(16 missions given to ATEEZ) (Big sigh) I didn’t know what to do Never would have imagined such missions I have a cramp! (Sometimes falling down) (Sometimes running away) (Sometimes being avoided) (Sometimes got refused) Do you not like me? (But there is no stopping us!) Am I doing well? Yeah, you good
(Always supporting each other) (Always having each other’s backs) (Because 8 of us are together) (Approaching the end of the long journey) (Last week! San, going to swim with underwater creatures) (Entering the aquarium with confidence) (Fear? Never heard of it) Why are sharks here? (Underwater creatures meant sharks…) (Tearful) (Even sending S.O.S to the fans?) (I love you ATINY… I really miss you… Save me…) (What will happen to San?) (San, getting ready to meet the terrifying sharks) San is now putting on the wetsuit (Swimming with the sharks, that’s him) San exercised a lot recently – Taking off even your underwear?
– Yup, they told me to take it off (Have to properly wear the wetsuit to go underwater) (Introducing the star of today) This guy’s name is Wooyoung (Hello, I am Wooyoung the shark) I think Wooyoung is not happy about San That is why I brought him out today This guy over here is Mingi (Hello, I am Mingi the ray)
It was his birthday 3 days ago I brought him out today to celebrate (Believe it or not) (San, you ready? See you soon~) (With the help of his assistants) (completed putting on the wetsuit) (Underwater time baby!) (Wow!) (Jongho & Yunho excited) (Australia’s finest aquarium) (Wooyoung the shark waiting for San with his friends) Looks like fun! (So~ much fun…) (Same place, different emotions) (Water is ready, just go ahead and dive in) (About to get wet) Wo, it’s water right in front. Go San! (Final confirmation from the lead diver) (At last, San goes into the water tank!) (Goes into the water first) (Puts on his scuba gear) (then the hood and the goggles) (Now ready to dive!) (Let’s see what underwater looks like) (Overwhelming size and terrifying appearance) (HoHo bros waiting outside the water tank)
They are huge They are even larger than San
Might be as big as me (Jaw dropping force of the sharks) (Slowly getting worried about San) Hey, that looks like Jongho (Hello, I am the youngest ATEEZ member Jongho) Looks just like you (Strangely resembles me) Try opening your mouth like him Looks just like him (Who is the real Jongho…) (99% in sync) (San, coming down to the main spot) (Director Jung, excited to find his lead role) Only San has those eyes (Eyes pulled upwards by his goggles)
Still looking good (Carefully following instructions) San! Can you hear me? (Having difficulties controlling his body) It seems hard to keep your balance (Eventually signaling that it’s all good) (HoHo bros cheering on for San) (Monstrous Wooyoung the shark moves out) (This was filmed safely under professional guidance) Look! Sharks are passing by (Coming, coming, coming) (Wooyoung and his friends sliding by over San) (It’s okay. Don’t be afraid) (Caster Jongho)
A person named San just dived underwater That person is now breathing air
and is signaling that he likes it there It is now time for the shark expedition (Passionately casting and filming) (Shark coming closely to San once again!) (Nervous) He is frozen in fear (Save me…) Yo San! You look like a fish right now (Seems to have understood) (Shark is back again) (San, a bit more relaxed than before) (Suddenly stuttering) (Our youngest seems nervous) (Jongho panic mode) (Coming again and again and once more) (This was filmed safely under professional guidance) (Frozen San) (Literally vicious…) (Trying to help relax San)
We are going to start dancing (Still frozen) No, you go ahead and dance and we will guess the song (Here I go) Underwater dancing instincts (EXO-Love Shot! Bingo!) Next question! (Wriggle, wriggle) (The kids and I are~ Dalla Dalla! Bingo!) (Great chemistry) (Carrying on the momentum) (San, finally looking relaxed) (Look carefully) (San, ATINY, Love) (San, looking much more comfortable now) (However, a new challenge awaits) (Jumping to the other side of the tunnel) (Eyes on the instructor) (Follow me like this) San! You can do it! (Successfully climbing up the tunnel) (The trio meets again on the other side) (So happy to see you) (Love you, HoHo bros) Usually never shows his feelings
but confesses his love underwater (It’s photo time) (Aquarium of friendship) (Friends forever) (Swimming with underwater creatures, mission complete) (How did Seonghwa’s mission go?) (Seonghwa and Mingi walking towards the Harbour Bridge)
– It’s so high
– We are really here (Concerned because of his acrophobia) (Getting cold feet) (Approaching destination) (Let’s learn more about Harbour Bridge climbing) (Globally renowned tourist attraction of Sydney) (503m long, 134m high)
(World’s 4th longest arch bridge) (Climb the arch of the high Harbour Bridge) If I really feel stressed can I give up midway? (Nope, no returning back once you start) (He looks ecstatic…) How long does it take to cross? (Full course – 3h 30m)
(Today’s sampler course – 1h 30m) (Seonghwa & Mingi all dressed up) (Pumped up and ready) (Having the jitters) (Safety training & putting on protective gear) (Tighten the belt for safety) Very exciting~! (All ready to go) (Cap to screen the sun) (Handkerchief to wipe the cold sweat) (Gloves) (Windbreaker jacket completes preparation) I will help you. You can do it! (Please come back safe…) (Safety hook on means no looking back) (Now on the starting line)
– How do you feel?
