ARJUN KI DULHANIYA (Chi La Sow) 2019 NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Movie | Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma

ARJUN KI DULHANIYA (Chi La Sow) 2019 NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Movie | Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma

Nandu! You are smoking in
front of the hospital? My wife is not well.
She’s inside. What happened to her? She has women’s illness. Women’s illness? There are so many expenses. -How
much does this cigarette cost? Rs.10. -Rs.10? And how many do you have?
-One more. You have money to die. But you have no money to
save your wife’s life. What nonsense? Look here.
Death is written on it. And life is written on
this sanitary pad. Don’t laugh. With the money
you pay for 2 cigarettes. You can save your wife from
this threatening.. ..disease which takes place.. ..during menstruation by
using dirty clothes. And you can save yourself from
illness by not smoking. It means you can save
two lives with.. ..the money you pay for death. One is yours.
And the other is of your wife. Think over it and laugh. Bravery is not shown by smoking. It is in giving this. Oh no! No! No! What are you doing man?
That was a bad shot. One more. What the hell man? Hit the
ball up. Ball through you. I did the same mistake again. The air in the ball is
insufficient I guess. You call yourself a fan of
Federer. Let’s try again. Focus. Darn it! Did you see? The one who is
screaming like a mad person. That is me. Arjun. A fan of Salman.
And a devotee of Lord Hanuman. Hey! Get ready. -It will happen
now. -The shirt will tear now. Yes! Yes! Yeah! Yeah! Yes Salman. Yes! Yes! Yeah Salman. Come on. Lord Hanuman,
brainwash him somehow. And make him ready to marry. As I want to get him
married this year. Which God are you asking
this prayer from? Lord Hanuman, mother prays
to a new God everyday. But I am not like that.
I am your loyal devotee. I come only to you. Somehow brainwash my mother. Don’t let her talk of
marriage for 5 years. It would be nice if
I was a bachelor.. Salman and Lord Hanuman. No pressure. No commitments. Life would be filled with joy
without complications. But it will not happen. Neither
will anyone let it happen. Good morning daddy.
-Good morning Arjun. Arjun. Yes dad! Arjun, why don’t you marry? Dad, tell me one thing. -Yes. Why did you marry? I was about 26 year old. I saw your mother’s picture. It was a good picture. I agreed to marry on seeing it. Luckily your mother agreed and
we got married. -Isn’t it? Mom is not just pretty but
has a lovely heart too. You wouldn’t get
a wife like her. That’s why you married her.
-Right. Even I must find such
a girl right? -Yes. When I find one I
will get married. I can find one for you. No. And even if I find a
girl I will not.. ..marry at least for five years. End of topic. What do you feel? Do only parents
pressurize you to get married? No. The whole universe
pressurizes you. Everyone tortures you. Even your friends. Hey! You are unlucky. Look there. Every group has two
or three girls. Someone is with his girlfriend.
Someone is with his wife. And you are such a loner. You are having alcohol on
Saturday night with me. Firstly I come to drink
alcohol with you. Secondly I must hear your taunts
too. -Yes, you have to listen. It would be such fun if we
had a girl in our group. But you won’t understand. Where do we get a girl from? -Get
married. Come on get married. Did you think how much I will
benefit if you marry? I will get a good friend. There are some personal talks
which I can’t share with you. I mean to say you will not
understand if I tell you. I will tell her everything. It will be so fine, isn’t it? It will be fun. You want a girl in
our group right? Then get married stupid man. My parents were getting me
married a few years ago. I told them what’s the hurry? And now they say it’s
late it is of no use. This is my problem.
You won’t understand. Since I turned 25 year old. Anywhere I go or meet anyone. They have only
one topic to talk. When will you marry? Bye! My life. My wedding. I will marry if I
want or I won’t. “Hit the road Jack. Don’t you
come back. No more. No more.” “Hit the road Jack.
Don’t you come back. No more.” “Whoa Woman, Oh woman, don’t
treat me some mean. You’re the meanest old woman
that I’ve ever seen. “I guess if you say so. I’d have
to pack my things and go.” “Hit the road Jack. Don’t you
come back. No more. No more.” “Hit the road Jack.
Don’t you come back No more.” “Don’t you come back. No more. -What you say?
-Don’t you come back.” “I didn’t understand. Don’t you come back.
No more. -You gave me.” Bye mom. I’ve a meeting with the
boss and I’m running late. I know. If you were in a hurry
you should have got up in time. Now you will say you have no
time for breakfast too. That is why I packed a sandwich.
Eat it in the car. You are a genius mom. Arjun. -Yes mom. I wanted to talk to you
something important. -Yes. No. Go to office now. I will
call up and speak to you. Why will you call?
As I can’t scold back at office? Tell me whatever
you want to say. No. You have a meeting
with your boss. Go.
Go quickly. Or you will be late. Go on. -I will be back mom. I can woo her. I think it should work. Let me try again. Hi! How long will we stare at
each other in the office? Since you joined the
office we may.. ..have not spoken
but do you know.. ..our eyes speak to each
other in the lift. Just like the villain
in ‘Bahubali’ spoke in a foreign language. This statement seems strange. Don’t worry. Your eyes tell me what’s
in your mind. Now you need to speak out. Then I will come to speak
to your parents. Yes! It’s true. I want to marry you.
Waiting for your reply. Your obediently. No. Your lovingly. Yours Sujit. Looks good. Where are you?
The boss is waiting for you. I am on the way.
-Alright. Come quickly. Bye. Sent. What nonsense Sujit? When did I
see you lovingly in the lift? I will complain against you.
How dare you! Oh no. Oh no. My mail went to the team
of business development. Oh! Oh no! This.. Listen. Sujit, what is this? -No.
Actually. I thought you were my brother. No sister.
There is a virus in the system. I don’t want to tie a Rakhi
(thread for brother). Go. -Actually. Sujit, I was telling
everyone that you.. ..are the only gentleman
in the office. Listen to me. I am gentle
from inside. -And you? Aren’t you ashamed Sujit?
-Listen. Sir,
how can I undo the email I sent? I wanted to make a personal
mail but.. went to the group
by mistake. I mean..
