production appears) ATEEZ members are going to
perform 16 missions 16 missions? How can we finish everything in 2 days? – Let’s hurry
– Let’s do it Let’s go to the pharmacy (You don’t speak English well?) (Don’t worry, learn MINGI’s
body language!) (He completed his
sensational mission) (WOOYOUNG’s mission-
getting Kimchi from his mom’s friend) It’s funny that you’re in
my place to get Kimchi (Thanks to her,) (he completed his mission successfully) (JONGHO’s mission- arm wrestling) Look, his arms are as big as
SAN’s head (He was daunted for a second,) (but he completed his mission
overcoming the fear) Is this the right way to wash? (They finished the foot bathing
in a reverent way) All 8 members are here What is going to happen to us? (Night fell in Sydney) (When the city lights up,) (what is ATEEZ is doing?) This is our first group mission Wow What’s the most important thing for us? You know, team work,
8 makes 1 team This must be the purpose
of this mission You should try that trampoline What’s this? What happened? What’s this? Wait 2, 3 8 makes 1 team, go! (Let me chant first) Let me open I have no clue what this is (Ta-da) (Hope it’s something usual) My eyes are dazzled There are some lemons A glue? What for? ‘150 seconds challenge’ 1. Catching 5 stones at once 2. Blowing bubbles wearing
a mouth opener 3. Picking 5 peas with chopsticks 4. Completing ‘ATINY’ by pressing
the cell phone keyboard with toes Wow WOOYOUNG must be good at this (My toes are quite strong) 5. Turning a page
wearing a plastic glove These challenges are new! 6. Removing a note on the belly
by waving dance How could they think these up? 7. Whistling after eating lemons This will be easy 8. Flipping Ttak-ji at one go This must be difficult (Let’s begin) (From here) (to here) (They should finish the whole challenges
without any mistakes) (in 150 seconds!) Who is good at catching stones? YUNHO, you catch the stones,
SEONGHWA, you pick the peas Good – Okay, good
– Great – I would play Ttak-ji
when I was a child – Did you? – YEOSANG
– Look (Flipped) Okay, YEOSANG, great! (It’s a piece of cake) Who wants to wear the plastic glove? I’ll do it I’d like to do the challenge with lemons I don’t like the challenge
with my toes I don’t like it, either I don’t like it, either Then who wants to try? My toes are pretty Then you do it Alright, it’s yours Who wants to wear the mouth opener? (MINGI, you want to try this?) (Is MINGI going to do it?) (Who should do it?) Well If MINGI does the challenge with toes,
I’ll wear the mouth opener – Seriously?
– Yes Alright (HONGJOONG is
getting himself ready) He’s a true leader Alright Rock, scissors, paper I’ll do the challenge with lemons (JONGHO- whistle after eating lemons)
(WOOYOUNG- Remove the note) We can decided how many times
we’d like to try Because this is our game Then, how about 3 times? Because we have 3 of each item – Right
– 3 of each item – Let’s try 3 times
– 3 times? 3 times 3 times 3 times, let’s do it! (Order: YUNHO-SAN-SEONGHWA-
-YEOSANG) Let’s do it 2, 3 8 makes 1 team, go! (Passionate) (Go for it!) (The first player, YUNHO) (He did it successfully) (Will SAN do the same, too?) Turn a page wearing a plastic glove You can put your saliva on your finger (SAN tries the glove on quietly) (Shall I try?) (The cover page) (Failed) (The inside page) (Failed) (Failed again and again) (Does this glove have a defect?) (I hate you, production crews!) (How did the actual challenge
turn out?) (Like YUNHO did) (he wants to do it quickly) (Trying hard) (with saliva) (Haha) (Burst into laughter) To the side (Now he pinches) (It’s not working) (He blows) (It’s not working, either) Try with the bottom part 20 seconds has passed already From top to bottom Pinch it Slowly – The bottom part is pinched
– Pinch it (But he takes too many pages) Should I turn only one page? Yes, only one page (Trying again) (It’s one thing after another) (He wants to use his left hand) (They’re anxious) (It’s close) (What will happen to him?) Yes, he did it! (SAN did it) (Now it’s SEONGHWA’s turn) (He’s picking the peas one by one) (Totally focused) (Calm) (He did it) Here comes the mouth opener (Here comes the mouth opener!) (He chose the mouth opener
that all members wanted to avoid) (JONGHO is pretending that
he didn’t hear anything) Try (His challenge is 2 times
more difficult) (With MINGI) (What will happen to him?) Here comes the mouth opener (Blows) (Cute) Hey, be serious – I’m serious!
