you know what I got today 101 roses yellow and pink a guy I met in traffic school Good luck actually I was really disappointed in Tony. Uh-oh here we go I’m used to going out with much better looking men. No. He can’t help it. Don’t hurt his feelings. I mean he’s so little and he’s got bad breath. Tony yeah how’d you like Melanie’s breath? I don’t want your excuses. I don’t want your tears. I want your action ! YOU can take responsibility for your own life. Only you can change the course of an unhappy existence and make it Better! watch out for the crawling eye Last night I dreamed I made love to Gorbachev. It was in his office at the Kremlin. Afterwards he called down for sandwiches What kind of sandwiches. Roast beef. With mustard? I don’t know with mustard. anyway when the waitress brought them up he went to sign for it, she said he had to pay cash. Imagine… Gorbachev having a pay cash at the Kremlin Look at her. Like a prom queen. You’re a real artist Grace Is the stiff ready? let’s see. I don’t remember all this hair Oh, I helped her out a little in that department. You did the back. Nobody sees the back. I keep telling you, you spend too much time on them, Grace. Time is money. You know something Irene, she looks a lot better now than she did in the hospital but she was alive in the hospital. Well, she looks better dead. I feel as though I know the deceased after talking with her lovely family. They told me she always wanted to ride in a white Cadillac. Well folks she’s riding in one today. The finest coffin money can buy. Everything but wheels. It was a good fuel everyone was crying. The family want her ashes divided up in plastic bags. Oh. Well that’s nice. They all want a part of her. Grace do I understand this right you’ll be taking tomorrow off?? My father’s getting married but carry will man it’s just fine I’ve been teaching them but well loaded tomorrow they’ll be stacked up down there look you were 10 minutes late this morning and you were three minutes late yesterday how do I have to remind you grace it’s our busy time of year people drop dead during the holidays grace maybe you could squeeze into it I tried to squeeze into this dress I’d look like a saucer no no no no dear you’re in the wrong Department completely look in her large ladies Department was just looking it doesn’t hurt to look honey just do me a favor look in our large ladies department it looks fine I have eyes I look like a two-story house try the fuchsia Terry it looked like a whole apartment building in fuchsia ah I still think it stinks that you can’t be one of the bridesmaids I mean if her two daughters get to stand in line why don’t you you’re his daughter Wanda wants a small line small she’s got seven bridesmaids small in stature they’re all petite she says grace honey you wouldn’t look in balance anyway I’d look ridiculous in pink and ruffles it’s not fair your dad should stand up for you my dad can hardly look at me not exactly what he had in mind for a daughter maybe you remind him of your mother oh no I’m nothing like my mother my mother was beautiful thin and tall lanky and wonderful the mirrors are terrible in these places they show you like you really are I guess I could just wear my gray dress yeah why go out and spend money on some fancy dress how many times you think you ever gonna get a chance to wear it probably never chances of either one of us get married or zilch let’s get out of here I’m hungry lots and lots of chili please you know hot dogs are filled with hormones and disgusting preservative thanks I knew this girl she wore black to her wedding Laura told me the bridegroom choked on the wedding cake got a complete spasm attack and died I know well it’s the truth it really happens that was cute he looks like a mama’s boy I steer away from those types do you realize grace that the best relationship I ever had on my life was with Eddie Brock’s and that only lasts of great days he was here visiting my roommate there’s nothing we did the bubble bath with Wow oh we had on our bathing suits I still has to count for something you’re gonna drink that mmm go ahead Thanks they don’t use real chocolate anymore you know and it’s not real cream either it’s that plastic stuff they spray out of cans Jerry it’s not gonna kill you well I’m still alive aren’t I he’s beautiful probably married he’s got a bunny girlfriend he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen even if you ever had a chance with somebody like that all these diseases you couldn’t sleep with them sure I could and just boil them first there’s just build with manga stores you know they can get into your lungs and they get into your bloodstream they grow until they kill you then you sure my own dress will look good enough it doesn’t look so hot but we train hi grace you only I went ice-skating that they would like to see al Wanda this is a modern-day fairy tale once upon a time a butcher met the checkout lady at the supermarket anyway the bridegroom want to thank Harold Stoney over there now a Greek philosopher I think his name was Plato he said men and women are orange halves searching for the rest of themselves to make us whole how I know you are going to make the big orange kind of like sisters now huh you look beautiful thank you I’m so glad you’re here you know you must stop by one of these nights and and let me do your hair I mean you should just put yourself in my capable hands right I got my man goodnight hmm good to see you congratulations daddy oh thank you thank you this is probably a