-Sujit, have you lost it? Such a stupid email.
I am a mother of two kids. Are they married? Shut up! Shameless. What was that, bro?
I was shocked to read your mail. I didn’t expect this from you. And suddenly when
I got the mail. I didn’t understand it at first. Anyway, alright. Give me two days to think. Rascal,
do you harass through emails? Useless man.
‘Bahubali’s’ foreign language. Oh no. -The statement was good. I will kill you.
I will make things worse. -Okay. He is reading
a book shamelessly. Girls can’t leave their houses
at night because of such boys. People like you should
be imprisoned. Shameless.
-Look how’s he watching at us. What do you think of yourself?
Control yourself Sujit. I will not spare him. -This is
an office. -Aren’t you ashamed? If you talk of that email..
-Which email? The boss is asking for you.
Go and meet her. Yes. Let me check an
mail before going. Forget the mail.
Go and meet her. Go in. The boss is waiting. Hell with the mail. Ma’am. -Yeah. Come Arjun. Arjun, do one thing. Don’t come to office tomorrow. Go to the client’s office
directly. -Sure. The meeting is at 10 O’clock. Your phone shouldn’t ring during
the presentation. -No. No. The presentation should be good,
Arjun. I will switch it off. Alright.
Then go and do your job. And please don’t come late
tomorrow. -Right ma’am. What did she say? What the hell! There’s a call
when I switched on the cell. What happened? Mom wants to talk to me
something important. She called up twice while
talking to the boss. I know what her important
topic is. Not here.
I will talk from the cafeteria. I can scold back easily.
-That’s good. Go. Yes dear. Were you busy? Okay. I will take five minutes. I wanted to give
you a good news. Listen carefully. Stay calm and don’t worry. If it’s good news then
why will I worry? Tell me the news quickly.
I will see how to react. It’s nothing special.
In the evening today I.. ..fixed a meeting of
yours with a girl. You have to come home and meet
the girl. That’s all. I knew it. I won’t come. Why not? I searched for a good
girl with much difficulty. You have to meet her.
How long will you stay single? You have done
this twice with me. Every time you say. And those meetings were
the worst experience of my life. When you go to their house
the whole family.. ..stares at you as though
you are a thief. Suddenly a girl comes
in with coffee. Everyone suggest to spend time
on the terrace alone. We see each other for some
time and come downstairs. They ask are you ready to spend
life with each other? What do I tell mom?
Is this the way to marry? You don’t understand.
This is such a dirty method. Boys these days say this. But when you become 40 year old.
You will scold me then. This is the right age to marry. That’s why I am taking
the efforts. If you stay single who will take
care of you after I die. Don’t worry mom. If you torture me so much
I will die before you. I didn’t say I won’t marry. I don’t want to talk about
this for five more years. In five years you will
be 32 year old. It is very difficult to have
arrange marriage at that age. There won’t be an options. Listen,
I know what’s best for you. You are a confused idiot.
But I am not a fool. The girl I saw is
perfect for you. Your life will be well settled. Mom! No matter how good the girl
is I will not agree to marry. Look being overconfident
is not good. You don’t know anything
about that girl. I bet with 10,000 rupees. On seeing that girl
you will come.. ..running to me within
10 minutes. And be adamant to marry her. I bet. I will reject that
girl in five minutes. Alright. -Fine. Bye. -Bye. She trapped me again. Let’s go on the terrace.
I am feeling uneasy here. Alright. I will get some snacks.
Do you want some? -No. You won’t eat from
my plate right? Hey, I told you I don’t want it.
-Okay. Hello sir.
-Give me a dish of snacks. Which one is it?
Is it not of potatoes. Alright. Credit it in his
account. -Thank you. Senseless people! Why should I marry?
As you want me to marry. She said this girl is so good. I can’t get a better
girl than her. I will agree completely.
My foot! Listen. Tell me one thing. You are 27 year old. Last year you got
a promotion too. And you get a good salary too. Life is cool. Isn’t it? But your life is so boring. It’s six years you had
a break up. Right? Since then you have
no girlfriend. And I don’t see it
happening soon. What is your problem?
Get married. Are you mad?
You are worst than my mother. If life is boring
should I marry? It is better I die single then
marry for this excuse. If I am getting bored. I will go for shopping or movie.
Why should I marry? Don’t try to tie a thing
which is not broken. And I have some goals in life.
My wish list. I will think of marriage after
I fulfill my wishes. Goals!
Tell me the list of your wishes. My greatest dream in life.
I told you about it. I want to buy a high
end sports car. I have saved Rs.12
lakhs already. And another 8 lakh. Then down
payment & the rest on loan. Okay. So? If I get married. -Yes? My wife will agree. But my parents. Her parents. They
will say what have you done. You are married.
You are a family man now. You could invest this money
in gold or insurance. That money could help
in your children’s.. ..higher education. My foot! What nonsense! This is one goal.
Alright. What is your next goal? I want to go on Europe tour. Around one month to 40 days. I want to see the whole of
Europe. I want to enjoy the trip. If I go alone. If I go to Europe after marriage
then I will be a big fool. Have you seen Spanish and
Italian girls in Europe? You should keep your
options open. The girls are so beautiful.
-Hold on. Stop thinking like the rich.
And come to your status. The real world doesn’t
work in this manner. In today’s time it is
difficult to find.. ..a girl even in arranged
marriage. And if you find someone
you should marry soon. Are they any goals? Alright. Every man has his
own goals. I understand. But remember.
Your mom is a dangerous woman. If she is saying so confidently. Surely she has something
in mind. Right? Meet that girl once.
Then you can decide. When I don’t want to marry then
why should I meet her? I told mom and am
telling you too. No matter what I will say no. Let the girl say yes first. Listen. -Yes. -Meeting girls to
get married is not my cup of tea. Come with me. Moral support. Me? -Yes. Okay. But on one condition. If you say no. Then that girl is
mine. -I am going to say no. Moreover I will fix something
for you. Come with me. Done. Done. -“Down. Down.” Sir, the lift is out of order.
