Baaghi 3 | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Tiger Shroff | Shraddha Kapoor

Baaghi 3 | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Tiger Shroff | Shraddha Kapoor

In a scene in Baaghi 3, the dreaded terrorist
Abu Jalal Gaza asks his men who has invaded his checkpost. Is it America, he wonders?
Russia, the Mossad, who? It’s our very own Tiger Shroff, who in this
film is taking on an entire country – Syria. I suppose the stakes had to be raised. The first film was a mashup of the Telugu film
Varsham, The Karate Kid and The Raid: Redemption. Tiger single-handedly took on an entire building
filled with killers. The second was a remake of
the Telugu film Kshanam. In the 16-minute-long climax, Tiger destroyed
the villain and his whole army. Baaghi 3 is an adaptation of
the 2012 Tamil film Vettai. In that film, the two brothers went up
against the local gangsters. But Tiger needs heftier opposition so director
Ahmed Khan, who has also designed the action, decided to pit him against
the war-torn country. Of course, the film has no real interest
in Syria or its people. Baaghi 3 was extensively shot in Serbia,
which fills in for Syria. The devastated landscape is mostly used to
make Tiger look even more heroic. Is that problematic? Yes. But this film also advocates encounter killings
and casually shows a father whipping a child with a belt. This isn’t cinema operating on any logic,
not even its own. Baaghi 3 is ostensibly part of a franchise
but there is nothing tying the three films together except Tiger Shroff playing a character
named Ronnie who is gifted with superhuman strength and agility. Ahmed tries to strengthen the link by self-referencing
dialogue from his earlier films – so at one point, Jackie Shroff playing Tiger’s
dad says: Jo torture lag raha hai woh uska warm up hai. Which you might recognize as Tiger’s signature
line from Baaghi 2. And in another, Tiger delivers his own dialogue
from Heropanti saying about heropanti – kya karoon, sabko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi. It’s all very meta. It took five writers to figure out how this
story could move from Agra to Syria. Producer Sajid Nadiadwala has been credited
with story adaptation. Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra
and Madhur Sharma also have writing credits. And yet, the actual story in Baaghi 3 feels
like a placeholder until the next action set-piece kicks in. Some of which are impressive. I’ve always maintained that Tiger in action
is a thing of beauty. It’s thrilling to see him hanging from a
wire, tossing grenades at the bad guys or outrunning gigantic helicopters. Ahmed also seems to be enthralled by his leading
man. So at one point, the action actually pauses
so he can pose on top of smashed helicopters, very much the savior of the world. Bronzed and shirtless, Tiger can outrun helicopters,
tanks, men. What he can’t outrun is the mediocrity of
this film. Neither can the rest of actors, including
the wonderful Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma. In the climax, they exchange this look of
bonding and I felt like they were silently asking each other if the paycheck was worth
it. Shraddha Kapoor, who was in Baaghi, returns
to play the one-note character of chirpy girlfriend. And then there’s Riteish Deshmukh, hamming
gloriously as Ronnie’s timid elder brother Vikram. Every time Vikram is in trouble, he screams,
‘Ronnie’ and Ronnie appears. It’s unintentional comedy. As is a moment when the two brothers reunite
for the first time after Vikram is assaulted. They shed tears and gaze at each other while
the much-feared villain Gaza waits and generously allows them to have a family moment. Disha Patani also pops in to dance at a Syrian
nightclub and provide momentary relief from the furious action. As I said in my Baaghi 2 review, Tiger Shroff
is the platonic ideal of the Bollywood action hero. He makes outlandish situations exciting. But even he needs a compelling story to hang
that action on. Otherwise all his hard work doesn’t add
to much. And we leave the theater feeling pummeled
like those countless men he hits in this film.

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  1. Read Rahul Desai's review of Baaghi 3 here:

  2. I am so done with Tiger Shroff playing basically the same guy, boneless meat piece, I wish he did more acting

  3. Bakwass Critics …………………………. no shame to learn about something in old age

    @### Please learn —–how to give a proper movie review.

    *** A movie is not just real world drama>****### ***It is also an imaginary world drama.****

    ****Sometime an imaginary world fiction drama gives you a proper entertainment……. also brings happiness & smile on your face.*****

    ##Sorry my English is not so good.

  4. One line story of BAAGHI 3 :

    “Syria में जो ISIS का इस्लामिक आतंकवाद हो रहा हे उसका कारण भारत का “हिंदू” हे!!!!!!! “
    मतलब कुछ भी यार!!!! इसमें भारत का क्या लेना देना??

    अब वो दिन दूर नहि जब “कोरोना” वाइरस के लिए भी “हिंदू” को ज़िम्मेवार गिनेगा!!!