stupid wedding present only I thought you might like it oh my gosh that’s me and you yeah yeah it’s nice hey hey yo Wanda look at this hat expressing me yeah that would really look nice hanging up in a diner I wanna miss this looking great well but so glad you can make it any to hit can’t you you know something I know I’d be a very pretty girl up by just this wait I’ve been telling you about my entire life lose 100 pounds everything change that’s easy which diet I’ve tried them all the only one left is starvation sweetie could you get me another room rum and coke your father loves you very much you know when you’re just trying to help you grace you have such a pretty face but if you don’t lose weight you never will find a boyfriend I’m not looking for a boyfriend of course you are you don’t fool me one bit I’ve already got a boyfriend well since when for a while I just haven’t said anything oh he’s really nice and he likes me just the way I am well I’m I’m sure your father and I would love to meet him oh I’m sure you will time for the rice honey see you away you should have seen him in his uniform well men always look better in uniforms that’s what attracted all the war brides you know they fell in love with the uniform and they discovered a mosquito I think he looked at me I really do I think you kind of noticed me you mean you made eye contact not exactly but doesn’t count less he makes eye contact Carrie I want him some in the middle I’m not kidding there he is I’ve gotta get out there I’m gonna make him notice me I’m sorry all right okay great does anything it wasn’t just my contact Kerry for weeks I’ve worked you for three whole years and I’ve never had a vacation it’s impossible it’s impossible life is fleeting it’s the busy season the holidays people are dying all over the place for weeks be reasonable grace look Kerry’s work is erratic she uses too much makeup everybody ends up looking like Tammy Bakker I could discuss it with a labor board okay all right uh let’s say two weeks off now three three weeks off now and you can take the other week later thank you and I hope when you come back you’ll be your own self excuse me trying to find out the name of one of your motorless but you don’t understand you made a pass at me make a complete give me the details and I’ll report it to my superior no it wasn’t like that never mind forget it you can’t go in there sir I have a proposition know something I need to find this train way left a book on the train and I was cleaning on Sunday it was about 8:30 at night on the number three hmm let’s see could have been working swing could be on the extra board and this guy he looks like a movie stars great looking number three Ron Harrison that’s you man he looks like a movie star okay no let me get this straight he’s working swing-off at 11:00 am i right yeah that’s right do you want these I got the wrong kind oh well I just got him from the machine brand new sugar babies well it is what I wanted let me pay you for no no no it’s on the house we have something in common sweet – thanks heart don’t fail me now and in a hurry I have a training class don’t make a mess will you be late what difference does it make well I was just wondering well don’t wait up there’s tuna in the fridge and please get home as early as you can from work tomorrow night we have to go over the wedding plans he lives right there on the third floor he was fighting with her mm-hmm my cases place out from upstairs you can see right into their living room you tell they’re not happy and they’re not married yet either that’s her she’s typing he’s coming out they have a terrible relationship see what I mean she’s mean Carrie you can just tell just had a nose job just got great hair dyed perfect body probably implants I still wish I look like her me too I better get home I got sinus I think they’re fighting again everybody fights these days or haven’t you heard this is the unromantic generation I read it in the paper I don’t want to be mean but be realistic a guy like that is never gonna be interested in it a person like you I don’t mean that as a put-down he wouldn’t be interested in me there I mean look at his girlfriend you know I was reading this article I’m broken hearts they can mortally wound you 15 years after getting thrown over you end up with cancer I’ve got three weeks off Kerry I’m gonna get him are you expecting company I sure AM some relatives is coming no no relatives some friends coming to town something like that it’s one friend oh that’s myself a girlfriend comes to visit excuse me these are own men’s hello sorry can I help you with something yeah do you see me like this only my size sugar baby had this woman today Pat it out her bosoms with tissue paper she looked very nice mango B had a fit okay the tawny cream I mean all I did was give her bosoms is that a capital offense you just have to be subtle okay now feather in the apricot harvest just much the line somebody never get it alright when I’m working on myself yeah well cuz you’re used to working on somebody lying down hmm I’ve got to see this how do I look Carrie I knew you could do it if only mr. mad will be could see this it’s your first masterpiece my turn alright okay don’t let your ankles wobble like that great okay got it swing your hips so good that’s really good that’s good okay I just remember you’ve got to be interesting okay you got to be stimulating you’ve got to talk to him about the deforestation or how the the ozone has a big hole in it or the landfills they’re just