Avi Kaplan – I’ll Get By (Official Music Video)

Avi Kaplan – I’ll Get By (Official Music Video)

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  1. Simple. Powerful. Honest. If it were possible to hang a music video in the Louvre, I would hang this video next to other great works of art.

  2. You are a very talented man. I was telling my daughter how much you look like her dad and her response was "ma, most Jewish men look like Avi. I had to laugh but I must say you are almost as gorgeous as he is.

  3. this is soooo beautiful 😭😩💙💙💫 Thank you, Avi!!! Thank you so much and take good care of yourself 🤗

  4. Nice work avi. Missed ur voice and music but thanks for taking ur time in making another masterpiece😊💖💚💜

  5. Hold on to hope, Avi. I've walked that road you describe here and know what a hard struggle it is. Remember that it comes to pass. Look for those sun through the cloud moments and hold onto them until the clouds flee. Thanks for sharing this beautifully honest song with us. Many of us could have written it with you. You're not alone.

  6. I'm going to be true… English is not my first language and I don't understand most of the lirics of this s song, but the mood it inspires me is sooo good that I feel myself floating in warm water, free of all the problems that this world's brings to us. Avii Kaplan really is a fresh breeze in music today…

  7. This looks like it was filmed in south east Tennessee, up in monroe county maybe. Or in that general area.

  8. Thank you for being you. As a young alto I felt very much like I was out of place being a girl who could sing the low notes better than the high notes, then my teacher showed us pentatonix, and it was you who made me proud to be an alto. Now, it's over 6 years later, and as I'm struggling with my head, my heart, and my adulthood; this music hits my heart like a hymn. Thank you for being you, and I'm so glad I got experience your creation. ♡

  9. Thanks a million times over for continuously sharing your inspirational gifts with the masses, Avi Kaplan. A true noble soul.

  10. Been listening to this song on repeat lately, it’s been helping me thru a rough patch of my life right now. Also his voice is so soothing to me. Love it.

  11. Avi, not going to lie but i know of your solo music having followed you after your departure from Pentatonix. I finally got to see you live solo in Glasgow on the 26th Jan 2020 with my sister who has a degree in music and we both left that gig feeling like it was the best gig either of us has ever been to. I, can now appreciate that this is what you were meant to do. 😍 Genuinly I well up everytime I listen to your songs

  12. Does anyone know if he does meet and greets at his shows? I’m going to see him near the end of the month and would love to say hi!

  13. I noticed that he didn't really notice the people following him. You never know who may be finding strength in your example of perseverance. Keep going, stay strong.

  14. Wow, what a great story told behind the words of the song. Both were truly inspirational. Thanks, Avi, for your willingness to share your life with us.

  15. Beautiful music, visually stunning video. Weirdest thing? I felt like I could smell the entire video. Every.single.location. Pretty cool.

  16. Leaving this link to an interview he gave recently. I loved it. He really opens up and talks about his music and the whole thing explains so much about him. https://youtu.be/K18K84gMIjU

  17. You are moving out of the darkness good for you… now clean up your hair and beard and live & love again…this reminds me of John Denver country road 💚

  18. Every time. His songs are the daisies between my toes, that make me look at myself and the sky and smile.
    For me. His voice is is sunshine and a rainy spend day safe in the arms of a loved ones.
    Thank you

  19. I've fought a lot with depression over the years. I lived in an area that looked a lot like that hiking vista during my college years, and I've always struggled with the feeling that I 'wasted' my time in college and my scholarship because my mental illness didn't let me do much beyond study. Hell, I didn't even know it was depression then. It was so hard to just get up and go to class and my student job, much less make proper friends and enjoy the soul-affirming nature around me. This song and video are hitting hard today – but in a cleansing way. As always Avi's songs are so deep and so much more than the surface.

  20. Thank you, Avi! I was heartbroken when you left Ptx, as you were my favorite. I still love them just as much- went to see them here in NC last year – but when you began releasing the folk music (which has always been my thing in music), I realized that was truly the music of your soul & I am so happy that you are sharing it with all of us who love you. It is very beautiful! God bless you always. XO

  21. I love your Voice Avi. After you leave PTX it's never be the same your voice was the soul and the Heart of PTX.

  22. Avi, absolutely beautiful!
    My husband and I watched this one on TV (YouTube.) And I had to activate my YouTube again on my phone just to come up vote you. And make sure I get your notifications.
    Blessed you are with more than talent… To be able to put emotions into song and
    When I hear you sing I feel it…
    Thank you

  23. Incredible song and cinematography!!! Where was this shot!?!?!?!? I'm so excited to see you in Nashville come April! 😁

  24. My Faincé: Sees Avi in bed. "Jesus…"
    Me: "Yes, that is him." Gets DiNozzo'ed three times
    Fiancé: "Not even."
    Me: At the end of the video. "LOOK! See! Jesus and his disciples.
    Faincé: Shakes head.

  25. What do you do when waiting for your boyfriend to call? Watch YouTube of course!!! This is amazing 😍😍

  26. I needed to hear this song at precisely this moment in time. I'm so thankful for you and the path you're being led on. You inspire me in everything you do

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