Awara Paagal Deewana | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, suniel shetty, Aftab Shivdasani | HD 1080p

Awara Paagal Deewana | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, suniel shetty, Aftab Shivdasani | HD 1080p

No.. please don’t shoot. I’m willing to do as you say. I made a mistake. I’ll never make this
mistake again. I have three wives..
they’ll all be widowed. I have 13 children and 26 dogs. They’ll all be orphaned. The moment I held the
gun to his temple. The color drained
out of his face! Bloody lawyer! What mistake did the lawyer make,
sir? That the cops were
looking for me. He walked into my bedroom
to tell me. Without even knocking on
the door. -Is that all? Did you treat the lawyer like
a dog for just that much? Moron!
I was in bed with his wife! Wouldn’t I get bugged?
-What then? You know,
I’m a large-hearted man. Before dumping him in the sea,
I felt pity for him. I didn’t want to torture
the poor guy. So I killed him just like that. I dragged him by the neck and
took him to the terrace. I gave him a choice. Choice is yours. “Will you jump on your own?
-Or must I push you?” That was it! He started screaming.. ..”Killed me.. help” “Is someone there..?” Save me! Save me! Save me! Daddy! Oh my god!
Daddy has got a heart-attack. Call the ambulance. Hurry up. Call his son. At once! Have you got the gun? It’s a 4.5 magnum model tdk.
With infrared night vision. Shoots three rounds per second. Even the world’s best police
force doesn’t have this gun. It’s a boon to global terrorism. Good weapon. -Thanks. This is treason. What did you say? -That gun
is sold to someone else. Your father and Guru Gulab
Khatri made a deal. No double-crossing the boss. What’s stopping me? My loyalty to the boss. Take this pistol and
leave the country. You must take this pill. -Pill..? You’ll feed me a pill? You are the one who’s taking
a pill if I die. I’m not going to spare you. Lawyer. Please, put that gun away. Else, I’ll end up just like you. Phone.. -I have telephoned your
son.. -He should be coming. Moron! Not my son. I told you to call my son-in-law. My son is a son of a mule. I agree. My daughter’s husband..
he’s a gem! Where is my son-in-law? Where is Guru? He’s dangerous. Sir, he is Katri. -Get him. He is dangerous. He is dangerous. Hello -Your father-in-law
is in hospital. Get over, quick. Daddy! How did this happen? It’s over, son. I’ve little time. I got to let you in on something. I’ve hidden from you all along. What is it? Last year out of the
American deal. That take was 10 billion.
In diamonds. And I. I.. -And what did you do Daddy? I planted a mango tree. Drop mango.
What about the diamonds? Don’t. They will rot. Diamonds.. rot..?
-Ass! Not diamonds. Mangoes. Unless you pluck mangoes in time. I’ll have every tree plucked. What about the diamonds? Diamond! She was my best cow. Gave 10 litres of milk a day. Any ox would die for her. Make sure you give
her a memorial. Don’t chew my brains. That. Reminds me of a great dish
your mother used to cook. I could’ve chewed up her fingers. That was when she fed me herself. Diamonds! Worth 10 billion!
Where are they stashed? Diamonds!
Son! In the American bank. Seventy five quid. Diamonds worth seventy
five quid..? I owe the laundry 75 quid. Make sure you get my loincloth. If you drop dead. I’ll spend the rest of my
life in a loincloth. Where are the diamonds? Die.. die.. -Diamonds.. where..? Dye my hair before my funeral. I want to die young. Diamonds! Where are they?
-Vikrant! Diamonds! Where are they? Daddy! That Baba Baldev Prasad wrote.. ..before his death. I am reading out the testament. It goes to say. His entire estate. His son Vikrant,
his adopted daughter Preeti. And his son-in-law, Guru Gulab. In three equal parts. Diamonds worth 10 billion. Lies deposited..
In New York Bank. Only on personal signatures
executed. The bank will release
the diamonds. By the three of you, in person. Two will sign. And the death certificate of. The deceased is to be produced
Should two of the three die.. ..2 death certificates
may be produced. The third will sign.
Should all die. The diamonds will pass
to Champaklal. Who’s this Champaklal? I’m going to kill him right away. How can you? I am Champaklal. Your advocate. Oh you are the one?
Bloody lawyer! This must be one of your ploys
-What are you doing? At least hear out one final
point in the will. What final point? Should I be the first one to die. No one gets anything. All the diamonds go to a
cattle-rearing trust. No one gets anything, if I die. No one gets anything, if I die. Please think about it. Let me know when I got
to go to America.. retrieve the diamonds. I’ll be there. I’ll send you. To the land of no-return. Hello -Hello. Guru.. Preeti speaking. Yes go on. Our marriage was a compromise. We went through quietly for the
sake of Daddy’s happiness. Ever since the wedding we
have never been together. What husband-and-wife?
We’re strangers. Now that Daddy is no more. I want to put an end
to this farce. We ought to separate. I know why you want a divorce. A share in your father’s diamonds
goes to his son-in-law. Which is me. Divorced,
I’m no longer your husband. Nor your Daddy’s son-in-law. You and Vikrant will
grab my diamonds. I’m not interested in
diamonds at all. Shut up. -Listen to me, Guru. What a quandary you
have left me in. My step brother wants
to grab my estate. And that Guru. He doesn’t even know that Vikrant
is after his life. You. Must be hiding inside! Come on, in.. quick. He is hiding inside. Be careful. Security has been tightened. He cannot escape. Yes sir. Listen. Cellphone? Lighter? Loose change? I’m asking you. Send back-up commandos. He is here. Freeze. Surrender. Last night, Guru Gulab Khatri
shot the Home Minister dead. While he was attending
inauguration ceremony. The police has announced
a city-wide red alert. All roads leading out of
the city are sealed. Check posts are up at railway
stations Bus stations, airports. The whole city is being
watched by the police. The police claims that he will
be taken dead or alive.. a matter of hours. The situation in Delhi
has worsened. Hello. -Not hello. Get shocked. Shocked to hear Guru’s voice? You want to frame me? You tried to kill Guru for
a handful of diamonds? Now it’s your funeral.
Because Guru knows where you are. You don’t know where I am. He escaped. Sir, I told you before. Crime never pays. Shut up! He isn’t getting away. I’ll find him. Someone, somewhere, sometime.. ..will surely give him away.. ..”Wayward, crazy, insane..” “Your lover has become..” “Your eyes have ruined me” “My love..” “My love..” “I give you my heart” “I give you my heart” “Wayward, crazy, insane..” “Your lover has become..” “Your eyes have ruined me” “My love..” “My love..” “I give you my heart” “I give you my heart” “You are my monsoon..” “I pine for you..” “To the depths of my soul” “I met you, I found out..” “I’m hopelessly in love..” “Your eyes have ruined me” “All I got to tell you..” “In your arms..” “I want to stay” “You mean everything to me..” “I’m in love with you..” “Your eyes have ruined me” “My love..” “My love..” “My heart goes out to you” “My heart goes out to you” My dentist darling! Anu! Twelve already? Do you find a clock in me? No darling, it’s because you
don’t get up before 12. So I thought it’s 12. Come on, honey. You know Mummy screamed
at me today. -Why? But we slept separate last night. You never told me you’re sick. I’m not. Why didn’t you dry last
night’s laundry? By the time I finished washing..
it was 2 a.m. I don’t know when I dozed off. I like that. You made breakfast. You broke teeth in the clinic. You dusted the house. You did the dishes,
you washed the clothes. And you didn’t doze off? You dozed off just in time
to dry the laundry? Why didn’t you keep
your take from. The clinic yesterday
under my pillow? Oh, no darling.. I’m so sorry. I completely forgot..
I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I dozed off. I was tired..
