Austin’s School Picture Day | Austin Vlog | HiHo Kids

Austin’s School Picture Day | Austin Vlog | HiHo Kids

– [Mom] Adrian, how about you? Let me see your picture day smile. Oh, wow. Oh, wow! (laughter) (peppy music) Austin. Austin, wake up, bud. It’s picture day. Huh? – Picture day? – Yes. Good morning. Let me see your beautiful face. (laughter) Rawr! You have a bulgy outfit. – Let’s see. – [Mom] You’re gonna wear this shirt. New shirt. And then your green jogger pants. Okay? – Okay. – [Mom] Okay, get up
and eat breakfast fast, and then by the time I’m done working out I can fix your hair. Good morning. – Good morning. (laughter) – Our deal is that if Austin
wants to keep his hair long, we have to fix it more often
and keep it out of his face. He can’t whine if there’s tangles in it, ’cause he needs to brush it. Right? – I just have a tangle. – I know. – And I didn’t cry. – You didn’t cry. You shouldn’t cry. – I’m gonna cry. Ow, ow, ow, ow! Your hand is driving me crazy! – Austin, please stop moving. Austin. – See, see! – It’s too tight on the side, Mommy. – I’m just trying to make
it so it stays this way until you have your pictures taken. Don’t worry, I’m almost done. – Smell it, smell it! – No. – Okay. – Hey, stop moving, please. I swear, if you move, I’m
gonna do it all over again. And not by choice. Not like I’m trying to hurt you. There. Look how bulgy that side
is, I can see your face! Woohoo! – Woohoo! Look, smell it. – [Mom] They can’t smell that, Adrian. – Knuckles on the side of my head. – Okay, I’m just– Oh, goodness gracious, Austin. Austin, stop moving your head with me. Just keep your head straight. – Yeah. – I’m not being grumpy. – You are, you’re being grumpy. – Grumpy, ow! – What, honey? You probably got one hair. Let me see. Is that the face I’m gonna get? Are you really giving me a grumpy face? Even with all your eye boogers? (laughter) You didn’t even wash
your face yet, did you? – Nope. – [Mom] Look at this. Nice, ooh. Alright, how is your
school smile gonna be? Like that? (laughter) How are you gonna pose? So this means you have to stand. Stand up. – Like this. (laughter) – [Mom] That’d be so funny. Isla, oh, Isla’s sinking. – [Austin] Oh, she’s sinking in the couch! – [Mom] You’re sinking in the couch. Where’s your picture day smile? – [Austin] Where’s your picture day smile? Is it right here? (squealing) – [Mom] She’s like, I am not amused. Huh, baby girl? Your kuyas are crazy? Adrian, put her feet down. We’re on our way to– – School! – Take Austin to school, drop off the little kids at my mom’s, take Graff to the bus stop, and then I gotta get home real quick because our appliances, our
washer and dryer come today. And that’s very exciting. I’ve never been so
excited for an appliance. Or appliances. ‘Cause we can finally do laundry! Adrian, what were you gonna say? – iPad butt. – [Mom] iPad butt? – Yeah. Oh, all right. – iPad butt! – So, we got our washer and dryer, and I was so excited, and then we saw that
our valves were leaking. That’s our first homeowner issue. Yeah, so, Graff has got to be the handyman so we don’t have to pay anybody. Come here, babe. – [Austin] I never seen
a washer and dryer. – [Mom] Look how beautiful! – [Austin] What the heck? – [Mom] I know. – [Austin] I didn’t see that. – [Mom] These are the big guns. – Awesome.
– And there’s the water valves that are leaking. Earlier we tried to do a test run. Graff will fix that hopefully tomorrow. And then we can finally
have some clean clothes! ‘Cause our laundry pile has definitely been piling up. Since it’s been about a week and a half of not doing laundry for five people. It’s a lot. Oh, can you show how you
posed for picture day? – [Dad] Let me see. – [Mom] You posed like that? Like you’re cold? – No. (laughter) (shutter sound) – [Mom] What? You look like you’re shivering. – No! – Okay, how did you pose? (shutter sound) – [Adrian] Mommy, I want more milk. – [Mom] You’re so bulgy. I said you’re so bulgy. – That’s embarrassing. – [Mom] That’s not embarrassing. You’re such a cutie patootie. You do your own thing, which I love. Say sweet dreams! – Sweet bad dreams. – Hey, that’s not nice. – Sweet bad dreams. – Oh, gee. Of course he copies. – Sweet dreams! Don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!

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  1. I'm gonna feel bad for Adrian in a few years, when he's in around 4th grade or starting middle school he's going to get bullied if he still has long hair.

  2. I hate it when people complain that they always have to wake up at 7:00am.. i wake up 5:40 i don’t complain. (i did 1 time🤦‍♀️😂)

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