– I am nervous (Nervous, anxious) This was a first to me I never did climbing before and didn’t want to I was dazed and kept thinking when it will be over (Will Seonghwa be able to complete his mission?) (Same time, another team crossing the Harbour Bridge) – Hello
– Yeah hello (Lead role Hongjoong, director Yeosang) (Looking intelligent with glasses) Suddenly speaking English now~ (Mission – watch Australian film without subtitles) Aren’t you concerned? Don’t worry, be happy~ (Wooyoung exhausted after playing shark at the aquarium) Hey, what role will you be playing now? You came to help me right? (Role 1 – Wooyoung the shark)
(Role 2 – Leader’s assistant) Don’t count on it though I think you will just fall asleep (Yup, Wooyoung the shark is sleepy) I will try my best to keep up(Babo) with the movie You saying you are dumb(Babo)? (Whatever) If I can’t help myself then that’s how it goes Us three, let’s try our best today Say ‘fighting’ at the count of 3 (One, two, three) (Got you) No need, thank you (How will our leader do on his mission?!) (Arrived at a theater in Sydney) Leader Hong will do his challenge here (No point in watching without popcorn!) (Challenger, lighting director, camera director) I want to watch the most Australian movie possible Can you recommend us an Australian film? (Staff recommends the movie ‘Palm Beach’) 3 tickets please~ Where’s my popcorn (Ordering popcorn for Wooyoung) (Large, of course) (All ready to pay) – Hey, what happened with the lighting?!
– So sorry (Director Jung upset) (Lighting back on) His face is too bright! (Maybe I should’ve came alone…) (Entering the cinema) (Special hire for the leader) (Luxury cinema with comfortable seating) (Helped Mingi with his mission) (Helped Yeosang with his mission) (For the leader who worked hard for the team) Where do we sit? (Sit anywhere, it’s yours for a few hours) (I like this seat) It’s so comfortable (So comfortable that he took off his shoes and jacket right away) It’s like I am at a luxurious theater Did you really hire the whole room? (Yeah, we did) (We bought all the seats) (I love my mission) (Leader, so happy) I feel like a celebrity (Hope you’re happy till the end) You guys should be thanking me for all this – Bro, thank you
– I know You guys can eat, sleep, do whatever I love you – It’s my first time coming to a theater like this
– Me too You guys should at least remember the title of the film Is it a beach named palm? Palm is a type of a tree (Not interested) (Movie starts) (Ready to be fed) (Popcorn eating show start) (Can’t stop eating once you start) (So relaxing) Can you understand? They are having a party What are they doing now? Toasting for their friendship (Still concentrating on the movie) (Nighttime in the movie) (Nobody can resist the nighttime…) (Leader sound asleep) (I am not suppose to sleep) (Staying awake challenge)
(Slapping himself) (Shaking his head) (Drinking his beverage) (Eating popcorn) (Straightening himself) (All that to sleep again) (Sleeping princes at cinema.avi) (Maybe just sleepyheads…) – Let’s all try to watch the movie
– Yeah, try your best to watch (Wide awake) Did you really hire the whole thing? Then I really shouldn’t sleep… (Sleeping with strong sense of responsibility) (Meanwhile the movie keeps rolling) (Bang!) (What?) (Fireworks forcing him to wake up) (I have to stay awake) (Not even a slight quiver from this guy) (While they all get a good rest) (98 min run-time comes to an end) (Still dead asleep) (Until the ending credit ends) (Sound asleep) (Now it’s time to wake them up) Hello!! (Deep sleep) (Half conscious) (‘Find the sleepyhead’ – Producer Hong) (Sleepyhead 1. Wooyoung) (Sleepyhead 2. Yeosang) How was the movie? (Looking elsewhere) How was it? It was fun I enjoyed it Your mission was to share your review after watching So what can you tell us? Well, what can I say I did my best You can look at the tape I dozed for a bit and woke up I slapped myself 3 times Shook my head about 12 times (And then, did your best to fall asleep…) I can’t tell you much because it might be a spoiler (Excuse) To give you the gist The movie was about friendship, family and love So please come to the theaters, if you want to watch it (Quickly wrapping up) How did you guys think? (I am just here to support you…) It was fun… (What about Yeosang?) I liked it too… (Bet you liked your chair bed…) (Process is more important than the result)
