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  1. Pay attention to 0:14 tony and nebula are making shit it’s possible after he recorded the message for pepper they started salvaging his helmet

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see more action. And something tell me the DC actors might get more jealous. Guys and ladies this next avengers is going to awesome.

  3. This actually didn't show a lot, like if Tony reunites with Steve and the others, Scott & the others using the Quantum Realm to Time Travel or even Pepper making her Hero debut as Rescue !!!

  4. 0:24 Ultron returns. You all want proof…?
    1. Captain sounds like Captain until that part. Sounds like Ultron.
    2. All sounds goes quiet to focus on the last "Not us". Why?
    3. Dr. Strange says he'll choose to protect the Time Stone over anyone, then changes his mind, after seeing ALL possible scenarios, to save Tony. Why must Tony Stark live. Maybe to recreate Ultron and put him in Visions body OR , in the chance vision absorbed Ultrons digital consciousness into himself, to bring "them" back, hence the words "not us".
    The 10th anniversary of the MCU was done with black and white highlighting only the red which was his color.
    4. Dr. Strange told Tony just before he turned to ash that "This is the only way" maybe signaling to Tony that the decision to recreate Ultron will be tough but it's the only way to save Vision and the Universe.
    5. James Spader is awesome. Ok that's not proof but it's STILL TRUE!!!
    The rest is all a theory that has solid evidence despite how far fetched it might sound and explains a lot from the trailer. Let me know what you all think.

  5. Loving that bit of a camera wobble in the stark scene. Gives me the feeling of anger and urgency…and the cap shield moment. Getting the feelings were gonna see cap get brutal in this one

  6. 10 bucks says hawkeye is off to get the reality stone aka aether from its original location in the Thor: the Dark World.

  7. If you haven't noticed at 0:08
    it sounds like thanos's voice, and it could've been edited to make it look like cap's
    (Just a theory)

  8. Guys and gals I think I did a thing… OK SO!!!! If baby Groot grew from a twig left behind by big Groot, what is gonna grow from the handle of Stormbreaker?!?! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Open 2 windows put led zeppelin whole lotta love in one and this in the other. Play led zeppelin wait 12 seconds and start this video.
    Trust me it works.

  10. now that Hawkeye and Ant-Man are in the movie and Oreo the raccoon who played rocket died I just hope that ant man kicks thanos's and and I hope that Captain marvel appears

  11. Cap’s face 0:12…….. We haven’t seen Captain America motivated by the vengeance yet and I really like the direction the Russo brothers are taking with this on first glance.

  12. Some say the 2nd not us sounds like ultron's voice..I kind of doesn't sound like captains 1st not us..its more robotic..just maybe.. makes it more interesting.

  13. Now that Captain Marvel released we know that at 0:16 its not captain marvel who is arriving. Maybe it is really tony…

  14. Anyone else notice the SIX heroes in the slow-mo walking shot in this trailer compared to the EIGHT in the newest one (7 really but Rocket is probably below the shot)…. Very sneaky Marvel. I see you 😏

  15. Did anyone else notice when he said not us the second time it sounds like a robotic voice. Kinda like……


  16. this is going to be the biggest movie ever! cant wait to see the movie as well as how well it does in the box office!

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