Astral Projection | Astral Projection How To | How To Astral Project

Astral Projection | Astral Projection How To | How To Astral Project

hey everybody, good morning, today we’re
going to be talking about getting out of your own body,
astral projection, how to get out of your own way, there you go,
so now that we have your attention welcome to another out-of-body
experience with your hosts Heather, David, Coffee Cup, this is cuz’ I’m mystical, this is my mug of magic and yeah and I got my Star Trek shirt on and that happens to be Einstein behind some kind of astral projection I
have this beam me up Star Trek shirt doesn’t actually say beam me up but it implies it, it’s implied so astral projection, this is a
topic we get asked about a lot because it’s so mystical and mysterious and
people ask, how do I astral project, can you guys teach me how, we’ve taught a few
classes on astral projection but it’s really a lot easier than people think,
first you’ve got to understand what astral projection even means, right, and
it’s one of those things just like the state of hypnosis or the state of trance or meditation where there are varying degrees, astral projection is sort of like meditation magnified, it’s kind of like
meditation out of your body, yeah, it’s like meditating out of your body,
yeah, it’s meditating with a purpose and that purpose is to get out of your body
in its simplest terms astral projection is projecting your
consciousness outside of your body, so, I want to tell you ways that you’re
already doing this, you are already projecting your consciousness out of
your body, you do that several times in the day when you just sit and daydream, let
your mind wander, and science has shown that daydreaming is actually really good
for the mind because, you can actually go to the beach, it actually
provides a necessary mental reset like a computer restart button, similar to dreaming, or defragmenting the computer, so, when we sit and we daydream and we drift off like at work, it might mean
that your brain really needs a break so go off, drink some coffee have a break, drink some tea and let your
mind wander, so letting your mind wander and imagine is the first step to astral
projection and one of the greatest things you could possibly do to make any
of these things as easy as possible is to allow yourself the freedom in your
mind to play, pretend and imagine as if you’re a child, your imagination and your
logic and everything kind of goes together so your imagination and
what’s actually happening are going to blend so don’t worry about
that because one of the things that blocks people with any kind of
meditation or intuitive work is “I’m worried that I’m just making it up, it’s not real” and you’re not going to get to real if you don’t give yourself
the freedom to play, so allow yourself to imagine, sit and daydream and imagine
that you’re flying off into the stars imagine a place that you want to astral
project to, imagine, let’s say you want to project Italy, imagine yourself flying
over Italy and landing and walking around an art museum or smelling the
smells of the good food, use all of your senses when you imagine yourself
projecting it’s a good idea maybe to get a book on Italy to learn as much as you
possibly can so that you can make more real the imagination in your mind, because when you study about a place, let’s say, you create more of an energetic connection
to that place and you can project yourself there and this is where people
get tripped up: “Oh well, I know a lot about Italy I know all this stuff and I think it’s
my imagination” no, the studying and learning about
the place you want to project to, let’s say that it’s a place, actually helps
create a strong connection, a construct in the mind for you to get there, so
the gateway to reality is imagination so don’t be afraid of letting the two blend, so I’m going to say this again the gateway to reality is imagination
let your mind pretend, to real, kind of wrap your head around that statement for a minute astral projection has been used for
centuries if not thousands of years tens of years, at least 10 years, astral projection has been used for thousands of years by sages and mystics and shamans
to kind of get themselves out of their own head and into their imagination, and
people that were way too lazy to actually travel, no, they were
trying to increase their focus no they were way too lazy they just
didn’t want to get on a horse, David and spend the months it would take to
actually get wherever they wanted to go they would use these techniques to find
answers and to increase their powers of imagination and storytelling
and psychic perception and all sorts of things so astral projection by
the ancient sages and mystics was not solely used for psychic ability
it was used for a lot of things a lot of people don’t get to the point of
actually astral projecting in a deeper way where it’s the mind blowing
astral projection that everybody wants to get to, which is awesome when you get there, it is like when a larger part of your consciousness goes somewhere and there’s reports of people astral projecting so strongly that people on the receiving
end actually see them, can actually see like a ripple, and go “wow I
thought you were here I thought I saw you” because they’re projecting
