Beats – A Netflix Film | Official Trailer

Beats – A Netflix Film | Official Trailer

August hasn’t been in class
since last October.
We need him in class.It’s a budget thing. Are you gonna make sure my sondoesn’t get shot walkin’ home from school?Is that your son in there
making music right now? You know who I am? Security guard at my school.I mean, yeah I am but I’m also a manager.I’m gonna help you with your music. Oh, that’s it right there. He’s a machine that makes a beat a minute. He’s fragile. -Come on, what’s her name?
-Naya. Hey, Naya! You just gonna hit her with your creepy
window game or ya’ll talkin’? I’m gettin’ back in the game.The kid is a way back in.August needs therapy!He hasn’t been right
since his sister got shot.
What are you doing with my son? Is Naya here? I’m just here for moral support.He can do big things in this world.But he has to be in this world.I will make you…the most famous 17-year-old in Rose Lane. How do we do those type of things? My son was very happy before
you started coming around here.I just wanna be normal!People that listen to your music
wanna be free.
Make some noise!This Chicago!My brothers is dead
and I’m standin’ here! I told you not to get in his head!Mom!Now let’s make some music.

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  1. Where are the white people ?! Why are there black people in the film? what racism ?! where are white people ????

  2. I watch the movie yesterday and the ending was horrible they forgot what happened to the kid that threaten August. Who shot Augusts sister? And what about that lady at the school umm what's her name the principle what happened to her and Carmelas divorce

  3. I’m mad he was making beats and the beat pad was off tho half the movie lmao you can tell they ain’t give af to at least make it look real

  4. This movie is cheap. Had all qualities for being a good movie but the messed it up its not good at all

  5. He can do great things in this world, but he has to be “in” this world first time I heard that it resonated deep.

  6. Watched this thinking this was a series. Lets just say I was really disappointed a couple minutes after the ending. Good movie tho…

  7. ending was way too crunched. manager got played by his two dudes, didnt really explain what he did to tone other than taking dudes money, and his other friend who was in and out of the movie didnt make sense lmao, either make him important or dont add him.

  8. I watched always the Movie and guys this Movie is Good u need to watch it. (Sorry for my Bad English)

  9. Just finished watching it and I really liked it! PLEASE!! Make this into a series! Their can be so much more story to this!

  10. What a movie!! Part 2 should include the life of romelo and the stories he told about his past.. could be interesting i think.

  11. I wish you all would release the Lounar Review (with the Chi-CIty) part in it…. RELEASE IT! haha …. Thanks!

  12. If they continue the story, i think it can become. (it can become) something great. I feel like the story is only starting this is what im finding with this movie. Anthony Anderson sold it for me love his movies i say Bring More on. So for me i hope more is to come.

  13. Thanks for all the love yall! I'm happy you enjoyed my character Kari. Stay updated on my IG @yo_megs and subscribe to my youtube channel! YOMEGS

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