Aruvam Tamil Movie Scenes | Siddharth saves Catherine | Mayilsamy Manobala Comedy

“No complaints have I
My lord Krsna” “I lack nothing in life, Kanna” Hello, dear, isn’t this
the 7th week of your vow? Your vow ends on this auspicious
‘Festival of lights’ evening ‘I’m sure this Goddess
will grant your wish’ – Thanks, akka
– Okay, dear “No complaints have I
My lord Krsna” Girls my age will usually
wish for a good groom But my wish is
I should never get married No one should suffer
because of me Somehow change my dad’s mind And Jagan who follows me like a shadow
Somehow change his heart too please Look! Her sari has caught fire! My dear girl, I saw your sari catch fire
and I screamed my throat hoarse Didn’t you hear me? Not with the sound of crackers
and the temple bell How could she not even sense
the burning smell of her sari? There are so many oil lamps
lit all over the place Difficult to sense
with all these wicks burning I hope you realize Lord Shiva has come
in the form of this dear boy and saved you Whatever happened
is for your own good At least now
do you realize, Jothi? You need someone to protect you I’m not advising you
because I saved you I want you to be able
to protect yourself Then it’s up to you ‘Today…’ Even if there’s a bathroom
near the gate for me to pee In such an open atmosphere In a free manner
with fresh breeze blowing ‘Why shouldn’t I relieve myself
under this tree in total bliss?’ ‘A light sprinkle’ What bliss!
Unexplainable Hey silence! When I pee I should hear
only the swish of urine! Choo-choo! I swear I’ll thrash
the life out of you Don’t drag me Don’t beat me Aiyo! The blows have stopped You are still standing below! This is so different What happened here?
Open your mouth and speak up ‘Why blurt out the truth
and pee in fright whole day?’ Why don’t you tell me? After we unloaded the stock,
I locked the room and gave him the key I kept that key in your room
and locked your room, sir Then who created this havoc? Even if it was a thief
he’ll steal the stuff Will he break everything and leave? Who is the intruder? ‘If you knew who dropped in
you would be dripping like me!’ O’ watchman! What were you up to
when all this happened last night? – Sir
– Just shut up! You are the main culprit At night you get
piss drunk and pass out I have been receiving so
many complaints ‘You won’t say this if you knew
the value of liquor!’ If the D.O questions me
who will answer him? Who will take the responsibility? We have no other go Listen to me, till we get
the next load for the canteen …all of you pitch in from your salary
and buy groceries of good quality Do not pay this watchman
his entire salary! Dammit! Instead of exorcising the ghost
he is pinching my pocket! God knows what other tricks
‘it’ has in store! Hold the cup properly I’ve seen all the teachers bring
a variety of food from home You sit with the kids and eat I feel so proud – Thanks
– It’s alright Aayamma, egg for me This egg is the burning issue now This is the mark
of a good teacher Eat, children She tastes it first and then tells them
This works in our favor too Teacher, I know
you don’t like egg, right? This is also for you Why are you called
‘Egg’ Murthy? When my mother was expecting me
she never used to eat properly So my legs went wonky Only if I eat well, I can
have babies like you grown-ups do? Ask her why she is called
‘Nutrition’ Sandhya? How did you get that nickname? Daily I’ll take rice
in 3 tiffin boxes, teacher I’ll eat this box now I’ll eat this rice for dinner I’ll pour water in this and
eat it for breakfast tomorrow My mother is a single parent and
we have a loan of 500000 to repay We are repaying our loan
by saving on food expenses Only this noon meal scheme is my food Take your mother to a hotel
and eat a good meal today You are the one
who educates me I don’t want to take
money from you, teacher Hereafter no one should call
anyone by a nickname Your name is Murthy Your name is Sandhya – Heard me?
– Okay, teacher ‘Teacher, headmaster wants to see you’ Tell him I’m coming May I come in, sir? Yes, please Come in, Jothi Question papers have to be prepared
for the exams next week If I entrust this job
to the other teachers …they will give this after our students
leave school and get a job! You are a perfectionist Without minding the late hours of work ‘…finish this entire task so I can
check everything in the morning’ [school bell clangs] ‘It’ has come to taunt me again I don’t know what will be
the next catastrophe! Let me make the ‘great escape’!

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