(So, mission complete) (That time at the Harbour Bridge) (Entering the section where the ocean is right below) This is hard, real hard! (Dizzy) Why does the stairs have holes? (From far away it’s beautiful…) (Mingi & Seonghwa came a long way) (We never give up) (Despite his fear, Seonghwa doing his best) (Please end soon…) You can do it! (Cheers from front and back) (What a view with the Opera House as their background) (However) (When looking down, it’s trouble) (Frightened) (Why can’t I feel my legs?) (Mingi constantly checking on his brother) Seonghwa is overcoming his fear You got this Height is as if I was on the 25th floor of an apartment One good thing is the awesome view But it’s so scary (No stopping the two climbers) I think we are almost there (Seonghwa looking brighter than the start) (Finally at the arrival point) (Wonderful panoramic view of Sydney right before our eyes) (Inspiring challenge of Seonghwa – feat. Mingi) (Mission complete) We are 134m above Sydney right now (What a thrilling experience) I have never experienced anything like this It was all worthwhile It gave me a chance to overcome my fear Let’s shout out our success Seonghwa’s mission complete! (The mission ended as beautifully as the scenery of Sydney) (As they complete their missions one by one) (Another day goes by) (The last glittering nightfall of Sydney) (Will ATEEZ successfully complete their next mission?) (Team mission)
(‘Be bold enough to be blamed’) (Time to be honest to the other members)
(Time to confess your blunders) Let’s listen to what each other has to say No holding grudges! Forgive whatever each other confesses Call(Okay)? Looking at the clear ocean view I feel like we can pour out our hearts (Youngest concurs) (What should I confess?) (All the members look on) (and so does the moon) (Youngest Jongho goes first) What should we do if it is much more
shocking than we expected? Yo bros, I am actually 23 years old! (What will be his confession?) We can see you, start talking I withdraw! There is no such thing (Let’s start the confession) (Loud and clear) We hear you Scream for 5 seconds (Readily obeying their little brother) Why are we doing this? (Getting back to the point)
As the youngest team member! $^@^#&@#*%&@! Come again? (Are you deaf?) Listen carefully! Hey, say sorry for talking rudely to us~ I am sorry for being impolite I want to express myself well as the youngest but I get shy when it comes to expressing my feelings I think I am too… (Getting emotional) (Not easy to get the words out) (Listening intently) (Everyone focused) Even though I am like that
thank you for embracing me and always being so kind to me I will try to be a good younger brother and let’s always try to understand each other Let’s make ATEEZ last for a long time! (So proud of the youngest!) The end! (Touched) Good job! (Moist eyes) (Next up is speedy) (Fluttering) (Wibbly wobbly) (Making us all ears just by his entrance) (Fun already) Hey, members! Yeah~ I know I can be blunt to
you guys from time to time But, you guys know that I love y’all, right? (No doubt!) You guys are everything to me Thank you and I love you (So sweet) (Next up, Wooyoung) (Warming up his vocal cords) Members!! (Instant response) Can you hear me? Yup~ No holding grudges! (What is he about to say?) (Curious) Once upon a time at our team house Do you remember the ramen crisis? (What was it?) (What happened back then?) Let me tell you what happened
Someone ate ramen and didn’t wash the dishes It’s not me~ Who does such a thing and not clean up after they eat! No, I shouldn’t talk about this
(Every member got mad at that time) I am taking this to my grave Honestly, I think it was me (What did you just say?) (Betrayer) – This is not cool!
