ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘WONDERLAND’ Official MV Making Film

ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘WONDERLAND’ Official MV Making Film

Here~ is~ the filming set~ for Wonderland! WONDERLAND MV MAKING FILM Q. What is the point lyrics of WONDERLAND?
If you have listened to it just once! Everyone can know it! Yeah, the part is saying ‘Let’s go~’! The reason why the part is the point is Whoever listens to this song! For the first time! Everyone will remember only the part That’s why that’s the point To give those feelings like ATEEZ is going forward as saying ‘Let’s go’ How long we can go far. If people sing ‘Let’s go’ with ATEEZ It can be the trendy word When people are staying with friends If someone says ‘Let’s go~’ like this I hope lots of ATINYs use the words Q. What scene did you film?
Something like I’m controlling members in front of the TV? I think we filmed as if it feels like I led members Let’s go! Let’s go! To the beginning that the ending is waiting~! Q. Writing behind of Min Gi’s part?
The part that comes out the strong beat after out of the beat in verse 2 I thought it would be great on me, so I tried to make it in my mind a lot When I worked on writing in the workroom, It went really well as I made it in my mind! When my fans watch this video, they’re allowed to listen to the song, right? I would be appreciated if you leave comments Please leave comments~!
Min Gi’s Rap! __________________! If you leave comments like this and if I see the comments?! I will try to leave comments Director : (Shouts) Cool~! Cool!! Thank you! Q. What was your secret as you could film it with director’s big response?
In one phrase, I think my charms captured directors’ hearts It’s joking! Actually, directors helped me a lot including directions to make better frames of me I could get the nice frames through directors’ loves Unit shooting is continued~! Tease-ya~ Q. How is going so far?
I’ve done the unit shooting~ The lights were changed a bit shinier on the spot where Seong Hwa is staying After Seong hwa finishes his individual shooting And then I think I will be the last one who needs to film today I’m waiting pretty much today But there are other people who are working harder than me So, I’m going to cheer me up! Fighting~! The first day of filming, the last order~!
The filming set for San’s individual shot Thank you! You’re cool! The first day of filming for Wonderland!
The shooting has been done~! The second day of Wonderland MV filming! Welcome to the filming set for ATEEZ’s group dance! We wore the red velvet suits as the wardrobes for today! It’s very! Nice! The gold necklaces! And velvet suit! Hong Joong wore the sexy vest! Inside! Ah~ He looks like a foreigner! But it looks a bit weird when I see from afar~ I believe the frame would be really nice anyway! We’re going to make a stage with the dance teachers from B.B Trippin this time. It’s really amazing! If it moves to the group dance scene~! Wow~ The group dance scene that Soeng Hwa said
Let’s go~! Photographer Jjong
is doing his job Click Click Waiting time
Photographer Jjong is working very hard The model is Yeo Sang Q. How were the photos that you took today?
Usually, people say the photo looks good when the model is nice~ (Serious) But it looks nice today because the photographer is good at taking a photo! Photographer Jjong went back to his main job
The MV filming was started again Q. Please introduce about WONDERLAND MV!
The music video of WONDERLAND is! ATEEZ who is waiting the ending in front of new beginning looks back the reason why they started this journey and think “Let’s go forward together!” “Let’s go forward together!”, it has an ambition like that So, please watch it And enjoy it! Thank you so much! The filming is finishing soon
Filming for WONDERLAND MV A bit later, beagle-like idols who are working hard and playing hard will be released!
ATEEZ Working mode ON/OFF scenes.ZIP Working Mode OFF Drinking water… Drinking water… than anyone else… Drinking water… he is sexist than anyone else… What is this…? It has been started all of sudden
Their PARTY NIGHT (Real laughs) What are you doing, puppy~! It’s not here, puppy~! Come here, puppy~ Working Mode ON Working Mode Off
ATEEZ is happy as they met the mantis who is the friend from nature
While they are waiting for shooting Hey! Show me once! Show our dance! Hey! This is ATEEZ! Working Mode ON Working Mode OFF
Hey!x5 One, two, three! I want to try (Feels amazing and curious) I think it could work if we pull it together. But why is it not working? (Grumble) Hey, we’re not interesting! And we’re not excited! (Being nice) Try it on your side then (Sassy) Okay, I will do it! (Being nice) Ready! (Being nice) One~ Two~ (Devil) No~ (Being nice) Okayx2 You try, leader! Leaderx4 (Being nice) Okay, one~ two~ three! (Devil) Do you like it? (True friend) It’s not funny at all~ It’s not touched at all~ Working Mode ON Working Mode OFF Working Mode ON The ending that waits for new beginning
The filming for WONDERLAND MV has been done I think the music video will be really good! ATINY, please look forward to our music video WONDERLAND! I can guarantee it this time! It’s the best of best! The best of best! The best of best! You can expect it! ATEEZ’s WONDERLAND! The filming for music video! It’s been done! Bye~!

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  1. Sometimes I hit play and I’ll be watching for like 2 minuets straight and then realize I forgot to turn on English subtitles 😂

  2. They are so freaking cute and it amazes me how good of friends they are to each other 🙉🙉 love them so much!!!♥️♥️♥️

  3. So I woke up at 6am to watch Wonderland when it came out and I fricken loved it!!!! When it got to Mingis part I seriously had to stop it for a minute. I thought his rap went so well with the song and the music. The scene also looked good and fitting. So when he said at 1:52 to comment I was like alright lets go and do that because I had sheet to say! I loved it so much and you all killed it


  5. I don't know what Ateez done to me, i can't get this song out of my head. Well i think there's no escape for me v.v

    es la mejor perra cosa que he escuchado en la vida, y que vea que lo apoyamos, que los apoyamos, desde toda latinoamerica

  7. Only Mingi😂😂😂 seriously not only he would tell us to leave comments on his part but also indicate us what to write.

  8. Mingi’s rap 🤩 Love you guys!! You put so much hard work into your comebacks & atiny are beyond proud of you!! 🥺💕

  9. everyone giving yeosang a huge applause after his solo shoot is such a mood

    he might not get the lines he deserves but he still kills everyone with his powerful visuals, he’s got their whole staff whipped

  10. Bruhhhh
    Mingi’s rap was lit af
    I was like JDJXJDKCK DAMNN THE ENERGY and my brain went 🤯

  11. the power of the whole rap and vocals makes a big difference. Plus the choreography and mv takes it to a whole new level.
    YOU GUYS DONE A GREAT JOB, I hope you guys get the rookie of the year award and take a rest. You deserve it.

  12. 6:00 Me drunk af, 3 AM at the club
    6:07 The guard trying to make me leave
    Featuring my friend who tries to get me water but then proceeds to act like they don't know me

  13. MINGI'S RAP IS AMAZING. My Atiny daughter loves all of you but she has a special place in her heart for you. Atiny daughter and mom are waiting for you all to come to Canada for a tour. PLEASE COME. 😁❤

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