Bangara 2018 New Kannada Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Shiva Rajkumar | Full Action Movies 2018

Bangara 2018 New Kannada Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Shiva Rajkumar | Full Action Movies 2018

As a player I would like
every Indian to be fit and healthy. Tobacco adversely affects your health. All tobacco products
are dangerous and fatal. If you want to be fit and
healthy stay away from tobacco. I stay away from it. You too should stay away from it. Let’s say no to tobacco. Smoking causes cancer and is fatal. Consuming alcohol
is injurious to health. Europe. One of the most
beautiful places in the world. Milan is one of its cities.
A fashion house. People here are unique. They live life on their own terms. The weather is whimsical
just like its people. We never know when it’ll
rain or when it’ll be sunny. Only god knows it. There’s hardly any country
in the world which.. ..doesn’t see the sun rise
and where you won’t find an Indian. 15% of the people
living here are Indians. There are people from
every state of India here. The specialty of Indians
is that they can adjust anywhere. In India the people prefer
to maintain differences. But abroad they prefer to stay united. This is the story of one such Indian. 90% of the people working
in the company established.. him are Indians. He’s MD Murthy.
The care-taker of this company. He’s Sand.
He came to Milan 15 years back. He can’t speak in English. He rarely uses his mother tongue. He’s the PA of our hero. Our hero is one of the
top ten billionaires in Milan. No sentiments. No emotions. He doesn’t believe in tomorrow. He doesn’t ruin his
present for the future. He is born to win. How are you, Shastriji?
– I’m good. Very good. What made you call me today? We are planning for
an auspicious occasion. What is it? We want to get our daughter married.
– Yes. We wanted you to check her horoscope. Please bring the plate
of offerings first. – Okay. We’ll start the discussion after that. Sorry, Shastriji. Just a minute. Naina. She’s our daughter Naina. Is she Naina or Nayantara?
– She’s Naina. It’s okay if you don’t offer me fruits. But, I can’t proceed
without my remuneration. Come on, give him the money.
– Yes. I’m sorry. That’s it.
Everything will take place smoothly now. Her Jupiter is very well placed. It won’t be an arranged marriage. She’ll have a love marriage. Her love story will be
like the one shown in films. They’ll be united forever. They’ll be together in every birth. He’s in this country. You’ll recognize him
when he comes near you. God will give you hint. God will give me hint?
– Correct. Nature will be a witness
of your love story. The winds will bind you together. The wind will circle
around you in slow motion.. ..with the flowers, leaves and dust. Both of you’ll come
from opposite directions. But, before you meet both
of you’ll dash against each other. Say I love you to
him before you fall down. That’s all. Mom, dad, doesn’t this dramatic
fellow have any other work? You’re just too much.
Nonsense. Naina.
– Naina! If my prophecy is proven
wrong I’ll stop prophesying. Uncle, has our boss gone crazy?
– Why? What happened? The busy street of Milan
where the cars run.. very high speed is
very dangerous. He is a playing a bet
with four other millionaires.. ..that he’ll cross
the busiest road of Milan. It’s a bet of 10 millions. He promised to pay 50
million if he loses the bet. I’m not concerned about the money. It’s impossible to cross the road. But he wants to do cross the road. He tried to cross the road
with his eyes blind folded. What if he met with an accident? Thankfully god saved him. But who knows about the future. He always says that
we must enjoy the present. He’s right. I’ve tried a lot to change him. But he hasn’t changed a bit. Shiva, I like your daring I must say. You may not think you’re
daring but others think so. Look, we shouldn’t trust others. Sandy..
– Yes, boss. You told him everything. Right?
– I mean.. Look.. I don’t believe in tomorrow. I don’t trust people. Boss, you’re too much.
– Who’s the best friend or best pair? Heart and soul. Heart and soul always stay
with us since the time we’re born. The people around you
will leave you unannounced. Whom should we trust? Be practical.
– That’s right, son. Sign the cheque.
– Oh yeah. Okay.
– This cheque is.. No, uncle. I didn’t question
you in the last 25 years. I won’t question anything now. Bye. Come on, let’s go.
– Okay. Let’s go. Good morning, sir. What is good about
today’s morning? – Sir? What did you do since morning? I dropped my child at his school. Then I dropped my wife at her office. I dropped my father at the hospital. The traffic jam on my way
to office just got on my nerves. If this is what you did
then how come the morning is good? Sir?
– Look, be practical. If you say something you should mean it.
– Okay, sir. Got it?
– Yes, sir. Are you newly appointed here?
– Hmm.. You’ll slowly know everything. Good morning. Fool! Sir, may I come in?
– Yeah. Sir, I had sent you a mail.
– Regarding? The mother who raised me has expired. I’ve to go to India. What will you do there?
– Sir.. Will she come back
to life if you go there? No. Right? Will anything
stop if you don’t go there? There are other people
to perform the last rites. Pray for her from here. I want to see her
face for the last time. Why?
Don’t you have her photo at home? What’s this? Why did you call
your biological mother.. ..the mother who raised you?
Don’t be emotional fool. Get back to your work. Morning, sir.
– Good morning. What happened to him, Shiva? He said that the woman
who raised him has expired. He was asking for
a leave to go to India. This is why I always
tell you not to hire Indians. They’re emotional fools. They need a week off
when there’s a wedding. They need a week off
even when someone expires. They’re emotionally weak. Look how people work here.
Half-day marriage. Half-day cremation and back to work. Sir..
– What is it now? I’ve mailed you my
resignation letter. – What? For you there’s no difference between.. ..the mother who gives birth
and the mother who raises the child. For an Indian both are the same. We Indians survive on
our emotions and relations. Relations? My foot!
– You may have your opinion about it. But, it’s important to me. There are other companies
who’ll give me a job. But, we’ve relations
with only few people. Her funeral rites can be done by anyone. But, by remaining present
there I can show my gratitude.. ..towards her. When I die there should be
people to carry out my last rites. You’re an Indian yet
you don’t understand this. I really pity you, sir. Goodbye. Foolish fellow. What do you say? A person and his personality.. How will you recognize
a person and his personality? A person lives his
life on his own terms. After his death many people
come to condole his death. If that doesn’t happen
it means he’s an orphan. Game over. People in our country work
even when they given salary. Here people resign
if they’re not given leave. What kind of people are these?
– It’s his wish. He has other companies to choose from. We also have many options. Doesn’t anything bother you, boss? Why should I be bothered? I’m a creative person. You’ll recognize him
when he comes near you. God will give you hint. The wind will circle
around you in slow motion.. ..with the flowers, leaves and dust. Both of you’ll come
from opposite directions. Both of you’ll come
from opposite directions. But, before you meet both
of you’ll dash against each other. One more important point.. Before you fall down say.. I love you. She has fallen down. I think she has lost consciousness. Boss, let’s take her to the hospital . Why should we be concerned about her? What are you saying, boss?
After all we’re humans. We should get her
admitted in the hospital. She is also an Indian. Oh! Sentiments? Are you crazy? Let’s go from here.
– No, Boss. She just said ‘I love you’. I don’t even know who she is. Why should I pay attention
to a stranger’s words? Boss she said I love
you’ to me and not you. Oh no! Okay. Let’s go. Take her along. Hey! Why are you so restless? What’s wrong? I can’t believe what she said. Oh god!
– Right, boss. I’m also praying to god. The Indian god is powerful
in foreign land too. I had prayed when I was in the country.. ..but my prayers got answered here.
– Excuse me. Yes.
– She’s fine. You can take her.
– Thank you. Nothing can happen to
her as long as I am with her. Hi! I’m Naina. Naina, I’m Sandy. He’s my boss, Shiv. He has started again.
– Where are you stay? Naina, what happened to you?
– Nothing, mom. I suddenly felt dizzy. He got me admitted to the hospital. Thank you so much, sir. Why don’t you do something? Join us for dinner tomorrow. Will you be alive tomorrow?
– What? Shall I be alive to
attend the dinner tomorrow? I don’t believe in tomorrow. Come, let’s go. But, I’ll come, don’t worry.
Bye, Naina. You know he doesn’t believe in tomorrow. What’s so special about it? We spoil our present
worrying about the future. As if I didn’t know.
– You know it but.. I got it. Your heart is no longer yours. You’ve given him your heart. So, you want to see him and meet him.
– Exactly. But how? He must have given his
phone number and address.. ..when he got you admitted
in the hospital. – Good idea! Will you please help me? I’ve to go for an interview today. I can’t miss that. So, if you don’t mind,
will you go there? – Okay. Oh thank you.
– No problem. See you.
– Bye. Bye. Excuse me.
– Yes. Yesterday we admitted
a patient called Naina. Can I get her details please? Naina? She’s enquiring the same. You?
– Yes. I’m the one who admitted Naina here. She’s in love with you?
– Yes, it’s me. I expected it and she
expressed her feelings. But, I’ve doubts. I also had doubts. But we stop thinking when we’re in love. I feel something is wrong.
– What did you say? Who are you?
– Naina’s friend Harsha. Don’t feel bad. Some will
definitely fall in love with you. Someone with darker
complexion than mine. I’ll leave after
I get your contact number. It’s suffocating.
– take my card. Tell your friend that she
can disturb me whenever she wants. I’m already disturbed. Oh god! Excuse me.
