Batman: Hush Movie Review – Comic Con 2019

Batman: Hush Movie Review – Comic Con 2019

– We’ve done this dance for so long. Like the view? – [Clint] “Batman:
Hush” is widely regarded as one of the finest comic book storylines in the Dark Knight’s 80-year history. It’s surprising it’s taken DC this long to give Hush the animated movie treatment, but DC has finally
corrected that omission. Better yet, this adaptation
actually improves upon some of the flaws of the source material, even if it makes its own
mistakes in the process. (dramatic music) “Hush” is a largely
straightforward adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s original story. As in the comic, the movie pits Batman against many of his most famous foes, with both the Dark Knight and his villains being manipulated by a
mysterious bandaged villain named Hush. Further complicating matters
is the renewed romance between Batman and Catwoman. Can Bruce truly open himself up to his former-enemy-turned-lover,
and if he does, will she just become another liability in the war against Hush? “Hush” is very much a
popcorn blockbuster-style Batman story. While there is the central
mystery of Hush’s true identity and relationship to Bruce Wayne, the emphasis is generally
more on superhero action and the appeal of seeing
so many fan-favorite heroes and villains crammed into one story. (shouting) That’s so say nothing of the epic showdown between Batman and Superman, easily their most memorable duel since “The Dark Knight Returns.” Fans can rest easy knowing that and many other iconic moments from comic have survived intact. The Batman-Catwoman
romance is easily the other major selling point of the story. If “Hush” does anything well, it’s conveying the troubled history between the two characters and
the doomed, desperate longing they share for one another. That passionate doesn’t always come across as well as it should in Jason O’Mara and Jennifer Morrison’s delivery. For whatever reason, the
pitch-perfect voice casting of DC’s various animated TV projects rarely translates to these movies. Visually, “Hush” employs
the same house style that should be familiar to fans of the DC Animated Movie Universe by now. It’s a style that gets the job done in terms of tone and action but rarely stands out in the process. Given how central Jim Lee’s art is to the success of the comic, that may be this adaptation’s
biggest shortcoming. The movie also skips over the comic’s lush painted
flashback scenes entirely, preventing “Hush” from
a valuable opportunity to break from the visual norm. On the plus side, “Hush”
does a far better job of wrangling a sprawling 12-issue comic into a lean 80-minute movie than expected. While it does lose some story
material in the process, “Hush” manages to juggle
the comic’s large cast with surprising grace, considering how poorly some
of these animated adaptations have fared in the past. Certain tweaks are made along the way, mainly a handful of cut plot
threads and a few concessions to the Animated Movie Universe continuity. But other than a nagging sense that a certain long-lost
figure from Bruce’s past is even less well-developed in the movie than he is in the comic, these changes do little to
impact the flow of the story. In fact, the movie actually
manages to use the fact that it takes place
directly after the recent “The Death of Superman: Reign
of the Supermen” duology to its advantage. “Batman: Hush” falls
victim to the same flaws of most of the DC Animated
Universe movies line when it comes to the generic
animation and voicework. But in terms of the story, this is one of the more
engaging animated DC movies to come along in a while. It’s surprisingly faithful
to the source material, even as it crams a winding narrative and a large ensemble cast
into a tight, 80-minute movie. The final act even manages to improve on that source material, trimming many of the comic’s
unnecessary plot twists and arriving at a more
satisfying and conclusive ending. – Hush, Batman. Hush. – [Reviewer] For more reviews,
check out what we thought of “The Lion King” and
“Spider-Man: Far From Home,” and as always, be sure
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  1. at 56min into the movie, alfred should had spoken: shall i join, i brought drinks too :D, would been fun
    I am glad a batman x selina made about time, even though we know he can have all the females and villian females aswell.

    also in the dc series will he become hush too?

  2. Huh if they couldn’t do it in 1 movie they could’ve done at least a two parter something like the death of Superman and reign of the Supermen

    Well maybe they can try again in another decade or so until they reboot the DCAU and bring back Shazam

  3. IGN needs a checkup in ther cartoon/anime section first Ultraman get a 7 rating now this….both deserved 9+

  4. Me starts watching the movie
    Me: It would be interesting if someone else turns out to be the plot twist then in the comics
    "Movie is done"
    Me: Ok never mind it wasn't as interesting as I thought (probably because of the Clayface difference more then the actual twist)

  5. The original story was ok (not sure it would be remembered without Jim Lee's art), and the film is also 'ok'

  6. “Stays true to the source material”
    Yeah right. Tell that to the effing fact that Riddler is Hush instead of Tommy Elliot.

  7. the original Hush was three people , Thomas Elliot and Jason Todd. Five if you count Clayface and Two-face

  8. I wish they would drop the anime style. They could have gone with Jim Lee’s artistic style. That would have made it great. And the source material was great, and like the first Doomsday movie, they strayed too far from the source material and it should have spanned more than one movie. I’m done with this animation style.

  9. I like Jason O'Mara's voice for Batman, but Jennifer Morrison's Catwoman was a bit bland. Overall I like the animation style for this animation "series" if you'd call it that, but do agree that it didn't quite capture the tone shifts that made the comic novel so exciting to read.

  10. I haven't even read the comic and this movie just seemed weird to me.. I don't know why it just didn't seem Batman like. I find it hard to believe that Batman is just going to chill with Selina in the batcave and fight crime with her RIGHT after what HUSH said. Wouldn't Batman spend everything in his power to find hush.

  11. I actually enjoyed it. There’s no pleasing the comic book fans. If you didn’t enjoy it then read the comics 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. They ruined the movie by making the Riddler Hush. For God's sake Thomas Eliot was supposed to be Hush!!!!
    This really pissed me off.
    And in the comic Batman knocked Superman back to consciousness with his kryptonite knuckle punch, he didn't need Lois Lane….

