Are America and Iran on the Brink of War? | The Daily Show

Are America and Iran on the Brink of War? | The Daily Show

That’s right. America is
sending thousands of troops back to the Middle East,
which is a big deal, and not just because you have
to pay that E-Z Pass again. No, it’s also because
this could lead to war. So when America says
Iran is responsible, they better have
some solid proof. MAN: The U.S. military released
this surveillance footage, which American officials
tell NBC News shows Iranian sailors removing an
unexploded mine from the side of one of the tankers
after it was attacked. MAN 2:
Fragments of mines, and the magnets used
to attach them, made by Iran, says the U.S., to attack oil tankers
last week. More proof, say U.S.
officials, of Iranian guilt. Iranian fingerprints apparently
all over an attack that Iran denies carrying out. Iranian fingerprints? (laughter) Honestly, I, uh… I don’t really know
what that last part means. How… how you can tell
that fingerprints are Iranian? Was the detective like… (sniffs)
“I knew it. Hummus.” (laughter) “Wait, wait.
Hummus isn’t Iranian.” “I know, but if i said sabzi,
you wouldn’t have got the joke.” So the U.S. claims
that they have enough evidence to prove this attack was carried
out by Iran, right? But because America has
a history of crying wolf in the Middle East, some
of the U.S.’s allies have said that they need a little bit more
than hummus fingers to be convinced. WOMAN:
U.S. allies remain split about the allegations
against Iran. Japan expressing skepticism, while Germany’s
foreign minister stating, the video provided by the U.S.
is not sufficient proof. That’s right. Japan– whose ship was attacked,
by the way– isn’t sure that it was Iran. And Germany doesn’t want
to rush into any decisions. And I get it.
Both of those countries have a bad history with war,
especially Germany. Yeah, they know how they get
when there’s a war. The Germans are like, “I think
we all should proceed carefully and think about…” “No, Germany,
you need to get angry.” “Please, nein. “You wouldn’t like me
when I’m angry. “Last time this happened, I woke up in Argentina
with a Spanish wife.” (laughter) Now, after some convincing,
Germany eventually accepted America’s conclusion
blaming Iran. And because of the whole weapons
of mass destruction thing, you can’t blame America’s allies
for being a little cautious when taking America’s word
for it, all right? ‘Cause America’s
done this before. Imagine if your friend told you,
“Oh, my God, you got to get down
to this party. Rihanna’s here.” But then when you got to
the party, instead of Rihanna, you just found
some middle-aged guy named Ryan. Yeah. You’d be like,
“What? That-That’s not Rihanna. This guy’s just standing
in the corner.” He’s like, “Yeah, all I do
is work, work, work, work, work. That’s all I do.” If that happened to you,
you wouldn’t trust your celebrity-sighting friends
ever again. And there is
a growing agreement. There is a growing agreement
that this looks like it was an attack
conducted by Iran, but people
are also preaching caution because maybe it was
Iran’s government, or maybe it was a rogue element
within Iran, or maybe it was someone
trying to frame Iran, like a jealous ex. Who knows? So, despite
Mike Pompeo’s hawkishness and John Bolton’s walrusness, most foreign governments
aren’t in a hurry to go to war. But there’s another person who also doesn’t like
the idea of war, and you’ll never guess
who it is. NEWSMAN: President Trump is
now playing down the attacks, telling Time magazine… (reading): We’ll see what happens. They are
a much different country today than they were
two and a half years ago when I came into office. When President Obama
signed that horrible deal, they were screaming,
“Death to America.” I haven’t been
hearing that lately. NEWSWOMAN:
President Trump has said he doesn’t want to go to war. I love how the press is just, like, waiting
outside of his house, as well. “Are you in a fight with Iran?” “I hope not!” (laughter) But, yes, it turns out, President Trump is not keen
on a war with Iran, which I am all for. I mean, maybe he thinks
that this is a bad idea, or maybe he’s just worried that the military might try
and draft him again, you know? It’s like, “Mr. President, we
recommend a war against Iran.” “Ow, my bone spurs are back.
They’re back. They come back every 50 years.” So, the good news is
despite his Twitter fingers, Trump is not a fan
of trigger fingers. But don’t get
too comfortable yet because, unfortunately, there
are lots of people around him trying to change his mind. NEWSMAN: The hawks continue
to circle this president, urging him toward action. They’re in his ear
making the case for possible intervention. NEWSWOMAN: You have
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor
John Bolton, who are a lot more hawkish, who want to be more aggressive in their stance
toward the Iranians. NEWSMAN 2: Last week,
Pompeo went to Congress and delivered a presentation arguing that
this administration could use the same authorization of force
the Bush White House used in the fight against al-Qaeda
after 9/11. Wow. Did-did you pick up
what they just said there? 18 years later,
Mike Pompeo and his friends are trying to use 9/11
as an excuse to go to war
with another country that had nothing to do
with 9/11. That’s what they want. Yeah. And, I mean, haven’t the troops
spent enough time in the Middle East?
Just bring them home. They deserve it. Yeah. Just bring them home. (cheering and applause) They deserve to come home. And we deserve to see more of those adorable
dog reunion videos. Yeah. Which, by the way, like, you know there’s got to be
one dog who just doesn’t give a shit,
right? There’s probably one dog where
the guy’s like, “I’m home,” and he’s like, “Hey. “Larry, right? “Oh, yeah,
I guess you used to live here. “All right, well, uh,
I’m gonna go look at a bird, but thank you for your service,
I guess?” Look, man, here’s the thing. I’m not saying
America should never fight wars. Right? That’s who you are.
I get it. But do you really think now is
the time to start another war? ‘Cause it almost feels like… it almost feels
like America does war the same way people do Netflix,
you know? Yeah, we start
a bunch of things, but we never really commit,
you know? People just hang out.
“Oh, my God, “You know what I heard
could be great? This new war, Iran.” People are like,
“Yeah. Oh, but wait. “We still need to finish Iraq. “Yeah. Yeah, we still need
to finish that. “Oh, and aren’t we still
in the middle of Syria? “Whatever happened there? Yeah,
I couldn’t follow the plot. “There were so many bad guys. “By the way, who started Niger? “Is someone using our account?
What is that? “Oh, my God, I just realized “we never even finished
Afghanistan. “We started that,
like, 20 years ago. So, what are we gonna pick?” “Actually, I’m tired.
Let’s just go to bed.” (laughter) All I’m saying is this.
All I’m saying is this. I’m saying I understand
America can’t not fight a war, but instead of going
with a streaming model, maybe America should switch back to the old-school DVD plan,
all right? You can start a new war as soon as you finish
the ones you already have.

