Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

(knocking) – [Host] Hey Arnie, we’re here
to see your gym and fridge. (knocking) (rock music) – What do you want? (rock music) – [Host] All right Arnold, we’re here to see your fridge, you ready? Let’s do it. – What is it exactly that you want to see in the fridge? You just want to see the food? Or do you want to bust me because I’m not 100% vegan? (siren wails) What is it that you’re up to? Follow me. So anyway, this is the
refrigerator in my office. We have here fruits, we have vegetables, we have one of my favorite
things that when it gets hot, I have watermelons, cut-up watermelons. We have, of course, the
Radler, which is a German drink a combination of lemonade and beer. I love it. (laughs) Most people don’t know this, but this is my secret protein drink. I’m telling you one, okay. This is between us. Okay, so here we go with the protein. You wanted to see how our protein is made? It’s nothing special about it. I just put in a little
bit of this almond milk, not much, just a little bit. And those are for muscle soreness and sometimes bone soreness. Put a little bit of that in there. Then you go and you put the banana in. (upbeat music) I don’t do it always with the clean hands where I touch every dumbell and barbell and machine that other
people have already touched. This is just to get
the immune system going and to really always,
you have to fight back. Now there’s an egg, a raw
egg that you put in there. Well actually, I like
to put in the whole egg. (blender spinning) Now, this drink, literally
you could serve at any bar. Health bar or any other bar. I sometimes put in there Schnapps, I sometimes put in there Tequila, so it just gives a little extra flavor. – [Host] What does your
diet look like these days? – Well, I am as you can
see, I’m health conscious. I was not always health conscious because when I was young,
you know you get away with a lot of things, a little bit from that. Now I eat more, you know, like oatmeal, and greens, and
vegetables, and healthy foods. Stay away more from the meats
and more from animal products, and animal proteins, because
there was this misconception that’s the only way you get
big and strong, so now I backed off that and, um, I feel much better after eating more greens. – [Host] Do you cook at all? – Yeah, of course. My favorite thing to cook is a steak. A lot of times my
bodybuilding friends come over to my kitchen or come
over here to this office and they will of course
eat the delicious food because they all want to look like me. It’s never gonna happen. (laughs) I love that. Anyway, – [Host] What kind of snacks do you eat? Ya know, during the day I will
make a little protein drink of course, because I think it is just the best, ya know, if you
have a lot of proteins. I mix it with, uh, some of the
milk here, and sometimes, uh, juices, and then sometimes
I have energy drinks also so it really depends what
kind of a mood that I am in and if I’m tired or not,
because our energy drink is really great when you’re tired. – [Host] Do you drink cow’s milk? – I would say that I hate cow’s milk. I drink almond milk. It is much better. – [Host] What other foods do you hate? – Um, I don’t really
hate much of anything. I just stay away from it
because of health reasons, but I mean I always was
called the garbage disposal, because I was never sick
and tired of anything. I mean anything. As a matter of fact I
would go to restaurants and I would say to “people
make me an omelet”, and they say “what do you want in the omelet?” and I said, “anything
that’s in the kitchen sink “or anything that you can
find on the kitchen floor. “Just scrape it up and put it
in there and I would love it”, and that’s exactly what they did. – [Host] Have you ever tried a fad diet like Keto or intermittent fasting? – When I started film, I didn’t have time for fad diets or anything like that. I have to go and go on a real
serious kind of a regimen. I work out harder, I do more
cardiovascular training, and I watch much more what I eat, so I cut out just simply
all the sugar products, and I cut out all the white bread. – [Host] Do you take any supplements? – Yeah I take supplements,
I take multivitamins, and I take, uh, you know, uh, everything that the body needs, but like I said they’re called supplements to
supplement of what you eat, so the key thing is not
to rely on the supplements as much as you rely on good food. Natural food, a lot of
greens, a lot of fruits, and a lot of really good proteins. – [Host] Does Arnold