– What? Tell her.. I miss her a lot.
– Nonsense! Congrats!
– Sure, sir. Do one thing. Come after some time and
collect the paper from our MD. Thank you so much, sir. Hey Harsha, any information? You’ve such bad taste. How could you fall in love with him? He’s neither handsome nor
does he have any personality. Whom did you meet? The man you’re in love with. He told me. Impossible! Somewhere something is wrong.
– What? Hello. Hello, Naina. Where are you lost? Hey Harsha, what a surprise! He’s here. Right in front of me. He was here just now. How could he reach there so soon? Yes. of course.
I agree that he’s dark complexioned.. ..but his style,
attitude, his thoughts.. I was searching her
a she has reached here. He is just amazing. I like him. In fact I love him. Love me?
– Yeah. I’ll call you back. Okay? I think you’ve gone mad. We’ll talk later.
Hey! Excuse me, sir.
– Yes. You?
– My name is.. Shiva, she’s Naina. Newly appointed. Here are her papers. Please go through. Not needed. All the best.
– Thank you, sir. Excuse me. There’s no place for love,
emotions, feelings. sentiments, attraction in this company.
– Sure, sir. I know my limitations.
– Better be in it. Thank you. Congrats, son.
– Thank you. I’ll not be present on that day.
– Oh! Well, everything will be fine. Boss, you’ve to attend my wedding. How many days left for the wedding? Only eight days.
– Will we alive that long? Call me on the day of the wedding. I’ll attend the wedding if I’m alive.
That’s all. What’s this, Shiva?
– Yes, uncle. Tomorrow what’s going
to happen I don’t know. Or to him..
– Boss, I’ll leave now. Okay. Or to you. Hi, sweetheart!
– Hold on. She’s feeling shy. I love you.
– What? I love you. Hello. Hello. You’re mistaken. We’re not meant for each other. You were okay with me yesterday.
What’s wrong today? Look, yesterday has no value today. It’s a new day. A new beginning. This day won’t be there tomorrow. In fact, we’re not sure
if there’ll be tomorrow. Why are you speaking like
my boss all of a sudden? – Exactly! We must be inspired
by the person we admire. What about me? Expired.
– Oh no! Shall I tell you something? I didn’t get you. Similarly, my boss won’t get you. The person who doesn’t believe
in future can never fall in love. For how long has he
been thinking like this? For 20-25 years. There has been a tomorrow
in all these years. Right? Sp, wait and watch. I’m going to make
him fall in love with me. Hello. Excuse me. You can at least share your
friend’s number with me. – Idiot! Hello. Hello. I hate girls. What’s this? I have to sign this post-dated cheque? Will you be alive tomorrow? You don’t believe in future. Right? If there’s no tomorrow then
why should we make the payment. Many people are dependent
on you and your family. What if you aren’t alive
to sign this cheque tomorrow? Good, Naina. You think just like me. What if they don’t en-cash the cheque.. ..after my death suspecting forgery? How can your signature
be forged by someone? And that too after your death? I don’t think so. Impressive.
– Thank you. Hello. Sir, today is 18th.
It’s my wedding day and I’m alive. You’ve taken my call
which means you’re also alive. Sir, you promised that you would come. Please do come, sir. Hey! Good one. I really like it. I’ll definitely come. Hey! Boss is here. Hello. Congrats.
– Thank you. Hi, sir.
– Hi, sir. Hello. Excuse me, everyone. Thanks to one and all for your presence. It’s my son’s wedding today. I’ve fulfilled my duty. I’ve just one request to them. I want to spend my retired
life with my grandchildren. Does anyone here
want to talk about them? Yes, sir.
– Please, sir. Hi! Hats off, Anthony..
– Thank you, sir. ..for your confidence.
– Thank you, sir. I’m happy I’ve come for the marriage. When is your first night together?
– 20th. Will you remain alive till then? Why are all of you staring at me? Yes, it’s a fact. He has started again.
Your dad was speaking just now. You’re a happy family.
But, is it possible? Many people get divorced
after some time.. He’s going to ruin their day now.
– For silly reasons. So, where’s the happiness? If you snore you can get divorced. If you eat onion you can get divorced. Do you know why I’m saying all this?
– Because you’re a practical man. Let’s go to the topic of kids now. What’s the guarantee
that you’ll have children? Why? Isn’t he a man? Is it possible to keep the
love life alive in our hectic schedule? Impossible! We keep postponing everything. Will that tomorrow ever come?
Not at all. That’s the end of next generation. He has spoilt their mood. It’s their special day and
I won’t speak much that’s because.. Because you’re a practical man. I don’t trust anyone. Especially future. I thought that I was the
only person who thought like this. But recently,
I’ve a newly appointed employee.. ..who thinks exactly like me.
That’s Naina. She matches my speed,
my thoughts, my taste. Thanks, Naina.
– Thank you, sir. Good luck. Good luck. Excuse me.
– What kind of man is he? If you want to live with me
then leave the job in his company. Rita, please listen to me.
– No. That’s all. Sir..
– Oh Naina! Sit down. Thank you so much, sir.
– For what? For showering praises on me. Naina, we don’t realize
our worth unless others praise us. Yes, sir.
– Boss, I’m ready. Shall we leave? Naina, how did you come?
– By taxi. Sandy, you take a cab and leave. I’ll drop Naina and go home. Cab! Boss, I didn’t know
that you’re so practical. Sorry, Sandy.
– It’s okay. Hey sorry. Sir..
– What is it? If you don’t mind can I ask something? Go ahead. Don’t you have any friend or relative? I’ve friends.
But I don’t have close friends. The close friends aren’t special. Talking about relatives I don’t
know how far they’re related to me. Why don’t you believe in tomorrow, sir? Shall we go for a walk? When I was four years old,
I was not sensible. Whenever I asked mom about
my father she said that.. ..he would come the next day. She always said that
he would definitely come. Many years passed by, I grew up.. ..but my father didn’t come. The next day never came in my life. That very day I decided that
I wouldn’t care for the future.. ..that couldn’t bring
my father back in my life. I don’t want it. I left it. Even elders lie about future. So, I treat every day as my first day. I treat every work,
every meeting, everything as my first. We aren’t sure if the
first will be the last. So, I.. What happened? Let’s go. You became emotional? This is part and parcel of life.
You’ve to take it easy. Sir, stop drinking now.
You’ve drunk a lot. You know this is the first time that
I shared my feelings with somebody else. I want to drink. Don’t stop me. Thank you so much, sir.
– My pleasure. Good night.
– Good night. Naina..
– Yes. I think I’m in love with you.
– What? Hmm.. I love you. Hi, good morning, sir. What’s good about today?
– The way you speak. The way I speak? People think I’m crazy. You’re the only one
who is happy to hear me. I’m bound to be happy
if you say you love me. Say it again?
– You said you love me. I said it? Yes. You said it last night.
– Shut up, Naina. Maybe I was drunk. Man speaks the truth when he is drunk. His emotions get expressed
when he’s not in his senses. Oh! Is it? I’m in my senses now. Let me tell you that I don’t love you. When I saw you the first
time I said I love you. It’s my luck that I
got job in your company. In fact I forgot everything
after you said you love me. How did you remember it again? Of course. I’ll do something
so that you can recall it. You mean to say you’ll make me..
– Say that you love me. Go ahead.
– I’ll do it today. The day ends at midnight. It’s 11 am right now. You’ve 13 hours. That’s enough.
That’s more than enough for me. Are you free for dinner tonight?
– What? Doesn’t matter.
You’ve lot of time to think, Take. This is my gift. Sandy.
– Yes. Oh Naina! Hi! Is your boss insane?
– We think he’s mad. I don’t know what you think about him. He said that he loves me yesterday.. ..and today he completely denied it. He loves you? He never said ‘I love
you’ to anyone till date. If he said anything yesterday
he’ll forget today.. ..if he says anything
today he’ll forget it tomorrow. If he says anything tomorrow
he’ll forget it day after. Stop it!
– Sorry. Will you help me?
– How? I’ve a plan. I hope you understood. Okay? Okay. What’s going on, boss? She said that she’ll make
me say ‘I love you’ to her. Love?
– Hmm.. Yes, in 13 hours. It’s been long that I’ve played any bet.
– Okay. Let’s face it. Hello.
– Sir, it’s me Naina. What’s the matter, Naina? You vanished after challenging me. I was getting ready. But, I’m the one who is supposed to say. But I’ve to make you say it. Are you in office?
– No, sir. It’s a matter of love. It’s better to choose the
place and ambience accordingly. Sounds good. Please meet me at 2 o’
clock in Arena all near Tomo. Sure. Excuse me. Your order, sir.
– Yeah. What’s this, boss? You’ve ordered so much for me? East as much you can and throw the rest. What about you? I’ll eat when I’m hungry. You carry on. I’ll go and check if Naina has come. Okay?
– All the best. Welcome. It must be her call. Hello! Where are you? I’m sorry, sir. I’m stuck in traffic. I’ll be late by an hour. Sir, if you don’t mind will
you come near Picasso bridge? I’ll come. I don’t want to lose. What happened? Let’s go to Picasso Bridge.
– Okay. What happened, boss? Her phone is switched off. All girls are the same. They say something
but do something different. You can never trust them. Whose call was it, boss?