    Storywriter : फ़रहाद
    Director : अहमेद
    Actor : टाइगर
    इससे ज़्यादा “प्रॉपगैंडा” देखा हे????

  5. I saw movie . super duppppeeeerrr hitttt. Worst review . comeon it's commercial movie. Grow up mam.😁😁👍👍

  6. Seriously how the fuck is this cinema?
    Its insult to movies like godfather, sixth sense, shawshank redemption, inglourious basterds, dark knight and many more..

  7. "Director" Ahmed Khan who's also "Designed" (AKA Copied) the action…bloody hacks like him keep getting money to make such shit…please go watch the genuine efforts of a genuine filmmaker like Hardik Mehta instead in Kamyaab

  8. Dear @Anupama Chopra…plz watch Pritviraj, Parvaty Thiruvoth starrer Malayalam movie 'Enn ninte moideen' as an antidote which will definitely make its way to the 50 films dat I love list

  9. I think Doraemon movies are more sensible and have certain storyline than this scrap wrapped with 200 crore.

  10. Anupama: Ritesh Deshmukh shouts Tiger name and is unintentional comedy


  11. #Tadakha ki copy hai so disgusting movie yaar but am big fan of #Tiger Bollywood plz copy krna band karo or naya kuch do hme.

  12. Its a Vettai remake. One of the best south indian action movies. Anupama said there were 5 writers including creative stuff by Sajid… Really, does one need this much people for a tiger shroff action movie. Oh God.. Bring some original stuff man. It was movies and now even songs. Feeling bad for Vishal-shekar…
    Bollywood is now nothing but a copy cat/duplicate of other films and songs now. No creativity and originality. South India movies and songs are way ahead.

  13. Absolutely agreed👍🏼 this movie is shit! And the fact that the director uses a war torn country plagued by the biggest humanitarian crisis of this decade, for entertainment purposes, is disgusting, monstrous and ridiculous!

  14. I'm going to watch today at 10am here in Seattle, Washington state.
    It's sad when avengers like movies are releases all public goes gaga about it.
    But when desi action movies are released, they want logic and story. Its indian nature, we all praise foreigners but never appreciate indian films. I'm going to watch for action only and I live in USA, I watch all Hollywood movies in theaters but never have this kind of attitude towards desi movies.
    To all people who wants content, logic and story I recommend them to watch discovery channel.we can atleast appreciate the action tiger is doing so far. Peace😀

  15. I genuinely feel sad that they have so much money to make a movie and they come out with such movies.. imagine the movies u can make even with even one tenth of such huge budgets ! talk about wasting resources…

  16. Support and watch movie like Kaamayaab. SO the industry should understand the audience are not dumb anymore. Out of more than 1000 Indian Cinema every year not a single Movie Got Oscar. On the other hand, A small movie Industry like South Korean Own Best Picture in Oscar. #ShameOnBollywood #ShameOnBaagi #ShameOnNepotism.

  17. Gyes go and watch Kaamyaab it’s masterpiece yaar…🙂 Sanjay Mishra sir did amazing Job 👌🏻 I know Unfortunately no one is going to watch this movie because there is No Remake song, No helicopters scene, No Mara-Mari scene like Baaghi 3 🙂

  18. Watch Kaamyaab instead of this senseless movie. IMDB rating of Kaamyaab :- 9.4 (129 votes), IMDB rating of Baaghi 3 :- 3 (348 votes); IMDB rating will change but I'm sure that rating of Kaamyab will not be less than 8, and rating of Baaghi 3 will not increase than 4.(most probably will be less than 2.5).

  19. Baaghi 3 doesn’t make sense. I don’t why they are keeping making these movie. Baaghi franchise needs to get stop.

  20. Tiger's action is his acting ,so only thing his films can do is only fighting . Would have given tough fight to 1970 -80 rambo series. India has enough audiences to watch action movies and make a pathetic movie super hit .

  21. Jb inko interview krna hota hai to itni tareef krenge ki pucho Mt or review dete time utni hi beizattti inko dekh ke aisa lgta apne Pati ko apne bachho ko v ye review dekh ke hi palti hongi

  22. Why Bollywood goes so over the logic???? Were the crews high smoke or other drug? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, Indians are not foools you jerk movie makers!!!