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  1. talking about war in such manner is wrong… it's dangerous… no laughing matter, but I guess devils don't care…

  2. Anyone who believes Trevor, or even watches his show should have their heads examined. He has no business experience, he has no negotiation experience, he has no other peoples lives by the thousands or millions to care for, he only has complaints. When it comes to his political experience he still has nothing, and yet so many agree with him. Shameful and amazing that he is given a free ride.

  3. Albert Einstein helped develop weapons for WW2, and he said:
    "I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones."
    He meant humankind will destroy each other if we keep fighting, hence the sticks and stones.

  4. An invasion of Iran is tough with its mountainous geography on the coast line the American forces would have to enter through Iraq which would cause more trouble. If we go to war it’s just gunna be a long ass air campaign which destroy the Iran’s moral and infrastructure a successful air campaign would open up the strait from Iranian bullshit and the USA could then blockade all Iranian exports and imports. This would cause Iran to play by USA rules. Meaning no more nuclear experimentation. No treat to Israel. And may even cause a regime change. Air war don’t seem to bad

  5. Weapons of mass destruction part two… More death and misery in another unnecessary war to make money plain and simple.

  6. This is not Iraq war 2,this time if war will happen then it will be totally different,bcz this time US have to fight with IRAN!

  7. im surprised at how can people still belive american govt despited being scammed by american govt before

  8. Did you notice Boris opinion in saving THE NATO brothers Greec then they collapsed finacial and sent bancrouppcy ? He wants to leave EU but let THE world pay for THE protection of their Oil vessels. Ethons brightest light has to shine like a sionist star to sovle this.

  9. America is a Nation who give peace Noble price award to a person who sell 40billion$ of weapons. they are human criminal and humanity murderer people.

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  11. i like Americans friendly and warms and so nice peoples but your politicians are Piece of shit, love you from Iran

  12. 9/11 all was arabs, Saudi arabs, but they are still friends with USA, then Iran is enemy??????? Come on!!!!!!!

  13. Of course the US will fan the fires of war ANYWHERE sooner than you can say "Hi!" It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. War is a business. And the USA is the biggest investor. Guess what's needed so they can sell Lockheed Martin, BAE systems and Boeing's war machines….

  14. Name one country involved in more wars than the US in the last 2 centuries, I will be waiting… shameless murderers

  15. God fuckin dammit :D. The part about the germans, i laughed my ass off 😀 ( German btw 😀 ) …. the way he said "nein" hahahahha my new ringtone 😀

  16. How smart these American politicians are.

     They have made a giant out of Iran to scare their people and the Arab countries. So they can sell their old guns easily, this policy will last forever and will never get ending to hold middle east countries backward.

