Avegant Glyph PORTABLE MOVIE THEATER! – Technically Speaking

Avegant Glyph PORTABLE MOVIE THEATER! – Technically Speaking

Hi, I’m Andru Edwards,
and you’re watching technically speaking brought you to by
national car rental. Each week I’m gonna show
you the hottest tech in three very important categories: speed, choice,
and control. So whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home, these gadgets are gonna make
your life that much easier. Let’s get to it. Tired of spending all your time
searching for your wallet, keys, or phone? This could be life-changing. This is the Tile Slim, and it’s the world’s thinnest
Bluetooth tracker. Here’s how it works. So as you can see,
I have one attached to my wallet. I can push that in right there, and now I can track this wallet anywhere using my smartphone. But it also works in reverse. Just pick up your Tile,
press (beep) the button in the center, and it’ll make your phone ring even if it’s on silent mode. It’s water resistant,
and the battery lasts for a full year
with no charging required. This product is so cool it received
an innovation award at CES 2017. It’s the Avegant Glyph,
and it’s part of a new category of tech called Mediaware. Let me show you how it works. You can choose to wear them
like a standard pair of headphones for audio, like you’re used to doing
with any pair of headphone, like so, but then you can also flip them down over your eyes like this and they become
a fully immersive, personal, high-definition theater. So what I’m seeing
is what amounts to about a fifty-inch high-definition
display right in front of my eyes. The battery lasts
for four hours per charge, which can come in handy
on a long flight. You know what one of my pet peeves is?
Too many remotes. Here’s a solution. It’s called the Logitech
Harmony Ultimate Home. With one touch you’re in control
of up to fifteen devices. You can dim your lights,
turn on the TV, and even fire up a DVD, all at the press of a button. And if you prefer voice control, it also works with amazon’s Alexa. It’s compatible
with five thousand brands and two hundred and twenty-five
thousand devices, and it even allow you,
and it even allows you to use your mobile phone
as a universal remote through the free Harmony app. These are my top tech picks
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of technically speaking. I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you
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