BABY X | Animated Short Film

BABY X | Animated Short Film

Once upon a time, a baby named X was born. No one could tell whether it was a boy or girl. It’s parents could tell of course, but they couldn’t tell anyone else. It was all part of a scientific Xperiement. PROJECT BABY X The smartest scientists set up the experiment at a cost of Xactly $23B and 72 cents. This might seem like a lot for one baby, but when you remember the cost of… …strained carrots… …stuffed bunnies… …popcorn for the movies… …booster shots for camp… …28 quarters for the tooth fairy… You begin to see how it all adds up. Besides the scientists had to be paid to write the Official Instruction Manual in secret code for Baby X’s parents, The Joneses On the day The Joneses brought “X” home… Lots of friends and relatives came over to see None of them knew about the experiment So they asked what kind of baby “X” was. When the Joneses replied, “IT’S AN X” None of the relatives knew what to say. They couldn’t say, “Look at HER dimples.” They couldn’t say, “Look at HIS biceps.” They felt embarrassed with an X in the family. “People will think something’s wrong with it.” “There is something wrong with it.” The Official Instruction Manual warned the parents this would happen so they didn’t fret. Besides there were other problems too… Toys, for instance, and clothes. On his first shopping, Mr. Jones told the Clerk “I need some clothes/toys for my new baby.” The clerk smiled, “Is it a boy or a girl?” “IT’S AN X,” Mr Jones said smiling back. But the clerk got red in the face and said: “Well then I’m afraid I can’t help you, sir!” That night the Joneses consulted page 2326 of the Official Instruction Manual. It said: BUY PLENTY OF EVERYTHING. So they bought blue pajamas in the boys department… …and flowered underware in the girls department. And all kinds of toys. The head scientists of Project Baby X reminded The Jonses: “Never make Baby X feel embarrassed or ashamed about what it wants to play with.” “If X gets dirty climbing rocks, never say, ‘Nice little X’s don’t get dirty climbing rocks.'” “If X falls down and cries, never say, “Brave little X’s don’t cry.'” “Because of course nice little X’s get dirty and brave little X’s cry.” “Don’t worry, it’s all part of the Xperiment.” But then it was time for X to start school… The Joneses were worried because school was full of rules for boys and rules for girls… …and there were no rules for Xs. The Joneses spent weeks consulting the Manual Until finally…X was ready! The Joneses helped X button on a new pair of red and white checkered overalls. X brushed it’s teeth and combed it’s hair… And remembered to put a napkin in its lunchbox. They asked if class could line up alphabetically… …instead of forming separate lines for boys and girls. And asked if X could use Principal’s bathroom because it was just marked ‘bathroom.”‘ X’s teacher problem to take help, but no one could help with the biggest problem of all… Other children. You couldn’t tell what X was by it’s clothes. You couldn’t tell whether X had a girl’s short haircut or boy’s long haircut. And it was very hard to tell by the games X liked to play. Some of the children tried to find out by asking tricky questions, like… “Who’s your favorite sports star?” X had two favorite sport stars. A girl jockey and a boy archery champion. “What’s your favorite TV program?” X’s favorite TV show was Lassie which stars a girl dog played by a boy dog. After school, X wanted to play with the other children. “How about shooting some baskets in the gym?” X asked the girls. But they made faces and giggled behind X. “Boy is SHE weird” whispered Jim to Joe. “How about weaving some baskets in the craft room?” X asked the boys. But they made faces and giggled too. “Boy is HE weird,” whispered Susie to Peggy. That night the Joneses asked X about school. X tried to smile, but had tears in its eyes. Once more they reached for the Manual. Under “Other Childred” they found: What did you Xpect. Other children have to obey the silly boy/girl rules. Lucky X, you don’t have to stick to the rules at all. All you have to do is be yourself. P.S. We’re not saying it will be easy. The next morning, little X went back to school with a brave smile and clean pair of overalls. There was a spelling bee in class that day. And a boys relay