I wanted to give you the money. Darling! I desperately need
20 dollars today. 20 dollars..? I’m only asking for twenty.
Not 20,000. Shut your mouth! Asking for money from ladies
up in the morning. Spells bad luck for men. And my spell of bad
luck will be over. I just got to buy a new tie. What? New tie? What about the tie you
took a year ago? Did you have it for dinner? It’s too dated to even look at. How dare you. For 25 years,
your father-in-law wore that tie. And he never said a word. After only a year,
it’s dated for you? I tell you. Next you’ll
find me and my mother. Dated enough to be changed?
-Of course. -What? -Not. Biswajit.. there you are. Tell me, which one will you wear? Will he ever stop
mixing up names? What are you doing
with all those? You bought a score
of them yesterday. I just want to know which
one you want me to iron.. ..darling Biswajit. Paramjit. -Paramjit.. who..? I’m Paramjit,
the woman you married. Sona,
tell your mother not to scream. Daddy, my name is Mona. Not Sona. That’s the mess with
these clothes. I even forgot her name, Parimal! I’m not Parimal. I’m Anmol. What’s wrong with you Chunilal? Manilal -Who’s Manilal? Your name is Manilal.
Manilal Patel. When did I name myself that..?
Ever since you were a kid. That’s been my name ever
since I was a kid? And you tell me now? Okay, I’ll remember! I’m Methilal -Oh Jesus! Jesus?
You just said I’m Methilal..? Just now.. -Get out, get out!
-Make breakfast. Or, I’ll have you for breakfast. Not today. Yesterday’s scars
haven’t healed yet. Come on brother-in-law. -Brother
in-law? I’m your son-in-law. At home, we’re slaves anyway. The students held
a demonstration. What have I gotten myself
into for a green card. Dicing green vegetables. News from India. Guru Gulab Khatri,
the infamous mafia don. The assassin of the late home
minister. still at large. He is still missing. His quarry over a cup of
coffee has fallen out. With rival don Vikrant. He has cheated Vikrant too. Vikrant has announced a reward. Of 20 million for news
of Guru Gulab Khatri. Though this news is not cofirmed. Now for sports news. You heard that?
A 20 million reward! Unless we hurry with
the breakfast. Those two hoods will declare a
2-dollar reward on our heads. Hurry up, bring up the tea.
-Oh yes. Daddy, American chopsuey for me. I won’t -Why won’t you? I want 50 dollars. We don’t charge you
for eating and. You want 50 dollars
to cook for us? I need it for buying grocery.
Did I. Ever want to get paid
for cooking? Last week I gave you 50 dollars. You haven’t yet settled the
account -I will settle. Accounting isn’t as simple
as eating. Takes thinking. If there’s a mess-up,
you’ll be after my life. Just let me have 50 dollars. I’ll settle the accounts later. Okay -Give it here. -What is it? I must have the account tonight. Sure.
I don’t want to be kicked out. Come on Tol-Mol.
-Not Tol-Mol. Anmol. Come on son-in-law. Don’t you want to
break some teeth? Why are you so glum? I chased happiness..
all the way to America. And what I get is so much misery. I’m tired of this life
of servitude. I understand everything. All day in the clinic,
scraping dollars. That I will give to
my mother-in-law. And yet,
a life worse than a slave? I want to run away to India
given once chance. Been looking for mine,
for 25 years. But Satyajit has my passport.
-Who’s Satyajit? Your mother-in-law, my wife. All my fault..
were it not for my marriage. Were it not for my daughter. You’d never have been miserable. Here, keep 20 dollars.. ..20 dollars..? -You wanted it,
didn’t you? Keep it. But you..? I’ll fudge up the accounts. For every 20 minutes
I spend shopping. I take 3 hours writing
the account. Don’t forget the pants,
get yourself first class stuff. Come with me. I have to take
things from the grocer. Hello, Dr, Ano’s dental clinic.
May I help you? Sorry, no appointment before
2 weeks, honey. No means no.
Can’t you understand? When do I get your appointment? I love you my favorite, don.
I love you. Stop it. What are you doing? How many times have I told you? Read a book on dental surgery. But all you do is collect photos
of goons. Strange fancy. Not fancy. Passion. Obsession. Emotion, I’m in love, sir. It was tough setting
up the clinic. Send the patients in I got
to leave early today. Today’s a bad day. Hey doctor, what’s your problem? You are always tensed. My wife is a pain in my neck. Cut off the neck. What..? -Get rid of your wife. Get rid..? Divorce her. She won’t give me a divorce.
-Why not? She doesn’t love you. Won’t even let you touch her,
so what’s the marriage about? No servants in America. And if they are,
they charge lots. Oh yes! Mona has even threatened
me with half.. ..suicide if I think of divorce. What, half suicide, What
do you mean by that? If it takes 30 pills to kill
someone, she will take 15. And she will write a
note saying that. I drove her to suicide. It won’t kill her,
but it will kill me. Oh so sad! You’re worse than an
ass that belongs. Neither in India nor in America. Really.. I wonder how long my
silly father-in-law and I.. ..will keep dangling
from the tail-ends.. ..of our respective wives. Don’t worry, Doctor.
Every dog has its day. What? I’m dog..? You don’t hear? No dumping garbage here. Strange!
No dumping! You don’t get it? I’m screaming myself hoarse. Have you sold your ears? Hey! No dumping garbage here. I’m being polite because
you’re new. Hey flower-boy, what’s your name?
-Listen, gentleman. Listen, gentleman?
-What kind of name is that? No dumping here.
You don’t get it? I’m sorry.
-Sorry? You think this is India? You can get away with a sorry?
-What happened? I am tired of explaining to him
not to throw garbage here. Tell him to pick up the garbage.
Else. Else.. what? -I’m warning you. If I lose my head..
I’ll give you a thrashing. I see..? First you litter, then you see..? If I lose my head..
-I saw him on tv. If I get angry..
-I have seen him on television. Whether it’s television
or the bathroom. If I lose my head.. -He’s the
one with a 20 million reward. He’s a big underworld
don from India. Underworld, or underwear..
so what if he’s a don? That Guru Gulab Khatri. The assassin who kills
over a cup of coffee. He’s a don..? -Yes. Bigtime. -Don..? So what will you do. If you lose your head? I was saying.. sooner than I lose my head,
I also cool down. You’re new here, no? Got to tell you.. as a neighbour. Dump your garbage here. Go on. Lovely site.
Where else do you dump? I’m Anmol Acharya. Dentist. If there’s ever a bad tooth,
tell me. And I am.. what’s my name..? In the heat of the moment,
I always forget names. Someone just asked me..
-Manilal, where are you going? He spoke now. Manila. -Yes. Smart guy. In that house over there. I’m the housewife..
house-husband. Come over, anytime for tea. Come on, have coffee with me. Come. -Where? -Please come. -No. I have some work.
-Do your work later. I got to do the laundry, the
dishes.. -Then you come along. I got chores to do too! -Run! Come on,
somebody have coffee with me. Drape the windows black! Hang the loin cloth..
-Why are you screaming? Use Ranjit’s dress
if you have to! I’m Paramjit. Not Ranjit. Whoever you are, he’ll kill you. Mona!
Our neighbour is an Indian don.. ..with a reward of 20 million
on him. -Where are you? A 20 million reward?
-Let me take a look at him. Where are you going?
He isn’t advertising the reward. And I’m not going to
let you go out. Mummy!
Anmol won’t let me take a look! You broke my daughter’s heart
again? -I did nothing. Go on and tell me if he’s nice. He’s a goon!
He’s going to kill you! Don’t you understand Karanjit? I’m Paramjit! Your name won’t matter.
A bullet will. You will be shot at. Shut the door. He’s dangerous. There could be a shootout!
