Back in Black – Surprise Medical Bills | The Daily Show

Back in Black – Surprise Medical Bills | The Daily Show

When a news story
falls through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it for a
segment we call Back in Black. ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause) Everybody hates the American
health care system. It’s expensive, it’s broken, and it’s the reason
I do all my own dental work. You can’t tell,
but all my teeth are Tic Tacs. But on top of being awful, we’re now learning
our health care system is also disgustingly deceptive. NEWSWOMAN:
Tonight, millions of Americans rush to the emergency room, then slammed
with surprise bills. NEWSWOMAN 2: Nearly 65%
of hospitals across the country use emergency rooms
staffed by outside companies. It’s a loophole that allows providers
to charge patients more because the ERs
are considered out of network. NEWSWOMAN 3:
Liv Cannon, who had insurance and even verified
that her hospital and doctors were in network
before the procedure, was on the hook
for nearly $94,000. Huh! A surprise bill
for $94,000? For that kind of money,
I better come out of surgery as a goddamn Transformer. Then I can turn into
an ambulance and take myself to the hospital
for free! (cheering and applause) And what’s all this crap about doctors being
out of network? If you’re not in my network, then get your finger
out of my ass! (laughter and applause) And not only are hospitals
robbing us blind. The worst part is they’re making
all of these prices up. NEWSWOMAN:
Even if it’s not an emergency, we found there can be
surprising swings in what a given procedure
or test can cost. The cost for an ultrasound
of the abdomen in Dallas ranged from $115 to an estimate of $2,459. From $100 in the Bay Area
to $2,800. And where the price is set
can affect your cost, whether insured or not. Anywhere from $100 to $3,000? Who’s setting these prices, contestants
on The Price is Right? $3,000! $100! Everybody’s right! Well, guess what? I can make up numbers, too. How about I pay one dollar,
asshole? (laughter) -So…
-(cheering and applause) So, hospitals
and insurance companies want to keep prices a secret. But, luckily, a surprising hero
wants to make a buck, so they’re putting costs
out in the open. Groupon,
famous for deals on everything from skydiving
to concert tickets, is now offering patients
discounted medical treatments, and it could help you
avoid the headache of a surprise medical bill. NEWSWOMAN: Patients can find
$91 mammograms in Atlanta and $54 heart scans
in Oklahoma City. Chest CT scans
can sometimes cost over $1,700 depending where you live. With a Groupon at Crown Valley Imaging
near L.A., you pay a flat rate
of 299 bucks. So that’s where we’ve gotten to. We have to rely
on shitty websites for our health care. Boy, that’s gonna be fun. “I think I’m having
a heart attack. “Hold on. “Let me see
if Groupon has a deal. “Great!
I’ll get one heart surgery and a yoga class!” (laughter) Now, obviously, Congress should
outlaw surprise medical bills, but, obviously,
Congress won’t do shit. That’s why I took matters
into my own hands and started
the Lewis Black Clinic. Are you tired
of surprise medical bills? Then come on down
to the Lewis Black Clinic. You won’t find
any surprise bills with me because at my clinic,
everything costs $100, no matter what! Liver transplant, $100! Open heart surgery, $100! A candy bar, $100! And that better be in cash. You took the wrong hand. (chuckles): Yes,
but we didn’t take your savings. Thanks! (laughter) And at my clinic, you’ll never be surprised
by a diagnosis because I’ll warn you
ahead of time. Bad news. You’ve got herpes. You haven’t even looked
at the test results. No, but you just look
like a guy with herpes. (laughter and applause) So, stop by
the Lewis Black Clinic. The only surprise will be
if you leave feeling better. (cheering and applause) Trevor! Lewis Black, everyone.

