Armed Man Invades Movie Theater Iron Man 3 Premiere

Armed Man Invades Movie Theater Iron Man 3 Premiere

and speaking of armed gunmen and armed man invaded a movie theater over the weekend errant iron man three
premiere this was the opening weekend of the newest iron man movie i have not
seen it i don’t intend to uh… discussed and that internet but
that’s not really the key to this story is it now but it’s
nice that you had to add that the i’d just wanted to know that man walks into a theater full of people he’s wearing tactical
gear in carrying a fake gun and it turns out it was all a publicity
stunt that the brilliant theatre management came up with this is in
jefferson city and police and witnesses are
understandably not pleased with this think about the logic here after the aurora colorado
shooting which was basically this exact same thing exit the real and of course would have been the
newtown connecticut and john maulik who is at the movie he’s a retired army war
veteran who suffers from p t s d he was baffled by capital eight theater
management’s decision to to coordinate this he said that’s just unbelievable the whole country is talking about gun
control because of shootings in theaters and schools and this happens not only
that there was a shooting at another movie
theater and it was at the same type of movie
broadly speaking and they say what whatever will send
enough i think it got a guy with a fit guy and that the tip of the gun was
orange which i guess should make clear to everybody that this was of course not anybody who was there to hurt you
and uh… police captain doug shoemaker said it’s an unfortunate lack of wisdom
in this particular judgment that hopefully will never occur they are very lucky that nobody
responded with a weapon right amin that eg again with these fake shooting
situation someone testing school security or think shooter in in in this
particular movie they’re very very lucky given the tension in this country right
now that nobody who who was carrying a gun took it out and shot the sky right uh… mrs just stupidity plain and simple um… and they’re not only by the management
but the person who agreed to do that absolute they’re the ones who should
have realized that they’re putting their lives on a lot of the goodrich capital
eight management posted a face book apology
where they said we apologize and you’re sympathetic to those who felt they were
in harm’s way without character promotion for iron man three this was
not a publicity stunt we’ve worked with the cost look on group on many movies to
dress up and help us entertain our customers we’ve had many complaints
about the members for a specific leah’s shield operatives carrying fake guns we
didn’t clearly tell our customers and some people didn’t realize it was french
retainer purposes is this in insult let on to the victims
of the aurora theater shooting well it’s in bad taste of what it is i
mean if you have a less than a year before i’d like to
use that as a very similar case of an actual shooting in a similar type of scenario i don’t think it’s a really good taste
or ameen honestly if you knew that this theater did stuff
like this and you wanted to commit issuing you could take advantage of this
type of the situation because even more harm as people might be expecting there to be
some sort of a sideshow with guns are fake on-site i think it’s just the
horrible idea overall to think that the people in the theater
would automatically assume that a person walking in with guns and tactical gear is somehow uh… related to the movie
you’re part of uh… stein the arguing to u that did not occur one
person in the theater and it would only to occur are too maybe uh… one and five million people well
you know i don’t know that if that feeling but the problem is that because not
everybody got it into problem it’s a huge problem if this is just just
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  1. I heard about this story prior to seeing the movie on Sunday. I was paying attention to the movie to see if there were any "Shield Operatives" in the film. There aren't. Even ignoring the atrocity of the event, it fails on a basic marketing level.

    Here's an idea: To promote an Iron Man film, have someone dress up like Iron Man.

  2. I would get the manager FIRED and if the theater refused, I would sue them for distress.
    Or maybe, someone should go to an action movie theater and brings guns… oh did I hear something like that?

  3. Personally, if I see someone pulling this stunt and I didn't know better, I may try to be a good Samaritan and run him over with my car.

  4. Man you Americans are quick to drop the lawsuit bomb. Why sue the theater? All that will happen is it will fire most of its workers and put a bunch of people who had nothing to do with it out of work. Not to mention, you Americans complain about how no one receives justice and everything costs too much, but the reason that is is because the justice system is tied up in lawsuits and businesses pass on the costs of lawyers and insurance to the customers. Americans need to stop suing everyone.

  5. If you make a mistake, you have to pay for it. This was planned for days, and now the theater regret it because a lot of people are pissed and they are going to lose business. That's why they care. If not, nothing will happen, and gun advocate will pretend this is a perfect example of why gun owners are reasonable.
    If you make a huge mistake and people sue you, feel free to tell that to the court. See how it work out for you.

  6. You just made my point. They're already going to be punished, why punish the employees further? You're going to equate this rather tasteless but ultimately harmless example of poor judgement and equate it to some kind of industrial accident? If I ran over a bunch of kids and crippled them for life, sure, sue the living bejesus out of me. If I scared a bunch of grown ass adults because I was dressed up like a character from a movie, that's your own damn problem.