Really? -Yes. What do we do now? Let’s pack for Mumbai! I’ll do the packing. Get me the passports.
I’ll buy tickets. I will pay.
Let’s take the ticket right away. Stop. No need to buy tickets. My word!
How about flying for free? If the ticket-checker comes,
we’ll tip him 5 dollars. Like we did in Rajkot. No one is going anywhere. I’ve seen through your ploy! How about using the ruse of
a don to make a getaway? No!
He’s real, dangerous, deadly Don. And I’m a deadly witch. That’s beyond doubt -Shut up. Just go to the kitchen
and do your work. Golden chance!
Slipped out of our hands! The same hands,
we shall use to cook. Son-in-law..
Oh how many more steps! Come on, quick!
To the police! -Police.. why? I wrote out a letter,
for the police. Read. Is it proper English? What is this?
-About the don next door. And see the signature?
-I have used a pseudonym. Ajit. Who’s Ajit..? -My wife. But..
-When the goons get to know. Who wrote this letter,
they will kill them. And then the police will
kill the goons. Two aces in one letter..
-Now quick! Kickstart it. This is a car
-Then use your fingers. It needs a heave. Battery down -Oh!
The battery isn’t working. Would you like a lift?
-“He’s dangerous.” We’ll manage
-Come on, I’ll give you a lift. Who needs lifts?
We’re on ground floor. Do we take a lift? We’ll manage.
-Oh yes, we will. I mean, a lift in my car. No.. we’ll manage. Just 15 miles. He walks 7.5. I’ll walk 7.5. Where are you headed? Not to the police. Police station? -Not police.
Post office. Yes! Post office. Look! I got to post this letter.
-Take care of it. No.. you keep it. You’re senior.
-You’re junior. You keep it. Daddy is elder to us. I’ll post it for you.
-No! Why take the trouble? We’ll post it. What’s this enthusiasm about? Something exciting in the letter? Nothing about you. Nothing special about you. Make sure you never
write about me. I don’t like being written
or read about. Get it? We don’t even know you. We don’t even know
you’re from India. Daddy!
And he doesn’t even know that. You’re carrying a 20
million reward.. You got any idea about that? No you don’t. There. Come on. I don’t like being
subject of gossip. I don’t like anyone talks
about me. It annoys me. I bit the doctor who
delivered me. Bit him? Why? He was screaming. Congratulations, you have a boy
-As if it remained to be said. So I bit him and he died. No. No. -Let’s go. I don’t bite anymore. How nice!
Got the rage under control? Age mellows, you know. Now my parrot bites -Parrot? You got a parrot? We never saw -I’ll show you. Parrot in the pocket!
Doesn’t bite? You are great if you
have it inside. That’s no parrot! Someone fooled you! That’s a knife! The kind you dice
vegetables with. This is my talking parrot. It has only to use it’s
beak on someone. To make you talk like a parrot. No, not me. You look the innocent types. So I’ll give you 3 lifelines. Let’s get this clear. Three mine and three his..
total of six, no? Get that? Total of three. One and a half for each of us. He may get us killed. I love your smile,
I love your smile. My smile’s nice too. Come on, let’s have coffee. No!
I’m fasting! -I’m fasting too. Let’s have a coffee. We’re caught between a stone
and a hard place. Where do we go? Welcome home. Back home? Darling, I was waiting for you. Are we in the wrong house? No,
you’ve come to the right place. Mona, fetch cold water for Daddy. No!
I use hot wash for the dishes. Not for the dishes, for a drink. How about a yoghurt shake? A picture of fidelity?
-You mean loyalty? Have dinner.
You must be hungry? -What? Famished! But first I cook, no? If you let go of me, I’ll cook. Dinner is ready. What’s this? Darling! Have you married again? You never even invited me..? Now stop standing and staring
and come on and eat. There’s the sweet you love. My sweet? Don’t you eat it! They must be up to something. Darling, you dream of going
to India, don’t you? Who’s this darling? How dare he steal my dream? I’m talking about you. Here are your passports. Ours..? -Yes. And air tickets. Passport! Glory be to the Goddess! Witch! Harlot! What are you saying? That’s what I thought you
were for no reason. No one has ever given a
divorce so lovingly. Once I’m rid of the
cancer that’s you. When I walk a free man in India. It’s you I’m going to dream
about. -Come on, let’s go. Stop. I’m not divorcing you. I’m only sending you to India
for 10 or 12 days. She’s only letting
us out on bail! Yes. And you’ll return from
India.. with that 20 million. 2 million?
You want a dowry? At this age? Oh, shut up. Look at this. This. That’s the address here.
I know. -I’ll make sure.. I never turn up here again..
-Look behind. -Where..? Obverse. -So say that. That’s Guru Gulab Khatri. Yes,
you will tell Vikrant in India. That he is our neighbour. No!
I’m not doing that! -You must. No! I’m not going to India! Then I’ll send this
photo to Vikrant. And I’ll tell him that you
are hiding Guru Gulab. I don’t want Vikrant to kill me.
-Then you got to India. No! I’m not going to India!
-Then get ready to die. Dusting in half an hour!
-Dishes in 15 minutes. Ten minutes for washing
and ironing! Five minutes to cook dinner. Two minutes..
-One minute! I’m going to India. You’re staying in Room 502
in Hotel le Meridien. Get ready to leave
tomorrow morning. Going to India?
Then they’ve set you free? No, I’m going on business. At least it’s a holiday. I hope it isn’t forever. Don’t worry doctor. If God’s sending you to India,
it must be for the better. Okay. Bye. Take care of the
clinic while I’m gone. Guru Gulab Khatri is reported
to have escaped from India. Hello Tina -Guru!
-After investigation. This is a photo of Guru Gulab
Khatri from the internet. A dangerous mafia don
is lurking behind. My handsome don -Through the sea. This handsome face and that
innocently alluring smile.. ..”A beauty a maverick..” “It was in solitude
on a wondrous day” “A strange pain was
felt in my heart.” “A beauty a maverick.” “It was in solitude
on a wondrous day” “A strange pain was
felt in my heart.” “I’ve sworn..” “I’ll love only you” “I can’t suppress my passion” “Come into my arms” “I’m restless” “Let this distance be no more” “Ever since I met you” “Cupid’s arrow has
pierced my heart” “Life has become miserable. I’m dying for you” “A beauty a maverick.” “It was in solitude
on a wondrous day” “When we saw each other.” “A strange pain was
felt in my heart.” “A strange thirst throbs
in my veins” “I’m caught in the spell..” “..of a new restlessness” “Your love drives me crazy” “They’re about to lose themselves
in love, they’re crazed” “Look at them, insane.” “They are daydreaming” “I have vowed.” “I will love you.” “I can’t control my feeling.” “Come, let me embrace you.” “This impatience talks.” “Now break the distance.” “Since I saw you I am
in love with you.” “I can’t live.” “I am crazy for you.” “My love, stop me” “I want to steal a few
moments from you” “In my tresses..” “..let me hide you” “Lost in love’s fires
they drew close..” “And nothing in the world
could stop them” Let’s take a wash
before we go out. Looking for the brotherhood
of goons. We aren’t seeing any Vikrant. Who else gives us the reward? He will give us the reward.. ..but he will kill
Guru Gulab Khatri. Is that the right
thing to happen? No. No. But how do we face the wives? I’ve worked it out.
We’ll tell them.. ..that we never found Vikrant. Best idea. Let’s live it up for a week! No washing, no doing the dishes
Just order room service! First class idea. For your innocent looks
you are very clever. Stupid. Come on. Bill everything to the account. Where are the lights? No lights in the hotel? What’s that? Mannequin..? But not unclothed. A mannequin dressed
like a smuggler? I’m seeing one for
the first time. Gold.. that looks real. What happened to him? Arrived..? Are you home? Stammers. -What did you say? Nothing. Sorry,
I think We’re in the wrong room. Daddy,let’s go. You’re in the right room. Then you are in the wrong room? Go on, get going.
