Are Rated-R Movies Really That Terrible For Kids?

Are Rated-R Movies Really That Terrible For Kids?

You know what, there’s something about people
watching super violent movies that just changes our little brains… Guys, my common sense
is tingling… Hey cinephiles, Trace projecting out into
the Internet for DNews. Movies are getting more violent, sexual, and profane. Studies
show violence in movies has tripled since the 1950s, and PG-13 movies contain more gun
violence than R-rated movies since 2009! In fact, all movies have gotten more sexual,
and even G-Rated movies have gotten more violent. Shoot-em-up movies are fun! But can also be
bad for us. So, with R-Rated comic book movies hitting the theaters: what is all this violence,
profanity and sex doing to our brains? As technology has improved and storytelling
has evolved over the last 100 years, many movies have become more realistic, but still
depict crazy outlandish situations. Unfortunately for us, our brains haven’t evolved that
fast. When your brain sucks in the latest action film, we react as if it’s really happening. For example, filmmakers often use violence
to get the “good guys” to solve a problem. This teaches us violence solves problems,
which isn’t realistic. And has implications in everyday life.
Linfield College found women who watched videos showing relational violence and aggression
(like, pretty much all wives of wherever shows) went on to instigate relational hostility. A 15-year study in Developmental Psychology
found if kids watch violent television or movies they display more violence later in
life. And this is regardless of sex, social status, intellectual capabilities, or parenting
styles and parental aggressiveness. The caveat is, the kids have to identify with the characters
on screen and believe the violence is realistic. Which studies have shown is happening more
often because of our silly lizard brains. And this goes the same for everyone! A study
in Prevention Science, found a positive correlation connecting teens watching R-rated films waged
in “sensation seeking,” behavior. Sensation seekers are those who crave risky behaviors
— like alcohol use. Studies found that teens who wouldn’t normally perform risky-behaviors,
like underage alcohol consumption, would be more likely to do so after watching a movie
where such risky behaviors were portrayed! DAMN OUR SUSCEPTIBLE BRAINS! Unsurprisingly, children who were exposed
to sexually explicit movies and TV would then go on to have sex sooner, as well. In fact,
a study by the Children’s Hospital Boston found “for every hour the youngest group of
children [aged SIX to EIGHT] watched adult-targeted content… their chances of having sex during
early adolescence increased by 33 percent.” And these behavioral changes have echos inside
the brain. According to Columbia University, fMRI scans of people watching violent imagery
show activity in the right lateral orbitofrontal cortex — the area involved in reactive aggression,
and the supplementary motor cortex — the area involved in planning and imagining behaviors.
Essentially, people would visualize themselves BEING violent, and the part of their brain
associated with violent reactions was ALSO active. And another study found as teens watched
more violent content, their connection between violent behavior and emotion weakened. All
this might explain why people who watch violence can go on to be more violent in their own
lives. It seems to me, when we see a lot of violent
media, we begin to disconnect the emotional reaction to risky sexual activity, alcohol
abuse or violence with ACTUALLY doing these things. Making us more likely to try them.
But we can fight it, and it helps to start with kids. One of the researchers recommended
we simply pay attention to movie ratings. Children are more impressionable than adults
they should quote “should not be permitted to see R-rated movies.” Also, if the violent
person is a role-model, their actions carry even more weight. To fight that, says another
lead researcher, we should simply point out movies are works of fiction. Funnily enough,
having a conversation about it really can help. There’s a lot more going on with this than
you think! Julia looks in how the brain reacts to your favorite movies in
this video…
What IS your favorite movie? Is it action packed? Let’s make a list. I’m going on vacation
soon and need something to do.

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  1. This is just scapegoating and blaming movies for YOUR problems. If you commit violence its your own fault not the MEDIAs. You most likely had violent tendencies before. We as a society need to stop blaming some other group for our own problems.

  2. Anyone can sight bs studies. 100% of people who eat pizza die. This is technically true but is miss leading.
    Nothing is being done to your brain by watching R rated movies. Everyone actually knows that it isn't real.

