit slippery As if there was no weight to the role There’s Suniel Shetty in ‘Darbar’ I’m asking generally… why do people use North Indian actors to play villains? I hadn’t brought in a North Indian villain in ‘Sarkar’ Even if you take ‘Thuppakki’, Vidyut Jamwal would be is right for that backdrop. I need a Bombay villain when I do a film set in Bombay Be it either ‘Thuppakki’ or ‘Darbar’, Bombay is the setting of the story So, the villain has to be from there In ‘Ramana’, only Vijayan sir had acted It depends on the kind of the story According to the geography… In ‘Kaththi’, when I talk about a corporate guy who has come from the North, I can cast Neil Nithin Mukesh So, in ‘Kathi’ the hero’s problem, his conflict is that he is fighting against corporate forces but it is not about individual villainy Only if you have an individual villain, the villain-hero lock will be right So, you shouldn’t see Neil Nithin Mukesh as a villain He is a representative of the corporate world or of the factory owners of those who make water a business I took him to be a representative of those businessmen So, I don’t make him physically fight with the hero I’m not talking about the physique Always if a hero has a villain who has gravity wouldn’t the conflict be better? As you said, there is a difference when you fight against an individual or a corporate… I’m asking about that… When I did it, it already had a character on this side and that side He gets cheated indirectly by the corporates There are only 2-3 scenes in the first half for him as villain Maybe, that is why it didn’t seem like a big war But overall the hero will have obstacles, court cases, etc Can you set up a conflict in Tamil cinema without a villain? Definitely, you can. But not as an action film If you make an action film, the villain needs to be a person Otherwise, you could make a film about problems between people It could even be a father at home In a story between a father and son, the father can be a villain The father would reform in a positive climax There will be a misunderstanding. Either the villain would be a person or it would be a misunderstanding between good people that grows bigger after a point it will explode either they will completely separate, or they will begin to understand that they’ve misunderstood something and they’ll unite in the climax. There are only these two types We can do it. We don’t need a specific person as a villain There should be a problem, a challenge for the hero, which is the story It could either be a problem… or a person You said Tamil cinema is changing, you mentioned ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ of the recent trends, what do you find most encouraging, as a director? A lot of changes are happening For example, ‘Kaidhi’… when I was seeing the film… for today’s youth… it was almost like a video game you have to transport something from one place to the other but these are the obstacles like cricket, certain things shouldn’t happen, there is a villain within that but the cops are all going to die we have to bring them to the destination… the mood was almost like a video game I liked that approach Films like ‘Asuran’… all of this is good progress Recently, it seemed like there was a lull for 2-3 years in terms of making artistic films Now, there is progress You’ve directed Rajinikanth now… Every one says that he is a very obedient, disciplined actor But on the sets When you gave him instructions for a scene has there be a case where he changed something? There are many There’s a sequence… I can’t reveal the details There’s a shot in the trailer, for example where he says that ‘I was originally a villain’ ‘How is this?’ He says that as the end punch of a sequence I had decided that something was required at that point So I suggested… ‘The boys want to see me as a villain’… I thought something like that would be good He thought for a bit and felt that it might be misconstrued and suggested that we could say that ‘I was originally a villain’ I agreed When he said it I asked him for another take… even though the first take was good Then he said ‘I was originally a villain… how is it?’ Then he just suddenly picked it up ‘I was originally a villain… how is it?’ Similarly, in a marriage song at the end of the marriage song he had to wish the couple in his original voice A gap was left in the track for that and given to me for shooting, for me to fill it up Rajini sir is giving advice to a husband and wife It should be a single line, without beating about the bush, should be simple At the same time it should feel right, even if’s it not new. I had some ideas… but they were according to my age and experience But if Rajini sir himself suggested it, it would be nice Because it’s a marriage song When it is going to be played in marriages over time, it is going to be in his voice When it is going to be in his voice, I thought it would be good if he suggested something He thought about it when I asked him and then he suggested ‘If you aren’t just husband and wife, and live as friends, life will be good’ He asked me if that would work. I told him that it was super Because there didn’t have to be something big in it… like compromising… everyone already knows that but to just be as friends don’t think of yourselves as husband and wife just be as friends we wouldn’t be bored with a friend even after so many years so, if you lived your life like that, it would be peaceful… that’s what he meant Sometimes when we talk about a general point he would suggest something with the correct timing with his experience When ‘Petta’ came out their biggest USP was that they were going to show Rajini again as the ‘real’ Rajini Because of ‘Petta’, did you have to change something in your approach? because they’ve already celebrated Rajini in that way, we should be trying something a bit different As far he’s concerned, even when we just see Rajini sir what is his age… what age can we depict him as… I was able to realize when speaking to him in person After I saw ‘Petta’… I have seen him only in a discussion… I haven’t seen his acting at the shooting spot Many artists will be very casual, they will get into mood only in the set I had initially thought to keep it simple Something like a retired cop After watching ‘Petta’ I really liked the energy They had shown Rajini sir like that after a long time and the people liked it too, if they hadn’t liked it and said that it was repetitive if they had felt Rajini should play his age I would have done something different But the people enjoyed it. People want only a few people to remain the same In our town, there might be a building or a temple that we like when we visit it after many years, we would expect it to look the same If they paint or modify it, we might feel like they’ve spoilt it by trying to modernize it Even a theatre that we really like Suddenly, they would have redone the front. We wouldn’t like it, we won’t think they’ve made it modern We would feel that the vintage feel was better The audience accepted him in ‘Petta’ So, I wanted to 100% do it in that mode You’ve mentioned that you watched all films in Raja Theatre in Kallakurichi every Sunday Are you going to do the same this time? A Rajini sir film is a big film. It is not like I’m making a film with a hero the second or third time This is an unforgettable film for me, personally Since the film is releasing on the 9th [of January] I will go to a temple… somewhere outside Chennai After that I’ll watch an opening show with my family After that I’ll watch it in Chennai on Pongal day. I’ll watch it in Kallakurichi on Kaanum Pongal which will be grander there Actually on Pongal day, called Suriyan Pongal, they make pongal, not much else… On Maattu Pongal, there will be some excitement… the reverse of what you see here Here, on Kaanum Pongal, people would have gone back to the office There would be traffic in the city. But back home, it’s different It’s called ‘Uzhavar Thirunaal’ [Farmer’s day] On that they just pray to the Sun. The next day on Maattu Pongal is a bit busier On Kaanum Pongal, the whole town would be celebrating That’s how it is everywhere, except here in the city On Kaanum Pongal, I want to see the film in Raja Theatre I hope you do, and I hope the film is a hit Thank you very much