– Unknown number. Hello.
– Where’s your boss? He’s tensed and disturbed. Shall I play with him a little longer?
– No. No. it’s enough. You’re troubling an innocent man. I can’t tolerate this anymore. End the game here. Please. Don’t worry. We’ll end it soon.
– Okay. Okay. Bye. This is too much. How dare she play this game with me? Let her play. You’ll win the game. That’s right. But, she didn’t come. If she doesn’t come it
means she has surrendered. No. No. She must surrender before me. I don’t think she’s
going to come to meet you. So what if she doesn’t come? We can go and meet her. Where?
– To her house. No. No, boss. – You can come
along if you want or stay here. I’m going.
– Boss. Boss. I’m going. What do you think of yourself? What happened, sir? You challenged me that you’ll
make say ‘I love you’ to you. You’re relaxing in your house. Why did you challenge
me when you can’t face it? I was sure that I would win. Do you think you can win
if you sit at home? – Well.. My heart is like white sheet. Let any girl come
and write anything on it. I’ve the will power to erase everything. You must accept defeat as you can’t win. What’s the use of
switching off your mobile? My battery was dead. I tried from another number
but you didn’t take my call. How would I know that
you were calling me? You must take the call
if someone calls you repeatedly. Look, I don’t take unknown calls. Forget it. I want to know if I’ve won or lost.
– It’s okay. No, I don’t want to hear anything. Tell me if I’ve won or lost. You’ve won.
– That’s it. Sir, excuse me. I still have two more hours.
– So? I’ve a request.
– What? Tomorrow Is my birthday. I know you don’t believe in tomorrow. So, if you don’t mind I would
like to celebrate my birthday today. Please don’t refuse.
Come again. You don’t believe in tomorrow. So, if you don’t mind let’s
celebrate my birthday today. I like this. I will definitely come. Come on. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Naina. It’s okay. Where do I wash my hand?
– Over there. Thank you. Sir.. This is.. He was a very big man. Not only for us but for
millions of people like us. You don’t know what kind of man he was.. ..and what his personality was like. You must be capable enough
to know about him. – Papa.. Sir.. sir.. sir.. Sir! I saw my father’s photo
at an Indian’s house here. How is he related to my father? I wanted to tell you everything.. ..but you always thought
that you were right. I’ll share the secret that
I’ve hidden in my heart for 40 years. This is not a small
thing but it’s history. You don’t believe in future
but your father had faith in future. He lived for the future. You don’t want to get
involved in any relation. But your father couldn’t
imagine a life without relations. The slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kishan’
(Hail soldiers, hail farmers).. ..was meant for the
soldiers and farmers. Your father followed it religiously. If we plant a seed today,
it’ll become a tree in future.. ..and give shade and fruits to people. Your father was a man
of such great thoughts. He was like a divine tree. He was a great man
who made the people aware.. ..of the importance of a farmer,
how he should live.. ..what his responsibilities are. He fought for the farmers
who had lost their land.. ..and even the hopes
of getting them back. He served the farmers. He was the real man of the soil. Look, I love the
profession of agriculture. Sarvagya Murthy had said that
agriculture is the greatest profession. My father is a farmer and
I want to be a farmer like him. This is my decision. Your father always
behaved like a common man. He never entered the world of politics. He lived and ordinary
life amongst the common people. People hailed him like god. But he always considered
the common man his god. He never knocked the
doors of the government. The government had
to come to him for help. Wherever he went millions
of people joined him. He infused the farmers
with exemplary courage. He was worried what would
happen in his absence in future. They were worried about their future. I was worried about your future. That’s why I brought you here with me. You could’ve stayed there and fought. The chief minister and the
army chief can never be the king. You need to be capable. The capability. lies in blood. The capability of the person is present
in the blood flowing in his veins. You never saw your father
and this fact disturbs you. That’s why you don’t
have faith in future. We were always worried that
we won’t have a future after him. I feel relived after
sharing the secret with you. Take this. You’ll get the details of
his purpose of life, his thoughts.. ..and his principles. There must be someone
who reads this book.. ..and understands it. I hope you’ll be able
to understand and know.. ..your father after you read this book. Uncle..
– Yes. I’ve decided to go to
father’s native village. – Why? I’ve read the book. I don’t have the capability
to bring about any change. Nor do I’ve a personality
like my father. I want to at least go there. When will you go?
– Very soon. Make arrangements. Sandy..
– Yes. boss. What’s this?
– This is the money I won in betting. Return it. But we’ve won it. Winning properties is not life. Winning heart is life. Give them back. Boss.
– Return it. Hello, Naina.
– You’ve called me? I’m feeling excited. I called to wish you. You wished me last night.
– I know. I want to meet you. When and where? Tell me. Relax. Relax. Today is your birthday. Celebrate it. Is it fine tomorrow?
– Sir? Is it okay with you to meet tomorrow? You’re talking about tomorrow? You must believe that
there is a tomorrow. This is my most memorable birthday. Thank you so much, sir.
– You’re welcome. Hi! Good morning. Good morning. Hi! Good morning.
– Hello. You must be capable
enough to understand him. Relation? My foot! Shiva, what happened?
how did you get injured. Nothing serious, uncle.
It was a small accident. Nothing serious. Uncle, what about my ticket? Sorry. I forgot to tell you. Your ticket has been booked. You’re very lucky, Shiva. Good night, uncle.
– Good night. Take care, Sandy. Shiva will go there for the first time. Yes, sir.
– You have to take care of everything. Happy journey, Shiva.
– Thank you, uncle. Good luck. Good luck. Take care. Excuse me, sir.
– Yes. What happened, daughter?
– Where’s Shiva sir? He went to India.
– He went to India? Why?
– Nothing important, sir. He told me to meet him. He went there with some personal work. Anything important?
– Nothing, sir. If you don’t mind can
I take half day’s leave? Oh so this is what you want? Go ahead.
– Thank you, sir. The phone is switched off.
Please try after.. Hello.
– Hi, Naina. Harsha..
– Yes. I want to meet you. Can I tell you one thing?
Just forget him. – No, Harsha. The person who doesn’t
believe in tomorrow.. ..told me that he would
meet me the next day. He personally called me. It means he too has feelings for me. Come on, he’s playing with you. Just forget him. But, I seriously miss him. Delete his photo first. Hey! I thought you
were in love with Mr. Bean. Who is this Mr. Perfect? He is my love. Really?
– Yes. But why? Wait. Wait. I think I saw him yesterday. Sir, the land that you see
before you belongs to our village. It’s my responsibility to give you.. ..any amount of land you want.
– Okay. Okay. Hope there’s no problem. I beg your pardon.. I don’t
understand English. – Okay. Okay. I understand you.
You don’t understand English. Do you have any problem? There’ll be no problem.
I’ll help you. – Alright. Sir, what’s going on here? The government has given
orders to set up a factory here. Sir has come to survey the plot. Take money for your land
from him and settle down elsewhere. This is our village. The land is ours. We won’t leave this land and go.
– Yes. we won’t go anywhere. Hey! Listen to me. Listen to me. You always speak nonsense. You keep saying that
you’re the land of this soil.. ..and it is your life. You’re ready to die for these ideals. But, what’s the use? You always complain that
the government doesn’t provide.. ..seeds to you on time and
you don’t get the other facilities. Don’t misguide the farmers. Politicians like you think
that the farmers are weak. You give compensation
to the family of a man.. ..who dies of alcohol addiction. But, you always ignore a farmer. Brother Ranga,
they won’t understand anything. The government gave you the
land for farming on lease 40 years back. Do you agree?
– Yes. so what? Now the government has decided
to give him the land on lease. That’s all. This is injustice. Have you paid back
the bank loans you took? I’ve helped you financially. But, you’re not bothered
to return my money too. You commit suicide when you fail. God has sent him for
the welfare of the village. Take money from him,
pay back my loan and.. ..go and settle down at
the foothills and start afresh. What will you do if we don’t agree? He’s the educate done. He has come to fight. They don’t have food at
home but they’re ready to fight. Go away from here quietly. Don’t threaten me.
– This is not a threat. The government has given
permission to set up a factory here. I’m sharing the information with you. Do you understand me? I don’t understand.
Well die but we won’t vacate the land. Yes. Yes. we’ll die but
we won’t vacate the land. They’re ready to die but they’re
not ready to vacate the land. It’s better that you die. Sir, show them your power. What are you doing all of you? Leave him. What’s going on? What’s happening here? Son, our savior helped us
get this land from the government.. ..40 years back. He wants to snatch the land from us. Hey! Is he a judge? Look.. this is not right. Hey! Who is this guy? I am..
– Shiva. Shivraj. Why are you bothered about this land? You won’t find a place
where Shiva doesn’t reside. It’s your decision if you want
to make a crematorium or temple here. You’ll find out why we are here. Hey! Go away quietly from here. This is not the city. This is a village. The people of the city eat the
rice grains grown in the village fields. Who is this fellow
who’s talking so much? Throw him out. Great! Great! Hey! You can throw us out from here. But, you can’t escape from
the law and the government. It’s not wrong that you want this land. None of you’ll be alive
when the opposite happens. Hey! Go away. Go away from here. I’ve not come here to go away. I’ve come here to stay. I’m ready to wait.
