Astérix Le Gaulois (1967) (Film HD 1080p)

Astérix Le Gaulois (1967) (Film HD 1080p)

In the year 50 BC our ancestors, the Gauls, were defeated by the Romans after a long struggle. Chiefs such as Vercingétorix had to lay down their arms at Caesar’s feet. All Gaul is occupied. All? No, because one region is still successfully resisting the invaders. A little region surrounded by fortified Roman camps. It’s in this village that we will meet the warrior Astérix. There he is, leaving to go hunting, his favorite sport. Are you coming back soon, Astérix? I’ll be back for lunch. Ah, it smells like Romans around here. Vae victis What did he say? Let’s just say the Romans forgot their latin. At Petibonum in Caius Bonus’s tent very concentrated Ave Caius Bonus! Hey ho. The patrol’s back. Ave Julius Pompus! I’ll go and inspect them. Ave By all the gods, what happened to you?! Were you attacked by superior numbers? Superior numbers? Can’t quite say… There was one of them…Not a very large one either… By Jupiter! There must be some secret behind the Gauls’ strength. So, Astérix, anything special happened? Ah, no. Oh, yes! I knocked out four Romans. Oh good! Hey, Obélix. Are you coming to help me eat the boar? I have two more menhirs to deliver and then I’ll be there. Mmmm, boar. The Romans will be mad. They will certainly launch another attack. Bah, as long as Panoramix continues to make his magic potion That reminds me. This is my ration day. Let’s go see the Druid Are you coming, Obélix? But, Astérix, you know we mustn’t waste food. Do you hear him? He must be in the tree cutting mistletoe with his golden sickle. Panoramix! Ho, Druid! What’s wrong, Panoramix? You scared me! I cut myself with my sickle. I’m sorry, but it’s my potion ration day. I’m sorry, but it’s my potion ration day. Oh, OK. Come to my place. Here’s the potion that makes the drinker invincible, the magic potion that increases your strength tenfold. What is the potion’s recipe, O Druid? The potion’s origin has been lost over time. It is only transmitted orally from druid to druid. All I can tell you is it contains mistletoe and lobster. The lobster is not necessary, but it gives its flavor. Can I have some? No, Obélix! No, and you know that very well. You fell into the pot when you were a baby and the potion’s effects are permanent for you. Why don’t you try out the effect, Astérix? It works! O Druid, it works! Those poor, poor Romans. How sorry I feel for them! By the way, what are these Romans up to at the moment? The Gauls we’ve been besieging for years are making fun at us: They’re fighting us “one against four”, it’s not fair! They ridicule us. We must find out the secret of their strength. You’re right, Marcus Sacapus; I need a volunteer to spy on the Gauls. Seeing the high numbers of volunteers, we’re going to play the musical chairs to choose who will be the spy. In order to play to this old Roman game you need one chair less than the number of legionaries. When the music stops It’s Caligula Minus! I won’t go the Gauls’ village! Ceasar will reward you. No, I won’t go. I’ll put you on a spit if you don’t go! Alright, I’ll go. Make this up as a Gaul. Meanwhile, in the Gauls’ village… The Romans have been quiet for too long. It’s bad sign, be watchful! Don’t forget to take your potion. Long live Abraracourcix, our chief! Chief! What’s up Obelix? I’m not allowed to drink the potion, it’s not fair! It’s not fait! I feel a little bit weak. Weak?Assurancetourix, the bard. I’m going to sing a song to give courage to the warriors. Barbarians.They can’t appreciate my art. Caligula Minus is ready, Caius Bonus. Good.Let’s all see. Put him in chains! We’re going to take you for a walk near the Gauls’ village. When the Gauls will see you they’ll come to free you. and then you’ll be able to get inside. Soon they will confide their secret to you. What do you think of my plan? But, Idon’t know, I haven’t understood it. Take him there right now.
