Avvai Shanmugi Movie Comedy | Part 2 | Kamal Haasan | Meena | Manivannan | Nassar | Gemini Ganesan

Avvai Shanmugi Movie Comedy | Part 2 | Kamal Haasan | Meena | Manivannan | Nassar | Gemini Ganesan

Very good Kick it Thanks Why do you thank the servant? It’s not for the coffee Then Thousands of reasons
to thank you The very first day you
rescued child from fire accident You brought all pilferage to light How nicely you
took care of the fatherless child Above all, you rescued
Janaki from rowdies yesterday I love Janaki very much – What happened?
– Nothing Chest is… She was born, years
after my marriage with Chellamma What is wrong
What happened? Chest pain
Call the doctor Janaki Janaki…Janaki Good…very good Janaki Janaki Catch, catch One minute Excellent People say single Brahmin
should never cross you This guy is coming upside down Aunty, I want to go to KK Nagar Don’t send me to heaven The very creator appears
before my eyes, please stop You can arrest our leaders You can’t touch his image
and achievements Our foundation is so strong
No one can move us out Our leader is missing Our regime is everlasting
No one can topple us Our movement… It’s shaking Stop…stop Who is that lady
Drives so skillfully Looks like an Iyer Aunty Not aunty, Goddess, angel You must thank her, not me If you hear the way
she brought you in You might get
another heart attack Aunty, you are a super lady Single-handed she lifted you
and brought you in If you participate
in Olympics weight lifting India would get
at least one gold medal Is it not uncle? Had she not admitted you in time Doctor, now he is okay
then why do you praise her? Why do you have
an heartburn, shut up? Not heartburn, it is dejection Shanmugi You are elderly,
please do not Aunty, you are like mom to me If you were not there Daddy Aunty, leave her
Why do you make her cry? When will you release him? Is he a prisoner
or new film to release Say discharge That’s right, you won’t
collect charges from him When will you discharge? His blahs are too much He is already discharged Aunty, are you
going to lift him again We are all here
you always refer to Aunty only Shut up, no one is required He will walk back to home Uncle, get up Why are we dashing
each other every time? There is compatibility between us I’m very sorry Why do you feel sorry?
I too dashed you – I’m very sorry, Kannagi
– Don’t mention…Kannagi? Isn’t your name Kambar Kannagi? My God! It’s Avvai Shanmugi Your name doesn’t get
registered in mind Pandian is waiting
for you, upstairs What are you blabbering? Were you tense?
When I say, he is not here You will say I know If I ask you, how? You will corner me
saying I only told you Hence I turned the table today Go and cook leisurely
Pandian is yet to come – I know
– How come? – You only told me
– I am a blabbermouth Aunty looks fine
when she descends And ascends the stairs Her front is nice
and back is also nice House is radiant now
The land cost might rise up Who is that? One minute – Ah! It is Pandi
– What Ah-Pandi? Oh Pandi – Oh! No
– Is it no Pandi? I said you are locking her inside – Who?
– Shanmugi She has gone out Shanmugi Am I not telling you? Shanmugi How can she go? I was standing in the steps How can she go
without my knowledge? – That is a big story
– What is it? – You saw her when she came in
– Exactly But didn’t see me
when I came in I saw her You didn’t see when she went out You are seeing me going out – Is it coherent?
– No No, ignore that
It’s better that she’s not there – Yes
– How? Because I’ve to go out
Now what do you want? – I want to talk to you personally
– What? – Are you going to hike rent?
– What is there in the rent? I will transfer
this house to your name It is 20 years
since my wife’s demise Have I ever looked
at any woman in this 20 years? I have heard this before This is horn, this you hear daily Not the horn It is there
1000 of thoughts in my heart For you too? – Don’t I have a heart?
– Yes, you have When I see her, she looks
like my wife’s reincarnation… …same gait and habits – What happened?
