Baatein | Supriya Pilgaonkar, Shivani Raghuvanshi | Hindi Short Film by Adeeb Rais

Baatein | Supriya Pilgaonkar, Shivani Raghuvanshi | Hindi Short Film by Adeeb Rais

Hi Hi Mrs Deshpande? Aunty is not at home.
She’ll be back in an hour. You had some work? No. No worries.
I can wait outside. Okay Hello Actually you can wait inside. Aunty’s phone is not reachable. But if it’s something urgent,
you can tell me. I am her niece, Tulika. Jeet No, nothing’s urgent. I can wait for her Can I get some more water? Yeah sure. By the way, what’s your surname? Khurana, Jeet Khurana. This house is really
interesting by the way. I know, it’s my grandmothers house. More than 70 years old. Thanks You are a Documentary Filmmaker
and you want to shoot a film here. Aunty won’t allow. So you were looking me up on Google? No, I don’t want to shoot anything. Then? Thanks. This is nice. Vintage! Very nice You know what? I hate Documentaries. I always used to think who makes
these boring type films. No one watches them. Never thought I would meet
one of you some day. Are you being rude to me because
I am not telling you why I am here? Or you have always been like this? Both But you know,
not all documentaries are boring. I am sure. But I like entertaining movies. Actually even you should make such films. You’ll be more successful in your life. You know, it’s so much fun
to make documentaires I have been to so many
places in last two years. Jails, slum areas, red light areas.
It’s been so exciting! Good for you. Aunty’s son I know, Milind. Oh wait, are you one of his friend? His school friend? Yeah. That would be aunty. Aunty, Milind’s friend has come. Hello Ma’am You’re Milind’s friend right?
Then call me aunty, what is this ma’am? I am sorry. Have a seat Thanks I am sorry,
I didn’t inform before coming. Don’t stress, it’s okay. Milind used to love it when his
friends used to surprise him. All his friends are like my kids only. Drop the formality, okay? Did you have something? Did you offer him something?
Tea, Coffee? No no, I am fine. I had water 2 glasses. It’s good that you
didn’t offer him anything. Otherwise he would
have said no to lunch. I have made Puran Poli for lunch,
you have to eat it. Sure Puran Poli was Milind’s favourite. And even hers. That’s why I cook it
whenever she visits me. You love it right? Ya ya, I love it. It’s damn nice,
you should try. She just hates it (whispering) She just eats it to
make me happy (whispers) No I was just saying that why don’t you get the
Sugarcane juice from downstairs. Can you please get it? Be quick. Such a bad actor she is. It’s good that she doesn’t
want to become an actor. You want to do it? Why not. You only said it,
don’t be formal. You have a seat.
And just tell me, I’ll do it. Please. See there are plates and bowls. Yeah Even Milind used to help me out
to set up the table. In fact that was our deal. I’ll cook and in return he’ll set up
the table and clean the dishes. But very smartly he used to
escape the cleaning of dishes. By the way you look just like Milind. No, his eye lashes were really long
and his cute little nose. Just like his father. But yeah, you can give me
the credit of his smile. Any plans of shifting
back to Mumbai? No. I cannot live in that
house without them even for a second. Pickle is kept up there. The combination of pickle
and Puran Poli is really good. Wow my favourite Puran Poli. Hmm? Have it. Hmm.. It’s really nice. Hmm? I just realised,
mothers are the best cook. Where do your parents live? They live in Dubai.
I live by myself in Mumbai. They must be missing you a lot? Ya I mean, they are busy.
Even I am busy. I try and spend time with them.
As much as possible. Do you have any brother or sister? I had one younger brother, Tarun.
He passed away. Even he committed suicide like Milind. He was just 17. I entered our room one day
and I saw him hanging. These ceiling fans have become
so dangerous nowadays. Whenever I miss Milind a lot,
I look at this. Can I see? He bought it from his
own pocket money. So sweet right? This always reminds me That just because I cannot see
Milind, that doesn’t mean he’s not with me. He’s with me. Always. Yeah Tarun is also there with you.
Always. You know one thing of Tarun’s
that I always keep with me. I’ll show it. One second. His diary. You know, I read it