overloaded with plastic diapers no Carrie don’t you understand the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach I don’t see it weirdo she’s a complement of rocks believe this hi I have your skates will you join me banana splits chocolate a strawberry once I went to Colorado with my dad I used to sit in the car watching the mountains pretending like they were ice cream mmm snow was a marshmallow topping yes I like comforting foods don’t you like hot chocolate on a rainy day or grilled cheese sandwiches mm-hmm mmm macaroni and cheese baked in the oven with that she’s kind of puffing sugar babies oh yeah sugar babies they paged me in the rink why don’t you know my name I just know I’ve seen you escape you should be in the Olympics well thanks that was my dream actually wants to be in the Olympics she’s never quite made it even thought about being a dancer once instead you ended up as a motormen are you some sort of detective no I ride the subway every day I’ve seen you I worked for a funeral parlor yeah I do the makeup and I play the organ some people think it’s kind of creepy for me to work there do you know somebody has to do it it’s like driving a train yeah well um thanks a lot it’s really a treat here’s my address why don’t you come over after work tomorrow I’m gonna cook you the most wonderful dinner oh I’d really like to but I um could I get my skates how about roast chicken with mashed potatoes smothered with gravy I have to work late your shift ends at 6:00 you can even bring your girlfriend if you want she’s out of town for the holidays it’s Christmas time you’re alone lonely come on come to dinner I have an appointment I can make candied yams with hot rolls ripping with butter look I can’t I want a prize for my devil’s food cake dark chocolate it’ll melt in your mouth I’ll see seven o’clock mr. Harrison accepted my invitation to dinner no kid yeah Iran how about a beer man right yeah why not what oh hey don’t you have to call your girlfriend and ask for permission but haha she went home for Christmas but she left me alone man yeah I have to work I couldn’t go she must really trust you a handsome guy like you can get into a lot of trouble yeah sure hey come on man we can live it up huh a night out on the town buddy knows what might happen yeah yeah another round hey you drop something buddy grace who’s grace man what nobody hello Carrie I can’t talk right now I’ll be a minute about four hours later I have to think positive he’s not gonna show grace that’s the way men are one minute they’re nice and the next minute they’re slimy mom gotta go Carrie okay man I got a feeling man I got a definite premonition that the next woman that walks in that Dell is gonna be packing her hair for tea for this woman I am telling you she’s a dog he chases Todd any way more than miles away right yeah well Rob here see he’s an experience right you know what he looks for is he likes to gaze and I look for his rope ability ability know how you spell in me oh my god septic ten look I gotta get home they won’t leave me too yeah me too man see you later I get home my wife and kids man keep it clean you Mike working playing hey yeah I thought we were going on the town tonight that’s what we’ve been doing man that’s what we’ve been doing this is all she wrote I mean this is does your shirt dress I found it yesterday I had everybody in the bar looking for it someone’s burn oh my god smoking here oh sorry my fault aren’t you late for dinner don’t look at me I look terrible I was already incredible dinner the table was beautiful it looks fine candles wine oh no wine thank you don’t worry I drank it all I had the music and the lights I even bought a new mattress and silk sheets mattress don’t you get it I was going to seduce you sure um I’m kind of dizzy yeah yeah isn’t it crazy I actually thought that I get you up here and win you over with chicken and chocolate cake I actually thought that somehow you finish up me a wipe your mouth look over me and settle in for the night I don’t feel bad I keep thinking about the dinosaurs I’ve gone wiped out they survived for millions of years and then they disappeared the same thing is happening to us my best friend Carrie she keeps telling me that insects are taking over and we’re soon gonna be extinct oh I’m so sorry getting you up here don’t worry about I’ll take care of you I’m very good with dead people what we’re doing here came for dinner I came for dinner mm-hmm I have to go I’m late but it’s your day off I have an appointment where are my clothes I’m chair watch out for the crawling eye what you easy that movie you know the big guy the smoke coming from under the door I was always afraid it was under my bed I still make a wide leave just so it won’t get me oh I’ll go get you some aspirin oh um I um we didn’t know you were a perfect gentleman you passed out cold okay I’ll go fix your bath oh no no no no don’t don’t do that I don’t have time for a bath you know you talk in your sleep last night you say something about running off the track must have been dreaming driving the train right off into this guy mm-hmm that’d be fun making stops at all the stars like little towns on a road map a lot of interesting things happened on the train one time this woman had her baby right on the run the Yankee Stadium muggings raves people getting killed people making love mm-hmm here have some more wasn’t pot oh no really I’m totally stuffed I don’t even eat breakfast Olivia and I are always on the run how long have you two been living together no