You have to take the stairs. Lift is out of order. Fourteen floors. Every floor has 20 steps.
Total 280 steps. I can do it easily. Maybe you
don’t feel it seeing me. So the body shouldn’t know
I have to run so fast. Did you hear the name
of Usain Bolt? Before my body finds out I
am going to work so hard. I will reach the 14th floor. I want. I hope you catch up. Did Usain Bolt have asthma? Which floor are we on? Sixth floor. -Sixth floor? Are we climbing up or getting
down? I don’t understand. Sujit! Sujit, get up. Get up. Is the milkman here? What? Hey! Listen.
I want to talk to my mother. Please! Thank you! Arjun. -Yes. Ketchup. -Yes son. Where are you mom?
You said I have to meet a girl. Did you cancel the programme
as I would say no? Very good decision.
I’m proud of you. Arjun,
I forgot to tell you something. Listen calmly. Okay? What? Here.
I will talk to him. -Actually. Hello Arjun, listen.
This isn’t my idea. Another truth is that I have
nothing to do in this. What idea? What are you saying? Actually what you said
was absolutely true. We go to see a
girl at her house. Then everyone stares at you. Then the girl comes.
Serves coffee. Both of you go on the terrace.
Speak for about 10 minutes. And you have to decide
right then. This is a wrong way to do it. Exactly! So I took a decision. What is it? I have spoken to the girl’s
family. They have no objection. What do they don’t object with?
-That girl will come to our house. Speak to her calmly. -What? Speak frankly to her.
Clear all your doubts. Take your own time. Okay? Inform me after you decide. I and your father are close by. We have come out for dinner.
-Mom. Mom, what the hell?
What are you thinking? And that girl got ready to
involve herself in this madness? Does her family believes in
values or not? -Arjun. Are you talking of an alliance
with such a family? Who are sending their daughter
to meet me in solitude? Where are your values? This is too much mom. Too much. Mom, this is not done. How did
she agree to come here alone? Hold on. Stop over acting. Imagine you are on a date
with a new girl. You just have to introduce
yourself, right? Boys these days do it so well.
Why are you worried? Forget about arrange marriage. Date? Date? I am going out.
I don’t want to go on any date. Hey!
Very few get a broad minded.. ..and progressive mom.
Isn’t it? -Yes. What is this? Whom are you talking to? Hey! Hey tell me. -Don’t do it. Who is with you? -Sujit. Give him the phone. -Why? Give him the phone. Hey! What are you doing there? You are bleeding? Wait. -Leave me. Wait. -Your mother showed
her dangerous image. She told me that she won’t
let me get married. Wait. -I have my priorities. Wait. Wait. Oh no. Wear this new shirt, baby. Mom. Smiley face. Hell with you. I will not even wear jeans.
Shorts is good. I feel she is here. Yes aunt.
I think he has opened the door. Okay aunt. Bye. Hello! Oh no. Mom has confused me. These people, I tell you.
They will ruin my life. I’m sorry. That.. Okay. No problem. Hi! I am Arjun. Hi! You have introduce yourself
more than required. Oh! You started fooling
about it already. Okay.
I’m sorry. I am Anjali and.. I won’t talk on this
topic again. Okay. Can I come in? Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Come in. Please sit down. So Arjun,
you work with Day cart, right? Yeah. My friend Ramya is in the H.R
department of Day cart. Do you know her? Not really sure. Okay. Arjun,
can I have some water please? Yeah. Sure. Anjali likes pineapple juice.
I prepared it. Give it to her when
she asks for water. Look at the heart and smiley. If I can I will give
her some poison. Thank you! Anjali,
I will come to the point. I don’t know how to tell you. I will tell you honestly. My parents wasted your time
by calling you here. And I am really sorry. Currently I am not interested
in getting married. I don’t want to marry for
at least five years. It has nothing to do with you.
Really. I don’t want to marry. What do you mean? You heard me. Why didn’t you tell your
family about it? Are you fooling around? Anjali, I told mom many times.
But she is not ready to listen. What do I do? Are you 10 years old?
Couldn’t you say no. Can’t you appease your mother? You wasted my time by
calling me here. Don’t I have any other work? Anjali, I’m really sorry.
But I am not at fault here. I am telling you mother
didn’t listen to me. Why are you overreacting?
-Overreact? What do you feel dressing
up so much.. ..and meeting an unknown
guy is my hobby? I am doing this s by forgetting
my self respect. My fate. My situation is
something like that. Now I..
what will I tell my mother? What if mother harms herself? I want some water. What? Yeah. Sure. Forget the water.
Give her juice now. Anjali,
you like pineapple juice right? Shall I sit down or not? This is my house.
I will sit down. Anjali, don’t mind. But. It’s common to refuse someone
in arrange marriages. And I said no
to you so decently. You are right.
What else can you do? If I had no problems in my family
maybe I wouldn’t marry now. I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to overreact. And I am habituated to
be rejected by boys. So it’s fine. But why?
You are an intelligent girl. And you are beautiful. Only a mad person
will refuse you. Is it? What did you just do? I.. Relax Arjun. I am just kidding. Anjali! You were talking of
some situation. Your mother will harm herself. Is there a problem? Are you’ll from Hyderabad?
Very good. Your daughter got distinction
in her studies. Oh good. I really like your daughter. You have given her good values. Harish will meet Anjali after
returning from USA. But I want to
tell you something. Not only Harish but no boy
can refuse your daughter. I am very pleased.
I am very happy. What else do I want? We will get them engage
when Harish returns. And get them married very soon. I am very happy.
Let me inform everyone. Her uncle on hearing
of her wedding.. ..will go crazy with happiness. There is lot of work to do. I need to prepare
for the wedding. We have to find an auspicious
time after the engagement. -Mom. We have to print cards.
Call up so many people. -Enough. There is lot of work.
Keep quiet. -Mom. I have to prepare the list.
Whom to invite? We have to call all
cousins from Delhi. Mom, sit down.
