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I’m Lucy Biggers and we’ve
partnered with the NRDC at the Sundance Film Festival to bring you conversations
with artists and creators. This is a One Small Step spotlight. (upbeat synth music) – The small steps like eating less meat and straws and such are minuscule in comparison to the systems
that we need to take on and the leaders that are doing that work are most important to amplify. – Follow indigenous leaders who are blocking oil with their bodies. Who are resisting the
fossil fuel industry. Like really elevate
and amplify the voices. – About a year ago, really
regularly, is I take fork, spoon, knife, with me. A straw with me and a kitchen cloth. I just wrap it up and its for me. It’s like my cellphone, wallet, that. I just carry it around with me, makes a difference, like I use it. – It really is getting
involved on a town level. I mean it’s actually understanding how the city council works. It’s understanding how
your community works, and engaging with those people. If you get good at it and
your group gets good at it, you suddenly, in a culture like ours you can have a lot of reach. You can go to the governor,
you can get to the president, in some way shape or form. – Start locally. – Start local, I really think so. You care about it more as a person. You might care about the big stuff, and who to vote for and all that, and that’s important to
engage on all levels. Roll up your sleeves and get
involved in your community. The value of that community is something that is easily taken for granted. (soothing synth music) – Is there one small
step that you’ve taken or advice that you would
give to other people? – Compost, I don’t use paper towels. I have a big stack of dish towels that I use and they work a lot better. And you know, when there is enough of them I do a load of laundry. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s seems like it might be a tiny small step towards, you know, this effort that we all have to make to save this planet. – My new years resolution is no plastic. You start to notice plastic so much more when you start to be mindful of it. Plastic is ubiquitous. – Get educated. That’s a good first step. Find out what’s going
on and push for that. – Put green plants in their homes. Soil based plants, not fake things that look good but are made of plastic. They are actually a very
very efficient air cleanser. – What would be the one small step that you think people could take? – To eliminate plastic
from their daily lives. – And vote! – And vote. – And vote against Donald Trump! (laughter) – I’ve done a pretty good job of trying to wean myself off of meat. Not always. I try to talk about climate
not in dreary terms, but in terms of engagement and excitement and moving people together. I just don’t think there’s anything that we can’t do if we begin to take those small steps. Cause when you do, big steps follow. (relaxing synth music)

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