-I’m in the right room too. Then we’re in the wrong hotel? Hey! Right hotel. No melodrama. Stand right there. Strange!
Right room, right hotel..? Are you staying with us? But we paid for double occupancy. So.. why don’t you pay us? Indirect income, get it? We’ll adjust. We booked first,
so we take the beds. You can sleep on the floor.
-Did you understand? Now let’s transact. How about an advance?
-Advance booking? Shut up. Or you’re done for
Do you know who I am? You never told us. The biggest of dons in India
call me Little Umbrella. Umbrella! That’s what he sells! We don’t need umbrellas,
big or small. Not the rainy season,
so we don’t need umbrellas. If I buy an umbrella.. -I got
to account for it, you know? Find someone else. -Dimwit! I’m here to kidnap you. Look Tarpaulin..
-Little Umbrella. What’s Little Umbrella?
-That’s my name. So what?
-You called me Tarpaulin. Why would I call you Tarpaulin? Because you thought
that’s my name. What should be your name?
-You just called me Tarpaulin. But you just said
Little Umbrella. I said Tarpaulin because
you said so. But why should that make you
change your name? Stick to one. It’s messy, you know Parasol? He drew this out of that! I’ll use it to cut yours out. If I lose my head, I’ll kill you!
Move. Where to..? -To Crazy Brother. See him? Crazy Brother!
-The one dancing with the sticks? Who are these samples?
-Imported samples. New york. New york -Okay. Here to see Vikrant?
-No, he’s fibbing. But I’m lucky to have met you.
-Come on, let’s go. Hey. You don’t say no to Brother. Or I’ll skin you alive. And all you’ll be left with is..
-What? What shrinks when skinned?
-Pencil. No,
the stuff you skin and you suck. Watermelon..? -Shut up..
the stuff. That’s long on both ends,
juices out of either end. What do you call that..?
-Sugarcane..? -Yes, sugarcane. I’ll skin you till you’re
only left with so much. He’s absent-minded,
just like you. I only forget names. He forgets stupid things. He says you’re absent-minded. Shut up. Looks like I got to
show you monkeys.. ..what the cage is like. Come on. What..? -Stop gaping and move. Chatri -Yes. Take care of the birds while
I find Vikrant -Yes I will. I will put it. Stupid. Did you see it’s so easy. No you don’t piss in that. It’ll change the color
of the water. It’s a swimming pool. Come. Vikrant wants to see you. Where did you guys see Guru? I can’t remember. Do you guys know the punishment
for lying? Why would we lie, Prashantbhai..?
-Quiet. They won’t open their
mouths like this. We need to put it in their mouth.
-Now what’s that..? Milk. -Not milk. So?
It turns red when it’s heated up. A rod? -Right a rod. The cold part. Cold part?
So why heat it up at all? The cold part will remain inside. How will you pull
the hot part out? But how will you shove it in?
-Go and get it. Go on. Sure, I’ll get it.
Red hot.. -Hey, don’t bother. We’ll tell you peda-bhai
(sweetmeat). Not Peda.
Call him Yeda (crazy one). Actually, he came to live
in the neigborhood. The first time he
got into a brawl. I understood he was an
outliner like you. You call us “Outliners?”
-Not you. I’m talking about him, battery.
-Call me Umbrella! This guy’s going to run out
the batteries in my mind”! Crazy, what proof that these
monkeys are speaking the truth? Solid proof, actually. Look, his name is Ramu Raghavan. And here..
on the back of his neck. He has a tattoo of a rose. What name? Try to figure out the name,
and you’ll forget yours. But he’s speaking the truth. Guru does have a tattoo. Sister. The two of them have seen
your husband. In America. Why’ve you run out of steam?
-It’s nothing. Yeda, take them both to America. And kill Guru there? Just keep 20 million
rupees ready. No, you’ll only track him down.. ..and inform me. When I come over..
you’ll kill him in my presence. The moment I receive his body
you’ll have your money. Once Crazy gives his word you
could say he’s lost his.. what? Finger -Not finger.
It’s..? -Hair? Not hair. -Name the word,
or I’ll slit your throat. The throat! -Yes, throat. Once I give my word,
be sure Guru has a slit throat. Throats will be slit
all the time. But how are we spending
our lives? What happens of the reward
we ought to get, Sankrant? Laugh. Come on. Daddy, listen to me. Listen! I don’t think we’re
getting a penny from them! What? -Yes. -Didn’t you see
how they laughed at us? Let’s pack our bags
and take the.. ..first flight back to America. No way.
If we return empty-handed.. ..our wives will kill us. We’d rather die at our wives’
hands than die here. Oh yes. The two of them will
at least be hanged. Good idea! Pigeons,
what’ve you been whispering? We were only waiting for you. Good night. The name is Umbrella, what? Call me the wrong name.. ..and I’ll drive this
knife into your head! Smart-ass, go to the room and. Chain? You find those in trains. Take a blanket and go to sleep! That’s how we sleep. Come. Where are you going? You go there..
and you go here.. -What? To the bathroom?
There are mosquitoes there. How will I sleep in there? Stop raising questions,
bloody mosquito repellent! Till we fly for America,
you’re staying with me. So he doesn’t fly away. Get that? Skip the drama. Move! -Let’s go. Every night, do you..? Not in the nude.
I sleep with my clothes on. Not nude! Do you bathe? -Twice. But I bathe in the nude,
Vinodbhai. I’ve got so much to do! I’ve got to bump off
Khatri in America! Don’t drive me out of my mind! Hello! -Hello! Guruji? Bhaiji? Gulabji. Make it short. -Yes brother. Go on Guru,
there’s life to your danger. Go someplace far away,
-So no one gets to know. Whether someone gets to know
or not, -I know everything. You’re at the le Meridien hotel
in Mumbai right now. In room 502. How did you get to know? -Relax. I know about everything
you’re doing in Mumbai. But just remember. Your second lifeline
has run out too. Hello Guru. Gulab. What tension he gave me! What am I going to do? Give me an idea, God. Let the bell ring! God..? You..? Here? Now don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t want your
husband caught. The way the gangsters behave. I just don’t like it. I had to come here because
of Mona -Mona? My wife. Unfortunately! She loves money, not me. -She
wants the 100 million reward. Not me.. -I’m just a dentist. If you don’t believe me you
can ask my father-in-law. I hate bloodshed. I’m telling you the truth. I want to go far away from
this bloodshed too. I have something to say to you. It’s this inheritance that
has bound us all together. Father distributed the
diamonds worth.. ..10 billion in such a manner. That it turned Guru and Vikrant
into bitter enemies. Oh!! I begin to understand. I want you to make my
husband see reason. Neither do I want him killed,
nor am I on Vikrant’s side. I’m even willing to give him
my share of the diamonds. I only want him to give
me back my life. What does that mean?
-I want a divorce. You want a divorce too? So do I. It’s five months since
we were married. And we haven’t spent
a moment together. In these five months. He never ever loved me,
nor did I love him. He was only waiting
for daddy to die. So he could swallow his wealth. You’re so innocent and beautiful. Nobody ever said that to me. Open the door! Hurry. Chhota Chattri! Open the door! -Open the door! What am I going to do? Do you think I am the milkman? In the bathroom.. -No, under the
bed! -Are you dead already? There’s no room here.
-Behind the curtains. Quick! I’ll break down this door! Chatri -Open the door. Tomcat! Is that how you sleep?