-This is the first thing to do. I will prepare the list first. If I prepare the list
things will be easy. You don’t know how much you need
to prepare for the wedding. Tell me when do you want the
wedding to take place? So that I prepare
the list in time. I don’t know who will
come for the wedding. So I will inform everyone
right away. Sit down. Please sit down. Relatives from Delhi
will surely come. Mom, what happened?
-I am working. It is so dirty here.
Don’t you clean. Look. -Mom! I need to call uncles.
Their family will also come. Even their children.
They have 3 children. -Mom. Just a moment mom. -Mom. Uncle, don’t fear.
Mom is bi-polar. It means she has seizures when
she is too happy or sad. Her treatment is going on.
So don’t worry. Child, take care of her. I will call up when
Harish returns. Sister, there is a call. Are they calling up? Yes. -Give it to me. I will say
sorry to them. -It’s okay. Hello! Yes uncle. Child, we like you a lot. You are really very loving. But we like another girl too. If I give a rating. I will give you 9 out of 10. But her family has no problem. And your mother’s
illness maybe.. You don’t have a father
or brother. If you marry Harish. Your mother will be Harish’s
responsibility. So we need to think practically. This wedding can’t take place. There is no other reason.
Don’t feel disheartened. Uncle, I have no problem if
you like any other girl. Honestly I am not interested
to get married. I am doing this to make
my mother happy. But remember one thing. I know how to take care of
my mother and family. Even if I marry anyone. I can take care of my mother
single handedly. I am not living my life
depending on someone. I will take care of her. Wish you a son a very happy
married life. -It’s not that dear. Mom. Brother,
we have got a good alliance. This time.. Anjali.
-Yes. -Let’s do one thing. When those people come over.. ..I will go out
with your mother. Why? That is not needed. I will marry the boy who
will understand.. mother’s situation. Otherwise I will never
be truly happy. I will tell them the truth.
-Are you mad? You are right. Take me somewhere out. This alliance shouldn’t
break because of me. You will meet this
boy in my absence. Mom, that’s not the case. Take me out somewhere. Where did you do your
degree college? In Hyderabad. -Okay. Shall we go? -Okay then. It’s been a pleasure
meeting you, Anjali. Hope we have a great
life together. Okay dear. God bless you! Whenever your mother returns
from Bangalore do let us know. We will talk to her about rest
of the things. -Okay. Yeah. Bye. -Bye. Okay uncle. Okay aunt. Rajiv, what happened? -Did you
like the girl? -She is very sweet. Thank you for getting
such a good alliance. We will be thankful to you. Thank God!
I knew you would like Anjali. Anjali is a gem.
She is really a gem. This is called a perfect match. Do you know all those alliance
which came for Anjali.. ..were rejected because
of her mother. Good.
I knew you are broad minded. That is why I told you
about this alliance. Because of her mother. But why? It means they didn’t tell you. You are picking the joker again.
-I didn’t see it. Are they calling up? -Yes. Hello! Yes uncle. Did your mother return
from Bangalore? Yeah uncle. She is back. In fact
she is sitting next to me. Did your mother really
go to Bangalore? Uncle? I feel you underestimated Rajiv. A wedding is not about two
people. It’s about two families. If someone is in trouble
in a family. We take care of that person
together right? And Rajiv would
have taken care.. ..of your mother
in the same way. We are not so narrow minded
as you thought us to be. The alliance which
begins on lies. That alliance can’t be successful
no matter how hard you try. I am sorry child. I am sorry uncle. I will pray that Rajiv.. ..gets a really good girl.
I speak it from my heart. Your family deserves the best.
I am really sorry uncle. Bye. Hey, what happened? Nothing mom. Mom. Mom. Another alliance broke
because of me. Mom, what are you saying? Can I tell you something? You’ll are my life. I am happy because of you. I have a good job, salary. I want to do a lot for you. We have to buy a car too. Buy our own flat. We will stay together happily. Is getting married everything?
No. Mom! Mom! Mom! Anu! Anu! Mom! Mom! Pull her. Mom, please. -Wait. Mom, please. Please! -Mom! Please! -What are you doing?
-Stop mom. Mom. No. No mom. -Mom. What are you doing? Let’s go in. Go in. Please! Please! Please! What are you doing? Whatever I tell mom today.. ..she won’t believe it. She will feel.. ..that the alliance broke
because of her. God knows.. God knows how she will react? Sorry Anjali. I.. am getting angry. I told them I don’t
want to marry. Watch it in the news tomorrow. A boy killed his mother. I am so sorry Anjali. You are a good man Arjun. I have seen many types of boys. Some one says. He wants a tall girl
like some actress. Then one said. He wants a girl fair as milk. That was alright. I met a boy last year.
He was the worst. When I met him he.. ..didn’t say hi to me. He just scanned my whole body. Later his mother called
up and said. The girl is good but. She has scars on her face.
And they are a bit strange. Are girls similar to
a mobile phones? You will like her seeing
her features. And our parents have to bear
the wedding expenses too. These days boys wants heroines. But no one is
like a hero though. But they broke up right? Catch my point Arjun. Give me the name and address
of the boy who scanned you. I will kill him. Oh! You are ready to go to prison
by killing someone for me. But you can’t marry me.
Am I right? Anjali! Arjun, I am kidding. Relax. You are a nice guy. Give me five minutes. I will first think what to tell
my family and then leave. Yeah sure. If you don’t mind can
we go to the balcony. I need some fresh air. Yeah. Sure. Please come. Arjun tell me. -How did you get
in the arranged marriage market? Don’t you have a girlfriend? We broke up six years ago. Since then I am single. There is a logic about
girls from Hyderabad. There are two types of
girls in Hyderabad. Either single or interesting.
But never both. Oh! Tell me why are you in the
arranged marriage market? Don’t you have a boyfriend? Me? I am a boring person. The people who write
notes sitting.. ..on the first
bench in college.. ..they go home when
the bell rings. They go home and do work. My classmates. Used to call me aunt. So I never had a boyfriend. Never? I am better. There is logic in boys too. Do you know what handsome
boys are called here? What? -Tourist. Hello! -Oh please! Okay Arjun. I am leaving. It’s quite late though. Mom must be worried. When I go home and
tell her things.. ..didn’t work out she will ask. Why are you so late then? Okay Anjali. I say honestly. Nothing will happen to your mom.
