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Your father says, Oh my dear. You are the piece of my heart. When a messenger comes. He will steal and take you away. How will the moment pass,
without you, tell me. How will l live alone,
without you, tell me. You remain married, beloved
be with you always. For this joy, l will
bear any difficulties. l will surely feel the sorrow
of your departure. Along with this sorrow, l
will keep smiling forever. A father is wishing
this from his heart. May your life remain under
the shadows of joy. Your father says, Oh my dear. You are the piece of my heart. Boddy This is cheating.
You always do this. lt hurts a lot. lt hurts a lot. Look at this, how time flies,
one cannot even know. lt was just yesterday, this
guy came into my lap.. Yes, and he has grown so big. That he left our lap, and went
away to America to study. lt is exactly seven years
since our son went away. He must be your son, wife. For me, he is my buddy, buddy. Hi, buddy. Since Avi left, this house
has become silent. ls it? lt means l am nobody.
My voice does not matter. What are you saying? You
are my part of me. Half portion, half of you, half
of him, l don’t even exist. He is coming in the morning,
everything will be complete. Hey.. Brother, do you know? My son is returning from America,
after seven years. Even l am returning from America..
and that too after 7 years! ls it? My son is arriving from
New York. British Airways. Even l am coming from New
York, British Airways. Really? My son stays at 5th
Avenue, in Bella Vista. That’s a co-incident,
even l stay there. What are you saying? What’s
your name, brother? Avinash Kapoor. Why? Excuse
me, my mother is waiting. Aren’t you Mr.Balraaj Kapoor? Aren’t you buddy? Buddy! Buddy, who is that
beautiful young lady? lts your mom, lets go to meet her. Momma. Why have you become so lean? Buddy. Does buddy trouble you? Oh no. Because of your memories. l have come now, l will
not go anywhere.. need not remember me now. You look rocking. Panchi, how are you? l am fine, brother. Come, come. Jeetu, l will meet you in
the evening. – Ok, Ok. 1 minute, 1 minute, 1 minute. This is your car. But buddy, l am too tired, buddy.
– No tired. Sit in that car, let me see, what
have you learned from there? What are you doing?
– Wife, you keep quiet. Don’t talk in between
father and son! Oh. ln that case buddy,
you know what? l will give you an handicap. No handicaps. You know well,
l don’t cheat. Come, wife, sit in the car.
– Yes, yes. Momma, call up home and tell them.. prepare scrambled
eggs with bread. – Ok. l will see you there.
Panchi, come, sit. Let me show him finally today. Best of luck. Nothing will happen. l told you, don’t do all
this, you will lose. Think a bit about the
car and think about me. l am still a bachelor. Why
don’t you understand? Come on, buddy.
– Go for it, Avi. Wife, just call up Avi and ask him. ls it enough, or shall we
start the real game now? Call, call. You always keep your number up. Yes, mom.
– Dad is asking. ls it enough, or shall we
start the real game now? Tell him, l am considering
his age.. ..or l would have
reached home by now. He is saying: considering your age.. ..or he would have reached
home by now. Tell him, by talking about age,
my spirits wont diminish. This is a car race, you
need experience here. Did you listen? Experience
is needed. – Experience. Tell him, hot blood, young blood,
where will he bring from? Alright, l’ll tell him. l was giving
him the advantage but buddy is.. What happened, sir? Look at that man, he is using
a mobile in the car. Cheating.
– l will check that. l am his son. Tell him surely, this is a race
between man and machine. He may have a better machine.. ..but l am a better man,
and he knows that. Listen, Avi.
– Yes mom. Where did he come from?
What is it, constable? Why? You are using your mobile
while driving! – Mobile? Come, park your car to the
side and show your license. Did you hear me?
– Bye. Why? You lost? lts ok, come
prepared next time. Welcome to cheaters paradise. lf some one says there are
no benefits in cheating.. ..then don’t listen to him. Because there are only
benefits in cheating. Look at this. So l request you.
– Yes. Walk on the right path.
– Yes. And even you, buddy. What is this, first you lose,
on top of that you cry. This is not fair. Look buddy. l cannot win with you. And l don’t wish to lose,
so l cheat a little bit. After all, l am your father. The day l become a father, that day
l will take revenge on my son.. But first you will have
to be an father.. ..for the time being, come,
and eat Paratha’s. l wish to say a poem on paratha’s.
– Yes. Millions of crimes.. forget it. Stop everyone. Junior, what
do you think of yourself? lsn’t there any one senior to you? Don’t say like this, elder brother. Your elder brother is no more. After 7 years, son has returned. And you didn’t inform,
nor did you call. This Khushi was down here,
and he informed me. Father, let it be. Hey,
Avi, how are you? Have you gone mad? Come, brother. Stop! Shobhna! Shobhna! Bless me, brother.
– Remain married always, dear. Tell me one thing, this junior
is mad from before.. ..but even you have lost it? You forgot all the traditions. After 7 years the son has come home.. ..thousands of whites must have
cast an evil eye on him. Don’t you want to cure him? l was about to bring
the veneration plate. Kishan!
– Coming, ma’am. Really?
– Come here. Buddy. What’s all this. – Quietly agree,
or uncle will make it hell. Good morning sir. Welcome home.Welcome home. You are already familiar
with the rest.. ..but him, he is a new addition.
Mr. Ropday. But he is laughing, dad. Come, l will show you your cabin. Come son, this is your room.
– l like it. l like it. And this is your chair. Sit.
– Thank you. ln a persons life, that day, that
moment is very important.. ..when his son takes over
his responsibilities. He sits on his chair. Really,
today l realized.. joyous it is to be
an father to a young son. Buddy, my mind and heart both
feel like touching your feet. Thank you .l love you, buddy.
– l love you, son. Live long, be successful. l have worked enough in this life,
now only relaxation. Correct! At this age,
you should relax. Son, don’t talk about age. Someone has said, ‘A hand that
is strong, and eyes sparkling.. ..let it remain, oceans, Meena
(nectar) in front of me.’ What happened?
– Very bad. Very bad? l am so sorry. l didn’t expect this from you. By the way, who is Meena,
does mom know about her? No, mom doesn’t know. And
you also don’t tell her. Where is my secretary?
– Yes, she is here. Jenny! Sir, you called me.
– She is.. Thank you, daddy. She’s not the one, son. Julie!
– Yes. This. She is the one for you. Buddy, you will surely turn
me into an alcoholic. Uncle, what are you doing here alone? This party is for Avi’s return. l am checking if things are fine. The eating arrangements are fine.. ..but if you wish, taste and check it. You fool, l don’t drink,
l offer drinks to others. You don’t drink, you offer,
l agree with you. But uncle, try and drink once,
you wont stop, l know it. l will give you one tight slap,
you will dance the Bhangra. Dance the Bhangra.. along
with your friends. Along with friends.. Bhangra. Dance the Bhangra.. along
with your friends. Hey! Yoh! Hey! Yoh! This
is the way it is gonna go. Hey! Yoh! Don’t stop.
Let the energy flow. So everybody join and
everybody say go. Hey! Yoh! Hey! Yoh! This
is the way it is gonna go. Hey! Yoh! Don’t stop.
Let the energy flow. So everybody join and
everybody say go. Dance the Bhangra with me. That’s the way it is gonna go. Dance the Bhangra with me. Like l have said it before. Dance the Bhangra with me. Come dear, come my love. Come, cross eyes with me. Come, dance a step with me. Come dear, come my love. Come on.. Let’s celebrate. Come on.. let’s sing and dance. Come on. Come on. Baby, Oh! Yeah! Come on. Come on. Front
and back. Up and down. Come on.. let’s celebrate. Come on.. let’s sing and dance. Come on.. drink up, brother. Come on.. now take this, brother. Listen to the man who is bringing in
new ways. Spin it around. And give it a twist… Oh Yes. Bring it back. Bring
it down. Like this, sir. l am the tale of a bottle. As much fresh as old. There is no one here like me. l am telling you man.
You got something. Even l have the passion and youth. No one is like me. ls there any one like me? – Better
believe me. l am telling you. Oye, oye, oye, l am
the rising arrow.l Oye, oye, oye, l am the
life of the party. Oye, oye, oye, l am still young. Oye, oye, oye, rising youth. Oye, oye, oye, Dream of girls. Oye, oye, oye, l am the best. Come on.. let’s celebrate. Come on.. let’s sing and dance. Come on. Come on. Baby, Oh! Yeah! Come on. Come on. Front
and back. Up and down. Come on.. drink up, brother. Come on.. now take this, brother. You better listen to my song.