– Keep going Okay (He’s trying again) (HONGJOONG, thanks for your effort) (All of a sudden,) (he coughed and it worked!) (Ha-ah) (Amazing) (Congratulations on your success
and the birth of your dark chapter) Here I come (#The 5th challenge #idol singer
#A note on the belly) (After dancing fiercely,) (he finally did it) (Now only 1 minute is left) Hurry! (It’s MINGI’s show time) ‘A’ Take your time Calm down Do it slowly, it’s okay Please I’m nervous (I’m serious) (Only one letter is left) (He has 40 seconds) (His skill is amazing) (Show us what you got, MINGI!) (They’re watching him
holding their breath) (What happened?) (Because he strained his toes,) Wait, I’ve got a cramp (he got a cramp) (Messy) (Sorry, ATINY) (MINGI’s skill made them laugh hard) (He’s laughing to death) Only a few seconds left No You can do it (Doing his best) Just lean on me Just relax We’ll help you (Successful) We’re running out of time (They have 10 seconds) Just swallow it (Trying to whistle) (Dang, it’s not working) (Trying again) (But the time’s up) I’m the master of turning the pages Call me ‘master JONGHO’ Your turn I’m SAN, who has been
dancing for 21 years Show us Hakuna Matata (He did it) Yes, yes, great Do it as you just did (They’re quite confident) You know, this is a candy,
not a lemon (Sucking) (Don’t forget) (The master of Ttak-ji) Let’s do it again 2, 3 8 makes 1 team, go! (They’re afire with enthusiasm) YUNHO, you’ll do it well (The first chance has gone) (It’s time to win) (Focused) (Will YUNHO be
successful this time, too? (Serious) (He was successful to have
all stones on the back of his hand) (But one stone fell down) Calm down (He does it again) (Successful) (JONGHO learned how to do it) No wonder that he’s master (Successful) Don’t move 3 peas He’s fast 5 (SEONGHWA, successful) (Today’s highlight,
HONGJOONG with a mouth opener) (It’s not even over 30 seconds) Blow harder (He works hard today) Cough Collect your energy (Challenge) (Blowing short) Cough – You can do it
– Dad (Successful) (The wave dancing
you haven’t seen so far) Hurry (SAN is the best) (He’s moving faster) (Yay! Bye, bye) Here I come (It’s MINGI’s turn) (His toes look very enthusiastic) (Please support me, my toes) (I can’t miss this) (His feet are going numb) What’s wrong with you? (Time is ticking) Hurry (He misspelled) Hey, you did it on purpose,
didn’t you? ‘NY’ No, no (Now they have 1 minute) Higher No, it’s ‘NY’ (He did did, finally) (WOOYOUNG eats a piece of lemon) You can do it You seem to enjoy (Yum) It’s sweet Swallow it Just swallow it,
instead of tasting it Swallow it It smells so sour He’s good at eating something sour (Nothing is left in his mouth) (Whistle, successful) YEOSANG, calm down 1, 2, 3 (He had no chance to do it
in the 1st round) (Relax) (Now they have 10 seconds) (Will he be able to finish
it at one go?) (I’m good at flipping) (Let me wrap up nicely) (1, 2, 3) (Thump) (Nothing is happening) (Oh, gosh) (Why does it happen?) (The 2nd round, totally failed) Okay, guys The third time is a charm – This is the third
– Okay Now we can do it – It was just practice
– Yes, this is the real game Okay, let’s do our best We just did it on purpose
to make the show more interesting Right That was enough – Okay
– Let’s take it seriously Like performing on the stage I’ll get angry if you guys
make mistake again – Where is the camera?