-And you will find a good boy. Oh! But you won’t say yes.
Isn’t it? I am joking Arjun.
You are really very innocent. Even I say one thing honestly. You are very sweet. The day you will agree
to get married. You will surely
find a good girl. Okay. Bye. You want to hug after
rejecting me? That is not needed.
Hand shake is enough. We will not meet again. I want to go home. Okay Arjun. Are you kidding me? What do you mean? Will you just leave? What else can I do Arjun? I came to meet you
to get married. You saw me. Rejected me. I am returning home. What else can I do? No. I have felt a connection. Didn’t you feel anything? So what? So what? I don’t know. We should get to know
each other right? Let me take you out on a date. Please! Lunch or dinner. You are behaving like
a child even.. ..after knowing
everything Arjun. I have to say it’s a yes
or no on returning home. If I say yes. We have to stay
together our entire life. If I say no.
This topic will end here. Maybe within a few weeks
I will meet another boy. And if that alliance is fixed. I have to live my life with him. After knowing mom’s
state you say.. ..we will go on a date.
Try to understand each other. Anjali this is not fair. How can one agree to marry after
meeting just for an hour? I want to get to know you. That is not an option. Either it’s marriage
or it’s goodbye. Anjali, wait. Wait! Just one second. Fine. It’s a yes from me. Let’s get married. You are so confused, Arjun. You were telling me your
goals at the balcony. You want to take a car.
Go on Europe trip. You don’t want to marry for
five years. But now? You are saying yes. Tomorrow morning you
will say oh no. What have I done?
Such a huge mistake. Then get confused and say. We will cancel the wedding. If I go home and say it’s a no. Maybe my mom won’t do anything. But if you yes today and
no tomorrow then.. If you want to marry me
then it’s a no from me. Marrying a confused
person like you.. ..I don’t want to repent. Anjali, this is not fair.
This is not fair Anjali. Anjali, listen to me. Yes. Tell me. Sister, where are you?
It’s so late. -What happened? Mom has got an attack again. She fell unconscious. We have called the ambulance.
Come to Prasad hospital quickly. Hello! Hello! Keep cash next time.
It is a problem otherwise. Grandma come quickly. Hello listen. The door is open. Anjali, what happened?
-Mom is unconscious. Oh no. Wait. Anjali! Anjali, I will get the car keys. Car keys. Car keys. Anjali, come I will drop you. This is a residential area. You
won’t get an auto or cab here. I will drop you. Thanks Arjun. Leave once you
drop me to the hospital. Hey, no problem. How is mom? -She has no problem
till now. She is fine right now. The doctors are checking her. Okay. I will meet the doctor. Go. Grandma, look there. -Yes. What happened? This is the guy from
the picture. Arjun. Why has he come in shorts? Looks like it’s a yes from him. Look, he came
until the hospital. Let’s ask him. Yes. Hello! -Hi! Son, did you recognize us? I am the grandmother
of your heroine. And she is her younger sister. Did you like sister?
Is the alliance fixed? He has come till here
it means he agrees. If he didn’t agree why would
he come here. -So good. Look grandmother,
my brother-in-law. Arjun? Come here. Arjun why did you come inside? Brother-in-law is cute. -It’s
the hospital. Go and sit there. I spoke for 2 minutes and
you have a problem. You are already getting
possessive. Will you both sit there or.. Why have we come here? To take
care of mother. Go and sit. What are you doing here Arjun?
I told you.. ..leave after dropping me here. Then why did you come upstairs? Why are you getting angry? You left in a hurry. So I thought of coming
up to say bye to you. There was no need to say bye.
Those two have seen you. What will I tell them? I am already tensed about mom. And you came here to waste time. Don’t you understand. Go away! Okay. Okay. Fine. I am leaving. Hi! Hi Arjun. You left without
saying bye. I didn’t like it. Can I leave without
saying bye to you? Arjun, what are you thinking?
-Anjali. Arjun, come. -I came to meet you,
but you were busy. -Come son. No. No it’s fine. Doctor, meet Arjun.
My to be brother-in-law. Oh! Hello! -Hello! Don’t worry. She is stable now. The doctor who is on duty will
check and give her a discharge. Our cashier is at the billing
counter. -Okay doctor. Go and meet him and.. ..he will give the discount.
-Right doctor. I will do it. -Thank you doctor. Our cashless insurance
card is at home. I will go and get it.
-Yes. Will you take her home? Yeah. I will take her. Shall we go? Shall we? Bye Arjun. -Bye. The car keys? Anjali, the car is on this side. Anjali, I will drop you home. Come on. What a girl is she?
She didn’t even thank me. She got down and left. I will freshen up. What do you want? Washroom? It’s on the left. Hello listen. The door is open. No. Leave me. Arjun. Arjun, please help me. Arjun. Arjun. Somebody help! Help! Arjun! Arjun! Arjun please! Oh no! Somebody help. Help! Anjali! Anjali, open the door. Anjali! Open. Darn it. -Arjun. Arjun! -Anjali! Help! Help! Somebody help. There is a robber. There’s a robber at Anjali’s
house. Call the police. Hey, what is he doing?
-What is he doing? You will fall down. -Go up. What is he doing? -If you fall
you will break your bones. Anjali, forgive me.
Don’t hit me. Please!
Sister, I am not a thief. I did a mistake. Don’t hit me. Sister, I am a delivery boy.
Leave me. Leave me. -Go and save her. Save her quickly. Whom do I save? Here. Here. -Sister, please! Please leave me. Sister. Sister. Anjali!
-It is hurting. Leave me. Anjali!
-Leave me. -Don’t hit me. Sister, I beg of you.
-Anjali! Anjali! Forgive me. Wait.
Wait. Calm down. I am here now. I will manage.
Nothing will happen to you. It’s okay.
-Arjun, I was very scared. Someone kept a hand
on my shoulder. I thought it was you. It’s okay. Anjali, it’s okay. Don’t worry. Anjali! Anjali, it’s okay. Just sit down.