– It was you! (Group resistance) You were the first one who got mad! (Bringing back the bitter memory)
(So sorry) I am still unsure… But anyways I think it was me. Sorry! Are you going to spank me? (Dumbfounded) It’s okay. Get back here for now! (Trying to resolve the situation) I hope we can be together forever You guys make me realize how precious the team is I am also thankful (Even though I fled after eating ramen, I still love you) (Next up?) Do I look handsome on camera? Are you sure? (After checking his handsomeness… Roar!) (Oh my!) No wonder he’s our rapper! (Very serious) I want to be the one who takes care of you guys but I am sorry that you guys are
the ones always taking care of me It’s okay! Even though I am unfriendly and not funny please accept me!!!!! (Okay, received) (Mingi were you always this cute?) (Why is this guys so grim?) (I am going to say everything I wanted to) I will go one person at a time! (Y’all ready?) One at a time? (Kind of scary…) (First target, San) We are roommates, but I am sorry that I always stay up late and keep the lights on even though you sleep on the upper bed – That’s fine, but let’s clean up our room from now on
– Yeah, let’s start cleaning Tidy up your room for goodness’ sake!!! (Please start cleaning up once you get back to Korea…) (Second target, Mingi) I am sorry about you laptop… Yesterday I kicked it while I was lying on my bed! (What did you just say?) – He said he kicked it
– With his feet, while lying on his bed Hey!!! (Massive explosion) (Sorry my friend. It was intentional) (Conclusion) ATEEZ forever! I love you all! (ATEEZ full of love as always) (Next up is San) I tend to have low self-esteem and I am sorry
that might have a negative impact on our team But you guys always tell me I am the best
and that lifts me up and give me strength (You’re awesome)
(You’re doing great) For that, I am so very thankful (All the members feel San’s whole heart) (Eldest brother Seonghwa sends his sincere message) I want to fulfill my part as a member
but I often fell short because my body didn’t feel so well I always felt sorry for that and thank you
for being considerate and so understanding – No problem! Don’t get sick
– If you know that, don’t be sick. We get worried I am ATEEZ because of you guys!
I love you! (You touched my heart) (Leader Hong goes last) I will go briefly but with impact (Okay!) I am sorry that I don’t listen to what you guys want
as much as I did before our debut It’s okay! Thank you for taking care of me as the leader
and trusting me enough to lean on me I will do my best Thank you for being our leader! (Suddenly talking down?) Kim Hongjoong! Don’t speak down to me! (All together) Do well!!! Okay I will~ – Love you!
– Love you too! Thank you! You are not alone! (Full speed ahead!) (Wait right there. Your leader is coming!) Ah, that friend was feeling like that I want to thank everyone for being honest I loved hearing what my elder brothers had in their hearts (After a meaningful time…) (Later into the final night in Sydney) (Another special moment awaits the members) (Before being an idol, they are also ordinary young men) (The most precious son to someone) (How often do you say ‘thank you’ to your parents?) (All parents worry about their children the whole time) Hello? (Cut off) (Tonight ATEEZ will show their gratitude to their parents) (2nd attempt calling) Hello? Are you busy? Yeah, a bit Why are you busy? (Trying to hide his embarrassment with pillows) Do you have something to say? I need to tell you what I am thankful of This is really awkward Please continue~ I really never spoke to you like this How are you doing? Asking after 2 min into the call I am always the same~
What would you like to thank me for? (Wriggle wriggle) I was able to dream of being a singer because you and dad had me So thank you for bringing me into the world You were born with good genes, so you will do well When I had hard days and wanted to give up Thank you for believing in me and being patient I wanted to tell you that I was sorry and also thankful (Jongho sharing his innermost feelings that he was hiding) Just keep up what you are doing now~
Don’t try to do more or less Thank you for bringing me up as the happiest son (Sincere thank you to his dearest parents) (Wooyoung talking to his mom in the next room)
– What are you doing
– Watching TV (Telling his mom that this is being recorded) What kind of show films this late? Mom! All you’re saying is being recorded! (Mom surprised) (Mom not believing what Wooyoung is saying) Oh really? Are you using your broadcast voice tone? – Who me?
– Yeah – No, I am not
– It’s not your fake voice? No, it isn’t (My mom is too cute) (Now let’s get to the point)
So first of all, you gave birth to me So, I am very grateful for that Yeah, you should be thankful for the rest of your life 1. I gave you a good looking face
2. You are tall enough (Continuing his earnest conversation) Thank you for raising me well, so I can be a member of ATEEZ Many parents are not supportive of this kind of career But you trusted me and always was patient and supportive You were always on my side (Trust from his parents brought him this far) (Thank you mom and dad) Honestly, I thought you were going to give up along the way But you didn’t and kept pushing ahead
and that was when I started having faith in you Mom, are you crying? – Are you crying
– Nope, why should I be? (Yeah, don’t cry mom~) – Would you like me to cry?