their thought and their energy so powerfully, they’ve gotten to that level
that their friend can see them, like say you’re astral projecting to your friend
who’s across the world they’re like “dude I thought I saw you today” and your
friends like “ha ha ha I was astral projecting” it takes a while to get to
that point but it starts with a simple thing, play, pretend and imagine, it
starts with that but it’s a practice like everything else so practice it and
the more you practice the better you’re going to get at it, back in high school
this woman a woman? you were dating a woman in high school, she was a girl, okay she was across the across the city from me and I didn’t have any way to get there couldn’t go see her wanted to go say hi
and she was like, you know what, just think of me and I was thinking about her
and thinking so strongly that I actually imagined myself flying out of my body,
out of my house, up into the air, across the city, landing in front of her street
she told me the next day that she thought I was actually knocking on her
window, she saw something out of the corner of her eye, opened the window
thought I was there, felt me there, I wasn’t actually there, it was it was an
agreed upon meeting, okay stalker, it was an agreed-upon meeting how is that stalking? I don’t know you know like how like weirdos will tell you about the
legit experiences compared to what they actually do, yeah, I was stalking, but it was an
agreed-upon thing because we were in a relationship, sure yeah it wasn’t like I was in my mind dating her, pretending to date her and stalking her, no, that’s
bad, so disclaimer right here do not astral project and stalk someone,
that’s not cool, no, so with the psychic arts, I’m going to throw this in here in
the middle, with the psychic arts there are ethical rules you should follow, just like life, you wouldn’t like you know, leave a message on
somebody’s answering machine don’t walk in their front door, yeah that’s weird, so
if you want to astral project and knock on their door or leave a message on the phone machine, that kind of
thing, if it is somebody you are dating and you want to play it’s nice to have somebody
you can play with, a friend to play with like, well when David and I first met we
played around a lot of astral projection and, a lot, the very first time, similar
story, the very first time we connected via, we met online, a lot of you have met online, so we were like you know we
were not actually looking for love I was looking for networking for business and so we started connecting that day through email
and I felt myself, first time that she emailed me, I kind of went out of body
and astral projected, traveled around me and I could actually feel her there and I
was kind of describing things about him and his energy and all of that,
now I’ve practiced for a long time so you may not do this on your first try,
and so I walked around him and told him these things and typed them out in the
little email because we hadn’t even talked on the phone yet and he was like, oh
my gosh, you’re right on, your right on your right on, and I felt you and you
feel very familiar, so it’s a really good thing to have a friend to practice with,
even though we hadn’t achieved friend status yet, we were just, but we did, but
it was an agreed-upon thing, that’s more
about our story and that the universe drew us together
that’s sort of like and that’s a question actually, how did you guys meet,
so we’re going to do a whole other thing about that but that’s a little snippet of how we collided in the universe and met each other so
it’s kind of a big story, it’s an epic it’s an epic story, I’m pretty impressed
with her, I have been since I was stalking her there were these things called chat
rooms and within these chat rooms there were like-minded people that would come
together and one of those particular chat rooms was on journeying, dream
journeying, astral travel and there were a bunch of friends in there and what we
would do was we would set the intention to basically meet up at a particular
time right before we went to sleep and then go on a journey in our sleep
time, the group of people would come back the next day and relate their
experiences, relate the pieces and parts that they witnessed, that they experienced
in their dream state, my friend and I lived, well I lived in America, she lived
across the world in Scandinavia, we would also practice astral projection in
different ways, all of our psychic work we would practice in different ways, it’s great to have a friend to practice with I mean when you do it with a love
acquaintance, a lover, a romantic connection it can be a lot stronger
because that need to be together is so powerful, when you do it with a friend it’s a little bit more of a
challenge because you do want to be together but it’s not as much the strong
connection with the love connection, and the key component
with all of this is to create as strong of an impulse as possible to get you
from one place to another, so emotional connection is really strong when you’re
astral projecting, okay then and if you bring up what your everybody is asking
because a lot of people do astral projection, do we love each other
yes, no, people do astral projection for naughty reasons, a lot of times, who’s