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  1. In Dublin, Ireland…Hospial care is free! A broken leg to get fixed is Free. USA land of the free etc…Bullshit. Ireland is 10 times more ;free; than the United States has ever, ever been! Look it up on wikipedia

  2. I got hit in the nose with a 70mph foul ball. Went to the ER. Waited for about 6 hours to see a doctor.

    1 hour in the room and about 5 minutes of an actual doctor. He says "blow your nose. (Looks up my nose with a flashlight) Well, it's shattered and there's nothing to re-adjust or anything else I can tell you is that put ice on it until the swelling goes down"

    $858.67 for a guy to tell me to blow my nose and put ice on it..

    At least ask before you f#ck me.

  3. I'm amazed that you guys have to pay that much for scans, china has most scans for under 100 yuan and that's like less than 10 dollars.

  4. This is still a topic that needs to be brought up? We've been getting fucked for so long in the states… I'm young and I know that. People need to get their fucking heads out of their gaping asses.

  5. This is the kind of shit Elizabeth Warren is fighting for, but no, Americans would rather die slowly and broke than having affordable healthcare because their brain is in their asses.

  6. Get a fake Id and use a non American sounding name….
    Slavik Spanish Chinese African…doesn't matter…make sure the names are long…..helps to use many alias

  7. "Back in Black" is far & away my absolute favorite recurring spot on TDS. Btw, Lewis is currently on tour!

    (Not that my opinion matters one whit since I'm much older than their "target demographic." )

  8. How can one country lives in past and future? Damn Americans find a way to mix backwardness with future. Get your shit together 18+ and vote those old folks out the government. Kick those baby boomers who don't care for anyone anymore.

  9. I am so glad as an American my kids and I live in Germany and pay German taxes. I can go to a doctor or husband anytime for anything with NO BILL! I am never going back to the 3rd world American system.

  10. Yeah, my medical has been trying to charge me for nearly $2k over the last couple years for ER visits. I've got insurance, why are you trying to charge me for anything?

  11. Both my parents are in 70's and 60's.
    Sure as hell, they need various medical attention.

    Me? never paid a dime. All of the cost covered by national health care.

    So… How come some shitty country like mine can do better than America in this regards?

    My shit hole is indonesia.

  12. Hey, hey American friend out there (who isn't in the richest 1%)! You are forced to live in shit, and I mean so deeeep shit that I am surprised for everyday you don't revolt. Love, from Turkey.

  13. Low salaries and high medical costs. Capitalism is bliss. Ignorance is money. Now shut up and pay the prize for being stupid. Why not give all your money to the rich and then pray for everything to be magically fixed? Prayers and thoughts is how you fix most other things, right? That's how you got such a peaceful country without criminality or the slightest hint of corruption, right? The best in world, so we are told…. nothing to bitch about there, right?
    At least you have elected the quintessential american as your president. So smart. A stable genius. So much wiser than almost everybody – I would say – on the entire flat earth of rural America. Now pay the prize and stop moaning.

  14. Don’t pay hospital bills!!!!Seriously if everyone didn’t pay their medical bills you bet your ass the government would find a way to pay and fix this problem.

  15. I sure do like my universal multi-payer state-mandated healthcare system. I walked into a dentists office got my teeth done and payed 50 bucks because I didn't want the free amalgamate fillings. Man it sure would have sucked if I had to pay for the removal of my wisdom teeth:3

  16. My friend got hurt badly on his motorcycle. A texting lady pulled in front of him. Bike totaled, many broken bones, and a year later Medicare sends a bill for $16,500 to my friend.
    Both parties had legal vehicle insurance.
    My friend is not well yet. His very rare motorcycle is scrap.
    Lawyers took most of the money.

  17. Hi there, I am currently writing a scientific paper about The Daily Show and I would be so thankful If you guys could fill in my survey, it takes about 3minutes.
    Thanks already in advance!

  18. I got a 6000 bill after my emergency c section. I saw the breakdown, it was ridicules. 50,000 and my insurance paid 42gs. And a lady came in to my room 10 hours after my c csection while I was nursing my son to ask me to set up payments. My job paid it cuz I had 10,000 flex pay, but still. Also they kept trying to give me oxy even tho I told them I didnt want it.