  13. Not making Elliot the villain was a big mistake as the Riddler thread feels tacked on. It doesnt matter if something is obvious to viewers if it makes more narrative sense than "i got a tumor so I, a C-list villain, bargained my way into a Lazarus pit which made me figure your Bruce Wayne so now im gonna ruin you."

  14. Since DC is doing crossover cartoons like Batman vs. TMNT. They should also do Batman vs. Predator aswell. 😉

  15. Faithful it is not, SPOILERS:
    Changing the antagonist to someone else but still leave the story to its natural progression to the original protagonist and then change it by giving the most cheapest DC reason of how/why is not faithful.

  16. They need to improve the art style… I dunno why, but Spiderman into the spider-verse has spoiled me

    And top of that, Jim Lee artwork was…well, what got me to buy my first comic

  17. Didn’t really follow the arc of the original story at all, I can’t believe they rated it as high as they did, was pretty disappointing from my POV

  18. It would have been awesome if they used the same kind of art as the comics. Hush had one of the best art when it first arrived n I just couldn't get enough of the artwork. Kinda disappointed bout the movie twist wit the characters but the art itself was already the biggest flaw for me.

  19. the old batman code stuff is getting tired. need to update the formula. and leave superman out of batman flicks.

  20. IGN: “This adaptation actually improves on some of the flaws in the source material”

    That was definitely not my experience watching this movie. That may seem harsh but no change that was made made the movie better. The movie ends as abruptly as it starts and honestly I can’t wait to read the graphic novel again to wash this movie out of my memory.

    (Again, it’s only my opinion) I found the movie to be specially insulting to the characters of Thomas Elliot and the Riddler.

  21. What makes the original story interesting is the identity oh Hush. How can people say this movie is loyal to the comics? Bruce Wayne loses parents and becomes Batman; while Thomas Eliott tries to kill his own parents to be like Bruce. He even makes his face look like Wayne. Riddler is important in the comic, but not this much. And he definitely can't fight both Catwoman and Batman for 10 minutes straight, no matter how much Lazarus juice he drinks.

  22. Does not improve on the comic
    would of been much better if it were a panel for panel retelling of the comic
    but not all bad it was animated well

  23. The ending was not satisfying and robbed us of one of the most interesting villains
    and characters that's been introduced in the Batman mythos in a long time

  24. Stop me if you've heard this before…the comic was better. Also, isn't this the guy from 7 things you probably didn't know? I recognize his voice🤔 Did he get fired or something??

  25. What is UP with the damn blue Batsuit? That's the most campy and un-intimidating suit ever. Batman needs an upgrade in these movies. A little more armor guys. Like Arkham video game look

  26. Great twist to this story and because end of the ending leaving room for hush 2 if DC wants to make second movie. 10/10 everyone hit their marks on this movie.

  27. Fantastic animation and I’m glad to see them finally bring it to the screen, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by so many of the changes. I understood they have to change a few things due to what is currently going on in the DCAU, but to change the ending twist entirely was just a bad choice. Why they chose to actually kill Tommy is beyond me. Why not keep the full plot twist where he and Riddler are working together which ends up being a more in depth moral conundrum for Bruce? They also made the same mistake here that they did with Killing Joke, making his love life the main moral of the story when in the comics it wasn’t. Selina never moves in, never gets as serious as that, never fought crime together, and they don’t split because of Bruce’s Moral code and need for vigilantism, they split because he can’t trust her still, and his lack of trust is intensified by him being confused about hush and before their final kiss, Catwoman says “hush” which triggers Batman further. I enjoyed the movie all together but was really disappointed that they changed so much. Then killing Tommy for real completely takes away from the story.

  28. They ruined this adaptation. Just like they did with killing joke. Take creative liberties fine but don't change whole characters. What a waste of time.

  29. Wasnt even aware of this enemy, but the looming interest in bruces friend made me assume that he was Hush. I thought that there would be a fake out with his death but the reveal that its riddler didnt sit well with me. I assume that all of you guys familiar with Hush were probably fuming with the change

  30. I usually love DC's animated movies, but this movie was very disappointing. They butchered the source material that made Hush a great villain.

  31. A lot of people did not like how they stuck to the source material. TWD series doesn’t stick to the source material. Yet don’t really hear complaints about that. This was a great movie

  32. I disagree with 3:07 because (SPOILER) making the Riddler Hush instead of Thomas takes away the originality from the Hush character (if ya ask me)

  33. I really enjoyed the movie. Despite its change. I do feel it missed a beat in changing his identity. Especially while introducing the character anyway. Shame really. But doesn’t effect the film for me. Just another decent story to be shown

  34. I really agree, I felt the movie picked up on the comic's most nagging flaw in Hush's identity, I mean it was pretty damn obvious and it was a big let down on the page. That said, the film does not nearly as stand out as the best of the best like the comic does, but it is very faithful and entertaining. Glad it is part of my Blu-Ray collection.

  35. I have the book
    And as I was watching, the nagging comic nerd in me kept pointing out the MAJOR mistakes they made.
    Its kept from enjoying the movie.
    But hey , that's just me.

  36. For this movie, it made PERFECT sense to be The Riddler. In the comics, he WAS the mastermind behind Hush. In the movie, they didn't use any of the flashbacks of Thomas so it wouldn't make any sense. Also, in the comics it's SUPER predictable that it's Thomas. Even in the movie it would have been a dead giveaway after that hospital scene. Thomas Elliot works for the comic, but the Riddler works for the movie.

  37. Does this reviewer truly understand the source material? This movie was bad all around. Didn't even have Krypto in it!

  38. As a fan of the comic and a HUGE Riddler fan, I think they should have kept elliot as hush with Riddler as the mastermind behind him. Still solid watch though

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