– Come on. Enjoy. We can party. We can
join in the song. We can party all night long. Till we see the morning
sun. We can party. Come on, momma. Go on till it’s very late. Turn the night into the day. They also love me. They also die for me. More girls than you, my love. Come, come to your senses, Consider your age now. Don’t do this mischief. Come here, boy. Oye, oye, oye, my small child. Oye, oye, oye, don’t look at my age. Oye, oye, oye, come in front of me. Oye, oye, oye, l will
show you my dance. Oye, oye, oye, will make
you forget steps. Oye, oye, oye, will make
you unconscious. Oye, oye, oye, l am the king lion. Oye, oye, oye, l am your son. Oye, oye, oye, it is a long song. Oye, oye, oye, l am every stamp. Oye, oye, oye, l am your father. You funny guy, l am your father. Come on.. come on.
– Come on.. let’s celebrate. Come on.. let’s sing and dance. Come on. Come on. Baby. Oh yeah! Come on. Come on. Dear, come. Come on.. drink up, brother. Come on.. now take this, brother. Dance with the friends.
– Bring it down. Oye, Oye! Let’s party. All. Oye, Oye!
– Come on everybody. Oye, Oye! Let’s rock the floor. Baby. Oh! Yeah! Sir, l don’t drink tea. l
only drink black coffee. No black coffee, come on,
Ropday, keep it there. Hey buddy, come on get up. Get up. Come, lets go.
– Buddy, there’s so much work pending. Who will look after it? Come on, today is Saturday. Half day. Along with work you should also play. Golf!
– With whom? – With me! No. no.
– Why? You always cheat.
– No, no, no cheating. No, buddy. l can’t believe this. Have l ever cheated in my life? Now, come on. Come on. Go, baby, go. Great shot!
– l know! Wish it had gone in the hole.
– l know, l know. Lets see your shot, buddy.
– Watch this. What do you say? Good shot, isn’t it? Buddy, what did you play
when you were young? What do you mean young
age, am l plod now? l mean.. when you were a child. Then we were poor buddy,
where were these riches? l used to play cricket in those days. Don’t mind Buddy, but even
today you are playing same. Buddy.. good game. l liked that shot. Bring the putter.
– Yes sir. – Bring it, Panchi. Take this. – This is going
to be so much fun. Let’s see you make this shot. Watch buddy. Watch buddy. Oh, shit! My turn. l am going
to win the game now. But, Buddy.
– What is it? lt was here itself. l hit it from
there, it came and fell, here. Are you sure?
– Yaa.. sure.. watch. Buddy, you are cheating. No, l am not cheating. You had even cheated in the race. Friend, you cru too much,
like your mother. l am like her?
– Yes! Swearing on Mom?
– What are you doing? Name? How would l know your name? You just now said, ‘Good
thing ‘Milliee’.. Oh! l said that for the ball..
but are you even ‘Milliee’? Go away, you already spoiled my
paintings.. and on top of that. Painting? Which painting?
– Please, leave! Madam, you are strange.. ..once you say ‘go away’,
and then, ‘please leave’! Oh, buddy. First of all you come here
with all this stuff.. ..on top of that you scold me, This is a Golf course, madam. We have to pay money to play
here.. its not a park! Don’t impress me with your money! With great difficulty, papa got
me the permission to paint here. But you completely spoiled
my painting! You call this a painting?
No head nor tail.. ..there are only dark spots here,
you should thank me.. ..that l added some more spots
on it and increased its value! He messed up further. Oh, Madam! Excuse me..
l was just joking. She’s left, Ok Buddy,
let’s resume again. Buddy? Hey, Buddy! He spoiled my efforts of three days.. ..on top of that he is impressing
me with money. As if money itself is God! A person’s feelings or emotions
are of no value! Come, let me help you.. -You! You were just now playing
with that old man? And what are you doing here now? Oh.. come.. You also
add some more blots! The way he behaved with you,
l am very upset.. Don’t act smart! He really misbehaved with you.. Why? Aren’t you that senile
man’s companion? Senile old man! Look, nor
l am senile, nor old.. Yes .But to support my loving
old parents.. ..l have joined him, for 10,500! l am working for him, he is
my boss, and l am his puppet. lt is a cliched line. You know what has to be endured
for the sake of earning bread.. Even playing golf?
– Golf? l cannot play Golf. l am used to playing cricket. Playing golf is a rich mans passion. Give me the stuff. Give me the painting..
let me help you. Hey!
– Avi brother! Will you kill me by banging into me? Send me up, it is better
than this shameful life! He scared me to death. Did you see? Why do only
rich folks have money? ls it? Your work is done,
now you don’t know me! Just coz you got a girl,
you stop recognizing me! lf you are tired, then
shall we take a cab? lf your feet are tired, you can
take.. l am used to walking. Sir!
– Yes Ropde! Looks like today l lost her. Bus.. number 1 ! Millie! Millie!
– Hello! Go! And ask! Why our young
daughter has stopped.. ..responding to her respected
parents? Go.. go. Millie! Millie! – What is it? –
Why are you flustered? Nothing! l am very much worried
today, please leave me alone. But what is the matter?
Why are you so angry? l am mourning for my painting! Now leave from here, and
let me cool my mind! Rajat had called twice, talk to him. Mom!
– Ok, Ok. Bus number 1 ,
bus number 1 . Too rich! ‘l commit this same mistake always.. ..i am human, and l fall
in love with humans!’ ls it? Why are you staring like this at me?
– This will do. No, no! l didn’t mean
what you are thinking! Actually you know what? Perfect! Brother, l think your intentions
are not good. Friend, to seek some ones love.. ..what not a person has to go through? Come. Remove your shirt fast.
– l am your servant.. Don’t feel shy, remove
your shirt fast. Buy l’m not that sort. You know me since my childhood,
isn’t it? But some times this has
to be done in a emergency What emergency do you have? You won’t understand. There is.
Remove your shirt fast. You are my boss, you can do anything. Panchi, what a body you have? Thank you, don’t cry. lt’s
just a matter of a shirt. Avi sir just wanted my shirt, but
Panchi, why were you alarmed? Oh, nor you had breakfast,
nor did you allow me to.. We have been chasing bus number
1 since past 2 hours. Chasing girls is fine,
but chasing a bus? Let me have some snacks,
brother, l am hungry. lf you don’t eat for
a day, you won’t die. But lf l don’t find ‘Millie’ (her),
then what about me? What not ‘Millie’, Avi brother? Shut up! Don’t ask too many questions. Stop! Stop! Stop!
– What happened?Stop! Don’t move from here!
– Yes! You?
– You! Oh my God! What a co-incidence? We seem to be running into
each other too often! Didn’t you go to office?
Are you on leave? Not office, but l have
been kicked out. What? But why? lt is so.. that l call
a spade a spade. Let others like it or not! l
don’t care. l told my boss. l am angry with you, whatever
you did was not right. You hurt someone, you spoiled
something. He got angry. Told me how come you can
talk like this to me.. l couldn’t bear it, l resigned
at the same moment. Are my principles more important,
or my boss? Oh! l agree. But you lost
your job because of me. l don’t like, but what
will you do now? Struggle. l will work hard,
find a new job. Join the gang. Oh, l have
to get down here. – Me too! l couldn’t sleep the whole
night yesterday. You.. l mean, l was thinking
about your painting. lt was a piece of paper for
the boss, but for you.. lt was an full concept, art.. ..and your emotions too must
have been attached to it. Why are you speaking so formally.. can call me with my first name. Can l address you like that?
– Why not? How lovely! How lovely What is your name? My name is Avinash.. you ..
l mean, you can call me Avi.. What is your name?
– Malvika. – Malvika. Malvika for others, but my dearest
ones call me Millie. So what should l call you? Millie!
– Millie! How love it! Will you have tea?
– Tea? Do you love tea? Yes.
– Even l love tea. James. – Yes Mam? – Once
you taste the tea here.. ..then you will always come
here to drink tea. – ls it? lt is really, really, very good.
– Yeah! What happened? Drink it! Sir. Tea! OK. You cannot even drink tea. By the way, what will you do now, Avi? Destiny knows
– Destiny? You believe in destiny?