Easy, easy! I’m a false prisoner! I’m a real Roman! I’m a real Roman, I’m a real Roman… I’d like to get into a good fight. Yeah well don’t count on it Asterix. The Romans have become careful, they’re tired of being beaten. Stop! I can hear chains, footsteps and wailing… Let’s hide. How long are we gonna walk like this? Shut up Caligula Minus. You’ll be the only spared when the Gauls attack after all. Look The Romans have a Gaul prisoner Let’s save him! There’s noone left. How about we wake them up and begin again? No, come, it’s getting late. Come on little fellow. mi…mi… Mission accomplished. We’re going to release you from your chains. But you need a hammer, tools… We are the tools. But, who are you?I’m Calig… Calig-li-minix.I live in Lutecia. But Romans and Gauls live in peace there, don’t they? Yes, but in their eyes, I appear so foxy and wide-awake that I’m a spy These Romans clearly can’t see clearly. The heroic patrol commanded by Marcus Sacapus returns to the camp. Ave! The Gauls came, they saw and they they freed Caligula Minus. What a great victory for us! I hope that Caligula Minus comes back to us in a single piece. I hope so for him! Or I’ll grind his pieces to pieces! Alea jacta est. Sorry? We’re approaching at the village.You’ll be safe here. There’s only us, Gauls! Great. Asterix and Obleix are back! They brought something! Let’s introduce you to our chief. Where are the Romans? Let me have Romans! Here we are. I bid you welcome, brother. And I hope you’ll feel at home. And now I shall sing a song of welcome. Stroll around the village until supper!
Sure. I’m curious to see what kind of tools they use to work on metal. How about this menhir?Is it coming? Here it comes! They are really strong. There must be a secret to this power. Caligulaminix. Food is ready. Roast boar! Roast boar. Is there a secret to your superhumane stregth? Yes, but we can’t tell it. Why don’t you eat? It’ll be cold otherwise. Why can’t you tell me the secret? Because it’s a secret. Well, that’s not fair. If we Gauls can’t share a secret, what’s the use? If I was as strong as you I’d be able to pass the Romans lines and go back to my home, in Lutecia. What do you say? Well I say let’s finish his roast boar. My family is probably worried. Let’s go see the druid. Panoramix! What do you want now, Asterix? Me, nothing. But my friend Caligulaminix would like to know the secret to our strength. It’s out of the question! Absolutely out of the question! But I have to go back home to go back to work! What do you work at? I’m a guide. I show Lutecia by night to Barbarian tourists. No, no, no! Alright, alright, I get it. I’ll get to Mutecia anyway. And if the Roman get me eaten by the lions at each bite I’ll say “You can blame Panoramix, the druid.” Oh well, alright. Caliguliminix, come back! I consent to show you my secret and even taste it. It’s a secret you can eat? Call the others, Asterix. Come and get your magic potion! Potion? A portion of this potion will give you the ncessary strength to go back to Lutecia. But the effects of it disappear quickly. It tastes like vegetable soup. Yes but Ican make it taste like other things Fish soup, cheese tortilla orange duck… But I don’t feel anything special… Try lifting up that rock over there I’ll never be able to… Hey little fellow, you have to be careful anyway. What are we gonna do now? We’re gonna dance! Let the party begin! Take your places. A step to the right. A step to the left. Some move forward. Others move back. Greet your partner. Shake hands. Pull your partners’ moustache. These are removable moustaches. In Lutecia they’re the latest style. You’re not a Gaul! You’re a Roman spy! Get him! It’s useless Asterix, he just drank the potion. It’s because of your potion that he’s escaping! By my golden billhook, you’re the one who insisted that I should give it to him! Nevermind. The spy doesn’t know much.The effects of the potion will quickly disappear. Ave, Caius Bonus.I have the secret for the Gauls’ strength. It’s a magic potion.Where is this potion? Here, here, here.Come Caligula Minus. I want to see the effects of this potion. Beat them. Beat them! Him?Beat us? By Jupiter! This is too funny! Here you go. Wonderful, tremendous! The problem is that we don’t have the actual potion to study the ingredients. No. Let’s open him like a rabbit! Just try it! Come on, try it! This is a good idea but Caligula Minus won’t cooperate. How long will the effects of this potion last? Well, this I don’t know. Lift up that rock. There you go! Perfect! Now don’t move! When this rock will be too heavy for you it’ll mean that the effects of the potion are gone. A long time later… So you don’t feel as strong? Alas, no. I need the recipe for this potion. and I’ll be Emperor! Caius Ceasar. While Caius Bonus is dreaming… at the Gauls’ village…I’m going to pluck some mistletoe. Do you want me to come with you? No Asterix.stay here and guard the village. Your strength comes from my potion but your intelligence and your cunning only belong to you. I’ll be back soon anyway.