-What are you doing here? I’ve been knocking on the door. And they wouldn’t let me get in. Where were you?
Where..? -In the bathroom. But the bathroom’s on that side. I can even see it in the mirror. Mirror? You look in the
mirror when you pee? Don’t drive me crazy! And pack your bags. We’re taking the flight, no?
-Get on with the packing. Or I’ll open you up and you’ll
forget the bathroom. Where’s this scent coming from? I don’t get any scent. I can smell a perfume!
-A ladies’ perfume. Was a woman here?
-I used the perfume. You..? -Yes. Ladies perfume? Here.. smell this. Lay off! Don’t get close, buster. Whose is this? Mine.
I wear it in bed every night. This is what I was looking
for In the bathroom. Really? Don’t you want
to wear anklets too? What a thing to say. Come, sit. Lay off!
You appear a doubtful case to me. Now pack your stuff. Move! In a moment. How will I tell you? -What? Till yesterday, I had no purpose
for being in India. No cause. -What does that mean? I mean, after spending
some moments with you. I have not only found a
purpose for being here. But also a reason to live.
-What nonsense? Whatever happens,
I’ll even lay down. My life to return your
happiness to you. I’m not leaving you now.
-Shut up! I’ll cherish your memories
in my heart. What for? -Till you belong to me. I can have no peace. Step on the brakes! Your end is here! Moron! Watch your tongue, or I’ll shove
this knife into your. You’re still stuck on that?
-And kill you! Always end your line. Are you guys father-in-law
and son-in-law? You have doubts, Damodar? Watch it, rat! You take me for a gay? They call me Chhota Chattri. The two of you are
suspicious guys! Father-in-law and son-in-law, eh?
-I understand everything! Pack the aircraft.
We’ve got to travel in the stuff. We’re flying! Here we are. In Singapore. Singapore? We were going
to America, weren’t we? What have you been up to?
-This is America, all right. Just clearing my doubts, you see. This is the first time I’ve
ventured outside Mumbai. Not Mumbai.
Say outside the country. That’s just what I thought. We’re outside something! Anna. I’ve made a grave mistake.
-What mistake? Mistake. -I know. Mistake. What mistake? I called Guru Gulab
Khatri from Mumbai. And told him that I’ve revealed
his whereabouts to Vikrant. What..?
Have you gone mad? -Let him go! He’s not mad. You’re mad! You call Anna mad?
-I was very scared.. I told -Guru Gulab Khatri
the whole truth.. -Nice thing too. He’s going to finish you now. Vipul, you’ve ruined everything! You’re going to die first..
and then, you. Me too? I have a wife and a daughter! Find a way, Teda-bhai..
-Not Teda-bhai. My boss’s name is. What is it? Tell me tomorrow. I’m in a hurry today. Find a way, please. I suggest we go and hide under
the bed at home. What say? Guru Gulab will get there
before you can do that. There’s just one way of
saving your lives. We won’t go to your place. We’ll go elsewhere -Where? Isn’t Anna coming with us?
He’s gone to fetch something. So he’s coming here on a horse? Why did you have to play
the honest man? Do you know what a dangerous
man Guru is? It’s so dark in here. Where have you brought us? We’re not at the movies, are we?
-I’ll switch on the light. Where’s the switch, Chattri? As if I come here
every other day! Look for the switch, guys. Where are you?
-If you are searching the suite. Gotcha!
It’s made of rubber, is it? Moron! It’s my nose. He is pressing my nose. The father-in-law son-in-law duo. You’re back after giving Vikrant
-A contract to kill me? Please understand, my brother. We have made a mistake! Forgive us, Guru. We went astray. Our wives forced us into it. I don’t have the time today. But when I tell you my sad story. You’ll have tears in your eyes. Kanji, run! He is here. The devil and the deep blue seas! Go inside. Come here. Anna, watch the gun. Don’t shoot. Scared you, didn’t we? You guys are friends? They turn out to be buddies. Vikrant offered me 20 million
to finish Guru. And Guru has offered me 50
million to finish Vikrant. So, we’re getting together
to wait for him. Let Vikrant arrive. Brilliant! -That’s great. Half of them are there and
the other half is here. You are Guru’s men -Shut up! Excuse me sir. Call for you. Hello. -Hello, hello. Why are you yelling?
I can hear you. Sorry. Yeda Anna here. -Yes. What the jokers said turned
out to be true. Guru really lives in
their neighbourhood. Catch that and come over. Catch what and come over? -That. How will I know if you make
signs over the phone? One moment, sir. Chatri, come here. -Yes. What’s that thing called
which flies in the air? One moment, sir. Crow Not crow.
It flies in the air. We fly it. Kite? Not kite..
it’s what we sit in and fly. Just a moment! Catch a plane and come over. Did you think I’d
walk to America? Hang up now. I’ll come and
explain the plan to you. All right, sir. Didn’t I tell you? Someone or the other would
surely lead us to Guru. He’s in America. -In America.
What’s he doing there? He may be enjoying with my money. He must be dancing and
singing as usual.. ..”O beloved.. wherever are you?” “O beloved.. wherever are you?” “She steals my heart,
takes me for her own..” “My beloved has left
with my heart” “You suddenly appear before me..” “And set my heart racing” “You look at me.. ..”You look away” “You smile..” “God Almighty!” “Your dance.” “Come forward.” “You are a golden beauty” “You are intoxicating
all the way, my love” “The spell you cast,
the magic you wield..” “Has this crazy man
bowled over by you” “Feel it” “Habibi” “Stealing me.” “Beloved.” “Suddenly you came to me.” “Suddenly you beat my heart.” “Suddenly you look at me.” “Suddenly you look away.” “Suddenly you smile.” “That’s great.” “Suddenly you came to me.2l. Vikrant is bound to come. He’s going to be ferreted out
to be killed like a rat. May I say something, Gurubhai? What just something? Say a lot of things. Talk as much as you wish to. Actually,
I met your wife in Mumbai. She’s very sweet. I mean, she’s very sweet-natured. She has sent a message for you. What message? She had no hand in whatever
Vikrant did to you in Mumbai. According to your
father-in-law’s. And Preeti’s father’s will. The diamonds worth 2 billion. Which you, Vikrant and Preeti. She has absolutely
no interest in it. All she wants from
you is a divorce. She told me that if you
gave her a divorce. She’d give you her share
of the diamonds. Don’t take up for my wife, okay? Neither am I giving her a
divorce, nor am I leaving her. And don’t you dare meddle
in my personal matters. Or I’ll bury you right here.
-Forget it. Let’s go to your house and
discuss important matters. No, you guys can’t stay
at my place. -Why not? Vikrant is not to be trusted. He must’ve set dogs
on your trail. He’ll get to know that we’re
into this together. So where are we going to stay? On the pavements in America? Go and stay at their place.
-My house. Get that? Where do you guys stay?
-Bang opposite Shani’s house. Not Shani. It’s Guru.
-And where does Guru stay? He stays in front of our house. So where do you guys live? We live in opposite houses. Why? He.. He is mad. -Sit here. We don’t know the cops here. Else, I’d have given it to him. I’m back in hell! It’s amazing, isn’t it? You finish it before I do? I said it’s fantastic! You’ll discover it
for what it is.. ..only when you step in -What? That’s a brawl in Gujarati. Don’t you have any servants
to carry our luggage? We’re here, aren’t we?
-This is our duty. I’m Coolie No.
1 and he’s Coolie No 2. Spring to the task, son-in-law. And get ready to play the game. Here come our millionaires! Hurry up..
and grab the money from them! Come on in. Come. The most horrifying
place on earth. Our house. And over there is our room. That kitchen?