– Why? Look, this is such a big city,
and we never met before. And then when we met, three
times, continuously. How come three times? First l saw you at the airport.
You were.. doing this! What were you doing at the airport? From America.. l came to receive
my boss’ son. – Ok. And you? – l had gone to
see off my best friend. Best friend!
– Yes. Boy-friend?
– No.. l don’t mix my relations. Shall we leave? Ok. The tea was very nice.
– Ok, l am leaving. Where are you going?
– l have some work. When will we meet next? You trust your destiny too
much, ask from that! l will ask from it!
– Bye. BYE. Specky! Oh, lawyer sir. Avi, this is Mr. Rastogi,
from Kotak Life insurance. Hi.
– Hi. Sir, your dad Mr. Balraj
Kapoor has purchased.. ..a life insurance policy
worth 5 Million for you. Only 5 Million?
– Yes, we need your signatures here. l know sir!
– Thank you. Sir, tea! How many times have l told you to.. Wow! Ropde, you have reminded
me on the right time. Millie, there is a call
for you from Rajat. Tell Rajat l will talk to him later.
Papa, l have to go out! Your tea, sir. Hi.
– Hi. Your destiny finally brought you here. Now even you trust destiny. Our repeated meetings
are itself a destiny. lt could be destiny also,
and it also could be.. ..that you are following me. lt could also be that. But whatever, but it is funny,
that till yesterday.. ..we didn’t even know each
other.. and today.. And today? That destiny knows.. Beautiful! So beautiful.
– Yes, beautiful. This sunset always makes
me sad.. gradually.. ..these beautiful colours
melt away into darkness. Yes, but to rise again as a new sun. After every sunset, there is sunrise. New day, new expectations, New start.. lf you remember this, then you
will never be sad in life. Both of them together? Shit!
– What happened? Nothing.. you go ahead.
– Okay. – Panchi, wait here. Avi! STOP lT! What are you doing? Can’t you look and cross the road? Stupid!
– Stupid? Thank you. Look, don’t scold me; this
is all because of you. Because of me? Why? Why do you always meet me
across the road, why? Forget it, but tell me, what are .. doing with this senile old man? Good question. Please come. Last night at 1 1 .30, he came
to my home, and broke down.. ..i have never seen such before,
started crying like a child. And he said, ‘don’t leave
the job’. l melted. Now such a senior person,
breaking down crying.. ..l didn’t like, so l accepted. Are you telling the truth?
– Obviously, babe. This means for the rest of your
life you will remain a puppet.., and play golf with him? And the most interesting
thing is that.. ..l will also play, and also lose. Just to please some one,
and to compromise.. the biggest weakness. You
should also play and also win! No chance, because l don’t
know anything about golf. l will teach you..
– You! Do you know to play golf? Why not? l am the daughter
of a golf pro! l have grown big playing golf! Oh my God! l am so sorry,
l didn’t recognize you. So nice to meet you. Are
you Tiger Woods daughter? No, Jeet Talwar. Who? – Stop joking. Do you
want to learn or not? Of course, l want to learn.
When do we start? Tomorrow eve at four.
– Done. l have to fix everything. Looks like.. Millie. There should be attachment,
there should be keenness.. ..and there should be love.
– Wow! What a shot! You try now.
– Yes. Right, like this. And a little stance. l don’t have any interest in golf! lf l have attachment, keenness, love.. ..then it is with my golf teacher! Girl with glasses! lt says.. crazy mind.. my
love.. with a promise. lt says.. crazy mind.. my
love.. with a promise. l will die in love.. will
do anything, my love. But will not leave my lovers hand. l promise, l promise, l promise. lt says.. crazy mind.. my..
love.. with a promise. Now there should be no distance,
between our breaths. Teasing my senses every moment,
the moisture of climate. Then come, let us drink the nectar. Let us live for ages,
in the moments. lt says.. lovely moment..
my love.. with a promise. You stay in my thoughts,
remain day and night. My life is nothing without
you, l am lonely now. So come, let us bind
the relation for ages. Let us hold hands, and never leave. lt says.. every tale.. my
love.. with a promise. l will die in love.. will
do anything, my love. But will not leave my lovers hand. l promise, l promise, l promise.. Oh, Rajat! Leave me, Rajat. Rajat, keep me down.
– Oh! What happened?
– You have put on weight! You almost broke my back. Go away from here, l don’t
want to talk to you! You were supposed to go for few
days, but you took so long. l should be the one to complain,
how many times l called. You didn’t even call back once! There is no time. But l missed you so much.
– Will you not say how much? l will not tell. But it is right, that distances.. ..often turn into proximity
of the heart. Even l missed you too much. Stop talking.. leave my hand! The way you are reacting,
as if l didn’t go to sing.. ..but to have romance with someone! Look friend, if a singer
will not sing.. will he earn his bread? Hey Millie, Millie.. look here.. Wow! Look at the glow on your face,
the spark in the eyes. You look more beautiful than before..
what is the matter? This is it, l was so impatient
to tell you this! l am in love. l am in love, Rajat! l have fallen in love! l love him! l just love him!l love Avi
,l love Avi so much! Actually l love him. Hello. Who is speaking? Neetu
Kohali . -Neetu-ji, one minute. Millie! Neetu-ji’s call for you. Millie! Millie!
– Yes Mom. Neetu-ji’s call for you.
– Neetu-ji’s call for me? Hello, good morning, Neetu-ji. All three paintings of yours were
bought by a single customer. Really!
– Note down the Address. Yes. – 15th Galaxy Apartment,
Nariman Point. Ok .. Thank you, ma’am.
Thank you, Neetu-ji. You are welcome. Mom! – What happened? All my
three paintings are sold. Wow! That’s so exciting. Mom, l am so excited!
l have to rush back. By the way, what is his name?
– Who? The same, for whom you are
always lost in thoughts. Avinash. But how did you know? l am your mother! l love you mom.
– l love you too. Ok mom, l have to go. Yes ma’am.
– l am Millie Talwar. Your interior designer Ms.
Neetu Kohli has sent me.. deliver the paintings,
whom do l meet here? Senior sir is busy in a meeting. You can meet the junior sir. Ropde!
– Yes Jenny. Ropde, take ma’am to
junior sirs cabin. You? Ma’am, come. Come..Come.. Sir, tea.
– How many times have l told you.. You!
– You! How come you are here? What
are you doing here? l have not come to meet you.
Your interior designer has.. ..sent me to deliver the paintings
and collect the checks. Lets do one thing, you drop
the paintings here.. ..and l will write the checks.. lt would be better l
send the checks .. your home in style, come. But why are you impatient to send
me away from here so soon? Not at all! No! However this old man is.. he
gives enough respect to you. That’s right!
– Junior sir! Wow! Son, this E-mail from Hong Kong.. Son?
– Hey! You! Yes, what’s wrong in
calling a son a son? Millie! Sorry dad! l don’t want to hear anything! Please listen to me. Please. Please, let me try and explain. Avi, a person who can speak
a lie about his father.. ..he can never speak a truth! How will he become a friend?
How will he fulfil relations? Please try to understand. You did the wrong thing. lt’s
not fair. l really liked you. Dad, it’s all your fault!
– What? All my life you called me
buddy, what happened.. you suddenly that
you called me your son? Will l not call a son a son? You are great, look at that!
– What happened? You fought with her,
and l am suffering! But you spoke a lie! – You are right,
l had no choice. – What? Do you know.. what she calls you? Forget it. -What does she call me? Forget it.
– Tell me, what she calls me? Senile old man! You can laugh. But l
could not even laugh. Because you love her?
– Yes. You want to marry her?
– Yes. Then say like that, l will
go and talk to them. But.. – What? – Do you like
her? – Yes, l like her. Are you sure?
– Yes. Yeah, l like her, move otherwise
she will go away.. Millie! Millie. You are already angry with me.. ..and now my son has made you cry. l am sorry. From your talks.. seems he has spoken
a lie to you. He hurt you. He did the wrong thing But, why did he do wrong,
even this needs thinking. Maybe he started loving you,
he did not wish to lose you. Love makes you do strange
things, you know. But the tears in your
eyes make me sad.. Even he is feeling sad. But this bloody love
is a very bad thing.. always tests you. But
also gives pleasure. And l have seen that pleasure
in both of your eyes. By being hasty, you should
not lose that pleasure. lsn’t it?
