What… What are you doing? Eh… Nothing Wait! You forgot your bag No. Isn’t it yours? Is there a “Tobias Hansen” here? Tobias? Tobias?! What do you want? Well it’s because I have found this bag and… It’s you from the store! Why didn’t you just say that from the beginning? Thanks. Eh… Can I borrow your toilet? Why? Because I have to pee, genius! Can’t you just go somewhere else? For God sake! So now I’ve been walking all this way just so you can act super strange? Well the least you could do is to let me use your toilet Then i’m just gonna pee on your doormat. No… No no! Then… Then just come in This way. There you go. Come on! Where the fuck is it?! What are you doing? Have you taken anything from my bag? No… No not really… Eh… Do you miss something? I just think something is missing. Well alright. Actually I found this Is it yours? No. But… I found it in your bag? Come on It is yours Whose should it else be? It’s… It’s my mom’s. Stop being so mysterious Take it! It’s not mine I said! If it’s because you like putting on make up Then say it It’s okay! Im not! Don’t say stuff like that about me! That’s not mine. Stop! Relax! Take it easy! Are you okay? Im really sorry Wilma: “I just didn’t know how to react” I think it’s cool you do make up! No you don’t! You think it’s ridiculous! Wilma: “No I don’t!” You laughed at me? That’s because you’re hiding it! Wilma: “That’s not a thing to hide!” Sorry I took the lipstick. Thank you for bringing me my bag and… You’re welcome. It looks better on you anyway. Did you really mean it when you said it wasn’t ridiculous? Of course! It’s so cool that you dare! I must look like shit. You do! Shall we get you fixed? Look up. Now close your eyes. So… Actually I think a darker colour would fit you much better. What colour do you think of? Now see this one. This one’s perfect. Come on! Let’s try it! What? Now? Yeah. We need to see if it fits. Close your eyes. So. Does… Does it fit? Yeah But you just need a last thing. So. Now you’re just so hot!

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