Ha well, good, good. We got the druid, Caius Bonus! Bravo Tullius Octopus! As a reward you can have a leave and go to Rome to see the circus! Great I’ll see the circus! So druid.Tell me your secret. Not on my life. Bring him to the torture, get me the torturer. I’m sure he’ll talk. Are you talking? Talk! Come on, it’s not fair.We’ve been torturing you for hours and it hasn’t helped.
Sure it has, it’s helped me pass the time. Druid, if you talk I’ll make a rich and powerful man of you! No. You’ll have lots of money. Lots and lots and lots of money. No. This druid’s powers are too strong for me. He is stubborn, so, so stubborn. What’s hapening Asterix? You look worried Asterix.The druid went in the forest to pluck some mistletoe and he’s not back.I’m going to look for him. Be careful Asterix, it’s been a while since you last drank the potion. I’ll trust my intelligence. Panoramix! Druid! I’m an oxen seller and I’m very sad. If I sell my oxen at the market who will carry me? I hesitate to sell my oxen. What will I become without them? For me it’s a real nightmare How will I pull my chariot? I must go on my way not let my hay rot. Without oxen, I cant’ move on and I’m a lost man. I’m an oxen seller and I’m very sad. If I sell my oxen at the market who will carry me? He don’t worry too much my friend, just change your job. How? Become a chariot seller! What? You’ll sell your chariot and go home with your oxen. What a brilliant tremendous idea! I’m the luckiest chariot seller of the whole world Hey Bibi, enough! Tell me. Have you seen a druid who was gathering mistletoe? No. No, I saw a druid, but he was in a net carried to Pettibonum by some legionaries. What? Get me to Petibonum. But it’s not on my way. Pettibonum is biggest chariot market in the region and it’s the time for second-hand carts. How lucky for me to have met you! We’re approaching Pettibonum. Why do you hide? I want to play a joke on our Roman friends. That’s nice, I love jokes. This seller’s stupidness is a miracle, by Toutatis. What are you carrying in your cart? Nothing.By Jupiter! Are you makng fun of me? What’s the matter Gracchus Sextilius? This man is making fun of me, Claudius Quintillius. Let him in, I know him. He’s harmless. This idiot almost messed everything up. We’re inside the camp, are you gonna do the joke now? No, the night is coming.I’ll wait till morning, it’ll be funnier. Alright. Good night. Now, let’s look for the druid. Let’s see in there. Lie down, and eat. OMarcus Sacapus, my loyal assistant. We have much to talk. Thank you O Caius Bonus. We need to get the recipe of the potion from the druid. With it, we’ll be invicible. We’ll go to Rome and take Ceasar’s place. Jules Ceasar? Excatly, Jules. and the both of us we’ll form a triumvirat. I need you. And then I’ll form the triumvirat on my own. I’ll have Ceasar be eaten by the lions, in Rome! I’ll be CEasar, me and only me! All of this is very interesting, but it doesn’t tell me where to find Panoramix, the druid. He’s probably in this well-guarded tent. Do you mind? I’m here to save Panoramix, the druid. He’s my friend. Don’t let him out, he’s one of these invicible Gauls! I’m going to get backup! Asterix! How are you? What a madness! O Asterix! You just walked straight in the wolf’s den! Chief, chief! These poeple can’t do anything to me with my magic powers. Speaking of which… Let’s have fun with them, I have a few ideas. Chief, chief! Caius Bonus! What now? We caught a Gau…Gau… a Gaul in the tent where the druid is. But we need backup to prevend the prisoner from escaping! By Jupiter, let’s ring the bell! Surrender, Gaul! Or else, I order my brave men to attack! So, are they surrendering or not? It’s upsetting to wait! I throw my arm to your feet, centurion, just like our chief Vercingetorix did to you master, Ceasar! Wo, what? I surrender, do something! I don’t have time to waste! Seize him, coward! Or I’ll get you eaten by the lions, at the circus! the lions? what’s happening? A Gaul slipped into the camp. That is not good, he didn’t wait until I woke up to do his trick. That is not good, no it’s not good. It’s not good. You refused to talk, druid, but tomorrow, under the torture, your friend may be more talkative. He has no idea how much talkative I’ll be. I’ll be talktavive like noone has never been! Silence, someon’s coming. Caius Bonus wants to see you. You! Do you know the secret of The magic potion?Me?No. For the last time, druid, give me the recipe or I’ll torture your