see made 17 payments on the television set made 25 payments on the living room set mm-hmm I guess it’s about two years in two months we’re right on schedule we’ll get married we’ll have two kids Timothy and Louisa boy you really have things planned out Olivia’s like that she wanted me to get into computers only I really didn’t like computers anyway I really liked driving the train I don’t know I make pretty good money you know what I think I think that everything is like a dot and someday all of the dots will be connected and then we’ll know the meaning of our lives Rob can you meet me at the 14th Street Station when you finish your shift what for because I want to take you to my dad’s house for dinner grace look I’ll never see you again I don’t want to miss this opportunity I mean I just want to take you there for once in my life I want to show them show them what maybe I could get a date with somebody like you look two hours of your life I’ll never ask another thing I won’t bother you or waiter on the terminals for you or even watch you skate I’ll disappear poof I really will grace call me go get out she’s got a boyfriend he’s cute did you hear me go get out she’s got Punk hair makeup what’s going on daddy this is Rob Harrison what the hell what are you gon Punk I’m walking along this guy yells babycakes I didn’t know whether he flattered her insulted it’s a compliment nobody’s never called me that before another helping grace no thanks I’m fine now grace you know you always have at least two helpings sometimes three she’s right you really pack it in when I want to see me grace used to be a tomboy always climb the trees with all the boys sure is thinner then don’t believe him I was big as a house no no that’s not true week we got a picture right here daddy face it that was never a cute little girl where is it where is that picture that grace gave us oh it’s in the storage closet dear I must swear haven’t had time to hang it anywhere we all know that grace has a pretty face she just needs to lose a little bit of weight well I think grace looks great I think she looks terrific just the way she is well she always was a sly one I mean I had no idea that she had such a nice friend and then she shows up with you and this new look where did you two meet Oh go ahead hahaha actually we yeah we saw each other first on the subway really mid ice-skating oh that sounds romantic probably not as romantic it’s falling in love at the supermarket you know the big orange hmm Lisa would you get the grater my sister’s for Christmas dinner of course you’re welcome to join us you’re invited she knows she’s invited out but there’ll be so many people all my crazy relatives you wouldn’t know any of the people it won’t be much fun that’s okay Wanda Rob and I have already made plans oh yeah yeah we’ve already made plans so uh can’t hardly okay you’re all welcome to join us oh how sweet but we already promised my sister next Christmas okay next Christmas it was nice to meet you happy to Barna good night I never knew exactly what happened I mean I was only six years old I came home from school one day and there are all these people and my dad was crying he told me that my mom had gone to live in heaven after that I had to go live with my aunt because I just sort of grew up and got a job in my own apartment yeah me too I’ve been on my own so 16 my mom and I moved here from Albuquerque and my stepdad didn’t care much for me he turned to ice skating and I turned to food you know what you said about liking the way I look did you say that not one minute nobody understands what it’s like to live inside a large body you want to make it shrink but nothing seems to do it aerobics I picture all those thin hard bodies and me makes me feel like such a failure I know the feeling failure hmm but you know sometimes when I’m driving the train and I’m going through a tunnel and it’s pitch black and then I hit daylight and sun is shining and all of a sudden the world just seems so beautiful fills me up Olivia should hear me now sound like a poet you do that stuff I said about Christmas and you and me making plans I just said that because of Wanda I picked up on it you did watch out for the crawling eye my motorcycle in the parking lot well thanks for joining me I know it’s kind of an ordeal think of it this way you’ll never have to do it again yeah I guess I’ll go home that you want to go for a motorcycle ride or something I’ve never been on a motorcycle before never you know Padre but what’s up man hey man I was hoping I was running do you you want to go for a beer sure I’ll see you later right yo Don Juan where did you find that one that’s nothing like that she’s friend of my little sisters huh how’d you like to be smothered by that right yeah I’m just about to hit the Grand Concourse I look out of the Train and there’s this gorgeous woman absolutely gorgeous woman standing in the wind yeah it don’t tell me she was naked hey start start start home way I almost got the train yeah tell you was a motorman’s dream man that’s all we are is a bunch of peeping tom anyway yeah forgot something I gotta get going what’s that see you what’s up with him who knows for me grace grace grace walking next to me I what those guys are a bunch of yo-yos they really are well sometimes I feel like I got to be a part of it you know I’m to be a real man and then when I’m there I’m mostly embarrassed huh grace just let go let’s say it I’m a beast the other way I’m fat and I’m disgusting would you stop it you stop saying that junk