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  1. Ar muragadoss is a big fan of superstar like karthik subbaraj…so I hope he will give rajnikanth a movie like petta…not a sarkar or spyder…anyway going to watch first day…!

  2. Your last 3 Films Akira, Spyder and Sarkar were Disappointing. Please Make Darbar equal as Dheena, Ramana, Ghajini,Thupakki and Kaththi

  3. Your last 3 Films Akira, Spyder and Sarkar were Disappointing. Please Make Darbar equal as Dheena, Ramana, Ghajini,Thupakki and Kaththi

  4. Spyder flop aaga 3 reasons
    1. Rakul Preet Singh.
    2. Ladies vechu villaina kandupidichadhu.
    3. Mokka climax.

    Other than these, film was stylish and SJ Surya was terrific. I loved that flashback part very much (yengirundhu suttanu therila😂)

  5. Motta asking all non senses other than darbar….
    Ask only about darbar…..
    He kept standee of darbar near him means what?

  6. Nearly all channels interviewed ARM, everyone were asking the same clinch questions but this is unique and well interviewed one. Hope everyone can learn from Baradwaj Rangan.

  7. Murugadoss is saying that Spyder didn't do well because Mahesh is a super star in telugu but new face for tamil audience what stupid answer is that then how did KGF do well in all the languages Yash was only super star of Kannada films it's just the content, if content is good everyone will love the films

  8. AR Murugadoss has directed Thalapathy Vijay, Ultimate star Ajith, Surya, Mahesh Babu, Megastar Chiranjeevi, Perfectionist Amir Khan, Khilladi Akshay Kumar, Vijaykanth sir and now Superstar Rajinikanth…ARM is really in a whole new league of directors

  9. Murugadoss Sir, your screenplay sense is Terrific. I loved THUPPAKI , KATHTHI mind blowing Films.

    Doctors Scene – RAMANA
    Kalpana Sequence – Ghajini
    Interval Block – THUPPAKI🔥🔥🔥
    Ladies Scene – Spyder

    Ithellam ipo ungalta missing
    These are
    Trendsetter of Action thrillers

    But I miss the exciting MURUGADOSS Touch.

    Please do a stylish film & detailed film SYRIANA, BABY & UNCLE, Breach. Something inspiring for PEOPLE

    May be THUPPAKI 2
    MARANA waiting sir.

  10. கண்ணா காளையன் காலத்துல இறங்கிட்டான் இனி எல்லா பயலும் கிளம்ப வேண்டியது தான் .

  11. Darbar – Retried police officer 👮🔫 wig act Panna – Thalaivar Rajinikanth comedy 😃😃😃😃😃😃 original Mumbai police not like that copied from Hollywood stunt Muragadoss illa sutadoss copy from Hollywood Nolan movie sutta Ghajini , Kaithi story theft from Gopi nayanar ipadi director Destory many assistant director story theft Tamil Cinema Destory good story completely by this mass and commercial director copy cat directors 👿👿👿👿😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

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  13. gajini – mirrors story
    ramana – nandakumar sir story
    kathi- gopi nainar sir story
    ithuku mama velai parkalam da
    kullana nampa kudathu nu sonathu

  14. Kodi Parakkudhu, Naattukku Oru Nallavan, Pandian nu police Padam nadichi super flop aanadhu!.. Hindile late 80s to early 90s ethanaiyo Police side role!!.. sollave venaam most of them were flops or other hero movies!!.. Rajini's full fledged Police story has never been made a success!! Let's see what happens with Darbaar..


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