  19. The best cure for any illness disease sickness is prevention. And that starts with clean air water high sources of nutrition and fitness. The best way to deal with any disease sickness illness injury pain. Is with the same choices. The bottom line doctors are getting paid to treat symptoms instead of curing illnesses. That's why when doctors tell me. I need a CAT scan I say to them . Okay well if it is so necessary how about if you wish or pray to be held spiritually accountable to any damaging potential side effects that are caused from that much radiation. And then the doctors usually say all not willing to do that. At that point free will is out the door. You just subconsciously made the choice to pick up the spiritual tab on any side effects. And if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper. Meaning souls and spirits have been are being held accountable. Example since Donald Trump became America's first phony president. I realize souls and spirits were now eligible to start functioning similar to an air purifier, water filtration system, steam cleaner' rubber gloves sponge shield bedpan urinal ass wipes, blowup doll punching bag so forth and so on etc. etc. and that is the short list. Before we get into how their souls and spirits are being treated managed directed maintained implemented with all the disease sickness illness pain and suffering torment misery abuse neglect hunger" that has been allowed to occur manifesting throughout the history of mankind into what it is today thanks to people like Donald Trump case closed mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing those facts. Protecting carrying compensating any souls or spirits that are freely connected to a life that does not do its best to improve upon and maintain the quality of it.

  20. You know how much an Ultrasound cost in Srilanka just 15 dollars and they call us developing and shithole America developed. Your healthcare is expensive because you are busy bombing and invading countries

  21. Sorry to say, but the US healthcare system is utter rubbish. How can these prices not be set and defined by a joint board of healthcare providers and insurance companies? Why can there be a doctor or service "out of network" without labeling it that way? And why? Really USA get a new healthcare system. Come to Europe pick one model. Any model will do. They are all better, even the bad ones.

  22. Next time stop quoting the only man in the race out of context, the only one running for universal healthcare!#Bernie2020 !!

  23. In fairness, if you want people to eat healthier, charging them $100 for a candy bar would be the way to do it.

  24. im pretty sure my doctor took one of my ovaries, never felt right after the surgery to.clear a cyst in my tubes.

  25. 🤔 It's Fucked Up ain't it?! Republican politicians receiving Free Government Health Care. 🤫
    The policies show that the two parties are NOT equally "evil". 👀
    🔵Democrats typically want free healthcare & free access to higher education for ALL.😌
    🛑 Republicans 🛑
    Keep 'em poor, dumb & sick!


  26. American healthcare is miserable to slog through…doctors are hiding behind nurses and staff instead of making themselves available to patients, but the charges are as much as they've ever been. It feels like the whole system is about billing and insurance first and first and patient care dead last. It's more than just insurance or the lack thereof. It's the attitudes of the entire healthcare industry from top to bottom that is broken. I'm sick and tired of healthcare being a for-profit industry…get all profit motive out of it, finance R&D through grants, allow the public to own medical patents, and then charge patients cost through single payer. F*** for-profit healthcare!

  27. Is it within the realm of reason that we get a promise that Lewis Black never die? This guy is too cool for death. Like an angier version of George Carlin (rest his soul) XD

  28. In the late 90's I had a friend who had a growth in his ear (he said it was a tumor caused by his cell phone. He also worships at the shrine of Alex Jones; so, take as you will). Anyways, at the time, he had zero insurance and it cost him far less than if he had insurance… So, my guess is, that the lowest amounts are for those who have insurance (or are the insurance companies) and the higher amounts are what the doctors charge your insurance company or what the insurance company charges iis customers in premiums and deductibles.. If insurance companies weren't so f'ng greedy and didn't try to f over both the doctors and their customers; all doctors would be in network, making it easier on them; and people like Bernie Sanders whouldn''t be trying to shut them down right now; prices would be flat.