names listen to me I was I was a real jerk back there okay that’s not the way I really feel and I’m sorry and I like your grace I like you a lot grace so they called the police No don’t call the police grace it’s all my fault I told you stuff now you feel sorry for me I don’t want that would you stop it I’ve only been with one man in my life 16 get pretty scarves HIPAA sip what about ask a lady it’ll look nice on you what do you want anything you want take your pick sue pays aqua see green what about this that has your name on it judges a light just like you to do a beautiful woman what did you say you’re looking good grace looking real good you must be in love work went so fast today that’s because you had something to think about yeah something nice Christmas Eve you what she looks so beautiful should go home and get my good clothes I already took care of that come with me Merry Christmas and what is this this black shirt with the red suspenders suspenders in this sweater with the polka dot scarf polka dots never worn anything like this before Olivia says that I can’t carry it off she says I should stick to the basics wow this is great I think thank you to everything Rob you’re gorgeous you caught anything right oh and there’s one more here silk pajamas being sold by a choir for dressed up everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help I met Olivia on the beach at Sun cameto she was my first girlfriend she’s tried to shape me into what she wants me to be but I think she’s losing the battle hmm if you don’t mind I made a viewer with me I wouldn’t want you to change anything nothing at all Merry Christmas they’re beautiful too beautiful okay oh no the only thing is I can’t stand on it okay you won’t fall no come on just hold on hold on hold on I know this really well don’t wipe it just hold on laughs all right my skating I mean really of course your skating come on thank you what are you doing Rob come back here come on okay now baby come back here come on come to Daddy you can do it you asked for it come on baby come on yes the best Christmas I’ve ever had in my whole life when’s his girlfriend coming back she called him at work she was stay over New Year’s yeah and then what I don’t think about that I don’t wanna ruin anything often speaking beautiful skies great come on oh maybe the great guy go the Greek islands I ruined you know they’re overrun with your own trash I don’t care I just want to take this moment put in my pocket and keep it forever nothing lasts forever we can all be wiped out one second plane crash an earthquake a 20-car pileup a serial murderer a a button pushed in a black box where does she get this stuff happen to read I’m a literate person planet is dying you know soon it’s gonna be nothing more than a piece of rock just hurtling through space and we’ll we’ll all be clinging on to it like vermin yeah because I’m going wait what’s the matter I’m going home this place gives me sinus Hey are we going she can’t be a best friend she’s too miserable she’s a good person you just have to know her right back hmm carry weight has to wait always it would I call you I invite you to go places with us look New Year’s Eve we’re going to the orchid club we want you to come with us it sounds wonderful you think it’s really fun why do you Pau we like each other I’m sorry I guess we forget so choose choose what between us are you going with me or with him grace you know his girlfriend’s gonna be back next week and then you’re gonna want to do things with me and it’s gonna be too late you’ll be on your own then you sure will damnit I’m entitled to some happiness Carrie I’m enjoying myself so don’t try to ruin it for me Carrie please there’s not much time we’ve got a few sweet lovely moments that we can spend together when we want you to be a part of it besides Rob brought all that great food we’ve got sausage and souvlaki and pita bread no thank you sausages pork parasites are probably building condos in the sauce you’ll just have to choose grace Rob it’s time to go it’s 5:30 Subway’s call northern home so closed up in here never open a window Rob are you here I came back early so we could celebrate New Year’s together yeah do you sell fights on your lips gummy are the vegetables in your soup real or freeze-dried got me I guess I’ll just have a glass of water then only bottled and no lemons you know they spray citrus with this bug killer and it gets in through the peel it contaminates the fruit it’s terrible so what are you some kind of Buddhist could you clean the table too what’s matter what are you freedom of the innovation New Year’s Eve party Oh Oh baby don’t worry you relax it’s a piece of cake it’s like yeah yeah like a senior prom come on I’ve never been to one of those either excuse me are you looking for somebody I know a lot of people around here yeah I’m looking for my boyfriend I thought he’d be out on the ice but I couldn’t find it he’s not skating tonight how do you know his name’s Rob Harrison right do I know you no I not exactly I mean we haven’t met but I saw you through binoculars what is this do you know where Rob is no yes you do you know something I just maybe know where he is but he’s probably not there I mean people disappear all the time you know like in Guatemala El Salvador look you’re an intelligent person I can tell you can tell huh of course now be straight with me where’s Rob they were sort of planning on going up to this place they have you noticed the beautiful ones always die young on the 16th tee Cody up to