race in the gym. And a cake baking contest in the girls kitchen. X won the spelling bee! X also won the relay race!! And X…almost won the baking contest. Xcept it forgot to light oven. Nobody’s perfect. One of the other children noticed something: “X don’t care about winning or losing…” “X thinks it’s fun playing girls and boys stuff.” “Maybe X is having TWICE as much fun as we are.” Then some really funny things began happening… Suddenly Susie refused to wear pink dresses. She insisted on red and white checked overalls. Just like X. Overalls were better for climbing the monkey bars. Then Jim started wheeling his sister’s doll carriage around the football field. He told his family X did the same thing so it must be okay. But the worst came when twins Joe and Peggy began sharing everything! There parents weren’t one bit pleased with Peggy’s wonderful biology experiments. Or Joe’s terrific needle point pillows. They didn’t care Peggy mowed the lawn better And Joe vacuumed the carpet better. They were furious! “It’s all that little X’s fault!” “Just because X doesn’t know what it is” “or what it’s supposed to be” “It wants to get everybody else mixed up too!” The parents called an emergency meeting to discuss “The X Problem.” The Parents Association said X must take an Xamination. Experts must examine it physically & mentally. If X’s test showed it was a boy, it would have to start obeying all the boy’s rules. If X’s test showed it was a girl, it would have to start obeying all the girl’s rules. “And if X turned out to be a mixed up misfit, X would be expelled from school immediately!” The school would have to decide about X. On the night before the examination The Joneses tried not to let X see how worried they were. X just smiled and hugged them hard. At Xactly 9 o’ clock the next day X reported to the school health office. The Principal… …The Parents Committee… …X’s teachers… …X’s classmates… …and the Joneses waited in the hall outside. Inside the Xperts had set up their machine: The SuperPsychioMedioSocioCultural Meter. It was quiet in the hall. Almost spooky. Once in a while they’d hear a strange noise. “Poor X,” The Jonses thought. “Serves X right,” parents committee thought. “I wouldn’t want to be in X’s overalls right now,” the children thought. At last…the door opened. Everyone crowded to hear the results. X was smilling… …but the Xperts were crying! “What happened?” Everyone began shouting. “Had X done something disgraceful?” “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.” “Did X flunk the whole test?” “Or just the important part?” “Oh dear,” sighed the parents. “Shhhh!” Shushed the Principal. “The Xperts are trying to speak!” Wiping his eyes and clearing his throat, the Xpert began: “In our opinion, young X here…” “Yes?” “YES???” “Shhh!” “Young Shhh here. I mean, young X here…” “…is just about… “Just about what? Let’s have it!” “…just about the LEAST mixed up child we’ve ever examined!” “Yay for X,” shouted the children. The others began yelling and jumping. The Parents Committee was bewildered… “How could X have passed the Xamaination?” “Didn’t X have an identity problem?” “Wasn’t X mixed up at all???” “Wasn’t X any kind of a misfit???” “And why was the team of Xperts crying?” “Don’t you see?” “We’re crying because it’s wonderful!” “X has absolutely no identity problem!” “X isn’t a bit mixed up!” “As for being a misfit? Ridiculous.” “X knows perfectly well what it is. Don’t you?” The Xperts winked. X winked back. “But what is X? We still want to know!” “Well don’t worry. You’ll all know one day and you won’t need us to tell you.” “What do they mean?” “They mean by the time it matters which sex X is…” “…it won’t be a secret anymore.” Needless to say the Joneses were very happy The Project Baby X scientists were happy too So were Susie, Jim, Peggy Joe and all the children. The Parents Association wasn’t but promised to accept the report and not make trouble. Later that day, all X’s friends put on their red and white checkered overalls to go see X. They found X playing with a tiny baby. “How do you like our new baby?” X asked “It’s got cute dimples,” said Jim. “It’s got husky biceps too,” said Susie. “What kind of baby is it?” asked the twins. X frowned at them, “Can’t you tell?” Then X broke into a big, mischievous grin. “IT’S A Y!”