I’ve come here to help. I’ll help, I’ll definitely
save the people who produce our bread.. ..the farmers. Thank you. Who are you, son?
– I’m Shiv. I’ve come from the city. I had heard about this village. I’ve come to stay here for few days. You appear to be an educated man. You’ve challenged Gawda. He’s a evil man.
– We’ll throw them out first. Even if they don’t understand
after that we’ll hunt them. Why are you getting into trouble. I suggest that you go back. Where shall I go? – Go back to
the place from where you’ve come. God shows only one
way to reach a destination. But he’ll give us hundreds
of options to go away from there. I’ll feel fortunate if I can
help people in between this journey. You’re young and so you’re hot-blooded. Why are you getting
involved in our problems? How long would you like
to live like this? – Until we die. Don’t you wish to come out
of this problem? – Yes, we do. It sounds good. But, I don’t think that
the past can be repeated. Hey! Dada.. dada..
they want to stay here for few days. Please allow him to stay here. Why don’t you say your father’s name? How would that help? Everyone would’ve given me shelter. I would get love and respect. But they would never
share their problems with me. What’s wrong in it? Why have we come here? To enjoy our vacation or to relax? We must interact with them, we
must find out what their problems are.. that we can help them. Thanks sir for coming forward
to support us. – It’s okay. You are..
– I’m Sagar. I want the well-being of this village. But I’m alone in this struggle. But you’ve infused a new energy in me. Don’t praise me.
Can I get a place to stay here? It’s okay if it’s a three bedroom house. We’ll adjust.
– Sandy.. Bedroom? There’s an
old house with two bedrooms. We’ll adjust. Boss, what happened?
– Look there. I always waited for my
father to come home. – But.. I didn’t know that
he was helping people. How could he come home?
– Sir.. Yes.
– What happened? Come.
– Yes. I’ll get vegetables from the market. Sir, come in. come in. Dada. Dada. Sir, I’ll be back soon. Boss.. Dada, he’s our guest. He wants to stay here for few days. Hello.
– Hello, son. Anyone can stay here. This house was built with this purpose. He built this house. No one should stay hungry. The government is
saying such things now. But, he had been saying
it since long time. This guest house is for
the hard-working workers, farmers and hungry people. Anyone who comes here is served meals. This guest house has been
in existence since sir’s times. If sir didn’t make this guest
house then forget about food.. ..people wouldn’t
have got water to drink. Sir has a son. But we don’t know where and how he is. He sends money every month. This cheque.. I never questioned you all these years. I don’t want to know now. I pray that he’s well wherever he is. Sir is behind everything
that you see here. We’re alive because of his favor. I hope this continues. Boss, you’ve ordered
so much food for me? Eat as much you can, throw the rest. We can live like this too. Oh no! I’m dead. I’m dead.
I’ve broken my hips. Scoundrel.
Useless fellow. Worthless fellow. Have you ever picked
me up before I fell down? I’ll punish you for this, you fool. I’ve wasted my money on your salary. I’ve made a mistake. Sorry.
– Don’t say sorry. If my parents had given
birth to me after half an hour.. ..I would’ve been at
least half feet taller. But they were in great hurry. If I was taller I wouldn’t
have any problem riding the bike. Hey! Listen to me. Come here and pick up my bike. Who will tell the people
who are new here about me? Oh no! he has killed me.
He has killed me. Who is he? Call him and thrash him. Hey! I’m Snake Sadhu, Snake Sadhu. Come out quickly or I will..
He is staring at me. You don’t know who I am. Who are you? Don’t you know me? Hey you weak scoundrel!
How dare you challenge a powerful man? If I get angry you won’t be
able to escape my poisonous fingers. It’s difficult to escape from me. Why is he behaving strangely? Is he mad? Why are you asking the dumb fellow? Ask this fellow. He’ll praise me.
Hey Fatty! Come here. Come on introduce me to him. Take out the sunglass. Tell him. He’s not my brother or an insane man. He’s death. Do you know what he did yesterday? Two months back a snake started
eating the hens and cattle here. He went to the forest,
woke up the sleeping snake.. ..and challenged him to fight with him. The snake come forward to fight him.
He is no less. He fought with him throughout the day. My brother was going to
kill him but the sake ate him. He didn’t come back to
the village for a week. – What? He was hanging from the
branches trying to digest me. If you want to fall in similar
kind of problem, you can tell me. My brother is the greatest
Snake Sadhu of this world. Snake Sadhu. Everybody is mad here. How many people are here? Come out all of you. Who is he?
– What’s happening here? What’s this chaos? Who is he? Who am I? Who am I? He doesn’t know who I am.
Tell him about me. You look like a snake-charmer. But, I wanted to confirm. I’m the son-in-law of the
richest man of this village. You came here, ate free food,
drank water and went to sleep. Why are you acting smart? Come on go away from here. What will you do if I don’t go? You’ll see what happens to you. What will you do?
– What? What shall I do?
– What will you do? tell me quickly. I’ll go back and return
with my brother-in-law. What will you do when I do that? My boss has already taught
a lesson to your brother-in-law. If you act smart,
he’ll teach you a lesson too. Go away from here.
– So, he will beat me? If you’re a man then touch me. You’ve touched me. It’s okay.
Touch my cheeks. Well, the power will
be in your hands. We’re with you. Hello, sir. Hello.
– Good morning, sir. I told you that his work should
get done before I leave for Delhi. Why didn’t you do it yet? I tried to convince them
a lot but they don’t understand. They’re ready to sacrifice their
lives but not ready to leave the land. I had sent my men
to teach them a lesson. But..
– But? What happened? A man came,
thrashed my men and gave me a warning. Hey! Do anything you can. Behead him, beg before him,
I’m not concerned about what you do. He must get the land
by hook or by crook. I’m ready to give him
any land except that one. – No. I want that land. He has hurt my ego. Why are you stuck on that land?
What’s this thing with your ego? What’s the problem
if you get another land? It’s a dry land. It’s the best place
to set up a glass factory. But, people don’t know this fact. Can you do the job
or shall I talk to them? Why will you go there? I’ll
bring them here. That’s not a big deal. Hi, Sagar.
– Hello, sir. What are you doing? I was planning how to save the village. Isn’t Gawda a native of this village? –
Yes, sir. He’s a native of this village. So, what’s the problem? That’s not the problem. He has become powerful
because the people are weak. You’re talking about the land. Right? That’s not all, sir. Look at this. Sir, the village
survives on agriculture. It’s not just the village
but the state and the country.. also dependent on agriculture. The farmers have no asset. They’ve the burden of loans. They commit suicide when
they’re unable to pay the loan. Just think about this problem. People get salary in a job. In business people earn profit. They earn nothing in agriculture. What’s the reason behind this? The farmers don’t fix
the price of his produce. The brokers and agents fix the price. The loss has been gradually increasing. But they quote high rates. Isn’t it? There’s a reason behind it too. The crop that grows
abundantly and earns profit.. grown by all the farmers. It results in excess stock
and automatically the rates decrease. But Sagar, forget about
producing crops for selling.. ..they must produce crops
for their own sustenance. You’re right, sir. But the seeds
given by government are sometimes fake. There’s corruption in the ration shops. The monsoon doesn’t arrive on time. The loan of the farmers keep increasing. What they get is nothing. The industrialists tempt
the farmers with a job.. ..and compensation and usurp their land. They neither do they get compensation
nor a job in the factory. Due to the pollutants
released from the factory.. ..the adjoining fertile
lands become barren. The farmers have lost
faith in the system. Ultimately they’re
left with just one option. To commit suicide.
– I don’t understand something. The seeds are grown by farmers. Then why do they have to buy them? Farmers are illiterate. They don’t get the required information. They sow the seeds
that are easily available. The agents fix the price. Prof. Swamy was trying
to enlighten them on this issue. He was fighting for it. It’s bad.
It’s not a problem related to land. It’s the problem of the state,
the problem of the country. The farmers who grow
food are starving to death. ‘My heart is restless.” “I’m going to meet you.” Stop this. When will you give me salary? You want salary? I never gave salary to
anyone and I won’t give you. Go away. He never does
any work but he wants salary. Thank you. – Wow! Our village has
become beautiful now. Is this Rampure? – Yes, this is
Rampur but you won’t get.. ..any vehicle to reach the interiors. How will I go there? Snake Sadhu is standing there. Go to him. She is looking at me. She looked at me once again. Look at her beautiful eyes,
her sharp nose, her rosy lips, Her intoxicating moves, her lithe hips, Young and beautiful girl Shall I describe her further?
– Shut up! Don’t describe her further. I won’t be able to control my emotions. I can write a novel on her. Go away from here. Go. Hi Snake Sadhu!
– Yes, please. Naina.
– very nice. How do you know my name? The people in the bus
were talking about you. The sinners were taking my name? I’m world famous in India, you know.
– Very nice. I want to go to Rampur. Will you please drop me? I can drop you in any
corner of the country. But, I’ve got one condition.
– What’s that? I’ll be responsible
when you sit on my bike. But, it’s your
responsibility to get down. I don’t get you. Don’t worry. You’ll gradually find out. What am I waiting for? Come, sit. Thank you. Move. Excuse me.
