Avenue 5: Killer Comebacks (Episode 7 clip) | HBO

Avenue 5: Killer Comebacks (Episode 7 clip) | HBO

Let’s try another one. I need real killer comebacks
for this guy, Matt. No-holds-barred type of stuff. That’s right. Okay, look at me, I’m Harrison. -Okay.
-Right? Fudd, is that your face, or a rectal prolapse
with a dye job? And your comeback is… -My face.
-No, no. -It’s a rectal di– dia–
-No. No. Let’s try it again,
let’s try it again. -All right, all right.
-Okay, okay. -Fudd, you have the voice–
-Voice. What? I was trying to anticipate
what Harrison might say. -Oh, that’s good. Hello, Fudd.
-Hello, Fudd. -You have the voice
-You have the voice -of a…
-of a castrado. I did not anticipate that. You’ve been chemically
castrated by your own effeminate glans. How did you know about that,
Harrison? No, again. -Try not to affirm
-How did you know about that? -the things he says.
-Yeah, yeah. -All right, let me try one.
-What did Iris suggest? “Hey, Harrison, are you suffering
from brain bleed? Don’t worry; for you,
that’s a minor injury.” -(LAUGHS)
-(CHUCKLES) Okay, I like that, because it’s suggesting
his brain is small. Yeah! (CHUCKLES) That’s wonderful,
that’s very– HARRISON: All right. Keep it quick,
you horse’s asshole. -Your brain is–
-Now this period without comms has cost me– Shut your
pussy hole and listen. This has cost me billions. And to prove that
I am very serious, Fudd, I’ve hired myself a paunchy
white male to represent me. You have a brad brain– You are served.
Legal hat on. -Legal hat off, great trip.
-Thank you. Apart from the food flavors.
It’s a lot of banana. Yeah, that’s enough.
I will ruin you, Fudd. -Prepare for penuries.
-Brain… Enjoying the cruise? I bet you would love
the skating rink. Iris, give it to me straight.
What does this mean? If Harrison sues,
we get no rescue money. So… Why don’t we have Ryan
schmooze him at the captain’s table,
and talk him out of it? -Wait. Okay? Wait.
-Y– What if… we have Ryan
invite Harrison to the captain’s table
to schmooze him out of it? (SIGHS) Yep. You fixed it.

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  1. It took some effort to suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy this series, and I somehow managed to do it… until the last 2 minutes of Ep 7. What the eff?! Physics mattered before as a plot element, but now it doesn't? I'm was pretty flexible with science and physics stretching up until this point… but now we're in the realm of magic… in a sci-fi comedy.

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