– Repeat telecast I don’t know Tamil to this extent You should unite us Don’t be lewd If she comes to know
she will feel sorry No, she has a ‘this’ for me – What?
– What is this? Asafetida box – What is this?
– Flower – What flower?
– Rose What rose? – Playing in the mid-street?
– This is a love rose Daily when she goes up
the steps she dashes me Today she dropped this rose on me Did it fall on you? Look at me, Mudaliar Now you are walking on the road No, I am standing – Assume that you are walking
– Yes Crow drops shit on you – Assume it happens
– Yes Will you start loving the crow? Is the crow’s droppings
and Shanmugi’s rose equal? – Are you condemning my love?
– Don’t shout in ignorance This was thrown due
to the wrath on Viswanatha Iyer Who is Viswanatha Iyer? – He is…Iyer
– He is Iyer – No, Husband
– Her husband? Didn’t you hear
the sound of her toe rings? No, her sacred thread
is not visible Is it a bus route
number to publicise? She would have concealed it Checked whether her hubby is seen Did you look for him there?
He has gone on a pilgrimage Has he? Villain is out of the way He will be back
He has gone with a return-ticket Tell me a way out You will get a way
in the ‘Thai’ month Now we are in ‘Masi’
It’ll take a long time Whatever it is,
you should help us Krishna, what happened to the rent? – It is very tight
– I am going for the collection Some how help us Stop there Get lost Who is throwing
garbage where I have swept? Bhai, not garbage it is a rose Bhai!! Pandi, my friend Great injustice!
Why are you sweeping? I am reducing garbage
not increasing population Aren’t you the head cook
of Samco Hotel? Even then, shouldn’t
I do my own work? This is also my shop – Have you bought it
– Yes – Why it is named ‘Rama Vilas’?
– What is in name? Smart lies It is me who got him this job Wait – Did you get him the job
– Yes – You
– Wait He was fired, lost his job Get lost Let him talk
How did he lose the job? Are you asking me?
It’s all because of you I will… – Wait
– He raised 5000 Rs for bail Ask him how he did that?
Ask him What happened? That’s nothing, you come Required 5000 Rs
to you out, sit down – It took it from the cash box
– What do you mean? – Were you caught?
– I was not caught when I took it – But when I replaced it
– You could have said the fact Who listened to me?
They started yelling I had to flee and my
hard luck followed me I could not get a job I settled here washing
glasses and sweeping I’m sorry, bhai You leave it
I am fed up with this job If you get me small roles in movies I can grow and
become even a Chief Minister Fat hopes Was the cash box not enough
do you want treasury too? – Do you want to act?
– Yes Two mangoes in one stone Great title
‘Two mangoes in one stone’ One is me
who is the other one – Both are you
– Dual role? What is my part? – Cook
– There also Not there, but in in-laws place Will you bail me out this time? – In my in-laws place
– Okay But it is Iyer family
How can I…? Nothing to worry Listen to me carefully Listen to me carefully – Okay
– Okay – Go there in Iyer’s costume
– I will go in Iyer’s costume Shanmugi, aunty will be there Shanmugi, aunty will be there Is this a farmer’s programme? I asked you
to listen not repeat I have told her about you
You will definitely get job – Because she is our person
– Is she a Muslim? – She is known to us
– Okay Iyer’s costume is fine But what about the accent? Language problem
only if you talk What Ba ba bu?
Is it Babu? Were you named
as per numerology? What is he saying? He is saying that
it is not his name Poor guy he is born dumb Didn’t you lose
your voice in an accident? – What?
– What? Is it so? At 20 he lost his voice? At 20 he lost his voice
How come he is born dumb? He was born dumb But was talking few words After that accident
he fully lost his voice, isn’t it? Is it so? What is your name? Baacha Baacha, isn’t it a Muslim name? Yes, Baacha Baacha short for
Palavakkam Swaminathan, isn’t it? – Aunty, give me
– Do you have father? What!! Don’t you have a father? Why do say like this? He says that he is no more Isn’t it? Poor dumb fellow If God closes one door
He opens another He is speechless But hands are adept Is he a thug?