Sit down. It’s okay. Hey! Get up. Hey! Hey! Maybe he died. What? -He’s dead. Oh my God! Anjali, look. -I.. I know. Self defense. It was self defense.
-I didn’t want to kill him. Arjun. -It must be your
neighbours. I informed them. Must be the neighbours.
Let me check. Listen to me. Lock this door and come
to the living room. We will think about him later.
Right now close the door. Arjun. What the hell!
-Surrender to the Lord! Did you complain? There was a thief.
But he ran away. Go and catch him. He just ran away.
Try catching him. Please leave. Go. Go. -Yes go. Surrender to the Lord. Come here. The thief ran away.
We can’t catch him now. Swami. -Sir. Check what has been robbed.
And give me a report. Yes sir. -Why do you need
the report? He ran away. He didn’t even steal. You look like a crook. Check carefully. -Right sir. Is black money kept inside? No.
No sir. -Then why do you worry? Arjun! What will we do now? No matter what happens don’t
speak. Keep quiet. I will tell them the truth. I told you not to speak. -Arjun,
we will tell them the truth. Sir! Sir! They killed my brother-in-law. His dead body is inside. He was my brother-in-law. They killed my brother-in-law. Surrender to the Lord. I will tell you sir. I didn’t want to kill him. But he came here to steal. He hit on my head and misbehaved
with the girl. To stop him I hit
him on the head. What? -And he died. It was an accident sir.
Self defense. What are you saying?
I killed him. Why are you lying?
-Just shut up. Don’t complicate things.
-I am complicating. Listen to me.
-Why are you lying? You didn’t kill him but me.
-I told you. No.
You. You shut up. -Don’t talk. Let me handle it.
-Both of you shut up. My brother-in-law.
What will I tell my wife? Swami! Swami! Call up the forensic
and ambulance. Constable 102. -Yes sir. Take them in the van.
-Right sir. Anjali has nothing to do in this.
-No. It’s wrong. -Don’t talk. Take them. -Listen to me.
-Why are you lying? Who will cover the glass? You both are husband and wife?
-No. Are you lovers? -No sir. She came to see me
to get married. To get married? There was no one home
so late at night. Sir, that is a long story. This incident has nothing
to do with it. Did you like the boy? It hasn’t been decided sir. -No. Forget this talk sir. I will tell you what happened. She will surely lie.
She loves me a lot. She wants to sacrifice
to save me. What nonsense? What sacrifice? I don’t know him. I don’t know.. What nonsense? She is lying.
-..his full name. He is lying. I am telling you he’s lying.
-Listen to me. -Sir, I will tell you. No sir. Listen to me. I am
telling the truth. -Listen to me. Hey! She is replying
so late at night. It means she loves me. Tell me? Hey! I am feeling very sleepy. Tell me what happened? I will tell you.
I hit him on the head. Sir, I was saying. Shut up! Hey! Hey! She is calling
me for dinner. Shut up. Or I will kill you. Go for dinner or go to hell. It makes no difference to me. ‘Surrender to the Lord.’ Yes tell me.
-Who told you he’s dead? Who checked his pulse? We got him here on your insistence.
But he ran away from here. He was only unconscious.
Nothing was wrong with him. What to do now sir? Yes.
Alright. Disconnect the call. Constable 102. -Sir. Get this mad fellow out. You say you killed him. She says she killed him. Whether for self defense
or by mistake. Whatever it is. Murder is a murder. Look, once the case is filed. You will visit the court
all your life. Sir. Tell me what to do. Correct. Tell me what to do. I got it. Sir, I have 12 lakh in total. I will get them all. -Arjun. Arjun, that is
your life savings. You want to buy a car with it.
Keep quiet. Anjali, then give it.
Can you give it? No. I am not running away.
Return it later. We need to get out of
this situation first. Twelve is very less. Get twenty. -Twenty lakhs? Sir, I will do one thing.
I will give you twelve now. I will give the rest
in two weeks. Is there a guarantee
you will get it? Sir, you can arrest me anytime. I won’t pick up
a fight with you. Sir! Sir! My brother-in-law is alive. He has come home. I got a call from my home. You both are still here.
He is fine. The case has ended. Go home. Go home. Thank god! Alright. Get twelve. But why sir? We will not give you a penny. Hey! You know who I am. You don’t know who I am. I am leaving with Arjun. If you have the guts
then try to stop me. Come Arjun. Pick up the phone. I will call you later. Anjali!
Wow! Where did that come from? But Arjun that man was alive.
That is why we are saved. Or this would be a murder case. It would ruin your life.
What were you thinking? I didn’t think of anything. I just wanted to get you
out of this problem. I couldn’t leave you alone,
Anjali. What? Then let’s go. What happened? Oh no. -When did this happen? I don’t know. I just realized. You won’t be able to walk.
You have to walk another mile. Their car can drop us. Not at all. I don’t want
to see his face again. I will manage Arjun. Hey! Anjali, are you sure?
How will you manage? Once the bleeding stops.
I will be fine. Okay. Let me pick you up. Arjun. Are you okay now? You are okay right? What happened Anjali?
Are you okay? What? You look tired. -No I am fine. Your face clearly tells. Take some rest. Slowly. Slowly. Take some rest.. it paining a lot?
It will heal. Are you hungry? Hi Anu. Hi grandma. -Hi Arjun. What happened? Does it take
so long to bring a card? You both went home.
No one was at home. Did you..
-Oh no. Nothing of that sort. It’s a long story.
I will tell you later. Oh! What happened to grandma? Grandma has acidity. She
hasn’t eaten since some time. That is why her stomach
is aching. Alright.
I will get something to eat. Oh no. Acidity problem. Juice
is a better option than food. Alright. I will get some juice. Where will you get it from?
I checked around. The cafeteria of the
hospital is closed. Grandma will have to manage.
It’s fine. Okay. I will do something. Wait. It’s 1.30 AM. Where will you get juice
at this hour? Don’t worry grandma.
I will find out. Grandma bear it. Please! I can’t bear it. Please! Drink some water. Where is Arjun?