– Yes. RlGHT. On behalf of Avinash and me,
l beg your pardon. And if you pardon, then come to
our ‘New Year Eve’s Party’. l will send the car. l knew it.. you will
be here at this time. And you also know, l hate
tears in your eyes. And even then, this is not
the time to shed tears.. is the time to smile, Millie. And you are very lucky, Millie..
the one whom you love.. ..he loves you more than you love him. Rajat.. Listen, in matters of heart, you
should not think with brains. The problems multiply..
in matters of heart .. listen to your heart.. ..a heart will never lie. Ma’am l have come with
the car for Millie. l will call her now. Millie! The car has arrived, dear. Uncle, l am coming.
– Ok. Can l come in? – Now do you
need permission to come in? Stupid! Come in. Good that you came? How do l look? Shall l speak the truth or lie?
– But you always lie! Today speak the truth.. please. You are looking.. absolutely..
horrible! Though you are looking
very beautiful.. ..but something is lacking. Lacking? What? What is this, Rajat? Now, am l complete?
– Yes, you are. Shall l go? Thanks, Rajat. Thank you, very much. Yes, Millie. l want to
say something to you. ‘You must have seen many tales
of love of these birds.. ..and also heard. But a tale
like ours, not even one’. Look here, Millie, towards me. l spoke a lie to you,
did the wrong thing. l hurt you, that was more wrong. l will not ask you, if you forgive me. Because the voice of a heart.. not heard by ears,
but the heart. l promise you today, Millie..
among these ruins.. ..where thousands of
tales are buried.. ..that l will never bring
tears in your eyes.. ..the destination of joys is
only one step away from us.. ..and by holding your hand
l want to reach there. Come on dude. l want to grow old
with you. Will you marry me? Wait. Will you marry me? Come on, say it. Say it! Say
yes. Say yes.- yes.yes. Buddy! She said yes! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Do you know him?
– Senile old man. Thank you, Millie. Thank you.
Thank you for coming. Do you know, Millie? He had
called even me here once. Because even our love
had misunderstandings. And we clarified them here itself. Anyway, father and son,
both are total loss! But he has always kept me happy.. ..and l will see to it that
he even keeps you happy. Take this, your tea. Have you prepared it with
your own hands? – No. Then it will be good. Good morning..
– Good morning, dear. Mama, tell him.
– Wait, l will tell. l need to say something
important to you. – Tell. Greetings, greetings. Good morning. Who are these folks?
– l was about to tell you. lf you have not told, let me tell. Brother, my name is Balraaj Kapoor. Why have they come here?
– l was about to tell you. lf you have not told,
then l will tell. lt is like this, brother.
These children of ours.. ..have started loving each other. And.. your name?
– Sir, my name is Jeet Talwar. Yes. Jeet sir, we have come with
an appeal in front of you. We want your daughters hand in
marriage, don’t disappoint us. The right to decide this
is only with me. Me! He is your.. – He is the son
of my childhood friend.. ..and childhood friend of my daughter. Her best friend, Rajat Verma.
– ls it? Hello, Uncle. Hello Aunty. And
you sir, Mr. Avinash Kapoor. So its you, who sang a few songs.. ..spoke a few dialogues.. ..and won my Millie’s heart? And thinking this, you
have come here.. ..that you will achieve her so easily? You are thinking wrong. l can hand you Millie
on only one condition. Condition? What condition? You will keep Millie
happy always happy.. ..and even by mistake if she
sheds a tear from her eye.. ..then l will not allow
that person to live. l will kill him! Rajat, my friend. Listen
to me carefully. l will never give you
a chance to kill me. Because your condition,
is even my promise.. know the sea.. it is so vast. l will give Millie so many joys.. ..that even the sea will
be smaller than that! Now, do you think l am the
right person for Millie? You deserve her..
– Thank you! Everything is fine, thanks
to your blessings. Brother, there is a little
bit of good news Good news? Tell..
– We have fixed Avi’s wedding. Wedding? Good new. Good news. Wedding? Avi’s wedding. Next week, the weddings
fixed for next week. Next week? Have you gone mad? Without any rituals, straightaway
marriage! No, no. this is not the way
it is done in our family! Brother, things went so fast, that
we could not even inform you. l will not listen to
any excuse, enough! Brother, please listen to me. What should l listen? You come here, we will do as you wish. l am disconnecting the phone, enough! Greetings, brother.
– Live long, daughter-in-law. You please forgive. Daughter-in-law, if you are
asking, then l forgive. But he is useless number1 ! He doesn’t believe in
religious rituals. Yes, brother. You come down.. ..only you have to take
care of everything. ls this a thing to ask? Ok,
let me do my work now. Listen, Avi’s marriage is fixed. lmmediately start preparations! Get ready.
– Alright, aunty. You also go. – Call the travel
agent and book the tickets. Yes..
– Now what are doing here? l was asking, even Pushpa
will come with us? Have you lost it? What will
a widow do in a marriage? lt’s a bad omen, bad omen! Don’t you understand such things? No, but..
– No, go away. Go. Greetings, big brother.
My respects. Live long. Greetings, big brother.
– Bless you. Come.
– Congratulations, dear. Didn’t Pushpa come?
– Oh, yes, she didn’t come? lt is an big occasion in the house.. ..every one is there, except Pushpa. What will she do here? Come on,
junior, serve breakfast. l am feeling very hungry.
– Come. Hey, Millie, look at the deep
colour of your Henna. Do you know the meaning of
the deep colour of Henna? Brother-in-law will love you too much. Live long, live long. What
are you doing here? Go and make preparations
for tying the veil, fast! Junior, look, it is our
family tradition that.. ..each task should be done
at the right time. – Yes. Where is the boy, isn’t he ready yet?
– He is ready. Kishen, listen, where is Avi?
– He has gone out. – Out? ‘This guy will put me in trouble’ You! – Why, were you expecting
some one else? Avi.. if some one sees you, then? Let him look, but l cannot accept,
that some one else.. ..should cast his eye
on my bride before me. How nice l look, isn’t it? You know what! l am the luckiest man
in this whole world! l agree with you.. now
go away, please. Go? Why? lf you don’t go now, how will
you come back to take me away? Point! No chance! Avi.
– No chance. Tonight..
– Go! Tonight..
– Go, or l will call mom. Tonight..
– Mummy! Ouch! Day after tomorrow. BYE. ‘Hail Ganesha, Hail Ganesha, O Lord’. ‘Your Mother is Parvati,
and Father Mahadev’. Oh, mom, it’s only you!
– What can l do? l am a mother! l cannot see my son scolded,
and that too, today? Thank you, mom. Ok, tell me, how is my
daughter-in-law looking today? Does she look very beautiful? Yes mom.. but your class
is something else! ls it, dear? Pampering your mother? Come on now, uncle is angry with you. What is uncle’s problem, ma? lt is time for your
procession to leave. Greetings.
– Greetings. Shall l start the rituals, sir? You Pundit, what is there to ask? Just a minute, pandit-ji, wait.
– Why? What is there to delay?
– 1 minute, brother. Come, Pushpa. Panchi, take Pushpa to Avi, he
was remembering her too much. What is it, Shobha?
– l love you. Do l look more handsome today? Oh no! You look as you look always. But l love you more when you do .. ..things like you did today, really. Pushpa is here, my heart
is fulfilled. Thank you. Shall we start, sir?
– Yes, start, Pundit-ji. Sir, now perform the ritual
of offering the daughter. How late you are? l am looking
for you since so long? l know. Am l too late?
But do you know? Your every tear is very
much valuable to me. Now stop crying.. come.. Rajat brother, l didn’t make her cry. l promise, l will never make her cry. Remember, the vast sea looking
small in front of her joys. And even greater happiness. l don’t need to worry since
you are there.. Thank you. She will definitely remain happy.
– Of course! My father.
– Come. Come. l am getting separated.. ..from my house. l am getting separated.. ..from my house. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Whom will she tell the
pain in her heart? Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. She coloured her veil in
the colour of her beloved. She immersed herself in her beloved,
by chanting his name. She became his shadow. She became his shadow,
.. the mischief of her. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Avi.
– Yes, baby. Get up.
– Why, baby? Get up please.
– Why? l have knitted a sweater for you. Oh, then l will have to get up! Put it on me.. Do one thing.
– Yes. Take me to some field and hang me. l don’t know anything!
– Yes, you know. How to keep me happy. Actually this sweater
is a bit large for me. And for Buddy, it’s a bit small. But for both of us, it is perfectly
alright, isn’t it? You know what l mean?