-Yes, that’s where we always are. And that’s the bathroom. With running hot and cold water. Go ahead and do your laundry. If you have any -Wait there! What’s happening here? What beggars have
you brought home? Don’t worry,
this is a daily affair. She doesn’t know, you see. They’re my friends.
-They’ve just arrived from India. Now what is your name..? Chhota Chattri and Yeda Anna. They’ll stay with
us for some days. Why will they?
This is no lodge, is it? It’s enough that we
let you live here. Go on now. Get out. Listen to me, darling. Have I ever listened to you? -No. So why must I now? -Right. Get going then..
Pick up your bags and get lost. Will you leave or must
I throw you out? Don’t you spit here! He’s not spitting.
The poor guy has a stammer. And this dumb guy talks
in sign-language. So why must you bring the deaf
and the dumb to this place? Go and admit them to a hospital! Get going! Right now! Get out. Out, out, out! You’ve been shooting
your mouth off! Will you carry on,
only because I’m quiet? Out of my way! Let the breeze through. Shut up! -You shut up! Don’t you dare yell
at Chhota Chattri. How dare you talk like
this with my mummy? Madam, enough of your chatter. Or else, that thing in your head. What is it called? -Brains. Women don’t have brains
in any case. What’s that thing in the head
the Lord once tamed..? Arrogance? -Arrogance. I’ll rid you of it in a second. What are you staring at? We’re going to take a bath. We
want hot tea before that. Okay? Let’s go. An alien. Guru and Vikrant are playing with
diamonds worth billions. And we’re going to get
just 50 million? The promise I’ve made
to Guru is final. I’m not interested in those
diamonds worth billions. Fantastic! Fantastic, Anna! You’re a man of your word! I get to learn so much
from you today. I’d make a bonfire
for what you said! Fantastic! Fantastic! I’m not interested in those
diamonds worth billions. It’s just that the crazy one
is interested in them. Try some laddoos. We made them. And tell us quickly where
the 20 million is. Actually, Mona. First eat the laddoos, okay? Let me tell her, or she’ll pull
out the laddoo from my mouth. Nothing’s going to happen.
Just eat it up. Paramjit! I didn’t know you made such
excellent laddoos! Forget the laddoos. Let’s talk about the millions. Mummy,
forget 10 million, we haven’t. Even got a single rupee. What..? We are trapped because
we tipped.. ..him off about Guru
Gulab Khatri. Yeda Anna’s going to get
the entire reward. What? The two of them are
going to get the reward? The two of them are going
to get the money. We’re happy to have the laddoos. Don’t you touch the laddoos! Keep it back in the plate. And go and prepare breakfast
for them. Go into the kitchen. I told you to tell them after
we had eaten the laddoos. But you had to tell him first. We spent so much..
to send them to India. And they achieve nothing! Baby, we have guests at home. You will look after
them won’t you? Of course, mommy. As if you need to ask. Doctor, doc. Doctor. Don’t worry, doctor.
What’s the matter? Is anything wrong? -Nothing. So what’s all this about? What will I tell you, Tina?
I’m going out of my mind. Ever since underworld don
Guru Gulab Khatri has. Come to live in the neighbourhood.
-What? The underworld don! Guru Gulab Khatri came to live
in your neighbourhood? I didn’t speak in Hebrew, did I? And you tell me about it today? He’s my dream man. Come on. Hurry! -Listen, Tina. Come on. -Listen to me. Do you take this for
a charitable home? You see a doorbell and
start ringing it? Who’s going to pay..
the electricity bills? No,
I brought someone to meet you. Are you a doctor, or a pimp? You mustn’t do such things, son
-Get that? Go on now. What happened? I’m here to meet you, buddy..
not to bump you off. Who’s this fast number?
-She’s my secretary and. I know. Aged ten. Ten years? He doesn’t look ten. At ten, he used to play the
harmonium in a train. Right? He was a beggar then? He has made all this
out of his alms! Which train was it? In the harmonium,
he used to smuggle liquor. From Mumbai to Gujarat,
from Gujarat to Mumbai. Serving a two-year sentence
at the Arthur Road jail. He held the jailer’s
gun to his temple. On the pretext of polishing
his shoes. And escaped in two months. Salim Talwar of Bhendi Bazar. He brandished a harmless
knife at.. ..him and sent him out of limits. She talks too much. Meena’s going to explode. Tina, who? -My secretary, Tina. What is it with her? Don of Radha Galli. Babu Batli. You made him run along the lake,
in broad daylight. With not a shred of clothing..
-Wrong. He was wearing shoes. Yes. And you soon became
the don of that area. Who are you? Where are you from? Come on inside. My mother died when
I was still a kid. My dad died 10 years ago. In fact my father was in
the same profession. Have you ever heard of Chiman,
the boatman? You’re Chiman,
the boatman’s daughter? -Yes. Chiman, the boatman’s daughter?
-Oh yes -Come here. Chiman was your father?
-God! She’s Chiman’s daughter! She comes from a family
of thieves! He was the one who taught me to
handle an oar. He was my guru! My father was your guru? So you become my Guru now! How about my fee? Shut the door on your way out. All right. -Certainly, certainly. What are you doing Daddy?
-He’s asking us to leave. And you want to drink? Hurry up. Sorry. Sorry. So we leave the brother and
sister to their chat, okay? Let’s go. You? I’ve brought some
hot milk for you. You drink some first. What? -You drink some. Drink. Chatri -Yes. What is it? Milk. For you. You drink some first. -Well? Drink some first. What are you laughing for? You ought to have had a little. I’d have drunk some too. Slowly.. you and me.. don’t
you know the trick? Slowly, you sip it. I mean you are in
Paris or perish. You’ve finished the milk. What will I drink now? What will I drink? You have fed a snake. Only to make its venom sweeter.. ..”He who seeks tears
and laughter..” “Must fall in love” “He who seeks to go mad..” “Must fall in love” “He who seeks to gain and lose..” “Must fall in love” “He who bears every atrocity..” “He who bears all the pain..” “Must fall in love, my love” “He who seeks tears
and laughter..” “Must fall in love” “He who seeks to go mad..” “Must fall in love” “He who bears every atrocity..” “He who bears all the pain..” “Must fall in love, my love” “The one who wants to smile
and cry must love.” “The one who has to go
crazy must love.” “It causes anguish,
it lends solace” “It makes us famous.” “It makes us infamous” “It causes anguish,
it lends solace” “It makes us famous.” “It makes us infamous” “You meet for a short while
but a long separation.” “It has enjoyment and lonliness.” “It has enjoyment.” “It has lonliness.” “The one who wants to dream” “Must love.” “The one who wants to be crazy.” “Must love.” “The one who wants
to get and lose.” “Must love.” “The one who endures injustice.” “The one who bears pain.” “That one loves.” “The one who wants to smile
and cry must love.” “The one who wants to
be crazy must love.” “The one who finds and
lose must love.” Guru, the Black Crow is taking
a white aircraft tomorrow.. ..and landing at daytime. Is the Black Crow all alone? Oh no. The mynah’s with him. We’ll fix the birds.
Let them land. -I understand. You plan on starting a zoo,
right? Shut up. Why must you speak? Trap the birds in your net. Clip their wings and have them
-Stamped at the local museum. Just don’t worry. The two birds are going to be. Stamped.
-They’re stamped already. We’ll show them the wings,
take the pieces of glass. And fly away. Fly away where? What are you talking about?
I don’t understand anything. Don’t you know? -I don’t. I always ask the wrong man. Doctor,
that’s the lingo of the mob. The Black Crow is Vikrant,
the mynah is his sister. They’re landing in America. We make a meal out of them
and quietly have a dinner. Get that? -Get what she
says? There’s a party. With lunch and dinner, see? Listen, party-hopper. Before they land here,
we’ll garland the two of them. Sure, go ahead. You must always
welcome the guests. But what flowers will you use?