-He has gone somewhere. He left. Grandma, please take this. He left? -Drink it. Grandma, please little.
Please have some water. No chance. Dear. What happened? The doctor said
mom will get well soon. Then why are you so sad? Grandma, after grandpa died how
did you manage yourself? I was broken. I couldn’t bear it. Do you know there’s something
much stronger than love? It’s habit. I was used to staying with
him for 40 to 50 years. Whether it was to fight or love. I had no one beside him. When that person leaves you. Everything ends. Grandma I don’t want to
have such a habit. I was used to having
dad 15 years ago. He held my hand and sent
me to school. Feed me. Then he died. Does it take so long to open
the door? -What the.. Is it 10 PM? -No. It’s 04.15 AM. It’s 04.15 AM. Are you mad? Is this your house? Hey, don’t talk about family. It’s about life and death.
Medical emergency. I want orange juice urgently. Orange juice. -Yes. You want orange juice in
a bachelor’s house. There’s beer in the fridge. Hey, I told you I want orange
juice. -Take the beer and leave. Hey! It’s not for me. I told
you it’s medical emergency. Take the beer and leave. Hello! Will they have?
-Go and ask them. Hey, they are your neighbours.
Ask them. -I won’t. Hey, come here. -No. No. Don’t do that.
You will put me in trouble. Hey! Baby! -Really. Hi! It’s you. -Yes. -Does anyone
ring the door bell at this hour? You were saying something.
-I didn’t say that to you. I was waiting for my husband. He is coming home from
an international trip. Tell me what do you want?
-Please! Please it’s a medical emergency.
A matter of life and death. I want some help. What is it? I want oranges. Oranges? -Please. -It’s life and
death. Please try to understand. Alright I will get it.
Wait there. Take this.
-Thank you. Thanks a lot. For God’s sake leave.
He will come home anytime. If he sees you here.
-Sorry. -Go away. What do you want now? Actually I want orange juice. Medical emergency. -You are
crossing limits. -Try to understand. Thank you. God bless you! Nice living room. I am happy. Take this. -Thank you so much. Now go from here. I wouldn’t trouble you if it
wasn’t a medical emergency. Not at this hour of the night. So sweet of you. You prepared
it fast. -Hold the bottle. Baby! Baby! Hello sir.
Sister-in-law calls you baby. She told me. So cute. And by the way don’t mind sir.
It’s a medical emergency. Life and death issue. Ma’am, tell him. Don’t show your ugly face again. Listen. I am a bit confused. If you come with me
it will be better. The doctor said tomorrow..
-Stand firm. Mom is feeling better. -Okay. No. -Hey! Grandma, orange juice. Where did you get it from? I can do anything.
I can get sunshine at night. But where did you get it from? Only five star hotels
operate at this hour. That’s good. Isn’t it Arjun? -Yes.
You are correct. So sweet! One second. Come here. Did you get it from
a five star hotel? Did you get it from
a five star hotel? Forget it. I was slapped. And you are a hero here. Who am I? A side actor.
-You are also a hero. My cheek is swollen.
-Can I talk to you for a second? Yes sure.
-You want to talk. Come on. Come. It’s me. -Come on. Is your leg okay now?
Is it paining? Thanks for everything Arjun.
You can go now. What? I can leave? But what happened? You
are asking me to go suddenly. What is wrong with me?
I am absolutely normal. What? Unbelievable. You are just unbelievable. What problem do you have?
Do you love me? I have no answer to
this question. Do you love me? -No.
And that’s exactly my point. I don’t want to say anything. So? Everything ends here. Right? I want to stay alone
only for five years. But you. You are.. You will be alone all your life,
Anjali. This is how I am. I don’t have any expectations
from anyone. Nor my life is dependent
on anyone. So why do you pretend
to see boys daily? You say you have no expectations
from anyone. Then why this? What’s this for?
-Superb! Very good. Don’t ruin your life.
You just have one life. Don’t waste your life for me,
Arjun. You also have one life. Sister, uncle is here. Is it? -Yes sister.
I had given him a call. She was well until evening.
Then suddenly.. Come here. How is mom now?
-She is stable now. Sorry. My flight got delayed
as it was raining in Mumbai. That’s why I am late. -No problem
uncle. Mom is better now. The doctor said he will
discharge in the morning. She called up thinking
mom was serious. She did the right thing. -I was
anyway going to come to visit you. Where is the doctor? I want to
speak to him. -Let me check. -Yes. We got mom here on time. And are
giving her medicines on time. But we need to take some care. Absolutely. -What could we do? I am leaving grandma.
Bye. -What happened Arjun? The picture in the mail. Arjun? Yes. It’s him. -Okay. I am Anjali’s uncle.
I live in Mumbai. -Hello! How did you come here? Is the alliance fixed?
-Consider it fixed. I want to talk to you. Come. Sir! Sir, but.. Cigarette? -Hospital. This is a balcony.
What job do you do? I work for this firm
called Tech art. Basically we provide business
solution for.. Alright. Listen to me Arjun. Don’t mind what I speak as
they are my feelings. You are the luckiest
boy in the world. Although I don’t know
much about you. I would like to say.
No matter how good you are. No body deserves her. What do you know about Anjali? What do you mean? About Anjali. When Anjali was 12 year old.
Her father expired. A person understands the
importance of relationship.. ..when he loses his father. Anjali had to understand
this very soon. At an early age. I used to earn less.
I had started a new business. I clearly told Anjali that.. ..I am not in a state
to take care of her. At that time that girl.. ..told me we don’t
want anything. I am there to take care
of everything. Since that day she took
care of her family. After coming home
from school she.. ..gave tuitions to children. With that money she.. ..took care of her family. She also studied
along with that. When my business was built. I went to her.
And told her come with me. But she told me. By God’s grace everything
is fine. We are very happy. You can take care of us as your
business is running well. If it not the same tomorrow then
will you take care of us? So we don’t want to have the
habit of your support. And it’s good for us. Don’t worry.
I will manage everything. This is how Anjali is. She is the strength
of the family. She understood at an
early age what.. fear and responsibility. She didn’t let her
weakness surface. The doctor is here.