– Huh? This luggage
is coming between you and me. I’ve a man to carry your luggage. Give the bag to him. So, you want tips? Okay. Keep this. Enjoy.
– Thank you, boss. You gave him a gold ring
for carrying the luggage? I’m a person with a golden heart. You’ll gradually know everything.
Let’s go. We’ve reached the village
and there’s the guest house. Get down. Stop the bike here.
– I can’t stop the bike. Why? – That’s because
my feet don’t touch the ground. Hurry up and get down. Oops!
– I’m very sorry. Help me get up. Thank you so much for dropping me.
– It’s okay. Why didn’t you come to help me
before I fell down? – Sorry, boss. Excuse me,. When are you going back?
– Why? I’ll drop you. After meeting you, I don’t
want to leave this village and go. I’ll settle down here. After meeting me? Fatty, I’m so happy. Sandy, we must go there and..
– Yes.. Why are you staring at me? You must be wondering
what I’m doing here. The person in whose house
you’re currently residing.. ..has done a lot of
favors to my family too. So, I decided to do something in return. My native village is 3
kilometers away from this place. My uncle was his follower. He is no more. But, I’m living in the
opposite suite in this palace. For what?
– To keep an eye on my sweetheart. But, he has an ugly companion with him. Where are you going? You need a plate and spoon to eat.
Why do you need me? Correct. It’s better that you go out. You need to come to
me to wash your hands. I use finger bowl. This is a guest house
and not a five star hotel. I don’t know what problems
she’s going to create here. You told me to meet you yesterday. Why didn’t you come?
Were you scared? Or do you feel that you
can’t hide your emotions for me? It’s nothing like that. Don’t you love me or are
you trying to satisfy your ego? I don’t need to express myself. You should feel it.
– I’ve felt it. So, you know. Right?
– Yes, I do. I’ll make you express your feelings.. ..and until then I’ll stay here. I’ll always stay around you. Dada, what are you doing here? What can I do? This land give us
food as long as we live. After death this land
gives shelter to our body. The minister has cast
his evil eyes on this land. I’m ready to starve to
death but if we lose this land. ..we’ll die homeless. The minister has called us.
– I’ll go with you. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, sir. Rangappa, I heard that
you and the villagers are not.. ..ready to vacate the land. We’re dependant on the
land for our livelihood. If we lose the land we’ll be in trouble. We’re giving you money
to solve all your problems. Buy a land somewhere else. You can’t till that land. Then why do you want to buy it? Brother, he is the one who
thrashed our men and threw us out. Who are you? What relation do you have with them? There’s no relation. I’m here to help them.
– Let me warn you.. ..listen to me carefully. An educated man can never till the land.
– Why not? I’m educated and if
needed I’ll till the land. I know how to use the
pen as well as the plough. Don’t imagine things.
You can never do it. If you think that you can’t
do a work then you can never do it. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I’m a person who
believes in this saying. Are you the follower of that great man? Always follow the people
who teach you commendable things. In that case follow the court orders.
– I’ll do it. Give us some time.
– I can’t do that. Sir, excuse me. There’s no harm in
giving them some time. If we go to court it’ll take
a lot of time to resolve the problem. Brother, we’ve the
support of the government. Give them time. Let’s see what he can do.
– Okay. How much time do you need? 6 months? 8 months? 1 year? Okay. I give you the time. Do what you can within this time. Sir, I need only three months.
Just three months. If you fail then I’ll
kill all the farmers. Now tell me how much time you need. Just three months. Shall I say something? If you buy this land
and donate it to the farmers.. ..their problem will be solved. Right? Any rich man can do that. But, I’m here to arouse the
humanity in men. – You’re right, boss. Excuse me.
You can go to sleep now. Okay? Yeah. Where’s your husband?
– Sir.. Come out. Why are you standing there? Come out quickly.
– Coming, sir. The bank officer is here.
– Greetings, sir. You had taken loan from
the bank to grow crops. It’s been ten years. Even animals have integrity. You’re worse than animals. I’ve give you one week’s
time to repay the loan. It’s okay if you repay or
I’ll seize your land and property. Oh god! What did he say? Will he pay? He didn’t say anything. Mr. Gawda, why did you spit on my face?
– What’s wrong in it? You’re alive because of me. I’ll teach you a lesson. Oh god!
– Mr. Gawda, everybody is watching us. Please don’t ruin my reputation. We won’t run away with your money. I’ll return it very soon.
– How will you return it? I wouldn’t have behaved
this way if you had money. Do you remember what you and
your wife said when you took the loan? Mr. Gawda, there has been no rainfall. You’re well aware of the conditions. Did you think of it
before taking the loan? He’s giving you one week’s time. But, I’m giving you three days
to repay the loan you took from me. The bank will seize
your land and property. I’ll take your wife with me. Pay back my money
and take back your wife. Remember to pay back
the loan with interest. Please have mercy on me.
– What are you doing? What kind of man are you? You treat the woman
with utter disrespect. This is the reason
why my sister left you. Why are you looking there?
Look at me. It’s a poor man’s house. I shouldn’t stay with you. I won’t stay in this village.
Come on. He is disgusting. Go. I don’t care if you go away. Hello, sir.
– Hello. Be seated. Tell me. Sir, we’re from Rampur. We want agricultural loan on the land. The villagers haven’t paid
back the loans in the past ten years.. ..instead they commit suicide. You may leave,
I can’t give you loan on land. On what will you provide loan? We’ll give vehicle loan,
gold loan, home loan, anything. You pester people living
in the city for home loans, marriage loans,
vehicle loans, personal loans. You keep troubling them to take loans. Have you ever called the farmers
and asked them if they need loans? They need the loans
more than anyone else. Hey! I don’t want to hear this nonsense.
Do you have anything else to say? There are people who take
loans worth millions and escape. You fail to take any
kind of action against them. If the farmers to pay one installment.. insult them and
provoke them to commit suicide. Do you follow these kinds of rules? Talk properly to me. We can take any action against
the loan defaulters. Do you get me? When will you release
the irrigation water? We’ll release water when
there’s enough in the dam? How long will it take the
water to reach our district? How can I say that? There’s drought for
two months in a year. The water is polluted. How can we use that water?
– Clean the water. It’s a long process. We need to go for tenders
and pass bills for it. There are roads in the cities. Yet you pass tenders
and bills to construct.. ..bridges and subways on the pretext
of traffic so that you get money. When a farmer asks for water
you tell them to depend on nature. You release water for
other states but not yours. We want electricity in our village. They’ve been given what they require. The cities have
electricity 24 hours a day. Why do you supply electricity
for only 12 hours in a village? Out of the 12 hours 6 hours
are allotted for single phase.. ..and the remaining six for
double phase that too at night. Why are you questioning me? Go and ask the government. What will the farmers do
if they don’t get seeds on time. God will take care of them. You’re.. crying? We can fight one person
but not the entire system. I can’t believe this. You were a man who
didn’t believe in tomorrow. You always said- live today,
enjoy today. The day from which you
started believing in tomorrow.. ..I noticed a fire within you. Your tears are dousing that fire. Have you given up or do
you think that there’s no future? Look.. a hungry man only wants food. But someone who has everything
has infinite demands. We must also help those you don’t beg. Everybody should get what they deserve. This is what your father said. We will fight. Shall I say something? You can win anyone’s heart. Come on. Come on. What’s going on? Sir..
– What happened? Why are these people running? Unable to bear Gawda’s tortured Kotesh.. ..and his wife have committed suicide. Gawda has kept their
dead bodies in his home. Let’s go and check. Father. Mother. Father.. Why are you venting out your
anger on the dead bodies, Mr. Gawda? Who will pay my loan? They’re dead. Who will give your money? They took money from
me to fulfill their needs. Who will pay my loan now? Oh! So, you’re here. The man who has instigated
the entire village is here. Tell him to pay my loan. Hey! Get up. If you don’t do that
then give this girl to me. I’ll marry her when she grows up. Don’t underestimate me. Appearances can be deceptive. You’re the cause
of death of many people. Don’t you have any emotions? This should be the last time. If anyone else in this village
commits suicide, that’ll be your end. What’s the use of keeping
the dead body here? The day is drawing to an end. Let’s perform the final rites. What after that?
– After that? After performing their funeral
rites we’ll wait for someone else.. commit suicide. We’ve no other option. Their death and sufferings
should get the due respect. What do you say?
Shouldn’t their sacrifice be honored? Do you know how many farmers
have committed suicide till date? 92 in Mandiyavi. 74 in Belgaum. 93 in Bhaviri. 62 in Mysore. 68 in Hasna. 96 in Raichur. 84 in Vijaypura. 90 in Kolara. 153 in Vallari. 69 in Chitradurga. The total is 978. If you consider even one death
in the remaining districts then..’s more than that. How will the statistics help us? The government has recognizes 323 cases. 228 cases were rejected. 327 are still under investigation. Just these many?
Will they get compensation? They won’t get anything.
– They will. The agricultural produce
of a farmer reaches the city. His death should also reach there. Is that possible? How will the farmer get his dues
if he takes birth and dies in village? But he deserves it. Stop the bike. What are they doing
here early in the morning? Hey, come here. Whose dead body is this?
– He’s a farmer. Take him back to the village.