– Perfect! How smart? Actually you know.
– What? l have never given you
the right measurements. And so..
– Avi, what are you doing? Wow! Hey! Buddy! Come on, get up! Get up! What’s your problem with my sleep? l don’t have any problem. But today is ‘Karva Chauth’!
(lndian ladies fasting day) But what is it to me? Not you, but l have a problem. l want my wife for the
next seven births. Even l want my wife for
the next seven years. But only our wishes will not do. Unless these wives don’t
fast properly.. ..everything depends on these women! So, what should we do? Lets go and convince ourselves.. ..that these ladies are not cheating. Oh! Good idea.
– Come on, let’s go! Let’s move. Hey! Hurry up. l am not wearing anything.. Look, Buddy.
– Are you convinced? How cannot l be convinced? What’s this? – Dad could not allow
me to sleep, nor to dress. And by the way, this
is your last morsel. And no cheating, because l want
you for next seven births. Only seven births?
– Yes. Because l want you for
all my future births. Ok, papa? ls it true? That
because of this fast.. ..l will get Avi as my husband
for seven births? Yes, dear. lt is perfectly true. First you properly live
for this birth at least. And by the way.
– Yes. My buddy never lies. Now l will feed pear to both
of you with my own hands. lts ok. l wish to inform you both..
that twenty minutes.. ..still remain in appearance
of the moon God. Twenty more minutes, papa?
– Yes, according to the paper. Enough, please bear
for some time more. Buddy, l am back home.
– Hi Avi! How are you guys? And you.. -Yes. Hope you didn’t cheat. Don’t you feel ashamed? l am fasting,
and you are eating? Will you also have a bite? l was about to announce something
important, but forgot. What?
– l can’t remember, forget. – Tell. l am unable to remember? Yes! l remember!
– What! The moon has risen outside!
– What? Hey, Avi, pick up the plate. Come on! Moon. Where is the moon? Where is the moon? Buddy, where did you see the moon? Buddy, Buddy. The moon
is not up there. The moon is here.
– What? She will become a mother. Mother will become grand mother. And you will become grand buddy! And me.. only Buddy!
– Buddy! You have given immense joy today. You have made father grand! Come on.
– Where? We will tell this good news
to maternal grandparents. What is the hurry, wife.
– There is need to hurry! Where?
– Come on. ls this an act? Good that they went away. Ok, tell me, how will he look?
– Who? The same, who will be the living
witness of our loving moments. Our Son!
– Why only a son? Because, my love is always
greater than your love. And so that child will be like me. A bit like you, and a bit like me. You mean, my sweety
is gonna be specky? How sweet! l love you so much. Breathe in.
– And out. Breathe in.
– And out. First a son, and then a daughter. Don’t talk of a second child.
– Why? lf you like them so much,
then give birth yourself! Now you are being very funny. To give birth to a child,
you need teamwork. The way you cannot play cricket,
hockey and football.. ..and you cannot swim
without water, so.. l will need you badly
to produce a child. Avi, stop talking rubbish,
Please. Ouch! What happened?What happened? Avi! – l didn’t do anything.
l didn’t do anything. Doctor! What happened? You play mischief whole day,
now you will become a father. Look now, how you become a father? l will be a better father than you.
– Really? Congratulations, you have
become a grandfather.. ..and you papa. A son is born. Congratulations! Some one congratulate me too,
l am a grandmother now! Congratulations! Oh, my Millie, Millie. some
one Congratulations. SORRY .. Did you see, wife? Where the life l started
with you has reached. Really, when the nurse handed
it to me, l felt that.. ..Avi is in my lap. Same face,
same feelings. Same hair! BuddyTake him, and you also feel it. When your child’s heat
touches your chest.. ..then you can feel how cooling
it is to your heart. lts true! But l like children. Have you thought a name for him?
– No. Ansh! Do you know the
meaning of Ansh? – No. lt means piece, part, limb. He is our piece, part, of our heart. Yes, piece of our heart. God bless you. Ansh! Ansh! Where are you? Ansh’s papa is here! What’s up, mom? Your son.. he is just like you. He is making a fuss
over drinking milk. l came to know today, how
faithful is my wife! l warn you if you say anything
about my daughter-in-law. Ok, go and search then.
– Okay, give me milk. Thank you. No. – No, l was making a
moustache from the milk. l have looked there,
you search inside. You looked here?
– Yes. After growing big, Buddy wants
his muscles to be like whom? Like my father. Then what did your Buddy drink
to grow these muscles? Milk!
– Milk. So what will Buddy drink? When will Buddy drink?
– Now. Then drink it fast. Take
a sip, and digest it! Take a sip, and digest it! Now keep this down, Now what will Buddy and me do?
– Seven. Fast! 1 , 2, 3, 4! Show
me your six packs! Hi buddy, What’s up buddy?
You okay, buddy? l love you. l had thought of it last year also.. Did you call me?
– Yes. Look, on 27th is Ansh’s 4th birthday. l have decided to throw a grand party. Ansh has grown big, he will enjoy,
isn’t it? – Yes, momma. But mom, l am going to London
by tomorrow nights flight! Did you see, mom, he doesn’t
have time for us. There is no need to party. Why not party? l will go to
London, attend meetings. And return soon. l will
join the party. Oh, Buddy. The thing is this, dear. He is going to sign an big
and important deal.. ..once the deal is signed, you
can have lots of parties. The rest all is ours. Look at the workmanship,
and the finish,.. ..and very recently polished Which you can only get from us. Excuse me please, my wife’s phone. Hello.
– Hi Speckie. What time is your flight?
– The meeting is still going on. These white guys are eating my brains. What? You are still there? Unless you leave, how will
you reach here by tomorrow? What about the party?
– l will reach on time. Hello. Hello. Apart from your happiness.. ..there is nothing more important
in his life, Millie. But papa, he has not
yet left from there. He will come, relax.
– Ok, papa. Grandpa drinks the nectar,
and daughter is at granny’s. He keeps asking, where is Avinash? Panchi, go away from here. There is no appreciation
for poets in this house. What is it? Why are you so angry?
– Nothing. Hello, Millie.
– What is it? Why are you troubling? l am very busy. – Listen, don’t
disconnect the phone now. l am at the airport.
– Airport? London airport? No, l am at Mumbai airport!
– What! You are at Mumbai airport!
l am sending Panchi now! No. don’t send him, l will
take a private cab. See you soon. Mom, Avi has arrived. Papa,
he has come. – Wow! Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Every one is eager to see you. Every one is waiting for you. Every one is eager to see you. Every one is waiting for you. Every breath says l give you
my heart and soul to you. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Come, now, my loves calling you. Every breath is inviting you. Without you.. there is
nothing.. beloved. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Every one is talking about
you in the party. Your picture is in my heart. This life is only because of you. You are the tale of my love. You are the tale of my love. The smile will spread
on every one’s lips. There will be a glow
on every one’s face. lf the light of the party returns.. ..then my heart will be at ease. You are my soul and my heart. l sacrifice my days
and nights on you. You are my soul and my heart. l sacrifice my days
and nights on you. May you live long,
this is my prayer. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. l am again remembering you. My eyes wait for your glance. Even the candle is
thirsty for flame. There is sorrow everywhere
without you. There is sorrow everywhere
without you. This candle may burn and melt away. This beautiful night may pass away. Waiting and waiting
for your arrival. This life of mine may fade away. You don’t delay your arrival today. Come, fill the colours in my garden. You don’t delay your arrival today. Come, fill the colours in my garden. Without you this life is not a life. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Sing, my heart, sing
for the beloved. Sing, my heart. Come, now, my loves calling you. Every breath is inviting you. Without you.. there is nothing..
beloved. – Hello. – Buddy. Where are you? When are you coming?
– Hi Buddy! Come, now, my love’s calling you. Every breath is inviting you. Come, now, my love’s calling you. Come, now.. Drop my luggage. l live there. Come, now
– Buddy, you count till 10. Come, now, my love’s calling you. Come, now He wants to meet all three of you. ‘Avi used to say always..
you cheat, you cheat.’ ‘Yes, l used to cheat.