– No no Thank you for giving birth to me Yeah, I had such a hard time! (Mom seizing the opportunity) Anything else you want to add? You know I have a good personality Thank you for raising me healthy both mentally and physically We thank you for not causing any troubles
and growing up as you did (Heartwarming) A while ago you sent me a large amount of pocket money (Thank you for that) (Clapping cause he is embarrassed) I wanted to thank you for suddenly boosting up my allowance (Just hearing his voice makes mom happy) Call often (Dads are always blunt) Hanging up now~ – Love you, son~
– I love you both too Thank you mom and dad Mom and dad thank you for giving birth to me Thank you for always taking care of me Thank you for always being concerned We are thankful to have you as our son Also thank you for helping me achieve my dream (Little brother watching ATEEZ’s stage performance video) I love how you always smile on stage It’s always heartwarming to see you (Voice makes him realize how much he miss them) (Awkward Mingi) Thank you for raising me, giving me a place to sleep
and always embracing me (Mingi so shy) You’ve grown up~
You were always mature, but I am touched (Suddenly) So, are you also thankful to me? Of course, so thankful that you have grown up well (I am also thankful mom) (Seonghwa talking to his mom in his room) Thank you for the red ginseng you sent me
I am eating it well You know I don’t like these awkward moments But since the opportunity was given
I will try to tell you all I wanted to say I love the fact that you are my mom (Mom so touched) It feels like getting a love confession (I will try to express myself more) First of all, thank you for giving birth to me Thank you for all the experience I had growing up – You know that~?
– Of course, I always tell you Thank you for all the lessons you taught me
Both bitter and sweet That is why I am able to tell my members what I know (Slightly tearing up) Finally, thank you for letting me do what I always wanted to do (Wanted to hold back the tears, but overwhelmed with emotions) Thank you for always trying your best on what you wanted to do That is why I was able to trust you and support you – Thank you and I love you
– Me too You gave me such a large gift today (Through today’s opportunity they all promise to be better sons) (San is the last one to call) (For some reason, not easy for him to start the call) Son~ (Shy Gyeongsang-do guy) I want to tell you what I thank you for Really~ tell me
Why all of a sudden? First of all, thank you for giving birth to me When I was going through tough times with low self-esteem Thank you for always telling me that I am doing well
and giving me strength to move on (Mom proud of her son for expressing himself) Are you all grown up now? Finally the most thankful thing I wanted to tell you Thank you for being my mom and dad (Mom speechless for a moment to hear his sincere gratitude) San… I am about to cry I really wanted you to know… (Thought he was just still her baby boy)
(Youngest son all grown up to express his gratitude) (Mom was just happy watching her kids grow up) – Thank you so much, San
– I am more thankful Mom is truly grateful Don’t cry You touched my heart Stop crying (Desperately want to run to your side right now…) If you were next to me I would love to pat your back and hug you I miss you and want to touch you and pat your back I am so happy right now
These are tears of joy Always remember that you are not alone
and we are right behind you (Someone who loves me unconditionally) (Always wanted to express my gratitude more) (Felt sorry for not being able to do so) (Through this mission, 8 sons opened up their hearts) (Hope their hearts were felt…) Thank you mom and dad, we love you (From the moment we were born till now)
(Loving us as always) (Because you guided us to the right path) (ATEEZ were able to grow bright and healthy) (We will never forget the love you taught us)
(and will return the love back to you) (We will not disappoint you)
(and become the best ATEEZ we can) (It is a night that makes me miss my family far away) (Finally, the day we go to LA) (ATEEZ needs to create a performance video with their fans) We have social media! (Planning to send out a notification through social media) (Let’s find out how many ATINYs answered their call) (ATEEZ carried out missions nonstop to create the treasure film) (Now only one more mission remains) (First time putting on a surprise concert in the States) (Can’t estimate how many fans will gather) Since they are passionate about dancing, quite a lot might show up Maximum 6~700 people maybe You are way too optimistic (How many ATINYs will gather in LA?) We are all nervous about our last mission (Will they be able to complete their performance video?) (The result will be revealed in just a moment) (Will they be able to complete their performance video?) (The result will be revealed in just a moment) (Coming soon) (ATEEZ flying all the way from Sydney to LA) (LA Grand Park) (Empty so far) We are about to head to meet our fans I am really curious to see how many fans came Let’s go Our long journey from Australia to USA (Admiring the scale of their challenge) We always wanted to do something together with ATINY I think this mission will be the most meaningful one I am curious how much ATINY was able to practice the choreography I am becoming nervous (On their way to meet ATINY) I am nervous right now How many will be at the park? Producer sent me the 9am photo of the park How was it? It was deserted… Real 9am footage of the Grand Park Who comes at 9am when we asked to meet at 3pm? (Why are tears falling down?) I can’t even get up at 9am (Ultra optimistic San) During the interview I said I am hoping for 300 fans Number doesn’t matter