  7. So, will Obama drone this establishment's administration and their kids, like he did to Anwar Al-Awlaki ?

  8. I understand that there is no such thing as bad publicity. But why does scaring people from going to the movies help a movie theater.

  9. if they had what they wanted that dumbass and everyone in the vicinity would have been shot to pieces. that was really fucking dumb.

  10. What a dumb ass they lucky they didn't pull that little stunt in Arizona where we legal carry concealed weapons cause he would have been dead as a door nob

  11. What I don't understand, is how not one person was, like, "No. You simply can't do this. It's just out of the question," during the planning process.

  12. I've noticed it before David, you have a habit of just saying the city and not the state, there's probably 100 Jefferson Cities in the U.S., it'd be helpful if you could list the states from now on.

  13. Right, a "brilliant publicity stunt."
    I'm sure the management would absolutely love being out of a job and unable to get one anywhere, because they deserve nothing less of being fired for not only scaring the absolute living shit out of everyone there, but potentially endangering the life of the person with the fake weapon in the event anyone could've reacted by shooting him.
    In short, the management of that movie theater is a fucking brain-dead moron.

  14. I am sure pretty sure they are Jefferson cities around the world. Interesting enough this did not make national news and not mention Iron Man 3 movie premiere in states in three weeks ago

  15. Great idea, how would he have felt if a concealed carry state gun owner would have plugged his ass with a couple bullets? Who wants to bet he's a republican? No bigger idiots than them. Too bad it wasn't the case. One less republican is always a good thing.

  16. The guy who played the "shooter", the management who approved this, everyone involved, all should be thrown in jail with the highest terrorist charges possible.

  17. "Highest Terrorist Charges Possible"… really? So you think they are worse than the REAL terrorists?
    It was a dumb thing to do but the only thing dumber is your insane, inappropriate and disproportional reaction to it.
    Get a fucking grip…. fear of terrorism is NOT the same as real terrorism.

  18. lol! I wish I was that funny. Reminds me of the time I commented on YouTube…
    CUT TO: Peter Griffins Fat, Sausage Fingers typing on a laptop… "I wish I was that funny…"

    WOAH!!! Timewarp!

  19. Are you serious?
    Terrorism is to incite fear in people.
    "fear of terrorism" is kinda like saying "humidity of water".

    Get a grip …of a dictionary.
    I realise it was a hoax but it is a form of terrorism(It terrified people right?) and they should be fined for it. (not highest charges possible, but still, c'mon)
    IMO : they should be charged with the same as if it was a fake bomb threat.

  20. if you want to do a publicity stunt for Iron Man you have someone dressed clearly as a super villain cape and all and have another guy as iron man defeat him. That's a publicity stunt. This was just irresponsible

  21. Yes but terrorism is inciting fear in someone or a group…in order to intimidate a group or to attain political goals. Seeing as how it was not the intent of the theater manager to scare anyone and it certainly wasn't his goal to coerce his customers to attain some goals, this was not an act of terrorism…The key to the definition of terrorism is that it must involve using fear and intimidation as a means of achieving ones goals

  22. "This is the worst idea in the history of worst ideas." -Jeff Goldblum (sorry, forgot which movie it's from)

  23. Jeff Goldblum-played "Dr.Ian Malcolm" in Jurassic Park (1993) said that.But also a bunch of other actors have also.Bruce Willis also said it in one of the never ending Die Hard series of flicks.

  24. There should be a fine for that type of stunt.One could cause a human stampede.Who ever is responsible for that idea is a boob.

  25. And you are suggesting the management's goal of achieving a lot of publicity was somehow NOT achieved? And you are suggesting this non-achievement on a web site talking about this stunt? Hmmmm…..

  26. the aurora victims thought holmes was part of the movie until he started killing so…dumb on the part of theater and man

  27. This is freaking hilarious. It just shows how dumb the human species can be. He honestly thought this was a good idea. Amazing!!!

  28. so if the people were trying to dress up as people from the movie as cosplay? (in this case a shield agent) than it seems Ok. but if us horrible cosplay and it looks like a dumbass, than no, not a good idea

  29. Get a grip on a law book… there is a big difference here and the operative word is "intent."
    They did not intend to terrorize, just as the person who commits involuntary manslaughter though negligent driving is not given the same sentence as Charlie Manson.
    We don't punish mistakes as if they were acts of malice… if we did your parents would certainly be executed for bringing the likes of an idiot like you into the world. Thankfully we aren't barbarians anymore.

  30. Lawbook?
    …you mean like the one that says "Ignorance is no excuse"?
    …where's your argument again?

  31. But a fake bomb threat is against the law. A movie theater can legally have people with fake guns if the theater management allows it.