– He’ll spit if he’s angry (He looks funny with the mouth opener) 2, 3 8 makes 1 team, go! Let’s do it (Switching players- JONGHO
is going to flip the Ttak-ji) (I’m a strong man, JONGHO) (Even though I lost a game to
Australian guys) (I’ll flip the Ttak-ji for sure) (But YUNHO failed catching stones) I failed Did you? You’re really strong Right (But) What’s wrong? Dang, we’re in trouble (What’s wrong?) I would play Ttak-ji
when I was a child Okay Hi, I’m a master of
turning pages, YEOSANG (Now it’s too easy for him) Do it immediately (He’s become a master) (The note fell down in an instant) Yes, yes! I think I’ve become a master – Does it work well?
– Yes Yay! He’s become a master (It’s amazing to see his skill) Wow, he’s good (Everything is going well) The last challenge (The last challenge, finally) WOOYOUNG Take your time (Relaxed) (YEOSANG and JONGHO
are playing with the stones) How did you do it? I find it difficult after a long time How much time is left? Wrap up the game nicely Hey, don’t do it (He picked one more piece) (The crews didn’t ask him to do) (They’re all worried except WOOYOUNG) The nobler, the humbler, you know (What happened to overconfident
WOOYOUNG?) (Oh, please) (It’s so refreshing!) You don’t have to do it just in time He wants to be a hero (They finally did it) (8 makes 1 team) Wait, I’ve got a cramp (MING, who has skillful toes) (WOOYOUNG, who is struggling
because of 2 piece of lemon) (HONGJOONG, who did his best
with a mouth opener) Success! (Your spirits were beautiful) (Like the shining stars in
Sydney’s night sky,) (ATEEZ’s teamwork was shining, too) (The day breaks) (Someone woke up early) (It was YUNHO, who grooms his face) (Be handsome!) (He finished shaving in the dark) (and checked his handsome face) (Now he’s going to the kitchen
to make breakfast) (He run into someone) Good morning What are you doing? I’m in the sentimental mood I’ll film while you’re cooking Why should I make breakfast? Have you decided what to make? Something simple You know, I don’t cook often I want to cook Kimchi fried rice Kimchi fried rice? WOOYOUNG and I got Kimchi I’m going to use that Kimchi Does the Kimchi taste good? Is it from his mom’s friend? Yes It’s so embarrassing (She did her best to help him) I’m going to cook Kimchi stew with this (This is the main ingredient) I almost forgot
the most important thing I saw something yesterday (Like what?) The most important thing is This is yours Hold on Is this an apron? (What’s wrong with YUNHO?) What’s wrong with you? (He’s being playful from early morning) This is cute (Sweet YUNHO) (ATINY) (Would you like to cook with me?) Thank you Come here, I’ll tie the ribbon Alright (It’s lovely to see) You’re so sweet Great Because I don’t want to cook (Thanks for the sweet scene) He has never made breakfast in his 21 years of life House cook master, JEONG This is house cook master, JEONG Let me film the insert (Hey, focus on YUNHO) What’s this? (Director SAN is doing his best) (Now show us YUNHO) How do I look? – You look great
– Do I? Yes This is the Kimchi from
the friend of WOOYOUNG’s mom Oh Kimchi – Let me try first
– It looks tasty (He took a bit piece) It looks tasty Does it taste good? Try (Director SAN took a piece, too) (Good) Shall we cook Ramen? (Ramen always goes well with Kimchi) (He cut the Kimchi into fine pieces) I’m going to wash spring onions (He’s washing them) It’s so cold Watch out (He chops the spring onions) Have you cooked for someone, YUNHO? Actually, I’ve cooked only Ramen Is this too much? I’m worried that it’d turn out to be
spring onion fried rice It’s not bad – Spring onion fried rice
– It’s perfect I think I’ve had enough (Now it’s time to cut ham) It smells good What’s this sound? What? (JEONG chef is checking where the
sound is coming from) (Hi) (YEOSANG and HONGJOONG
woke up early for the mission) (They look excited
from early morning) Let’s get something before we leave We’ll be hungry Let’s get some baked snacks Don’t touch it, please No You’ll ruin your appetite Hey, don’t touch it Eating snack is not allowed
before we eat YUNHO’s breakfast Don’t be sulky No – We should eat YUNHO’s breakfast
– Then How about carrying some sausages? – That sounds great
– No Let’s go See you later See you later – See you later, chef JEONG See ya I’ll look forward to your breakfast Do your best I will They look nice They look confident I go jogging often Right (Hope your mission is successful) (Saying hello to 15 people while
jogging- Can he do this?) (HONGJOONG is going to
film his mission) I like this fresh air YEOSANG, do you think
you’ll succeed? – I’ll do my best
– Okay Alright (He started running) Now There’s no one – 500m ahead
– There’s no one in sight Hold on, what should we do? (Empty) I’m worried I’ll say hello to you first As a rehearsal (Good morning rehearsal) Try Like this Good morning (Jumps) (With a heart) – Are you really going to do that?