going to ask us that, nobody’s asking us that, I’m telling them that, don’t do it,
no, I’m telling them do it, oh, if it’s with your love partner, oh yeah, a lot of
times, cuz there was that, no, I’m talking about other people, I’m not talking about us, I’m talking about a lot
of people will practice astral projection with their love
partner that they can’t be with for an emotional naughty encounter
so if you want to play with that that’s possible, people do that also to kind of energetically connect and bond, connect and bond, and play, there’s also webcams now, so. David and I would practice dream astral projection when we first met because he lived in Sacramento and I
lived here so we would do the same thing that he and his friends did, we would go “well where do you want to meet” but we do it in dream time, so if you’re having
a hard time getting out of your way with conscious astral projection, like when
you’re awake and you’re meditating, starting with dream astral projection, it’s a lot
easier because your subconscious play mind is already there, your subconscious play mind is not going to get in your way, your conscious
mind gets in your way, you can do it on your own of course, because in your
dreams you’re automatically astral projecting so if you do it intentionally,
like “I’m going to go to Italy in my dreams” and you astral project, don’t worry that you
don’t remember it, you might have dreamed it and not remembered it, as you practice
you’re going to start remembering it you might want to take notes about what
you saw if you do it with a friend and that’s what David and I would do
when we first met and we were in different states, let’s go to this island
or let’s go to France, and we would astral project and meet and then we
would compare notes, what did you see what did you see and we would always see
really similar things, right, like the same elements but different
perspectives of those elements, so you might be meeting in a dream
construct or you might be meeting in the actual place, it doesn’t really matter, it
was kind of interesting, one night I was across from him in this
plaza with this fountain and all this art work and he was on the other side of
that, he described the other side of the plaza and I actually saw him,
so whether or not that was in a dream construct that we were creating, or whether
it was something we were making up that’s what a dream construct is, right,
whether it was in a dream construct or it was in the actual plaza in a place in
France, not sure, but it doesn’t matter cause it’s still cool, yeah, because the
bottom line was that even without knowing where we were going, we each
described the opposite perspective, so we astral projected to each other, regardless, in
some construct or in some actual location, so it really it’s a matter of
play and give yourself the freedom to play, pretend and imagine, it’s a super
fun thing to practice, so we’re going to talk now about some of the devices or
some of the constructs that you can use as a vehicle to get you out of your own
way, so devices were created by different shamans or cultures as a method to
make it more accessible, so in shamanism there are two main devices
that were used, the world tree, which is it’s branches are in the upper world, its
trunk is in the middle world and it’s roots are in the lower world, so the shaman
would go into the tree and and then travel in either direction so
it was a stationary object that kept them grounded in the real world right and so that made them feel safe, that’s a way for anyone to feel
safe that you’re connected to the world so they can get out of their own way and
go and travel, so that kind of helps eliminate fears that you might get
stuck in some other places like a grounding mechanism, another one would be the mountain, the central mountain of the universe and a third one would be
the Merkabah and well the Merkabah is related to Jewish mysticism it’s not a
stationary tool though but i’ts still a construct for you to feel safe while
you’re out traveling so it would be like your own internal spaceship right so
you’ve got you’ve got the tree and the mountain which are stationary and makes you feel grounded, you’ve got the Merkabah which is like a mobile traveling device
and you would imagine yourself inside of this Merkabah which is like a three-dimensional star basically, and you get inside of it
and you travel; it takes your consciousness where you want to go, in
our modern times that’s kind of evolved into a light bubble or a light
body or a spaceship or a capsule that comes around you that’s
like a personal spaceship, so maybe it’s possible that all the aliens that you’re
seeing are really people in their light bodies astral projecting, think about that for a minute, might be you never know what you’re going to see out there in the astral
plane, we just might have something to say about that, we’ll tell you about the astral plane in another video because that kind of complex but that’s where you’re traveling, suffice it
to say in simple terms that the astral plane are spirit dimensions that vibrate
higher and lighter than our physical plane that we’re in right now so
that can get really complex and divide it into different layers, really the astral plane is a theoretical plane, spiritualists of the