She is waiting for you. Yes. Alright let’s go. Don’t worry. -Doctor. She has come to her senses. She wants to meet everyone.
Is it okay? Yes. Doesn’t matter.
You can meet her. Please come. -Ma’am, one second. I will give you the diet chart
and medicines. Follow it. Alright. I will take care. Okay. Latha! What happened? Did the boy
say yes for the alliance? Take rest. We will talk later.
-First tell me what did he.. My dear, he said yes. He has come to the
hospital for you. Anu, call Arjun. -Yes uncle. Arjun? Can I call you Arjun? Why are you being so formal? Call me Arjun. I am meeting him for
the first time. That too in this state
and manner. No problem aunt. Arjun. Don’t fear seeing me
in this condition. I am a burden in Anjali’s life. And that burden is now
your responsibility. Don’t think in this manner. I will take care of myself.
Go away from here. I won’t spoil your life. Just keep Anjali happy. She is a good girl. Now I understood. Why Anjali is like this?
Now I understood. Anjali is exactly like you. She only thinks of others. She is always worried about you. In fact the situation
is such that she.. ..has forgotten to
think for herself. Just as you said your Anjali
is really good. But after meeting
you I realized. That you are the reason for
the goodness in her. Actually meeting Anjali today.. ..talking to her.
One thing is clear. You are not a burden to Anjali. In fact you are her strength. Go to sleep. Take rest. Come let’s go out. Let her rest. Go to sleep. I am leaving. Bye! Where is Anjali? -I don’t know. She went down without
informing me. You came back? Anjali! -What do you want? So many problems can arise
because of you. Have you thought how
will I answer them? I told you to leave after
dropping me at the hospital. What did you do?
You came upstairs. Met grandma and Anu. I asked you again to go home.
You came to my flat. And everyone saw you coming in. Then you came to the hospital. You met uncle.
Then you met mother too. When they find out the
alliance is not fixed. They will think you are ready.
I may have refused. You don’t want to marry
for five years right? Then why do you complicate
the situation? Good morning dear. What time is it? -Just wait. Hey! Dear, so what if it fell down? I will get more from home. Idiot! Anjali. -Don’t touch me. All men break the trust. Leave us alone and go forever. Dad. Uncle. All of them. That is why I ask you to leave.
But you come back. I fear falling in love with you. Don’t irritate me, Arjun. Go. I said go. Sorry Anjali. Oh! Did you really leave?
Go. Go. What is your problem Anjali?
What do you want me to do? Should I go or wait? Didn’t you understand yet?
-You just said I keep returning. And you fear you will
fall in love with me. Anjali! Anjali! Arjun, go. Go. I won’t go. Now I understood. Not your words. Your eyes speak the truth. Look in my eyes and ask
me to leave. I will go. Look at me Anjali. Arjun. Will you change
your mind tomorrow? You won’t think that
it’s a mistake. If that is so then
tell me right now. I won’t be able to bear it. Will you marry me? Then come. Let’s go. Come on. -What? To get married. Yes. I am telling you seriously. I wish we stay together
all our lives. And our parents want
the same thing. We are marrying soon.
That’s all. What? Are you mad? What nonsense
are you talking? I am doing something right for
the first time in life. Just think over it. What if we get the wedding
date for 5 months later? Your mother will be worried
about the wedding. But if we marry before
her discharge. Imagine how happy she will be. She will be at ease. There
won’t be any expenses also. Everything is decided.
Then why wait? If we marry today.
We can stay with each other. What an outstanding plan?
I am a genius. I am getting the car. Come soon. Hey!
What do you mean by come soon? Arjun! Arjun, stop this now. Arjun, come inside. Arjun. Please! Arjun. Arjun, this is a ridiculous
idea. What is wrong with you? Shall we go? Arjun, please stop. Arjun. Oh Arjun, stop the car.
We are doing a huge mistake. Your name is Anjali.
So A. My name is Arjun. So A. Will our children’s
name start with A? No. If it’s a boy his
name will be Ranbir. So you are Ranbir’s fan?
Even I like him. What? -Yep. Arjun, I don’t know who
is your favourite hero? I don’t know anything about you.
How can we get married? Arjun, please stop the car.
Please! Look Anjali, the girl who
saw me without my pant. I am confirmed that I
will marry only her. The first one broke up with me
and left. -You are the second girl. I will marry only you. What do you mean? That girl
saw you without pants too? It means you both had more
to your relationship. Absolutely. It was
a three year relationship. I mean many things took place. Stop the car. -Why?
-I said stop the car. -What? I don’t want a second hand
husband. Stop the car. And I wanted an experience girl. I am adjusting right?
You adjust too. You cheap. -At least let me
drive. There’s traffic. Hey! “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” Sir, did you marry?
-Mani, give me your phone. Yes Mani. Tell me. Hi mom. Arjun! Where are you? I will kill you. -Mom. I told you to meet the girl.
And absconded. -Mom. Mom! -Your phone is ringing
in the house. Anjali’s phone is switched off. I called at her residence.
No one picked up the call. You irresponsible idiot.
What will I tell them? What reputation will I have now? This is too much.
So irresponsible of you. How could you? -Mom. -What? Open the door! Oh! You are outside.
Wait. I am coming. Today I will beat him up. He has troubled me enough. Hi mom. Oh no. Mom, you won the bet.
I married Anjali. Nurse. -Yes doctor. The patient here was discharged
right? -Yes doctor. Then who is he? I don’t know.
-You are so irresponsible. Go and check what’s
wrong with him. Ah! No. Why are you admitted?
You have diarrhea. Right? Ah! “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “Beloved.” “He has come.” “He has come.” “He has come.” “He has come. -Beloved.”

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  11. i loved the movie its show the important things in this world,family first' before anything else 'with loved from Philippines.

  12. Its such an amazing movie….comedy romance family….its a complete entertainment…loved it…the jodi nd chemistry is also superb…thank u soooo much for dubbing๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  13. This movie is moral for our new and young generations I love this movie awesome script ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™

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