I am afraid of his looks Keep quiet I meant he is a great cook Is it about cooking?
Koushi also was a great cook – Disgusting
– In spite of it she stole from us If he also steals something
We don’t know anything about this boy I am not a Bhai but a Iyer Don’t get tense He is referring to
Boy, Girl like that Good boy, military discipline Do you know Vedas, Upanishads? Is he required to
chant mantras from Vedas? Why does a cook need all that? Because we are an
orthodox family so Not required Do you know Sandiyavanthanam? Ignore it Chant at least
a Gayathri Manthram Tell me Sir, he is giving me the next line Super Even if he is dumb
he chants mantra very well Enough 1 Mantra is enough
why do you chant 1008 mantras? Today is not
a special ritualistic day – It is very nice
– Enough On your consent
he can join immediately In this house
your decision is final We know you will
take a right decision Enough Aunty Swaminathan Baacha She is calling you Enough of your mantras – He is taking leave
– Is it so? Everything is same Baacha, don’t talk
too much with Sethuraman He will dig out
the truth from you I am afraid
I am depending on you and Pandi You both are responsible
if anything happens to me – Not both, I alone can take care
– Then it’s okay This is our kitchen It is superb than Samco’s Just to control you
he has sent you as dumb Aunty You are dumb
only I should speak Why there is a new male voice? I am conversing
with the new dumb cook Isn’t she Pandian’s wife? Can you please come here? I am coming Did you call me? I forgot to take my towel Can you get it from the cupboard? – What?
– Towel – Towel
– Yes, close the door Why do you look haunted? – It is long time since
– What? Long time after you bath
You might infect a cold What happened? For the past 2 days I get
shivering like a malarial attack This is so tight Aunty, your size? 40 C You are saying
like a bus route number Come, Shanmugi Your song advising
Janaki was excellent Don’t know about her
but I understood it very well Janaki is still a child
you have realized it and I’m glad – If you wish, all will end well
– I have wished now What did you sing? “Love will blossom
even in fifties and sixties” Regardless of age
a man must have a woman That’s what you said indirectly – I meant, a man for a lady
– Either way it is the same Can’t I understand this? Oh! No, You have misunderstood it I was talking to her through song You have understood it
wrongly in the cross talk I wish to make it clear This will not succeed
No chance What happened? – Impossible, it can’t happen
– Why are you tense? If a male wants to
marry you how will you feel? No, that’s not right I will tell you
what I’ve told Mudaliar Mudaliar? I meant I will tell you
what I’ve told earlier Earlier some people
proposed to me I told them the same
What did I say? Err…I’m married Like you had a Chellamma
I have a Chellappa – Where is he?
– Somewhere He is on pilgrimage
for the last 10 years Why didn’t you tell me before? It didn’t come to me then
When did you allow me? You just pressed in
the rose flower in my hands That’s Okay
One who has left you 10 years ago Do you think he will come back? He has…by chance if comes Even if he comes back
I can arrange a divorce for you Do you not have any other job? Is your daughter’s
divorce not enough? All five fingers
can have rings separately But I have only one neck
only once you can get married You are so angry now
No discussions now I will wait for your
response, not in a hurry You wait for the response I will wait for my husband “A male has lost his love” When the love is past
When will he get back his peace “When the love is past
will he get back his peace?” I will find out today
What and who you are? Oh God!! Hey! You Follow that auto rickshaw…go fast Stop, follow the person
not the vehicle – Give me the fare
– Free for delivery cases Can’t you consider
the same for emergency too Balance? My God!! What is this? Do not touch, wet cement How is the business? Shanmugi, why are you walking? Going home?
Let’s go in cycle rickshaw If you feel shy, you can sit,
I will run along No Mudaliar, let us walk
I want to talk with you – Please…talk
– You gave me flower that day – No, I didn’t
You gave it to Pandian Yes, I understand You are asking me
Why can’t you give it directly? Why do you seek help of a broker? Let me buy some fresh flowers What happened? The moment you touch
I heard the sound of Veena – Did you play Veena?