19th century kind of created, a term to know where they were going, a lot of
people have fear about projecting into the astral plane about astral projecting
and the only fear is your fear, right, and there’s nothing that can actually
hurt you unless you have fear and when you’re talking about the astral plane
what you’re talking about is different people’s and different
spirit’s and different being’s constructs for their reality within that
plane and when you’re looking at it, when you’re viewing it, it may look scary to
you because it’s not your construct, so don’t attach to it, observe it and then
move forward into your journey, it’s a little, we’re going to get into the astral plane in another video, it has different is really complex, it is complex but just
the thing is be neutral, don’t be afraid with anything that you do, a lot
of people have a lot of fear about astral projection and it really is their
own fear and a lot of people have this urban myth that you can astral
project and not come back, and get lost and not come back and your silver cord could
get severed, its BS, yeah, the silver cord is the theoretical cord that connects
you to your body or your spirit, your consciousness to your physical body and it’s actually
kind of an energetic, it’s not so much theoretical because people have seen it they talk about the silver
cord in the Bible actually it’s like the lifeline that connects you to
the body, it’s not going to “break” until it’s time for you to go, until you’re done with this world, until you’re actually done, it’s installed for a reason, you’re in the astral plane and
then, if it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go, so alleviate the fears
before you start practicing astral projection, with anything that you do, give
yourself the freedom to approach it like a child; play, pretend and imagine, have
fun with it and you’re going to get the most out of it, well I think if you want
to eliminate the fears of astral projecting and what’s going to happen,
“it’s going to be scary” number one always always work on your own fears regardless
of what you do because the fears are coming from something else not from fear
of what’s out there, it’s the fear of what’s in here, the fear of what’s in here, and
because the astral plane is a place of
imagination, a place of constructs it’s a place where Thought Forms
happen and you create things out of thought; you take your fear into it and
you’re going to create stuff, so what you’re seeing is actually probably
out of your own brain, right, so work on the fears and then also know that you’re
already astral projecting every night when you’re dreaming, that’s
part of dream state so you’re already doing it when your
daydreaming in a very small way, so if you’re already doing it why would you be afraid of
something that you’re already doing? and the last way that you can astral project,
you don’t need all of these vehicles, you could just think, imagine and fly, right,
and forego all of the vehicles, and know that you already have it with you, you
already have your auric field which is your light body, if you want to go to the
beach, go to the beach, if you want to swim in the water, if you want to be a
dolphin, go do that have some fun with it yes and realize that
a lot of your dreams whether you remember them or not are possibly astral
projecting, especially ones when you’re flying, yes, flying dreams a lot of
times are astral protection, the stone of the day today we’ve got, green gold stone, Beam Me UP you know we have to do this again for astral projection because how could we not green gold stone is a stone
created by Alchemists which is a combination of silica quartz sand which
is like basically it’s a quartz and they’re remade into a quartz,
a quartz that’s remade into a quartz and then it’s copper infused into it,
copper has a lot of healing properties for pain relief they’ve
actually proven, and for channeling energy, it’s really good,
it’s like your little transporter it’s like your personal transporter, yes,
because Scottie says “Beam Me Up” so there you go, so we’re also going to
attach, so look in the description below we’re going to have a
link to a PDF that we’ve created with some really simple astral projection
techniques and a couple of exercises on it, so if you want some more
insight and some exercises to do for astral projection, it’s super simple, it
will be in the description below and it’s really reasonably priced (FREE) so just pick
it up and practice with your friends pick it up and play, yeah, there you go, so
that’s it, I think we’re going to go astral project into breakfast, wait for it oh, prepare for the astral projecting the astral projecting chicken says subscribe like share share share
share and share with all of your astral friends and the friends in this world,
comment below with what you like most and what you want to see next, we want you to tell us
what you want us to tell you, so keep those topics coming, keep those topics
coming, comment below or send us a message, what topics you want to see, find
a friend to play, pretend and imagine with, yes, and you guys have a wonderful
beautiful amazing day! make it your most astral, project your
truth to the world

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