  32. That's why i said imo(In my opinion)
    Because they were not reffering to the movie in this publicity stunt.
    But to the (12 dead and 58 injurred) incident in the Aurora,Colorado batman movie shootings.
    They reinacted an act of Terrorism where people died.
    That's why imo the fake bomb threat seems to fit.

  33. And which book would that be… hmmmmm?
    The term "Ignorance is no excuse" is not written in any law books. The laws don't say that, people do.
    You need to learn the difference between common law and common phrases.
    In any case, you would execute people for merely making mistakes, yet you are so full of errors yourself…why not throw yourself off a cliff and do us all a favor.
    Consider it your atonement for all your ignorant errors.

  34. OMFG
    Get over it , I have an opinion ,is that ok? …no?
    life's a bitch! Deal with it!
    ask a judge if Ignorance is an excuse.
    and WTF is it with "Aliens" and "Probing"

  35. …and when did i say anything about executing people?
    I didn't!
    You fktard ,Your the 1 who brought that up about my parents.
    Talk to your doctor maybe you can get help or something.
    Like fkin seriously!

  36. the phrase "ignorance is no excuse" is actually a principle of law not just a common phrase and is applied in more than one situation and tbh imo it should be applied in this case since terrorising a theater full of innocent people whether for a publicity stunt or not is ethically wrong and should be punished the same as if it were a prank the people orchestrating the stunt would have been well aware of the law and therefore knew what they were doing was not only in bad taste but unethical.

  37. So by your definition, ALL crime and/or PERCEIVED THREATS would be considered terrorism, since people are frightened by them? Perceived guilt is not proven guilt until motive is established, and clearly there was no motive to terrorize in this case.
    Terrorism, by definition, is a politically motivated act.
    And BTW, a "principle of law" is not the same as a written, binding and active statute. Yes, it's a common phrase… please cite specific laws or STFU.

  38. omg really you need to pull your head out of your ass i said it was a principle of law not a law you ignoramus geese you need to learn to read i guess no excuse for ignorance ESPECIALLY yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. OMFG
    Call any lawyer, right now, for a free consultation and ask him about it!
    You can't claim ignorance of the law as a deffence in a court.
    You can't say "I didn't know" and have the judge go "ok,you can go then"
    Principle of Law means Its what the judge goes by,so
    -Stop fkin telling ppl to kill themselves
    -Stop comming up with these fked up interpretations
    -Stop telling ppl their parents should be executed
    -and stop telling ppl that make sence to STFU
    Your being a fking dush!

  40. I noticed you have not cited any specific laws… just spouting off generalities and assumptions. No surprise because there is NO SUCH THING written in any law, so you fail.
    You don't have the slightest clue what you are talking about or else you would cite specifics… which you can't.
    FACT: This was an innocent mistake… there is no intent to do harm or to terrorize, therefore, no law has been broken.
    You are a complete idiot.

  41. And if I were you I would live by your own twisted philosophy and stop "terrorizing" me… on second thought, why not turn yourself in right now because according to your delusional view of the law you are guilty of terrorism.
    Have fun bending over to pick up the soap in prison.
    LOL!!! xD

  42. Terrorising you?
    Scroll back dush!
    Your the twisted fktard saying my parents should be executed!
    You the one who said i should commit suicide!
    Did you call a lawyer? …did you ask? Google the Phrase if you don't beleave me , but TBH your gonna need someone to explain it to you…
    OMFG I'm SS this whole convo,no one is gonna believe how FKin stupid you are.

  43. well here you go…. i'm kinda psychic…. i seee hmmmm i see…. i see straws….. and then i see onh no i see whats happening no dont do it please dont do it…. too late you clutched at them ๐Ÿ™‚ grow up silly boy stop twisting peoples words to TRY to make them look inferior you are only making a mockery of yourself… and just in case you use my psychic abilities against me i am being sarcastic…. you know what sarcasm is? right?

  44. He's never gonna clue in to that,LMFAO
    anything over 3 words he wont understand.
    But from everyone else,i'm sure they'll agree…
    Nice one ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. i couldnt help it the guy's seriously delusional lol i mean he reads something then his bi-polar alter ego answers for him i mean come on geese ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. You can't be "ignorant" of anti-terrorism laws if you didn't commit an act of terror.
    Don't you people realize the difference between a perceived threat and a real threat?
    If you thought I was going to rob you and found out later you were wrong, then can you charge me with robbery? Of course not!
    You don't know how dangerous your paranoia is. Crime is an act, not a perception of non-victims.
    Blame the media for all this hysteria, not some movie theater.

  47. If someone did pull out a gun and shoot the actor he would haev been completely justified in my opinion.. Would have made alot fucking more sense if they had a guy run in in a IRONMAN suit

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