Only while playing.’ ‘But you turned life into a game,
and cheated with me.’ ‘Me. Your buddy. This is
the time for me to go.’ ‘You went away. What will
l do without you, son?’ ‘What will l do?’ Where is my son? He went along with you. Where did you leave him? Tell.. answer me! You used to say, that after
finishing four duties.. ..your responsibilities will be over. And the fifth duty the son will do. What sort of a father are you? You performed the final rites of
your son with your own hands. Only when l prayed to the Almighty. Then only l got you. We will share everything together. Whether it is complaint, or sorrow. No! l promise, l promise,.. ..l promise, my love. Avi! The rituals that the old generation
have left behind.. There is truth in that.. A widows shadow even should not
fall in auspicious occasions. And that is why l had not brought
Pushpa in Avi’s wedding. But you did not.. now
look what has happened? Don’t insult my sons death,
elder brother. Millie.. Momma.
– Be seated. Dear, change your clothes. No, mama. These are fine. No, dear. Colours had
chosen you and Avi. lf you go away from the colours.. ..then you will also go
away from Avi. Take them. Mama, by wearing coloured clothes.. ..the colours don’t come back in life. And by the way, the rituals.. l’m more worried about
rituals than you. About my daughter. l don’t
wish to lose my Millie. Mama.. Hey Buddy. Whats your
problem with my sleep? l am back home, Buddy. l am back home. l will not leave you and go away. Grandpa.. Grandpa. What happened, grandpa? Shobhna! Shobhna! Yes? – Shobhna. Our Avinash
didn’t go away.. ..look at him, he is our Avi. Yes. Ansh himself is our Avinash. How are you dear? How can l be without Avi, Mom? Dear, come let’s go home.
Let’s go to our home. lf you stay here, you will be
entangled in matters of the past. The time gone by is just a dream. lt does not have a face,
nor existence. Your real truth is today, and
the future that is coming. You will not be able to
see that by staying here. Dear, the one with whom
you came here.. ..he has left you behind and gone. And nothing remains here,
now. Nothing! Papa. Papa, everything is here itself. My home, my family. Mummy. Papa. Ansh. Everything’s here. l cannot go away, leaving
everything behind. Cannot go. l cannot go away from here,
Papa. l will not go. l will not go. Ansh. Ansh. Ansh! Hey, what is my kid doing here? l am next to my Buddy.
l can smell him here. My kiddo. Ansh. Shall l tell you one
thing about your Buddy? l know. He has gone above to God. God above is alone, so
he called Buddy above. l have grandpa, granny, you, with me. But l am very angry with Buddy.. ..because he didn’t even
say goodbye to me. The question itself is
very embarrassing, sir. But your answer too is necessary. The company shares that
were in Avinash’s name.. The profit from those was transferred
to Avinash’s account. What will you do about that? Millie is Avinash’s wife. Whatever Avinash had,
it is Millie’s now. You transfer everything
to Millie’s name. Yes, of course. Avinash’s insurance policy,
you are the beneficiary.. ..and this is the check for 5 million. You keep this with you, transfer
it in Millie’s account. Alright, sir. Crazy in love.. ..of her sweetheart. Crazy in love.. ..of her sweetheart. She looks here and there, waiting for him. She looks here and there,
waiting for him. Every day, every moment,
calls to him. Can’t forget the moments. Can’t forget the moments. Can’t forget the moments. Of her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Whom will she tell the
pain in her heart? Mad about her beloved. Mad about her beloved. Mad about.. her beloved. Mad about her beloved. But l don’t understand
how do l tell Millie.. What is this Millie doing? Millie dear.. what’s this? Papa, today is ‘Karva Chauth’. You had said, that by
keeping this fast.. ..l will get Avi for
next seven births. So l thought.. l thought, Papa.. what if Avi left and went
away in first birth itself. l will keep fasting for getting
him in every birth. Always.. till my last breath! Then l will surely get him, papa? Answer me. Avi always said, that
my papa never lies. Papa, l will get Avi, isn’t it? Tell me, papa. l will get him. When you were small..
in these same stars.. You would search for many things.. Today l am searching you, Avi. Wherever you are.. .. Milliee’s questions
and her tears.. ..must be troubling you
also, like me. l was thinking, that
after losing you.. ..l have received the biggest
sorrow of my life. But after looking at Millie’s
pain l feel.. ..that sorrow is too small. Very small. She has forgotten laughter. Day by day she is moving
away from life. l am scared. l am too scared.. ..that after losing you
l don’t wish to lose her. That day.. ..that day in the hospital.. ..your eyes were trying to
tell me something, Avi. But my eyes couldn’t understand.. ..due to the pain l was
going through. Today l understood all that. Today l wish to do that.. ..what your eyes were trying
to tell me that day. You.. are you happy or not, Buddy? Remain happy.. Greetings brother. Greetings. When did you come?
– Just now. Please sit down. How is everyone? Millie? Millie is not the same whom
we took away from this house. This guy, Millie’s friend. What’s his name?
– Rajat. Yes, Rajat. Where is he nowadays? He cant be seen. lmmediately after Millie’s
wedding he went to Europe. Looks like he settled there. Hey. Hey. Hey, Hey, Come on. Come on. Every scene.. every moment! This crazy heart is lonely. lt remains restless,
it says.. yes it says. ln a crowd, in solitude. ln a crowd, in solitude. lt remembers you, yes
it does, yes, it does. Every scene.. every moment! Everywhere l see your face. l feel you much,
l feel you so much. Everywhere l see your face. l see your face. l can see your face. Even though you are away,
you are next to me. Without uttering a word
you say something. l get engrossed in the
dreams of the past. l search for you everywhere. Every fragrance, every season. Every shadow, every feeling. lt remains restless,
it says.. yes it says. ln a crowd, in solitude. ln a crowd, in solitude. lt remembers you, yes
it does, yes, it does. Every scene.. every moment! My faithfulness says, nor you
are unfaithful, nor me. Your path is now different
than me, you remain happy.. ..this is my wish. Every heartbeat, every dream. Every desire, every yearning. lt remains restless,
it says.. yes it says. ln a crowd, in solitude. ln a crowd, in solitude. lt remembers you, yes
it does, yes, it does. You are the one. Excuse me. Hello uncle.
– You recognized? How couldn’t l? Avinash’s dad! And also Millie’s. Yes! What are you doing here? Have you come for some business? l have an personal work with you. Order me. The surroundings should be suitable
to speak the heart out. Of course, why not? Come.
– Come. Since when are you here? l came here after Millie’s marriage. And who else is their in your family? My family is me.. just me. Didn’t you get married? Someone saw my hand and said.. ..l don’t have marriage in my fate. By the way, how is my friend, Millie? You remembered her after
so many years? She is not happy. She
has forgotten to smile. The one whom you handed her.. ..he gave her nothing
other than tears. l had already told him.. ..if he brings a single
tear in Millie’s eyes,.. ..then l will kill him. But now you can’t do even that. Because God has done that already. Avi is no more.
– What? How happy she was with Avinash.. ..She will not be able to survive
after losing her love. She loved Avinash very
much.. too much. And you? How much did you love her? More than life. But what
was love for me.. ..that was nothing more than
friendship for Millie. And my love.. wished
to see Millie happy. Avinash was Millie’s happiness. And l handed her to Avinash
and came here forever. What will happen now..
how will she live.. How? She can live.. lf she gets
a new lease of life. The one with whom she started
the journey of life.. ..he left her at such a cross road,
where all roads are closed. Darkness, sadness, sorrow, there
is nothing other than that! But l will have to find
a way, which l will. So that she can breathe
again, smile again. She should live life to the fullest. And to do this l need your help. lf you wish, she can get
her happiness back. lf you wish, you can take
Avinash’s place back. You are silent.. lt is difficult to accept a woman.. ..who was someone else’s wife before. Who is a mother to his child. This is not the matter, uncle. Millie is my love, my happiness. But l know, she will not agree. No. She will not allow anyone to
take Avinash’s place. No one! lt is difficult. But if you help,
then this can be possible. lf you are with me.. This sunset always makes me sad. This setting sun and me,
both are same. Both are losing the brightness. Gradually these colours
will fade into darkness. With every setting sun, a new day,
a new sun rises, Millie. lf the sun sets, then it also rises,
every day, every time. Now never feel sad. Anyway, my Millie is very strong. She can very well snatch the
light from the darkness. l could do it, Rajat. When
l never understood life.. ..nor seen death from so near. Forget me, tell me about yourself. There is nothing to say,
l am fine, l am well. l keep myself busy with
my singing. Enough! So busy.. that you
forgot your friend? No, its not like that. When a place changes,
even friends change. Friends don’t change, times change. lt often happens, the distances.. ..make the relations more stronger. Now look, if l would not
have been away so long.. would l know how
much you missed me. Who told you that l missed you? Didn’t you miss? Let it be my misunderstanding. Let this be, this itself will do. Oh, you said Shit? Sorry.. but what are you doing here? l am playing cricket here..
fool, l am hiding. Who are you?