  29. Bernie or bust. This is your last chance, America; the rest of the world as well as your own country is counting on you to vote for him

  30. This happened to me they took my insurance and two weeks later demanded I pay because my insurance didnt have to. I was only 18 in my first year of college and had to come up with $2k for an chest xray and pneumonia medication.

  31. Bow to the United Corporations of America.
    I don't know how people are not protesting the health care system everyday off they have.

  32. the max out of pocket is for when you use in network doctors and facilities. If they are out of network they are not regulated and they can charge any amount they want, and the insurance won’t cover ( some cover up to 20%) so you are left with a “surprise bill” because a doctor not in your network saw you when you went to a in network facility. It’s ridiculous and they are using that loophole to make millions ( the companies that staff ERs). Since Congress proposed a bill to stop the “surprise bills”, there have been a lot of ads on tv and radio trying to scare people, saying that one flat price would leave them with empty ERs, or bad service. Ridiculous.

  33. Oh man… my best friend, she totally feels the differences between, in my opinion, not existing shitty, American healthcare system and the German once… She came to Germany because she got hired over here, few months later her appendix got inflamed… surgery costs and hospital costs, almost none, almost, she wanted to have a private room, so that’s what she needed to pay for, to the additional 10€/day charge in a hospital.
    Half year later, her nose needed to be corrected out of a medical way, hospital bill: 10€/day as a contribution (which we Germans thinking is to much)
    Once she had a super bad accident on a bike, as she lived in the US… hospital costs, even she‘d had an health insurance, 230.000$… that’s effing unbelievable…
    My resume, nobody, absolutely nobody should be charged for their health. Hers „no, I definitely won’t return to the USA, the health care issue is one of the biggest reasons for my decision!“

  34. Jesus I'm glad I left the United States, as I get older I don't think I'll ever go back at this point, unless I want to give all my retirement assets to these companies.

  35. I had an ultrasound done on my ankle here in Japan. Cost me about 5 USD for the whole visit. What a scam that is being pulled on people who live in the USA.

  36. This is so fucked up, billions of dollars to bombard other people country and you can't even go to a hospital to check if your heart is working properly without spending a shitload of money.
    It's fucking mental.

  37. Doctors are in on it
    Clinics are in on it
    Nurses are in on it too
    Insurers are in on it
    Politicians are in on it
    You can go fuck yourself too 🎵

  38. i hate when my govt hospital charged me usd 0.25 for a clinic visit which all prescript drug included… this f…ing hostipal also charged me a dollar a night if im warded with all inclusive facilities … my govt sucks!

  39. I love Lewis Black, so I wouldn't want it to take away any time from his bit, but they should have plugged Bernie Sanders afterwards. Single payer Medicare for All is the path foward and Bernie is the only candidate who has never wavered from it.

  40. This happened to me. In-network hospital (even called the insurance company on the way to confirm), but billed by an out-of-network ER doctor. It took two years of appeals and phone tag with various offices within the hospital and insurance company, but I finally got my insurance to cover the bill. It's a fucking travesty of a system.

  41. The US has literally the worst and most expensive medical system in the developed world.
    The market's invisible hand is stuck firmly up the American public's ass…and it's not a colonoscopy.

  42. Sweden has free healthcare but the healthcare SUCKS. Some people need to wait for over two years to get surgery for brain tumours. Last weekend, one of our biggest hospitals cancelled all surgeries scheduled for the weekend because there weren’t enough supplies. Because of the lack of staff, a lot of people get misdiagnosed and overlooked. It took my friend 4 visits to the hospital before they took her seriously and looked at her (she needed a heart transplant in the end). My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and even had one surgery before they realised that he never had cancer. There are countries with free universal health care that provide great medical service, but it sure as hell doesn’t come automatically hand in hand.

  43. I think it's pretty amazing that quite a few of my Trump supporting friends are in favor of universal healthcare or a medicare for all. I think it's just inevitable that with the rising cost of healthcare and insurance premiums eventually only the rich in this country will be able to afford medical care.

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