friend. I don’t fear torture. I trust the courage of my friend Asterix. We shall see. Let’s tie this Gaul to this table! Let’s call the torturer! I’m coming I’m coming! Here I am! Always ready. Please… please… I can’t take it anymore. Enough, enough, please. For the love of Toutatis, stop! I can’t stand these cries any longer. I’ll tell you everything. Stop, torturer. I haven’t started… Please… Well druid, give us that recipe. or it will cost your friend. I will prepare the potion in front of you but I need several ingredients that can be found in the forest. These Gauls are cruel. You’ll have what you need. Let’s escort the druid.I keep the other Gaul as a hostage. I need mistletoe, herbs, roots, wild flowers. The druid is back. He’s asking for a cooking pot.Give it to him! A pinch of salt, a hint of pepper, let it boil…yes yes yes Quick, quick, quick, faster…There’s something missing. Something very important.What, what what? Strawberries. strawberries?At this time of the year? Of course, it’s not easy. We could wait for the right time… No! Quick, let’s send some messengers. I need strawberries, strawberries asap! Asterix, you have good ideas. your idea to send him for strawberries is not bad either. We’re enjoying holidays at Ceasar’s exoense. It’s been days that the messengers left and not a single one came back yet. The messengers are back, O caius Bonus! At last! Ave Caius Bonus! Ave ave, my children.No, no strawberries. wberries? Np, no strawberries. We looked everywhere. But we’re still waiting for Caius Octopus. Here I am, O Caius Bonus. I’ve found strawberries, O Caius Bonus! I bought them to a golden price to a greek merchant I met by chance on the road. Give it to me! This time, here me, as a reward you’ll have a leave to go to Rome and see the circus! I’m going to the circus! I’m going to the circus! Druid, here are the strawberries you asked for and that you need for your magic potion. What do you think Asterix? Hum…They don’t look too good. Not bad. Now that I think about it, these strawberries were excellent. Yes, these are the ones that I need. Go get me other ones! O but I’m starting to get fed with this! It’s not fair… There, there, calm down. I’m going to make the potion for you. Yes, yes, yes.We can very well do this potion without strawberries, the taste won’t be as good, that’s all. Yes, not even, strawberries give an aftertaste. It’s ready.Only serve hot. Give it to me! What proves me that this soup is not pioson by Jupiter?If this can confort you, I can drink this soup, by Toutatis. If this potion is the real one, you’d become stronger. You’d be invicible. I need a volunteer. I said, I need a volunteer. O Caius Bonus, instead of risking our legionaries’ life, we need someone harmless, that we could use for the experiment. You’re right Hey my friend! Come here! Who?Me? So, my good friend, how are you?No, I’m not fine. I’ve been told I could sell my cart, but noone wants to buy my cart, and I need my oxen. and all of this is his fault! I haven’t quite understood your story, but to confort you, try this soup. No thank you, I’ll pass. Try it! Why are you looking at me like that? You’ve never seen an oxen seller drink soup? After drinking this potion, you’ll be the strongest man on earth. Me? It’s a prank, you’re a prankster. Let’s see about it. Hit someone! I’m not angry at anyone. A volunteer to get hit? I’d like a little bit more enthusiams when I ask for a volunteer! Me, I volunteer. You?That’s an excellent idea! Hit him! Come on, hit him! so what, are you hitting him? Hit him come one! Wonderful, tremendous! Did it hurt you? I thought the sky was falling on my head. Ok, if I’m not needed anymore, I’m going. I’m an oxen seller, in the whole world the happiest if ever I go to the market, I’ll be able to travel Finallay I can sell my oxen I’ll be fine without them. For me the nightmare is over, to pull my cart on my own I’ll carry on my way, I’ll keep all my hay I’m the strongest man! Come to me, little treasures, I’m the oxen seller the happiest in the world If I ever go to the market I can always travel . This potion clearly has something magical. Let’s go! Everyone, come drink the magic potion! The road to Rome is wide open, O Marcus Sacapus. Ceasar’s days are counted. You, druid, write down the recipe for this potion. After that, we’ll get rid of these two Gauls. This will teach them well. Hairy chin. Let’s try our new strength. This was too big.I’ll try with this. Smaller. This maybe? There you go! I’m a