after he was gone. There were so many things
going on his head. All that was happening and
no one had any idea. He used write everything
in his diary. We had no clue. He was going through so much. You know, We loved him so much and yet
he never discussed anything with us. Did Milind share all his
problems with you? Milind’s case was not just
about depression. Those boys made his life hell. I need to confess something. I am not Milind’s friend. I am sorry. Actually a few months ago I was
shooting a documentary in Thane jail where I met Nishant. Who was responsible for Milind’s death. Nishant wasn’t like other criminals, that’s why I got intrigued
to know his story. What story?
He’s a criminal, a killer. Yesterday I got to know that
Nishant tried committing suicide in jail. His condition is very serious. He deserves it. The reason I came here is that this pendrive has some footage of his documentary which I thought
I should share it with you. That’s enough. Neither do we want to talk to you,
nor do we want to watch any footage. It’s your choice,
I totally respect it. Just please leave.
What the hell I can’t believe this. Yes aunty? So it’s day 3 in the
district central jail at Thane. And today we’ll be following a day
in the life of inmate Nishant Pandey. Nishant is languishing in
prison for the past 2 years. He is being convicted under
section IPC 306 abetment to suicide IPC 302, culpabale homicide,
not ammounting to murder and section 452, IPC 502, punishment of
criminal intimidation in case of ragging. Hi Nishant. Hi. How are you? I’m good. You don’t look like a criminal. So what is someone like
you doing here in this jail? Why are you here? Can you share your
story with everyone? Milind Deshpande. He was my junior. And along with my batchmates,
we would rag him. We had no idea that
he had become so fragile. And we just kept doing it. Why did you rag him? We used to enjoy it. Just for fun. We used to take out all
our life’s frustration at him. After a few drinks,
we used to become mad. We didn’t know our limits. But nobody expected that
he would commit suicide. He could have filed a complaint. It is killing me to know that he
committed suicide because of me. Whenever I used to
think about his mother I feel like going back
and undoing what I did. If I could meet her I would say I am really really… sorry. Ma’am I am really
sorry for yesterday. I did not mean to hurt you. It’s just that,
when I got to know that even Nishant
tried commiting suicide. I just felt like something
had to be done. And then you thought that,
after going through that footage I’ll forgive him? Right? I know it’s hard to
accept his apology. I just thought, at least
it should be heard once. How is he? Is he out of danger? I am unable to contact him. Yesterday I saw that footage
and felt really strange. I can’t explain it. I had tears in my
eyes for that boy? I kept telling myself, Suhasi
you don’t have to feel bad for him. He deserves this. But then he is also a
son to some mother. Does she deserve this? Somewhere another mother is
very close to losing her son too. And believe me no mother deserves this. You check out from the hotel.
I’ll drop you at the bus stand. Milind sent me a message
on 5th November, 2015 at 7pm. “I am sorry mom,
I can’t take this anymore.” Before I could understand anything,
everything was over. He was gone forever. You know, the fact that
he was being ragged so badly he was being bullied so badly. I didn’t know anything,
before the police enquiry. Maybe he felt that I’d worry. or maybe he was
just embarrassed. You know I used to think,
he is so brilliant. and everything is alright. But obviously the reality
was very different. Yesterday I realised that there
are many more children like Milind, Tarun and Nishant who have lost their way
while coping with life. As parents we always focus on the
eating habits of our children. But we rarely discuss what’s
going on in their mind. We know when they
need extra tuitions but we don’t know if they
need some serious counseling. I was contemplating all night
and I have thought of something. Aunty has come up with an idea
of starting a suicide helpline. on which children would be able
to discuss all of their feelings. If someone is there
to hear them out there would be less cases like
Milind, Tarun and Nishant. Maybe listening is all it takes.