drive working with dead people gross the dead are just like us they are us we’re all gonna die someday it’s nothing to be ashamed of could we change the subject please we’re eating I think it’s creepy I mean you paint up their faces there’s nothing creepy about it I just try to make them look nice like they did when they were alive it makes their friends and family feel better to see them that way well we’ve been lucky cuz no one’s died in our family yet knock with my mother died Lisa Jean you need to eat more of this casserole you need your protein I swear she hasn’t anything to eat since he was six years old you know what grace I think I liked you better with your punk hair hmm yeah it was nice crest but I mean it’s a relief to have the old guys back – what happened to your boyfriend Elsa I liked him he was cute yes and grace knows it her friend is welcome here any time she wants to bring him I have to go now sweetheart you could come the girls love it Thanks don’t leave an invitation this is your home too listen grace ever since your dad moved in here well it’s been sort of crowded I mean what with all my stuff and the girls stuff squeezed in here anyway I thought that maybe you would like to have this back I mean I’m sure you’ve got a place for it and we just don’t have a wall left around here to hang it on it should be displayed so you call us anytime okay I mean it must be hard right now with the boyfriend thing no everything’s fine you call it soon okay I mean call anytime I mean that race the kids are out the window we meant to put it up brace Wanda she’s just it’s not Wanda’s fault you’re a grown-up daddy forget it doesn’t matter it’s a nice picture never seem to get things right same way it was with your mother she killed herself didn’t she you never told me it was six years old I didn’t know how to explain you know me never good with the words then later when I was older you never asked race I just thought you know how she drowned herself in a bathroom I found her there was two like she was despondent not thinking in the right mind I think another way she thought you’d have a better life without her she loved you more than anything in the world I know she loved me that’s why it’s so hard to understand why she left me it was the same with Rob was the first time since mama died that I felt that someone cared for me so much he left me too sometimes things just don’t work out would you touch them grace you touch this life he’s gonna be different because of you and living different because of him sometimes people have trouble showing their love and ours anything I’ve known that all my life I’m just a misfit no you’re a survivor don’t you know that grace I didn’t turn out the way you want it’s no lie to me about that time our just beautiful last night I dreamed I was in bed with Sigmund Freud we were in a hotel room at the Plaza you hate me don’t you for telling rods girlfriend no I don’t hate you you highly talk to me I was angry for a while but not anymore I guess we’ve all got needs sometimes like I I guess we feel like the dinosaurs you know alone extinct beautiful carry you’re a real artist it wasn’t a feather and some Sparkle he was a cook down one of those Chinese places down on Weiland probably died from all the germs walking around on the counters huh so Minelli used cancer anyway I’m really sorry grace it’s okay you know what my dream ended how I was working up a real sweat with Sigmund Freud it was a very sexual experience then all of a sudden he just turns to me and he says sorry times up oh I can’t look at the coffin please no it looks very nice in its beautiful suit Oh the suit was so expensive never had a chance to wear it until now today is this birthday every year we have a party cake candles every year and now no more perhaps there’s something we can do on behalf of the family of Benny tan we would like you all to join us in a piece of cake in memory of his birthday which is today oh yes and diet soda will also be served great there’s no need to say it I quit have you gone bananas birthday party with cake and Kent soda pop at our mortuary it made them feel good it made me feel good and you can’t quit just like that this is a good job grace Oh much you don’t have to deal with the world out there see it’s safe in here the dead don’t talk back they don’t hurt you and they don’t complain you know I think I’m ready for some live action excuse me where are you gonna go what are you gonna do Yo Rob, how about a beer man nah man I think I’m just gonna go home I’ll see you take it easy oh man I checked out several places today there’s the clubhouse over culverton we can have that for the afternoon but it’ll cost us 200 they don’t supply anything so we’d have to rent tables and chairs and I thought we’d just do hors d’oeuvres you know buffet table with punch and sandwiches Robbie you listening this is important you know yeah I’m listening did you check out the tuxedos today tomorrow Rob you should’ve done it today I’ll go for a little train right no don’t be silly I can’t stand it when you’re silly sorry Rob you didn’t wipe out the sink hello yes I’m interested in attending your school hair and makeup well I’ve had some previous experience at a mortuary that’s right well let’s put it this way I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer okay great great I’ll come by today thank you grace look at this I got 23 Valentine’s this year all from different guys surprised how many men you can get at night court I’m gonna catch a train nice you