– Neither I played veena Nor you can offer me flowers Why? Yes, Your husband,
who is that…? Viswanatha Iyer, is he dead? Even if you become a window
I will give you a new life – Window?
– What then? Oh…that is widow Whatever it is
I will give you a new life – You can’t offer that too
– Why? Someone is troubling me
Who is he? The guy with flowers
in ears and staring at sky – Did he too offer flowers?
-Yes You are at least
carrying it in a box He is roaming
with it in his ears Do not worry,
and go home It will be a contest
between Jasmine and Rose? I will bite the ear
which carries the flower – Spit it soon after biting
– Why? – His ear is so hairy
– Is it more than this? I am big in this also Don’t worry
I will tackle him technically – You may go
– Thanks Old man, did you see
a lady who just crossed you – A lady
– Aunty – Shanmugi?
– Do you also know her? What I’ve been
searching has come across You only came across
I came to give you Rascal, beat him – Don’t hit me
– Why are you beating me? He has come
to this area to eve-tease Beat him Keeping flowers
for his love on his ears Beat him I will not let you go
without biting your ears – Don’t bite
– Beat him Beat him Wait Where am I now? Get up, stay steady – What is this?
– Finger – Did I say hand?
– One – This?
– Two – This
– Three Your finger is also swollen – I only beat you
– Are you okay? – Yes, I am
– Says he is sober, beat again Wait, why are you
beating me again? – Will it pain in intoxication?
– How is it possible? – That’s why, beat him
– Good policy Wait…let me talk Beat him Pandian, are you free
you too may try Pandian, you have
arrived at the right time – Do you know him?
– Yes, he knows me well I will tell Please talk high of me
they are beating me Wait…wait
Stop until he explains He will say Joot
then you may start No violence during peace talks – Who is this man?
– You won’t believe if I say Tell me, I will believe it – Husband of Shanmugi
– I can’t believe it See you are now deviating
This is why I am refused Don’t be angry
tell me, I will believe Shanmugi’s husband
Sethurama Iyer has come back But you told me Viswanatha Iyer Did I say so? – 2 names
– 2 husbands? No, two names Sethurama-Viswanatha Iyer
was shortened and- You do not believe Viswanatha Iyer, Sethurama Iyer – Don’t I know these 2 names
– Don’t you know? It wasn’t right
to part them after marriage – I am not involved in it
– Enough Answer my question only Is it enough, Mudaliar? Her husband has changed his mind
and has returned now It’s wrong to poke
your nose in Shanmugi’s affairs Has my love failed
since her husband has come? She is a jasmine
in someone else’s ear – Forget her
– How can I forget? I can’t forget her till death How about
the due rent from Krishnan? Nearly 6 months rent is due
Why do you ask? – Just now I saw him passing by
– Stop there, where is the rent? Why are you pestering me? – Don’t leave him
– Go Is that the Police station? Why are you
calling up Police station? This guy has to be
handed over to police Do you want Shanmugi
to come there? Why should she come
to the Police station? The person who went
is her husband Is he? Boss told me
her hubby is Chellappa Iyer People are calling
him Mudaliar, how can- Chellappa Iyer got vexed
and converted into Mudaliar Do you know about
her weakness for males? Here it is Mudaliar
and there, your father-in-law He follows her like a cat
and gone to the extent… …of handing over
the house keys to her – Pandiya
– What? She has driven my
Koushi out of the house – I know
– How? Just now you told me Yes, under her influence My boss is going to drive me
out of the house one day That is why, I told you
Mudaliar is Shanmugi’s hubby What way it will help me? You inform this to Iyer
She will be driven out You can bring in
Koushi and steal lamps – How do you know about lamp?
– I saw in the video Has the news
got spread to that extent? Will it spread to
Satellite TV, Cable TV? Don’t waste you time here?