Important thing is that we have fun with our fans (Anxious) Why aren’t there even cars on the road? Was LA’s traffic this good? There is not a single person on the bus (Empty bus) (LA seems so quiet today) (What should we do?) (Sad hunches always come true…) (Peaceful) (ATINY~ Where are you hiding?) The missions given to us were all challenging for us The results doesn’t really matter
It is all about us doing our best Fact that we challenged ourselves is what’s significant So what if we fail? So what if we can’t do it? (So cool) So what I fell asleep watching a movie? Important thing is I tried my best to stay awake (Yeah yeah whatever you say) Even if we fail, we will have another chance to succeed (San deeply moved) If only a few fans show up today, we should work harder
so that more fans can come the next time 3 min left 3 min before meeting with ATINY (Right then) (Spots ATINY with their black & white clothes on) I can’t look… Oh, there they are! (Eyes wide open) (Why are ATEEZ so surprised?) (Packed) (Nervous) (Surprised) (Oh my god) (ATEEZ arrives at the destination) (Stepping out to start their final mission) How is the situation at the Grand Park? Sound of the fans coming from far away (San so happy) So many fans are here ATINY filling the park entrance Way more fans than expected We waited for you, ATEEZ (As they enter the park) (Fans greet them with rousing cheers) (Endless road of ATINY) Entering the path created by ATINY Slowly moving towards the inside of the park (Can’t hide his smile) (Deeper they come in, more surprised they get) (Even hard to find where ATEEZ are) (ATINY road all the way to the park) (ATEEZ also excited about this unexpected situation) (2 day miracle created together by ATEEZ & ATINY) (Teary) (Because they know the love of their fans) (They are endlessly grateful and excited) (Moment of joy and delight) (Saying hi to their grateful ATINY) (Hello, ATEEZ) (Put your hands up if you are ready) (Going closer to ATINY to complete the mission together) (Let’s start) (ATINY, already hyped up) (Excited) (ATINY, are you ready?) (The last scene of the long journey) (Ready, action) (Performance video created together with ATINY) (Final mission begins) (Song starts off with Mingi’s rap) (ATINY, turning on the dancing machine) (Great chemistry between Yoonho & Wooyoung) (When the masterful solo dance from San ends) (Charming vocal from Jongho follows) (ATINY spreading their wings as the chorus starts) (Alone it might not be noticed)
(But, together we can create a huge wind) Leader Hong, go get it (Always a reliable leader, even on stage) (Energetic elder brother, Seonghwa makes his appearance) (Their energy takes over the whole park) (Synergy created together) (Now it’s Yeosang’s visual time) (Regardless of the mission)
(Just enjoying the stage and the moment) (Feeling the true value of being together) Thank you for being with us. ATINY (The chant more special today) (Successfully completing their last mission) (With ATINY as their wings) (ATEEZ will soar into the world) (With ATEEZ, ATINY will always dream of a happier world) (To both, this mission felt so much special) (They know what it means to come all this way in such short notice) (That is why it is even harder to leave) (You were the best, ATEEZ) (It’s time to say goodbye for now) (As it all began, creating the ATINY road to say goodbye) (Thanks to all the ATINY who kept their positions) (Their final mission ended with a big smile) (Trying their best to thank each ATINY one by one) (Final mission, complete) (Journey that started at a whole new place) (Sometimes it was silly and awkward) (With their unique optimistic energy they pushed through) (Their challenge will continue on) (Emotional resonance will stay for a long time) (ATINY, you are the best) – So many people danced together with us
– That’s true They practiced the choreography in such short time We had a blast (Go home safely) We gave it our all dancing out there They were having so much fun Thanks to ATINY we were able to complete our mission I realized once again, we can’t live without ATINY Thank you for coming out and dancing with us despite the hot day Like Yoonho mentioned before Our challenge will continue together with you all (Until we all fly high, fighting!) (ATEEZ, fighting!) (Thank you for watching ATEEZ TREASURE FILM)

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