– l am your mummy’s friend. And you? l am my mummy’s son! Oh.. then why are you hiding here? Granny will force me to
drink milk, that’s why. But you should drink milk, muscles
can be built with milk. Even my Buddy had, like this! ls it? Then even you need
to become muscleman. Come, drink milk, and build muscles. Then wrist fight with me.
– You will lose. Now wrist fight with me. Hello.
– Yes, Rajat dear. Good morning Uncle.
– Good morning Dear. l just remembered that today.. How can l forget? Yes,
l was about to leave. Bye. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Hey Muscleman, don’t you
want to go to school? l have to.. bye mummy.
– Bye. Shall we go? Yeah! Come on. Say good bye to mother.
– Bye, mummy. Hi, Millie. Good evening Aunty. Good evening.
– Take these, sweets. Sweets, what for?
– Double happiness, Aunty. One, our Ansh has started
going to school.. ..and second, l have decided
to settle in lndia. – ls it? And l also purchased a small home! This is very good, Rajat.
Did you tell mom? She herself has decided
the auspicious.. ..moment for housewarming. You all have to come, and even uncle. Yes, we will surely come. Greetings.
– Greetings, come in. Buddy. Congrats, Rajat. Shall we? Congrats! Your home is really sweet.
– Thank you, uncle. May God wish you to grow, may
you receive all the joys. Thank you, Aunty. Hey, where is Talwar sir? He is sitting out and having beer! Come. Let us go to meet him, come. This is for you.
– This? All the paintings made by
me were laying around.. ..l brought all of them for you. Wow fantastic! l could only bring this much
in a hurry. – This much! Your colours will be splashed
in every corner of this home. lsn’t it enough? Wow! Beautiful. This is my final painting.
– lts beautiful. But..
– But? lt is incomplete. Don’t worry,
l will complete it. Look, now it is complete. lt is getting colder in Mumbai too. Shall we go in?
– No, it’s ok here. lt feels nice. Papa, coffee. Hey, how did you know
l needed coffee? l am your daughter. Thank you, thank you. Listen, Millie dear.
Did you meet Rajat? No. why, had he come here? Yes, he must be somewhere around here. He was saying it’s his first
performance in lndia. He was saying we all should go. l cannot go, papa. Millie? lt is fine that Rajat has got
accustomed to all of us. But he is your friend, if you
don’t go, he won’t feel nice. Mama, Ansh does not stay
with Panchi at nights. He will stay with me.
You go along with papa. l will take care of Ansh, is it fine?
– Yes, fine. Helplessness, the feeling of pain. Handover to me, all your sorrows. Helplessness, the feeling of pain. Handover to me, all your sorrows. Give me also the quiet,
and also the loneliness. Also give me the uneasiness,
give them to me. l will steal the moisture
from the wet eyes. l will not allow any
sorrow to remain. l will steal the moisture
from your wet eyes. l will not allow any
sorrow to remain. l will not let you
wet your veil too. l will never let you cry. Problems, the shadows of sorrow. Give to me.. your loneliness. Give me also the hollows,
give me also the failures. Also give me the wilderness,
give them to me. l will spread laughter on your lips. l will spread the happiness
in your path. l will spread laughter on your lips. l will spread the happiness
in your path. lf you believe me to be your own. Then don’t cast your
eyes down like this. Difficulties, your helplessness, Give to me.. all your blue moods. Give me also the problems,
give me also the wilderness. Also give me the uneasiness,
give them to me. Helplessness, the feeling of pain. Handover to me, all your sorrows. Give me also the quiet,
and also the loneliness. Also give me the uneasiness,
give them to me. Give them to me. Give them to me. Come, uncle. l have heard you singing before too.. ..but today it came from
the bottom of your heart! Thank you, uncle. Hello. – You had told me to
call at nine, so l called. An problem in the office! Ok, ok, l am coming now.
– Hello. Dear, there is some problem
at the office,.. ..l will have to go now. Rajat, will you drop Millie home?
– Sure. How was Rajat’s programme,
did you like it? lf you don’t wish me to stay at home.. ..if l have become a burden on you.. ..if you want to get rid of me.. should have told me,
l would have gone away. l will go away, papa. But
why this way.. why papa? After Avis demise.. did that
relation also break.. ..the one you yourself built..
am l no more your daughter.. ..don’t you love me anymore..
don’t you love? No, it’s not like that.
lt’s not like that. lnstead l love you more than
before, even Avi’s share. What sort of love is this, papa? Do you want me to separate
from the same people.. ..who belong to me? ln their faces every moment..
l see Avis’ face.. You.. mummy.. this house.. ..the memories that are spread
all over the house.. ..his fragrance.. God snatched
Avi’s life from him.. ..but by snatching his
memories from me.. ..don’t you also want to snatch
my life from me, papa? No. no, dear. Don’t say this. After losing a son.. this daughter has become
more valuable to me now. l don’t want to lose
her at any cost. No.. Then why are you doing
like this, papa? Why are you pushing me out from here? From this house, which is my own! Dear, this house is yours,
it belongs to you! But, in this house.. ..sunlight and breeze
has stopped coming in. And in such a house where sun
and breeze stop entering.. don’t bloom there,
no life is there. And l wish to see the flowers
of happiness blooming.. ..on this sad face of yours. Not only me, every parent
in the world.. ..will think likewise
for their children. Millie. l can understand, why papa did so.. ..he thinks of me as his daughter. He loves me.. he wants
to see me happy. But l didn’t understand this,
why did you do like this? You understand me more
than myself, isn’t it? You are aware l can love only once.. ..i cannot even think
of marriage again. even then you.. how did
you think like that? That l will fall in love once again! Millie, just listen to me. ln my life, nor the place of love
can switch, nor friendship. Both have different places. But you started mixing love
with friendship already. When you came back, l felt
my friend has come back. But l was wrong.. had come to offer me the
alms of love and sympathy. Enough! Enough, Millie. How can l offer you the
alms of love to you? l am myself begging for love from you. l wished to ask since long.. ..since l understood
the meaning of love. You were my love, my biggest joy. lf your love was for Avinash..
and you were happy.. ..then even l was happy. But when there was a flood of
tears in these laughing eyes.. ..i could not stop myself. l tried to share your
sorrow.. tried to.. ..bring back that laughter. By giving my love and
receiving your love. l don’t have anything to give
anyone. Not even love. But l have.. so much, it will
be enough for both of us! it is salty.. you cannot quench
your thirst with it. Even your life is like this. lt appears like life.. feels like life.. ..but it is not life. Just breathing does
not mean life, dear. And you have to live this life.. This wound will be cured with time. Believe me, the moments will pass. Lonely life cannot be lived
by just forgotten moments. This is the truth, you realise it. No one has been able to drink
the water of the oceans. No one has been able to
live life all alone. Your father is saying, oh my dear. You are the heart of my soul. l knew that l you would be here. lf you could understand this.. ..then you wouldn’t have
thought wrong of me. We often find it difficult
to understand ourselves. After remaining for
long in an relation.. is not easy to change
the name of that relation. l need some time.. Will you give me that? ln love, there are no limits on time.. ..if you wish, l can wait
for the rest of my life. All your sorrows are mine from today.. ..and all my joys are yours. Do you trust me? What is this? Take this, a sweet surprise. l can see only if you
remove your hand. What sort of joke is this? This is not a joke, bur reality. l will not allow this marriage. This marriage cannot happen,
not at all! What are you saying? Millie
is our daughter. lsn’t it our duty to think
of her well being? And my wishes? Don’t my wishes matter? lf Millie has lost her husband,
then even me.. Even l have lost my only son! Now l cannot lose my final
joy, my grandson. No! Shobhna, try to understand. What should l understand? Tell me, what should l understand? lt is you who needs to understand! lf this marriage happens..
then along with Millie.. grandson will also go away! This will not happen! Being a mother you don’t understand
the pain of a mother? Where the mother will stay,.. ..her son too will
stay there with her! You are telling me about
the pain of a mother? A mother who brought up her
son with her own blood.. ..who cared for him and.. ..and saw him going away.. ..washed in the same blood
with her own eyes l lost him forever! Then you yourself said,
our Avi hasn’t left.. ..he has merged in Ansh.. And l tried to look for my son in him. Now that l have found him, you
say that l lose him again? No. not at all! What you call ‘losing’, it could
also be ‘finding’ for Ansh.. He will get a father..