– Yes I think they’ll give you a dirty look This is how to become a popular
person in Australia – In my opinion,
– Yes – We’re in trouble
– Seriously (Empty) Wait Oh! There’s someone Where? – There’s someone over there
– Where? I can’t see Over there I think he’s jogging Wait I wanted to say hello but Wait YEOSANG, you can do it But he’s wearing earphones Looks like he’s going to school,
there are two Let’s say hello to them The first attempt (He’s approaching bravely) What should I do? (He’s worried) You can do it YEOSANG, you can do it (He’s almost there) Wait Hey, what are you doing? Hold on (They just passed) I can do it – We just passed them
– What should I do? The reason why I didn’t say hello was It was not because I was shy They were talking to each other They looked at us – Did they?
– Yes, seriously Hey, be quiet (He vented his anger on HONGJOONG) How about reducing the number
of people? 15 people are too many – Looks like it’s impossible
– Right In order to do our best, – let’s set up the goal
– Okay How many do you think you can do? Be realistic Around 5? – 5?
– Well – I doesn’t mean that I don’t want to
– I know Seriously, there’s almost no one The street is empty The street is empty It’s like filming a movie It’s like a scene where I’m alone without people You have 4 cameras for you It’s too early Your mission is… I can see some people I can see them – What should I do?
– Great The person over there The man sitting there Or there Looks like he’s sleeping Hold on (There’s another person passing by) – Let’s pass by
– Wait – I’m scared
– He looks scary His eyes look scary Don’t worry Nobody will give you a dirty look when you say hello – in the morning
– Let’s try Let’s be confident You want to say hello to them? No Why not? They looked at us (They nodded first) Good morning Good morning (They said hello, too) (The first attempt, successful) – Why am I so embarrassed?
– It’s like we’re running away – No, be confident
– Relax Say ‘Good morning’ naturally I’m – I’m not running away
– Okay There are students coming – Where?