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  1. Thank u for making such a good movie , with such a good made me think for a while on parenting my has opened my eyes.

  2. I myself had suffered from depression and that phase felt like never ending to me…..And yes Sharing it with someone is all it takes.
    This short film of yours made me felt that Thankfully people now are considering mental health as crucial as physical health !!!

  3. A wonderful concept portrayed just the way it should be. An issue that today's generation need to know and deal.

  4. Awesome movie at one point of time parents and children should be like friends move conversation & transperancy life becomes easy for both

  5. Oh God. Tears just rolled my eyes. I can't explain how strong the message in the movie hits to its viewers. Really " listening is just all it takes".

  6. So strong message … We should appreciate such short films . They are so worthable
    There are many boy & girls that are fighting with such ragging trauma ….Every mother father should talk to all things that look are not in need but are necessary . Each child can breath freshly with confidence & jeal.

  7. Very true it is there are moments in life when you can’t share anything to anyone and then u take shauch hasty decision as she said there should be that helpline where ppl can share feelings

  8. Touched to notice that Milind was her only son and after his demise she left her Mumbai home where she had spent the intricate moments of her Motherhood and started living in a 70 year old maternal home. Also seems her husband could not take loss of his son and gave away his life. Both mother's and father's love is too deep, pure and selfless that as a child we might not comprehend fully till the time we become parent.

  9. Atrocity should always be punished, if a bully does not get punishment then a wrong precedence will be set . That's how crime takes over the society.

  10. in today's world… we just need a person who listen us………. understand us……. that person can be related to our family, friends or someone unknown ….. doesn't matter……… just open up and talk to someone….. please don't finish your life….

  11. Really Loved it Please Pin My comment and Do watch Trailer of my Upcoming Short film

  12. I have tears in my eyes now this time don't know why😢
    Superb msg given by u nd beautifully scripted and acted by all of u

  13. Very very heart touching……………… I believe parents can be deir children's best guide, best friend……. Dey should definitely be broad minded and very very liberal in listening to deir children. A child should always feel dat he or she can discuss any problems with deir parents. Dear parents plz listen to ur child. He or she needs u.

  14. Really he deserve this… agar wo wahape mar bhi jaye to…. agar aisa sochke maf karde to har ek ye sochte raging karega… I liked this concept

  15. Parents should worry about their mental health as they worry about whether they ate or not…. That was amazing…

  16. Students go to colleges to study, enjoy.. Not for being ragged.. what kind of masti is it to hurt someone? 🙄😒

  17. Lady you have to check this out

  18. 17:20 Yes, his mother deserves this. If she raised her son to be ( to behave) like this, Yes She deserve this.

    If you kill someone, there can be many reasons But if you made someone commit suicide, there is only one reason.

    People who do such crime shd be tortured every day (physically and mentally), made feel like committing suicide but never allowed to die.

    One person's death bring death to whole family and if the death is by suicide i.e. mental torture to the extent beyond compare. Family lives, dieing every day.

    How can you ask to forgive someone who tortured and murdered in such way. People who ask forgiveness for such criminals shd be punished as well.

    Artist did great job, i actually hate dat documentary guy.

    Still dislike from me, for putting me through all this once again. Yup, I've seen someone committed suicide coz of ragging ( not my dearest friend, not son of my colleague but still felt it).

  19. Tears are streaming down my eyes uncontrollably… I can so kind of feel and understand the feeling of Supriyaji as a mother not because I am one, as I am not mature enough to shoulder a mother's position…but because I so vividly remember my mother crying insolently few years back. At that time I didn't know what was the reason, as I was too young to comprehend. But now I know the reason. My di tried committing suicide and by God's grace got saved at nick of the time. My maasi and maasa were devastated. And so were my parents; more so my mother. She being the eldest in the family my mother's love for her is enviable and I know can never match hers for mine. For her di is her own first child and not maasi's. I got to know very recently the reason of her tears… So yes, this moved me beyond words can describe….I would have lost my di. ☹️

    Yes, we need to listen more and talk less. Lending a ear or shoulder means a world to someone undergoing depression. ❤

    Such powerful acting by one and all! Hats off to the script writer, director, producer…and all other cast & crew! 👏👍

  20. Junior hi chutiye hote hai agar woh ye decide Kar le ki jab hum senior honge toh Junior ke saath ragging nahi karenge toh ragging toh 2 saal me khatm

  21. God have mercy on us…stop bulling…it doesn't just hurt the person who is bullied but it affects the people they are attached to… Good message though!!

  22. My eyes are full of tears .. what a powerful message
    I lost my niece on 9th October 2019
    She just hanged herself and we lost her.
    She was going through severe depression and we never cud reach her. We all are still in shock and her parents are still analysing that where they falled short.
    It's my humble request to everyone pls talk to ur kids and always make sure….with physical illness mental illness also needs to be dealt timely.

  23. This is the need of the hour and we must help such people coping up with life.
    And the last line of the film "May be listening is all it takes".
    Thanks for highlighting this subject.

  24. May be listening is all it takes, this is the best line. sometimes we all really need that one person with whom we can share everything, no judgement, no drama simply BAATEIN.

  25. Very nice concept. I don't gave suggestion for any.Because wo apne smjh ke anusar bata rhe h. Heart touching.
    Bhai itna mast h ki comment krna pada

  26. The last line"may be listening all it takes" of this movie..should be the base of every relationship because that's help us developing patience in ourselves..its a need and call of time ..

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