superman! What a big miracle! Caius Bonus, there’s no miracle in lifting that small rock. Is that true? You’ve deceived me, dogs! This potion is not magic! Yes it is! Caius Bonus, how about we kill these Gauls? You could have shaven before seeing me. A good legionary must be hairless. Maybe, but a good centurion must set an example. But, what’s happening to us? Look! What is this trick, druid? It’s an old recipe for hair lotion. Extremely powerful. Your beards and your hair are going to grow without stopping, at a very high speed. I want to kill you. Give me counter-poison. If you kill us we won’t be able to make the counter-poison. Besides today we are a little bit tired. We’re going to rest under our tent. Wait! What happened Caius Bonus? I tripped on my beard, idiot. I’m at the mercy of these Gauls.They won. I must talk to them. 3450. What are you saying? We invented a new game.Every time we see a bearded man, we score 15 points.The one with the most points win. You’re making fun of me Gaul, but I must talk to you. Let’s talk without cutting hairs in 4.
I don’t want to talk about hair anymore! If you say so, the beard! No, don’t leave! Ok, but don’t take me on the wrong hair. All of this is uncombed.Talk, we’re listening. I admit you deafeted me.Give me the counter-poison and I let you walk free. The problem is that I don’t want to work. He has a hair in his hand. Sometimes, he also has a hair on his tongue too. Come on, don’t get angry?. I agree. I’ll need to get the ingredients in the forrest. I’ll send you an escort. Why did you accept so quickly?This centurion wants to hurt us. The hair potion is only short-lived. Tommorrow the effects will be gone. We need to get out of here. As soon as I’ll get rid of these hair, I’ll get rid of the 2 Gauls. It’ll be a moral satisfaction. We’re ready to escort you in the forrest to get the ingredients for the counter poison. I have a plan.The good thing with us is that we have so many ideas! Don’t walk on my hair. You’d better not let your hair everywhere. Hurry up! Ah, let’s go.You see, Asterix my friend, in the small pot I prepared some magic potion because we’ll need your muscles to get out of here.In the big pot, I prepare the counter-poison. Water, a bone, vegetables, and salt. We’ll have to try it in front of the Romans, so I’d better make a nice soup. The magic potion is ready. Drink a good portion. You can call the others now. Come drink the soup over there! Bring the pot here. It’s coming, it’s coming. You try it first. It’s good, very good. It’d be better with bread though. Your turn to drink now. And what proves that this potion really prevents hair from growing? You’re smart, Roman. Have a look at my moustache, and you’ll see it’s not growing anymore. By Jupiter, it’s true! Let’s drink! What a bunch of gluttons. Yes! And now… seize them ! My pleasure! I got you by the goatie… To me! Come, let’s leave before they wake up. Right when I started to enjoy myself. Go back! Vade Retro! Romans! Heaps of Romans! Over there. and over there too, the camp is surrounded. Here comes the backup right on time : it’s getting bad!! This time, Gauls, I’ll have you on a stick. O Caius Bonus, Someone is waiting for you in your tent urgently. Urgently? Urgently. Who lets their coat lying around in my tent? Would you give back to Ceasr was is mine? Jules Ceasar! Himself. I came to see where you were with the invicible Gauls. What’s all the fuss in the camp that prevented the garnison to receive me with the due honnors? It’s…exactly… we are fighting against some Gauls. Some Gauls?How many Gauls? Two.By Cleopatra! Show me this pair capable of putting such a mess in an entire garnison of my legionaries! Here they are, these terrible Gauls! Explain to me what’s happening here. Caius Bonus was very impatient to get his hands on the recipe of the magic potion. It would have made him invicible and opened the road to the imperial throne. Really? I…I can explain everything. There’s no need. Go and shave.Then, you’ll go with my men to interior Mongolia. I heard there are Barbarians over there. I…Ican explain everything… As for you, in exchange for the service you’ve just given me, I grant you your freedom. But it’s only a matter of time, Gauls. We will meet again. I’m counting on that, O Jules! By Toutatis, they’re here! Hail to Panoramix! Long live Abraracourcix, our chief! Long live Asterix! Let’s rejoice, because our brothers won another victory. Long live Abraracourcix, our chief! Let the party begin!