– Even 3 Okay – Hurry
– Hold on There are students While jogging – Please
– Now – Please accept my greeting
– They will (He’s coming) (He just passed) Hey, what are you doing? One more time What are you doing? One more time – Okay
– Okay (Will it be successful this time?) Good morning Wow (No reaction) (He’s really running away) Where are you going? Why are you running away? They didn’t say hello back (It’s so embarrassing) Did you see that? They didn’t react at all They were look at their smart phones Do it again while walking, not jogging And look at their eyes They’re looking at us They got interested in us Hello Good morning (They look shy) – They got it
– I think they did At least 2 of them Yes, at least 2 of them They murmured Good I’ve said hello to 5 people so far Let’s do our best Then Someone is coming You want to try? (Hesitating) You want to try? Can I? Or not? He looks scary Let’s say hello to this person (He’s moving his hands awkwardly) (Shy YEOSANG) It’s cool Now Good morning Good morning, how are you? Fine, thank you (Successful) I did it for sure! I did it It was successful, wasn’t it? Are you confident now? Yes, I am I can do it! (Full of confidence) (He says hello more naturally) Say hello passing by (They found some people
at the crosswalk) (Saying good morning naturally) (Great!) (Nodding) (He nodded) See? He nodded even though
he’s wearing earphones Seriously I think he’s said hello to
quite a lot of people Right I’m proud of you – Thanks
– I was worried ‘What if he can’t say hello to anyone?’ Right But I did, anyway You did I found it difficult to say
hello to strangers, but now I think I can do it better (YEOSANG’s challenge, successful) (Meanwhile, what’s going on
in the kitchen?) (He’s cutting ham into pieces) Don’t worry (He’s doing his best) Am I doing right? Yes I’m sure it’ll be tasty with these ingredients I’ll stir-fry Great (SAN turns on the stove) It takes time (While we’re waiting) (SAN cleans up the kitchen) It’s good to have morning
exercise while cooking Morning exercise? Morning exercise It’s a must-do Now, I’ll heat oil – Okay
– It was not bad The fried spring onion I’ll cook with two spatulas Great This is what I imagined Sous chef, now Give me the ham The ham? Alright (It’s time to add the ham) I feel good – Does this look good?
– Yes I’ll fry the ham (He adds Kimchi) It looks nice – Do you think so?
– Yes It smells good, seriously This looks not bad, don’t you think? I think so, too I think so (He feels good about it) Now you look more relaxed Yes, I think I can do everything I’m going to add rice (Rice) (And rice) Why do we have this much rice? (Because this is for 8 men) – Don’t worry
– Pour Kimchi liquid That’s what I was thinking Like this Ta-da Looks great It looks really nice I think this will be tasty I’m hungry Hey, Mr.JEONG – Mr.JEONG
– It’s hard to cook for 8 men Hey, Mr.JEONG It’s good to see you again YEOSANG, did you do it well? I was so popular among people Was he? Yes Students were following me Good morning Good morning (He said ‘Good morning’) (and run away out of embarrassment) Why are you running away? (HONGJOONG burst into laughter) Okay, I’ll trust you YUNHO is doing his best – I can see that
– It smells good It’s hard to cook for 8 people It looks nice – It smells good
– Yes, it does He knew how to make oil
from spring onion Oil from spring onion? Can Try? Wait, this is not bad, but I think it’ll be nicer if you
add some soybean sauce Soybean sauce? Can I add soybean sauce? Let me try Don’t you think? – It tastes good
– I put a lot of rice – What do you think?
– Oh – This is not bad for the first time
– It tastes good Does it well seasoned? – It’s tasty enough
– Is it? – I think it’s okay
– I think so, too Everyone Do you know why I’m here? That’s because… Ta-da Trust me, I’m not just fooling around I’m doing this to enjoy breakfast to the fullest (At this moment) One member was attracted by my charm Let me play, too Okay Why is it hard to get into this? Hold on (Jumping) (HONGJOONG is so excited) HONGJOONG 22 years old ATEEZ’s leader (One more child) (YEOSANG is struggling from
aftereffect?) (As long as you’re happy) (Flapping) YEOSANG, come here I think I can get a nice photo Thanks to the sunlight Wow, great Let me show you how to land on my back (Yap!) (YEOSANG looks like a fish in water) Did you land on your buttocks? Show me back flip That’s a piece of cake You know, I’m the leader of ATEEZ The leader of a performance group Back flip is the basic Watch and learn 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 (What?) Did you see? It was too fast Let me show you again Do it right 1, 2, 3 Flick – Did you see?
