Arrival Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Amy Adams Movie

There are days that define your story
beyond your life. Like the day they arrived. …what might be called First Contact.
The objects measure at least… I’m Colonel G.T. Weber from the intelligence.
Pack your bags. You are at the top of everyone’s list
when it comes to translations. Priority one: What do they want,
where are they from? You’ll be reporting to me, but you’ll be working
with him when you’re in the shell. That’s what they’re calling the UFO. Who’s being carted off in the medevac? Not everyone is wired for what you’re about to do. So, what do they look like? You’ll see soon enough. Every eighteen hours, a door opens up. That’s where we go in. It’s time. Yeah, that just happened. What happens now? They arrive. They need to see me. Doctor Banks? Are you insane?! Now that’s a proper introduction. More objects have landed around the world. This is one of twelve. We never gonna be able to speak their words. You got two days to figure something out. I am human. It’s their language! We need to make sure that they understand… …the difference between a weapon and a tool. Language is messy and sometimes one can be both. Are you dreaming in their language? Wake up, Mommy. It’s possible they’re prodding us to
fight among ourselves. This is just a way to force us to work together for once. It’s more complicated than that. How is it more complicated? Russia just executed one of their
own to keep their secret! You got twenty-one hours before they start global war. So how do we clarify their intentions? I go back in. Why does this feel worse?

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