-Rose or jasmine? This is America. You’ve got to
place an order in advance. Not that!
I’m talking about the wreath.. offer to the dead.
Get that? How would I know?
-I’ve never been dead. You’ll know when you die then.
-All right.. But how will I see it when I die?
-What is he saying? You can see it when I die! When are you going to die? I’ll die only after killing you! If the two of us die,
how’ll we see what wreath it is? Lay off, Chattri. He wants you. Skip the nonsense. You guys think I’ve started
an enquiry counter here? Have I opened an inquiry counter? How many of you? Once I’m done with, I’ll give
three diamonds to each of you. What are you saying?
-Don’t shout. I only need to make sure that. Preeti and Vikrant are killed. And produce their death
certificates in bank. Sister, hurry up.
It’s time for the flight. Coming. Hello! Hello! Hurry up, we’re getting late. Pick it up.. c’mon! Come on. Darn, darn! British Airways announces arrival
of Flight 2A499 to Newark. Thank you. They’ve switched on
so many lights. And they call it America. Why are we guys here? We’re here to see the lighting
at the airport! Why’s Vikrant all alone? Are the others travelling
second-class? Mr. Dahade. We will meet outside. Welcome to America. You had a nice flight, I hope? You’re not late.
We’ve just arrived. The prey doesn’t suspect
anything, does he? No inkling at all, sir. We’re only waiting
for your orders. What is it? Nothing.. you had no problem
during the flight, did you? Let’s go. Get in. We’ll meet at the hotel and chalk
out the further plan, Anna. All right. Get in. Threw you out, didn’t he? That’s what happens when you get
into someone’ else’s car. Come on, let’s get into our car. Come here. She left. Get started Guru. The Black Crow has flown
into our trap. Where are you taking them? Grand Hyatt. I’ll have them check in there
and come over. Okay? Come quickly. We’ll talk it over. All right. I’ve booked a suite
on the top-floor. You needn’t worry about safety. You needn’t worry about
Vikrant’s safety. His security reaches the place
he wants to visit.. ..before he gets there. Think only about Guru. Let’s go, sis. Hey you. You’re going to stay with me. No! No matter where I go by day. But I must go home at night. You don’t know my wife. Shut up. You, no you. Me? I can’t sleep in a new place. You aren’t going to sleep anyway. You’re going to keep awake. So I can sleep in peace. What say, Anna? Right. Stay with him.. you can keep an eye on
the clowns around him. What? Right. Don’t move! Hold it! Let him go.. what are you doing? Hey, come on move! He has taken the entire top-floor
and says it’s not going up. What’s not going up? That thing which goes up
and down.. -An umbrella? No, not an umbrella. It’s that thing that takes
four or five guys in. No vulgar talk!
There are women around. It isn’t vulgar talk. How am I going to explain! What do they call it..?
-The lift. Lift. Guru, lift.-Lift! He says no one is going up.
-Goes up and down. Don’t worry, Yeda. I’ll deal with him. His thugs hang around the lift,
right? I’ll get on the wall like
a lizard one night. Get into his room and beat
the daylights out of him. I’ll fix him nice and properly. Guru.. -What is it? What are you saying! Chattri, what are you doing here? Was I expected to
kill time there? Didn’t I tell you to keep
an eye on Vikrant? And Vikrant was kidnapped
by Guru’s men! Who kidnapped him? You sent those Chinese thugs. What Chinese thugs did I send? This guy looks Chinese to you? Do they look Chinese to you? So who were those guys? One moment. I say. Those guys who came
to kidnap him. Did they leave a business-card? Shut up, Chattri. We must first find
out where those. Chinese guys have taken Vikrant. Will we have to go to China
to find him now? I can’t even speak the language. Can you speak it, Mangal?
-Shut up! Hello -Brother..
-Vikrant has been kidnapped. Whom are we going
to bump off now? How’ll we get the death
certificate? How’ll we get the diamonds
from the bank? I lose three diamonds then! You can’t handle anything
properly, railway-line. I’ve been noticing.
You’re no good. It isn’t his mistake. It was the crazy Anna’s plan.
-A stupid plan! No, Mummy. It was Guru’s plan. Guru’s plan was fool-proof. Quiet.. quiet. Let’s go. -It was you. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Listen.. whose call was it? Vikrant’s such a. Such a what? That.. That.. What do you mean? That means. That which has little babies. What babies? Puppies? -Cubs..? Whatever.. who has babies? The mother has babies. Not mother. What is the mother’s
husband called? What do they call the
mother’s husband? Uncle! Uncle! No, daddy. Uncle is the mother’s brother. The mother’s brother is an uncle
-One moment! This woman is a mother. Mona’s her daughter. What will she call her
mother’s husband? I don’t know. Mohanlal. Not Mohanlal. But dad. Father! He has turned out to be
our father in wisdom. The guy we took for Vikrant
turned out to be his duplicate. The real Vikrant is coming in..
what do you call it? Mail? -Plane. He’s coming in a plane. Well done. We mustn’t waste anymore time. We must finish Guru Gulab Khatri. Where will we find him? There’s this Indo-American
charity dinner today. He must performing there. Very well then. Let him perform. And we’ll finish him
off right there. All right, sir. Just keep the money ready.. ..”My beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” Don’t touch me! “Beloved. Beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “I’m all alone,
and it’s difficult..” “With danger everywhere around” “My beloved.” “No one will be spared.” “By me.” “No one will be spared.” “By me.” “The world tells me.” “Wayward, crazy, mad.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “Nights will change.” “Talks will change.” “This night will pass with love.” “The nights will change..” “So will the prattle” “Moments of love..” “..merge with desire” “I’m on a high, my heart says..” “Look at me” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “I aim for him” “It all depends on
how he makes it” “His life is in danger..” “Whoever stands before my gun” “I aim for her” “It all depends on
how she takes it” “Her life is in danger..” “She stands before the gun” “I’ll take you in my arms,
play with your tresses..” “Beware, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “Come to me, my love” “My beloved.
-Wayward, crazy, mad.” “My beloved.
-Wayward, crazy, mad.” “Wayward. Crazy. Mad.” “Wayward. Crazy. Mad.” “My beloved.” Hello, hello. Hello! Hello! Put a coin first. This is a mobile phone.
What coin? Hello, police station? Police,
police this is one dead body. Sleeping in the car. On the bridge. Big, yes. This wooden bridge along the sea. Come sir. Here. Brooklyn bridge,
Brookyln, Brooklyn. What cops! My name is Chota Chatri
-Give me the phone. Little umbrealla.
And stop this nonsense. What cops are these? The guys in Mumbai are better. Out with it,
my friend three diamonds for me. My boss Yeda Anna sees it first. Your boss will show
it to me first. My Guru will show me first. To hell with all that..
give me the diamonds. There seems to be fire somewhere. For the murder of Vikrant,
you’re all under arrest. Come on, move up
-Come on, move here. Get going, I said come on. Come on now, get moving. Yeah, good, move. This way. Come on. Keep going. You? -Vikrant? How come.. -He’s alive? Ghost!
Ghost! -He’s not a ghost, is he? You bite the dust at my
hands again, don’t you? You thought Vikrant was dead? Sacrificed for diamonds
worth 2 billion? The guy who landed first was me.
The real Vikrant. I faked that kidnap drama. The one who got killed
was a fake. According to police records. Vikrant is dead. His sins and his crimes
are dead with him. I’ll bury all of you here
and start life afresh. Give me the diamonds. Hurry up and give
me the diamonds. The diamonds are here. The diamonds are lying
in the car! Catch him. Brother. Don’t be rough. Where is the bag? Brother. Hurry! Step on it! Take it back..