– Yes (Director KANG did a good job) (YUNHO’s cooking is nearly finished) (With a sunny side up on the top) (Fried Kimchi rice is done) (YEOSANG and HONGJOONG are back) Is it done? Let’s set the table It’s not done yet Is it? What else do you have to do? He should set the table Okay (The last step-
grilling bacon) Wow (YUNHO, house cook master) (Looks good) Now you can say you can cook I think everybody can cook
Kimchi fried rice Right? (Fried rice with bacon) It looks delicious This can’t fail (Breakfast is almost ready) It looks great (Basil powder) (Sprinkles) (on the top) Bye (Look at his skill) (Cool) I’m looking forward to it (It looks nice, doesn’t it?) If you like half cooked eggs,
have a seat here (Good morning, guys) (The final cut) Please enjoy Thank you for cooking (A big bite) Welcome YUNHO (Wow) – Does it good?
– Yes (Let me try) Did it get cold? It’s alright, it’s still tasty I didn’t expect anything,
but this is great It’s great (They’re enjoying breakfast) It tastes good YUNHO, you know what? We become quiet when we eat
tasty foods It means you did a good job Wow, really? You know us (Thank you for enjoying my food) Kimchi tastes great Yesterday, we visited a friend of
WOOYOUNG’s mom to get Kimchi from her Before she gave us Kimchi, she said ‘There’s Kimchi that has gone bad’ That’s what she said But it was actually not bad So I cooked with that Kimchi It tastes good, seriously Yes, it was not bad Ma’am, are you watching this? Thanks to your Kimchi, I was able to cook Kimchi fried rice Thank you Thank you, ma’am Thank you for the food How many missions are left? 3 individual missions And 5 group missions Not that many left We can do one of them in LA I can call my mom today Going to the beach Oh, that one And going to the zoo (Plus wake up call) MINGI He’s coming – Did you sleep in?
– Do you know what time it is? MINGI – He’s coming slowly
– He’s surprised This tastes great YUNHO cooked it, seriously It’s as good as Albothyl (Haha) (It’s hard to forget about it) Now, try Try Have some It got cold (He’s enjoying the taste) (Nervous) What do you think? I like it Seriously, did YUNHO made this? Yes, he even cooked the bacon I could smell something nice
from early morning Thank you for the food Thank you Mission accomplished! (They have to leave to perform
next mission) (Let’s go, guys) I’m the first one! Hello Don’t sit here Then where? (On my lap) Here (They’re so cute) (All members got in the car) (What is waiting for them?) (Taking photos with the animals
that look like them) It’s been a while I haven’t been to the zoo (Let’s go to the zoo) – SEONGHWA
– Yes? – When you take your selfie
– Yes Can you make an angry face? ‘SEONGHWA is angry’ I think he will look anyway like an animal – Without an animal?
– Yes My fans said You look like a koala Oh… (I didn’t mean to say it) I don’t think we can find all the animals
that look like us – Right
– There might not be But I heard the zoo is huge It has over 100 years history (What is the zoo they’re going?) (Taronga zoo is the oldest, the
most famous zoo in Sydney) (Taronga means ‘beautiful view’
in Aboriginal word) (Focused) (Every day you can experience various
shows like a bird show, a seal show) (Amazed) (Excited) (Let’s see who lives here) (Meerkats that is well known to us,) (sun bears,) (the star of the sea, seals,) (kangaroos,) (and one of the largest turtles in the
world, the Aldabra giant tortoise) (There’s also the smallest monkey in the
world, the pygmy marmoset!) We have to walk a lot today Let’s go for it Say something as the oldest brother! Let’s work hard Let’s do our best Okay, let’s do our best Don’t be afraid of failure,
do your best Let’s do our best Go! (They drive along the way
under the blue sky) (and arrive at the water taxi dock) Have you taken a boat? Yes, quite a few times (Let’s ride on the boat!) (The boat is going through
the sparkling water) (A big bridge appears) SEONGHWA Can you see that bridge?