Why have you brought the bodies here? To make their mausoleum here. Mausoleum and here? Have you gone mad? Why can’t we do that? Wait, we’ll soon
show you want we can do. What? They’re trying to
make a mausoleum in Freedom park? From which village have they come? How many of them have come? Sir.. sir.. you’re from which village?
– Rampur. Why have you come here to
build a mausoleum for the farmer? Give me three reasons why I can’t. I can give you hundred
reasons why I should do it. First of all tell us
why the mausoleum of a farmer? Why was Taj Mahal built?
– It’s a symbol of love. The purpose of Gandhi’s tomb?
– He was a freedom fighter. Why did you set up
a statue of Kempa Gawda? It was done to set
up the city of Bengaluru. Tipu Sultan’s tomb?
– he was a brave ruler from Mysore. Then why shouldn’t
we make one for a farmer? What have they done? What do you eat?
– We eat grains. The farmer grows it. We fought against the British. We spread love during times of peace. We used our intellect to bring
about development in our country. Farmers were always a part
of our country and will remain so. That’s why it’s important
to build his mausoleum. We already have two
in Nulgunda and Nagalkonda. We’ve a legislative
assembly in Bengaluru. Why do we need smaller
ones in every district? Hats off to the people
of Nalgunda and Nagalkonda. Are you doing all this for publicity?
– Do you think so? For the people,
by the people, to the people. You’ve always demanded
things since your birth. Learn to give back. The villagers of Rampur have actually
brought the bodies of a couple.. ..who’ve committed suicide
and they want to bury the body here. Darling, did you watch
the news on television? There’s some farmers’ strike
going on in Freedom park. So, I can’t meet you today. Is the breakfast ready?
– I’ll get it. There’s a strike in Freedom park. The bus won’t take that route. I’ll have to walk to office. I’m coming.
These farmers have nothing better to do. They’re on strike in Freedom park.
There’s huge traffic jam here. I know that the case is
scheduled to start at 12:30. Will you take me to Malvinagar?
– No, I won’t go there. There’s trouble brewing
at Freedom Park. – Oh God! These farmers have nothing better to do They’re on strike in Freedom park. Get the file and come to office. What’s going on in Freedom park? Sir, I’ll investigate
the matter and call you back. What’s going on in Freedom park? I’m not sure. They’re talking
about building a tomb here. We’ll be I trouble if
they break law and order. You’ve staged such a big
strike to present your views. But, no one has come
here yet to talk to you. I haven’t called anyone here. In fact we don’t have any demand. Why are you here?
What’s the purpose of being here? I’ve a request to
all my farmer brothers. You’re not related to the deceased. But he is a man, especially a farmer. If you have sympathy for
them then you can do something.. ..for these poor farmers. I beg before you for
the sake of humanity. Give me a handful
of soil for their tomb. It’s been many hours
but no one has come. Will the farmers bring soil for them? Will the farmers heed
his request and come with soil? Hey! What’s happening? He’s asking the people to
bring soil for them on television. Do you think the people
will respond to him? He’ll be shamed. Many people came to
fight for the farmers. What can this fellow do? The government did nothing about
the problem regarding Kaveri’s waters. Will the government take any action now? We’ll have to stay awake tonight Hs request has been finally answered. The farmers are coming from
different villages will soil. Hello. You said that you were
investigating the matter. What have you done? I can see on television that
farmers have reached the park. If government took the initiative
to go and talk to them.. ..we could’ve kept the
situation under control. Everybody wants to criicise
the government and become a hero. What should we do now? Warn them.
if they don’t listen to you, clear them. They’re farmers, they’re the voters. The government is ours. What’s your problem? Just listen to my orders
and do it accordingly. As you say, sir. On the request of Shivraj many farmers.. ..have reached Freedom Park with soil. Hey move. Stop it. If you’ve any
demand talk to the government. We don’t have any demand. This is our decision.
– Please listen to me. Stop! Charge. Leave us. Leave us. What are you doing? Hey inspector! Where’s the fool?
Call him. Hello, sir. Come. Be seated. Hey revolutionary, come out.
Sir is calling you. You were supposed to do
something within three months. You’re fighting with us with
the help of the dead bodies of farmers. Do you think you’re a hero? Hey! Go back. I’ll go back only after
I do something for the farmers. After I pay back mother
earth for her favors. So, he’s trying to prove
that he’s true son of this soil. He’ll go back only after
returning the favors of the soil. Sir, give me five minutes. I’ll put him behind the bars
and prepare an FIR in his name. Fantastic! You brought me here
and physically assaulted me. But, I remained silent
because I respect your uniform. I’ve faith in law. If you take any action against me.. Are you trying to threaten us? You won’t be able to go out from here. Even the strongest of person won’t
be able to stand before this power. How can a trivial man
like you stand before it? You were fighting for
the farers all this while. Did any farmer come
here to enquire about you? People like you can’t harm me. Hey! You saw how powerful I am. Sir, people have gathered
outside the police station. Who are you? what do you want? Release Shiv.
– We can’t do that. He started the problem. He didn’t start it, you did. It’s better you leave him. What will you do
if we don’t release him? I’ll commit suicide.
– I’ll follow him. Me too.
– We too. We too.
– Me too. We’re ready to die. These are just false threats. Think about your decision once again.
– Sir.. You’ve forgotten everything
after you became a minister. But, Shiv sir has
risked his life for us. We aren’t scared of death. We can die any moment. Our death will have some
value if we die for a purpose. Yes. yes.
– Leave him. Leave him. Leave him. Leave him. Leave him. We’re ready to die for him. Sir, we don’t have any other option. Re-think your decision. We’ll be in trouble if
the media persons come here. Okay. Bring him out. Release him. What did you say? You called me a hero. Right? I’m a hero. I don’t have the habit to
renew my heroism once in five years. Raj.. Shivraj. Shiv stands for devotion. Raj stands for power. You must’ve power to
face these two together. Our master taught us to give
shelter and feed anyone who comes here. We’re working hard. Your intentions are good. But, we’ve gained nothing. It’s our bad luck. No one can change it. He’s right, son. We were destined to tale birth and die. But, we were not blessed
to live a decent life. I fed you and you’ve
paid back for my services. Go an spend the rest of
your lives with your parents, son. I know my mother’s name
but I don’t remember her face. I remember my father’s
name and face but now he is.. Son, make your father proud. You’ve done a lot for us,
sir but the system here.. Should we stay back after what happened? Did you hear what they said? They told me to make my father proud. We’ll stay here now.
– What if we die? What if the trust
of the farmers is broken? Do we need only money in life? Didn’t you hear that they don’t
have a life between birth and death? We’ll do that.
– What do you mean? You want to be a god?
– I want to be human. I’ve to win the hearts of people. Give my phone. Hi Shiva! Uncle, I need money. How much? How much money do I’ve in my account? There’s lot of money. I want all of it. You said that money won’t
help us achieve our purpose. But, you saw how the
government offices work. I also thought so. But, now I need money. Listen to me carefully. Sandy, do something. Go back to uncle. Always stay in touch with me. There are many people who’ll
fight on behalf of the farmers. I want to meet all those people. “He’s mighty,
brave, courageous and hard-working.” “We seek refuge under you.” “You’re the king of the farmers.” “You reside in their hearts.” “You’re their messiah.” “You believe in action.” “You’re brave.” “You believe in actions and are brave.” “It’s a fact, my friends.” “He’s mighty,
brave, courageous and hard-working.” “We seek refuge under you.” Please listen to me carefully. When we sow the seeds all
of them don’t grow into plants. Only some grow into
plants and bear fruits. You don’t have to sell them. We’ll make the urban people
realize how powerful we are. We’ll make them suffer
for every grain of food. “You’re bright and
powerful like the sun.” “There’s no one like you in this world.” “You always fight against injustice.” “You pave out your
way through difficulties.” “You believe in action.” “You’re brave.” “You believe in actions and are brave.” “It’s a fact, my friends.” “He’s mighty,
brave, courageous and hard-working.” “We seek refuge under you.” The state is suddenly
facing scarcity of grains. All the vegetable and
food grain markets are closed. All the storehouses are empty. Due to very less stock
the goods are being sold.. exorbitant price. We don’t know the reason behind this. If this continues,
the porters and workers will starve. Let’s see what the people have to say. There are no goods
since the past three weeks. I’ve been waiting for the goods.
– We don’t know what has gone wrong. We have neither food nor money. We’ve left our village
and come here to starve to death. The people are disturbed
because of the rise of prices.. ..of food grains. Sir, we’ haven’t eaten anything
since the past three days. We only have water to sustain us. We don’t have any
food grain or food here. We serve water and cold
drink at original rates.. the customers who come. Is the breakfast ready? We’ve no vegetables or food grains
since the last one week. Drink water. I don’t need even that.
I’ll have to die anyways. Brother, do you have food?
– What’s in the menu? Yes, I have many things.
Paper Dosa. Plastic chips. Eat them and then drink water for free. Hey!
– What do you mean? We haven’t received any
supplies in the past seven days. I’m worried about my family
and you want me to serve food. Then why are you displaying the
menu card? Close the shop and go home. The condition in the
hospitals is very critical. The plight of the people
is really bad especially old people, children and pregnant women. We’ve managed till now with
the glucose stock that we had. But, for how long?