Go and inform to Iyer Don’t waste you time here?
Go and inform to Iyer Did her hubby come back? I swear on this cell phone,
he has come Is this a God
you are swearing on this? Just to make you believe – What happened?
– Her hubby Mudaliar is a rogue Her hubby is Chellappa Why are you
calling an Iyer as Mudaliar? I am talking with full details only Chellappa got converted
into Sambanda Mudaliar Is it so? But you shouldn’t call him
as hitter instead of Mudaliar Though I was hurt
there is no scratch on your phone – Disgusting
– I was saved by Pandi Pandian was my savior Why did he come there? He came casually
but I told him firmly Not to mingle
with us on this pretext Why did you rub
with Shanmugi’s hubby? – He saw me following her
– Why did you follow her? I walked after her like others But he pounded me alone,
leaving others Shanmugi is
Here she comes Come madam, come child You were planning to
buy jewels for the kid I came to remind him
about that, and I did What is on your forehead? Sacred Ashes
which I smear regularly – No, Plaster
– Idiot…plaster Sir, I will keep the car ready Sir, I will keep the car ready You accompany us to the shop – Why me? The kid
– You are also in the family – Dad, I am ready
– I am coming You should
participate in good and bad You will laugh and
let the cat out of the bag My dad is not in
bag but under sari “A body behind the blouse
and daddy beneath the body” “Mummy is behind daddy” What a big shop? A machine
for counting cash Here it is Is it nice? – Do you like it?
– If you like it, it’s fine But what I like You mom is buying jewels
nothing for you? No, her dad is rich
unlike my dad I got promoted and
have hid money in my underwear You can ask for anything
but ask for a small one – Do you have anklet for 100 Rs
– That side please I have 100 Rs,
do you have anklet? – Cost is above 150 Rs
– How is this? – It is nice
– Why everything is in gold? – Pandi
– Shanmugi Yes, Shanmugi,
wait a minute Become an expert
make up is first class – Okay, go
– Give me 50 Rs Why? I was asked to buy
a pair of anklet for 150 Rs Before this shop
my shop came I used 50 Rs for my stupor
now it is short, give me – I don’t have now
– Don’t lie – What dad?
– I will be back – I have it in my underwear
– It is okay, take it Why are you behaving
indecently with a lady? You want to know who he is? No – Who is he?
– Didn’t I tell you? He has returned from pilgrimage – Why did he come here?
– Meenakshi’s mother- Morning itself…?
Mudaliar seems to be a big drunkard Is Mudaliar a big drunkard
than me…this Joseph? – Joseph?
– Why are you troubling me? Have you forgotten
that you are Mudaliar? For the sake of liquor
have you changed your religion? Give me 50 Rs
I can convert to anything In your underwear- In your pocket if you have 50 Rs
Give it to him so that he can go I am getting 500 Rs
instead of 50 Rs Are you so renowned? Though she is your wife
shouldn’t behave like this, go Wife…? Shall I move dear? Why anklet for 150 Rs? I have 500 Rs Gift wrap an Elephant size
anklet and send it to shop no.10 It shouldn’t be even 2 mg short Did you inform Baacha
you require 1 lakh? You could have told me over phone Being a dumb, he started
writing 1 Re in 1 lakh papers But I understood
and brought the money – Sir?
– It is for him only Are you going to
start any new company? He is going to
clip off an old company – To clip off
– Keep quiet Give it to him
this contains 1 lakh Rs Dividing it by 50
it would fetch 2000 quarters You should forget
Shanmugi in exchange of this After 2000 quarters
I will remember Even then you should
think about me and not Shanmugi If you require anything,
come to me, I will give money – Don’t go back on words
– I will falter but I am honest From this moment
I am not Shanmugi’s hubby – What?
– I swear on him Oh God! Am I a witness to this?
