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  1. A beautiful story crafted into a heart touching film.. Athithi invokes mystery, anguish and pain in multiple levels. It leaves us with the question – Who is right and who is wrong? Brilliantly made Team Athithi and Shanoob Karuvath

  2. Hey superb…really awesome ❤❤❤…heart touching…mariam you did a wonderful job my dear…rajive pillai as usual are amazing..all others superb acting..keep it up guys

  3. Quite good presentation. Initially I thought slight Drishyam movie touch given the fact the name of the movie embedded in the mind for such a process. Also thought Rajiv Pillai would be the villain. But it surprised me. And it is indeed a big suspense in the last minute. The good part is Rajiv still in the dark not knowing the female character knows everything.
    Good work…Best wishes

  4. 🙏A real good short film .Good cinematography.Worth watching .Heroine Mariam expression marvelous and acting excellent.Storyline very strong ,wondering what is the connection.Main hero Rajeev acted very well.

  5. Way to go .Mariam thakarthu .Most promising heroine Mariam Joseph😘.Great screen play with good story line 👏👏👏👏.

  6. Amazing work ,Mariam Joseph Heroine rocked 😊.Great acting .Correct expressions 😊Nikhil shows different level of acting 😊

  7. Love this short film .A suspense one ,yet soft ending.Hero Rajeev pillai good muscles .Heroine Mariam Joseph is gorgeous and good acting .Love it

  8. Very good short film .Very good camera .Great work by Sanoop .Mariam you are absolutely apt to be a heroine .Kudos .Waiting for series on this

  9. Katta waiting for sequel 😊.Didnot really understand ending .All actors did well .Good cinematography .Heroine Mariam polichooo

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