I would request the government to.. ..understand the problems
of the common people.. ..provide them food
grains to save their life. Please try to end this problem. People are fighting for food. The people are fighting
for food products. This happen so suddenly. What can be the reason? What are the ministers doing? What’s the reason behind the exorbitant
rise of prices of food grains? According to an information
we’ve got from our village sources.. ..we’ve got to know that the
fight started for a small piece of land. A farmer’s family committed
suicide because of Gawda. All the farmers came together
to build a tomb in Bengaluru.. ..for the farmers who died. But the police used force
to disperse the farmers. The man who staged the protest
maybe the person behind this crisis. Just now we’ve got
the news that the person.. ..who staged a protest with
the farmers in Freedom park.. ..20 days back is the
person behind this crisis. His name is Shivraj What’s going on in your state?
– Nothing. What’s the problem of that man? Sir, don’t worry about him. The people shouldn’t suffer. Do anything to solve this problem. Who is this Shivraj?
Does he have nothing better to do? The government is also lazy. We’ve to starve because of them. The prices of all the
commodities have risen.. ..after this government
came in to power. We’re suffering because of them. Due to scarcity of food grains
the life of people has been disrupted. The man behind this
is the hero of the farmers.. ..the villain of common men.. Shivraj. He’ll join us tomorrow
for a live interview. He’ll answer your queries. Will the villain become a hero
or will the hero turn into a villain? Let’s find out. What’s his motive? CM sir, we don’t want any
factory or fund in our district. We just want food for everybody. They won’t vote for
us if they don’t get food. I would’ve got food if I became
a farmer instead of a politician. Sir, your fees.
– I don’t want your money. I’ve money. Keep it. My wife and children are hungry. Get food from wherever you can. You look educated. Why don’t
you earn to buy food for yourself ? Yes sir, I’m a software engineer. I’ve cards, money, everything. But there’s no food at home. So, I went to the grocery
shop to sell food. Oh god! What’s going on?
– Hey! Let’s go. I haven’t eaten for so many
days and you’re concerned about this. Why is the toilet s clean, uncle? It’ll be clean if no one uses it.
Right? Go. Who is the man who’s
troubling the common people.. ..and supporting the farmers? He was born in India
but he grew up abroad. What’s the reason behind
supporting the farmers? Come on, let’s ask him. We’ve Shivraj with us in our studio. Hello, sir.
– Hello. My greetings to everybody. I would apologize to children,
elders and women. He’s the cause of all problems. Why doesn’t he die?
– Do not know what he’s done. Everybody will find out the truth now.
– All will starve. If you’re ready then
I’ll take the calls. – Please go ahead. If possible,
can you take all the callers together? People will argue and fight.
– let them. I’ll handle it. Okay.
The callers are ready now. We’ve Mr. Shivraj here. Talk to him. Sir, I’m Dayanand.
– Yes, tell me Dayanand. Do you think you’re
doing the right thing? I think I’m absolutely
right but you think I’m wrong. Let’s talk.
What do you do? Event manager.
– Engineer. Photography.
– Contractor. Interior designer.
– Real estate. Architect.
– Gynaec. Teacher.
– Dentist. Businessman.
– Lawyer. Good. What should you have
to take up these professions? Intellect.
– Talent. Education.
– Fine. How do you get them? Practice.
– Yoga. Meditation. Practice and hard work.
– Great! How do you manage it? With our power.
– Strength. Strength. Which strength?
Physically, mentally or morally? Physically.
Mentally. Physically, mentally, both. And how do you get it? From food.
– Of course food. Food.
– Food. Who gives you food?
– The farmers. Farmers. Farmer.
– Of course farmer. All of you said that you want
to become either scientist.. ..or an engineer or a doctor. But did any of you say
that you want to be a farmer? Okay. Forget about that. Did you
ever spare a thought for the farmers? Have you ever tried to find
out the problems that the farmers face? No. you must know something. We don’t get the food that
we eat through computers or.. ..through engineering. We get the food because
of the hard work of the farmers. He works hard for
all of your well-being. He shares the food grains
produced by him with the world. He takes money for
it but not to enjoy life. He takes money so that he can
again grow crops for you next year. After doing so much for you
do you know the plight they live in? Poverty. suicide. If this continues people
will fight for food. When eleven people play
cricket millions of people.. ..come to watch them play. They spend billions of rupees. But does anyone come
forward to enquire.. ..about the problems of the farmers?
No one come. We bargain with the
local vegetable vendors. If you’ve the courage then go and
bargain the pizza and burger you buy. Please forgive me.
I’m not against anyone. I want to request something. You get respect for the work you do. The farmers should
get their due respect. If you still feel that I’m
guilty then please forgive me. I’m ready for any punishment. Will this fight end
here or continue further? How will the government
handle this problem? Wait for it. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. I don’t understand what’s going on. We’ve come here to solve
the problem and not to fight. Calm down and think of a solution. Listen, release the grains
kept in the storehouses. We release it last week. Sir, what about getting
food grains from other states? Call the CM of Tamil Nadu.
– Okay, sir. Hello.
– Yes, tell me, CM sir. You should be aware..
– Food security. Right? Can you help us to
get out of this crisis? Sorry, sir.
we had a discussion with our farmers. I’ve closely followed
the situation on television. We can’t help. We also support him. He is fighting for us. He’s the only person
who’s supporting us. Only he understands
the problems of the farmers. We’ll support him. Call the CM of Andhra Pradesh. Hello. He is the incarnation of god. He’s fighting for
the farmer of Karnataka. All the farmers of
the world are brothers. We should support him. He is our god.
– Call the CM of Kerala. All the farmers throughout
the country face similar problems. We’ll support them. Jai Kishan (Hail farmer). Hai Hind (Hail our country). Call Maharashtra. I think you’re aware that
of the problem in our state. A tiger has taken birth in Karnataka
for the well-being of farmers. We farmers are united. We support the Tiger. We can’t be farmers but
we can at least support Shivraj.. ..who’s supporting the farmers. Yeah. That’s a nice idea. Okay. We’ll upload this
video on facebook. – Yes. We’ll upload it on youtube too. I’ll tweet from the account K the king.
– Okay. Do it. What does K, the King mean?
– K stands for Kisaan (farmer), the King. Officers, our state is facing
a shortage of food products. The politicians are
answerable for this problem. They make the mistakes
for which we’ve to suffer. Let anything happen,
we won’t interfere in this matter. What if the Home Minister calls? Just follow what I said.
– Okay, sir. Please forgive me. Many people are suffering because of me. Please show me a way out. Go away from here or.. The home minster has sent you. Right?
– So, you recognized me. Shall I tell you something? Even the most powerful
men couldn’t do anything. You’re a petty man.
– That’s okay. You work for public interest. But, you work under the
dictates of the politicians. The police saves you. It means that the CM is behind this. But I’m a common man, a farmer. If you continue shouting
the name of farmers.. ..I’ll bury you here. Hey! Hey! Catch him. Anil..
– brother. why didn’t you kill him? All the villagers came
there and I couldn’t kill him. The villagers? Oh no!
– Sorry. Hello. I don’t like this problem of the
farmers that is going on in your state. Do something or the problem
will spread throughout the country. Sure, sir. I don’t want this to
become a national problem. I understand, sir. Arun Nair..
– Sir. Go to Rampur and bring Shiv here.
– okay, sir. Hello.
– hello. I’m Arun Nair.
– Yes, tell me. What can I do for you? The Cm has asked
you to come to the city. I won’t go anywhere. Let me talk to him. Sir, he doesn’t want
to go to the city. – Okay. Give him the phone.
– Okay. Sir, CM sir wants to speak to you. Hello, sir. Won’t you come to the city?
– Sorry, sir. Whenever the farmer went to the city.. ..he’s physically
manhandled and insulted. So, you want the government
to go and meet you. We went to you when
the problem was ours. It’s your problem now. So, you must come here. Sir, not just you but your
cabinet ministers should also come. Breaking news. The government has finally bowed down. The government has gone to
Rampur to resolve the food crisis. The government Is now
surrender before the farmers. Let’s see what demands Shivraj
places before the government. Hello, sir.
– hello. Why are you doing this? Do you know how many billons we’ve lost? The people in the cities are starving. Don’t you have feelings of humanity? In that case aren’t the farmers humans? Don’t they face problems?
– Hey! What do you want? Sir, what’s the significance
of a farmer according to you? They do what they’re good at.
– What do you mean? One who makes pots s a potter, one who makes iron
goods is a blacksmith.. One who washes clothes is a washer-man. One who mends shoes is a cobbler. Similarly the one who
grows crops is a farmer. The life of the farmers depend
on the soil which is used to make pots. The farming tools are his weapons. The farmers grow cotton for clothes. It shows that the farmers
are the most important. We get your point.