Sir, this is not fair – He is not Shanmugi’s hubby
– I am not her hubby – I repeat he is not her hubby
– That is what he is telling You are repeating it
Like a parrot Your cook is dumb
Is your secretary deaf? – Who is deaf?
– You only Why have you not
activated your hearing aid? You are blind
Is this hearing aid? – This is a cellular phone
– Whatever it is – Did you call me?
– Come, Shanmugi See, who has come I can say only if I see his face – Sit straight
– Forgive me You…why has he come? I am also asking
Why he came instead of Mudaliar? Keep quiet
I only asked your hubby to come Then, Mudaliar should
have come, why he came? Is he a substitute for him? Will you keep quiet?
He is my hubby Did you tell him the same thing – Yes
– Then, Mudaliar My hubby My God, two husbands Disgusting! Didn’t I tell you? Don’t be emotional He is Joseph, earlier Mudaliar In the beginning he was Chellappa Who is Chellappa? You have forgotten everything
because of your liqour You have forgotten Chellappa
Will you forget Mudaliar? I remember it
I am not drunk, he is not Mudaliar If he converts only name changes
and not the appearance Look here, who told
you that Mudaliar is my husband? – Pandian
– I am not Pandian but Shanmugi Only I can say,
who is my hubby Well said!! Sir, I am a bit confused
Shall we start from beginning? Joseph, Mudaliar, Chellappa Get out!! – If Chellappa…
– Get out of this room Or I’ll sack you…get out!! Recently – Okay, carry on
– Get out!! Tell me, why…careful Why is he here? Yes, why should I disturb you both? I need this and some more Shanmugi, your miserable life
with me is enough I am a broken needle
deflated balloon Snapped kite
unskilled dancer Iyer, you take care of her Hold her tight What I am going to say new? I am handing over my beloved to you These eyes should see
only happy tears and nothing else Your hands are with me
But the decision is in your hands I am not hasty
I can wait Shanmugi!! What happened?
Why are you crying? It is a known fact
that she is not through I have tried everything,
but she doesn’t agree It is very difficult
What should I do? Will you give me an idea?
What is that? You… Your Mine Script Oil? Oil, what should I do with it? What? Should I spill it? Then…? Did she fall? I should hold her Good, your idea is good Then, are you asking me to wait? “Flowers blossom when touched” “I bloom without it” “Scorching reddens gold” This is me – Call her
– Wait I am coming “Flowers blossom when touched” “I bloom without it” “Scorching reddens gold” Have you not heard dad’s call? My goodness!! Why are you standing?
Come and lift her – I am coming
– Is Pandian there? You come later,
Phone is ringing – I should see him
– He is not here, phone is ringing – I am his father-in-law
– So what? If we don’t answer the phone
then phone won’t answer us – Leave me
– It is very urgent – I am Pandian speaking
– Pandian is not available This is Pandian
talking over phone – Is he there?
– On the phone My foolish father-in-law
will come there He is an eccentric guy Don’t entertain him
tell him I am not there – Son-in-law
– Why do you call me like that? – I am Viswanatha Iyer speaking
– You…you…you? Don’t know what
I have to talk? I thought Mudaliar was talking
and called you nuts What you said was true? Pardon me for pointing it out But I have reformed a lot I came to apologise
I use this phone call to confess Why uncle? You should forgive
Janaki and accept her I came to talk with you
in detail about that From where are you talking now? – From our house only
– What do you mean? From ‘Sivarathiri in our house’ sets A Brahmin subject movie
hence my voice is different I thought you have
also changed like me – You don’t change
– I can’t change suddenly I am feminine…firm You haven’t asked me
who reformed me? – A lady
– I know How? Just now you told me – Her name is Shanmugi
– Do you know her? – Do you also know her
– Do you know her – You know her too
– When Janaki left me She used to cook for me
daily between 6 pm to 9 pm She was looking after
kid and Janaki from 9 am to 5 pm Why she didn’t
inform me about you? That is…her nature She seldom gossips
She is like my mother No, she is your
would be mother-in-law – Her husband?