That’s the bridge you should go up – Right
– Seriously? That’s the bridge You should go up there Wow, it’ll be nice to see
the view up there I’ve got goose bumps How can you go up there? I need to take a photo of this We’re like tourists (They’re like tourists) It’s huge This is the last thing I expected to see (While they’re enjoying the ride) Let’s get off We’ve arrived (They’re walking holding arm in arm) I’m excited (They’re excited) It’s interesting that we came by boat
to go to the zoo (They’re walking towards the entrance) (ATEEZ, who is excited) (They’re going to take the cable car) Look, it’s fantastic (On the way to the zoo is stunning) Wow (They can see the animals down) Awesome (It’s good to see you) (I can smell of ATEEZ) (Where?) (MINGI looks like me, doesn’t he?) (I heard JONGHO looks like me) (JONGHO, who looks
similar to you?) (Let me join) (They’re going into the cage) (Amazed) We should be quiet (Which animal is waiting for them?) It looks dangerous Looks like it’s going to hit us Look at those legs (Kangaroos, that are indigenous
to Australia) I’m scared – What is it doing?
– I don’t know What’s that? This is my first time to
see real kangaroos They’re not that big They’re stressed out because
this cage is new to them (ATEEZ, welcome) They’re cute They’re just walking around (They’re approaching them
holding their food) They’re so cute What do I do? (You guys look cute, too) (Let me feed you) Hello (YUNHO is approaching a kangaroo) (I can smell something tasty) (I’m not a bad guy) (Come on, baby) (The kangaroo got the food) (It’s tastier because it’s from YUNHO) (JONGHO wants to feed a kangaroo, too) (Not interested) It doesn’t take mine Oh (Sad) (HONGJOONG is giving the food
to another kangaroo) (Who’s this red haired guy?) Sway the food You don’t like me? You don’t? It’s coming (I don’t want to be bothered) Try harder (He’s trying to attract
the kangaroo’s attention) (Please pick this for me) Sorry (Scared) (HONGJOONG is embarrassed) Guys Don’t forget about your mission Who looks like a kangaroo? I think I do But you don’t – I don’t?
– Not at all (YUNHO is copying the kangaroo) Pick something pretty What’s that? An ostrich? (The emu- the 3rd largest bird
in the world) SEONGHWA SEONGHWA It looks like SEONGHWA Yes, it does (They look alike) It looks like SEONGHWA Yes, it does Take a photo MINGI, let me take a photo Watch out, it might peck (Startled) I’m scared of this Hey (He’s adjusting the camera position) Stay there If you want some food Hey, don’t lower your arm I’m scared of this MINGI, don’t raise your arm It looks like you’re teasing the bird It might get angry It looks so chic I’m scared SEONGHWA, 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3, click (They took photos far from the animal
to protect it) With which animal should I take a photo? Seriously I’ll let you know if I find
an animal that looks like you Okay, let’s help each other out Is that the Psyduck? Psyduck Psyduck Psyduck (Voice impression) Korean pancake on a rainy day (He pretends that he didn’t
hear anything) Next one is koala Koala! (Who called me?) Because koala gets stressed out
when it’s noisy, we should be quiet and
touching it is not allowed (They’re silently getting into the cage) – Be quiet
– We 3 first (Hey, Koala, nice to meet you) (Looking around) Poop is everywhere You stepped on koala’s poop It’s alright (It’s difficult to find the koalas
that are awake) It’s so cute Let’s take a photo (Look at this camera) (It’s embarrassing) (The koala is doing something else) The koala’s name is ‘Ttanda’ (Your name is Ttanda) (It got interested in the members) (It’s time to take photos) (HONGJOONG is taking
a photo with the koala) (Let me strike a pose for you) (Successful to take
a selfie with a koala) (WOOYOUNG took a photo, too) We’re going to take a look an animal that looks like MINGI It looks exactly like MINGI It has such a long neck But it doesn’t really look like MINGI (The giraffe has a long neck) It looks like him Wow Awesome (Do I look like MINGI?) Wow (Let’s take a closer look) (We filmed this safely) (Take a photo naturally) (while you’re feeding) (WOOYOUNG’s turn) Here’s one more Oh, gosh! (Startled) (Its tongue touched my hand) (SAN looks so pure) (He doesn’t mind) (YEOSANG’s turn) YEOSANG, (Scared) (I haven’t felt this feeling) (It’s so thrilling!) (The last one is) (MINGI) (I’ve been waiting for you, bro) (MINGI and the giraffe
look like brothers) Try to make a giraffe’s face (Perfect) Let me take a selfie Have you taken a lot of photos? (Will he be able to take
a nice photo with the giraffe?) (The giraffe is busy eating) I can’t (A photo with the giraffe) (Seals are popular among visitors) – So cute
– It’s coming It’s coming (Walking fast) (Oh, you’re a handsome bro) (A photo with YUNHO) (Which animal SAN picked?) (A lizard that looks like him) (This is what a strong jawline is) (The quokka, the super star of the zoo) (JONGHO took a selfie with a quokka) (They both look terribly cute) I heard parrots are famous in this zoo There are 80 different kinds of parrots Wow, so cute (Take a picture of me) (They enjoy the mission in the zoo) (taking photos) (with cute animal friends) (Taking photos with the animal) (Mission accomplished) (SAN- Swimming with
underwater creatures) (After the mission in the zoo) Hold on – Are there also jellyfish?