Tell us your demands now. The farmers grow crops
according to season. The agents won’t fix
the rate of the crops. What difference will that make? You want money. That’s all. Then fix a rate for the clothes we wear,
the watches we wear.. ..and the cars in which we travel. Forget it. You finalize the salaries
only after meetings. Why don’t you ask the people
who vote for you to fix it? So, the farmer will decide
the rate of his crops. Who will decide the rate
when there is surplus production? Each district will
produce different crops. Rice, wheat, lentils, cotton, silk.. ..the farmers will decide
which crops they’ll grow. The farmer will decide the
rate at which they’ll sell the produce. The agricultural minister
must make arrangements.. ..for the irrigation water. It’s his duty of the PWD
minister to clean the water.. ..of the dams and send it
to the farmlands in all the villages. Why should we take the
trouble of doing all this? It’s the job of the MLA. The district, village and
Taluka panchayats don’t get water. We must provide water to everybody. ‘Swachch Bharat’ (clean India)
doesn’t mean that.. just make toilets
and clean the streets. You must also do this. It’s your duty to send the
produce to the district market. In that case shall the other
departments like RMC and APMC sit idle? The farmer should come to APMC yard. No farmer will go there. The agents will come and
collect the produce directly.. ..from the farmers, no mediators. Next. We want insurance
for the lives of the farmers. We can’t do that.
It’s going to cost us a lot. Every department has PF
and gratuity and paid leaves. According to pay commission
they get good salary. Did you ever give one
percent of this to the farmers? The finance department is present here.
Take a decision. Cm sir, the finance department
minister is here with you. Take a decision. What else? – The farmers
will save the seeds for free. For three years from now
the fertilizer and pesticide shops.. ..should be closed down. Let anything happen,
we’ll go for organic farming. We’re associated with big companies. What will we do about that? What shall we do?
– Yes, tell us. There’s no agreement
that says that the farmer.. ..should give his produce
to the government. There’s no such agreement. Right?
Just give it a thought. Henceforth farmers
won’t starve to death. Okay, we’ll think about it. SEZ. Special economic zone. Multinational company,
factory, and many such things. Green belt. The land near the
mountains won’t be taken by anyone. Give them the land
that can’t be cultivated. What if they don’t accept it?
You’re giving it to them free of cost. Just let the deal go
if they don’t accept it. What profession will the youth take up? Announce agriculture as an industry. It has been done in
many foreign countries. We must convince the
sons of the farmers for this. Respect the farmers
and everything will be fine. Do you want us to worship the farmers? What’s wrong in it? The farmers are the
backbone of this country. We worship so many different
kinds of gods in our country. We pray to the sun. we pray to the land. We worship the plough
when it starts raining. Is it wrong to treat
such farmers as gods? I hope there are no other demands.
– Yes, I do. The banks who give loans
to farmers shouldn’t humiliate them. They should get 24 hours power supply. We want 12 hours of double
phase power supply during day time. We’ve done it. We’ve given the power to MNC company. Give them. Give them land free of tax. Make everything tax free for them.
Infrastructure free. Power free. But for how long?
Stop giving them for few days. Give it to the farmers. Stop pressurizing the poor. Stop making false promises
like rice at one rupee per kg. Build up the self-respect
of the farmers.. that they can enjoy
rice at 60 rupees per kilo. Anything else?
– Day for farmers. Farmers’ day.
– What’s this? How will this help? We celebrate so many
different kinds of days like.. ..fathers’ day, mothers’ day, teachers’
day, valentine’s day in the city. Why not farmers’ day? People come from far
flung villages to vote. Why don’t you hold the
plough for farmers for a day? We must celebrate a
day dedicated to farmers. That’s the problem. Now tell me,
when will you solve the problems? We’ll bring up the topic
in the cabinet meeting. We can tell you only
after we discuss the topics. How long do you need to do that? We’ve to call the sessions. After discussions in both
the houses we can tell you. How many days do you need?
– Around two month. You’ll have to starve that long. You’re blackmailing us. We can do anything only
after the bill is passed. You’re right. When the election approaches you
solve any problem within half an hour. You carry out the sessions
even late into the night. You must stay right here in the middle
of the farmers and decide their case. Yes. Right. Wonderful! He’s absolutely right. Calm down. silence. Silence. Okay we’ll discuss. All the ministers will
discuss the matter with the CM. We’re waiting for their
response to the twelve demands.. ..put forward by the farmers. We support Shivraj. We love farmers. K, the king. Farmers are the king. Support for the farmers are pouring
in from different parts of the state. The students are whole-heartedly
supporting Shivraj. Silence. Silence. Sir..
– Make a file of their demands. Okay, sir. Mr. Shivraj is the
chairman of this company. What has made him become a farmer? Because he’s a son of a farmer. His father is the son of the soil. Shivraj’s uncle who
resides abroad has made.. ..a startling revelation. Shivraj’s father is the son of the soil. His father was the greatest
pathfinder of the farmers. Whom we had lost many years back. There was no one to
guide the farmers after him. Under such circumstances his son
has come forward to guide the farmers. Hello.
– Are you sure? Sir, Shivraj’s father
is the son of the soil. Sir. Sir.
– Sir.. Is it true that your father
is the son of this soil? Tell us.
– Please tell us, sir. Sir, what’s the truth? His father is the son of the soil. He’s the son of the god of the farmers. Sir.. sir.. Sir, you’re the first
CM to come to the farmers.. hear their problems and solve them. Sir, what do you have
to say about Mr. Shivraj? He didn’t put forward any
demand for his personal gain. He has spoken in favor of the farmers. This is the first time I’ve met a man
who is so concerned about the farmers. He took the trouble to explain
the problems of the farmers.. ..and their families to the government. Therefore, I accept all his demands. I’ve signed the papers. Thank you. Hats off to Shivraj. The farmers are very happy today. I’m really happy to meet man like you. The virtues that your father had.. fighting for the rights
of farmers and standing up for them..’ve all those qualities. The common men can see the
reflection of your father in you. You’re the actual
successor of your father. “The season to celebrate is here.” “The joy is reflected in the harvest.” “The winds have started humming.” “The mountains have
started singing in joy.” “God, we’re grateful to you.” “You take care of the sky,
land and everything else.” “God, you’re our protector.” “God, you’re our giver.” “There’s greenery everywhere.” “There’s joy everywhere.” “You’re the charioteer of the farmers.” “You help them reach their destination.” “You provide manure,
seeds and water to them.” “You reward us abundantly
for our hard work.” “You fill our lives, you’re our savior.” “As you blessed the farms with water,
it yielded golden harvest.” “The wind blows and spreads joys.” “You’ve blessed the earth with seasons.” “You’re the charioteer of the farmers.” “You help them reach their destination.” “You provide manure,
seeds and water to them.” “You’re the charioteer of the farmers.” “You help them reach their destination.” “You provide manure,
seeds and water to them.” Son, let’s go out. So many people are
waiting for you outside. It happened because of you. I gave you the book just to read it. But, you followed
everything written in it. I’m not a worthy enough to
follow what’s written in the book. I just wish I can follow
only one page of the book. The doctor told me everything. Why did you hide this truth from me? Tell me, Shiva. When I went to the hospital
after the accident.. ..I found out after blood
test that I’ve cancer, last stage. We plan something, but something
completely different happens. Your father handed me your
responsibility and went far away. And now you too want to leave me and go. The people are there with you. Your father expired while
working for the people. He stayed in the heart
of the people forever. People followed him like god. One day he left
everything and went away. I can’t tolerate it anymore, Shiva. I can’t bear this pain. Shiva.. – Boss, I was with you
for so many years. Why didn’t you want me to
stay with you in your final days? Why do you want to send me abroad? Sandy, this doesn’t suit you. You should always keep smiling. Please listen to me.
– It’s not that easy. I.. Boss..
– Sandy.. Don’t start crying like kids. I knew everything. My friend saw you at the hospital.. ..when you were leaving after tests. I knew everything since then. I had decided that
I’ll always stay with you. I’ll support you in
everything that you do. Thank you. I never believed in tomorrow. God has taken away
tomorrow from my life. But, you’ve a future. Don’t be silly. Hello, Shiv.
– Hello. How are you?
– Fine, doctor. One request. What will you do now? You solved everybody’s problems. You’re requesting me? You’re a giver and not a beggar. It doesn’t suit you. But, I’ve to beg before god. Isn’t it? After all, I’m a doctor, my son. That’s why I addressed you as god. Okay. Tell me.
– I know how my life is. I’m the son of a revered person. I came from nowhere to help people. Now I’m in problem. They’ll be very sad if they find out. I can’t see them in pain. I want them to be happy. Therefore, tell them that
Shiva is going back abroad.. ..for further treatment. Will they accept it? Won’t they accept it if god tells them? You’re true to your name. You’re born for the people. We, the farmers want to meet our god. We, the farmers want to meet our god. We, the farmers want to meet our god. Calm down. Calm down. How is the son of the soil? He’s absolutely fine. He has the blessing of millions
of people like you with him. He’ll definitely get well. He’s going abroad for a check-up. He’ll come back very soon. After he comes back
he’ll always stay with you. He’ll reside in your hearts. Don’t worry about him. Son of the soil.
– Glory to him. Son of the soil.
– Glory to him. Son of the soil.
– Glory to him. Sir, we want to meet him. You want to meet him?
– Yes. “He’s mighty,
brave, courageous and hard-working.” “We seek refuge under you.” “You’re the king of the farmers.” “You reside in their hearts.” “You’re their messiah.” “You believe in action.” “You’re brave.” “You believe in actions and are brave.” “It’s a fact, my friends.” “He’s mighty,
brave, courageous and hard-working.” “We seek refuge under you.”

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