– I bought him – You bought who?
– Mudaliar on crosstalk Who? It is my phone Uncle, don’t give
the phone to Mudaliar – Pandi!!
– Uncle, why are mimicking? I am Mudaliar speaking Are you speaking
without changing your voice? This fellow says
he has bought Shanmugi Had I known
I would have bought her You can’t, she is costlier
and give the phone back – What is the cost?
– Got in Black market – Tell me
– You get back home I will come home
and Pick her up Yes, that is all
Why it smells like kerosene? Is it here? Why are you get drenched? – Kerosene
– No, Kerosene oil – I am going to immolate
– Why? – You have betrayed Iyer
– Why do you blabber? I am not, Iyer is mad after you Marry him immediately I can’t marry or carry him
I am already married He is also married
Unmarried are marrying What is wrong if
2 married persons marry? – That is logical
– Don’t blabber I have a hubby Didn’t he flee
after getting money? – Iyer is a great man
– I am also a man Iyer is the greatest of all men Okay, both of us are same You can marry him now
since you are equal – Hey! I am Pandian
– You can’t mimic and deceive me – I am your friend Pandian
– You may say you are Iyer Yet to light it – You fool
– No, Aunty Why are you stripping?
Don’t frighten me Aren’t you ashamed?
No…no You are great!
I have never seen like this It’s superb My dear aunty How is this?
How did you do this? I have never seen
such ignoble person Disgusting!
I can never live in this house – What are you saying?
– I am going – What do you mean?
– I am going to my Pandi Tell dad
I won’t come back Will you go back
to your divorced hubby…? So what? Still he loves me At this age she is loathsome
but he is faithful to me Henceforth he is everything to me Girl Yes, if she comes back from school
You bring her to me and not my father – Listen to me
– Janaki Please listen to me Fast decision Bye…bye But good decision. Hereafter I will enjoy I could not believe. Why did you
take your hands from her? Hold her
We have seen everything The boss is in love with Aunty
but she loves the cook I will expose you
and drive you out – Already Janaki has left
– You drove her out Yes, gone to Pandi
and will not return Don’t go you should
be driven out Yes, this is an iron hold My God! My God! Are you a lady?
You are beating a male – Take care of him
– You go, I’ll take care Did you get caught?
You were torturing us Shit Where are you going? Leave me, I am going
in search of depth I am not fortunate enough to die Why should you die? – Who am I?
– Yes, I know You are a flirt
with 1008 boy friends – You don’t know who I am
– I know A great mimic
I won’t fall for this – Look at me
– No, don’t strip – Aunty, what happened?
– I am your beloved – Same lips
– Same finger mark I couldn’t recognize you
Pardon me – What happened?
– I wanted to touch your feet I will give you my feet
why did you go…? Sorry, forgive me We will be like this forever No, we will get cold and fever Don’t joke, let us go
and tell dad you are Pandian No, he has now come
down to apologise with me If he knows about this drama
he will hate me forever So, we will kill Shanmugi – What are you saying?
– Am I going to kill Pandian? We will tell him Shanmugi drowned in a hip deep river
while trying to save you – Not river but house
– This is river You are right – What about body?
– We’ll say, it was swept away Don’t kid Chellamma gave birth to you But Shanmugi gave you rebirth Noble lady, departed after
completing her responsibility You belonged neither to your husband Nor to Iyer
or to Me Will you call us
for her anniversary Why are you crying for her?
She didn’t go anywhere She is here
If I wish- Nobody understood him fully Okay She did not leave us
She is living in our hearts That side has not realized it
This side has realized it Is that the FULL
meaning of what you said? If it is FULL
then it is yes Mummy, why are you
laughing unnecessarily? Are you telling ME? “Avvai Shanmugi”

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  1. All actors are simply superb. I love the acting of Delhi Ganesh, Nasser, Manivannan, Kamal and Gemini Ganesan. Great movie.

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