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  2. Le coup des fraises est juste imparable… "Eles n'ont pas l'air formidable" mais finalement " Oui c'est bien celles-là qu'il me faut. ALLEZ DONC M'EN CHERCHER D'AUTRES !" MDR

  3. C'est rigolo,Assurance tout risque joue de la musique et il ne se fait pas massacré (Scène de la danse).

  4. 22:30 on dirait la chanson dans Lucky luke surtout la voix du gars 😄
    54:37 ça me fait penser à Tintin les personnes qui connaissent comprendront 😄😄😄

  5. Vous savez pourquoi Obélix VB n'a pas droit à la potion magique ? Sinon il se transformerait en statut de Pierre et reviendrai "à la vie" sous la forme d'un enfant et personne ne le reconnaîtrait.

  6. les baffes qu'y's'prennent quand même les romains… mort de rire. Franchement ma fille a quatre mois, je suis anti TV et écrans autant que possible, et j'aimerais vraiment que ce dessin animé compte parmi les premiers "contacts" avec le cinéma.

  7. mon dessin anime d'enfance ^^ !!!!! j'avais environ 9 ans ou 10 quand je l'ai vu pour la première fois, j'aimais et j'aime tellement Astérix 😀

  8. Like si tu trouve l'intru


  9. C'est là qu'on se rend compte qu'on a rien à envier aux japonais en se qui concerne la réutilisation d'animations

  10. Mais bien sûr qu’on regarde encore, même au quatrième âge, et on en rit toujours.
    D’autant qu’entre les livres, dessins animés et films, on connaît les répliques par cœur.

  11. Stavo leggendo I libri da quando sono bambina ciò tutti i libri da quando soo venduti in italiano grazie per avere fatto i cartoni sono eccellenti con rispetto dalla Laura.

  12. et maintenant le fameux banquet de fin dans la clairière et sous les étoiles se finit dans une zone indus au McDonald !tristesse :

  13. Une sacrée idée que Astérix et Panoramix ont trouvé pour la lotion capillaire auquel ils l'ont affligé aux romains 🤣😃😄😆😛😜😎 ha ha ha !!!

  14. Pourquoi lorsqu'il boit de la potion, l'espion romain dit-il "Je ne ressens aucun effet spécial" alors que quand c'est Astérix qui boit de la potion magique, il s'élève au dessus du sol et les ailes de son casque se mettent à battre ?

  15. Quand il pleut il fait frais tu regardes axteri et Obélix devant une bonne assiette de paths fromage tros bien 😛😛😛😛😜😜😜😜

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