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  1. Well I haven't seen this movie since I was a little girl. & Grace really gets on my nerves now that I'm seeing this as an adult! She gets disappointed every time she forcefully invites him. She was disappointed waiting for him to get his skates. She was disappointed when he didn't show up on time for dinner when he clearly told her he wasn't going to go. I wouldn't say "we'll see" as accepting an invite. This was me & my moms favorite movies to watch together, we had it recorded on VHS. I felt like my mom related to Grace since she was heavy set herself (RIP mama). But still this girl needed to be shaken a couple times lol.

  2. I like this movie but he's cheating. He could have dumped his gif when she came back, then started seeing Grace. But that's how the movie goes lol 😉😉

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  4. I love this movie! He’s so cute! They are so cute together! #LoveIsLove No Matter What Size you are! He doesn’t care what size she is he fall for her loving heart!

  5. My Stomach Hang Over And I Never Been Through This… Hollywood Bullshit,,And The ENDING WAS DUMB !! But Thanks!😡

  6. The stalking isn't a good look, neither is the cheating. Grace also seems to go for Rob just based on his looks, at least at first. She's very insistent about trying to lure a guy away from a partner, and she's not good at taking no for an answer.

    I thought it was interesting that she wanted literally the most athletic person there, someone who could move so easily. Maybe Grace desired Rob and also desired to be like him. Almost reminds me of Lukas desiring Fabio in Romeos in that dual want you/want to be you type way (obviously for different reasons).

    I felt like Rob also romanticized Grace because she was the other woman and he didn't have to deal with the monotony of daily routine with her. I empathized with Grace though, for sure. I thought the movie had some pretty powerful moments of her learning to love herself and being loved back.

    The ways that the others degraded Grace felt pretty true to life. I'm undecided about the ending. On one hand, I wanted her to end up with the guy because she felt so unworthy of that, on the other hand I felt it might be best if she didin't. Maybe all 3 should end up single. I also felt for Olivia even though the audience wasn't supposed to. When Olivia confronted Grace at the party she went straight for the attacks on Grace's body. To Olivia, Grace's body made Grace beneath her. It came off as her being angry that Rob cheated on her with a fat woman, rather than that he cheated on her. This made her come off as arrogant & bigoted to the extent that it dulled the audience's feeling that they hurt her. We know that this is such a painful point for Grace that's it's easy to forget her culpability.

    Rob also just stands there while Olivia straight up abuses Grace, which is what you'd expect if he just got caught with a fling who he didn't actually care about. Rob might not even have actually left his fiancee at the end, and Grace unfortunately still didn't value herself enough to ask if she was still the other woman. That's another way to devalue yourself, accepting one's place as a secret lover only. She got herself out of feeling like she wasn't worthy of being with anyone and went straight into intentionally making herself the person on the side. Maybe that's why she pursued him after knowing that he was in a relationship originally, she was sabotaging herself.

    Yes, Olivia was generally given unpleasant sounding lines, which makes for an easy excuse for Rob to cheat on her. IRL, people that cheat often have similar sounding excuses regarding the way they say their partner acts. Also, it's easy to come off as not as fun as a long term partner where you deal with the often not fun realities of daily life together.

    Rob isn't faithful to Olivia, and he never comes in clutch for Grace. He acts like he's not interested in her in front of his friends, even ones who would prob not tell on him. I think it might have been better if Grace still got into cosmetology school, but it ended with her beginning something with someone new…Or maybe Carrie finally confessing her feelings to Grace (which she def has). Carrie had some very questionable moments as well though.

  7. Gosh this brings back lots of memories but good memories! Right Bernie!? 😉 Great idea….wedding @ the supermarket where they met.

  8. This movie is cute, but it's basically the same plot as "Hairspray". Ricki Lake was the heavyset version of Molly Ringwald IMO.

  9. Because, it's not creepy and weird at all for the woman from the trains station to turn up with your skates, knowing your name. And then she just happens to be in the right place at the right time all the time. Stalking is totally normal, especially when you work in a funeral home. But, aside from all that, why would you want to get with a man who's willing to get with someone else when he's supposed to be engaged?