  3. I don't agree with this. I've watched countless shows and movies with alcohol, drugs, partying, sex, and a lot of other "bad" things in them and I'm still an antisocial vegetarian pacifist. So what's up with that?

  4. If i have kids ill let them watch pg 13 and maybe rated R but they have to be 8 and older. Not all rated R movies are bad some are funny comedies.

  5. a lot of these kids who are being told they can't go to a Rated R movie usually live in environments just as bad as Rated R films.

  6. So much of this is junk statistics: 1. Children who self-select adult content that is kept away from them may do so due to factors disposing them for similar real world behavior. 2. Comparing movies made under vastly different censorship criteria will reflect those criteria rather than actual trends, especially if measuring the same arbitrary criteria as the censors (for example comparing non-censored aspects of love / conflict portrayal may give better indications than comparing bare skin / blood shown) . 3. The point of all engaging fiction is to trigger the same brain areas as the protagonists experience via the empathy / imagination brain areas in the audience. Confirming that fact via brain scans show nothing about the educational effect.

    Those are just some of the basic systematic mistakes in this rant video.

  7. Movies or whatever media you watch dont make you, they just might remind you who you are, if it doesn't remind you then you will be unaffected as it is not in you. You cant hold crazy in a person forever, eventually it will come out, but making a world to appease crazy people in favor of our freedom of expression really IS crazy! Kids learn more violence and sex at public school than any movie ever could.

    People are NOT blank slates, you are either born evil or you are not. In the past they blamed comics, people always blame whats outside them they never look inside themselves and realize the problem starts within, remember a good person is not the one who see's no evil, hears no evil or speaks no evil, a good person is one who knows evil yet decides NOT to do it!

  8. Can anyway tell me if they curse in this video. I am using this as a source for a paper and do not really want my teacher to see anything bad in it. Thank you.

  9. I watched A LOT of violent and horror movies when i was a little kid. Now i am one of the calmest people. The problem is that most people just see the things. They don't think or wander why the things the people in the movies are doing what they are doing. They just see them doing it and that's it!

  10. Why do they always mix sex, risky activities and violence when talking about content rating? Has anyone anywhere proved that watching a porn movie, even being a kid, makes you a maniac later?

  11. I have to disagree with this it's a matter of willpower and maturity. I watched some pretty messed up stuff growing up and still do but yet show no signs of murderous rampages. Now of course I fantasize about what I watch does mean I'm to go out and do it. Willpower and maturity it can not be taught but can be influenced.

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  13. hmm… I wonder why the trend is that humans are less violent now than at any other point in history yet there are more violent depictions than ever before? Sorry Dnews, but you need to do this video over again. If what you say is true (considering the the violence in movies and games), people should be behaving more violently, but they aren't.

  14. I hate grown ups they think they can do anything they want they are just bad examples for their kids watching all this bad stuff kids can watch say see anything the want I hate grown ups

  15. Violence: Amazing but I know not to kill.
    Language: Good script (most times) but I know not to say it.
    Nudity: Take it out, just don't lust me.
    Alcohol/Drugs: Good Conflict; don't abuse.

  16. This is 1930's BULLSHIT! I am amazed that any modern person can still advocate this dark ages violence cause by watching violence shit! Explain all the violence that happened long before there were movie, TV, or any kind of depiction? It's the blame game.

  17. I have a simple solution, put some huge text at the beginning saying that its a movie and its fake, that should help all of our stupid brains.

  18. Wasn't Oliver rated U/PG and had 2 death scenes in it including a woman getting beat to death with blood on the killer. It was made in 1962. Parents should choose what their kids should watch not the bbfc.

  19. "PG-13 movies contain more gun violence than R-rated movies" Is this a joke?

    Edit: "Risky sexual activity" Okay this joke's even better

  20. I'm 13 and after watching Pulp Fiction I hear Sammuel L. Jackson's voice in my head every time someone talks to me.(I don't remember asking you a goddamn thing) ….That's all.