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  1. No children act this way, ask these questions and why in God's name is like – The kid in the backyard alone with a baby?

    This film I thought was – Eh… Kids don't really care about gender, they see toys and play with them and so on. Yes, parents who force their kids on anything and that includes gender roles isn't right and I support the LGBT community. Kids will be kids but this film makes it so overly complicated and part of me wants to believe this isn't some propaganda but it comes off strong. In reality if a kid was raised this way they wouldn't only be harassed but would be miserable. This is very unrealistic because no fucking toddler or child under the age of 8 knows the difference really between a boy and girl. Yes they know the labels and potentially are shown the roles but it's not heavily enforced on small children because they don't actually know. Clothing doesn't count really with small kids, if you put a male toddler in a dress they most likely won't care because to them – It's just clothes. This film was just… In my recommended for God knows reason.

  2. Gender is very obvious. Adams Apple or not. Voices are different. Girls are naturally attracted social activities boys are naturally attracted to mechanical things (studies were done on this and yes exceptions DO exist). Jawlines. IQ. Gender DOES EXIST YOU INBRED LOSERS

  3. Okay seams the world forgot why there are Boy things and girl things in the first place…. just as a reminder it's about Pride.

    Just like the gays claim their pride of being Gay. Why is it bad to claim the pride of being a Boy? Or the absolute Pride of being a woman. The colors blue and pink are the flags of patriotism to your gender, like the red white and blue for America. And the toys kids play with are thier traditions long passed down for thousands of years.

    It's not bad to change the game, and try new things. But it is a crime to raise your kid without The pride of what they are. Whatever it is they may be. And will lead to mental problems down the road where they wish they were something else. And don't know why they are what they are.

    Pride. Loyalty. Even a Gay man should have Pride that he's a man and not a woman. And vise versa. It's easy to forget with so much noise about gender now adays. But kids should be raised with great pride to be human, to be alive, and to be made the way they are. Not ashamed. And not neutral or uncommitted like a politician eather.

  4. So. You can actually put X down as the gender of your child when you have one. So they can later on identify their own gender and stuff.
    This might have something to do woth that. I love this animation.

  5. I love this film, so don't hate me when I say this, since I don't really care I just think it's interesting: I think X is a girl and the new baby is a boy, X and Y might be the names of their second chromosomes, but it might not be, but they were right, by the time I figured it out, I didn't really care.

  6. This kid was treated differently it's whole life! Using the principal's bathroom, getting 3 million $ to be raised, everybody around it adjusting their language around it… That kid is spoiled af and getting too much attention for being an unknown

  7. X does have a gender, it just isnt told. By puberty, x will be fine with asking a their gender friend for help. An old friend isnt gonna view them differently after knowing thier gender.

  8. It's a very clever short story that attacks on the bias rules which we've been blindly following for ages which ended up creating gender inequality/discrimination b/w male, female n others .

  9. I hate it how people make it for what gender
    you are you'r labeled as for
    what you should do as for sport or chore's.
    Because they want you to do just because people think its "reasonable".

  10. I'm all about individuality and all that stuff, but this is just the gender neutralism propaganda. I mean I get the message too bad it's just a really bad message

  11. Im not sure if anyone noticed. But for some reason they may be using the X-chromosome Y-chromosome thing.

    I could be very wrong but yknow.

    This is likely the best video ever. Theres so many young people out there that honestly want to feel comfortable with what they do. And they should never feel embarrassed or hide sonething if it means expressing themselves and being themselves.

  12. I had to watch this for one of my classes. This was the fucking dumbest video I have ever seen. Wish I could get that 11:16 back…..

  13. Shut the fuck up, liberals. Don't destroy your children's life just because of your political opinions. If you agreed, or liked this video, you should be castrated, or at the least, let the government legally take your children away from you. There are two genders. Teaching your child otherwise gives them "Gender Dysphoria" Which is a mental disorder. There is something wrong with "x", x has gender dysphoria, the doctors in the videos are idiots. If you yourself decide later in life that you are the opposing gender or "non-binary", I would recommend mental help, but whatever, go do that to yourself, but not innocent children.

  14. I think this is saying, no matter what gender you are, you can dress up as whatever you want and do what ever you want.

  15. It’s very easy to see if it was a boy or a girl.follow it into the bathroom and see what it pulls out when it needs to piss.

  16. I highly recommend this manga series called “Otomen”. It’s about a high school boy who secretly likes feminine things and sometimes show feminine traits, but has to appear “manly” to others in order to appease his mother; who happens to be a gender conformist freak ever since her ex-spouse came out to her as a transgender female and left her. Publication was from 2006-2012 and I read the whole thing but I didn’t realize how progressive it actually was until recently.

  17. My parents are always telling my little brother "boys can't dress like that, play with that, do that, cry, love other boys, etc, etc". I'm the only one telling him that he can cry, do what he wants (either it's a "girl thing" or a "boy thing"), and love whoever he wants :/ I'm not sure in how he would turn out when he becames an adult.

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