I am a hardcore fan. Hello, this is a video about
the Celine Spring 2020 collection, there are subtitles,
there is Catherine Deneuve, Hedi Slimane and thousands of details
despite my wooden accent. JULIEN:
Why are you here tonight? Because of Blackpink’s Lisa. She’s a great singer,
a great dancer, she’s our role model. She’s the best.
She’s so beautiful. JULIEN:
Do you have a message? Oh mon dieu, oui!
Lisa, je t’aime! Marry Me! LOIC:
What do you expect from this show? I don’t like expecting,
I prefer being surprised. CATHERINE DENEUVE:
Who is this? LOIC:
It’s Lisa, from BLACKPINK. Oh ok. Fortunately you tell me. LOIC: Is it scary when we’re
in the middle of that? No, it’s okay because it’s big enough,
nobody walks on your feets. It’s funny because generally at Hedi’s
shows photographers aren’t allowed inside. Everything changes… “Before he met me,
he didn’t know how to handle it…” It’s so beautiful.
I’d wear every piece. It’s a good sign when you
crave for every piece! LOIC: He’s been at CELINE for a year,
what do you think about it? Only good things. I think he did something
very interesting, very beautiful. He is so talented. He’s easier
to understand when you realize how much he changed
the vision we have of women. It was beautiful and I love sequins,
all that glitter dresses. Even I who hate dresses,
I loved them here. I am a hardcore fan. – Was she like you imagined her? She was so beautiful, so chic! – Did you get a good picture?
– Non, there’s too many people. – Did you get a good picture?
– Yes. – What can you tell me about her? Honestly she’s incredible. She’s a great rapper,
she’s talented, excellent and a great dancer. Lisa was so beautiful.

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  1. Lisa Lalisa Manoban… this name I’ll remember forever that Once is Celine brand and beautiful things of my life !!!💍😭😭😭💕

  2. Que niña tan tonta y grosera, tantas personas que querían verla, ni tantita pizca de humildad tiene, mínimo pararse y sonreirles para que le pudieran tomar una foto, ¡me gustaba tanto!! Cayó de mi gracia, ¡ya no me gusta! Oh decepción……

  3. I hope to see Lisa in these Celine outfits especially during the award season because she really suits each and every piece! I can imagine her in all of these outfits. She's celine's muse for sure!

    lungs explode

  5. im so jealous when they hug(lisaXhedi) with hedi hands😥i cantttttt help but jealous😥but the funny thing is😁peter face when he saw they are hugging

  6. 2:36 She said usually they weren't allowed photographers inside before. So, I guess, this time they made it as an exception it's bcos Lisa? Whoa, Lisa is big 😍🙏

  7. Damn…lisa….you are so….adorable….well i think your future is really bright….just focus….love yaaaa….

  8. Bravo vous êtes géniaux n’arrêtez jamais de produire ce contenu ! French or English whatever I don’t care (although I think you’re funnier in french) merci Loïc & toute votre team ❤️

  9. Synonyme de beige: or fané
    Robe préférée ? Je suis actuellement en état de choc devant tant de génie, impossible de choisir.

  10. I saw the vid and when she walked outside to leave the show there were thousand of fans screaming her name she needed 15 bodyguards around her, the French are crazy for her

  11. 12:00 OMO!! Her voice is so beautiful!! She is such a kind and humble angel!!! Beautiful on the inside and the outside!! Our intergalactic star Lisa!! 💜💜💜💜

  12. 22:34 ese guardaespaldas que al principio Lisa apoyo su mano, me cae re bien, veo que hace un buen trabajo 👏🏻 Aparte es guapo 😍

  13. โคตรภูมิใจแทนคนไทยมากๆ ที่แฟนคลับต่างชื่นชอบในตัวลิซ่า

  14. i am so amazed by celine. OMG THESE CLOTHES ARE SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL. i think i would wear almost every piece of this fashionshow, but sadly i will never be able to buy any of these.

  15. Merci
    Thank you so much for this. Lisa deserves this. After how bad she is treated in Korea, this is a slap to them. Parisians thank you.

  16. Blink said:

    I bought everything Lisa was wearing, even if I had to move to Celine

    not even a fan


  17. ขนลุก ปลื้มใจแทนลิซ่าที่มีคนรักเยอะขนาดนี้

  18. Lisa is seriously the most famous and popular female idol Now and even her popularity competing with the top male idols at this rate

  19. เก่งเพราะมีความมุมานะในสิ่งที่รักคือการเต้นและร้องเพลงก็สมควรที่จะประสปความสำเร็จค่ะเป็นเด็กรุ่นใหม่ที่เก่งเกินอายุจริงๆ

  20. I don't know Celine clothing lines tho but I think they're my taste. the boyish chic look rock! Esp those pants. And I think Lisa is perfect for it coz she had that vibes.

  21. I know ,I am an old grumpy man ,,, but wtf, those models are mad !
    and I just can´t believe that seventy fashion are coming back ,it was ugly then ,, and still is
    I loved it when Catherine Deneuve asked "who is that girl" slightly annoyed ,that Lisa took all the attention , when Catherine was 22 she was the hottest

  22. Il tue quand même son concept en nous privant de ses croustillants commentaires en français. Je pense que même les anglophones s'adaptaient juste avec les sous titres en anglais.

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