  21. I'm 12 and I want to watch r rated movies but I'm not aloud to 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😢😢😢 help

  22. I don't agree with this. I watched R-rated when I was young. It left me disturbed and frightened while watching it, but it did not make me aggressive and violent today.
    People who become aggressive and violent are either stupid and/or have bad parents that never taught them the difference between fiction and reality.

  23. I started to watch R movies since i was 5 years, that made me realize how edgy some of them are really, so yes, you should let your kids watch these movies while you explain them why they're stupid and EDGY.

  24. movies, books, games do not make a person more violent IDIOTS!!! Their circumstances do, the likely hood that these people live in awful circumstances with abusive family violence is high. therefor it is this family, social, neighborhood dynamic that makes them more violent. seriously you humans never cease to amaze me with how bloody dumb you are.

  25. The gun violence in modern day PG-13 movies is nowhere near as gory or bloody as they were in PG-13 80's or 90's movies. Now there are scenes where people are shot and there is no blood. This video based off some lame fear-mongering study that FOX or CNN news would do an article on. People don't understand the ratings system.

  26. Ok this is such a lie because you know how many r rated movies you watched and you turned out fine and plus this year you see more kids ok than violent heck when your at the age of 7 you know the difference from right and wrong because according to kids that are like 7 don't suck information on movies there mind is open to other things they may understand the meanings but if you are like 2 there minds listen to stuff and do it so teach them first

  27. TL;DR Children do imitate what they see it’s just more complicated than just “children have no free will”

  28. PG-13 movies more violent than R?
    This is the reasons Why MPAA age ratings is broken.
    We need a new rating between PG-13 and R!
    I propose a new rating to fill the gap between PG-13 and R: T-14 (people under 14 is not allowed unless they are in companion with adults, and they act as a Soft R), M-16 (people under 16 is not allowed unless they are in companion with adults)

  29. What is bad about these movies is that parents are afraid the kids are going ask questions that they are too embarrassed to answer. Parents have to explain things over and over to teach their children their values.

  30. This makes no fucking sense!

    If the movie show a person killing their selves. I think anybody 4+ is mature enough to know that just because somebody killed theirselves, DOESNT MEAN THAT THEY GO DO IT THEMSELVES

  31. Even without movies it human nature to be sexual, profane and violent. In my opinion rather than sheltering kids from these movies makes them realize they are movies, not real life so they know the difference. The more you hide something from a kid the more they are going to want it. I remember being a kid and that's how almost every kid I knew was. Please think back to when you were a kid(unless you're in denial), look how you were when your parents said you couldn't do, see nor experience certain things and how much it made you want to do them more. I was allowed to watch most violent films and it made violence for me not something all that great nor something I would support, but my parents didn't want me watching sexual films and now all I want is to have sex with as many women as I can without a relationship and kids ever lol lol lol.

  32. This is garbage as demonstrated by the material seen in Asia and the rates of violence demonstrated by their population. Japan for example has some of the most violent material that can be seen and yet they have one of the lowest incidences of violence of any industrized nation.

  33. We have a much bigger problem. Religious indoctrination of kids actually yields much more dire real-life consequences than any violent flick could. Yet it's still legal somehow.

  34. The first horror movie I've seen as a child was A Nightmare On Elm Street.

    It was the first one and I was four years old back in 1985 when I watched A Nightmare On Elm Street with my aunt and my uncle.

  35. I watched final destination when I was little
    I also watched Desierto and their was nothing bad
    I watched other movies that were rated r and were not bad at all

  36. Blah blah blah I saw ghosts rider, blade, and punished when I was a kid and they didn't effect me at all

  37. Well I’ve been watching rated r movies since I was 11. Never killed anyone nor have an STD. So this is a load of shit

  38. tons of brutal violence in a film
    good for the pre schoolers
    a female nipple

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