ever have a cheat day? – Cheat days come up quite frequently. I just remember that even three days before the Mr. Olympia competition in 1970 after training we would
go to the House of Pies. The key thing is always
to remember that for every calorie you take in,
you have to burn it off. No one else is gonna do it for you. You’ve got to do it. (upbeat music) – [Host] How often do you work out? – Um, I workout everyday. I workout in the morning
from around 7:00 to 7:45 and then I try to bicycle every morning for around 45 minutes, and then many times I go back at night, and I work
out at home in my home gym. – [Host] What do you
consider an intense workout? – What I am doing right now is not what I consider an intense workout. This is kind of a light
Mickey Mouse workout because we are doing
the filming right now so I just go through the
motions, but I’m not really training that heavy anymore
because, uh, after my heart surgery I was advised
not to train heavy and not to do anymore going for three
reps and heaviest weight and all this stuff, so I do more kind of lighter weights and more reps. – [Host] Do you still chase the pump? – The pump is always
out there and you always have to chase after it, yes. – [Host] What’s the best
thing you’ve learned throughout your career? – When you become a world
champion in bodybuilding, and you um, reach your goal like I did after winning 13 world
championship titles. Seven of them is Mr. Olympia,
five of them is Mr. Universe, Mr. International, and all of
those kind of competitions. Then it is important to
inspire others, because I recognize that I did
not go the way I am today. I did not reach this point
in bodybuilding, or in anything else, without
inspiration of so many people. If it is in bodybuilding,
Reg Park or Steve Reeves, ya know and in public
service, Ronald Regan or Mother Teresa, Mohammad
Ali, who was one of the most generous and most giving persons that inspired me to give
something back to the community. There’s all these people
inspiring so to me it’s important to hang on that wall
and to have other people look up there and say “Look
what this guy has accomplished. “He came over here from
Austria with absolutely nothing “and, uh, he became the world
champion in bodybuilding, “and he became the
highest paid movie actor, “and the leading man, and
then he got into politics. “Look at what he’s accomplished “because of hard work and
because of a lot of help.” And so I am, I want to be an
inspiration to so many others. – [Host] All right, now it’s time for our Rapid Fire questions. 7:00 a.m. workout or 7:00 p.m. workout? – 7:00 a.m. usually – [Host] Squat or deadlift? – When you say squat or
deadlift it’s the same thing as saying drinking or eating. I mean I think you need both, right? It’s a difficult, it’s a crazy question. You should try and work at the whole body minimum of three times a week. – [Host] Crossfit, yay or nay? – I think it’s good done the right way. – [Host] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – It makes no difference
because the muscle doesn’t see what you are
holding in your hands. – [Host] Run on a treadmill
or in the great outdoors? – Both. – [Host] Biggest compliment –
jacked, ripped, swole, or cut? – Cut. – [Host] If you could workout
with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? – I would like to workout
with Eugen Sandow, because he was one of my idols. He was the first bodybuilder
that also was a Strong Man. I think that, uh, he’s
a remarkable human being and a remarkable athlete and Strong Man. – [Host] You know a lot of
celebrities on Gym and Fridge say you’re their ultimate workout partner. What do you say to that? – I’m here in Gold’s Gym every morning. If you want to workout come on down and well have a good time. All right, listen guys, I gotta get back to my workout, okay? The time for fooling around
is over, so, over there is the exit, and don’t
say “I’ll be back” okay? (upbeat music)

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  3. I followed Arnold since the early 70's. I was more impressed with his intellect and his matter of fact personality and his will. He has a very good matter of fact sence OF humor. He just tells it like it is and it could be funny or as serious as a heart attack, oops sorry but you know what I mean. I come from the Bronx and I understood him. I am glad he didn't come fresh off the boat today with his bodybuilding career. It's F'ed up now and confused.

  4. Even to this day, none of the modern people could look more like they could survive an apocalypse better than Arnold, after all he has a tank.

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