  10. I thought I would share this. In case you didn't know, Wanda, the evil stepmother is played by Betty Buckley. She was the gym teacher in the movie Carrie (1976). She had a number of roles in Broadway musicals and she introduced the song Memory (from the musical Cats) to the world.

  11. LOL Rob is a big kid still & his fiance is a grown adult which is why their relationship is the way it is. Either Rob needs to grow up a bit or his fiance needs to loosen up a bit~

  12. This movie is just so cute!! Yes Ricki Lake was a stalker but who wouldn't want to go after Craig Sheffer? He's beautiful and so is she. Graces' problem was low self esteem and she stepped out of her comfort zone to find happiness. I'm glad that the plus sized girl got the thin handsome guy!! A cheesy love story but still one that I enjoy!!

  13. btw, wanda is a bit of a bitch. she should worry about her own daughters because they're probably both secretly bulimic–lol

  14. I appreciate the fact that its the girl going after the guy (although he's engaged) , instead of the cliche.

  15. If I was Grace wouldn't go to her Dads house since they treat her like crap Her Dad seemed to care nothing about her.. It is nice Rob liked her for herself, but he should have taken up for her agaisnt Olivia. Olivia seemed like a self centered & selfish person  as most are who are born one of the lucky ones.Carrie was mean and spiteful telling OLivia where Rob was at and not much of a friend.Grace shouldn't have forgiven her.

  16. There should have been more of an ending. I would have liked to see how Wanda reacted if Rob & Grace got married. Or at least ended with them getting married. Did he leave Olivia after telling Grace he loved her?  Maybe even a sequel.

  17. I like this movie but 2 wrongs don't make a right. Grace should had never stalked Rob and he should never cheated on his finance. At 1:16:50 was she was laughing or crying? I couldn't tell? And if I were Grace, I would never be friends with Carrie again. I can understand she was pissed for feeling left out by Grace when dating Rob. However but she had no right to tell his finance about the affair.

  18. Rob wasn't happy with a nag who constantly critized and had no sense of humor. Grace was pretty even though she wasn't skinny and beautiful inside. I just wish they had shown more of waht happened to Rob & Grace.

  19. I just noticed that Craig Sheffer used the same line about Grace being a friend of his little sister as Some Kind of Wonderful

  20. You can either just have preferences which there is nothing wrong with at all or you're shallow/superficial, it's a thin line. I used to have long hair and a fit body and had so many girls after me, then I was injured at work to where I am now below average build and I cut my hair, girls don't even look at me whatsoever now! It seems in society for many, even if you're a good person, if you're not a Barbie or a Ken doll you're just a piece of shit who doesn't get acknowledged and are alone for years. This movie has a happy ending for the 'fat' girl because it's a fkn movie! People suck!, lol.

    I wish we were all so evolved as beings to where we are all just beams of light and can only be judged by another on our consciousness (who we are inside). That's only millions of years away!

  21. 1 Of My All Time Favorite Movies I recently Started Watching Over & Over, My Assessment Of This is: Grace Was A Mortuary Cosmetologist Who Was Lonely And Developed Love At First Sight For The Handsome Transportation Engineer Rob Who Was In A Relationship With A Woman That He Wasn't Happy with. Grace Father And Especially New Step Mother Weren't As Empathetic To Her Sensitivities And She Felt Left Out of Her Family, Her Friend Seemed Lonely As Well But Was Afraid Of Life caused By Phobia's. But In The End Rob Became Her Handsome Prince Charming And I'm Glad They Made It 😘😘😘

  22. I love this movie! Watching it in 2019's political climate is interesting though. She'd be labeled a stalker and rapist nowadays.

  23. I'm glad I live in an age now where there is much trendier clothing for a big gal like myself. We still have a long way to go, but thank god I'm not shopping in 1989.

  24. Can’t believe rob didn’t defend Grace. If that were me I would of told my fiancé I’m not happy and I met someone who makes me happy. Goodbye we’re not compatible and we don’t have nothing in common you try make me be something I know I’m not. Were not right for each other. Poor grace!!

  25. Waited over 20 yrs to see this movie again…I had it on VHS 🤣 who has a VCR anymore???
    Thanks bought back 80's vibe!!

  26. Jealous ass plain looking friend hanging with the big girl with a cute face and fun personality. Plain Jane couldn’t stand Grace being happy

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