Aubrey Plaza Channels Jennifer Lopez on the Pole

Aubrey Plaza Channels Jennifer Lopez on the Pole

We’re back with Aubrey Plaza. And you are hosting,
for the second time in a row, the Independent
Spirit Awards. I am. And what’s great
about that, it’s the night before the Oscars. Yes. And there’s awards all
month long, so it builds up, and it’s the final one. And the Oscars– so people are
probably really letting loose on Independent Spirit Awards. Yeah, and it’s daytime. It’s during the day. It’s a very weird venue. It’s in Santa Monica. In Santa Monica and
in this big tent. And everyone’s drinking. And it does feel like the
first big party Oscar weekend, or whatever. Right. And it’s on IFC. It’s not the Oscars,
so you can say things that you wouldn’t
say on the Oscars. Right. I’m sure you know. You’ve hosted the Oscars. Right. And you were great last year,
and you’ll be great again this year. And who’s going to
be there this year that you’re excited to see? Oh my god, so many,
so many people. I’m obsessed with Renee
Zellweger’s performance in “Judy.” She was great. I saw it twice in the theaters. I loved that; Jennifer
Lopez, obviously. She’s got a nomination,
which is really cool. Adam Sandler’s got a nomination. Noah Baumbach. There’s some great people. Yeah, it’s awesome. You brought a promo, right? I did, yes. All right. Let’s see it. No one’s seen it. Mm-hm. [VIDEO PLAYING] – ‘Tis award season. I’ll be leavin’ you soon. [GULLS SOUNDING] – Aye. – I be hosting
the Spirits Awards on a faraway beach, where the
red carpet be covered in sand. – Aye. – And the losers will
be swept out to sea. – And the [INAUDIBLE]
will be coming to blows. [INAUDIBLE] [END PLAYBACK] [LAUGHTER] That’s you and Bill Murray? [APPLAUSE] Yep. Now, was that
based on that movie that Robert Pattinson did? Did you see that movie? Oh, yes. That is an actual shot
from The Lighthouse. Right, right. Starring Willem
Dafoe and Pattinson. I’m playing Pattinson
in the clip. That’s obvious. Yes, of course. Yes. Yep, it’s fantastic. Now, will you do weird
things for the show? I think– here’s
what I’m thinking. Yes. Jennifer Lopez is nominated
for “Hustler,” right? You should do a pole routine. Absolutely not. [LAUGHTER] Absolutely– You said you don’t
mind being humiliated. And I think it would be funny. And so I got a pole here. Don’t talk about it. Come here. Help– hear me out, hear
me out, hear me out. Let’s go. [CHEERING] Listen, you said you
don’t being humiliated. And this– [GROANING] We’re not even sure that
you’ll be humiliated. This is going to be
fun for all of us. [LAUGHTER] The only way I’m doing this is
if it’s to “The Trolley Song.” OK. You never heard of
“The Trolley song.” Sing it. [SINGING] Clang, clang,
clang went the trolley. That’s all I know. All right. OK. So no music? Oh, do you want music? No, I don’t want to do this. Yes, let’s play music. No! [MUSIC – ‘THE STRIPPER’] [CHEERING] Kick. Upside down. [CHEERING] Try to go. Try to go up, up, up. [CHEERING] Up. [LAUGHTER AND CHEERING] OK. You’re not that good at it. Try it– OK. Hoo! Yup, yup. Yeah, you got it. [CHEERING] And then just drop. I’m scared. Drop! I can’t go down. Just go. I can’t go down. Drop. I can’t go down. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [CHEERING] Woo! That’s wonderful. All right, that’s great. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] There. That’s good. And you know what? That makes up for the
bad story you told. [LAUGHTER] Sorry, Mom. You can watch Aubrey host
the Independent Spirit Awards live February 8th, on IFC. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Ellen degenerate … Zero personality, mousy voice . Looks like a mouse . In 100% sick minded ….. Please give us all a break

  2. Ellen chanelling her inner Harvey Weinstien… 'I dont want to, no no no, I dont feel comfortable' vs 'Oh come on, you 'll like it, dont worry' The things people do to host the indy spirit awards.

  3. She actually has way better lower body than JLo who is just too wide and thick-thighed. So Aubrey actually turned me on more despite the awkwardness.

  4. Hi my lovely Ellen and my dear fellow fans! Sorry for bother but I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! I'm from Argentina and i they don't give me a chance to work with anything what i study years ago, so i started my own work proyect in youtube, and i'd be more than grateful if you help me by suscribe and share my channel. And if you don't like my actual content please be patient. I'm working really hard to have and make great content. I hope i can count with your help. Thank you so much :"). P.S.: THANKS FOR THIS hahahahahahaha

  5. she seemed much more reserved than usual. Like less saying and doing funny awkward things? ddoon'ttt sayyyy holllywoooddd iss changgingg herrrr

  6. Aubrey Plaza as Laurie Anderson must happen. Oscar Winning. Call the movie "OOO-WEEE!" Then she marries Lou Reed, then she fosters a thousand artists…

  7. Ellen is such a heaven-sent angel from up above. The Father has truly blessed her with an anointed gift to touch the hearts of others. I'm not just talking about the way she's helped, individuals and families financially. Her kind spirit has inspired others to go that extra mile for people, they may know or not. If I had one wish. My wish would be for my mother and me to meet Ellen. God is good and I will keep praying for that day to come. Patience, joy, and compassion is a virtue. Ellen, you display each with such a loving ❤️. May the Lord continue blessing you to bless others.

    Thank you kindly,


  8. This was horrible, how many times did she say no?
    Imagine if Ellen was a guy making a women do this…
    As a women I find this wrong on so many levels, this is wrong.

  9. Ellen she was pretending. Lol she knows she a boss in doing it.🤣😂🙀 Ellen always so helpful.😅😅😂😂🤣😂👍🥰

  10. They should give Aubrey her own Comedic/talk show played at least weekly on multiple channels. Both on regular tv and cable. Hottie that she is.. "Humiliated".. think Aubrey got a wild streak in her. An when ever, wherever and apparently with whomever she feels like shes done much more then pole dance and dirty joke.. or so she seems to like to claim at times.. shes the perfect mix of hot and funny..
    An very likable too

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