  17. I honestly believe that the US would go to the extent to invent some scheme just to initiate a war with Iran…

  18. When there's war, children dying people losing their homes…. Any worst thing that one can image, might happen to people living there. And Americans find it funny huh? I wish any country getting into war with some country would experience war on their land as well. Only then, they would think before rushing. When Americans fighting in those countries battlefield is never their soil.

  19. So let me get something straight. This host isn't a fan of foreign intervention yet was extremely pro Hillary?

    Hmmmm Those two ideas don't exactly jive.

  20. Japanese oil tanker destroyed.

    Japan: Lets stay calm and figure out what happened.

    America: Fuk that lets just attack Iran and kill hundreds and thousands of people.

    Japan. WTF

  21. Trump is still the biggest bullsh*tter.. still to this day they still say that. He just takes credit, blames others and makes up lies and the people just think its true. "WASHINGTON (AP) — They still cry “death to America” in Iran."

  22. Know what's funny? This exact plan was to pulled by CIA on a civilian ship in the 60's to frame Cuba and prepare an invasion. It was stopped by JFK and got quite recently revealed to the public by an investigation comitee.

  23. This country already have kids fighting someone. Else's war.. bring the kids home where they belong.. all this war in middle about all the shuttle that goes on in africa..war in aids war on hunger war on violence.. oh yeah there's no more oil diamonds gold coal there.. u taped them clean remember..but there been war in Africa since 1800.. where u at America.. Africa's been needing your help since 1800.. no its oil business

  24. To all of the people who dont understand the joke, “Sabzi” is a food ( basically a vegetable curry i guess ) that Iranians or really all south asians eat a lot 😂

  25. Pompeo is lying to the Americans launched drones ! ! Some farmers Houthis have drones !????Those amrican rats don't know anymore ..what an excuse to start a war with Iran ! ! !,They have before set fire to tankers of different countries with drones with thermobaric charges !! There are witnesses.. ! !These brainless are ready to destroy the whole WORLD because of their greed

  26. I hate american politician like Trump and bush. They are the most filthy people I know. Who can murder other people for an extra bread in their plate. Spreading fake news and then atacking those country so that they don't have to go through moral obligation .they allready wiped out many country before ( Iraq) just of the basis of suspecion of weapon ,which proves to be wrong and I say even of it is right who gives you right to destroy whole nation .how hipocrite is that they are themself the country of weapon where weapon are own by everyone as a daily need things they themself kill one another ,and then they worried of gun voilence so they sell even more gun so that good people have gun. Gun. And war and hate. Is that all they know, degrading other country images and then atacking them ,fear your creator one day you will asked for all the bad things you did and that day you won't have any reply because you cannt fool the creator. And to some extent whole american are responsible for the wrong done by these politician because they are the one who elect these idiots .people like these belongs to no one. All they love is money .

  27. It's bullshit. I think Iran didnt do it. This is just one of the excuses that are created to go to war with them for other reasons. Like Mossad's claims of weapons of mass destruction.

  28. If the US is now the #1 oil exporter, why do we even need to be in the ME anymore? The Saudis share ZERO values with the US except misogyny.

  29. I don't believe America with their statements about Iran. I think America in the past months have started talking badly about Iran again, because they cooked up some devious plan with Iran. Iran supposedly did attacks, not one shred of proof delivered, but we are supposed to believe everything America claims. First that drone, now this again. It's too coincidental. A dirty political game is being played here. People should not fall for this crap. We are being manipulated big time.

  30. it would be sooooo freaking awesome if Trump wants to go to war but the military would not do it, but assassinate Trump instead!

  31. If only DT had not escaped from the G7 as a coward when the Prime Minister of France helped with a meeting to try to achieve understanding between the US and Iran. But of course! VP's servant was so sad and desolate because he could not meet his beloved master, owner and lord in Biarritz. Poor thing! DT had to go console himself playing golf while blaming Obama. As everyone knows playing golf is a million times more important task than US politics and security.

  32. It's not a surprise that a warmonger nation want to start a war with Iran. They are accustomed to it and enjoy this activity (war) in their spare time. They got nothing else to do in this world rather than war.

  33. Omg here we go again, they are just trying to mind fuck us again,. We all know that the Saudis did that shit, man thry havr a deal with are president.. gtfoh .. these idiot's think we are stupid . Man America is a bully, the shit is to much…..✌❤🤜 love it trevor…..

  34. I see a lot of people slamming America about this, let me just say as a veteran and on behalf of the actual American people (not the rich and then politicians) we don't like watching our own be sent to die. We don't benefit when our next door neoghbors are crying because they lost a son, we don't enjoy seeing the people who had limbs blown off, or severe PTSD and watching the VA turn their backs on them after theyve been promised all the support they'll ever need.

  35. well fk tv news bcoz this guy just made me a huge fan now people need to know the young die the innocent kids die the family dies nation die bcoz of a fat guy in power.

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