Get out of the car. Look for the diamonds in the car. Take the car behind. He will dash us. Help us. Listen. Get out of the car. Out. Get out! -Run. Brother, follow me. Kalia. It’s the car. This side. Search the diamond.
-It is not here. The diamonds are with Vikrant.
Follow him, Anna. Let’s go. Run! Run! I don’t want to give
the diamonds. God! Save me from him! You’re going to die anyway
so give it to me! Save me from this guy first! It’s mine. Dad! -Give it to me. Here. -Here. He is coming after us. He is coming after us. Go away. Run! -Yes. Hey! Guru. You’re not going away! You can’t defeat me! No.. I’m not going to spare you! Scoundrel! I won’t spare you! Yes. Guru. Did she come?
Come on inside. For you, we were. I know you were waiting for me. Who has the bag of the diamonds?
-Out with it. Let’s split it. Oh yes. Let’s split it. Bring out the diamonds..
-Sure, bring out the diamonds. Out with the diamonds.
-I am so thrilled. I never ever saw real stones
-Out with it. Rotten mango! They’re diamonds.. not stones! Out with the bag -Sure.
Out with it. Why are you asking
for permission? Why are you guys asking
one another.. get out the diamonds? Where’s the bag? Yeda, where’s the bag son?
-I don’t have it. Chattri, give me that bag
-Okay boss. Mammo, give them the bag. I don’t have it. -No? No. Oh yes, I remember. I threw the bag to Mona. Mona darling, let’s have the bag. I don’t have it -What? I mean, when those monsters
advanced towards me. I tossed the bag to my sidekick.
-What are you talking about? You gave that bag to me? No keeping it all for yourself,
son. Let’s have that bag now. At least give me those
3 diamonds! Wait, I remember. When I was saving Tina,
I gave the bag to Manilal. So catch hold of Manilal! Why are you staring at me,
tarpaulin? Chhota Chattri! Who’s Chhota Chattri?
-My name is Chhota Chattri. So what’s with your name?
-Don’t drive me mad, Manilal. He’s Manilal!
I told you! -Catch hold of him! You’re Manilal!
-But you said you’re Manilal. Manilal, come on. The diamonds are not with me! So who has the diamonds,
if not you? Speak up, or I’m going to make
you sing like a parrot! I remember! It’s Popatlal! Now who’s Popatlal? Now who’s Popatlal? The guy who was fighting there. Now what’s his name..? Fevicol! This guy didn’t give the
diamonds to Vikrant.. ..did he? -Fevicol. You’ve uttered every bloody name! So who is it?
Fevicol or Popatlal? To Ranipal. And who’s Ranipal? Rekha’s husband.
-Who’s Rekha now? My daughter. He gave the diamonds to Anmol. That’s what I’ve been
telling you. You’ve driven us all crazy! -How
many names will we play with? We have the name now, don’t we? So let’s have the diamonds.
-But where is Anmol? Think again, Anmol. Guru has a terrible temper. He could even kill you. There’s no turning back for me,
Preeti. I promised to return all
your happiness to you. Now is the time. Hello -This is Anmol here. Where did you go away to? Where are the diamonds? Preeti and the diamonds
are both with me, Guru. So what are you doing there?
-Come here immediately! No, Guru. -No? The two of us have taken a
decision. -What decision? We don’t want to live in
your world anymore. What are you getting at? I mean,
I don’t want to live with Mona. So tell your wife that you don’t
want to live with her! Why tell me?
-Just bring the diamonds here! Preeti wants to be free of her
marital obligations too. To hell with Preeti!
Just get the diamonds here! I’ll give you the diamonds.
But I have a condition. What condition? You’ll have to separate
from Preeti. Bloody monkey! You dare put conditions
to Gulab Khatri? I won’t give her a divorce.
Do whatever you want to! What do you love more?
-The diamonds? Or Preeti? I love the diamonds.
-So sign the divorce papers and.. ..come to the docks
at 5 this evening. The two-penny dentist asks Gulab
Khatri to divorce his wife! It’s impossible. Tina! You cheater. Flirt. I was blinded by your love. And you..?
-You don’t love that woman. You haven’t spent a
moment with her. You haven’t even touched her. Your marriage with
her was a farce. And yet, to nurse your false ego,
you don’t wish to break it. This is certainly not what
I expected from you. Tina! Tina,
for the first time in my life. I’ve thought of another
human-being.. -Other than myself. And that’s you. Come on. Well Yeda? You betray me? You’ve been the biggest
ingrate yet. And talk to me about loyalty? You think Anna is deaf? You will have a ball with
2 billion rupees. And expect me to rot
with a few million? Give it to me.. Go on! Don’t stare at my face! Guru, what are you doing? I won’t let you go. Come on. Brother. Brother. Yeda.. over here. Enough of your song and dance. Throw the bag to me now. Go on. Hurry up! Throw the bag to me. Give it away, Anna.
He’ll kill me. Be comfortable Yeda.
And watch your balance, please. Chattri, take care of your boss. You shoulder the responsibility
now, okay? Why are you giving
me extra inches? At least give that to me..
what do you call it? What..? He can’t tell me!
At least give me a stool. Don’t move or else Yeda,
will be twisted forever. Know what, Yeda? The whole world knows I
always keep my promise. You and I had a deal for 50
million worth of diamonds. Here you are..
diamonds worth 50 million. And here’s a special
offer for Diwali. Three diamonds free for
both of you! Free! I’ll make a move now Okay? Bye.
Bye. “O one who leaves..” “Turn back and look at me..” Guru! Guru! Anna.. -What? Can you hold your breath
for 5 minutes. While I get the stuff together? Shut up!
I’m in this soup because of you. If you move, I’ll be dead. I’ve adjusted with you
all my life, Anna. Can’t you adjust with
me for 5 minutes? Stand there quietly. How about 4 minutes?
-Stand there, I said! I’ll come back and stand here. Just keep standing! Don’t move. I got into this mess
because of you. Stay there! What are you doing? Free my hands first! Brother -Brother. What is the matter? Why are you so sad? I’ve been thinking. What? We’re returning to India,
but I have nothing to give you. Not even a house. I can give
you nothing except my love. You can give me love, can’t you? And who says you have no house? You have such a large heart. I’ll live in it. Mad girl..
when the bills arrive.. ..the heart won’t do. You’ll need cash to settle them. Daddy, you? -Yes, daddy. Look here -What are you
doing in these clothes? Forget the clothes and take this. What is it?
-Just keep it! Don’t ask. Diamonds? But who gave you these diamonds? I’ll tell you. His name. I’ve forgotten the name again! I’ve done nothing. I’ve done nothing. That’s how my son-in-law is. I didn’t do a thing! -Shut up. I haven’t done anything. Shut up. It hurts. Here you are. That’s Preeti’s
share of the diamonds. Your three diamonds are
in it too, you rogue. You’re such a nice guy..
-No abuses! Don’t say such things. Guru never takes away what
is someone else’s due. Get that? -Very well. Let’s go and drink coffee.
-No.. -Let’s have some coffee. No. Not coffee I’m fasting today. Oh, come on -I’m fasting today! I couldn’t ever imagine Guru
would have such a big heart. Forget about him. Just make merry,
why worry about details? Anmol.. Preeti. May you always be happy. You’re amazing, daddy! -How come? You remembered our names! Did I..? This is a miracle! As soon as I get the diamonds,
Jayantilal’s problem is solved! Manilal! -Manilal, who? “My beloved.” “Wayward, crazy.” “Wayward, crazy, mad.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “Habibi.” “I stole your heart.
I made you mine.” “You are my beloved.” “I am yours.” “You are everywhere.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “No one will be spared.” “Here.” “The world calls us wayward,
crazy, mad.”

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