– It won’t be an inside pool – It’ll be the seashore
– I think so There’s a famous beach near here (Am I going into the water?) There might be a shark or something Yes, there might be If there was a shark, I would have to go to another beach Australia is here Korea is here This is America What’s the name of the ocean
in between? – Pacific ocean
– Yes There will be sharks (Sharks…?) Why did you become so quiet
all of a sudden? I’m not daunted I’m just enjoying the view It’s so beautiful (Is that my last leaf…?) (The car is going to the seashore) (Where they finally arrived is) (Darling Harbor) Where are we?
We’re in front of the sea Are we really going to ride on a boat? (They get out of the car) (Helpers work hard) (for the main role, SAN) (They’re walking towards the harbor) (SAN looks nervous) (but JONGHO and YUNHO look excited) (Which animal is SAN going to
swim with?) Oh, here We can get tickets (Are we going to the opposite
of the sea?) Are we going to the aquarium
or the seashore? Aquarium (SAN’s challenge is going to
happen here) (In the aquarium, not the sea) We’re getting in (Confident) (I’ll be fine with fish) (This is where the sea creatures are) (An aquarium located at
Darling Harbor) (He looks confident now) (I’m SAN, who always does my best) (I’m a man of passion) (Nothing can stop me) (He got into the aquarium passionately) The temperature of the water
will be fine I’m not scared I’m really not scared We’re going into another entrance (Unfamiliar place) (Unfamiliar camera walk) (SAN looks confused) (They walk along the narrow hallway) (and go down the mysterious corridor) Not all people can get into this place SAN I think you’re going to appear on a special show in this aquarium I’m envious that you’re going to
make a special memory (It’s ominous) (I feel uneasy) (Finally they arrive at
the end of the corridor) (What is waiting for him?) What’s this? Why is a shark here? (Why are you there?) You should do like this (YUNHO and JONGHO guessed right) (SAN, have you swum with a shark?) Seriously, a shark is the last animal
that I imagined (He looks worried) (YUNHO and JONGHO are excited) You guys are here for a shark dive? (Swimming with a shark
is going to happen) I’m not scared Shark, come on (The orientation is going on) (SAN learns some things
that he should know) (Looks serious) (Don’t forget) The most important thing on the
second page is not to touch anything inside He emphasized that
you shouldn’t touch the shark Are you scared? It might bite you, if you touch it (Oh…) (It’s scary to imagine) (They check something
before SAN goes into the water) ‘Have you fainted recently?’ I think I will today ‘Have you had a problem on
your ears when swimming?’ ‘Do you have gaping wounds
on your body?’ Think carefully, it might
attract the shark (What?) I wanted to tell you later, but if you bleed at the nose suddenly
during the show, then… What if I really bleed at the nose? (The shark dive is going off safely) Sign here and write today’s date (Dear ATINY, I have a lot of things to
say because this is my last letter) (ATINY, I love you, I miss you)
(He writes with all sincerity) (Please help…hope I can
see you again) Reality just hit me (What will happen to SAN?) (Next episode)

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