Shobhna, father. And that too like Rajat. The
one who loves him deeply. This love of an father is
also necessary for Ansh. But Ansh’s existence is
also necessary for me. l cannot live without him! And he will not go anywhere
away from me. Wife.. l wish before listening to this
news the earth opened up! l would be buried in! This senior has defamed me. Why? What did Balraj do? The family which was the
pride of everyone.. the people will spit
on the same family! He has gone mad, Balraj is mad! Don’t say like that, dear.
– You shut up! Just because he is educated.. ..does he think he can go
against the cultures? He is turning a widow
into a bride, the fool! ln our seven generations,
such incident.. ..has never happened,
and will never happen On the white sheet of traditions.. ..l will not allow a single
blot of defame! Not at all! What are you doing? Uncle is a decent person,
so he was trapped. l had understood the
moment l saw Rajat! ln the name of friendship.. ..he is trying to grab the
wealth along with Millie! But l will not allow him to
succeed in his endeavors. l will see how this marriage happens! Welcome, welcome. Hey listen. Come! See there. Listen, look there.
– Yes, sir.. l am grateful, grateful! Don’t say like that. Come. Get the bride and groom
to the altar, sir. The auspicious time is passing by.. l will just come. Shall we go, dear? What is the matter, dear? Papa, thinking about this.. my steps
are not moving ahead, papa. That l am leaving my home..
and l am leaving my papa.. Dear, a daughter has to go away.. ..leaving her parents home behind. This is the rule of society, dear. Come.. papa, you not only
called me a daughter.. ..but also meant it. And after
taking me to the altar.. ..this relation will
also be established. Then maybe l will not
be able to do that.. ..what l wish to do..
for once, finally,.. ..l wish to touch your feet. As your daughter-in-law..
No, dear, no. Daughters don’t touch the feet. Come.. God bless you. l was bringing
her down to you. l cannot stop myself
from saying this.. That l have seen many people.. ..but l have not seen such a man.. ..who, rather than his own pleasures.. more importance
to others sorrows. To bind a relation.. he is ready
to break all his own relations. Bless me, so that l also
become like you.. ..i give your daughter all those
things.. that she deserves. l have full trust in you, son. Come here, son. Stop this drama! This wedding
will not happen! Elder brother. Don’t call me elder brother! You cannot be my brother.. Because my brother was the one.. ..who always approved and
agreed to my wishes!. The one who was close to my chest,
and l was sure of him.. ..that he will continue with
the traditions of the family. But you! You have spit on them! You have burned those traditions! And you have yourself seen.. ..the outcome of not
accepting traditions. To avoid bad omens by the
presence of a widow.. ..l had not brought Pushpa
in Avi’s marriage. But you didn’t agree.
you called her here. And then.. you saw the result of that! And now you cannot stop anyone
from talking, Uncle. Didn’t you feel ashamed to handover.. ..the family’s daughter-in-law
to a stranger? Didn’t you feel ashamed? His soul is dead, Khushi. That’s why, after losing a son,
from my half-dead sister.. snatching her grandson, he
now wishes to fully finish her. Mama, please come down, they are
insulting papa, please come. Please mama, please. Wow, brother-in-law, wow! That stranger girl is more
important for you now.. ..that for her joys.. are even ready to
scarify your wife’s life. Fear God, junior, fear God! lt is a big sin, even to think
of a widow’s second marriage! lt is against nature,
against religion! And even now if you insist.. ..then you are under the
vows of our ancestors.. ..the fire of the veneration
will turn into.. ..the fire of my funeral pyre!
– Father! To solemnize this marriage.. will have to walk
on my dead body lf because of you, anything
happens to my father.. ..then, forgetting all
the relations.. ..l don’t know what l will do? l will not respect you at all! Listen you guys, there is no
marriage happening here.. ..go back to your homes! You priest, get up! Remain seated, priest, sit.
And even you folks sit. How dare you insist
against my orders! By revolting against religion,
society, traditions.. you want to prove
you are above them all? You are really big, are you God? No, you are mad. Mad! Yes, l am mad, elder brother.
l am mad. To accept a daughter-in-law
as own daughter is madness.. ..then yes, l am mad. To wipe her tears is madness,
then yes, l am mad. To bring light in her dark life
is madness, then yes, l am mad. What fault is hers,
that l imprison her.. these four walls and
sentence her to death? There is no brightness
here, nor breeze.. ..and no hope of a new morning. Your child is not a unique
widow among the world. For her you have taken cudgels
with your own family. Look there.. look at her. She is the widow of your
own younger brother. She is staying in the house
since past twenty years.. ..maintaining her family’s honour. Ask her, does she have any problems? Aren’t you staying peacefully,
you tell, Pushpa! No, l don’t have any problems,
elder brother. l get two square meals a day.. ..there are these white
robes to cover my body.. ..and yes, l am also breathing. lf this is called living, then yes,
l am living peacefully. Forgive me, Pushpa. l
made a mistake then. l could not muster courage to revolt. But today no one can stop me. Nor traditions, nor society,
nor religion, no one. And what tradition, what society,
what religion? The ones that turn a living woman.. ..after her husbands death..
into a living corpse! Or the one who snatches from
her the right to exist! People say the tradition
of Sati has been stopped. Where has it stopped? lt is
still alive even today! lf not on the husbands pyre, then
on the pyre of traditions.. ..even today God knows
how many women.. ..are being sacrificed every moment! They are dying a pitiful death! They are just breathing
like this Pushpa! But l will not keep my daughter
alive just to breathe! l will give her that mirror of life,.. which she will see her face. There will be colour in it,
joys and pleasures. Elder brother, with kindness l would
like to tell you something. ls it fine if a human
who makes traditions.. sacrificed on the
same traditions? Let the traditions live,
and a person die? Traditions are bigger,
and life is nothing? Elder brother, you remember
honoring traditions.. ..but forgot to wipe Pushpa’s tears. And wife, l would like to
even ask you one question. This girl who is standing
next to you,.. ..if she would be your daughter.. ..instead of an daughter-in-law? And the one we lost, if he would
have been your so-in-law.. ..instead of your son, even
then you would oppose the.. ..same way if your daughter’s
shattered life was settled? Would you mind, if her blank.. ..forehead is adorned with
a sparkling ‘Bindi’? Would you refuse a fathers
hand above her son’s head? What would you do, wife? Enough.. Forgive me.. l had become selfish,
l had become assertive. But the truth is that you
became Millie’s father.. ..and me, l could not be her
mother, nor your wife. And today in this storm, when
you needed me the most.. ..l deserted you. Even
God won’t forgive me. Sir, the auspicious time is
getting over, please hurry. No, priest. Auspicious
time passed away.. ..when a madman like
me attained wisdom. Forgive me, junior.
– No, elder brother. Don’t call me brother,
l am not worthy of it. l am not elder, but you are elder. l learnt from you today, that
life is bigger than traditions. lf the lines of traditions
start fading.. ..then one should not avoid
drawing new lines. Dear, its too late. Now my
talks have no meanings. Forgive me, thinking of
me as your elder brother. Don’t say that, elder brother. Then come on. Junior, let’s
take the bride to the altar. Please start, priest. Call the parents to
give away the bride. Come, brother. Giving away the bride is the
prerogative of a father.. ..and l am not that father , you are! Don’t say that, brother. l wish every bride gets
a father like you.. ..after crossing her parent’s
courtyard, papa. Papa, when a father like you
gives away the bride.. ..then God himself will
come down and bless. The one who gives away
the piece of his heart. The one who gives a
drop of own blood. His heart cries, but
tears don’t trickle. He hides his sorrows from every one. Pulling away his soul
away from his body. Great is that father, who
gives away the bride. Pulling away his soul
away from his body. Great is that father, who
gives away the bride. The father says.. O my daughter! You are part of my life. But your groom will come one day. He will take you away from me. Tell me how l will pass
each moment without you. Tell me how l will live
alone without you. Tell me how l will pass
each moment without you. Tell me how l will live
alone without you.

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