  23. U r surrounded by all movie books n directors autobiography..Is that ur deliberate attempt to showcase ur knowledge of art…Just wandering, who puts the setee next to the piled books..Are so called ur "hollywood action movies"backed by logics..U could've at least given the credit to the stunts n the martial art skills that Tiger put in the movie..Well don't get confused that m a tiger fan but m fan of his action, dance and his humble personality..It's true that his acting needs an improvement at times..I don't get which genre or what kind of screenplay is praiseworthy for u..I've even seen u pulling the flaws of a masterpiece Dangal..Critics not necessarily have to criticise the movie..U've taken it literally madam..BTW baaghi is one time watch movie n it doesn't deserve the praise but m talking about ur review in general..Well hope no offense taken coz none intended.. peace 🙏🙏✌

  24. Issued in public interest: Worst movie EVER!! Please don't waste your money over this nightmare of a movie. Definitely puts "Student of the Year" and "Kalank" to shame.

  25. It was a torture for more than 2 hrs as I forgot to leave my logical mind at home before going to watch this. This lessened the torture of watching LAK2 though 🙂

  26. Anu aunty you are using fork and knife to eat gol gappa .. kahan se maza ayega.. aur kapde gande honge alag se….😁😁😂

  27. To hell with all you stupid haters!!! This movie was entertaining so fuck off!!!! Dumbasses that havent seen the film we dont give a shit what your time wasting ass has to say…….

  28. Whenever a movie receives a bad and negative reviews from the majority of the public…and it is proved that the movie is a disaster and the public has felt completely cheated and tortured while watching the movie in the theatres…..and when it is completely proved that the Director was high on weed while directing the movie, the director should be penalised and should be banned from directing any other movie to in order to minimise further destruction to the human race…… these Directors are basically dance directors and choreographers who has all of a sudden turned directors after smoking weed and tortured the movie lovers by giving them hope and larger than life expectations and all of a sudden gives nothing and in return torture them and gives them pain and nightmares should be banned from making further movies…..

  29. To that WELL TO DO NOTHING, KOMAL NAHATA, Ujda Chaman please stop giving paid reviews, YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE, UR USELESS BUMP
    you have achieved nothing in your life. U r not having the ability of making a 5 minute movie, please at This age try to Improve in life..

  30. "Bronzed and shirtless, tiger can outrun helicopters, tanks, men. What he can't outrun is the mediocrity of this film."

    Ah. Burn!

  31. Are konse hollywood wale tumhare review dekh rahe hai . Hindi bolne me takleef hoti hai kya .. audience hindi hai .. Movies hindi to review english me kyu . Do simple . Vaise bhi accent desi hi hai.

  32. Korea to India: We have high powerful weapons to destroy you.😌
    India to Korea: Really! Haah we have "Tiger Shroff".

  33. Your reviews are so fucking predictable especially of certain genres. Ironic that a woman who complains so much about remakes has no shred of originality herself. Same old smug full of yourself monotone robotic empty words dripping with elitism of a bitch sitting in an ivory tower looking down on everyone in the muck of middle class life who don't think inside her small minded pseudo intellectual box. Guess what, noone outside your shit eating audience grinning perversely on your lackluster poisonous roast cares about you or your manufactured opinions of checking boxes. Tell me again how you and your profession is soooo significant like you claimed last time to me, I'll wait…..

  34. In trailer terrorist was talking in Russian accent in Syria

    Kya expectations rakhoge aesi movie se..

  35. Hi
    Please make video on …..
    why bollywood make movie like baghi ?
    Bollywood movie : 0 % logic
    Hollywood movie : 100 % logic

  36. Saw the film yesterday it's a torture frm first to last see mam u r being vry generous an respect full that's real good ur review is vry generous God bless

  37. Tiger must now go for content pl sunset to him he ll listen to u an komal it coated me 2 coffees 2 samosas an one popcorn an mental torture I like the boy

  38. "in the climax they exchange this look of bonding and I felt like they were silently asking each other if the paycheck was worth it "
    at least try to gain some knowledge on how a movie is shot..ugly bitch thinks scenes are shot sequentially..

  39. Another bollywood crap. Don't waste ur money, time & energy. Encourage south Indian movies. #DubbingIsTheFuture #DubIntoAllLanguages

  40. Ronniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  41. I don't understand why Hindi movies are still stuck in the traffic when south Indian movies moved way ahead even on the red signal

  42. No matter what critics saying, the movie is a success. Even in comparing with War: War collect more money cause of Hritik Roshan's name. But showed regress: 1 day -53,35 crore; 2 day – 24,35 and 3 day – 22,45 crore. While Baaghi 3 making progress: 1 day – 17,50 crore, 2 day – 21,04 and 3 day – 25,14 crore. It's less money but it's showed progress! Audience accept movie – that's the fact! :)))

  43. #sorry mem
    what is this
    ye movie English me nahi ???
    Hindi me h.???
    aur Jo bhi dekhe ga
    vo bhi Hindi me hi dekhe ga
    na ki English me
    is liye aap Hindi me review Kara karo

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